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IoT based smart home control system using Android phone


The main objective of this project is to build a smart home device which can be used to control
the home appliances via internet Android phone. The home automation device that you build can
be integrated with almost all the home appliances and can be used to control them remotely from
any part of the world. To facilitate the wireless connectivity with the system, the Arduino Uno
will be embedded with a WiFi module. This establishes the internet connection to the system and
all the home appliances can in turn be connected and controlled by internet. The device can also
be connected to an Android App By using this WIFI (internet) you will be able to control the
home appliances from any part of the world with ease.
Software requirement

 Programming language: Arduino Programming (C++)

 Arduino IDE

Hard ware requirement

 Arduino Uno
 ESP8266 WiFi module
 Relay Driver
 Relay


1) The main advantage of “Home Automation through Android Mobile” is that the “Physically
Challenged and Disabled People” .
2) controlled through one common device
3) Fast enough to realize the true power of wireless technology
4) Replace television, air conditioner etc., remotes for sleep mode.
5) Smart Home.


 Yet there is an increasing demand for smart homes, where controlled through one common
 This wireless technology is especially useful in home environment.
 Lights and appliances (direct, power line or wireless)