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.. Create a foot spa at home HAIR 32 Va va Voom Hair Biguine’s interpretation of hairstyles for 2009 growing out hair look good. 4 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 .Content SKIN 8 Buzz on How To De fuzz Tips on various hair removal techniques AUGUST 2009 24 Scrub A Dub Know the right way to exfoliate REGULARS 8 Mailbox 10 BeautyScoop 14 Beauty’s Face 16 Beauty’s Fave 5 60 SHOP 64 BeautyScope 65 Tips From You 66 On My Mind 30 How To.

Shubhika Kanjani.Ashley Rebello Conceptualised by . Ltd BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 5 .Jitu Savlani Make-up Artiste .Turkish Indian Tourism Council and Turkish Airlines Photographer Pic Courtesy .Wow Entertainment and Media Pvt.Pakhi Mohanani.HAIR 39 Hot Hair For Indian Women Hair expert Sevn Ewald’s tips for girls with thick tresses BEAUTY ETC 61 Bold Coloured Trousers Brighten up cloudy days in pants that skim the colour spectrum 40 Mane Care In Monsoons Top tricks to have great hair through the rains 62 Creative Scissor Hands Meet Schwarzkopf trainer Rick Lee 46 Fact Finding Jawed Habib busts hair myths and shares tips on right conditioning 63 Heady Scent(t) sations Meghna Naidu shares her experience with fragrance WELLNESS 50 Energising Yoga Moves Restore mental balance with top seven asanas 54 Remain Robust In Rains Dr Mukesh Batra on homeopathy treatments for common monsoon ailments 57 Low Fat Snacks Recipes of titbits that can ward off hunger pangs Cover Credits Location Courtesy . Hair Artiste . Designer .

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Rafi Ahmed. Please try out some more new products for the likes of me.. Faridabad. Shikha Chopra. In fact I think that will make your magazine a complete grooming magazine. Sabnam Rahman. and whether dark shades would look good on me or not. MAIL I picked up BEAUTY while waiting at a salon for my turn. Journalist.. styling tips. “Tips from You” is one of the attractive section I found in the last issue. Delhi While everyone talks about hair removal. You can help us men by giving some health. And as I am growing older I was finding it even more confusing. Advocate. Patna. Mumbai. but sadly there was a man’s section that was missing. But loved the way you let m try out a red lipstick without putting one on in your column Beauty Snoop. Housewife. We Would Love to Hear from You : Do write to us at. It would be very nice if you could include some tips for regular men. After reading your makeup story I am much more confident that I won’t make any more mistakes at least on this part of styling myself. I did learn how to try one out. Bangalore. It is nice to see some real women participation in the magazine. and what to do during those inbetween period. . Though I like lipstick but was never able to make up my mind what colours to go for. 8 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . Teacher. Please help! \Nitu Singh. and what not to buy.BOX Thank you BEAUTY for helping me to find a red lipstick that matches my complexion. so I was always confused about what to wear on my lips. Make up has always remained a question mark for me as what to buy.. and skin feel bumpy and rough. Now I have one. Doctor. Mamta Singh. fitness. I am a girl with a dusky complexion. and about new grooming products and how to use them correctly. but very few magazines or experts give us tips about how to take care of skin after hair removal. I always stuck to lip balms. There I got some very useful tips for make up and some very good home remedies. I liked what I read. when the hair is not long enough for waxing. Also what to do if one breaks out in rashes after every session of waxing. I have tried a few tips on myself and they did work.

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The just debuted blush is a sheer coverage gel in a pot gives you a rosy glow. Try products from Série Nature. The range has shampoo.080 – a powdery pink blush with a hint of gold. sea weed. For a more glam take on the pink cheeked look try the MAC Rose Beauty Powder in Blush of Youth. a PiNch of BLuSh The ultimate in romantic prettiness are cheeks gently blushing the colour of a pink rose. Add to that pleasure by lathering up with a skin softening shower gel that cleanses you and hydrates the skin at the same time. bearberry leaves. and black currant extracts for day long freshness.080 from the brand’s summer collection The Rose Romance. If you want to rehydrate your dry skin then wash up with the Mild Dew Shower Gel with peach and avocado extracts. Rs 1. and a masque that will protect and replenish your hair fibre. the nature-based hair care range from L’Oreal Professionnel. Treat your dry hair with Serie Nature Oiliss range enriched with avocado and grape seed extracts. Try the latest range of Fiama Di Wills Shower Gels. range start at Rs 525. or even wake you up in the morning.Power Shower There’s nothing like a refreshing shower under nice cool spray to lift your mood. 10 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . Try Exotic Dream Shower Gel with glitter beads. Rs 99 – the beads in the gels serve dual purpose of exfoliating and cleansing your skin at the same time. Take off rough edges from your skin with the Clear Spring Shower Gel that has jojoba beads. and beat grease skin sensation. Rs 1. and lemon grass extracts for gentle exfoliation. It has a dewy texture blends into a transparent film on skin. conditioner. The range start at Rs 525. and banish tiredness. Give this look a modern twist with MAC Just A Pinch Gel Blush. LuSh LockS NaturaLLy All those chemical treatments have left your hair dry and unmanageable? You really need to sustain your strands with some TLC that comes from nature.

extending towards the outer scoop. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 11 .. Give your smoky lids a new dimension with Bourjois’s The Butterfly Effect – a look that re-interprets the blue eye shadow. Intensify the effect by lining the upper and lower lids with the Khôl Et Contour Pencil in Bleu Surprenant. Finish off with a coat of Volume Glamour Mascara in Noire Ebéne. and under lower lash line. Get set to flutter your lids like the wings of a butterfly. The hue that works right now is a blue with deep purple undertones. Rs 195 – an electric blue liner.. eLectric BLue eyeS There’s nothing subtle about the latest interpretation of blue shaded eyes. To get the ultra modern version of smoky eyes apply the Bourjois Little Round Pot Eye Shadow in Bleu Magnétique. Rs 410. Rs 500 – blue shadow with purple reflections – over the lid till the crease.

blue. and the pain as the wax is pulled out? Rest easy. Now you can take care of your bikini line in the privacy of your bathroom. Remember to use it only once a week. Rs 500 each – sheer crease-proof colours that go on smooth and stay on.liquid eyeliner with crystal to add a bit of glitter to your eyes. Rs 490 . For regular use try the Nivea Visage Gentle Face Scrub. and grey. fiNe BikiNi LiNe Do you cringe at the idea of a bikini wax? Do you fear the tear. Price: Single pack.. The colour harmonies inspired by the leading ladies of moviedom consist of two shimmery shades and a cream formula as the highlighter. Glide Bikini Razors come in three colours – pink. Specially designed for women. leaving your skin glowing. Rs 49. Star Struck If you are one of those who struggles to get the complementing eye shadows right for a glam impact. Check out the latest seven dazzling trio eye shadows from L’Oreal Paris Color Appeal Star Secret Crystals. and soaks away oil. designed to buff away dead skin cells diminishes fine lines. come cLeaN Experts suggest that sloughing off dead skin cells once or twice a week is good for keeping your facial skin glowing. grey and silver. then it just got easier for you. Try the new Glide Disposable Bikini Razor. and card pack of 3 at Rs. If you are plagued by greasy skin. removing hair and moisturizing skin at the same time. Now you have two great options to get good skin with. Accentuate the look with the Superliner Star Secrets Crystal.. 12 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . and other impurities. The razor heads also have aloe vera and tea tree oil strips which makes shaving an easy and convenient experience. It also allows for better absorption of treatment creams. We love the packaging that comes with a starry motif. Rs 599 is for you. Our pick is Color Appeal Star Secrets Crystals Aishwarya Rai in Amethyst Crystals. a blend of sparkling purple. 149. tired and dull skin then Faces Exfoliating Facial Scrub. This apricot kernel scoop. these have unique pads and protected blade with small head for extra comfort and safety to avoid nicks and cuts. Rs 219 with micro beads that gently remove dead skin cells.

Try the Tejasvi Face Wash with red sandalwood to reduce greasy skin. Protect your body from the heat. and nourish your hair. Rs 97. Nature’s wonder antiseptic sandalwood is the answer. Get set to revive youthful skin. now called Clear. Rs 134. leaves the skin deeply hydrated and fresh. It offers a total wrinkle renovating procedure care with anti-wrinkle active ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and newgeneration Retinol.. Rs 65. while the new version of Retinol accelerates skin renewal due to the presence of Adenosine. a healing element found in high concentrations of sandalwood oil. and Thick & Long Conditioner. Rs 1. But lifestyle often makes it impossible to grow your locks longer.990 from Vichy Laboratories. Traditionally. It can cure heat rashes. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 13 . Try the Clear Radiant Black Shampoo. SaNdaLwood magic The hot humid weather can play havoc with your skin. the combo works to replenish. face Lift Plagued by crow’s feet and lines on the face? Try the latest Liftactiv Retinol HA with SPF 18. Keep your scalp healthy. This potent combination effectively deals with three types of wrinkles including reversible. that nourishes. with linoleic acid.. Formulated with rich creamy yoghurt. sandalwood was applied as a paste to maintain skin health throughout the summer months. In such times you need something that not only soothes skin issues but also cools it down. Hyaluronic Acid has the filling effect on the wrinkles. Traditional recipes prove that it is not only antiseptic and anti-inflammatory but also has strong cooling properties. A regular dose of root strengthening shampoo. Try Sunsilk Thick & Long Shampoo. Get your dose of this skin healer from Forest Essential’s sandalwood range. All you need to do is take care of your strands the right way. or Soundarya Facial Ubtan for a glowing complexion. permanent and embryonic. and shine to your hair. with the Moisture Replenishing Mysore Sandalwood Bath and Shower Oil. and hair shining black with the new version of Clinic All Clear. and nourishing conditioner is what you need. heaLthy hair We Indian girls have a penchant for long dark hair. despite scoop.

Her relaxation technique: I relax while meeting friends. whenever I get time. apply a lot of mascara. Finally her rigorous routine paid off. I like to change my shampoo every 2 to 3 months. I am not much into branded products. When skin looks bad: If my skin feels bad. My parents always encouraged me in every way possible. especially living in Bombay due to humidity. Her wellness and fitness mantra: My wellness mantra is ‘Eat right and workout right’. but at the pageant preparation she learnt to take care of it. Now I have understood my skin much better and I know how to take care of it. Favourite make-up. Her skin care regimen Now I have a fantastic doctor (Dr Rekha Sheth) taking care of my skin. Favourite makeup trick: I don’t have too many makeup tricks. Otherwise I drink a lot of water. Ekta Choudhary Dusky and quick-witted. I just like to keep myself active. To keep skin moisturised I like Johnsons Baby Oil and Lush Lip balm for my lips. My favourite hair care brands are Garnier. what a normal woman uses. Previously I used to be scared to use anything on my skin. I am the only child. My mascara is from a brand called Make-up Forever and I like Maybeline Wonder Finish Foundation as the base.. 14 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 Her transformation: A. But since I like to go to spas. Now I have started taking care of my skin. I do go. For me using a good shampoo and corresponding conditioner is a must. and vitamins. and improved it immensely. Her hair care regimen: As far as hair is concerned. But she took up the challenge. particularly when I have to remove my make-up.. meditating. I just make sure that I take care of my skin with Himalaya Neem pack and basic products like the ones that you can whip up in the kitchen. when I go out. I clean my face thoroughly often. now-adays. But I oil my hair. save it from the sun and wash it regularly. playing with children. You should take care of the body from the inside. I don’t get much time. They were always there for me. My best friends are still my best friends. I feel good. the crown did not come easy to Ekta. I like to get Ayurvedic massages as they are very relaxing. I was well grounded. For my skin. I also like to get a Hair spa done once a while to keep my strands string and shining. She followed her heart. I use very basic products. They were very supportive of whatever interested me. I feel energetic. so my parents were very protective and concerned about my future. At the spa: I don’t visit spas regularly. a nice shade of lipstick with lip balm and I am ready to go. skin and hair products: For makeup I use MAC eye-shadow. watching a movie. now my skin has a healthy glow. I am loyal to Nivea Face Wash Nivea Visage Cream. Feeling good is important. I usually alternate between Nivea and Himalaya Face wash every few months. It could be anything – 1 hour at the gym or any kind of exercise like walking or climbing the stairs. Ekta Choudhary always dreamt of wearing the Miss India crown since the age of 6.BEAuty fACE . Despite determination. and worked ahead. Otherwise I just sleek them back and pin them up. Her skin treatments have given good results. I just cover under my eyes. But thanks to Dr Rekha Sheth. I had a lot of friends in school. A good sun block is a must. Ekta was also unhappy about her skin condition. lip colour and blush. I feel everything is connected. I usually style them. she won the Pantaloons Femina Miss India-Universe title this year. What does looking good mean: Looking good means you should feel good. Makeup kit must have: I need to have a mascara in my bag always. Her childhood: My childhood was like any normal child. as she was not prepared for the strenuous routine that lay ahead. I do that by drinking juices and eating salads. I know I can’t do much as bad skin is a sign of internal imbalance of nutrients. dancing or listening to music. I am not much into colouring my hair. a little kajal. so I feel confident. I had a little skin problem. Barakhamba. I feel that there is no use overdoing it. My skin feels better. . her dream and got her due. A good night cream is also an essential part of my skin care. Then I like to detox myself internally for few days till the condition improves. Sometimes I tie my hair up in a low ponytail. On bad hair days: I do have bad hair days. Your skin should glow. L’Oreal and Schwarzkopf. I studied at Modern School. I can swear by their efficacy. Before I started training for Miss India. I do optimum workout. as she accepted the crown of Miss India Universe.

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and improves blood circulation without drying the skin. coconut oil. rS 345 A non-greasy formula that sank into the skin. iraya aLmoNd & hoNey SoaP. and honey cleansed dry skin without stripping it off moisture and sebum. Part of Euristocrats collection. harNN water LiLy detoxifyiNg face waSh. and a dazzling lip gloss. as the product profit supports the cause. This neutral yellow pink with gold pearl added a luminous sparkle to the lips.BEAUTY’S Fave 5 We picked a moisturising soap. a hand cream. and effectively removed oily dandruff. Vichy LaBoratorieS dercoS aNti daNdruff ShamPoo. rS 820 The ultimate in dramatic lips that get saturated in colour. Leaves you feeling fresh with a gentle fragrance of exotic jasmine. rS 799 So soothing for itchy scalp. This handcrafted. With selenium disulphide it stops the condition in four weeks of use. instantly making the hands soft. kiNd heart haNd cream. a shampoo. rS 1. a face wash. rice bran oil. 16 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . Infused with angelica extract it soothed parched skin of the palms. Also picking this up would help fighting sex trafficking of children and young people. rS 115 A nourishing blend of almond oil.295 Imagine this gentle face wash with charcoal in it! A soothing liquid that draws out impurities. this gloss is more than a gloss. the Body ShoP Soft haNdS. and prevents dandruff from recurring. and shine. seethrough soap is a pleasure to use with is subtle scent. mac dazzLegLaSS iN LocaL coLour.

and subtly lined eyes for a soft romantic look ideal for grey rainy days BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 17 .SKIN Read About • Hair removal and what works and how Best ways to scrub your skin smooth How to keep your feet petal soft • • Peachy Glow Go monochrome with a coral hued blush and lipstick.

anywhere else can be quite a beauty disaster. Do away unwanted body hair with these nifty tips. 18 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . Choose your trick.Buzz On How To De-uzz We love thick hair. By Gayatri T Rao. as long as it is on the head.

and terminal hair – the one that grows on our head. but you do feel Removal strategies Hair removal is nothing new to Indian women. Moisturise it well as well. waxing. and sparse. and keep you hair free. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and other hormonal problems often give rise to excessive hair growth. depilation (using hair removal creams). It’s quite common and occurs as a result of the hormonal changes happening in the body at that time. If you are de-fuzzing the face then remove all traces of makeup before starting the process. According to Dr Sheth this can lead to heavier growth on the upper lip or on the chin. and fresh once the hair is off. it is a beauty norm worldwide to have smooth. back and face. it was the best warm woollies we had. Other more permanent techniques are laser hair removal and I. In this you only use a chemical based pack with hydrogen peroxide to lighten the colour of the body hair to match your skin tone. B. In fact many experts also advice bleaching instead of completely pulling out hair. and pubic areas as girls reach their puberty. but some remained to keep our skin warm. lemon juice wheat husk. As we evolved we did shed the extras. and tank tops that have pushed us to pull out the hair. and flour to bleach and reduce hair growth. Dr. and not just for women – who have always loved soft. In fact doctors say that vellus hair in many thickens as you reach puberty. when body hair was in fashion. and we lived in caves. it is a vanity must to be fuzz free. Definitely less painful than other methods. in case your facial or back hair is thin. Some women even develop facial hair once they reach menopause. Since we discovered fashion and donned sweaters. While keeping body hair especially on your arms and legs does not really harm you. a leading salon in Hyderabad. and sense of confidence. the reason for the fuzz to be there is gone. bleaching. Also you need to use the right products to get maximum is soft. In any case lightening the load in the pubic areas. and armpits are good for hygiene as well. That was once upon a time. Anoo’s. chest. Exfoliate your skin the day before to remove dead skin cells. fine and short. Many times your hair growth pattern is hereditary. Besides. But since clean. Rekha Sheth. on our body we have two types of hair. Prepare Your Skin: Before you start the hair removal process – no matter which technique you want to opt for – clean skin is a must. thicker and coarser. especially in summer. Director. In fact for many women. belly and/or back. especially those with darker complexions. Says Dr Sheth. No matter the reason.I t is the external reminder of the times we spent as monkeys. It is darker and more noticeable in some women. It’s not just short dresses. According to dermatologist. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 19 . There are other options available though. plucking and threading are temporary methods for hair removal methods that are easier on the pocket. facial hair emerges as hormones take over as you evolve from a girl to a woman.” The appearance of hair on your body changes as you grow older. In fact in the recent years.” says Anuradha CH. While terminal hair is thicker and grows in the armpits. But not many of you have time to powder dried turmeric roots now-a-days. and is darker. then times have changed. Certain medications can also give rise to excess hair growth. thus giving your skin a hairless look. soft limbs minus the fuzz. and bring to surface any ingrown if stuck under the top layer of your skin. our traditional beauty secrets have recipes using natural ingredients like turmeric. smooth skin – but also for men now. and shawls. “Shaving. “Most women have vellus hair on their chest. There’s the vellus hair . and limbs does improve one’s self esteem. probe electrolysis. There’s no scientific proof but clearing up the fur of the face.

This works for any area of your body including legs. face. With regular use hair grows back thinner. pubic area.Shaving t is one of the easiest and the most cost effective ways to remove hair from your body. it is important to clean and dry your skin well before starting the waxing process. do not apply the wax over a larger area than can be covered by the strip. Keep your hand close to the skin. According to Dr Mahua Chatterjee. for pubic areas it is a good idea to shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid in-grown hair and razor rash. If not done properly waxing can lead to ingrown hair. pull the strip (in the opposite direction of the hair growth) to remove the wax with the hair adhering to it. Also there’s the danger of nicks and cuts. Place the disposable strip directly over the wax and smooth with your palms in the direction of the hair growth. Leave enough free edge of the strip so you can grasp it with your fingers. This also enables a closer shave. Place your fingers or hand on the skin to hold firmly. When waxing for the first time. This will allow the hair that is bonded to the wax to adhere to the strip. Remember. so it is a good idea to shave after a bath. allowing the liquid wax to flow smoothly. Cost: Anywhere between Rs 400 to Rs 1200 for full body wax. Dip the appropriate sized spatula into the wax. Cost: Razor comes from anywhere between Rs 35 to Rs 250. 20 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . With one fast movement. back. To get good result use twin-blade razors meant for women as they help cut the hair closer to the skin. waxing expert at VLCC. Use shaving foam with skin softeners to soothe irritations. Also it keeps skin smooth as it removes dead skin layer along with hair. Despite perception your hair does not grow out coarser or thicker with shaving. take appropriate amount and apply the wax over the area to be treated in the direction of the hair growth. and skin sensitivity. under arms. under arms. Disadvantages: You need to touch up almost every day to avoid rough stubble. Benefits: It is fast takes about 15 minutes and is easy on the pocket. always shave against direction of hair growth. It is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. Disadvantages: The in-between waxing period can be tough as you need to let your hair grow at least 1/4th an inch for getting a waxing done again. and shaving foam is for Rs 310 Waxing It is one of the best and preferred ways of hair removal. and bikini area. and chafe the skin less. To get a smoother finish on your legs and arms. Hair grows back in two to three weeks time. Benefits: This keeps your skin smoother longer. arms. Also you need to soften the cuticles. especially legs. test the temperature and consistency of the liquid wax by applying to a small area on the inside of your wrist. leading to less irritation. it is a good idea to go to a professional. When doing at home.

loses its tensile strength and gets detached from the skin.Threading It is an ancient Middle Eastern beauty practice that is a beauty must for us Indian girls when it comes to removing facial hair. Since it plucks out curly or brittle hair may snap off rather than being pulled out. In fact epilating is very similar to waxing except that in this the top layer of your skin. Good for girls with sensitive skin. the intense heat destroys the hair follicle instantly. pulsating beam of light — to remove unwanted hair. You need to do a ‘patch test’ before the actual treatment. Slower you go. If the problem persists. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 21 . Philips. or light coloured hair. consult your doctor. or ones prone to rashes post waxing. But that’s nothing to worry about that little moisturizer can help. which swells. Regrowth is slower. So it is good for women with sensitive skin. Since hair is pulled out from the roots so you can wait for two weeks before touch ups. If you are a first time user perform a patch test to ensure its suitability on your skin. and Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. wash with lukewarm water. The jelly-like mass of hair is removed by wiping or scraping. where you use an epilator. you can safely use hair remover cream. It is good for removing thick dark hair on your face and body. and bikini line. which form the dead layer is not touched. Avoid it before your periods. Also regrowth is similar to the way hair grows back in waxing. Good to use on areas like under arms. Benefits: It is a good method to use when giving a new shape to your brows. Also it is not that effective on thin. You can experience little redness post a session. It works by passing a light beam through the skin. but you will need few sessions of this treatment to get an extended “hair-free” period. All you have to do is move the epilator slowly over your skin against the direction of hair growth to pull out from the root. if you experience irritation or redness during application of cream. In this method the expert uses twisted threads to pull out individual hair from the root. in hair. It is good for dealing with excessive hair growth related to hormonal issues. Rs 80 to Rs 150 for full face. legs. Emollients in the cream keep the skin soft. Good for bikini line and heavy facial hair. It is ideal for removing hair from smaller areas or hair that is scattered. called melanin. Disadvantages: Can make your skin sensitive to sunlight. Ideal when you need to have smooth skin in a jiffy. Panasonic etc. It gives your face a clean look Disadvantages: It can be high on the pain factor. So you remain smoother longer. Wash a small area of skin with water and mop dry. Cost: Rs 2000 onwards per sitting. The chemical agent in the cream formulation breaks the sulphursulphur linkage bond in keratin of the hair thereby disintegrating the hair. and smooth. underarms. Laser It is a non surgical medical procedure that uses laser — an intense. slight pain or pressure is normal. Under the alkaline condition osmotic pressure develops in the hair fiber. The laser targets dark pigment. Disadvantages: Can be painful the first time. electrical device that removes hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out. Hair does grow back but very slowly. Despite claims you cannot be permanently hair-free with laser. Benefits: It is almost painless. Cost: Between Rs 1500 to Rs 4000 for brands like Braun. wash off immediately with excess of lukewarm water. giving your skin stubble like feel. the better the finish. If the skin is normal after 24 hours. Depilatory Creams Hair removal creams are oil in water based cosmetic preparation containing a chemical agent that helps to remove superfluous hair painlessly. Can be done in private. When the light beam hits the hair follicle (where hair growth originates). It slows hair regrowth. Cost: Rs 30 to Rs 80 for lips and eyebrows. Apply the cream on the area and wait for 10 minutes. legs. Cost: Rs 24 onwards Epilating It is a mechanized version of plucking hair. Disadvantages: For many pigmentation can become a problem as skin gets irritated with repeated use of chemicals. however you do not really need anesthesia. During this process. Benefits: These creams are an easy and painless way of removal of hair. and bikini line. Benefits: A great tool to have when you need to get smooth skin in between waxes. Good for removing hair from arms.

bridge of the nose between 22 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 eyebrows. “Generally. hairline. papular reactions and folliculitis. bikini line. Ingrown hairs are usually just minor irritants. legs. available at Anoo’s. Maintain sterilization to avoid post waxing pustules or folliculitis. Benefits: It has more permanent effect than laser. If problem persist then try chemical exfoliation as a permanent solution for ingrown hair. Also ensure that the strip is pulled in the correct direction. You need to buff off top layer of your skin as hair starts to grow back to avoid this. “Thoroughly wet a clean washcloth with very warm water and hold it against the affected area.’ In fact you can request your waxing expert to apply a skin toner or an astringent to tighten pores and avoid infection. You need at least four sessions to see results. Small needles are inserted into the opening of the skin near hair follicles. shoulders. Leave a gap of 24 hours before using a skin bleach or scrub. and many run the risk of hyper pigmentation. that helps to cure this ingrown hair problem. For many in grown hair can be a big issue. which may come from chemicals or heat. Says Anuradha. breasts. ensure that the temperature of the wax is correct for the skin. While waxing. An ingrown hair curls and starts growing back into its own follicle. She also suggest that you follow instructions carefully while using depilatory creams to avoid skin burn and darkening. In fact we have a special procedure called Anoo’s poly hydroxyl peels. It can zap away thin and grey hair as well. run it under warm water again. During the process of electrolysis individual hairs are removed from the face or body and the growth center of the hair is destroyed with energy. Cold compression and application of calamine helps in reducing post waxing redness. and chest. . a low-level electrical current is passed through the needles that destroy the hair follicle. cheeks. and use a wide spectrum sunscreen to avoid pigmentation. but rarely it does cause mild redness. especially if you shave or wax. Next. abdomen. Can be used to remove hair on the face (eyebrows. but they can be painful and unsightly.Otherwise you may end up with major skin issues. as it will ensure that your skin remains in top shape. as skin gets fragile after any laser therapy. Hair is unable to grow back in an area where the follicle has been destroyed. you need to be careful about your skin after laser hair removal. Cost: Rs 500 to Rs 700 per sitting depending on the area. When the washcloth cools down. back. Also your skin might get more sensitive. waxing is a safe procedure and does not have any side effects. Disadvantages: Since needle is put into individual hair follicle it can be a time consuming process. upper and lower lips. arms and underarms. and sideburns) and also on the neck. This treatment softens the ingrown hair and brings it closer to the surface. Perfect finish To get the maximum out of your hair removal technique after care is very important. The process of electrolysis can be slow and require several treatment sessions to destroy the hair follicles. Electrolysis Before lasers became fashionable it was a common method of removing unwanted hair. Anyways it is always better to consult your dermatologist to ensure that your hair removal efforts become fruitful. Moreover avoid using a body scrub immediately after waxing. Says VLCC’s Dr Chatterjee. chin. She advises that you need to wash your skin with cold water.” According to Dr Sheth.

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24 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . Reveal your skin. and glow with health with these right exfoliation moves.SCRuB A DuB Face-to-toe smooth skin has been fashionable since ages. By Lipla Negi.

Technical Head. we Indian girls. for normal skin once a week is enough. callused skin from us. Both the queens were known for their exquisite beauty and translucence of their skin. says Heron Awomi. For oily skin. Shahnaz Hussain. it also stimulates blood circulation to the skin surface. giving it dry and rough appearance. dry skin. “Egyptians used Wine as a chemical exfoliate. and sea salt to retain alabaster skin. or rough skin. it is necessary to have multiple exfoliations or a stronger exfoliation twice a week to once a week. Thus. one should use them too according to the skin type. “People with sensitive skin should make sure the label of the products specify that it is gentle or made with ingredients which will not irritate the skin. younger skin cells below. yogurt. Asian Roots Medi Spa. Whereas. but even regular ancient Egyptian women were experts at skin exfoliation. exfoliation helps in revealing the fresher. exfoliation helps to speed up the process of cell renewal by removing the thinnest and outermost layer of skin containing dead skin cells. We had beauty recipes from Ayurveda that used herbs. as she soaked herself in goat’s milk. This applies to choosing the products as well. “For dry skin both yogurt and oatmeal exfoliations work well. were no less. “Packed with lactic acid. In fact the techniques of exfoliation to get great skin is attributed to Cleopatra.” Though natural ingredients do not have any side effects. Skin Sensing Whether going for a luxurious exfoliation treatment at a Spa or doing it at home. They had found the secret to this youthful glow that showed not only on their faces but also on their bodies. milk sloughs off dead sells without irritating the skin and add a luminous glow to the skin”. In fact the world learned the usage of pumice stone to slough off rough. E gyptian queen Cleopatra did it. you should identify your skin type first. Moreover. Dr. All they did was apply concoctions that sloughed off the dead layer of the skin. and were known to use exotic ingredients to prettify their skin. Oatmeal on the other hand prevents flaky dryness. the natural process of cell renewal slows down. acne.” adds Dr Arihant Surana. and used crushed minerals on her skin. Aroma Magic. “Exfoliation also helps to produce an even colour tone and if you have blackheads. and so did queen Padmini of Chittod.” warns Awomi. revealing a soft suppleness. the exfoliation can be weak.Raj Parikh. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 25 . Medical Head. it can do wonders for you. even in the olden days. fruit pulp. “Ideally there should be a week’s gap between two exfoliations. Not only queen Cleo. It was a favourite with the Indian royal women.If Egyptian girls were sloughing off with wine and crushed pearls. “Depending upon the skin type.” advices Dr Surana. Cells start to pile up unevenly on our skin’s surface. “Apart from being powerful cleansing procedure. with tartaric acid as the active agent. as we age. Why Slough Off A vital part of skin care. Vichy says. milk. or strong done once a week or multiple times.” she adds. oily skin. Yogurt contains AHAs which is known for its exfoliating effect on the surface layer of skin.” advises Dr Parikh. These dead cells make your look dull and lifeless.” says Veteran beauty expert. Dry skin needs it maximum once a week to once a fortnight followed by a good moisturizer. Consultant Dermatologist.

LH Hiranandani Hospital. But avoid rubbing too vigorously. Fruit scrubs comprising of papaya and orange extracts are also good for skin.” says Dr Patel. Generally thicker or bigger exfoliants are used on the body. deeper is the exfoliation and better are the results. or a loofah helps to enhance the exfoliating effect. whereas for face they shouldn’t be too large. The products used for chemical exfoliation are AHA’s and BHA’s and they are in the form of cream. One can use long handled brushes for the back. Brushes with soft bristles or a loofah are ideal for better results. these are fruit acids and are soluble in water and BHA stands for Beta Hydroxy Acid and they are salicylic acids and are soluble in oil. malic acid and acids derived from tree bark like salicylic acids that leads to loosening of the bonds between the dead and eventual peeling of dead skin. One can use scrubs that contain sugar.Types of Exfoliation MECHNICAL EXFOLIATION In mechanical exfoliation dead skin cells are physically rubbed off with an abrasive. When scrubbing at home a soft wash cloth or a brush. Dermatologist. apricot and honey. “The size of exfoliants depends on the sensitivity of the skin” says Dr Vidula Patel. And a procedure like microdermabrasion also comes under this. lotion or gel. “For exfoliative therapies like MDA the larger the size of the exfoliant for example the size of the crystals used. This is especially true for cosmetic body and face scrubs. As far as body brushes are concerned the bristles should not be too stiff. Size Matters Not all scrubs are beneficial for you. coffee grounds. However. CHEMICAL EXFOLIATION It includes application of fruit acids like glycolic. AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acids. 26 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . The dermats say that effectiveness of an exfoliating product depends on the matching of the skin with the size of the exfoliating particles.

“Over enthusiastic exfoliation can lead to dryness and hyper pigmentation.” warns Dr Patel. abdomen. While scrubbing the face one should not use excess friction on forehead and around the lips. For face. “Use circular motions in the upward direction to get maximum benefit out of your scrubbing routine. and avoid the under eye region. In case of dry skin it can lead to dry. and upper back. neck or any other part of the body and washed off with the plain water. acne or any other skin condition. It will slough off dead skin cells. pimples. thighs. one should keep the skin type in mind. shins. For body be careful whilst scrubbing on your arms. chapped and irritated skin. This also helps in loosening dead skin cells. back. Use a moisturising body wash to wash off the flakes and grime.” inform Dr Patel.Scrub Right Exfoliation should be preceded by a gentle cleansing of the accumulated debris and sebum. In fact it is a good idea to invest in a long handled body brush for dry body brushing every other day. and drains away toxins from the body. Post exfoliation tone up the skin with rose water. and arms –in circular motion with the body brush. If going out after a scrubbing routine. falling for the temptation to slough off a little extra to get rid of pigmentation. buttocks. “Patients on anti acne medication like isotretinoin should not use exfoliants since it can induce extreme dryness and irritation. One should not exfoliate the skin if there is an injury. just rub your skin – starting from the feet upwards towards legs. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 27 . The scrubs and cleansing grains available over the beauty counters should be rubbed gently on face. use sunscreen to protect the new skin. This will also improve your blood circulation. Before a bath at night.” advices Dr Patel. and apply moisturizer liberally. Follow this with your regular bath routine. inner thigh. sore. “Body scrubs if used on a daily basis may lead to darkening of the skin due to regular friction which is called bathing brush dermatitis. It also removes the natural protective barrier on the skin. Don’t Overdo A lot of time we end up over doing the scrubbing routine. rash.” adds Dr Parikh.

The frequency of exfoliation should be reduced in dry climate. thus protecting the skin from the visible effects of the ravages of time. A cold compress with chilled rose water or skin tonic may be given. using cotton wool. It was considered to be powerful dermabrasive treatment that erased fine lines and wrinkles. Try these tricks to soothe your hide. If the condition persists then one should seek professional help and consult a good dermatologist » » » » DID YOU KNOW It is said that during ancient times. These ingredients were mixed with the oil of musk and milk. exfoliating the skin and controlling the ageing process. a little rose water can be mixed with sandalwood paste can be applied. If there are eruptions. to be applied on face and body.Exfoliation SoS Your enthusiasm has led to visible rashes on your skin? Do not panic. The silt contained invaluable plant and mineral deposits. the fabled Mughal Queens used diamond in combination with botanical extracts and the silt from running brooks. » 28 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . » Avoid further exfoliation and sunlight and apply a rich moisturizing cream. A hydrating mask or facial or milk can also help in soothing the skin.

5drops of lavender oil and 1 cup of oil. honey and curd can be added to oatmeal. the exotic natural ingredients are virtuous in results and a sumptuous treat for your skin. Add a little olive oil and rose water. ½ cup of honey. It is especially good for blackhead prone areas. oatmeal and ground almonds (almond meal). Oatmeal works wonders on the skin. Rice powder can be mixed with yogurt and used on the body. If the skin is dry. Apply & rinse off after 15mins. After 15 minutes. You can also add dried mint leaves to this mixture for a stimulating effect. the knees and the feet. Salt makes a good body scrub.Exfoliation At Home Tried and tested by our ancestors. Mix till it become a paste. » » » » » » » » BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 29 . add honey. Take 1 cup sea salt. With zero side effects and a myriad of benefits. they are the favourites of beauty brands across the world. ¼ cup of oatmeal. Apply on the body and rub gently with circular movements. Take 2 tablespoons sunflower oil and 3 tablespoons granulated sugar. Apply the mixture in the body and work it into the skin gently. Almond oil can be added to salt and rubbed on the skin. but it should not be used on a sensitive skin. Crushed sesame seeds mixed with honey can be used as a great body scrub. milk and a little almond oil to the oatmeal and then apply. It is great for elbows. » Bessan (gram flour). rinsing off with water. moisten with milk and scrub the body gently. Try out these effective and feel good recipes that will give you silky smooth skin at home. Egg white. Granulated sugar is an excellent scrub for the hands. The paste should be washed off after an hour. curd and a little turmeric are effective in removing tan. Take ground dry orange and lemon peels.

how about massaging cream. By Lipla Negi nourishes the nails. and twoa towels. Let it dry for few minutes and you are all set to slip your feet in summer’s slinky sandals. nail file. Cut your toenail with a high quality clipper and smoothen the edges with a nail file. Massage Cream on your nails and then use a cotton bud to push your cuticles back and then rehydrate them by rubbing little cuticle oil such as Revlon Nail Beauty Oil. a chair. half cup of milk with rose petals. Keep it short and straight to avoid in grown toe nails. or sugar on your feet. or Lakme Spa Line Hard Top Coat to keep the colour from fading. Take off your old see your pretty toes peeping nail polish. or peppermint essential oil to the water. Wash your feet and dry them thoroughly. Finish off with L’Oreal’s Ultragloss Top Coat. It both protects and MASSAGE GENTLY sandals. deserved pampering but grab few pillows. Try L’Oreal Manicure Cement that strengthens the nail bed and makes nail breakproof. On that comfortable surface. You can add a juice of a lime. giving your feet a mini spa foot file. Try acetone free Avon heels and balls of your feet. to impossible. You can also rub a sea salt scrub. soak your feet for 5 – 10 minutes. Now apply the base coat on your dried nails. cuticle oil and nipper. Remover. Pep up your mood with relaxing music treatment at home? Sooth and aromatic candles. stool and taking off time to get a to rest your feet on next place all the essential things to you pedicure at a spa seems next – nail polish remover. SCRUB IT You can try VLCC Pediglow Foot Scrub enriched with walnut and seawood extracts which helps in exfoliating dead tissues and stimulates blood circulation. This softens the callus. Cut and shape Apply Sally Hansen Cuticle up your nails. Remember to wipe between the 30 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . Confused about colours? Go for bright shades this season. Then take a emery board foot Wash your with these simple steps and comfortably on the chair with your file like Dr Scholl’s Foot File and smoothen the rough edges on your feet on the stool. Try Maybelline’s Colorama range for an exciting range of colours. Wipe through your sexy summer Nail Expert Conditioning Nail Enamel with wet towel. pumice stone. foot scrub. SOLE SOOTHING Fill a big flat bottom bowl or a bucket with warm water. Fold a towel into a square and place it at the bottom of the bucket. So. and soothes aching feet. BRIGHTEN UP Use cotton balls as toe separators. Now take a rich foot cream like Biguine YlangYlang Cream.HOW TO CREAtE A fOOt SpA At HOME Your feet need some well GET COMFY Look for a relaxing space. wait for two minutes and then apply the second coat. Apply first coat. your exhausted peds and legs NAIL IT feet and sit toes. or The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Massage Cream and massage it into your feet and calves using pressure point technique. A wet pumice stone will help in removing dead skin on the balls and heels of your feet.

and twisting the hair in an uneven French roll. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 31 . pull out few strand for an undone effect.HAIR Read About • • Sassy hair styles for 2009 Hair myths busted by Sunsilk’s Jawed Habib How to keep strands smooth during monsoons Working Indian tress type to best advantage • • Rainy Day Do Glam up limp locks by simply scraping it back with the fingers.

“The Indian and French teams have been trained rigorously on the collection. Talking about the availability of the collection. According to Carole Robequin. stylish and are universal in appeal. In these styles. so the styles can be easily worn by an Indian worn. Talking about the very concept of the Collection 41. original and invaluable. In fact it is not just Oscar Wilde. These unique styles are now available to our Indian clients with a touch of local flavour and appealing European look. Oscar Wilde’s vivacity is the key word with delicate shades of English elegance and grace. and since most of girls globally now have similar facial structure. and often dowdy. The cuts are flattering. So when we heard that French House of Beauty & Hair Jean-Claude Biguine had taken inspiration from spirit of the Victorian era to come out with their Spring/Summer 2009 hairstyle collection . Now the styles are available at the JeanClaude Biguine salon in Mumbai. Honore de Balzac. and his dapper character. Robequin. this 41st collection from the house brings back the sheer splendour of Oscar Wilde. Jean-Claude Biguine. There was nothing dowdy about the layers. inspiration came from an unlikely source . which go behind in creating these looks. This collection has five different looks named Oscar. which is a conscious decision after witnessing such an immense response from our clients in the past one year. That is till we laid our eyes on the cuts and style. and a freshness that defined the era. When we asked whether the styles can work for us Indian girls. CEO. India says. tongue in cheek witticism.” She explains that all the cuts have been created taking into consideration the different facial structure of women across the globe. “Our collection reflects global trends and International fashion. Barbey and Honore.” 32 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . Charles. and Jules Amedee Barbey. his charismatic personality. “This concept embraces innovative patterns which are modern. Robequine adds. Biguine. This is the first time we are launching our collection in India. Creative Director. we were sceptical. In fact Robequin stresses that the Collection 41 is more for Indian customers as the cuts are not a drastic change and not extremely funky but very wearable. explains.the crispness of Oscar Wilde’s writing. Alfred. and subtle hues that defined the cuts. the names of each style has been inspired by the popular VOOM HAIR When Biguine’s hairstylists designed the 41st collection.VA VA F or us girls the term Victorian generally means old-fashioned. Charles Darwin. straight-laced. What sets this collection apart from others is its reminiscences of old times and elaborate technical skills. By Gayatri T Rao personalities of the era – Alfred Tennyson. Dharmendra Manwani.

Oscar A style meant for girls fretting over frizzy hair. Meant for curly hair. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 33 . This cut work wonderfully on girls with an oval face – you can go short or maintain shoulder length hair with a fun element. it is more suitable for the oval face structure. you can have short hair and actually accentuate your curls while keeping them manageable. It is basically a round cut with extremely subtle layers in the bottom. Girls with curls are often wary of short hair. but with Oscar. Most of you with very curly hair are reluctant to try out any style.

if you want to hide your round cheeks since the cut covers your face in such 34 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 .Honore It is all about layers cut universally – even in your bangs. Also works well for when you want to change your hair length without going drastically short. If you want fun element. In fact you can manage your flyaway strands with this style. It is good for girls with oval or oblong face. yet have an easy to style hair. then this is a cut for you. You can try Honore. It works well for girls with medium to thin hair that’s straight.

This lets you really experiment with your hair without going short. maintaining the length but going short on the top to give side volumes to an oblong or thin face. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 35 . It is good for women with medium to thick hair that is wavy. Charles is one cut which can be flaunted well by Indian girls. It is suited for triangular face structure or if you have strong jaw line. short and asymmetrical bangs. This cut is all about deep cuts and proper layering adorning your face.Charles It is a hairstyle defined by deep layering.

Alfred It is a great style to go short with. If you have thin to medium hair that is straight or slightly wavy. It is easy to maintain. Just apply a little texturising gel at the tips to get a piecey look with this style. 36 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . It also suits women with delicate features. The style is combination of blunt layers placed on top. and a wash and wear style. then this is the cut for you. and at the sides of the face. Wear it if you have a heart shaped face.

with focus on creating volume on top of the head. This style works well during summers. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 37 . The style needs high maintenance though. The look falls best on medium hair with straight or wavy texture. It is an upgrade on the classic pixie style. and likes to be chic.Barbey It is a short layered style with volume on top. It is for the woman who revels in her youthful look. Goes well on girls with round or small face. The hair thinned from the sides with random but graduated layers.

Bionature 38 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 38 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 .

Love your hair texture Indian women have naturally beautiful hair which can be styled into numerous coiffeurs. You can try it out at a Lakmé Salon where we have trained stylists to give you cuts that are contemporary and suits Indian women. It is recommended to opt for a hair colour that is natural. You should blow-dry the hair and smoothen it straight down with a flat iron. One should avoid bright colours as they don’t go well with their skin tone. Avoid over styling of hair. » » » . Use a mousse to hold your curls in place for a longer time. The styling that one can go for is long waves and curls. Along with the haircut. My styling tips include » At office: During work hair should be easily manageable therefore one can opt for a classic ponytail Casual outing: For a casual outing women should wear their hair naturally. You should curl the hair with a curling iron which will give you a nice romantic wave. hair should be more romantic. soft layering techniques inside. You should ask the stylist to use the in tone colouring techniques to get beautifully highlighted hair. I showcased various styles and cuts that will suit Indian women. On a date: On a date. it is also important to do hairstyling and hair colouring to get the complete look. These features work very well with Indian women’s hair. Therefore it is easier to do diverse hairstyles and cuts on Indian hair than on Asian hair type. that he showcased at Lakme Fashion Week. They should leave their hair loose and let it air dry Formal: A formal look is sleeker. I have also noticed that Indian hair is more soft and vivid than Asian hair type. apply a projecting product into your hair for moisturising it. at Lakmé Salon the hair experts therefore personalise their cuts and styles to give them a natural look. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 39 Tops styling for 2009 Hair styling trend for this summer is natural which means soft haircuts with Styles that work for you Most Indian women want to keep their tresses long. Chief Trainer. Make use of special oil products for the ends so that they don’t look frizzy. both for the day and evening wear. The colour needs to be a subtle shade and not too bright. Highlights should be done under the top hair so that it is hidden when they are growing out. While ironing hair. At the workshop. The texture of their hair is rich and luxurious because of the great care they take in conditioning it. It is advisable for them to wear their long hair with natural texture. In India. layered haircut is one of the bestseller as Indian women are extremely proud of their long hair and like to flaunt them. » » » Hair colours that enhance Indian skin tone is dusky and brown. The styling needs to be natural with waves or curls to give more movement to the hair. Their hair quality is also very good and it is easily manageable. Always be gentle to your hair. As most women like to have long hair. Germany shares specific hairstyling tips for Indian girls. HOt HAIR Top tips from the Lakmé Fashion Week workshop Lakmé Salon invited me during Lakmé Fashion Week to conduct workshop on ‘Hairstyling trends for 2009’ that was suitable for modern Indian women.For Indian Women Sven Ewald. This cut suits them and they are more comfortable in it. Pivot Point International.

The dry parched earth is soaked in moisture. “Unhealthy scalp can also get very itchy. it easily breaks. As the humidity rises in the atmosphere. Dr. and soaks your scalp. unclean scalp can also attract lice. The strands do not get the right nourishment leading to brittle hair. Hiranandani Hospital. In fact hair wet with rain water. Hair Restoration Surgeon. but over exposure to rain water is hazardous to healthy hair. It irritates the scalp. most often you will get an itchy sensation.H.” adds Dr Rajput. drip on your skin. thus damaging the roots as well. While you may enjoy the drip. The acidic water actually creates an imbalance in the pH balance of the scalp. the humidity combined with the water on the scalp can cause fungal infection. causes itching. and not washed is the breeding ground for infections. and if you do not wash off rain water you may end up with smelly hair. And if you do 40 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . matted. so does the frizz. Also wet hair is less elastic. dandruff. so you may experience hair breakage. and our hair wet. You can end up with greasy scalp. Before you say yuck! And stop loving the rain. informs Dr Rajput. “Humidity and increased skin secretions make the hair sticky. in Mumbai. and hair loss. This is harmful as it sits near the roots. choking the follicles. This is true especially in the first week of rain fall. and hair also tangles easily and does not dry after wash. However. since the hair cuticles get swollen. L. just read through to learn the best hair habits. our skins feel hydrated.” says Dr Rajesh Rajput. H urray! The rains are finally here. and other tress troubles with these expert tips. but spells disaster for the hair. neglected scalp care can invite fungal infections which are common in monsoon. So when it splashes on your hair. In fact in severe conditions you may end up with pus-filled boils on your scalp. Fight frizz. limp locks. By Nabanita Das in Monsoons not wipe off the water carefully.Mane Care Moisture in the air is good for the skin. and eventual hair loss. and smelly hair. the worst problem that worries most of us is the sticky dandruff that develops on the scalp. The Sticky Issue According to experts the rain water that pours down currently from the skies are more acidic in nature as they are riddled with pollutants. Painful thought isn’t it? Not just that. Rain water is acidic due to the high level of pollution dissolved as it falls down. In fact even strands can get bleached. and rise up.

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If you are having a bad hair day then a broad leather hair band in nude. neither is it pin straight. greens. Follow this step two to three times to completely dry your hair. You can use a little hair wax at the tips of your strands to get a textured look. or barrettes. This will also help you fight frizz. and keep it conditioned. This saves your long hair from getting soaked in case you get caught in the rain. Use hair dryer without the heat. “Post shampooing use a Leave-on conditioner to protect the strands. Keeping the hair clean is far more important. You can try Scalp. try to increase the intake of nuts. Natural and wavy short hair looks beautiful this season. Avoid roadside food stalls during this season. oily hair. Then roll up your hair in a bun. Use only mild shampoo meant for daily use or regular use. Let the hair dry completely and then comb it with a wide toothed comb. studded hair grips. Dr Rajput advises against using hairsprays during this season. as they can lead to infections. and then use a smaller towel to run it through your scalp to soak up moisture from there. lentils. and fruits. Avoid getting it near your scalp. V-Druff or Nizoral. Save Your Strands Since your hair and scalp is already subjected humidity that increases greasiness on the scalp. Hold the dryer at a distance from your strands. and then dry your scalp with a fluffy towel. as it can make hair limp. Keep your hair tied in a sleek ponytail or in a loose bun at the nape if you are sporting long hair. the best way to keep tress troubles far away during the rains and humid weather is to shampoo. and don’t have an access to a towel. “If you get wet in the rain while going to work. and antifungal solution. Then leave it loose to dry for 15 minutes. Dress up your do with pretty. salads. Just drying it with the towel will not be sufficient. especially if you have an itchy scalp. Season’s Sassy Styles Hair styles are getting hotter and shorter. gels. However if you feel your scalp getting smelly or itchy it could be a sign of fungal infection. and blow air for drying the hair In fact. or bright colours is the answer. Instead of wrapping your hair in a towel. which can make hair limp. In fact you can just smooth 42 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . This will give your hair a nice natural wave as well.” suggest Dr Rajput. a clarifying shampoo once a week is a good idea to deal with excess grease on the scalp. and avoid brushing it. “If your hair is exposed to the rain or humidity every day. a drop of shine boosting or anti frizz serum to tame hair. then you need squeeze out the water thoroughly.” says Dr Rajput. This is because styling product build up can lead to infections if not cleansed out thoroughly. Keep in mind to rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly. repair formulas etc. Hair is not over styled. which appears more natural. Rinse your hair with running water if you get soaking wet.Cleanse and Clear As you already know.” he adds. He stresses that washing your hair daily will not harm hair as long as you dry it properly. “Once a week use medicated anti dandruff shampoo with antifungal Ketoconazole. It can make the frizziest of hair look chic. Make sure you are also giving your hair its daily protein nourishment as well. Avoid all formula shampoos meant for dry hair. Avoid mousse. you may even wash your hair daily with a mild shampoo. It is a good idea to oil your hair nicely before going out for one of those rain festivities – be it a rain dance. and cleanse your hair and scalp properly. beans. first squeeze out excess water from the hair. Since scalp and strands are more vulnerable during this season. and sprays as much as possible. but you must not forget to drink your daily dose of three litres of water. so it is a good idea to use as little styling products as possible to avoid build up. The oil will keep the acidic water from entering the hair shafts. Use hair softener or detangler instead of conditioner. and keep it that way for half an hour to one hour.” he says. Easy maintenance is the keyword this season. While you may feel less thirsty. then rush to a dermatologist or a trichologist for prescription shampoo. Massage with your finger to improve circulation. and scalp greasy. or a picnic in the rain.

A hot oil massage once in a week is good for hair.Monsoon do’s and don’ts: Do’s: » » » Try out a shorter hair style. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 43 » » » . making your hair dull and limp. Avoid getting your hair wet in the rains. etc. Towel dry. and dry holding the dryer at a distance from the hair. Don’t use a hair dryer on dripping wet strands. Do not comb your hair when it is wet. Avoid chemical treatments. Rain water brings down pollutants in the air. Go for regular henna treatment. like permanent straitening of your hair. Don’ts: » » Avoid blow drying your hair to style. these pollutants weakens the shaft bonds.

half teaspoon of castor oil. Keep it on overnight. and coconut oil mixed together with a paste made of methi seeds.Frizz Fighting At Home Tips » Beer makes the hair super soft silky and shiny. Make a mixture with two tablespoons of curds which is kept outside for three to four days mixed with three tablespoons of lime juice. and scalp. Apply it on shampooed hair. Apply three teaspoons of olive oil. Use this conditioner after shampooing your hair by pouring 100 ml beer on your hair and leave it on for twenty minutes. » » 44 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . and shampoo off next morning. Keep the mixture on your head for half and hour and wash off.

Introduces Bionature products Holds seminar to showcase the benefits of the products to the professionals for better customer service at salons vogue in the coming season. Level up beauty equipments. Body Care and Rassna Herbal Products. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 45 . Hydrating shampoos. USA. Kryolan professional make-up. Makeup artist and hair expert Samantha Kochhar demonstrated makeup techniques and hair styling that will be in The sponsors were Bionature (natural sciences). She demonstrated new trends and techniques of colouring hair. one of the leading distributors and suppliers of cosmetic furniture – equipments and herbal products had recently organized an educational seminar in collaboration with National Hair and Beauty Association of India. Expert Dr Blossom Kocchar showcased the product usage. Vega. She conducted a skin care session on the new fire and ice eye treatment based on the products from Bionature. masks and scrubs were showcased at the venue. Jolen inc. The professional were trained to use the ozone machine that will make a facial effective for the customers. Volumizing shampoos and their respective conditioners and also a wide range of creams. The aim of the seminar was to introduce the professional beauty brand Bionature (natural sciences). Since the seminar was to launch Bionature. Special emphasis was paid to Skin Polishing kit and Wine kit.Beauty Zone Beauty zone. Beauty Basket Fruit Cream Bleach. so range of products including Professional facial kits. Ansh accessories and Bindi’s.

and strong. The difference between myths and reality may be little but what you lose in the bargain if you don’t know the very difference is grave. . you have done it all. besides getting your pockets empty? Getting that lustrous and gorgeous hair to die for is still a distant dream for you? If the answer to that question is an unfortunate yes. Proper hair maintenance involves knowing the myths and dispelling false notions and then nurturing your hair accordingly. but haven’t they been of little use.fact finding rom the best shampoos suggested by family and friends or the Internet to the best diet regime. So we got Sunsilk’s hair expert Jawed Habib to show you the real path F hair myths. Here’s what you need to know about shampoos and conditioners to keep your tresses swinging free. then stop and think it could be that you are still falling prey to common 46 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 Following mythical beliefs is hazardous to hair health.

When it comes to fine hair. Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution conditioner is specially formulated to reduce hair fall. a 2-in-1 shampoo will neither clean nor condition your hair properly because only so many ingredients can be packed into each bottle. Besides. Myths Busted: All hair types need conditioning just like all skin needs moisturizing. Moreover. Thus they are very safe. Myth Busted: Shampooing your hair is essential for cleanliness. you also need different specialised products to meet all your needs for truly beautiful hair. use Soft and Smooth conditioner. For modern hair care. The basic function of a shampoo is to remove the dirt from your hair and scalp. do remember that conditioner is not to be massaged into the scalp. Using a conditioner after a shampoo seals the cuticles. Conditioners help in restoring the natural balance of hair without the grease and the heaviness in the hair. almond oil and yoghurt and that too in the right proportions.HAIR fACtS Myth 1: I use a 2-in-1 shampoo so it is enough. volumising. Advice: Sunsilk’s range of variant conditioners provides a solution to your confusion of choosing a conditioner for your kind of hair. soya. Advice: Sunsilk conditioners work wonders even when kept on for just 1 minute. irrespective of your hair type. Come to think. but not more than a minute or two. This adds lustre to dull . But oils leave the hair feeling heavy and the scalp looking greasy. Myth busted: All over the world and especially in our Indian society. Use of Sunsilk conditioner reduces hair fall from 100 to 2. So they do take a bit of your time. You lose 100 hair strands if you only shampoo your hair. use Damage Repair conditioner. Myth busted: Actually this myth is true. Each product format has different benefits and purposesAdvice: Sunsilk Hair Nourishing Conditioners are specially formulated with a Nutrient Lock technology which allows the nutrients and natural ingredients to penetrate deeply into the hair strands and ‘lock inside’ so that they continue to nourish the hair and reduce hair fall from 100 to 2! and dry hair and protects it from breaking when you comb it. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 47 Myth 3: Use of conditioners causes a lot of hair fall. Advice: Sunsilk hair care experts have perfected this formulation and provide us harmless chemical free natural conditioners which contain ginseng. unlike the myth. For dry hair. that’s faster than 2 minute noodles. Myth 4: Oils provide the nourishment my hair needs and hence I don’t need a conditioner. it also helps in detangling hair strands. Rather it is to be applied to the hair strands and tips of your hair. Myth 2: No need to use a conditioner if hair is greasy or fine. amplifying and texturising in your conditioner. isn’t it less cumbersome to just buy a safe product and conveniently apply it rather than spend lots of time in trying homemade remedies? The answer is obvious. for hair fall problem use Hair Fall Solution conditioner. for strong hair. It has natural ingredients like ginseng and soya energizers. because they contain chemicals. moisturizing cream for nourishment and make-up/foundation for an all-day look. Myth Busted: Just like in skin care. Myth 5: Natural homemade remedies like egg. henna are good conditioners and are safe. use Thick & Long conditioner. Advice: Hence. You may keep them on a bit longer only if you want deeper conditioning and if you feel like pampering yourself. yoghurt. which nourish your hair. I don’t need a separate conditioner. it opens up the cuticles to remove any dirt embedded there. Also. Hair conditioner is thicker and it actually repairs the follicles of the hair itself. You need different types of conditioners for different types of hair. Using only a shampoo leaves your hair dehydrated and lacking nourishment. These natural ingredients are very good for the care of your precious hair but they are messy to use and time consuming to use each one of these separately. shampoos alone are not enough and they cannot do everything. However. a lot of importance is given to oiling the hair. look for words like lightweight. body-building. Myth busted: Conditioners need to be applied after shampooing the hair. Oiling of the hair helps in maintaining of the natural balance of the hair. for damaged hair. you have soap/face wash for cleansing. Myth 6: you need to keep the conditioner on for 10-15 minutes for it to work. A conditioner provides hair with the necessary nutrition that a shampoo takes away in the process of cleaning the hair.

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and detox your insides with a bowl of crunchy baby spinach salad with a dash of olive oil and garlic Savoury Spinach Read About • Yoga moves that help reduce stress Staying healthy during rains with homeopathy Cooking light yet zesty snack to munch on • • BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 49 .WELLNESS Build your bones. boost your immune system with vitamin C. fight iron deficiency.

and worries. arms. The combination of controlled breathing. Increase your flexibility. Often you might find yourself too stressed out or exhausted to even think of going to the gym or do strenuous execise. . sit down and breathe in deeply. and stressed workplace situation can take a major toll on your mind. laziness to hit the gym. That’s when yoga moves come in handy. Always use a yoga mat on the floor for cushioning --they’re available at nearly any sporting good or mass retail store.EnERgISIng Yoga Moves Restore your physical and mental balance with these power yoga moves. Relax and concentrate on each pose. and body balance. and definitely less tired. relieve stress. increase flexibility. and boost your energy. Let go of your stress. buttocks. and more fresh. and put your to-do list at the back of your mind. and Patricia Walden have created yoga routines that make your body go through the full range of motion. and legs. You will find yourself energised. Hold the breath for few seconds and exhale slowly again. and rejuvenate your mind. Deep breathing Before youn start the moves. Do it at least 5 to 6 times. and 50 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 Hold each pose for 3-5 breaths. Do these moves at least three time a week to get greater benefits. Simply breadth as you move from one pose to the next. In the book The Women’s Book Of Yoga And Health: The Lifelong Guide To Wellness authors Linda Sparrowe. sculpt your back. and stretches actually challenge your weak muscles. By Mansi Bhatt S edantry lifestyle. So we picked few moves that will strengthen your core.

Benefit: Strengthens and tightens abs. Balances core BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 51 . Keep your hands flat on the ground and attempt to straighten your legs and touch heels to the floor. Keep your fingers spread. and hamstrings. You should be right at the top of a “push up” position. For correct alignment. Tuck toes under and press hips up toward the ceiling. calves. inhale and move your upper body forward until your shoulders are over your wrists. Press your heels back and tilt the crown of your head forward so that the entire back of your body is in a perfectly straight line.Downward Facing Dog: Get on all fours with hands slightly in front of shoulders. Helps increase blood flow to the head and heart. The Plank: From downward facing dog pose. bring ribs toward thighs to straighten your back. Benefit: Stretches Achilles tendons.

Place your hands underneath your shoulders. gently place the back knee on the ground for support. Rotate through the spine and extend the top of your head forward. slightly in toward the ribs. Switch sides Benefit: This motion releases toxins and provides a fresh blood supply to internal organs. aids digestion. Benefit: Strengthens back. use your arms to lower yourself down to the floor. bringing it to rest against the outside of your right thigh. glutes. squeezing your elbows into your sides for support. like you’re slowly peeling your upper body back. stretches the abdominals. Cobra: From plank.Prayer Twist: Step into a lunge. 52 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . Hold the position for a moment. then chin. inhale through your nose and slowly reach your forehead. then chest away from the floor. and hamstrings. If balancing is tricky. Roll your shoulders back and down away from the ears to open up your chest. working to open your chest as much as possible. Bring hands into a prayer position and twist your left elbow across your body. Keeping the elbows in and the shoulders pressing down.

prayer twist. and hamstrings. Benefit: Strengthens back. squeezing your elbows into your sides for support. and side plank on the other side. warrior III. then chest away from the floor. then chin.Side plank: From prayer twist. Place your hands underneath your shoulders. Child’s Pose: From plank. Move on to the Cobra when you’re done. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 53 . Keeping the elbows in and the shoulders pressing down. glutes. keeping your chest open. like you’re slowly peeling your upper body back. Benefit: Strengthens the oblique ab muscles. Stretch your right arm toward the ceiling and look up toward your fingertips. stretches the abdominals. Step your right foot back next to your left. lower your bottom knee to the ground instead of balancing on your feet. use your arms to lower yourself down to the floor. and roll both feet over onto the outer edge of your left foot. improves balance. release your arms and place your left hand down on the ground under your left shoulder. gently lower your arm down and return to plank position. slightly in toward the ribs. stacking the right foot on top.) To end. inhale through your nose and slowly reach your forehead. Hold the position for a moment. (If this is too challenging. working to open your chest as much as possible. Now it’s time to go back and repeat the crescent lunge. Use your left arm for strength and lift hips into a gentle arc.

Remain Robust In The Rains
Rains can be fun if you don’t have to worry about fungal infection, and the sniffles. Homeopathy has some easy prevention and fast cures. By Dr Mukesh Batra.


fter the scorching summer heat, the monsoon showers are a welcome relief. However, with unprecedented weather change, and increased humidity, and erratic rain pattern all over the country over the past few years, there is an increasing danger of a host of illnesses. In fact during this season people tend to laze around, munch on fried stuff, walk in slush with sandals on, and not washing feet afterwards. While these are fun to do but can actually affect your health negatively. In fact you need to have a light, healthy diet, a fitness regime, and a string sense of hygiene to remain healthy throughout monsoon, and enjoy the showers to the hilt. Since fungal infections are rampant in this weather, wear fully-dried clothes and avoid walking barefooted. So, don’t let trivial matters dampen your spirits. Just go ahead and enjoy the monsoon showers without having anything to worry about, knowing well and resting assured that you have already taken the necessary steps to stay in the pinkest of health, come what may. So here is a list of health worries of the season and the medication that we at Dr Batra’s recommend to remain healthy during the season: Fungal infections: Fungal infections are common during the monsoons because of constant dampness and the possibility of coming in contact with filthy water. The moisture present in the environment helps the fungi to grow and thrive, especially in

skin folds such as the groins or between the toes. Medication: Chrysarobic acid 6C, 5 pills taken twice daily can help to treat generalized fungal infections. Merc Sol 30C, 5 pills twice daily is recommended for fungal infection in the groins. Respiratory Allergies: Due to temperature changes and poor hygienic practices that are common during the monsoons, conditions like a runny nose, sneezing, headache, and recurrent throat infections tend to be rampant. Medication: Natrum Sulph 6X can be given to treat allergic affections due to dampness. Asthma: Allergic asthma is more severe in its intensity and frequency during the monsoons because of weather changes and the associated dampness in the environment. Dust mites and pollens also tend to irritate the airways and cause them to tighten, making air exchange difficult and leading to breathlessness. The efficacy of homeopathic medicines has been confirmed by clinical studies. Medication: A randomized double-blind trial conducted on patients with allergic asthma showed that improvement appeared within 1 week of starting homeopathic treatment and persisted for up to 8 weeks. A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial conducted in the University of Glasgow showed that over 80% of asthmatic patients on Homeopathy showed improved results. Amoebiasis: This is a very common



problem during the monsoons, as the parasite Entamoeba histolytica, which is responsible for it, tends to survive for longer under warm and moist conditions. It enters the body through contaminated food or water and produces diarrhoea or dysentery with blood and mucus. Medication: Aloe Soc 30C is known to be helpful to treat amoebiasis. Gastroenteritis: Gastroenteritis is a general term that refers to infections (bacterial/viral) of the gastrointestinal tract. It gives rise to several problems such as stomachache, diarrhea and vomiting, causing loss of body fluids that in turn lead to dehydration. Children are usually affected. Unhygienic surroundings, contaminated water and food items, and overcrowding are the known culprits. Avoid eating at unhygienic places and drink boiled water to keep gastrointestinal infections at bay.


Medication: Arsenic Album 30C, 5 pills taken thrice daily can help to treat diarrhoea or vomiting and to prevent further fluid loss from the body. Malaria: Malaria is an infectious disease that spreads through the bite of mosquitoes. Since stagnant water and dampness favour the breeding of mosquitoes, there is a rise in the number of malaria cases during the monsoons. Every year, there are approximately 350–500 million cases of malaria. Fever with chills followed by sweating is characteristic of malarial fevers. These days, there are increased cases of chloroquine-resistant malaria. Malaria can be prevented by taking precautions like avoiding marshy or stagnantwater areas, wearing full sleeved clothes and using mosquito nets or mosquito repellents. Medication: Clinical studies have proved that the homeopathic neem (Azadirachita Indica) preparation is effective for the reduction of malarial attacks in highly endemic areas for Plasmodium falciparum. Other medications on request. Leptospirosis: Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that is common during the rains in tropical countries like India. These bacteria are carried by water contaminated by rat’s urine and faeces. Flooding after heavy rainfall helps to spread the bacteria around. Human beings get infected by drinking contaminated water or when their eyes, nose, or any open wounds come in contact with contaminated water. In humans, it causes a wide range of symptoms similar to flu such as fever, headache, chills, nausea, vomiting, and musculo-skeletal aches. In severe cases, it can cause jaundice and lead to liver damage. Cuban medical researchers have successfully prevented the annual outbreak of Leptospirosis in Cuba among a population of 5 million people across two regions using Homeopathy in both 2007 and 2008. A population of 2.5 million was prescribed homeopathic medicines that brought down the incidence of infection to less than 10 people with no fatalities. Earlier, conventional treatment of the population with a vaccine had yet resulted in thousands of infections and a number of fatalities and that had cost the exchequer nearly USD 2 million. The homeopathic solution on the other hand cost just USD 2,00,000, only 10% of the previous expenditure. This goes to prove that homeopathic medicines are not just effective but are cost-effective too. Medication: On request The monsoons wash away the pollution in the atmosphere to rejuvenate your entire being, enabling you to breathe in a whiff of fresh air, a rarity these days. Get healthy and stay healthy using the goodness and power of Homeopathy, a holistic healing science that treats you and not just your disease by boosting your immunity. With your defences strong, you can rejoice in the rains without being concerned about diseases at the back of your mind. So, you don’t need to stop yourself from walking or playing football in the rain. Have a happy monsoon!

» » Maintain good personal hygiene and eat right. Pollution of drinking water is common; therefore, always drink boiled water, more so during the monsoons. Keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water as dehydration surprisingly happens during the monsoons due to the fact that people tend to drink less water in this season owing to the high levels of humidity around. Eat moderate quantities of light and warm food like brown rice, oats and wheat, all easily digestible. Vegetables should be boiled properly and food should be cooked well. Wash your hands and feet thoroughly and pat them dry. Sleep adequately in order to relax physically and mentally. Your laundry must be kept neat and clean. Your clothes should be laundered and kept neat and tidy.



» » »


» » Avoid eating at roadside stalls. Eating spicy food can irritate the gastrointestinal tract and should therefore be avoided. Similarly, chilled drinks and refrigerated items should not be consumed as they can trigger respiratory infections. Do not eat salads and raw vegetables as they carry germs that can give rise to many water borne diseases. Adequate rest to the body and the mind is a must; so, do not overexert yourself or sleep less.




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Low Fat Snacks It’s good to snack. On a lightly floured surface. Crave that little something which will fill you up without filling you up. you may actually consume fewer calories by the time it’s dinnertime. you feel peckish. Executive Chef. As a result. Check out the two recipes by Mayank Kulshreshtha. and mix it well. Soya And Celery Calzone (Serves 4) Ingredients: For the calzone 500gms 10gms 100gms 15gms 10ml 100ml For the stuffing 100gms minced 10gms 10gms To taste 5gms 5gms pepper Soya nuggets Celery Leeks Salt Garlic Crushed black Refined Flour Salt Sugar Yeast Olive Oil Water 58 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . Right type can help you whittle down your waistline while keeping you looking good. Note: Celery is valuable in weightloss diets. Seeds intended for cultivation are not suitable for eating as they are often treated with fungicides. By Sharmila Chand By the time the clock strikes 4 o’ clock. instead try snacks that are baked and have veggies that sustain you for longer. Agra 10ml Method: * In a large mixing bowl. Add the crushed pepper and squeeze the lemon juice. working into the dough. so the use of essential oil externally in bright sunshine should be avoided. Cook the minced soya in the pan adding some more water and cook Lemon juice it dry. Certain low-fat snacks can control hunger pangs. ITC The Mughal. With a rolling pin. * Place the dough on a lightly floured surface and knead it for 2 to 3 minutes. low fat snacking helps to maintain energy level. that it has negative calories because human digestion burns more calories than can be extracted. The oil and large doses of seeds should be avoided during pregnancy: they can act as a uterine stimulant. Celery contains androstenone. stir in the olive oil. * Place 3/4 cup vegetable mixture on one side of each 6-inch circle of dough. * Preheat the oven to 325 F. blood sugar level and appetite level. and cover with damp towel. Shape it into a ball. Put the dough in a warm place and let it rise for 30 minutes. Add the salt and sugar. dissolve the yeast in the warm water. place it in a lightly oiled bowl. * Punch the dough down to deflate it. leek and celery. * Heat the oil over medium heat in a large pan and sauté the chopped garlic. Place the calzones on a lightly greased baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes. Fold the dough in half and crimp the edges with a fork to be sure they are completely sealed. and keep you from taking second or third helpings at your next meal. There is a common belief that celery is so difficult for humans to digest. roll each ball into a 6-inch circle. Add salt to extract water from the ingredients. where it provides lowcalorie fiber bulk. Experts say. roll the pieces into balls. and divide it into equal parts. So how do you relish snacks without the fear of a growing waistline? Dump the fried pakoras. Here are two great recipes that help. When the water becomes frothy. Bergapten in the seeds can increase photosensitivity. not androsterone. Slowly add the flour.

BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 59 . the better the style. the bigger the stones.BEAUTY ETC Read About • Pants that brighten up grey days Schwarkopf’s Rick Lee’s journey to become a hair expert Meghna Naidu’s love affair with her favourite fragrance Beauty tips from readers • • • Chunky Choker Dress up a neutral hued outfit with a colourful stone studded necklace.

With 50 feminine designs. Bata Fashion Bag and Shoes. Puma L. Professor Pawan Sinha of MIT created this for Tanishq. navy.200 Fun flirty way to wear prescription spectacles.SHOP Titan Red Panda Watch. Tommy Hilfiger Christy Watch. yellow.F. polka dots. Ergonomically designed for the runner looking to get short distances. Nirvana Temptations Ring. yet classic combination of white and black diamond ring set in white gold to make a contemporary statement.995 Make a bold colour statement with your timepiece. The 22K pendant is available in 6 variants. and purple with floral. scroll motifs. They come in funky colours and can be worn anywhere. It comes in enamel. Rs 8000 onwards Wear this unusual. you can take your pick from different colour schemes in pink. Take your pick from colours like green. The Red Panda watch from Titan–WWF collection has dials that bring alive the inspiration but also spreads awareness about endangered red pandas. pink. Rs 599 onwards Be trendy by mixing and matching your bags and shoes that can be paired without looking too coordinated. red. Tanishq Bhagwad Gita Pendant. Rs 1. Rs 3. silver. You will need a 200X microscope to read it though. It weighs only 173 gms. . Rs 2999 onwards Have fun running in these racers with Light Injected Foam Technology. 60 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 Titan Eye Plus Enigma Collection. and more. Price on request Evoke your spiritual side with this world’s smallest Bhagwad Gita inscripted in 24K gold on a 1 cm sq tablet. and orange colours. Racer. and leather version in white. Rs 4. This bangle watch is an ideal accessory. fuchsia.200 to 3.200 Be trendy and support a cause by picking this timepiece.I.T.

bags and shoes. BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 61 . You are set to face the rainy day.BOLD COLOuRED tROuSERS E Brighten up grey days with season’s staple colourful pants. xtend spring’s bright beautiful hues to freshen up monsoon’s humid days. Stop short of looking tacky by wearing makeup that is toned down with muted pink or shimmering beige. purple or fuschia with eye-popping contrasting tops. Whether it’s zesty orange and tangerine. inky blue or bold pink. skinny. or rolled up. wear it cropped. purple. stand out in a crowd with some electrifying pants that will brighten up any room. The twist this season is colour clashing — team bold tones such as orange.

During vacations. Indian beauties have got very sharp features. » » India calling. Once my inspiration kicks in. as good inspiration and ideas hardly do come by... My personal Learning the ropes… I feel hairstyling itself is an art. I worked in restaurants.e.. fast food joints and pubs for a living. I always aim at finding the best design to best fit their features. The experience of working with the Femina Miss India Finalist was exciting and interesting. determination overcame in between him and – to be an outstanding hair stylist. » » Me time: Cartoons. As mom was a single mom since my sister and I were rather young.Ekta Chowdhry. asia brand ambassador. Finding my path… I decided to leave school at the age of 16 and decided to take up hair styling to support the family. lee shares his vision to with his mettle raise the standards oF hairdressing the world over with at what he has achieved Just like how paintings are created from scratch. it can be transformed into something hip. Vacations are a source of inspiration… I often get my inspirations from holidays in different parts of the world. all with different techniques.. learn. a normal hair-do. and of course from my Schwarzkopf Professional workshops and trips. that is the most current and trendy.. I try to keep myself updated and put best of my efforts in creating new trends and styles. There were times when we ate only one meal a day. listen. When I was still training to be a hairstylist in Hong Kong. favourite was one of the winners this year. she used to wash dishes at restaurants for a living to support us. 62 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 » . My clients trust and have faith in me which I really appreciate. Victoria Beckham & Meg Ryan Golden Rule: Watch. What’s next: To have my very own international hair shows lipla negi. We create. From a plain canvas i. be creative and innovative. Very chic and confident. cuts. My dad passed away when I was 15 years old. which meant sharing one portion of food between mom and me. I make sure I put it into action. before I became a qualified hairstylist.We consult.. which is an advantage for them to be able to carry off many different hairstyles. today rick lee. stylish. schwarzkopF proFessional is happy his dream –a renown as a hair genius.Meet. trendy. the only one among the finalists who had short hair. it is everything from people to things to architecture and streets that inspire me in one or the other way. yoga and shopping Styling Tip: Simple blow dry and a touch up with OSiS styling products My Favourites: Madonna. Making the ends meet. We conceptualize. Creative Scissor Hands From a humble childhood to the status oF the most sought aFter hair stylist in this man’s invincible all odds that came asia. and colours. Delivering my best… I value my each and every client and this is evident from my motto .

They are not just to smell well in good company. Right now I am using Mont Blanc. Since brand loyalty is not an issue with me so I have about 15 to 20 bottle of fragrances from different brands at a time. Heady F or me the fragrance that you choose defines you and your moment.. I like versatility as different perfumes on different occasion reflect my moods and emotions for that particular event or situation. The fragrance was green. rocking. She obliged and told me that it was Euphoria by Calvin Klein. so I like to change. I love the ritual of matching my scent with my mood for the day or even for the moment. In fact I even mentioned it once or twice to my boyfriend. Anyways I tend to get very bored with the same perfume day in and day out. and keep changing. But I am not very stuck to one brand or type of scent. I also love men’s scents. I knew then that Euphoria is one scent that will be with me for keeps. and she smelt heavenly. but an essential tool to keep you feeling fresh and confident throughout the day. There is this scent that’s really got me Scen(t)sations Actress Meghna Naidu describes her relationship with the perfume bottles on her dresser. There’s something so sensual about using a manly perfume. So I was really over the moon when my boyfriend gifted me the perfume after his return from his travels. fresh and floral – a true scent of femininity for me. and the significance of the blend. My current favourites are Sculpture. While the scent remained in my head. It so defined my state of being. I knew it was a perfume that was so me. DKNY and Euphoria by Calvin Klein. I couldn’t resist it and asked her what she was wearing. And I was in love with the scent. It shows a different side to you. While I am not loyal to one perfume. they are most often gifts from friends and family. In fact.. I like to smell good all the time. I don’t really buy scents myself.My Notes. I forgot about buying it. As told to Gayatri T Rao BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 63 . My heart was set on it. It was a scent that someone else was wearing at a party I had been to. the name. Dunhill Desire and Hugo Boss. but there is one fragrance that I am really hooked on. I was sitting next to this girl.

There was a time when people appreciated certain traits in your character. Be ready to sting if somebody close tries to act smart or sneaky. But you will need to verify all the details and check the loopholes before making any commitment. Throw away your outdated beauty products. Lucky number: 10 Lucky colour: Silver AQUARIUS A person will soon give you some irresistible offers which will seem hard to refuse. Lucky number: 2 Lucky colour: Green LEO Finances are taking a turn in your favour. and depressive mood. Try out a resort or a nature spa to destress yourself. Try something that you have never tried before. You might learn a new language or update your computer skills. and beauty regime. Pending legal aspects will be decided in your favour. Travel is on the cards. Take advice for your beauty queries from an experienced person or a beauty professional. Lucky number: 1 Lucky colour: Blue SCORPIO You will face some frustrating delays in your plans.anu. or even yourself a makeover. Lucky number: 3 Lucky colour: Earthy neutrals SAGITTARIUS You will have to be patient and keep trying out new solutions to solve some old problems. Connect with inner self. You might learn a new skill in your office or at home. Try out some new make up tips with shades you have never tried. You will get full support from your spouse. Go to a hair styling expert to get a new hair colour and cut. revive those again.tayal@gmail. amla. Give yourself a break from hustle bustle of urban life. Success will depend on reaching a determined and focused decision. You might indulge yourself in some athletic aerobic activity. Unexpected minor problems can come up. your car. You might have to deal with ennui. which you lost as you grew up. and try out spiritual therapies that will benefit your tired mind and body. Good time to start or revive romance in your life. Get ready to give your home. But your patient work will soon get you just rewards. and shikakai. Good times will come but after testing your patience. All your desire for growth and luxury will be fulfilled. Pending problems will get solved as you use your sharp thinking and reasoning capabilities. You will have to be bold and drastic to solve existing crisis. A female friend will play an important role in your life in this phase. Time to search your soul. as you get no time for friends. Lucky number: 6 Lucky colour: Green TAURUS Before venturing into any project take advice from an intelligent professional. Take a break from your social circuit and spend time alone with yourself. Your spouse might act a bit secretive. Just be careful. Seek expert opinion to deal with your beauty issues. Lucky number: 8 Lucky trinket: Yellow 64 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . Lucky number: 4 Lucky colour: Gold LIBRA A family member may try to act in a diplomatic manner regarding money. Pick trendy colour and some new creams and potions. You will give your workmates a tough time. Lucky number: 9 Lucky colour: White CANCER Circumstances are turning in your favour. You might indulge yourself in some latest luxury product. Spend money wisely and save for the future. Take up dancing or yoga to balance your inner being. Health looks fine. Promotion and good health are expected. Lucky number: 1 Lucky colour: Blue PISCES You will be working hard on a project which can leave you a bit lonely. Try out some traditional beauty recipes to pamper yourself. Go out with a close friend for some heart to heart talk to get back your inner calm. Health looks fine. Invest in some good beauty products and use them wisely for long term benefit. You will feel energized with some good news. Have an optimistic attitude towards life. Travel will please you. Don’t lose your head over these offers. Take control of your diet and manage your stress and anger as health will get weaker if not taken care of. get ready to be attracted by someone or attract some attention. Lucky number: 8 Lucky colour: Purple CAPRICORN It’s time you need to some immediate decisions regarding old issues. Pamper with a spa therapy. Time update your makeup kit. Lucky number: 4 Lucky colour: Blue GEMINI A decision will be taken in your favour. If you are single. You might have a tough time with your boss explaining him/ her your point of view. Your spouse or partner will be in a romantic mood.BeautyScope BY Anu tAyAL Connect with me at: e . Regain your aura. Go the nature’s way for looking after your hair with natural ingredients like aritha. and dig out good lessons from the past. Analytical approach will help you achieve success you are looking AUGUST 2009 ARIES You might find yourself dreaming about the future excessively. Seek professional assistance to get good results. Lucky number: 9 Lucky colour: Yellow VIRGO Get ready to experience some exciting events in your life.

This is a good combo to wear to work. so I make my shampoo at home. Freelance Counsellor. repeat the loose powder and another coat of mascara. By Mamta Sharma. and to do the same I do the following stuff. First apply the dark shade on your lips then take the lighter hue on a brush and put it over the dark colour. Mumbai. Great way to take away tan and fine Tip Tip Tip The shampoos that we get in the market do not suit me. diet. The hem of the pant should cover most of your shoe to get a slim long silhouette. Make sure to pair the pants with a nicely fitted shirt or a top. Delhi . style. hair. Home Maker. Take a thick black kajal stick and run it over your roots. health. By Lakshmi Rao. They work not just as skin toner. and diet secrets to share? Write to us at tips@beautyindia. I apply two coats of mascara for intensity. Delhi. Bangalore Tip Tip Have BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 65 For easy evening look go with the dramatic eye look. Tip When buying wide legged pants make sure the hem of the pants is just an inch above the ground. By Poornima Sharma. Best skin. Using circular movements and then leave this on for 15 minutes. You can also blend a beige lipstick over the dark shade to get a softer tone. After cooling strain and use as a shampoo. dip a small pad of cotton wool in this and rub it on the face gently.beautymagazine@gmail. and fashion tricks and secrets for you from BEAUTY readers If you are in a rush and no time to touch up your roots. and a highlighter pencil on the brow bone to enhance the eyes. IT Professional. you will get a completely new shade. One thing I never forget to do before going off to bed is cleansing my face. Banking Professional. but also act as a bleaching agent giving my skin a natural glow. Wash it off with cold water and see the difference. Wear it with block heeled peep toe shoes. PR Firm. Mumbai. I take one tablespoon of fresh milk that’s not been boiled. then comb lightly. Jaipur. shikakai and amla into one liter water. So I always look for easy way out with beauty things that will serve more than one purpose.Tips From You… Tip To create fuller lashes. which has proved very helpful for me. tips. first apply a light brush of loose powder on clean lashes with an eye shadow brush then apply a coat of mascara and if needed. here’s quick cover up. Mumbai. This remedy makes my hair very soft and shiny. I mix equal amounts of dried reetha. Home Maker. Lawyer. Finish the look with a nice lip gloss. while pulling it on your lashes. You can avoid the clogging of your mascara by wiggling the mascara wand from side to side. Keep it for few hours and boil them. By Pooja Dutt. makeup. By Sarika Chhawal. By Varsha Bhatkar. Mumbai Tip My busy schedule does not leave me any time to pamper my skin with beauty products. Call Centre Executive. I find it very helpful and refreshing. By Sneha Bajaj. Alternately you can also use your regular black mascara to brush at the roots to hide the grey temporarily. I use the juices of lemon and tomatoes on my face. I like to use grey instead of black or mix two hues on the lids. Senior Management Associate. By Shahana Rao. Tired of using the same old lipstick shades? Don’t like the hues of the lipsticks you have recently bought? Then here’s a trick you can try. health.

I was too shy for that. crude behaviour. and honey. groomed. and wanted to look grown up as I entered college. Tears sprang to my eyes. It was not a professional job. After an hour of scraping and pulling. and raised a fashion furore. but my friend did not give. and definitely not for first timers like me. I promised never to be her friend again as long as I lived.On My Mind. I had my eyebrows done for the first 66 BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 . she carried on despite my protestation. lemon. Some self righteous souls condemned her for her unfeminine. I was thrilled to bits. I was feeling all smooth. Body hair really does no harm. Then the next day as I headed for college. The pain is definitely there but less. it hasn’t changed. Loved the way my face opened up. But I did not have the guts to ask for a waxing service at the salon. and definitely grown up. yet we like to take it off simply because of the sensorial pleasure it provides. Once upon a time Hollywood diva Julia Roberts emerged in public with unshaven underarms. It marked a rite of passage for me. So I caught hold of my best friend and rushed home with sugar. priyanka@beautyindia. Laser was still a new technology those days. the apprehension of the first touch of wax on skin. I remember the first time I tried waxing. and others praised her for her expression of freedom. Then the searing pain as my friend applied and yanked out the hair from the roots. and cooked up my own wax at home – a recipe that I had seen my mother make. While there’s nothing really unfeminine about body hair – after all we are supposed to by law of nature have body hair – but it does look a bit untidy in today’s sense of being groomed. I remember giggling nervously as I cut strips of cloth for waxing. Since then till now. the deed was done. and I lost some of my teenage girlishness.. I had just come out of school. and the sense of freedom as I walk out of the salon.

BEAUTY | AUGUST 2009 67 .

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