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Liturgical Leaflet for an Active Participation in the Celebration of the Eucharist

2 December 2018 1st Sunday of Advent Year C




oday we begin a new liturgical year. This Advent, while profess-
ing our faith in the glorious coming of the Lord at the end of
time, and while preparing our hearts to celebrate the wonder
of Christmas, we are also reminded of Christ’s constant coming into
our lives through the sacraments and our neighbor.
Today we also begin the observance in the Philippines of the
“Year of the Youth.” We are delighted with its theme: “FILIPINO
Today, the first Sunday of December, is also National AIDS Sun-
day. The Church has been at the frontlines of the battle against AIDS.
But we all must do our share to stop the alarming rise in HIV/AIDS
cases that threatens the very foundation of our society: the family. As
we try to learn more about this deadly disease and reach out to those
who are affected by it, let us remember in this Eucharist the persons
living with HIV/AIDS and the ones who are caring for them.

P –Coming together as God’s All – Lord, have mercy!

family, with confidence let us P –May almighty God have
ask the Lord’s forgiveness, for he mercy on us, forgive us our sins,
is full of gentleness and compas- and bring us to everlasting life.
Entrance Antiphon sion. (Pause) All –Amen!
(To be recited only when no Entrance
P –Lord Jesus, you invite us to
Hymn is sung.)
be vigilant, but we often be- Collect (Opening Prayer)
To you, I lift up my soul, O have as if you should never
my God. In you, I have trusted; come. Lord, have mercy! P –Grant your faithful, we pray,
let me not be put to shame. Nor All – Lord, have mercy! almighty God, the resolve to run
let my enemies exult over me; forth to meet your Christ with
and let none who hope in you P –Lord Jesus, you knock at the
door of our hearts, asking to righteous deeds at his coming, so
be put to shame.
be admitted, but we often that, gathered at his right hand,
Greeting turn a deaf ear. Christ, have they may be worthy to possess
mercy! the heavenly Kingdom.
P –The grace of our Lord Jesus All –Christ, have mercy! Through our Lord Jesus
Christ, the love of God, and the
communion of the Holy Spirit be P –Lord Jesus, you invite us to Christ, your Son, who lives and
with you all! be attentive to the needs of reigns with you in the unity of
All – And with your spirit! our neighbor, but we pre- the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever
tend not to see. Lord, have and ever.
Penitential Act mercy! All – Amen!
2nd Reading 1 Thes 3:12-4:2 sun, the moon, and the stars,
Belief in the imminent Sec- and on earth nations will be in
ond Coming of Jesus was very dismay, perplexed by the roar-
deeply felt, especially by the ing of the sea and the waves.
1st Reading Jer 33:14-16 faithful of Thessalonica. Such People will die of fright in an-
For centuries, since the time belief had also moral implica- ticipation of what is coming
of David, the people of Israel had tions, as St. Paul brings out in upon the world, for the powers
been waiting for the Messiah – a this beautiful prayer which is of the heavens will be shaken.
descendant of David, accord- particularly relevant at the be- And then they will see the Son
ing to God’s promise. In today’s ginning of Advent. of Man coming in a cloud with
short passage we have a restate- R –A proclamation from the power and great glory.
ment of that promise. First Letter of Paul to the But when these signs be-
R –A proclamation from the Thessalonians gin to happen, stand erect and
Book of the Prophet Jer- raise your heads because your
Brothers and sisters: redemption is at hand.
May the Lord make you Beware that your hearts
The days are coming, says increase and abound in love do not become drowsy from
the Lord, when I will fulfill the for one another and for all, carousing and drunkenness
promise I made to the house just as we have for you, so as and the anxieties of daily
of Israel and Judah. In those to strengthen your hearts, life, and that day catch you
days, at that time, I will raise to be blameless in holiness by surprise like a trap. For
up for David a just shoot; he before our God and Father at that day will assault everyone
shall do what is right and just the coming of our Lord Jesus who lives on the face of the
in the land. In those days Ju- with all his holy ones. Amen! earth. Be vigilant at all times
dah shall be safe and Jerusa- Finally, brothers and sis- and pray that you have the
lem shall dwell secure; this is ters, we earnestly ask and ex- strength to escape the trib-
what they shall call her: “The hort you in the Lord Jesus that, ulations that are imminent
Lord our justice.” as you received from us how and to stand before the Son of
– The Word of the Lord! you should conduct yourselves Man.”
All – Thanks be to God! to please God – and as you are
conducting yourselves – you The Gospel of the Lord!
do so even more. For you know All – Praise to you, Lord Jesus
Responsorial Psalm Ps 25
what instructions we gave you Christ!
R –To you, O Lord, I lift my
soul! through the Lord Jesus.
R. M. Velez The Word of the Lord!
F Dm All – Thanks be to God! Profession of Faith
   
 
(Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed)
Gospel Acclamation Ps 85:8
All –I believe in one God, the Fa-
To you, O Lord, I
All –Alleluia! Alleluia! ther almighty, maker of heaven
Bb C F Show us, Lord, your love, and earth, of all things visible
    
 
and grant us your salva-
and invisible.
I believe in one Lord Jesus
lift my soul! Alleluia! Alleluia! Christ, the Only Begotten Son
of God, born of the Father be-
* Your ways, O Lord, make Gospel Lk 21:25-28.34-36 fore all ages. God from God,
known to me; teach me your Today’s Gospel passage Light from Light, true God from
paths, guide me in your truth refers to the coming in power true God, begotten, not made,
and teach me, for you are God of Christ as Judge of all. The consubstantial with the Father;
my savior, and for you I wait all second part describes the way through him all things were
the day. R. in which the believers should made. For us men and for our
* Good and upright is the prepare themselves for the salvation he came down from
Lord; thus he shows sinners the great event on which their heaven, (bow)* and by the Holy
way. He guides the humble to eternal destiny will depend. Spirit was incarnate of the Vir-
justice, and teaches the humble gin Mary, and became man.*
his way. R. P –The Lord be with you!
All – And with your spirit! For our sake he was crucified
* All the paths of the Lord under Pontius Pilate, he suf-
are kindness and constancy P – A proclamation from the
fered death and was buried, and
toward those who keep his holy Gospel according to
covenant and his decrees. The Luke rose again on the third day in
friendship of the Lord is with All – Glory to you, O Lord! accordance with the Scriptures.
those who fear him, and his He ascended into heaven and is
covenant, for their instruc- Jesus said to his disciples: seated at the right hand of the
tion. R. “There will be signs in the Father. He will come again in

2 December 2018
glory to judge the living and the our young people in the life of flesh, and so fulfilled the design
dead and his kingdom will have the Church and of our nation, you formed long ago, and opened
no end. and care for their welfare. Let us for us the way to eternal salva-
I believe in the Holy Spirit, pray! R. tion, that, when he comes again
the Lord, the giver of life, who in glory and majesty and all is
C –For the persons living with
proceeds from the Father and at last made manifest, we who
HIV/AIDS: May they find hope
the Son, who with the Father watch for that day may inherit
in Jesus, in spite of their illness,
and the Son is adored and glori- the great promise in which now
and be treated with Christ-like we dare to hope.
fied, who has spoken through love and compassion by the peo-
the prophets. And so, with Angels and
ple around them. Let us pray! R. Archangels, with Thrones and
I believe in one, holy, cath-
olic and apostolic Church. I C –Let us pray in silence for Dominions, and with all the
confess one Baptism for the our personal intentions. (Pause) hosts and Powers of heaven, we
forgiveness of sins and I look Let us pray! R. sing the hymn of your glory, as
forward to the resurrection of without end we acclaim:
P –Lord our God, we look to the All – Holy, holy, holy Lord, God
the dead and the life of the world coming of Your Son with faith
to come. Amen! of hosts. Heaven and earth are
and hope. Dispose our hearts to full of your glory. Hosanna in
welcome him whole-heartedly the highest!
and so share in his happiness for Blessed is he who comes in
Prayer of the Faithful ever and ever. the name of the Lord. Hosanna
P –Today the Word of God has All –Amen! in the highest!
reminded us of the coming of
Christ as our Judge and how we Memorial Acclamation
should prepare to stand secure
before him. In all humility, let P –The mystery of faith!
us pray for the grace to welcome All –When we eat this Bread
him with a pure conscience and Preparation of the Gifts and drink this Cup, we pro-
humble trust. Let our response P –Pray, brethren . . . claim your Death, O Lord,
be: All – May the Lord accept the until you come again!
sacrifice at your hands, for the
All – Lord, graciously hear us!
praise and glory of his name,
C –For the Church: May she for our good and the good of all
be an effective reminder to the his holy Church.
whole world that the Lord is con-
stantly coming to us in all those All – Our Father . . .
Prayer over the Offerings
who seek our help. Let us pray! P –Deliver us, Lord . . .
P –Accept, we pray, O Lord, All – For the kingdom . . .
these offerings we make, gath-
C –For the Holy Father, the ered from among your gifts to Sign of Peace
bishops, and priests: Through us, and may what you grant us
their example, may they be an to celebrate devoutly here below Breaking of the Bread
inspiration to the entire Church gain for us the prize of eternal
of how to be always ready to wel- redemption. All – Lamb of God, you take
come Jesus. Let us pray! R. Through Christ our Lord. away the sins of the world: have
All – Amen! mercy on us. (2x)
C –For all parents and educa- Lamb of God, you take
tors: May they teach their chil- away the sins of the world:
dren and students how to see Preface of Advent I
grant us peace.
Jesus present in their neighbor P –The Lord be with you!
and welcome him in them. Let All –And with your spirit!
us pray! R. P –Lift up your hearts!
All –We lift them up to the P –Behold the Lamb of God,
C –For our youth: May they be behold him who takes away the
aware of the preciousness of this Lord!
P –Let us give thanks to the sins of the world. Blessed are
stage in their life, avoid damagi- those called to the Supper of the
ng it through vices, and pursue, Lord our God!
All –It is right and just! Lamb.
instead, authentic values, thereby All – Lord, I am not worthy
preparing themselves to enrich P –It is truly right and just, our
duty and our salvation, always that you should enter under my
our country with their enthusi- roof, but only say the word and
asm, generosity and integrity. and everywhere to give you
thanks, Lord, holy Father, al- my soul shall be healed.
Let us pray! R.
mighty and eternal God, through
C –For all of us: May the “Year Christ our Lord. Communion Antiphon
of the Youth” enable all of us For he assumed at his first (To be recited only when no
to appreciate the importance of coming the lowliness of human Communion Hymn is sung.)

1st Sunday of Advent (C)

The Lord will bestow his All – Amen!
bounty, and our earth shall
yield its increase. P –May the holy season of Advent
be a bearer of improvement
Prayer after Communion P –The Lord be with you! and serenity for all of you.
All – And with your spirit! All – Amen!
P –May these mysteries, O
Lord, in which we have partici- P –Bow your heads and pray P – May almighty God bless
pated, profit us, we pray, for even for God’s blessing. (Pause) you: the Father, and the
now, as we walk amid passing May the Lord purify your
Son, and the Holy Spirit.
things, you teach us by them to hearts and minds.
All – Amen! All – Amen!
love the things of heaven and
hold fast to what endures. P –May He make you instru- P –Go in peace, glorifying the
Through Christ our Lord. ments of renewal in the Lord by your life!
All – Amen! Church and society. All – Thanks be to God!

PREPARING TO WELCOME All this is far from easy. A very strong enemy has
infiltrated our lives, and we are weak and wound-
THE LORD WITH FAITH-FILLED ed. We desperately need a powerful ally on whose
help we can rely. His presence in us will be not only
EXPECTATION the most effective deterrent against the “enemy,” but
also a factor of “internal stability.” God Himself is
God does not wait till the end of the world to judge such an Ally, and prayer is the “supply line” through
us. We shall have to face Him as our Judge at the end which we come to share in His strength.
of our life, even if the sun keeps shedding its light as By opening our hearts in prayer to Him, we begin to
usual, and the rest of mankind may be enjoying perfect enjoy that life-giving communion which is the essence
tranquility. On that day (or night) we shall see the end of the afterlife for all those who say “Yes” to Him. If
of our world – of the relationships we have established we place ourselves in such a disposition, nothing, not
with things, places, and people. even death, will frighten us. And actually, we shall be
The question, then, is not “if” this world of ours able to raise our heads with trust-filled hope . . . “to
will end. It shall surely end, for us, when we die. It is stand secure before the Son of Man” (Lk 21:28.36).
not even “when” and “how” it will end, for that is not Let this be our disposition this Advent as we take
for us to know. Rather, what matters is HOW we will our first steps in the “Year of the Youth,” the year of
reach the end i.e., what will be the disposition of “new beginnings” and new fervor, in the “Era of the
our heart when we meet the Lord at our death. New Evangelization.”
That will be the most dramatic moment in our exis-
tence, since our eternal destiny will depend on that
encounter. Hence, the exhortation to “be vigilant
at all times and pray.”
Begin your
To be vigilant, in this case, does not mean to be YEAR OF THE YOUTH
like a sentry on the lookout for possible attacks from by getting your copy
external enemies, though we live in an unfriendly of the unmatchable
world, and “the great day will close in on us like a WL Pocket Planner,
Planner, the 64
trap” (Lk 21:34). Rather, it means that we have to pages pamphlet in full color
guard ourselves against our sinful inclinations which is a calendar,
fanned by the devil, and the moral disorder which liturgy guide, prayer manual,
both original sin and our personal sins have introduced notebook, and much more,
into our lives. all rolled into one
We all have a continuous “insurgency problem.” at the unbeatable price of
But the situation of permanent “red alert” in which we only P70/copy.
have to live should not paralyze us. We are expected
to take the initiative and “conduct ourselves in a way
Get/order your copies as your Christmas gift from
pleasing to God,” ever bent on making “still greater WORD & LIFE CENTER in Makati
progress” (1 Thes 4:1). or the best Religious bookstores

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