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Dream A Little Dream Of Me Tune Ukulele hn or Banjulele Banjo Music by is eran ‘W. SCHWANI GUS KAHN er arere and F. "ANDRE Moderato Amo ate, vorce ff ca meet at a D-7ang. Dmin B ef Rm Dz eve - ninj time, "Tis sweet at eve - ning time, say, “Good - night” Its grand to say, “Good . night}? Ea a a Hh To know 111 spend an hour or — two, Just with Then stay and say it oer and oer, by = your ue fA tPF UT D Hmin Dy Amin alt. Doug. you. —— Then when the | hour grows —_ late; door. —_ The milk - man hur - ries by, 2 fF The — mo - ments A + gain 1 I love to hes - i - tate But sweet-heart here am I seem so fleet - ing, While I am here re - peat - ing. fond ly hold you, Re - peat. ing all I've told you. e iP E7 m7 D7 g A Dalax-7 cHoRus # & & oo Stars shining bright a - bove you, Night breez-esseemto whis-per‘I love you}? —a~ opie. F ti fh OB Amin, Birds sing-ing in the syc-a-more tree, “Dream a lit -tle droam of Me!” =~ r F ad g #g R i g a e EA fH Soy “night-ienight”and kiss Just holdmetight and tellmeyoull miss me; = ‘a if i os & Bk oe While Im a-lone and blue as canbe, Dreama lit-tle dream of me, z, en 7