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Adama StarFire Reiki™

Founder: Mariah Prosper

What is Adama StarFire Reiki™?
It is a newly channeled Reiki energy that re-establishes the Genetic Codes of the original
Adamic Man--before the fall from God. The ray of the Adama StarFire is actually ultra-
violet--hence the energy’s birthing name of Purple Star Reiki™. The energy ray works in
the higher light spectrums of violet (purple) and indigo (which buffers the ultra-violet fire)
and burns off lifetimes of karmic programs and family genetics. This process heals and
clears the soul of it’s ‘karmic genetic patterns’. It lifts one up to higher vibrations,
destroying lower vibrational energy and thought patterns. It opens and clears the chakras,
stimulates the kundalini to rise, and allows one to feel the “Holy Spirit” within. Those who
become attuned to this energy, eventually hear, smell, speak, and think from the realm of
‘Holy Spirit’.
ADVANCE \d4Our DNA (genetic) code is beginning to re-establish its original design,
preparing us for the Ascension process. Adama StarFire Reiki™ changes our genetics back
into the more pure form of the Adamic God form that we were in the ‘beginning’ of our
process of evolution--before the ‘fall’. If we were created in the image of our creator, then
we have all the potential to become like the Creator. Capable of manipulating universal law
and understanding the true workings of that creative energy which creates in perfect
harmony with the laws of the Universe. In the beginning, which I believe is still happening,
we were a carbon copy of the Universe infused into this human body that limits our
potential to be spiritually whole.
ADVANCE \d4The Universal creative energy is numbers, science, religion, thought,
spirit...our human consciousness is soul....our body is our limitation of what we can and
cannot do. Society has programmed us into believing we cannot do those things that “God”
can, but we can. In our genetic make up, there are strands (codons) that are not active. Once
these extra codons are activated, we begin to remember what we perceive to be the past. It
is possible to remember all of the past--even what “God” remembers. The creation of the
universe, the many consciousnesses that exists, the realities that have been lived, the vast
amount of data that has been created from the beginning to what we perceive to be the
present and into the future. In our reality, we have access to a mental plane, that is, all the
thoughts and mental chatter that ever was, is, and ever will be.
ADVANCE \d4Many people now, are able to access this mental plane by choice or accident,
and can hear all that goes on in all planes of dimensions. Many cannot bear the noise, or
understand the voices, but these are only the thoughts that have been captured in the mental
plane of all sentient beings and we all have access to this. These mental beings have become
alive with our thoughts. That which we have created since we have had awareness of be-
ing---- Since “God” has been awakened into be-ing. All this is encoded into our genetic
structure, in our DNA.

ADVANCE \d4The pituitary gland in our brain is the key to all of this awareness. When a
kundalini experience happens, if it is kept active, connects our lower self with our higher
self and we experience self-realization--what the Masters of Yoga work years or lifetimes
to achieve. Through the use of the StarFire energy, this can be achieved, by reactivating the
portions of our brain that we do not use anymore. Timothy Leary accomplished this
activation through experiments with drugs. He did extensive research pertaining to spiritual
experiences, the psychology of the mind and brain, why we are the way we are and where
we are going, Unfortunately, because his use of drugs to achieve this knowledge did not
follow the laws of society, his work was not taken seriously by those who controlled the
authority of what was accepted as valid or not. His work was very scientific and spiritual as
he mapped the brain into 8 parts. His work and studies on the complexities of the mind
unfolded the knowledge and understanding of why we can perceive angels, aliens, the
voices, and God.

Throughout my 20+ years of searching for the Truth of the Universe, I have mastered
many healing techniques, including 5 traditions of Reiki, taught many classes, studied many
theologies of religion, including many occult systems, and a whole lot of other stuff
including owning an herb shop and manufacturing occult supplies. I guess you could say
I’m a ‘jack of many trades’ when it comes to alternative healing. This has been my lifelong
path to help others heal mind, body, spirit, and soul. I had come to what appeared to be the
most I could be. But people began to need a higher healing, one that would bring them
closer to their God. The people I worked with most in counseling sessions were
disillusioned with their spiritual path, or the dogmas that we have been taught. It affected
their lives mentally, physically, emotionally, and most of all, spiritually. Many of these
people were tired of the problems in their life and I could only help them to a certain level
and then my hands were tied. I believe in faith and a higher power, and could not accept
that we were here to develop only to a certain level of life in this reality. We are all a part of
the Creator, we were created in the image of that Creator, but why couldn’t we create
perfection and be whole like it was meant to be?
ADVANCE \d4I study and practice the Eastern philosophies and Kabbalah, but that wasn’t
enough to help raise people up and beyond their earthly troubles. I mastered many Reiki
techniques, but found they only healed one so far. People have a way of calling their
troubles and ailments back to them over and over. I’m sure many healers experience what I
am describing. We can only heal to the level of our own accomplishments, when we apply
our lives to that which we practice or teach. I wanted to move beyond the level of Spirit that
I had obtained, so I prayed for a higher level of Spiritual and soul growth for myself and
the souls of those around me.

ADVANCE \d4In Fall of ‘97, I stayed in Kansas with a very good friend; teaching Reiki and
doing tarot readings at her shop. I was diligent in my Kabbalistic studies, doing meditations
with the flame letters (language of God), reading every book I could get my hands on, etc.
On the third or fourth night of my stay, we had come home late and I retired to the
basement where I was sleeping while there. The energy of that underground basement was
so wonderful that I had stayed up late each evening, reading and meditating until the early
hours of the morning. This particular evening, I turned out the lights and meditated with
prayer in the dark. I was tired, so I kept my eyes open while doing this so I wouldn’t fall
asleep before I was finished. A small light appeared in the far corner of the room. The room
was in total darkness and all I could see was this light. It slowly grew in size to what
appeared to me to be about 7 or 8 inches in size . Then I could see that it was spinning very
fast, emitting lights of every color imaginable. As I stared at it to understand what it was, I
could clearly see that it was a spinning three- dimensional Merkaba or Star of David,
turning fast like a gyroscope. It was very beautiful and I thanked Spirit for the wonderful
light show. I closed my eyes and immediately fell asleep.
ADVANCE \d4That morning, as I was undressing to take a shower, I noticed a crusty bloody
scar on my right breast close to my sternum. I called my friend, Linn, to take a look at it.
Linn is a respiratory therapist, so I thought perhaps she would know how it got there. After
looking at it , she commented that it looked like a fresh wound, made with something sharp
like a scaple. She was puzzled that it had already closed up and there was dry blood and
also, blood that appeared to be fresh. I had fake fingernails, so there was no way I could
have scratched myself. Also, when I woke up that morning, I had spots on the inside of my
eyelids . Even at that time, I could still see a pattern when I blinked my eyes. It occurred to
me that perhaps I was abducted and I still had the pattern of bright lights. We thought it
might be the constellation of some stars that maybe I saw during the ‘flight’. So I sketched
them out, but as soon as I began to draw, they began to fade quickly. We pulled out a star
map and what I put on paper looked like either Orion or Pleiades. (My Kriya Yoga Master
later confirmed that it was Orion and actually comes from beyond the belt). WE laughed
about it--who knew what it was? I had experienced this sort of strangeness before and
knew that I probably was abducted , and really, it was no big deal. The scar was fading by
the time I left Kansas and returned back home. It was still there, but very light. It healed in
less than a week. Soon, it was forgotten.
ADVANCE \d4About February of the following year, a client/friend of mine showed me a
healing technique he learned at a seminar that previous weekend. He called it “Soul
Response Therapy” which is a soul re-creation technique where one can actually work with
their higher self to eliminate soul programs that cause one to ‘fall’ and repeat lifetimes
‘falling from heaven’ into hell (the reincarnation cycle). This course is taught by Robert
Detzler who developed this technique through years of research and practice. I understood
this technique immediately and began applying it that day.
ADVANCE \d4A day or so later, another dear friend relayed to me a dream that she had,
concerning me. In her dream, she was told that I was to give her Purple Star Reiki, then
was given a ‘super charged purple drink’. I was currently in the process of completing a
Dream Therapy course, and the symbolism in her dream gave me a key to that which I had
prayed for. The man in her dream who she said has ‘known me since the beginning of
time’ represented to me the ‘Creator’ that has been since the beginning of time. Through my
previous studies, and working with the ‘SRT’ process, I knew that my friend’s dream came
from a source; beyond the Elohim of Genesis. By the way, for those of you who never
contemplated the meaning of Elohim, it is feminine plural for Gods. (reference the original
Hebrew text). I have always referenced that creative force as ‘They’ and I shall continue to
do so within these pages.

ADVANCE \d4I went home that evening and in meditation I asked Spirit about my friend’s
dream and the drink. I work with Kundalini energies in my yoga studies, but never had I
ever been burnt on the inside by any energy that channeled through me. This energy rushed
immediately into me and ‘burnt like fire’ throughout my body. It felt like my blood was
boiling, and the energy flowed like liquid fire throughout my body for many months to
follow. I read every book on kundalini experiences that I could find and all referenced that
the energy shut down after a short time. At times, in the middle of the night, the energy
wakes me up, burning some part of my body. These pages were written because I couldn’t
sleep for my spine, hands and feet were on fire and awakened me. So why not work on this
ADVANCE \d4By opening up to this energy while clearing myself and others with the ‘SRT’
process, I have been able to channel the cosmic symbols that bring in the ‘same as’
processes of Mr. Detzler’s Soul Re-Creation (SRT). I thank him greatly for writing the
books that instruct his teachings. More or less, the information in his books, in addition to
the occult studies I have done throughout the years has helped me to understand and bring
in the Adama StarFire Reiki™ energy. Higher Be-ings and the Creative Principle assist me
in charging specific elements with the StarFire energies. Things are happening quickly, and
I must admit I am ‘blown away’ and overwhelmed with all that I and others have gone
through, from the experience of this energy. My life is truly blessed.
ADVANCE \d4When I first began to channel the StarFire energy; I didn’t exactly know what
to do with it, nor did I understand the whole concept of its power. The techniques
developed through teachings of Higher Beings has moved beyond Mr. Detzler’s SRT. My
Guides helped me to develop a complete product line for consumer’s use. Not everyone
would want to channel the energy, but might want to improve their life and Spiritual
growth. When anyone uses the products, their life is lifted up to a higher level. A genetic
rearrangement takes place on some level and the soul is relieved of particular karmic debts.
A definite soul healing and clearing occurs without special exercises, yoga, meditation,
magic, or other disciplines that take years to apply. The products are for all walks of life no
matter your spiritual beliefs or discipline. The Initiation into this tremendous healing energy
is for Masters of Healing to help others climb up their “Jacob’s” ladder of life.
ADVANCE \d4Initiation and healing symbols were revealed to me, to share when people are
ready to accept the responsibility of the StarFire energy. At first, I thought this energy was
only for Reiki Masters to channel. But, I have initiated people that were Healing Masters in
their own right that have accepted and channel this energy quite well. The Earth has shifted
to a level of vibration to allow this energy to be channeled. The SRT process of Mr.
Detzler’s opened that door of higher level of consciousness for me to channel this powerful
energy. Now, I believe, we will begin to receive more advanced levels of Reiki and other
healing modalities. For those who do not know what Reiki is, it is simply the channeling of
the Christ/Buddha consciousness energy for healing purposes. The man Jesus said, “These
things I do, you can do also, and better”, are words that echoed in my mind all my life---I
believe them. Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, and other prophets before and after
them did wondrous healing for the Spirit of Man---Now, it is time to do wondrous healing
for the Souls of Mankind.
ADVANCE \d4I am truly thankful to all the Higher Be-ings that assist us in our growth back
up the “Tree of Life”. The Hebrew people kept such good records in their sacred texts, it is
a shame it was forbidden and became mostly forgotten. The Egyptians, and the Sumerians
before them had the keys to the gates of Heaven, but they were destroyed by Holy Wars.
Perhaps it is time for us to go back to the future, and allow the spirit and soul of mankind to
get onto the pathway home. I am thankful that I can share a part of it with you.
ADVANCE \d4The many lifetimes of the soul; its division with each lifetime, is
overwhelming to try to comprehend. It is comparable to the life of a single cell that matures
into a human being, composed of billions of cells. One cell becomes...How many cells?
Clearing the soul programs is like peeling the layers of an onion, one by one. Without this
new channeled energy, and other be-ings of light to help us, it could be many more
lifetimes before we could even fathom an ascension of any kind.
ADVANCE \d4I wish to thank all who have helped me to understand this energy and learn to
work with it. Thank You, and Blessed Be the Creator within you!
ADVANCE \d4Mariah Prosper*

Initiation into the Adama StarFire Reiki™ Healing Ray

Originally, there seemed to be three levels of initiation. As I explored this energy with my
private students, the energy kept increasing with each initiation. There have evolved a total
of 13 levels of attunements, making a total of nine initiatory levels. The first level consists
of 4 attunements that correspond to the elemental levels of our being.
ADVANCE \d4The first level I call the Adama level and begins the recoding of one’s Soul
genetics, our DNA. This begins a total clearing and healing on the soul of the individual. It
also helps one to align their first four ‘Light Bodies’ that correspond to the lower four
chakras. For some this may be a smooth transition, for others it may be semi-traumatic---
depending on what level one’s soul has already obtained. Because of the ‘genetic
programs’ we have accepted from lifetime to lifetime, the healing process of this level of
attunements will set forth a continual clearing that will affect your day to day life on some
level of the soul’s awareness.
ADVANCE \d4The second level initiation consists of learning symbols to empower the
initiate with the ability to raise their Reiki traditional technique from the Christ\Buddha
consciousness level to the Godhead soul level consciousness. The fifth light body is
aligned with one’s energy and may take some time to process. Every healing the initiate
participates in will raise the soul consciousness of the person being worked on. As with all
Reiki techniques, as you channel this energy to another, you also receive a higher
awareness and clearing of soul genetic programs. Also, practice helps the light bodies to
come into alignment with more ease and less time.
ADVANCE \d4The third level initiation empowers one with the abilities to perceive other
realities, experience God’s consciousness, and attunes the sixth light body. Many symbols
are learned and utilized to help with this process of clearing. First level initiation and
symbols are taught. This level I call Master level.
ADVANCE \d4All levels have been channeled, but I am only initiating to the third level at this
time due to the processing that occurs with individuals. This is a very powerful energy and
must be respected.
ADVANCE \d4My training in Religious philosophies, Spiritual matters, and Occult secrets
has been of great use in understanding the energies and symbols I have been channeling
down from Source. The purpose of this manual is to help anyone understand the immensity
of our soul, the journey through it’s realities, and it’s connection to the ‘One’, the Creator
of all.

ADVANCE \d4Those who have studied Occult matters will understand this form of Reiki
easily. Many who have shied away from the ‘occult’ will come to understand that occult
means ‘secret’ and is a part of the creative language of God that moves energy to make
change happen--what is referred to as magic.
ADVANCE \d4Those who believe that because the term occult and magic are used please
bear with me, and open your mind to this revelation. If you believe this is from the Devil,
please take a look around you. Do you see “God” in everything and everyone? If not, your
vision is clouded by your devil and perhaps you are not ready to see the truths of
everyone’s God. Go back and read your “Holy Scriptures” for what they mean--not for
what you were told they mean. I am not talking about the God of the Judaic bibles, but the
God that is neither male nor female, yet both. The God I speak of is the creative force of all
that is, the primordial waters of all life that the ancients taught
All religions have one goal--that is to return to the Creator--to be connected--to be
prosperous--to be all that is--to find At-One-Ment. God has many names, but for simplistic
sake, I will use the term God to represent the ultimate Creator of all. This Manual will relate
to whatever your beliefs. Do not get caught up in the dogmas of your upbringing.
Adama StarFire Reiki™ represents a truth and a way to become that ultimate truth.
Technically--there are no words to describe that truth--words are limiting and create
something different for each individual. We are created in the image of the Creator, and our
Creator doesn’t have a human form. Please don’t let your illusions deprive you of your
Cosmic Inheritance.