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Broadway Dreamers Rehearsal Schedule

Date Song Required Cast

Mon. Nov. 19 Castle on a Cloud NOLA (6-6:30),
Where Is Love DARIAN (6:30-7:30),
Father to Son DUSTIN (7-7:30),
Far From the Home KAITLYN (7:30-8:45)
Anything Can Happen/Spoonful
I'd Give My Life For You
Wed. Nov 21 Giants in the Sky LENNOX (6-7)
I Know Things Now MICHAELA (7-7:30),
Everything Changes CHANTEL (7:30-9)
Little Girls
You'll Be In My Heart
What a Mother Does
Mon. Nov 26 Over The Rainbow TAYLOR-RAE (6-7:15),
Maps EMILY (7:15-8:45)
Days & Days
Some People
Everything's Coming Up Roses
Can You Find It In Your Heart
Wed. Nov 28 Open a New Window/My Best Girl EMILY + DARIAN (6-6:45),
If Only PADDY + KAITLYN (6:45-7:30)
Not My Father's Son DUSTIN (7:30-9),
I Don't Need Anything NICHOLAS (7:30-8:15),
SARAH (8:15-9),

Sun. Dec 2 I Hope I Get It FULL CAST

Consider Yourself
Tradition/Sunrise Sunset
You Can't Stop the Beat
Getting to Know You RAE (6-8), DUSTIN, OKSANA AND
You Two/Teamwork LENNOX (8-8:45)

Wed Dec. 5 Kids ALL ADULTS AND TEENS (will be

Mama Says let go early but can't say when)
Nobody Understands Me
One Normal Night
The Letter
Mon. Dec. 10 He Lives In You ALL ADULTS AND TEENS
Mama I'm A Big Girl Now
One Normal Night
Wed. Dec. 12 Everyone Hates His Parents PADDY: 6-6:45
Whistle a Happy Tune DARIAN: 6-8:15
Everything That I Am DUSTIN: 6-6:45
If Mama Was Married/Entertain CHANTEL: 6-7:30
NICHOLAS: 7:30-8:15

Sun. Dec. 16 Hard Knock Life ALL KIDS AND TEENS

Food Glorious Food
Yellow Brick Road/Off To See
If Only You Would Listen
When I Grow Up
Anything Can Happen/Spoonful
Mon. Dec. 17 Sixteen Going on Seventeen PATRICK: 6-6:45
She's In Love TAYLOR-RAE: 6-8
Beauty School Dropout MICHAELA: 6:45-8
Proud of Your Boy VICTORIA: 6:45-8
KAITLYN: 6:45-8
CHANTEL: 6:45-8

Wed. Dec. 19 No One Is Alone/Children Will Listen FULL CAST

You Got Trouble
Circle of Life

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