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Sonology Bachelor

Rafaele Andrade

Instructor: Bjarni Gunnarsson

Programming and Music II, The Hague

1 de dezembro de 2018

Assignment I

According to the requirements of this Assignment, I composed from those three exercises, three
small sketches of master piece serie, called MED.

About MED:
A master piece series dedicated to find a balance between the contemporary Medicine, Technolo-
gy and Nature. It intend to explore the boundaries of Live code performances, uncognitive Propor-
tions and Ambiental Music for ambience or Meditation.

1. Included with the assignment is a data file, populationbycountry.csv that contains information about population
growth in various countries from 1980 to 2010. You should use this and implement a Sonfication process that high-
lights some characteristics of the data in the file. There should be a written reflection on the data chosen, what makes
it interesting and how its properties are reflected in the sonification procedure. The other requirement is
that all of the sound produced by the process should be based on waveform generating processes (discussed in the
class Microsound.

MED (II): Popul ation vs co unt ry

Sonification of data of the population duting the years from 1980 to 2010. The main idea was to
subtract and use the difference to interpret agony of overpopulation in horizontal intensity (time).
For the realization of the piece, 6 loudspeakers enrroled in strings would be programmed to
change their positions and fence, randomly distributed in a space according to the data decoded.

2. Implement a set of Live Coding Tools , including sounds (Ndefs), processors (Ndefs) and patterns (Pdefs or similar) that can be
used in a Live Coding situation. There should be at least two sound generators , two sound processors and two patterns that can
be activated and changed through the code itself without stopping. You should be able to connect these in different ways during a
session. The setup should reflect ideas you consider important for a live setup. A basic demonstration of the live coding using these
process should be done in class after the assignment has been handed in.

3. Create a short étude of about three or more minutes that explores microsound . There should be some usage of granular syn-
thesis and waveform composition could also be used (but is not required). Try to explore how ideas, shapes or movements can be
used in different ways across various time-scales .

MED (I): Cosm o etic

ABA Microsound study made by Crackles and LFNoise for ambiental music. It is played by a cellist
with three Ndefs on it is input.

MED (III): G ame boy

Live coding with Panola and Sensor received by Arduino and decoded by Tartini.