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Lesson Plan

Teacher Name: Jeremey Reynolds

Date of Teaching: Tuesday November 20, 2018

Cooperating Teacher: Marsha Hermesch

Subject/Level: 3rd Grade Afternoon Class (First of Three)

Objective: Students will demonstrate the letters of the alphabet in between

singing the song.

Prior Knowledge (of students): First lesson for this class on this concept.

Contextual Factors: 6/8 and the students are just speaking the rhythm

Standards Being Addressed: Improvising how they are going to create the shaps
of the alphabet.

Materials of Instruction: Conga Drum

Entry Activity: Talk about how we are going to be creating the different letters of
the alphabet! Welcome them to the class!

Transition: Sing through the poem twice.

Activity: Have the students sing through it with you twice till they have it down.

Transition: Stomp on the big beat to demonstrate this to them!

Activity 2: Walk around the room in a circle and have the students say the poem
while walking to the dotted quarter note.

Transition: Explain to the class how we are going to act when making the letters!

Activity 3: Play the game with the letters and have the students continue to make
these letters.



Chronological Assessment Checklist

Did the students get the rhythmic poem down? No Yes
Did the students keep a steady beat on beats one and two of No Yes
the dotted notes? (stomps)
Total Estimated Time: 25 minutes
Teacher Name: Jeremey Reynolds

Date of Teaching: Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Cooperating Teacher: Marsha Hermesch

Subject/Level: 3rd grade Morning, they are ahead by 1 day compared to the
second half. (Second of Three)

Objective: Improvise using different letters of the alphabet/other ideas and

improvise rhythms on the frame drum after keeping a steady beat one time.

Prior Knowledge (of students): They have done this song once before!

Contextual Factors: Pulling from science, math, and history when thinking of the
different words we could act out.

Standards Being Addressed: Improvising using body rhythm

Materials of Instruction: Conga Drum and 3 Frame drums.

Lesson Sequence: Review improvisation, demonstrate the steady beat and

rehearse it, play the game until the second half of class, then have the students
come up with new words.

Entry Activity: Welcome back!

Transition: Does anyone remember what improvisation means? Get a couple of

different peoples definitions.

Activity 1: Review the songs and demonstrate the dotted quarter steady beat.

Transition: Have the students demonstrate this before we play the game again.

Activity 2: Play the game only using alphabet letters.

Transition: Let’s have a seat and talk about new ideas of different things that we
could act out.

Activity 3: Have the students play the steady beat the first time and improvise the
second time on the drums!

Transition/Closure: Have the students pack up and wait quietly to be dismissed

Chronological Assessment Checklist

Did they keep a steady beat while they were singing it? If not No Yes
the redo till they do!
Did the students try out different ideas of making the letters or No Yes
whatever they made or improvised on the drums?
Teacher Name: Jeremey Reynolds