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Profile Summary
 Pursuing research at Research and Development Establishment (Engineers), DRDO, Pune on
biomimetic composites for structural applications.
 Research scholar at Anna University, Chennai.
 8 years of teaching experience and 4 yr research experience.

Career Objective
Seeking a responsible and challenging opportunity that would utilize and enhance my skills,
where I can devote my creative capabilities through dedicated hard work and resources of the
company to achieve combined growth.

Educational Qualifications
 M.E in Aeronautical Engineering (2008-2010) from Hindustan University, TN with First
 B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering (2002-2006) from Government Engineering College
Bartonhill/Kerala University, with First Class
 HSC (1999 - 2001) from DTEA Senior secondary School, New Delhi with First class
 SSLC (1997 - 1999) from DTEA Senior secondary School, New Delhi with First class

Teaching Experience
 Assistant professor in Aeronautical Department of KCG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY
from July 2017 to till this date
 Research Scholar at Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering
Guindy, Anna University Campus, Chennai, India from Jan 2015 to June 2017
 Assistant professor in Aeronautical Department of KCG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY
from July 2011 to Dec 2014
 Lecturer in Aeronautical Department of GOJAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND
TECHNOLOGY from June 2010 to April 2011

Project Proposals Submitted to various funding agencies:

1. Mechanical Characterization of Self healing composites under various hygrothermal

conditions. (DST)
2. Development of Nano Microvascular Self healing composites. (DRDO)
3. Design and Development of Self healing Composite for Aerospace application.
(INDO- Portuguese)
4. Mechanical development of Microvascular channels in composites and characterization for
Self healing purposes. (AR&DB)

Projects Handled
1. Manufacturing and Development of Piezo fibers based smart materials

This work deals with studying the effect of positioning and number of PFC with IDE (PFC-W14)
embedded in a multilayer glass fibre composite for energy harvesting. Vibration test for different
frequencies were conducted on specimens using electro-dynamic shaker. The results of this study
are presented with an eye toward obtaining guidelines for design of useful energy harvesting
aircraft structures.

2. Life Prediction of Composite Pipes using Acoustic Emission Technique

A composite pipe was manufactured using filament winding machine in Madras Institute of
Technology in which a pre-determined scratch and fiber cut were given at certain places. Reaction
of acoustic waves as they pass through these defects were analyzed for detecting cracks and fiber
cuts in the material.

3. Manufacturing and Development of Self healing Composites

Involved in the development of smart composites materials with intrinsic self-healing properties
at Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), India.
Extrinsic Self Healing System is again classified basically in three ways
i) Microspheres
ii) Hollow Glass Fibres
iii) Microvascules
I am currently working on Micro-vascular based self healing system.
Vascular self healing materials emulate on a macro level healing by the vascular and circulation
systems in animals. With a circulation system, the healing agent can be refilled providing potential
for continuous healing agent delivery and flow control.

4. Electrospinning of PVDF for structural health monitoring.
I am also involved in creating nano PVDF fibers for the development of Structural health
monitoring of Composite structures without affecting its basic properties for which it was

Optimization of Piezo-fibre Composite with IDE Embedded in a Multilayer Glass Fibre
B. Vinod Kumar, Anoop Raveendran, Victor Davis
Procedia Materials Science 2014; 6: 1207 – 1216 (Elsevier)

Subjects handled
 Fluid mechanics
 Aircraft systems and instrumentation
 Airframe Repair and Maintenance
 Heat transfer
 Thermodynamics
 Engineering Graphics
 Total quality management

Recognition certificate for getting 100% pass percentage for Airframe Repair and Maintenance
subject in Anna University Exams
Seminar & Conferences

 FDP on “Smart Materials and Systems” conducted by Department of Instrumentation and

Control Engineering, NIT Trichirappalli
 Two week ISTE workshop on “Engineering Thermodynamics” conducted by IITB
 Attended “Regional Training Programme On URKUND- An Anti Plagiarism Detection
tool” conducted at Anna University, Chennai

Areas of Interest: Strengths: Technical Skills:

 Jet Engines  Self Confidence  AutoCAD
 Smart Materials  Time Conscious  Pro-E
 Troubleshooting  Quick learner  Unigraphics
 Composites  Critical Thinking  Solid works
 Catia

Personal details

Date of Birth : 28th April 1984

Gender : Male
Nationality : INDIAN
Marital Status : Married
Spouse Name : Aparna K.
Permanent Address : Vineetha Nivas, I.R.Lane - 18
Mannamoola, Peroorkada
Trivandrum-695 005
Kerala, India
Languages known : English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil
Passport No : H3913432