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Central Florida
October 2010 Eventing & Fashion

Letter from the Editor
When Central Florida Equestrian magazine first launched, it was my intention to include Dressage & Eventing in every issue. The majority of our readers are Hunters & Jumpers so the content typically follows. I believe this issue, dedicated to Eventing, will help capture the interest of our Combined Training enthusiasts and it is my hope that Central Florida Equestrian will begin consistently filling with news & photos from multi-disciplines. This Eventing issue is also dedicated to a very dear childhood friend & fellow eventer, Kristi (Harper) Spivey, who passed away in November 2007. The timing isn't really about her passing- her birthday is November 4th. There will someday be a Training Level Memorial trophy dedicated in her name to one of the FL USEA events where she competed. Hard to believe the year has flown by so quickly. All the hype & promotion of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games and it is FINALLY here. A BIG Thanks to Erika for believing in us enough to choose our regional publication to help promote this event. Eventing & Fashion are two themes that will likely reoccur annually in October. Fashion may be included in a Spring issue as well. For the Spring Fashion section, wouldn't it be fun to feature photos of FL Equestrians 'Around The Ring'? We want to see what everyone's wearing to ride, show & play! We have some great issues ahead! November covers the Games, Art, Books & Gifts (holidays are coming!). December is mostly about the HUNTERS and the 2011 FL Winter Circuits; January will be all about SHOW JUMPING & Year End Awards & February is our second annual Stallions & Breeders issue. Thank you for reading Central Florida Equestrian magazine. Happy Riding,
Kristi Harper Spivey (11/4/70-11/22/07)

CF Equestrian
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4- Alltech WEG 5- Meet Haylie Walker 8- Equestrian Fall Fashion 10- Amer Eventing Championships 12- Conditioning the event horse in FL 15- FL Eventing Photos

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Edward Gal (NED) and Moorlands Totilas winners of the Grand Prix Special Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Lexington - Kentucky 2010 © Dirk Caremans

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2010 Alltech FEI Games : Opening Day



2010 Alltech FEI Games : Opening Day



Goal oriented training programs for aspiring and serious competitors with FEI Trainer & Course Designer Mauricio Garcia and Certified Trainer & owner of Archer Farms, Sharleen Exler

Archer Farms Offers
Full Board, Lessons, Training Sales & Quality H/J Leases
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Mauricio Garcia : 787-243-4045 Sharleen Exler : 352-359-4149
The facility is located in ARcher FL, 20 min from HITS and 10 min from Canterbuty Showplace



Fall Fashion : In & Out of the Ring





Eventing: 2010 AEC's
2010 American Eventing Championships
Carol Ogden President, FHTA It was such a thrill to just BE at the AEC's this year. It was an amazing feat of coordination, taking care of the competitors, scheduling, and presenting one of the most beautiful cross country courses in Area III!! (I can only speak for Area III, as I don't travel much out of the Southeast!) Two grand prix size rings with allweather footing, fitting three dressage rings in each, overlooked by stadium seating under big tents created an electric atmosphere for both horses and spectators. Everyone was stabled together, making it easy to meet people from all over the U.S. who made the trip to compete in the largest horse trials in the history of the sport (700+ horses!). Chattahoochie Hills, owned by Carl Boukaert, is a magnificent facility in Fairburn, Georgia. The cross-country course is laid out along the Chattahoochie River bottom, so one could see the entire course from one vantage point on the hill. In the center is a huge water complex complete with turquoise water, which made for some exciting rides! Although they had to bring in ten temporary tents for stabling for all the horses entered, the permanent stabling is first-class, and all of us were treated to lots of "free stuff" from the sponsors and organizers, including electrolytes and joint supplements, gift certificates, buckets, and horse treats! (about $100 worth of stuff!) Our dressage warmup was good, although they were ready for me 20 minutes earlier than scheduled. I wasn't "quite" ready, so I opted to spend about 10 more minutes getting that "feeling" I needed, and in we went. Brogan put in a pretty nice test, although on his canter circle to the left, unfortunately switched leads behind (something he hasn't done in months!). That one hiccup cost us a LOT of points in our test, and in company with almost 60 other horses in my division, cost us dearly in our final averaged score from two judges of 38.7%, and put us in 40th place. Three hours later, we headed out for our cross-country phase. There were some big fences and technical questions included in the 2500 meter course, to be ridden at 470 mpm. Brogan was very relaxed (probably due to the heat!), and I warmed up quietly trying not to expend too much of his energy! Out of the box he went, and the "switch went on"!! He SAILED around the course, taking everything in stride, never hesitating at anything in front of him! What a feeling!! For a horse that spooks at any little thing out on the trail, he stayed so focused, not even paying any attention to the hundreds of spectators, golf carts, flags, etc. -- he just looked for the next jump! One particular question included a big drop down a rounded bank with the ground falling away to a very tight right hand turn to an angled 2-stride skinny combination! Tricky, but doable if you didn't launch off the bank! He made easy work of it, and was on his way! We came in 9 seconds under the optimum time, which moved us up 10 places in the standings to 30th place. He recovered nicely after a couple hosings, and then relaxed for the rest of the day, while I enjoyed watching the upper level horses compete, shopping at the big trade fair, and visiting with friends. Friday morning I volunteered to work helping the dressage stewards at the lower grand prix ring. Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch the upper level horses do their dressage, but nevertheless, saw some amazing horses do some nice tests! That afternoon we had our stadium jumping round over a large, flowing course. Brogan was jumping beautifully, and as we came into the last line, went soaring over a maximum height/width oxer, so I steadied him for the upcoming one-stride in-andout, but steadied TOO much and practically buried him into the oxer - - BAD pilot error on my part! He tried to turn himself inside out to get over it cleanly, but pulled a rail going into the combination. He got out cleanly, and over the last vertical alright, but ended up with a 4-fault round. Nevertheless, we only dropped one place in the standings, and ended up in 31st place.

I was very pleased, since he was in very good company (Karen O'Connor & Kim Severson, for instance!). I watched the top 10 horses jump, and several made the same mistake (so I didn't feel QUITE so badly!). All in all, it was a wonderful experience for both of us. We came through it all happy, sound, and full of a sense of accomplishment, regardless of the final placings. I might just have to try to qualify for NEXT year's event!!



Florida Horse Trials Association, Inc (FHTA)

The Florida Horse Trials Association, Inc. (FHTA) held its annual Spring Event Camp at Canterbury Equestrian Showplace in May, 2010. Participants enjoyed a weekend of instruction by local experts in the areas of dressage, stadium jumping, and cross country riding. Many campers had experience in field hunting or the show ring, but all discovered the thrill and fun of eventing! Eventing is nothing else if not a social activity and campers and instructors shared meals together in the Canterbury clubhouse, listened to guest speakers, and discussed various eventing horse management related topics. The weekend concluded with a short mini-Horse Trial, complete with prizes and ribbons for the most successful rides! Our sponsors provided funds to help defray costs as well as donations of awards and goodie bag items.

FHTA held their 7th Annual Awards Luncheon August15, 2010 at the Ocala Hilton, in the heart of horse country. Attendees received goodie bags stuffed with sponsor-supplied items such as fly spray, horse cookies, horse magazines, and horse-related literature. Silent auction items were enthusiastically bid on during the course of the Luncheon, as well. Everyone took home a prize, as we were once again the recipients of many door prizes and tack company coupons. Stopping just long enough to enjoy the delicious buffet lunch, the program continued with speakers from several Florida eventing venues as well as a key note address by a veterinarian from the UF Veterinary Teaching Hospital on the topic of respiratory issues in sport horses.

Visit the website for more information, membership forms & event calendar
FHTA is a 501c3 non-profit statewide eventing organization dedicated to rider education relating to competitive success and safety. The funds we raise from our silent auction and cash donations enable us to maintain a website with a yearly omnibus of sanctioned competitions, defray costs of the Luncheon and member awards, as well as organize the Spring Event Camp. Our members earn points (Legs) towards great awards in each eventing phase, at each level of competition. Points never expire and are based on achievement rather than class placings. FHTA-sanctioned activities provide high quality competitions at affordable prices and include both USEA-recognized and schooling events, hunter paces, h/j shows, dressage shows and more! Visit our website to find out how YOU can join the fun! 410-804-5813


Conditioning The Event Horse in Florida
By Hilda Hick Donahue
The Sunshine State has much to offer event horses of all levels. Whether you are competing at the schooling Tadpole (entry level) or Advanced, FL offers forgiving footing, lots of schooling and recognized events and a climate that allows one to enjoy the sport 9 months of the year. Many flock to Florida as early as Oct and remain here until April. Despite the many advantages of competing in our state, conditioning can be challenging. The main issues we face are a lack of varied terrain and often heat and humidity that combine to make even low level fitness difficult. Having conditioned a variety of horses in FL over the past 15 yrs that range from the lower levels all the way to a CCI **** (long format), I’m quite familiar with what works and have shared some helpful guidelines & useful tips.

Footing Considerations
Wherever you intend to do your conditioning, be attentive to the footing. Limiting yourself to an arena will not suffice even at the lower levels. If you do not have access to riding fields or trails, I advise trailering to a facility. You need to practice "outdoor" riding to become competent at the Cross-Country (XC) phase. Regarding footing basics, soft going (deep sand) can lead to soft tissue injuries; hard going can result in excessive concussion. FL is more noted for deep, sandy footing. Do consider your horse’s conformation. The more upright the pastern the more concussion your horse will endure. A more sloping pastern will be more prone to strains from soft going footing.

Ensure Properly Fitted Equipment
Be certain that your tack & equipment fits correctly. Boots can cause rubbing or worse when improperly fastened. TIP: We powder the legs prior to booting and Vaseline or Desitin the heels to protect from FL moisture.

Before You Start
Before starting any conditioning program it is advisable to get a basic read on your horse’s general health. Some things to consider: weight, body conditioning score, resting temperature, pulse & respiration & a CBC blood chemistry read. It’s also a good idea to take photos of overall condition including hooves. This may be "over the top" for most, so consider it the IDEAL start. It is advisable to inform your vet and farrier about your intentions as they may have advice and really should be interested in your pursuits. You might also contact your horse’s previous owner to see what program was used in the past and to inquire about any issues that may have arisen. Finally, ASK a seasoned event rider or trainer... You can always learn from what DID NOT work for them! Please keep in mind that any sound horse in regular work should be capable of competing at Novice. Regular work plus short canters once a week usually suffice. For the Training Level, move up to easy gallops & Interval training once a week. The Preliminary Level requires a more structured program and the Intermediate, Advanced and FEI Levels for sure demand planning, time and guidance.

after is best devoted to a day off or Hilda & Extravagance at the water at Rolex very easy flat or light hacking day. I like to jog our horses the day after they "gallop" to check soundness. Likewise any FEI horse will be jogged regularly for our vet to assess.

Interval Training schedule for Training Level & Below
(MPM=meters per minute) Every 5-8 days warm up with a long walk, 5- 10 min trot work followed by 5-10 mins of walking. Next, do 3 sets of 3 minute canters (at your competition speed) with a 2 min walk break between each set. Finish with a 10-20 min walk. The idea behind this training is to get your horse’s heart rate working at 60 percent above the resting rate, maintain it for (at low levels) 3 mins. Then rest a min or two without allowing the heart rate to return to resting rate and repeat two more times.

If leaving your property alone, alert someone and have a cell phone with you.

Common Sense
You can get fancy and use a heart rate monitor and other devices; DO NOT become dependent upon them. It’s important to know & be guided by your horse. Similarly, avoid the amateur trap of feeling locked into a set program. IF today's session dictates cantering for 6 mins and your horse does not feel content dealing with it, SLOW DOWN & DO LESS.

Upper level horses Prelim & Above
Up to 3 sets of 8 min canter intervals. Note: the Intermediate and Advanced horses DO NOT need to gallop all intervals at their competition speeds. TIP: I typically stay at a medium canter (400 mpm) and move up to the competition speed during the last minute within a set. I also try to add hill work as a substitute for speed work. I will incorporate some sprints and every 5-10 days fit in up to 40 mins of straight trotting. We (at Ashmore) hack out for long walks (2 hrs) once

Scheduling Interval Training
Most event riders will use some form of Interval Training (schedule in next column) and will work backwards from a big event. Using a calendar, riders will designate competition dates (that include XC phase) as conditioning rides then mark days off. Choose conditioning days no closer than 5 days & no farther than 8 days apart. The day



Conditioning The Event Horse in Florida
By Hilda Hick Donahue

Conditioning the Event Horse in FL, continued
a week. These walks out on the West Orange Trail build a nice base and are quite relaxing. During your conditioning rides it is a smart idea to mark out an area set at the speed your level requires (350570 mpm). If you can canter this distance within 1 minute, you are riding at the correct speed for your level; if it takes you longer than 1 min you know you need to move on you are going too fast for the level and run the risk of being stopped on course or acquiring speed faults at the lower levels.

at night, it may be wise to poultice or set up legs with liniment. Lots of extra's can be done like using a massage blanket, so much River depends on your horse, the level AND your resources. TIP: At Ashmore, we routinely ice our horses after a conditioning ride and often pack their feet. These are the Full Gallop Horse Trials, SC (Stadium) same practices we use at the events so we like to incorporate them into our regular routine.

Important Guidline: Your horse’s breeding, conformation, past fitness level and history will influence your interval lengths as will footing and weather.

News Update: Sept 26th, 2010

From Ashmore Equestrian Extravagance and Hilda had a fall in cross country at this weekend’s event at Poplar Place. Extravagance had to be put down due to a Conditioning After Care broken hind leg. Hilda Check your horse’s legs for heat, suffered injuries to both pain or swelling. If your horse stays in ankles, is on crutches & expected to heal well but her This month’s Trivia sponsored by heart will take The Riding Habit longer than First correct answer received WINS her Email physical injuries. What is a Numnah? We at Team (Prize: Monogrammed Saddle Pad) Ashmore are all What’s the purpose of a Stock Tie? incredibly (Prize: $25 gift certificate) saddened and stunned with the loss of such an incredible, wellmannered partner. Hilda was so lucky CUSTOM EQUESTRIAN PRODUCTS to have had Quality Products and Services for 39 Years such a Cell 561 512 8239 wonderful Shop 561 216 1716 short lived E-mail: relationship

Hilda & Extravagance at OcalaPalmer Photo

October trivia

with Extravagance and may never find that again. We are all encouraging her and supporting her through these tough days ahead as she carries on without him.

Our hearts go out to Hilda & everyone at Ashmore.
Hilda, her friends, family & sponsors pulled together to form a fantastic team during Hilda & Extravagance’s time together. We’ve had the pleasure of chronicling a good deal of their past year as they made great efforts to qualify for the World Equestrian Games. They qualified but very stiff competition on the Irish team kept them from WEG. Hilda already had London (2012 Olympics) in mind and had begun working towards that goal. Her loss is tragic and heartbreaking on many levels. We at Central FL Equestrian wish her the best & hope another spectacular horse makes its way into her life soon. As she always says, “Godspeed”. 13.

T he

iding abit



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December- Florida Winter Circuit Preview January- (as FLORIDA EQUESTRIAN) Show Jumping & End of Year Awards February- Stallions & Breeders



Florida Equestrians EVENT!

Top Row: Unknown (Palmer Photo); John Kelly; and Zenith ISF (Stadium) *both photos by Leslie Mintz of USEA; Sabra Tanner far right. Middle: Unknown (Palmer Photo); upper-middle: Leslie Law & Pembridge Swingtime (photo byLeslie Mintz of USEA); Lower-middle: Helen Donnell; far right- Canterbury’s Wendy Low. Bottom: Unknown (Palmer Photo); Tyler Gilbert (up bank); Haylie Walker & Caitlin Too.





Professional Directory

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605 Charlie Wiggins Rd. Plant City. Florida 33567

Dan Crist 813-763-1411

Specializing in : Starting under saddle first 60 days Foundation Training Problem Solving Trail /Pleasure

Brock Clermont
General Manager / Head Trainer
5982 225th St E. Bradenton, FL, USA 34211 Tel. : 941-322-9196 Mob. : 561-578-1377 Fax: 941-322-9196

Ridge Point Stables
Marylu Gallagher





The Pro’s Nest
Specializing in prepping young horses to be shown on the line Weaning Services~Consulting 352-425-5987 or 352-362-2305
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Oct-Nov 2010 Event Calendar
1-3 CFHJA H/J “A” 2- Fannin Hill 1-day HT 2-3 Ride Lite USDF Dressage 2-3 Gold Coast Dressage Jim Brandon EC- WPBch 8-9 GOHJA Barrett Farm 8-10 NFHJA Fall “A” 9- HSITP H/J @ Wickham Park 9-Rocking Horse dressage, stad & 3 Phs 9-10 Fannin Hill H/J & Dressage 16- FL Horse Prk Jumpers & 3 phs 16-17 Marion Saddle H/J SS 16-17 Sumter EC H/J & Dressage 16-17 Fox Lea Open H/J SS 16-17 HSITP H/J @ Canterbury 16-17 PBCHA H/J P Bch Intl Equestrian Ctr 17- Wonderly H/J Show Jim Brandon EC- WPBch 786-247-4090 17-18 Fox Lea Farm H/J Open Series 22-24 Sunshine Reg Pony Club Rally Clarcona Horseman’s Park- Apopka 23- N FL Dressage SS Clay Co Fairgrounds 23-24 HSITP H/J @ Weirsdale 23-24 Wellington Classic Dressage Jim Brandon EC 24- Dancing Horse Dressage @ Wickham 30- Gray Lily Farm Annual Halloween SS h/j, dressage & xc school 30-31 Canterbury Halloween 3 Phs Southern Gold Cup II Series 30- Cavallo Farms Halloween H/J SS Monticello- 30-31 PCHA Non-Rated Show 30-31 Rocking Horse Fall USDF/USEF Dressage-

5-6 GOHJA Fox Cry Farms 5-7 Rocking Horse 3day/HT-Altoona CD: Oct 19 6-First Coast H/J- Clay Co Fairgrounds 6- HSITP H/J @ Wickham Park 6-7 Fox Lea Open H/J SS 7- Central FL Dressage @Silver Sands Non-competitive Musical Freestyles to support Freedom Ride Therapeutic 12-14 CFHJA H/J “A” 13-14 PBCHA H/J P Bch Intl Equestrian Ctr 13-14 SEHJ H/J SS-Clarcona 13-14 NFHJA Toys for Tots Benefit local 13-14 HSITP H/J @ Canterbury 13-14 Marion Saddle H/J SS 18-21 Fox Lea Farm November H/J “A” Southern Zone 4 Champs & $25K Grand Prix 20- The Mane Event HT-Ocala CD: Nov 2 20- Florida Horse Park Fall HT 20-21 Fannin Hill H/J & Dressage & Yr End Awards Banquet 20-21 Sumter EC H/J 20-21 HSITP H/J @ Jacksonville 27- FL Horse Prk Jumpers & 3 phs 28- Canterbury Dressage Schooling Show

Misty Morning Hounds- Gainesville 352-375-0800 Rocking Horse Stables- Altoona 352-669-9982

XC Continued
Fannin Hill Farm-Brooksville 352-799-0509

Oct 30-31 Scott Hoftsetter-Ocala 352-804-7906 or Oct 30-31 Melanie Smith Taylor @Plantation Equestrian Ctr Nov 11-12 George Morris @ Pinehurst Dec 27-29 George Morris @ Clay Co Ag Ctr Co-hosted by NFHJA & Sherry Pace

Breed Inspections
Oct 2nd- AWS Inspection- Bushnell Sumter Equestrian Center Oct 4th-Amer Holsteiner Inspection-Reddick Pennock Point 352-466-3661 Oct 13-Amer Hanoverian InspectionReddick Inspection hosted by Home Again Farm & Star Quarry Farm, Pennock Pt 352-468-1670 Nov 11-13 Amer Trakhener Convention Jacksonville Equestrian Center Branding available for qualified horses 740-344-1111

USHJA Trainer’s Symposium
December 12-14 Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, FL

XC Schooling
Check the FL Horse Trial Assoc website for additional XC schooling options

Call for fees & availability:
FL Horse Park- Ocala (Oct 17, Nov 28) 508-612-0224 Canterbury Showplace-Newberry 352-472-6758 The Oaks EC- Ocala 386-755-1488

We want to include your shows, combined training events, clinics, breed inspections & other related events! Submit event info through Classifieds at or email:

18. 26.

410-804-5813 410-804-5813



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