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University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

Sub Campus Toba Tek Singh

(Final Year Project Proposal)

Project ID:_____________________ (To be allocated by the Project Office)

Name Husnain Ahmad Reg. No. 2015-AG-8010
Program BS(Computer Science) Semester 7th
Session 2015-2019 Date 22-11-2018
Email Cell No. 0306-1539179

Project Title Data Encryption System

Nature of Project Multiplatform

Project Description This project is used to convert accompany database into secured form after
data encrypted. With the help of this application we are able to secure our
company database to hackers or attackers. This application consist of front
end JUI with back end MY SQL database.

Features  Dashboard.
 C panel.
 Admin panel.
 Encrypted document Up Loader.

Tools & Languages:

Technologies Front end:
 Bootstrap.
 J Query.
Back End:
 PHP.
 Ajax.
 Dreamweaver / Sublime 3 / visual studio for Editing Server Side
scripting language & Designing Language.
 Xampp server for testing by making system local host.
For Approval of Advisor
Name: Mr. Muhammad Ali Imran
Designation: Lecturer


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Approved Date:_________________
Meeting Required: Date:____________ Time: __________ Place:___________
Rejected: __________________________________________________________
Project Title (if Revised):

Project Coordinator