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enter wa VCO) SVN EY (QO) GUS baum smi JEANNE MCCARTEN ENS) Le] DE weed i 1 _ ii « ines rr BE BES Th Hy inuT PZ 1ue i ae | os ae] ay STUDE NTs BOOK BTCC Sens s Onis Touchstone is a groundbreaking new series that offers ‘afresh approach to teaching and learning North American OS SS EES SS ete are ‘a large database of conversations and written texts, to build Eee ku kere Se a ee ne oe Ce ee ee eed ‘and vocabulary-leamning strategies, and offers exciting Cee ee ee ae ‘Key FEATURES See RnR Bee DE em ene a Se ed Rd See oe uC + Personalized speaking and writing practice See cee ue ad Soo + Reading that leads to realistic writing tasks Brea See Se ke ma Sec Sa to ee Res papa rrpleenrepmtaet levels of ater ieee PS Ue cicaieniaianaaeenaa Se eee oy ee Se ee) Cover design by Adventure House, NYC ‘CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL CORPUS REAL ENGLISH GUARANTEE STUDENT'S BOOK ] THE AUTHORS De ee eee ee ee en eu eee) See art eked International Corpus. He is currently Adjunct Professor ‘of Applied Linguistics at the Pennsylvania State Pence aT ad author of many tiles of interest to teachers, including De ee ee ea a ead Ce eu eed neta Oe Cu cae France, Malaysia, and the UK and has many years Ce a ae ‘specializing in the areas of grammar and vocabulary. Se es ee eT) International Corpus. Co ee English teacher, teacher trainer, and sales and marketing td Sr ee Le Cee Ree cas conducted training seminars for English teachers Ce a r Ted wi oaa8 TSBN 0-521 il Z 9 J is Authors’ acknowledgments ‘Touchstone has benefited from extensive development research. ‘The authors and publishers would like to extend their particular thanks tothe following reviewers, consultants, and piloters for theirvaluable insights and suggestions. Reviewers and consultants “Thomas fob Lane and Maria de M. Zanella from Associago Alumni, Sie Paulo, Brazil Simon Bana from Phil Young’s English School, Curitiba, Brazil; Katy Cox from Casa Thomas Jefferson, Brasilia, Brazil; Rodrigo Santana ftom CCBEU, Goiana, Brazil Cristina Asperti, Nancy H. Lake, and Airton Pretini Junior from CCELLEP, Sao Paulo, Braz: Sonia Cury trom Centro Betaneo, So Paulo, Brazil Daniela Alves Meyer from IBEU, Rio de Janelro, Brazil; Ayeska Farias from Mal English, Belo Horizonte, Beall Solange Cassiolato from ETC, Sao Paulo, Brazil Fernando Prestes Maia from Polidiomas, Sao Pato, Beal: Chris Richie and Debora Schisler from Seven idiomas, Sao Paulo, Brazil Maria Teresa Maiztegul and Joacyrde Olivelra from Unido Cultural EEUU, Sao Paolo, Brazil Sakae Onoda from Chiba University of Commerce, chikawa, japan; James Boyd and Ain Conlon fom ECC Foreign Language Institute, ‘Osaka, ape Catherine Chamier from ELEC, Tokyo, Japan: Janaka Wiliams Japan: David Aline from Kanagawa University. Yokohama, Japan; fran Lang fom Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, KYO, Japan: Alistair Home an Brian Quinn trom Kyushu University Fukuoka, Japan; Rafaol Dovale from Matsushita Electric Industrial Go, Lad, Osaka, Japan: Bl Acton, Michael Herriman, Bruce Monk, and Alan Thomson from Nagoya University of Commerce. Nisshin, Japan: Alan Bessete from Poole Gakuln University, Osaka, Japan; Brian Collins from Sundal Foreign Language institute, Tokyo Collegeof muse, Tokyo, Japan; Todd Ocgets ftom The Tokyo Center {or Language and Culture, Tokyo, Japan; Jon Hanagata from Tokyo Foreign Language College Tokyo, Japan Peter Collins and Calene Mills rom Tokal University Hiratsuka, Japan; David Stewart fom ‘Tokyo Institute of Technology, Toky9, Japan; Alberto Pero Vialobos Front Cenlex Santo Tomas, Mexico City Mexico; Diana Jones and Carlos Lizarraga from Instituto Angloamericano, Mexico City, Meio; fal Mar and Maria Teresa Money from Universidad de Cuautithin Izcalll, Meso City, Mexico; JoAnn Mille from Universidad del Valle de México, Mexico City, Mexico: Orlando (Carranza from ICPNA, Peru; Sister Melanie Bair and finyeon Jeon ‘rom The Catholle University of Korea. Seou!, South Korea; Peter Nelson from Chung-Ang University Seoul, South Korea osepls Schouseiler from Dongguk Unlversiy, Seoul, South Korea; Michaol Brazil and Sean Witty from Gwangwoon University Seoul, South Korea; Kelly Martin and Larry Michienai from Hankook FLS. ‘University, Seoul, South Korex: Scott Duerstock and lane Miler {rom Konkuk University Sou, South Korea: Athens Pchay from ‘Korea University, Seoul, South Korea; Lane Darnell Baht, Ssan Caesar, and Aaron Hughes from Korea University, Seoul, South Corea: Farzana Hyland and Stephen van Viack fom Sookmyung, ‘Women's University, Seoul, South Korea; Hae-Young Kim, Terry Nolson, and Kon Schafrick rom Sungkyunkwan University, cou, South Korea: Mary Chen and Michelle s.M. Fan from Chinese Cultural University, Taipe, Taiwan; Joseph Sorel ftom Christ’ College, Taipel, Taiwan; Den Aldridge and Brian Kleinsmith fom ELSI, Taipo,Talwan; Ching Shyang Anna Chien and Duen Yeh CChaties Chang tom Hsin Wu Institute of Technology. Talpe), “Talwan; Timothy Hogan, Andrew Rooney, and Dawn Young from Language Tralning end Testing Center, Taipe, Taiwan: Jen Me Hand Yu-hwei Funice Shih (rom National Talwan Normal University Talpel, Telwan: Roma Starezewska and Su-Wel Wang from PQSHTaipel Language and Computer Center, Taipei, Taiwan: laine Paris from Shih Chien Untversity, Taipei, Taiwan; Jennifer Castello from Caftada College, Redwood City, California, USK Dennis Johnson, Gregory Keech, and Penny Larson from City College of San Francisco Institute for International Students, ‘San Franelsco, California, USA: icra Henry from College of Lake County, Gray's Lake, Ilinols, USA; Madeleine Murphy from College ‘of San Mateo, an Mateo, California USA: Ben Yoder from Harper College, Palatine, Ilinois, USA Christine Aguila, John Lanier, ‘xemando Mata, and FlienSelergren from Lakeview Learning Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA; Elen Gomer from Laney College, Gabland, California, USA; rian White from Northeastern Mlinols ‘University, Chicago, linos, USA; Kandi Reppen from Northern, Arizona University, Flagstaff, Avizona, USA; Janine Glu from San Francisco State University College of Extended Learning. Sn Franelseo, California, USA: Peg Saros from San Franelseo. ‘State University American Language Institute, San Francisco, California, USA; David Mitchell from UC Bercey Extension, ELP English Language Program, San Francisco, California, USA: Elleen Censoti Kim Knutson, Dave Onutfrock, Marnle Ramer, and Jerry Stanfield from Universit of Mlinois at Chieago—Tutorlum Unfnenave English Chicago Mins USA: Johnie Fonsi Hafernik rom University of San Francisco, ESL Program, Francisco, Califo, Us. dy triedman ftom Nev York Institute ‘of Technology, New York. New York, USA: Shela Hacker from St John’s University, New York, New York, USA; Joan Lesikin from. William Paterson University, Wasi, New Jersey, USA: Linda Pele {rom LaGuardia Community College, Long siand City, New York, ‘USA; Tamara Plotnick rom Pace University, New York, USA: Lenore Rosenbluth from Montelalr State University, Montclair, New Jersey, ‘USA: Suzanne Seldel from Nassau Community College, Garden City, New York, USA: Debbie Un from New York University, New School, and LaGuardia Community Callege, New York, New York, ‘USA: Cynthia Wiseman from Hunter College, New York, New York, ‘USA, Aaron Lawson from Cornell University, thaca, New York, USA, for his help in corpus research; Betks Yanes from CTC Belo Monte, Caracas, Venezuela: Vitoria Gaefa from English World, Caracas, Venezuela: Kevin Bandy from LT Language Teaching Services, Caracas, Venezuela; Ivonne Quintero from PDVSA, Caracas, ‘Venenuela, Pilover: Daniela jorge from ELFE Idiomas, Sio Paulo, Brazil Eloisa Marches Olivelca from ETE Professor Camargo Aranha, $io Palo, Brazil; Marilena Wanderley Pessoa from IBEU, Rio de fancio, Brazil: Marcia Lota from LTC, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Mile Valenzl from USP English on Campus, S30 Paulo, Brazil Jelona fohanovie from YEP International, Sao Paulo, Brazil; James Steinman from Osaka International College for Women, Moriguchi, Japan: Brad Visgtis from Osaka international University for Women, “Moriguehi, Japan; William Figoni trom Osaka Institute of ‘Technology, Osaka, Japan: Terry O'Brien from Otant Women's University, Tondabayashi, Japan; Gregory Kennerly from YMCA ‘Language Genter plored :t Hankyu SHS, Osaka, Japan; Daniel ‘Alejandro Ramos and Salvador Enriquez Castaneda from Instituto Cultural Mexieano-Norteamericano de Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico; Patricia Robinson and Melida Valdes from Universidad de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico, We would also like to thank the people who arranged recordings Debbie Berktold, Bobble Gore, Bill Kohler, Aaron Lawson, Terni Massin, Tract Suter, Bryan Sian, and the many people who agreed to be recorded. ‘The authors would also like to thank the editorlal and production Sue Aldeorn, Bleanor K. Barnes, Janet Battste,SyviaP Bloch, David Bolike, Karen Brock, JeffChen, Sylvia Dare, Karen Davy, Deborah Goldblat, Paul Heacock, Louisa Hellegers, Eliza Jensen, Lesley Koustaf, Heather MeCarron, Lise R. Minovitz. Diana Nam, Kathy ‘Niemezy il Paulk, Bill Preston, Janet Raskin, Mary Sandee, Tamar Savi, Shelagh Speers, Kayo Taguchi, Mary Vaughn, Jennifer Wilkin, anda the design and production team at Adventure House. And these Cambridge University Press staff and advisors: ‘Yumiko Akeba, lim Anderson, Kanako Aoki, Mary Louise Baez, Carlos Barbisan, Alexandre Canizares, Cruz Castro, Kathleen Corley, Kate Cory- Wright, lta da Costa, Peter Davison, Elizabeth Fuzikava, Steven Golden, Yuri Hara, Catherine Higham, Gareth Knight, Jodo Madurelra, Andy Martin, Alejandro Martinez, Nigel MeQuitty Carine Mitchell, Mark O'Neil, Rebecca Ou, Antonio Puente, Colin Reublinger, Andrew Robinson, Dan Schulte, Kumiko Sekioka, Catherine Shih, Howard Siegelman, Ivan Sorrentino, lan Sutherland, Aleione Tavares, Koen Van Landeghem, Sergio Varela, and Ellen Zlotnick. Imaddition, the authors would like to thank Colin Hayes and Jeremy “Mynot for making the project possible inthe frst place. Most of all very special hanks are due to Mary Vaughn for het dedication, Support and professionalism. Helen Sandford would like to thank Ber famiy an especialy et husband ryan Sa, ors suppor