Author Amen, Ra Un Nefer Title Metu Neter 1
A practical and thorough introduction to Kamitic spirituality. Ancient wisdom from the Neteru of pre-dynastic Kemet (Egypt). A testimony and guide to greatness.

Price R 300

Amen, Ra Un Nefer

Metu Neter 2
A step by step guide into initiations of the Secret Mystery Schools of Kemet with clear instructions on how to cultivate that immense inner strength and peace for higher living.

R 300

Azibo, Daudi Ajani ya

African Psychology in Historical Perspective
A comprehensive introduction to research in Africentric Psychology, with essays on metapsychology, psychotherapy, educational psychology and methodology by distinguished scholars and practitioners within the field.

R 330

BenJochannan, Y

Afrika: Mother of Civilization

R 530

In lecture/essay format, the much respected Dr. Ben identifies and corrects myths about the inferiority and primitiveness of the indigenous Afrikan peoples and their descendants.

BenJochannan, Y and J. H. Clarke

New Dimensions in Afrikan History
The London lectures of Dr. John Henrik Clarke and Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, which were in great demand for a long time. Substantial commentary on history from two of the world’s most profound Afrikan-centred scholars.

R 330

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this book explains African centered rites and the rituals and ceremonies behind them. L. Afrikan Centred Rites of Passage and Education Discussing the correlation between one's selfconception and one's academic . In this book he combines his knowledge. Henry Louis Coloured People The celebrated African-American Harvard scholar offers a portrait of growing up in a West Virginia hill town. his childhood light of modern findings. R 140 Goggins. Charles Echoes from the old Darkland – Themes from Afrikan Eden R 300 The author traces origin and evolution of humanity.Healing of the Nations R 300 Professor Forsythe (who is a lawyer. Gates. and cosmologies in Afrika . presenting a study of his family. myths. the eminent scholar. The book gives the reader an enticingly broad overview of the history of humankind. major concepts and symbols. asking “what happened to the rest of the world under Western expansion?” R 400 Finch. Forsythe. and the social institutions and mores of the time. an in all spheres of Dennis Rastafari . its’ culture. R 140 2 Ebukhosini Solutions – South Afrika – Book list February 2009 Phone: 011 830 2546 E-mail: info@ebukhosinisolutions. The Jamaica Daily Observer called this book "the most definitive work in print as it deals with essential Rastafarian spirituality".Chinweizu Decolonizing the Afrikan Mind Masterpiece on psycho/social/cultural colonization – and the relevant liberation process needed to be undertaken by each and every person. healer and Rasta) explores the ancient mystical foundations of Rastafari. wisdom and mystic revelation into a definitive book about Rastafari. R 260 Chinweizu The West and the Rest of Us Chinweizu. unveils aspects of Afrikan history that have been unveiled.

Stolen Legacy Initially published in 1954. (hardcover) R 300 3 Ebukhosini Solutions – South Afrika – Book list February 2009 Phone: 011 830 2546 E-mail: info@ebukhosinisolutions. Solutions for Black families (hardcover) A bold take on challenges facing the Black family. E. Negroes. tired of what he described as continuous theft of Afrikan legacy and contributions. John G Introduction to Afrikan Civilization With brilliantly objective classical and contemporary literature sources as diverse as Herodotus.Grant. John G Man. this classic book presents an in-depth study of Greek philosophy and trace their Afrikan origins. Asa The Maroon Within Us This book provide strategies for the collective development of Black people. spiritual. The description and analysis of adolescent initiation rites. providing a close and detailed view of rituals. R 240 Grant. financial and cultural revolution towards liberation R 220 Hilliard. M. God and Civilization This book explores a wealth of ancient. thought provoking conclusions. educational. R 260 Jackson. teenage pregnancy. Hilliard examines the economic. R 180 Kunjufu. self-determination and cultural identity. body and spirit. G. R 260 James. B. R 300 Otterberg Boyhood rituals in Afrikan Society An anthropological study of boyhood in a group of related Igbo Villages called Afikpo. Jackson presents a picture of human heritage infinitely more rich and varied than is generally understood. this book addresses relationships. parenthood and community development in a caring. Jawanza Restoring Village Values and Commitment. to draw sound documented. and political aspects of Afrikan liberation. in Southern Nigeria. R 260 Jackson. The book challenges all the standard approaches to Afrikan history and Afrikan contributions to the world. Paul Ifayomi Niggers. Addressing socialization. Charles Darwin and W. Paul Ifayomi Blue Skies for Afrikans A powerhouse of a book examining the challenges facing Afrikan people around the world today and motivating practical steps towards liberation of . James attempted to set the record straight. DuBois. Black People & Afrikans A thought provoking and inspiring book for Afrikan people who want to embark on a psychological. honest and forward looking way.

Van Sertima. R 220 Wilson. R 240 Tafari . Ivan The Came Before Columbus This volume reveals a compelling and detailed documentation of the presence and legacy of Afrikans in ancient America. this is the one… (hardcover only). Magic and Initiation Some explains a world in which spirits. Amos The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness This book examines how history-writing shapes the psychology of people. If you need ONE book on Afrikan history. wisdom and community come together as one. transportation of plants. in-depth overview of Afrikan history. I. Van Sertima builds a pyramid of historical evidence. examining comprehensively the history of Afrika and her people since ancient times. deep knowledge and poetic visualization. Malidoma P Of Water and The Spirit: Ritual. He narrates his own experience as an initiate and relates essential spiritual wisdom with both authority. his book went on to become one of the primary foundational works in the Rastafari movement. R 240 Walker. Robert Athlyi Rogers travelled throughout the Pan-Afrikan world at the beginning of this century and wrote The Holy Piby to call together all Afrikans in praise and prayer. the impact of historical amnesia in Afrikans and explains the the alleged maladaptiveness of oppressed Afrikan peoples as a political-economic necessity for the maintenance of white domination and imperialism. R 600 Wilson. animals. Robin When We Ruled (Hardcover) A highly authoritative. Amos Awakening the Natural Genius of Black Children This important book reminds us that Afrikan children are naturally precocious and R 180 Some. and textiles between the continents. R 220 4 Ebukhosini Solutions – South Afrika – Book list February 2009 Phone: 011 830 2546 E-mail: info@ebukhosinisolutions.Rogers. and the diaries and accounts of the explorers themselves. But how do we nurture their intelligence? A psychological study and practical guide. A strong advocate of Garveyism. Examining navigation and . ancestors. Robert Athlyi THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackman's Bible Anguillian spiritual leader. Pan-Afrikanism and Black Liberation movements throughout the world. Jabulani A Rastafari View of Marcus Garvey R 260 A classic book which explores the life of Garvey and his profound impact on Rastafari.

co.5 Ebukhosini Solutions – South Afrika – Book list February 2009 Phone: 011 830 2546 E-mail: .

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