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Letter of Recommendation

Student: Alexis Rockenbaugh

My contact with this student:

I had the pleasure of working with Alexis during the Fall 2017 semester. I was her clinical, skills laboratory,
and theoretical instructor for NURS 356, “Foundations of Nursing Care”. This first semester course
integrates the principles of beginning medical-surgical nursing skills, theory, research, pathophysiology,
and pharmacology with clinical instruction at a long-term care/sub-acute facility. I had the opportunity to
observe Alexis in clinical practice, lecture, simulation and lab settings.

Faculty Evaluation of Student

Outstanding Above Average Average Below Average

Academic Achievement X

Attitude toward learning new


Clinical Reasoning Skills X

Leadership Ability X

Dependability X

Interpersonal Skills X

Verbal Communication X

Written Communication X

Organizational Skills X

Flexibility X

Overall Evaluation:

Alexis is an extremly strong, and hard-working student, and would be a wonderful addition to your program.
Alexis has a high level of critical thinking, and is personable and a natural nurse. She has a compassionate
heart, and works every minute to go above and beyond for her patients. Alexis is truly the highest quality
of student, and I hope you will highly consider her for your program. If you have any questions, feel free to
contact me at