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1. How did you come up with the idea of innovating roof tiles?

2. Was a survey conducted to pinpoint what people thought was lacking in available roof tiles?
3. What makes your product different from other roof tiles?
4. What is present in the roof tile that makes it all weather proof?
5. How does the product perform in different weather conditions?
6. What are tests conducted to ensure the quality of the product?
7. Can you provide us a description and picture of your prototype?
8. What is the use of polyurethane foam with elastomeric coating?
9. How does the All Weather Roof Tile shut down oxidation to prevent corrosion?
10. How is it an effective sound deadening medium? What is the component that makes it
11. Is the product patented? If yes, what is the patent number for your product?
12. What are the problems that still need to be improved in your product?
13. What other innovations would you like to add to your current product?
14. How has your product affected the market? Can you show a copy or statistics of your sales?
15. In what ways did you market or advertise your product?
16. Can you give us the pricing details of your product in the current market?
17. When was your sales the highest? What time of the year were your sales the highest?
18. Do you see people patronizing your product in the future?
19. What are the accomplishments or recognition you have received with this product?