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Catalogue 2009/10

Paul Gr i f f i th s

Bre ad and Water

He r e i s s o m e o n e s t an din g at th e e ntr an c e to th e g all e r y w h o g o e s o n t alk in g all t h e t im e w hil e alm o s t all

th e v i­ s i to r s w h o c o m e ar e r u s hin g by in th e ir e ag e r n e s s to in s p e c t w h at i s o n s h ow i n s i d e. T h e h all a li t t l e
way b eyo n d i s p a c ke d w i th r ar e an d wo n d e r f ul thin g s, b e au ti f ull y l ai d o u t an d info r m at i ve l y l ab e ll e d. T h e r e
i s mu c h to s e e, mu c h to l e ar n. T hi s i s w h at th e v i s i to r s h ave c o m e fo r. W hy, th e n, li n g e r at t h e d o o r way?
W hy wai t?
Bu t yo u, yo u h ave s to p p e d. T h ank yo u.
Ye s, thi s i s th e g all e r y, thi s th e ex hib i ti o n: a c at al o gu e.

We c an u s e th e wo r d e i th e r to m e an thi s p ap e r o b j e c t yo u h o l d in yo ur h an d s o r t h e tot ali t y of i te m s a

p ub li s h e r o r, a s in thi s c a s e, r e c o r d c o mp any h a s avail ab l e fo r s al e: th e C ATA LO GUE, a s we m ay p u t i t . Su c h
a C ATA LO GUE i s c h an g e ab l e a s th e o c e an i s: thin g s w ill g o (th o u gh r ar e l y, w h e r e ECM i s c o n c e r n e d), m o r e
w ill c o m e. T h e c at al o gu e, o n th e oth e r h an d, i s f i xe d, a p h oto gr ap h of th e o c e an. T h e r e wa s a m o m e nt,
p r o b ab l y b e fo r e i t r e a c h e d p r int, w h e n th e c at al o gu e wa s i d e nti c al w i th th e C ATA LO GUE. Bu t t h at m o m e nt
h a s p a s s e d an d w ill n ot c o m e ag ain, fo r th e o c e an i s gr ow in g an d th e p h oto gr ap h c ann ot .
Is th e c at al o gu e th e r e fo r e imp ove r i s h e d? No, n o m o r e th an a p h oto gr ap h i s. T hi s i s n o s n ap s h ot, n o f uz z y
im ag e tr ap p e d h al f_th o u ghtl e s s l y o n a m o b il e p h o n e. Lo o k at w h at yo u h ave in yo u r h an d s: t hi s i s s o m e t hi n g
we ll m a d e, s o m e thin g c o mp o s e d. A p r ofe s s i o n al p h oto­ gr ap h e r mu s t h ave b e e n i nv i te d to m ake a s tu d y of
th e o c e an. T hi s i s a s p e c i al o c c a s i o n, w hi c h d e s e r ve s to b e m ar ke d. T h e o c e an i s fo r t y ye ar s o l d. It h a s gr ow n
f r o m a min o r s e a, f r o m a p o o l. It i s hun dr e d s of tim e s b i g g e r n ow th an w h e n i t s t ar te d. A p h oto gr ap h at t hi s
m o m e nt i s ap r o p o s.
We ll, a p h oto gr ap h, we m ay agr e e, i s fo r l o o k in g at, n ot t alk in g ab o u t, an d yo u w ill b e imp at i e nt to g o of f
and lo o k at this one whic h – o h ye s – a mome nt ago we were c alling a galle r y or an ex hib i tion. T he met ap hor s
c o m e thi c k an d fa s t – all of th e m v i s u al, w hi c h i s o d d w h e n thi s i s a c at al o gu e fo r t h e e ar.
S o o n yo u w ill want to g o o n in, b u t th e r e i s a li t tl e m o r e to s ay ab o u t thi s o c e an v i ew, t hi s d i s p l ay h all,
thi s c at al o gu e. By i t s ve r y ex i s te n c e i t s p e aks of p r i d e. It g o e s far b eyo n d th e n e e d s of u t ili t y. F e e l t h e p ap e r.
Lo o k at th e qu ali t y of th e illu s tr ati o n s (b u t n ot qui te ye t). Pr i d e m ay b e o n e of th e d e a d l y s i n s, b u t t h e r e i s a
v ir tu o u s p r i d e in o n e s e l f th at s p e aks of c ar e an d eve n of h o n o ur in g oth e r s. T h at i s t h e p r i d e we s e n s e h e r e.
We li ve in s tr an g e tim e s. Su c h p r i d e s e e ms n ot to fe atur e o n MBA c o ur s e s; i t wo u l d g e t i n t h e way. ECM
h a s m aint ain e d th e m o s t o l d fa s hi o n e d of b u s in e s s p r a c ti c e s w hil e s t ay in g in tun e w i t h w h at i s n ewe s t an d
m o s t ali ve in mu s i c.
T h e r e i s n o p ar a d ox in thi s, o nl y th e ev i d e n c e of a c o n c e r n w i th r e ali ti e s th at ar e i nt an gi b l e an d u n s ayab l e
an d c e r t ainl y un c o mm e r c i al an d th e r e fo r e, of c o ur s e, w i d e l y ove r l o o ke d. S o m e thi n g i s b e i n g to u c h e d i n
ECM’s r e c o r din g s. S o m e thin g i s b e in g to u c h e d eve n h e r e, in thi s c at al o gu e.
A ll r ight, mayb e you should go and have a quic k lo o k. But c ome b ac k , p le as e, if you will.

A s we we r e s ay in g, s o m e thin g i s b e in g to u c h e d. T h at wa s s o f r o m th e f ir s t . A s tr ik i n g nu mb e r of ECM’s
e ar li e s t r e­ c o r din g s we r e m a d e w i th ar ti s t s w h o s e s t ay in g p owe r h a s f u e ll e d a c o nt i nu i n g a s s o c i at i o n w i t h
th e l ab e l: Jo hn A b e r c r o mb i e, A r il d A n d e r s e n, Paul Bl ey, Ja c k D e Jo hn e t te, Jan G ar b ar e k , D ave Ho ll an d, Ke i t h
Jar r e t t, Steve Kuhn, Paul Moti an, Enr i c o Rava, Te r j e R y p d al, To m a s z St anko, Bo b o Ste n s o n, Ralp h Tow n e r.
S eve r al of th e s e mu s i c i an s we r e s till in th e ir mi d _t we nti e s at th e tim e of th e ir f ir s t ECM s e s s i o n s; t h e i r
d eve l o p m e nt h a s b e e n th e l ab e l’s, an d th e l ab e l’s h a s b e e n th e ir s. Imp r ov i s e d mu s i c s i n c e t h e b e gi nni n g
of th e 1970 s i s imp o r t antl y d o c um e nte d in th e r e c o r din g s h e r e c at al o gu e d.
T h e n s o m e thin g s tr an g e h ap p e n e d: th e New S e r i e s. W h at h a d b e e n p r e _ e min e nt l y a j a z z l ab e l, fo r want
of a b e t te r wo r d, wa s n ow h o m e al s o to c l a s s i c al mu s i c, fo r want of a b e t te r wo r d. T h e r e h a d b e e n s o m e
p r e p ar ati o n fo r thi s in th e r e l e a s e of r e c o r din g s by New Yo r k mu s i c i an s w h o s e wo r k wa s l ar g e l y c o mp o s e d:
Steve Re i c h an d Me r e di th Mo nk. Bu t th e ar r i val of A r vo Pär t in 198 4 o p e n e d all k i n d s of n ew d o o r s: to
c o nn e c ti o n s w i th oth e r c o mp o s e r s f r o m th e alr e a d y fa din g S ov i e t Uni o n; to B a c h, w h e t h e r p l aye d by Ke i t h
Jar r e t t o r by T h o m a s D e m e n g a; to alb ums f r o m th e gr e at e ar l y ye ar s of th e c h amb e r mu s i c fe s t i val at t h e
Au s tr i an c a s tl e of Lo c ke nh au s; to tr o ub a d o ur s o n g s s un g by Paul Hilli e r; to Sto c k h au­s­ e n an d to S c hu b e r t .
T h e di s tin c ti o n s di d n ot fall away, b u t th ey b e c am e tr an s p ar e nt . Q u ali ti e s of p e r m an e n c e c o u l d n ow b e
r e c o gnize d in th e imp r ov i s e d wo r k an d of h e s i t ati o n, in c o mp l e ti o n in th e c o mp o s e d. Par t l y t hi s h ap p e n e d
b e c au s e th e ECM C ATA LO GUE, r unnin g to s eve r al hun dr e d alb ums by th e e n d of t h e 198 0 s, wa s n ow alm o s t
a mu s i c al g e nr e in i t s ow n r i ght – a g e nr e w i th b lur r e d b o un d ar i e s b u t a d e f ini te c e nt r e, i n s o m e p l a c e w h e r e
­m u s i c i s p r ize d w h e r eve r i t c o m e s f r o m, s o m e tim e w h e n n othin g h a s ye t qui te h ap p e n e d f i n all y, w h e n eve n
a r e c o r din g   – s e e min g­l y th e e n d of a p r o c e s s – c an s h ow i t s valu e in o p e nin g a qu e s t i o n, o r m o r e t h an o n e.
ECM’s j a z z wa s n eve r c o nve nti o n al, n o r we r e i t s c l a s­ s i c al r e l e a s e s to b e. Yo u w ill f i n d n o Tc h aikov s k y i n t hi s
c at al o gu e, n o Wagn e r (w hi c h i s n ot to s ay th at th e s e c o mp o s e r s w ill n ot e nte r th e C ATA LO GUE s o m e t im e,
gi ve n th e r i ght c o mb in ati o n of p e r fo r m e r an d p r o j e c t). Gr e at r e p u t ati o n s h e r e ar e i n ab eyan c e. Ma s te r­ p i e c e s
ar e m a d e in th e p e r fo r m an c e, n ot b e fo r e. B e e th ove n, Moz ar t an d B a c h e nte r o n a p ar w i t h t h e i r l e s s e r k n ow n
c o ll e agu e s, an d d o n ot s e e m di s c o mf i t te d by th e ex p e r i e n c e b u t, r ath e r, r e f r e s h e d. Mu s i c of o u r ow n t im e
l e a d s th e f i e l d, a s i t s h o ul d, thi s b e in g o ur ow n tim e.
W h e th e r thr o u gh th e New S e r i e s o r th e o l d, th e l ab e l h a d, by th e tur n of th e c e ntu r y, fo r m e d r e l at i o n -
s hip s w i th a gr e at r an g e of mu s i c i an s – r e l ati o n s hip s b a s e d o n g o o d w ill (an oth e r o l d fa s hi o n e d v i r tu e), n ot
c o ntr a c tu al o b li g ati o n. Jo inin g th o s e w h o h a d b e e n ECM ar ti s t s s in c e th e 1970 s we r e p i ani s t s a s d i f fe r e nt
a s Mi s h a A lp e r in, A n dr á s S c hi f f an d He r b e r t He n c k , oth e r s o l o i s t s in c lu din g K im K a s hk a s hi an, Ch ar l e s L l oyd
an d D in o S aluz zi, an d c o mp o s e r s w h o m th e l ab e l b r o u ght to li ght, s u c h a s Gi ya K an c h e li, El e ni K ar ai n d r o u
an d He in e r Go e b b e l s.
A n d s o i t c o ntinu e s. New ar ti s t s ar e j o inin g th e l ab e l all th e tim e, n e c e s s i t atin g a c o nt i nu o u s i n c r e a s e i n
p r o du c ti o n at a tim e w h e n th e r e c o r din g in du s tr y a s a w h o l e i s in s h o c k. Ye t th e qu ali t y of ECMn e s s i n t h e
C ATA LO GUE h a s r e m ain e d c o n s t ant, a s thi s c at al o gu e w ill in di c ate.
O n e wo n d e r s h ow thi s c an b e s o. It i s n ot ju s t a m at te r of th e s ub lim e c ove r s, w hi c h s h ow an d d o n ot
s h ow, w hi c h s e du c e th e eye w hil e s u g g e s tin g th at, thr o u gh th e s il e n c e an d th e s t ill n e s s, t h e r e i s s o m e t hi n g
to b e h e ar d. It i s n ot ju s t a m at te r of th e s up e r b s o un d, fo r e n gin e e r in g al o n e c ann ot m ake mu s i c . It i s,
p e r h ap s, a qu ali t y of c alm a s s ur an c e un d e r l y in g th e inv i t ati o n s of fe r e d by c ove r an d s o u n d. ECM i s, to b e
s ur e, a b u s in e s s; i t ex i s t s in th e m ar ke tp l a c e. Bu t s o d o e s th e v ill ag e b ake r, w h o f i n d s t h e b e s t t h at c an
b e fo un d to m ake th e b e s t th at c an b e fo un d, an d w h o k n ows th at i t all d e p e n d s o n t h e t r u s t of t h o s e w h o
n e e d b r e a d.
Paul Gr i f f i th s

Brot und Was ser

D a s te ht j e m an d am Ein g an g zur G al e r i e, d e r un ab l ä s s i g r e d e t, währ e n d fa s t all e an d e r e n B e s u c h e r s c hn e ll

vo r b e i g e h e n vo r l au te r Ne u gi e r d e, s i c h e n dli c h anzu s c h au e n, wa s d a dr inn e n au s g e s te ll t w i r d. D e r S a al ­
e t wa s we i te r hinte n i s t g e s to p f t vo ll mi t s e l te n e n un d w un d e r b ar e n D in g e n, di e au f s S c h ö n s te p r ä s e nt i e r t
un d info r m ati v b e s c hr i f te t s in d. Es gib t v i e l zu s e h e n un d zu l e r n e n. Ge n au d ar um s i n d d i e B e s u c h e r h e r­
g e ko mm e n. War um d ann al s o am Ein g an g h e r ums te h e n? War um war te n?
A b e r Si e s in d s te h e n g e b li e b e n. D anke.
Ja, di e s i s t di e G al e r i e, di e s i s t di e Au s s te llun g: e in K at al o g.

W ir kö nn e n di e s e s Wo r t b e nu t ze n, we il w ir d a s O b j e k t au s Pap i e r, d a s Si e in d e r Han d h al te n, m e i n e n
o d e r ab e r di e Ge s amth e i t d e r Pr o duk te, di e e in Ve r l ag o d e r, w i e in di e s e m Fall, e in e S c h allp l at te nf i r m a, zu m
Ve r k au f b e r e i t h äl t: d e n K ATA LO G, w i e w ir e s n e nn e n wo ll e n. Ein s o l c h e r K ATA LO G i s t wan d e lb ar w i e d a s
Me e r: D in g e ve r s c hw in d e n (we nn au c h nur s e l te n im Fall e vo n ECM), an d e r e ko mm e n d a zu. D e r K at al o g
­j e d o c h i s t e t wa s Fe s tg e h al te n e s, i s t e in e F oto gr af i e d e s Me e r e s. Wahr s c h e inli c h n o c h vo r d e r D r u c k l e gu n g
h at e s e in e n Au g e nb li c k g e g e b e n, d a d e r K at al o g i d e nti s c h war mi t d e m K ATA LO G. D o c h d i e s e r Au g e nb li c k
i s t vo r üb e r un d w ir d ni c ht w i e d e r ko mm e n, d e nn d a s Me e r wä c h s t b e s t än di g, un d d a s F oto k ann d a s ni c ht .
Is t d e r K at al o g al s o e in e Ve r kür zun g? Ne in, au c h ni c ht m e hr al s e in e F oto gr af i e. Er i s t s c hli e ßli c h ke i n
S c hn ap p s c hu s s, ke in un s c h ar fe s Bil d, w i e e s h alb g e d anke nve r l o r e n mi t e in e m Han d y g e s c h o s s e n w i r d.
­S e h e n Si e s i c h an, wa s Si e d a in d e r Han d h al te n: Es i s t e t wa s s o r g fäl ti g Ge m a c hte s, e t wa s Ko mp o ni e r te s.
Ein p r ofe s s i o n e ll e r F oto gr af mu s s g e b e te n wo r d e n s e in, e in e Stu di e vo m Me e r zu li e fe r n. D a s i s t e i n e b e ­
s o n d e r e Ge l e g e nh e i t, di e ve r di e nt h at, fe s tg e h al te n zu we r d e n. D i e s e r O ze an i s t v i e r zi g Jahr e al t . Er i s t au s
e in e m k l e in e r e n Gewä s s e r, au s e in e m Wa s s e r b e c ke n e r wa c h s e n. Er i s t j e t z t m e hr e r e hu n d e r t m al gr ö ß e r
al s zu ­B e ginn. Ein e F oto gr af i e zu di e s e m Z e i tp unk t h at ihr e n Sinn.
Nun gu t, e in F oto i s t, d e m kö nn e n w ir zu s timm e n, zum A n s c h au e n d a, ni c ht zu m d ar ü b e r Re d e n, u n d Si e
we r d e n b e r e i t s un g e dul di g s e in, s i c h e n dli c h di e s e s hi e r an s c h au e n zu kö nn e n, d a s w i r n o c h – j a, g e n au –
vo r e in e m Au g e nb li c k G al e r i e o d e r Au s s te llun g g e n annt h ab e n. D i e Me t ap h e r n ko mm e n d i c ht g e d r än g t,
in s c hn e ll e r F o l g e – all e f ür s Au g e fa s s b ar, wa s d ar um b e s o n d e r s e r s t aunli c h i s t, we il d i e s d o c h e i n K at al o g
f ür s O hr i s t .
Si e we r d e n s c h o n b al d hin e in g e h e n wo ll e n, ab e r e s gib t n o c h e in we ni g m e hr zu s a g e n ü b e r d i e s e Me e r e s ­
an s i c ht, üb e r di e s e n Au s s te llun g s s a al, di e s e n K at al o g. D ur c h s e in e p ur e E x i s te nt s p r i c ht e r vo n Sto lz. Er g e ht
we i t üb e r di e Not we n di gke i te n d e r Nü t zli c hke i t hin au s. Fühl e n Si e d a s Pap i e r. S e h e n Si e s i c h d i e Q u ali t ät d e r
A b b il dun g e n an (ab e r n o c h ni c ht s ofo r t). Sto lz m ag e in e To d s ün d e s e in, ab e r m an k ann au c h e i n e n tu g e n d -
h af te n Sto lz in s i c h tr ag e n, d e r vo n Für s o r g e un d s o g ar vo n Ho c h a c htun g s p r i c ht . D i e s e A r t vo n Sto lz i s t e s,
di e w ir hi e r e mp f in d e n.
W ir l e b e n in s e l t s am e n Z e i te n. Ein s o l c h e r Sto lz l ä s s t s i c h ni c ht im Kul tur m an a g e m e nt s tu d iu m ve r mi t te l n;
dor t würde er eher im Wege stehen. Das L abel ECM hat sich eine höchst altmodisc he Gesc häf t spra xis b ewahr t,
währ e n d e s gl e i c hze i ti g imm e r im Eink l an g mi t d e m Ge g e nwär ti g s te n un d L e b e n d i g s te n s te ht, wa s e s i n d e r
Mu s ik gib t .
D ar in li e g t ke in e swe g s e in Par a d ox , s o n d e r n e h e r e in B ewe i s f ür d e n s o r g s am e n Um g an g mi t G e g e b e n -
h e i te n, di e un ant a s t b ar un d un au s s p r e c hli c h un d s i c h e r li c h au c h unw ir t s c h af tli c h s i n d, d ar u m ab e r n atü r li c h
au c h we i tg e h e n d mi s s a c hte t . Et wa s w ir d b e r ühr t b e i ECM _ Au f n ahm e n. Et wa s w i r d au c h hi e r b e r ü hr t, i n
­d i e s e m K at al o g.
Einve r s t an d e n, Si e s o ll te n j e t z t l o s g e h e n un d e in e n Bli c k hin e inwe r fe n. A b e r ko mm e n Si e b i t te w i e d e r,
we nn Si e m ö g e n.

W i e w ir s c h o n g e s ag t h ab e n, w ir d hi e r e t wa s an g e r ühr t . D a s war vo n A nfan g s o. Ei n e b e a c ht li c h e

A nz ahl d e r f r üh e s te n ECM _ Au f n ahm e n w ur d e mi t Kün s tl e r n g e m a c ht, d e r e n Ste hve r m ö g e n d i e K r af t f ü r e i n e
fo r t­ b e s te h e n d e Ve r b in dun g mi t d e m L ab e l g e li e fe r t h at: Jo hn A b e r c r o mb i e, A r il d A n d e r s e n, Pau l Bl ey, Ja c k
­D e Jo hn e t te, Jan G ar b ar e k , D ave Ho ll an d, Ke i th Jar r e t t, Steve Kuhn, Paul Moti an, Enr i c o Rava, Te r j e R y p d al,
­To m a s z St anko, Bo b o Ste n s o n, Ralp h Tow n e r. Etli c h e di e s e r Mu s ike r war e n zur Z e i t ihr e r e r s te n ECM _ S e s s i o n s
n o c h in ihr e n Mi t t z wanzi g e r n; ihr e Ent w i c k lun g gin g e inh e r mi t d e r d e s L ab e l s, un d d i e d e s L ab e l s e nt s p r a c h
d e r ihr e n. Imp r ov i s i e r te Mu s ik s e i t B e ginn d e r 1970 e r Jahr e i s t we s e ntli c h in d e n hi e r k at al o gi s i e r te n Au f n ah -
m e n d o kum e nti e r t .
D ann p a s s i e r te e t wa s Er s t aunli c h e s: di e New S e r i e s. Wa s vo r all e m e in Ja z z_ L ab e l g ewe s e n war, wof ü r e s
ke in b e s s e r e s Wo r t gib t, w ur d e nun au c h He ims t at t f ür k l a s s i s c h e Mu s ik , wof ür e s au c h ke i n b e s s e r e s Wo r t
gib t . Es h at te b e r e i t s Vo r b e r e i tun g e n d af ür in Au f n ahm e n mi t New Yo r ke r Mu s ike r n g e g e b e n, d i e we i tg e h e n d
ko mp o ni e r te Mu s ik vo r s te ll te n: Steve Re i c h un d Me r e di th Mo nk. D o c h mi t A r vo Pär t s Au f t r i t t im Jahr 198 4
öf f n e te n s i c h g anz n e u e Tür e n: n ämli c h f ür di e Ve r b in dun g zu an d e r e n Ko mp o ni s te n au s d e r b e r e i t s ni e d e r­
g e h e n d e n S ow j e tuni o n; zu B a c h, o b vo n Ke i th Jar r e t t o d e r vo n T h o m a s D e m e n g a g e s p i e l t; zu S c h allp l at te n -
au f n ahm e n au s d e n gr o ß ar ti g e n f r üh e n Jahr e n d e s K amm e r mu s ik_ Fe s ti val s in Lo c ke nh au s; zu Tr o u b a d o u r_
­L i e d e r n, g e s un g e n vo n Paul Hilli e r; zu Sto c k h au s e n un d zu S c hub e r t .
D i e Unte r s c hi e d e ve r s c hwan d e n ni c ht, ab e r s i e w ur d e n tr an s p ar e nt . Q u ali t äte n d e r B e s t än d i gke i t li e ß e n
sic h nun in imp rovisie r te n We r ke n ausmac he n und solc he de s Zö ge r ns, der Unab ge s c hl o s s e nhe i t in de n Kom ­
p o ni e r te n. D i e s g e s c h ah te il s d ar um, we il d e r ECM _ K ATA LO G, d e r g e g e n En d e d e r 198 0 e r Jahr e au f m e hr e r e
hun d e r t A lb e n an g ewa c h s e n war, nun zu e in e m e i g e n s t än di g e n mu s ik ali s c h e n G e nr e g ewo r d e n war, e i n e m
Ge nre mit uns c har fe n Rände r n, ab e r eine r deutlic h def inier te n Mit te, ange sie de lt an e ine m Or t, an de m Mu sik
un ab h än gi g vo n ihr e r He r kunf t g e s c h ät z t w ir d. In e in e r Z e i t, in d e r n o c h ke in e e n d gü l t i g e n F e s t l e gu n g e n
­g e l te n, d a s e lb s t e in e Au f n ahm e – s c h e inb ar A b s c hlu s s d e s k r e ati ve n Pr oze s s e s – ihr e n We r t d ar i n e r we i s e n
k ann, d a s s s i e e in e Fr ag e au f w ir f t o d e r m e hr al s e in e.
D e r Ja z z b e i ECM war ni e ko nve nti o n e ll, un d au c h di e K l a s s ik_ Au f n ahm e n s o ll te n e s ni e s e i n. Si e we r d e n i n
di e s e m K at al o g ke in e n Ts c h aikows k y f in d e n, ke in e n Wagn e r (wa s ni c ht h e iß e n s o ll, d a s s d i e s e Ko mp o ni s te n
ni c ht e in e s Tag e s ihr e n Ein g an g in d e n K ATA LO G f in d e n we r d e n, vo r au s g e s e t z t, e s e r gi b t s i c h d i e r i c ht i g e
Kombination aus Musike r und Proje k t). Ber ühmtheit wir d hie r zur üc kge s te llt. Meis te r we r ke e nt s te he n währ e nd
der Auf­ führung, nicht vorher. Beethoven, Moz ar t und Bach finden gleichberechtigt mit ihren weniger b ekannten
­K o ll e g e n Ein g an g un d s c h e in e n au s di e s e r B e g e gnun g ke in e swe g s b e e intr ä c hti g t, s o n d e r n v i e lm e hr e r f r i s c ht
h e r vo r­ zu g e h e n. Mu s ik au s un s e r e r g e g e nwär ti g e n Z e i t f ühr t d a s Fe l d an, w i e e s s e i n s o ll te, d a e s nu n e i nm al
um ­un s e r e e i g e n e Ge g e nwar t g e ht .
O b nun dur c h di e New S e r i e s o d e r d e n Ja z z, um di e Jahr t au s e n d we n d e h at te d a s L ab e l Ve r b i n du n g e n
zu e in e m gr o ß e n Sp e k tr um vo n Mu s ike r n au fg e b au t – B ezi e hun g e n, di e au f g e g e n s e i t i g e m Ve r t r au e n (e i n e r
we i te r e n al tm o di s c h e n Tu g e n d), ni c ht ve r tr agli c h fe s tg e l e g te r Ve r p f li c htun g b e r u hte n. Zu d e n Mu s ike r n, d i e
s e i t de n 1970e r Jahre n ECM _ Küns tle r ware n, kame n so unte r s c hie dlic he Pianis te n wie Mis ha A lp e r in, A ndr ás
Sc hif f un d He r b e r t He n c k hinzu, we i te r e S o li s te n w i e K im K a s hk a s hi an, Ch ar l e s L l oyd u n d D i n o S aluz zi s ow i e
Ko mp o ni s te n, di e d a s L ab e l e r s t an s L i c ht e in e r gr o ß e n Ö f fe ntli c hke i t b e fö r d e r te, d ar u nte r Gi ya K an c h e li, El e ni
­K ar ain dr o u un d He in e r Go e b b e l s.
Un d s o g e ht e s we i te r. Imm e r w i e d e r s to ß e n n e u e Kün s tl e r zum L ab e l hinzu un d m a c h e n e i n e ko nt i nu i e r-
li c h e Er h ö hun g d e s O u tp u t s e r fo r d e r li c h, un d d a s zu e in e r Z e i t, d a di e S c h allp l at te ni n du s t r i e i n s g e s amt s i c h
im Sc ho c k zus t and b ef indet. Do c h die ECM - t y pis c he Q u alit ät de s K ATA LO GS is t kons t ant ge b lie b e n, wie die s e r
K at al o g e r n e u t b ewe i s t .
D a f r ag t m an s i c h, w i e d a s s e in k ann. Es li e g t ni c ht nur an d e n w un d e r b ar e n C ove r s, d i e ze i g e n u n d zu -
gl e i c h ni c ht ze i g e n, di e d a s Au g e ve r f ühr e n un d gl e i c hze i ti g dur c h di e Ve r s c hw i e g e nh e i t u n d d i e St ill e d a zu
au f r u fe n, d a s s d a e t wa s g e h ö r t we r d e n s o ll. Es li e g t ni c ht nur an d e m h e r au s r ag e n d e n K l an g, d e nn du r c h
­A u f n ahm e te c hnik all e in k ann ni c ht Mu s ik e nt s te h e n. Es i s t v i e ll e i c ht e in e Q u ali t ät d e r s t ill s c hwe i g e n d e n Ve r­
s i c h e r un g, di e d e r Einl a dun g vo n C ove r un d K l an g zu gr un d e li e g t . ECM, s ov i e l i s t s i c h e r, i s t e i n Unte r n e hm e n;
e s h at s e in e n Pl at z au f d e m Mar k t . S o ähnli c h i s t e s mi t d e m D o r f b ä c ke r, d e r d a s B e s te f i n d e t, wa s e s gi b t,
um das Be s te he r zus te lle n, was e s gibt, und de r weiß, das s all das von de m Ve r tr au e n de r je nige n ab häng t, die
Br ot b r au c h e n.

Üb e r s e t zu n g: B e t t i n a B l u m e n b e r g
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ECM New Series 14

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ECM New Series New Releases
7 K R P D V  =H K H W P D L U 1 L FFR O z3D J D Q L Q L  & D S U L FF L

+N] ] b 8UR_N[X

Kim Kashkashian Niccolò Paganini

Neharót 24 Capricci
Thomas Zehetmair
Kim Kashkashian: viola
Münchener Kammerorchester Thomas Zehetmair: violin
Alexander Liebreich: conductor
24 Capricci per violino solo, op. 1
Boston Modern Orchestra Project
Gil Rose: conductor Recorded December 2007
Kuss Quartett
ECM 2124 | CD 476 3318
Robyn Schulkowsky: percussion
Tigran Mansurian: piano
Betty Olivero: Neharót Neharót
Tigran Mansurian:
Tagh for the Funeral of the Lord
Three Arias (Sung out the window
facing Mount Ararat)
Komitas: Oror
Eitan Steinberg: Rava Deravin
Recorded January 2006,
October 2007, March and May 2008
ECM 2065 | CD 476 3281
DI=B6GH8=D:8@ $ Q G Ui V  6 F K L I I   - R K D Q Q6 H E D VW L D Q% D F K6 L [3D U W L W D V


3 3

Othmar Schoeck Johann Sebastian Bach

Notturno Six Partitas
András Schiff
Christian Gerhaher: baritone
András Schiff: piano
Rosamunde Quartett
Andreas Reiner: violin Partitas BWV 825 –  8 30
Diane Pascal: violin
Recorded September 2007
Helmut Nicolai: viola
Anja Lechner: violoncello ECM 2001/02 | 2_CD 476 6991
Notturno, op. 47
Recorded December 2007
ECM 2061 | CD 476 6995
, J [ X U R W @ R M V J W W < R V X W 5 N Y Y N [
9QJW]J\b XO <Y[RWP 3

/ N U M V J W C R V V N [ V J W W < L Q ‚ W K N [ P AN W J T R \

Rolf Lislevand Carolin Widmann /  S imon Lepper

Diminuito Phantasy of Spring
Rolf Lislevand: lutes, vihuela de mano Carolin Widmann: violin
Linn Andrea Fuglseth: voice Simon Lepper: piano
Anna Maria Friman: voice
Morton Feldman: Spring of Chosroes
Giovanna Pessi: triple harp
Marco Ambrosini: nyckelharpa Bernd Alois Zimmermann:
Thor_Harald Johnsen: chitarra battente, vihuela de mano, lutes Sonate für Violine und Klavier
Michael Behringer: clavichord, organ
Arnold Schönberg: Phantasy for violin
Bjørn Kjellemyr: colascione
with piano accompaniment op. 47
David Mayoral: percussion
Iannis Xenakis: Dikhthas
16th century music,
adapted and arranged by Rolf Lislevand Recorded October and December 2006
Recorded October 2007 and May 2008 ECM 2113 | CD 476 3310
ECM 2088 | CD 476 3317
?J U N W ] R W < R U _ N \ ] [ X _ 3
; 8 6 * 7 , . 7 - ; . <
< J L [ N M @X [ T \
,U J[ J <L Q^VJWW 3

4 R N _ ,Q J V K N [ ,Q X R [ 6 b TX U J 1 X K M b L Q

Valentin Silvestrov Heinz Holliger

Sacred Works Romancendres
Clara Schumann
Kiev Chamber Choir
Mykola Hobdych: conductor Christoph Richter: violoncello
Dénes Várjon: piano
Liturgical Chants
SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart
Two Spiritual Songs
Radio_Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart des SWR
Two Spiritual Chants
Heinz Holliger: conductor
Two Psalms of David
Diptych Clara Schumann:
Alleluia Romanzen
Recorded 2006 and 2007 Heinz Holliger:
ECM 2117 | CD 476 3316
Gesänge der Frühe
Recorded July 2007 and February 2008
ECM 2055 | CD 476 3225
* U O [ N M < L Q W R ] ] T N < b V Y Q X W b 7 X  "

-NWWR\ ;^\\NUU -J_RN\

 "   ( 


Arvo Pärt Alfred Schnittke

In Principio Alexander Raskatov
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir Dresdner Philharmonie
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra Dennis Russell Davies: conductor
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
Elena Vassilieva: mezzo_soprano
Tõnu Kaljuste: conductor
The Hilliard Ensemble
In principio
David James: countertenor
La Sindone
Steven Harrold: tenor
Cecilia, vergine romana
Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor
Da pacem Domine
Gordon Jones: baritone
Mein Weg
Für Lennart in memoriam Alfred Schnittke: Symphony No. 9
Alexander Raskatov: Nunc dimittis
Recorded May 2007 and June 2008
Recorded January 2008
ECM 2050 | CD 476 6990
ECM 2025 | CD 476 6994
6 a[gZ YO^bbZga^c ? # H # 7 V X ]
:jg^Y^XZ  3 >ckZci^dcZcjcYH^c[dc^Zc
8]VbW ZgBjh^X

Alfred Zimmerlin Johann Sebastian Bach

Euridice Inventionen und Sinfonien
Französische Suite V
2. Streichquartett
Till Fellner
Carmina Quartett
Till Fellner: piano
Matthias Enderle: violin
Susanne Frank: violin Inventionen BWV 772 –  7 86
Wendy Champney: viola Sinfonien BWV 787 –  8 01
Stephan Goerner: violoncello Französische Suite V in G_Dur BWV 816
Euridice singt Recorded July 2007
Æquatuor ECM 2043 | CD 476 6355
Sylvia Nopper: soprano
Matthias Arter: oboe
Tobias Moster: violoncello
Ingrid Karlen: piano
1. Streichquartett
Aria Quartett
Thomas Füri: violin
Adelina Oprean: violin
Ettore Causa: viola
Conradin Brotbek: violoncello
Recorded August 2006 and
October 2007
ECM 2045 | CD 476 3261
ECM New Releases
<]XWN 2W =QN @J]N[
6X[ ]NW 5^WM
4.2=1 3*;;.==
9 * ; 2 <  5 8 7 - 8 7
86 @
=N \ ] J V N W ]


Stefano Bollani Keith Jarrett

Stone In The Water Paris /  L ondon
Stefano Bollani: piano
Jesper Bodilsen: double_bass Keith Jarrett: piano
Morten Lund: drums
Recorded November and
Recorded October 2008 December 2008
ECM 2080 | CD 179 4161 ECM 2130 –  3 2 | 3_CD 270 9583
3XQW *KN[L[XVKRN :^J[ ]N] .,6

@J R ] = R U U BX ^ < N N 1 N [




John Abercrombie Quartet Jan Garbarek Group

Wait Till You See Her Dresden
In Concert
John Abercrombie: guitar
Mark Feldman: violin Jan Garbarek:
Thomas Morgan: double_bass soprano and tenor saxophones, selje flute
Joey Baron: drums Rainer Brüninghaus: piano, keyboards
Yuri Daniel: bass
Recorded December 2008
Manu Katché: drums
ECM 2102 | CD 179 8630
Recorded October 2007
ECM 2100/01 | 2_CD 270 9572
* WX^ J[ +[ JQNV = QN * \ ]X^WMRWP .bN \ 8 O ;R ] J
=X V J \ c < ] J W TX : ^ R W ] N ] - J [ T . b N \ .,6


Tomasz Stanko Quintet Anouar Brahem

Dark Eyes The Astounding Eyes Of Rita
Tomasz Stanko: trumpet Anouar Brahem: oud
Alexi Tuomarila: piano Klaus Gesing: bass clarinet
Jakob Bro: guitar Björn Meyer: bass
Anders Christensen: double_bass Khaled Yassine: darbouka, bendir
Olavi Louhivuori: drums
Recorded October 2008
Recorded April 2009
ECM 2075 | CD 179 8628
ECM 2115 | CD 271 1266
- R \ S ] ^ S K X
AK V V _ W \ ¨ N
/ X ] O W L V O .,6

6_QKXY .,6

; J U Y Q =X ` W N [ 9 J X U X / [ N \ ^ ,Q R J [ X \ L ^ [ X

Christian Wallumrød Sextet Ralph Towner /  P aolo Fresu

Fabula Suite Lugano Chiaroscuro
Christian Wallumrød: piano, harmonium, toy piano Ralph Towner:
Eivind Lønning: trumpet classical, 12_string and baritone guitars
Gjermund Larsen: violin, Hardanger fiddle, viola Paolo Fresu:
Tanja Orning: cello trumpet, flugelhorn
Giovanna Pessi: baroque harp
Recorded October 2008
Per Oddvar Johansen: drums, percussion,
glockenspiel ECM 2085 | CD 179 7510
Recorded June 2009
ECM 2118 | CD 271 1269
4NR] Q 3 J[[N] ] .,6 .W[RLX ;J_J 7 N ` BX [ T - J b \
BN \ ]N [MJb\
6 J [ T =^ [ W N [
3 JL T - N 3 XQWN] ]N
5J[[ b 0[NWJMRN[


Keith Jarrett Enrico Rava

Gary Peacock New York Days
Jack DeJohnette
Enrico Rava: trumpet
Stefano Bollani: piano
Keith Jarrett: piano Mark Turner: tenor saxophone
Gary Peacock: double_bass Larry Grenadier: double_bass
Jack De Johnette: drums Paul Motian: drums
Recorded April 2001 Recorded February 2008
ECM 2060 | CD 177 4447 | 2_LP 179 4205 ECM 2064 | CD 177 2715 | 2_LP 179 7340
<=.?. 4>17 =;28 / 5 B <T b  ,X^W][ b
- *? 2 - / 2 7 , 4  3 8 . B + * ; 8 7
6J[T =^[WN[
`  3 8 . 5 8 ?* 7 8 5 J[[ b 0[ NWJMRN[

6 8 < = 5B , 8 5= ; * 7 . .,6

. ,6

Steve Kuhn Trio Fly

w /  J oe Lovano Sky & Country
Mostly Coltrane
Mark Turner: tenor and soprano saxophones
Steve Kuhn: piano Larry Grenadier: double_bass
Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone, tarogato Jeff Ballard: drums
David Finck: double_bass
Recorded February and June 2008
Joey Baron: drums
ECM 2067 | CD 179 5041
Recorded December 2008
ECM 2099 | CD 270 1114
6X_NVNW]\ RW ,XUX^[ .,6

6 R [ X \ U J _ ? R ] X ^ \ 0 [ X ^ Y
`  6 R L Q N U 9X [ ] J U
; N V N V K N [ R W P @N J ] Q N [ ; N Y X [ ] .,6

Andy Sheppard Miroslav Vitous Group

Movements in Colour w /  M ichel Portal
Remembering Weather Report
Andy Sheppard: soprano and tenor saxophones
John Parricelli: acoustic and electric guitars Franco Ambrosetti: trumpet
Eivind Aarset: electric guitar, electronics Gary Campbell: tenor saxophone
Arild Andersen: double_bass, electronics Miroslav Vitous: double_bass
Kuljit Bhamra: tabla, percussion Gerald Cleaver: drums
Michel Portal: bass clarinet
Recorded February 2008
Recorded fall 2006 and spring 2007
ECM 2062 | CD 179 5042
ECM 2073 | CD 178 8137
=X [ M 0 ^ \ ] J _ \ N W . W \ N V K U N /[ J W u X R \ , X ^ ] ^ [ R N [
;N\]X[NM ;N]^[WNM >W SX^[ \R KUJWL


Tord Gustavsen Ensemble François Couturier

Restored, Returned Un jour si blanc
Tore Brunborg: tenor and soprano saxophones François Couturier: piano
Kristin Asbjørnsen: vocals
Recorded September 2008
Tord Gustavsen: piano
Mats Eilertsen: double_bass ECM 2103 | CD 270 2689
Jarle Vespestad: drums
Recorded January 2009
ECM 2107 | CD 179 8987
ECM New Series Catalogue
John Adams Johann Sebastian Bach
Harmonium Motetten
The Hilliard Ensemble
San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
and Chorus Joanne Lunn: soprano
Edo de Waart: conductor Rebecca Outram: soprano
David James: countertenor
Part 1 – Negative Love
David Gould: countertenor
Part 2 – Because I Could Not Stop
Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor, organ
For Death – Wild Nights
Steven Harrold: tenor
Recorded January 1984 Gordon Jones: baritone
Robert Macdonald: bass
ECM 1277 | download only
Motetten BWV 225 –  2 30
Recorded November 2003
Johann Sebastian Bach
ECM 1875 | CD 476 5776
Inventionen und Sinfonien
Französische Suite V
Till Fellner
Johann Sebastian Bach
Till Fellner: piano
Das Wohltemperierte Klavier,
Inventionen BWV 772 –  7 86 Buch I
Sinfonien BWV 787 –  8 01
Till Fellner: piano
Französische Suite V in G_Dur BWV 816
Recorded September 2002
Recorded July 2007
ECM 1853/54 | 2_CD 476 0482
ECM 2043 | CD 476 6355

Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach
Goldberg Variations
Six Partitas
András Schiff András Schiff: piano
András Schiff: piano Recorded October 2001
Partitas BWV 825 –  8 30 ECM 1825 | CD 472 1852
Recorded September 2007
ECM 2001/02 | 2_CD 476 6991
Johann Sebastian Bach
Anton Webern
Johann Sebastian Bach
Münchener Kammerorchester
The Sonatas and Partitas
Christoph Poppen
for Violin Solo
The Hilliard Ensemble
Gidon Kremer: violin
Johann Sebastian Bach:
Sonatas and Partitas Fuga (Ricercata) a 6 voci
BWV 1001 –  1006 (orchestrated by Anton Webern)
Cantata No. 4 “Christ lag in
Recorded September 2001 and
March 2002
Anton Webern:
ECM 1926/27 | 2_CD 476 7291
String Quartet 1905
(orchestrated by Christoph Poppen)
Five Movements op.  5
Johann Sebastian Bach
Recorded January 2001
The Sonatas and Partitas
for Violin Solo ECM 1774 | CD 461 9122
John Holloway: baroque violin
Sonatas and Partitas
BWV 1001 –  1006
Recorded July and September 2004
ECM 1909/10 | 2_CD 476 3152
Johann Sebastian Bach Johann Sebastian Bach Juliane Banse / A ndrás Schiff
Christoph Poppen 3 Sonaten für Viola da Gamba Songs of Debussy and Mozart
The Hilliard Ensemble und Cembalo
Juliane Banse: soprano
Kim Kashkashian: viola András Schiff: piano
Christoph Poppen: baroque violin Keith Jarrett: cembalo
Claude Debussy:
The Hilliard Ensemble
Sonate G_Dur, BWV 1027 Beau soir | Clair de lune | Pierrot
Monika Mauch: soprano
Sonate D_Dur, BWV 1028 Apparition| Pantomime
David James: countertenor
Sonate g_Moll, BWV 1029 Fêtes galantes, 1er livre:
John Potter: tenor
En sourdine | Fantoches | Clair de lune
Gordon Jones: baritone Recorded September 1991
Ariettes oubliées:
Johann Sebastian Bach: ECM 1501 | CD 445 2302 C’est l’extase langoureuse | Il pleure
Partita D minor BWV 1004 for solo violin dans mon cœur | L’ombre des arbres
Chorales from cantatas and passions Chevaux de bois | Green | Spleen
Ciaccona for solo violin and four voices –
Johann Sebastian Bach Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
a performance including hidden chorales
Das Wohltemperierte Klavier, Dans un bois solitaire KV 308
as revealed in a study by Helga Thoene
Buch II Oiseaux, si tous les ans KV 307
Recorded September 2000 Warnung KV 433 | Der Zauberer KV 472
Keith Jarrett: harpsichord
Das Veilchen KV 476
ECM 1765 | CD 461 8952 Recorded May 1990 Sehnsucht nach dem Frühlinge KV 596
Als Luise die Briefe ihres untreuen
ECM 1433/34 | 2_CD 847 9362
­L iebhabers verbrannte KV 520
Abendempfindung KV 523
Johann Sebastian Bach
Die Kunst der Fuge Recorded January 2001
Johann Sebastian Bach
Keller Quartett Goldberg Variations ECM 1772 | CD 461 8992
András Keller: violin
Keith Jarrett: harpsichord
János Pilz: violin
Zoltán Gál: viola Recorded January 1989
Jean Barraqué
Ottó Kertész: violoncello
ECM 1395 | CD 839 6222 Sonate pour piano
Recorded May 1997
Herbert Henck: piano
ECM 1652 | CD 457 8492
Recorded July 1996
Johann Sebastian Bach
Das Wohltemperierte Klavier, ECM 1621 | CD 453 9142
Buch I
Johann Sebastian Bach
The French Suites Keith Jarrett: piano
Béla Bartók
Keith Jarrett: harpsichord Recorded February 1987
44 Duos for Two Violins
Recorded September 1991 ECM 1362/63 | 2_CD 835 2462
András Keller, János Pilz: violins
ECM 1513/14 | 2_CD 437 9552
Béla Bartók:
44 Duos for Two Violins
Werner Bärtschi
Mozart / S celsi / P ärt György Ligeti:
Busoni / B ärtschi Ballad and Dance
Werner Bärtschi: piano György Kurtág:
Ligatura – Message to Frances_Marie
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
op.  31 b
Fantasie c_Moll KV 475 | Adagio
h_Moll KV 540 | Sonate B_Dur KV 333 Recorded October 1999
Giacinto Scelsi: Vier Illustrationen
ECM 1729 | CD 465 8492
zu den Verwandlungen Vishnus
Arvo Pärt: Für Alina
Werner Bärtschi:
Frühmorgens am Daubensee
Ferruccio Busoni: Toccata
Recorded July 1988
ECM 1377 | CD 839 6592
Ludwig van Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven Luciano Berio
The Piano Sonatas, Volume VIII The Piano Sonatas, Volume II Voci
Kim Kashkashian
András Schiff: piano András Schiff: piano
Kim Kashkashian: viola
Sonatas opp. 109, 110 and 111 Sonatas opp. 10 and 13
Radio Symphonieorchester Wien
Recorded September 2007 Recorded November 2004 Dennis Russell Davies: conductor
Robyn Schulkowsky: percussion
ECM 1949 | 476 6192 ECM 1942 | CD 476 3100
Luciano Berio: Voci
Sicilian folk music
Luciano Berio: Naturale
Ludwig van Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven
The Piano Sonatas, Volume VII The Piano Sonatas, Volume I Recorded November 1999
and May 2000
András Schiff: piano András Schiff: piano
ECM 1735 | CD 461 8082
Sonatas opp. 90, 101 and 106 Sonatas opp. 2 and 7
Recorded May 2006 Recorded March 2004
ECM 1948 | 476 6189 ECM 1940/41 | 2_CD 476 3054 Biber / Muffat
Der Türken Anmarsch
John Holloway
Ludwig van Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven John Holloway: violin
The Piano Sonatas, Volume VI Complete Music for Piano Aloysia Assenbaum: organ
and Violoncello Lars Ulrik Mortensen: harpsichord
András Schiff: piano
András Schiff: piano Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber:
Sonatas opp. 54, 57, 78, 79 and 81a
Miklós Perényi: violoncello Sonata “Victori der Christen” A minor
Recorded April 2006 Sonatas I A major, II D dorian,
Sonatas opp. 5, 17, 69 and 102
V E minor and VIII A major from
ECM 1947 | 476 6187 12 Variations F major op.  6 6
Sonatae Violino solo 1681
7 Variations E_flat major WoO 46
Georg Muffat: Sonata D major
Recorded December 2001
Ludwig van Beethoven and August 2002 Recorded July 2002
The Piano Sonatas, Volume V
ECM 1819/20 | 2_CD 472 4012 ECM 1837 | CD 472 4322
András Schiff: piano
Sonatas opp. 31 and 53
Andante favori Harald Bergmann H. I. F. Biber
Scardanelli Unam Ceylum
Recorded December 2005
Text und Musik aus dem Film John Holloway: violin
ECM 1945/46 | 2_CD 476 6186
von Harald Bergmann Aloysia Assenbaum: organ
Lars Ulrik Mortensen: harpsichord
Walter Schmidinger: voice
Peter Schneider: Scardanelli_piano Sonatas III F major, IV D major,
Ludwig van Beethoven
Noël Lee, Christian Ivaldi: piano VI C minor, and VII G major from
The Piano Sonatas, Volume IV
Sonatae Violino solo 1681
Recorded May 1998 and
András Schiff: piano Sonata No. 81 A major – unpublished
December 1997
Sonata No. 84 E major – unpublished
Sonatas opp. 26, 27 and 28
ECM 1761 | CD 476 1247
Recorded May 2001
Recorded April 2005
ECM 1791 | CD 472 0842
ECM 1944 | CD 476 5875

Johannes Brahms
Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonaten für Viola und Klavier
The Piano Sonatas, Volume III
Kim Kashkashian: viola
András Schiff: piano
Robert Levin: piano
Sonatas opp. 14, 22 and 49
Sonate Es_Dur op.  1 20 Nr. 2
Recorded February 2005 Sonate f_Moll op.  1 20 Nr. 1
ECM 1943 | CD 476 3155 Recorded November 1996
ECM 1630 | CD 457 0682
Eduard Brunner Gavin Bryars
Dal niente Three Viennese Dancers
Eduard Brunner: clarinet Arditti String Quartet
Pascal Pongy: french horn
Isang Yun: Piri
Charles Fullbrook: percussion
Igor Stravinsky:
Gavin Bryars: percussion
Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo
Piece for Clarinet Solo Prologue
Pierre Boulez: String Quartet No. 1 ( “Between
Domaines pour clarinette seule The National And The Bristol” )
Karlheinz Stockhausen: First Viennese Dance
In Freundschaft Epilogue
Giacinto Scelsi:
Recorded February 1986
Preghiera per un’ ombra
Helmut Lachenmann: ECM 1323 | download only
Dal niente (Intérieur III)
Recorded October 1995
William Byrd
ECM 1599 | download only
Motets and Mass for four voices
The Theatre Of Voices
Judith Nelson: soprano
Gavin Bryars
Drew Minter: countertenor
Vita Nova
Paul Elliot: tenor
David James: countertenor Paul Hillier: baritone, artistic director
String Trio Christopher Bowers_Broadbent: organ
The Hilliard Ensemble
Compositions by William Byrd,
Large Chamber Ensemble
Thomas Tallis, John Taverner,
Gavin Bryars Ensemble
Richard Edwards, John Sheppard
Incipit Vita Nova
Recorded February 1992
Glorious Hill
Four Elements ECM 1512 | CD 439 1722
Sub Rosa
Recorded September 1993
John Cage
ECM 1533 | CD 445 3512
Early Piano Music
Herbert Henck: piano
Gavin Bryars The Seasons
After The Requiem Metamorphosis
In a Landscape
Bill Frisell: electric guitar
Alexander Balanescu: violin, viola
Two Pieces for Piano (1935)
Kate Musker: viola
Tony Hinnigan: violoncello
Two Pieces for Piano (1946)
Roger Heaton: clarinet, bass clarinet
Dave Smith: tenor horn, piano Recorded December 2002
Gavin Bryars: double_bass
ECM 1844 | CD 476 1515
Martin Allen: percussion
Simon Limbrick: percussion
Evan Parker: soprano saxophone
Stan Sulzmann: soprano saxophone John Cage
Ray Warleigh: alto saxophone The Seasons
Julian Argüelles: baritone saxophone
American Composers Orchestra
After The Requiem Dennis Russell Davies: conductor
The Old Tower Of Löbenicht Margaret Leng Tan:
Alaric I Or II prepared piano, toy piano
Seventy_Four (Version I)
Recorded September 1990 The Seasons
Concerto for Prepared Piano
ECM 1424 | CD 847 5372 | LP 847 5371
and Chamber Orchestra
Seventy_Four (Version II)
Suite for Toy Piano
Suite for Toy Piano (Orchestration:
Lou Harrison)
Recorded January 1997
ECM 1696 | CD 465 1402
Elliott Carter Patrick Demenga Thomas Demenga
What Next? Thomas Demenga Hosokawa /  B ach / Yun
Lux aeterna
An opera in one act Thomas Demenga: violoncello
Words by Paul Griffiths Patrick Demenga: violoncello Asako Urushihara: violin
Thomas Demenga: violoncello Teodoro Anzellotti: accordion
Valdine Anderson, Sarah Leonard,
Aurèle Nicolet: flute
Hilary Summers, William Joyner, Alexander Knaifel: Lux aeterna
Heinz Holliger: oboe
Dean Elzinga, Emanuel Hoogeveen Thomas Demenga: Duo? o, Du …
Hansheinz Schneeberger: violin
Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra Jean Barrière: Sonata No. 10, G major
Thomas Larcher: piano
Peter Eötvös: conductor Roland Moser: Wendungen
Barry Guy: Redshift Toshio Hosokawa:
Recorded September 2000
In die Tiefe der Zeit
and September 2001 Recorded November 1998
Duo für Violine und Violoncello
ECM 1817 | CD 472 1882 ECM 1695 | CD 465 3412 Winter Bird
Johann Sebastian Bach:
Suite Nr. 5 c_Moll für Violoncello solo
Friedrich Cerha / Franz Schreker Patrick Demenga Suite Nr. 6 D_Dur für Violoncello solo
Heinrich Schiff / NRCO / Peter Eötvös Thomas Demenga
Isang Yun:
12 Hommages à Paul Sacher
Heinrich Schiff: violoncello Gasa | Espace I | Images
pour violoncelle
Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra
Recorded July 1985, December 1998
Peter Eötvös: conductor Patrick Demenga: violoncello
and November 2000
Thomas Demenga: violoncello
Friedrich Cerha:
Cello Ensemble ECM 1782/83 | 2_CD 461 8622
Konzert für Violoncello und Orchester
Jürg Wyttenbach: conductor
Franz Schreker:
Compositions by Conrad Beck,
Kammersymphonie in einem Satz
Luciano Berio, Pierre Boulez, Thomas Demenga
Recorded September 2003 Benjamin Britten, Henri Dutilleux, Johann Sebastian Bach
Wolfgang Fortner, Alberto Ginastera, Bernd Alois Zimmermann
ECM 1887 | CD 476 3098
Cristóbal Halffter, Hans Werner Henze,
Thomas Demenga: violoncello
Heinz Holliger, Klaus Huber,
Thomas Zehetmair: violin
Witold Lutoslawski
Christoph Schiller: viola
Cikada String Quartet
Recorded June 1993
Saariaho / Cage / Maderna Johann Sebastian Bach:
ECM 1520/21 | download only Suite Nr. 2 d_Moll für Violoncello solo
Henrik Hannisdal: violin
Odd Hannisdal: violin Bernd Alois Zimmermann:
Marek Konstantynowicz: viola Sonate für Violine solo
Morten Hannisdal: violoncello Thomas Demenga Sonate für Viola solo
Chonguri Sonate für Cello solo
Kaija Saariaho: Nymphéa
John Cage: String Quartet in Four Parts Thomas Demenga: violoncello Recorded February, May and June 1995
Bruno Maderna: Quartetto per archi Thomas Larcher: piano
ECM 1571 | CD 449 9042
in due tempi Teodoro Anzellotti: accordion
Recorded August 2001 Compositions by Sulkhan Tsintsadze,
Johann Sebastian Bach,
ECM 1799 | CD 472 4222 Thomas Demenga
Gaspar Cassadó, Frédéric Chopin,
Johann Sebastian Bach
Gabriel Fauré, Anton Webern,
Sándor Veress
Franz Liszt, Darius Milhaud and
Thomas Demenga Hansheinz Schneeberger: violin
Tabea Zimmermann: viola
Recorded August 2004
Thomas Demenga: violoncello
ECM 1914 | CD 476 3022
Johann Sebastian Bach:
Suite Nr. 1 G_Dur für Violoncello solo
Sándor Veress:
Sonata per violino solo
Sonata per violoncello solo
Trio per archi
Recorded December 1991
ECM 1477 | CD 437 4402
Thomas Demenga The Dowland Project Dvo®ák /  J aná∫ek /  E ben
Johann Sebastian Bach Romaria
Dagmar Masková: soprano
Elliott Carter John Potter
Marta Benacková: alto
Thomas Demenga: violoncello John Potter: tenor Walter Coppola: tenor
Hansheinz Schneeberger: violin Milos Valent: violin, viola Peter Mikulás: bass
Philippe Racine: flute John Surman: soprano saxophone, Lydie Härtelová: harp
Ernesto Molinari: clarinet bass clarinet, tenor and bass recorders Josef Ksica: organ
Paul Cleemann: piano Stephen Stubbs: Prague Chamber Choir
Gerhard Huber: percussion baroque guitar, vihuela Josef Pancík: conductor
Jürg Wyttenbach: conductor
Love songs, chants and motets from Antonín Dvo®ák:
Johann Sebastian Bach: the 12th century to the present by Mass D major op.  8 6 for soloists,
Suite Nr. 3 C_Dur für Violoncello solo Oswald von Wolkenstein, Orlando di Lasso, mixed choir and organ obligato
Josquin Desprez and others including the
Elliott Carter: Leo† Janá∫ek: Our Father
anonymous composers of the Carmina
Esprit rude, Esprit doux for Flute for mixed choir, harp and organ
Burana manuscript
and Clarinet | Enchanted Preludes for
Petr Eben: Prague Te Deum 1989
Flute and Violoncello | Riconoscenza Recorded January 2006
for mixed choir and organ
per Goffredo Petrassi for Solo Violin
ECM 1970 | CD 476 5780
Triple Duo Recorded November 1993
Recorded October 1988 and April 1989 ECM 1539 | CD 449 5082
ECM 1391 | CD 839 6172 | LP 839 6171 The Dowland Project
Care_charming sleep
John Potter Ensemble Belcanto
Dietburg Spohr
Thomas Demenga John Potter: tenor
Come un’ombra di luna
Johann Sebastian Bach Stephen Stubbs:
Heinz Holliger chitarrone, baroque guitar Ensemble Belcanto
John Surman: Dietburg Spohr: mezzosoprano, director
Thomas Demenga: violoncello
soprano saxophone, bass clarinet Brigitta Zehetner: mezzosoprano
Heinz Holliger: oboe
Maya Homburger: baroque violin Andrea Baader: soprano
Catrin Demenga: violin
Barry Guy: double_bass Rita Huber: soprano
Heinz Holliger: Dzuna Kalnina: alto
Songs and madrigals by
Duo für Violine und Violoncello Rica Rauch: alto
Claudio Monteverdi, Henry Purcell,
Studie über Mehrklänge für Oboe solo
Robert Johnson, John Wilbye, Haim Alexander: Mein blaues Klavier
Trema für Violoncello solo
Cipriano de Rore, Benedetto Ferrari, Konrad Boehmer: Un monde
Johann Sebastian Bach: Giovanni Sances, Riccardo Rognoni abandonné des facteurs
Suite Nr. 4 Es_Dur für Violoncello and Cherubino Busatti Fabrizio Casti: Come un’ ombra di luna
Wolfgang Rihm: Séraphin – Stimmen
Recorded September 1986 Recorded September 2001
Recorded January 2000
ECM 1340 | CD 833 3072 ECM 1803 | CD 476 0522
ECM 1739 | CD 461 7192

Thomas Demenga /  H einz Reber John Dowland

Cellorganics In Darkness Let Me Dwell Heino Eller
John Potter Neenia
Thomas Demenga: violoncello
Heinz Reber: pipe organ John Potter: tenor Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
Stephen Stubbs: lute Tõnu Kaljuste: conductor
Cellorganic 1 – 4
John Surman:
Lüüriline süit | Neenia
Recorded October 1980 soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Five pieces for string orchestra
Maya Homburger: baroque violin
ECM 1196 | CD 829 3892 Sümfoniett | Eleegia
Barry Guy: double_bass
Recorded August 1999
Weep You No More, Sad Fountains
In Darkness Let Me Dwell ECM 1745 | CD 461 6612
Lachrimae Verae | From Silent Night
Come Again | The Lowest Trees Have Tops
Flow My Tears | Come Heavy Sleep
Walter Fähndrich
Fine Knacks For Ladies | Flow My Tears
Now, Oh Now I Needs Must Part
Lachrimae Tristes | Go Crystal Tears Walter Fähndrich: viola
Lachrimae Amantis
Viola IV, II, III, VI, IV
Recorded January 1999
Recorded November 1989
ECM 1697 | CD 465 2342
ECM 1412 | CD 841 9452 | LP 841 9451
Morton Feldman Jan Garbarek
The Viola in My Life The Hilliard Ensemble
Marek Konstantynowicz: viola
Cikada Ensemble The Hilliard Ensemble
Norwegian Radio Orchestra David James: countertenor
Christian Eggen: conductor Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor
John Potter: tenor
The Viola in My Life I –  I V
Gordon Jones: baritone
Recorded August 2001
Jan Garbarek:
ECM 1798 | CD 476 5777 soprano and tenor saxophones
Quechua Song | O Lord in Thee
is all My Trust | Estonian Lullaby
Ambrose Field Remember Me My Dear | Gloria
Being Dufay Fayrfax Africanus | Agnus Dei
John Potter Novus novus | Se je fayz dueil
O ignis spiritus | Alleluia nativitatis
John Potter: tenor
Delphic Paean | Strophe and Counter_
Ambrose Field: composer,
Strophe | Mascarades | Loiterando
live and studio electronics
Estonian Lullaby | Russian Psalm
Music based on vocal fragments by Eagle Dance | When Jesus Wept
Guillaume Dufay Hymn to the Sun
Ma belle dame souveraine Recorded April 1998
Je me complains | Being Dufay
ECM 1700/01 | 2_CD 465 1222
Je vous pri | Presque quelque chose
Sanctus | La dolce vista
Recorded 2007
Jan Garbarek
ECM 2071 | CD 476 6948 The Hilliard Ensemble
The Hilliard Ensemble
Walter Frye David James: countertenor
The Hilliard Ensemble Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor
John Potter: tenor
The Hilliard Ensemble
Gordon Jones: baritone
David James: countertenor
Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor Jan Garbarek:
John Potter: tenor soprano and tenor saxophones
Gordon Jones: baritone
Parce mihi domine | Primo tempore
Trinitatis dies | Gloria | Salve virgo Sanctus | Regnantem sempiterna
Credo | O florens rosa | Sanctus O salutaris hostia | Procedentem
Agnus dei | Ave regina | Ave regina sponsum | Pulcherrima rosa
Sospitati dedit | Tout a par moi Parce mihi domine | Beata viscera
So ys emprentid | Myn hertis lust De spineto nata rosa | Credo
Alas, alas is my chief song Ave maris stella | Virgo flagellatur
Oratio Ieremiae | Parce mihi domine
Recorded December 1991
Recorded September 1993
ECM 1476 | CD 437 6842
ECM 1525 | CD 445 3692

Bruno Ganz
Wenn Wasser wäre
T. S. Eliot / G iorgos Seferis
T. S. Eliot: Das wüste Land
Giorgos Seferis:
Die „Drossel∑ | Da nun vieles und so
viel vorüberzog | Flasche im Meer
Die Argonauten | Er heißt aber Orest
Denk an das Bad, wo du erschlagen
wardst | Auf der Bühne
Nur ein Weniges noch
Music by György Kurtág,
Nikos Xydakis and Giya Kancheli
Recorded 1999
ECM 1723 | CD 465 7802
Gesualdo Paul Giger Jean_Luc Godard
Tenebrae Schattenwelt Histoire(s)  d u Cinéma
The Hilliard Ensemble
Paul Giger: violin Complete soundtrack of the video series
David James: countertenor “Histoire(s) du cinéma” (1988 – 9 8) on
Ashley Stafford: countertenor five CD’s, with Jean_Luc Godard’s narra-
Seven Scenes from Labyrinthos:
John Potter: tenor tion the participation of Juliette Binoche,
Dancing With The Stars | Crane
Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor Julie Delpy, Anne_Marie Miéville and the
Creating The Labyrinth | Birth Of
Mark Padmore: tenor voices of André Malraux, Ezra Pound,
The Bull | Fourteen Virgins | Death
Paul Hillier: baritone Paul Celan and Alfred Hitchcock.
Dancing In The World Of Shadows
David Beavan: bass Godard’s montage also incorporates
Bombay (Good Night)
the music of Paul Hindemith, Arvo Pärt,
Feria V, Responsoria 1 – 9
Recorded May 1992 Ludwig van Beethoven, Giya Kancheli,
Feria VI, Responsoria 1 – 9
Béla Bartók, Franz Schubert, Igor Stra­-
Sabbato Sancto, Responsoria 1 – 9 ECM 1487 | CD 437 7762
­v in­sky, Johann Sebastian Bach, John
Benedictus | Miserere
­C oltrane, Leonard Cohen, Otis Redding,
Recorded March 1990 Dmitri Sho­stakovich, Anton Webern,
Paul Giger Dino Saluzzi, David Darling, Ketil Bjørn­
ECM 1422/23 | 2_CD 843 8672
Chartres stad and others.
Paul Giger: violin Godard’s narration, in French and with
German and English translations, is pub-
Paul Giger / Marie_Louise Dähler Crypt I & II | Crypt III | Labyrinth
lished in four accompanying bound and
Towards Silence Crossing | Holy Center
stitched text books, each with numerous
Paul Giger: violin, violino d’amore Recorded Summer 1988 stills from “Histoire(s) du cinéma”. This
Marie_Louise Dähler: harpsichord ­e dition also includes an interview with
ECM 1386 | CD 837 7522 | LP 837 7521
Godard by American film historian Jo­na­
Johann Sebastian Bach:
than Rosenbaum.
Aria from Goldberg Variations, BWV 988
Vivace from Sonata V in F minor for violin Recorded 1988 –  1 997
Vladimír Godár
and obligato harpsichord, BWV 1018
Mater 5_CD Set, with four books in slipcase
Allegro from Sonata V, BWV 1018
Præludium (Impro) | Postludium (Impro) Iva Bittová: voice ECM 1706 –  10 | 5_CD 465 1512
Adagio from Sonata V, BWV 1018 Milos Valent: violin, viola
Largo from Sonata V, BWV 1018 Bratislava Conservatory Choir
Du†an Bill: choirmaster
Paul Giger /  M arie_Louise Dähler: Jean_Luc Godard
Solamente Naturali
From Silence to Silence | Cemb a quattro Nouvelle Vague
Marek ˝tryncl: conductor
Halfwhole | Dorian Horizon | Vertical
The complete soundtrack – music,
Bells | Bombay II Maykomashmalon | Magnificat
dia­logue, sounds – of Jean_Luc Godard’s
Uspávanky (Lullabies) | Ecce puer
Paul Giger: Nouvelle Vague, premiered at the
Stálá Matka (Stabat Mater)
Gliss a uno Cannes Festival in 1990.
Regina coeli | Maykomashmalon
Recorded October 2006 With music by Dino Saluzzi, David Darling,
Recorded September 2005
Paul Hindemith, Arnold Schönberg,
ECM 2014 | CD 476 6180
ECM 1985 | CD 476 5689 Paul Giger, Patti Smith, Meredith Monk,
Heinz Holliger, Werner Pirchner, and
voices of Alain Delon, Domiziana
Paul Giger Giordano, Roland Amstutz and
Ignis Laurence Cote.
Paul Giger: violin, violino d’amore Recorded 1990
Marius Ungureanu: viola
ECM 1600/01 | 2_CD 449 8912
Beat Schneider: violoncello
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Tõnu Kaljuste: conductor
Jean_Luc Godard
Organum | Karma Shadub | Tropus
Anne_Marie Miéville
Alleluja | O Ignis
Four Short Films
Recorded June 1998
ECM Cinema 5001 | p. 116
ECM 1681 | CD 465 6482
Heiner Goebbels Heiner Goebbels Heiner Goebbels
Landschaft mit Ou bien le débarquement SHADOW /
entfernten Verwandten désastreux Landscape with Argonauts
David Bennent: voice Texts by Joseph Conrad, With words by Edgar Allen Poe
Georg Nigl: baritone Heiner Müller and Francis Ponge and Heiner Müller
Deutscher Kammerchor
André Wilms: voice Sussan Deihim: vocals
Ensemble Modern
Sira Djebate: vocals René Lussier: guitar
Franck Ollu: conductor
Boubakar Djebate: kora, vocals Charles Hayward: drums,
Opera for soloists, choir and ensemble Yves Robert: trombone tipan, hand_percussion
with texts by Gertrude Stein, Alexandre Meyer: electric guitar, Christos Govetas: clarinet,
Giordano Bruno, Henri Michaux, T. S. Eliot, table guitar, daxophone chumbush, gardon
Leonardo da Vinci and Nicolas Poussin Xavier Garcia: keyboards, Heiner Goebbels: keyboards,
sampling, programming programming, accordion
Recorded October 2004
Heiner Goebbels: sampling,  … and 100 voices on the streets
ECM 1811 | CD 476 5838 programming of Boston
Moussa Sissoko: djembe
Recorded February, September
Recorded June 1994 and October 1990
Heiner Goebbels
ECM 1552 | download only ECM 1480 | CD 513 3722
Josef Bierbichler: voice
Ensemble Modern
Heiner Goebbels Heiner Goebbels
Anmut sparet nicht noch Mühe La Jalousie /  R ed Run Der Mann im Fahrstuhl
Allegro assai | Moment musical Herakles 2 /  B efreiung The Man In The Elevator
Andante | Und ich werde nicht mehr
Ensemble Modern Based on a text by Heiner Müller
sehen | Vier Wiegenlieder für
Christoph Anders: narrator
Arbeitermütter | Hörstück I Arto Lindsay: voice, guitar
Peter Rundel: conductor
Ballade von der haltbaren Graugans Ernst Stötzner: voice
Mutter Beimlein | Vom Sprengen des Recorded May 1992 Don Cherry: voice, trumpet,
­G artens | Ballade vom zerrissenen doussn’ gouni
ECM 1483 | CD 437 9972
Rock | Horatios Monolog | Bericht Fred Frith: guitar, bass
vom 1. Mai | Hörstück II | Kleine Charles Hayward: drums, metal
Passacaglia | Finale: Improvisation George Lewis: trombone
Über den Selbstmord | Kriegslied Heiner Goebbels Ned Rothenberg: saxophones,
„Großvater Stöffel∑ | „Die Fabriken∑ Hörstücke bass clarinet
Und endlich stirbt die Sehnsucht doch Heiner Goebbels: piano,
Based on texts by Heiner Müller
synthesizer, programming
Recorded October 1998
Angela Schanelec, Otto Sander,
Recorded March 1988
ECM 1779 | download only Jakob Rendtorff_Goebbels,
Heiner Müller, Ernst Stötzner: voices ECM 1369 | CD 837 1102
Walter Raffeiner: tenor
René Lussier: guitar, vocal_dubs
Heiner Goebbels
Peter Brötzmann: saxophones, tarogato
Surrogate Cities Nicholas Gombert
Peter Hollinger: drums, darbouka
Missa Media Vita In Morte Sumus
Junge Deutsche Philharmonie Heiner Goebbels: synthesizer,
The Hilliard Ensemble
Peter Rundel: conductor programming
Jocelyn B. Smith: vocal Kammerchor Horbach, David James: countertenor
David Moss: vocal directed by Johannes Eisenberg Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor
Megalomaniax Steven Harrold: tenor
Suite for Sampler and Orchestra
We Wear The Crown Andreas Hirtreiter: tenor
The Horatian – Three Songs (words
Gordon Jones: baritone
by Heiner Müller) Recorded 1984 – 1990
Robert Macdonald: bass
D & C (for orchestra)
ECM 1452 –  54 | 3_CD 513 3682
Surrogate (words by Hugo Hamilton) Missa Media vita in morte sumus
In the Country of Last Things (words Motets:
by Paul Auster) Media vita in morte sumus
Salve Regina
Recorded 1996 and 1999
Anima mea liquefacta est
ECM 1688 | CD 465 3382 O crux, splendidior
Quam pulchra es
Musae Iovis
Recorded May 2002
ECM 1884 | CD 981 8792
Górecki /  S atie /  M ilhaud /  B ryars Georg Friedrich Händel Karl Amadeus Hartmann
Suites for Keyboard Funèbre
Sarah Leonard: soprano
Christopher Bowers_Broadbent: organ Keith Jarrett: piano Münchener Kammerorchester
Christoph Poppen: conductor
Henryk Górecki: O Domina Nostra Suite HWV 452 G minor
Isabelle Faust: violin
Erik Satie: Messe des Pauvres Suite HWV 447 D minor
Paul Meyer: clarinet
Darius Milhaud: Prelude I & II Suites II No. 7 HWV 440 B_flat major
Petersen Quartett
Gavin Bryars: The Black River Suites I No. 8 HWV 433 F minor
Suites I No. 2 HWV 427 F major Concerto funebre
Recorded June 1992
Suites I No. 4 HWV 429 E minor 4. Sinfonie
ECM 1495 | CD 437 9562 Suites I No. 1 HWV 426 A major Kammerkonzert
Recorded September 1993 Recorded July and September 1999
ECM 1530 | CD 445 2982 ECM 1720 | CD 465 7792
Sofia Gubaidulina
Elsbeth Moser: bayan
Boris Pergamenschikow: violoncello
Frode Haltli Joseph Haydn
Münchener Kammerorchester
Looking on Darkness The Seven Words
Christoph Poppen: conductor
Rosamunde Quartett
Frode Haltli: accordion
Seven Words for violoncello,
Andreas Reiner: violin
bayan and strings Vertavo String Quartet
Simon Fordham: violin
Ten Preludes for violoncello solo Øyvor Volle: violin
Helmut Nicolai: viola
De profundis for bayan solo Berit Cardas: violin
Anja Lechner: violoncello
Henninge Landaas: viola
Recorded January 2001
Bjørg Værnes: violoncello Seven quartets for two violins, viola
ECM 1775 | CD 461 8972 and violoncello, Hob. III: 50 – 56
Bent Sørensen: Looking on Darkness
PerMagnus Lindborg: Recorded May 2000
Bombastic SonoSofisms
ECM 1756 | CD 461 7802
Gurdjieff /  Tsabropoulos Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje:
Chants, Hymns and Dances gagaku variations
Magnus Lindberg: Jeux d’anches
Anja Lechner: violoncello
Asbjørn Schaathun: Lament Herbert Henck
Vassilis Tsabropoulos: piano
Recorded August 2001
Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff:
Herbert Henck: piano, prepared piano
Chant from a Holy Book | Bayaty ECM 1794 | CD 472 1872
Prayer | Duduki | Interlude I John Cage: Sonatas and Interludes
Interlude II | Assyrian Women Mourners Herbert Henck: Festeburger Fantasien
Armenian Song | No. 11 | Woman’s Prayer
Stephen Hartke Recorded 1993 and 2000
Chant from a Holy Book, var. 1
ECM 1842/43 | 2_CD 472 8282
Vassilis Tsabropoulos: Cathedral in the Thrashing Rain
Trois morceaux après des hymnes
The Hilliard Ensemble
byzantins | Dance | Chant
David James: countertenor
Herbert Henck
Recorded December 2003 Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor
Piano Music
Steven Harrold: tenor
ECM 1888 | CD 981 9613 Conlon Nancarrow / George Antheil
Andreas Hirtreiter: tenor
Gordon Jones: baritone Herbert Henck: piano
Michelle Makarski: violin Conlon Nancarrow:
Barry Guy
Lynn Vartan, Javier Diaz: percussion Three 2_part Studies | Prelude | Blues
Donald Crockett: conductor
George Antheil:
Maya Homburger: baroque violin
Recorded February 2003 Sonatina für Radio | Second Sonata,
Muriel Cantoreggi: violin
“The Airplane” | Mechanisms | A Machine
Barry Guy: double_bass ECM 1861 | CD 476 0512
Sonatina (Death of the Machines)
Münchener Kammerorchester
Jazz Sonata (Sonata No. 4)
Christoph Poppen: conductor
Sonata Sauvage | (Little) Shimmy
Recorded February 2005
Recorded August 1999
ECM 1931 | CD 476 3053
ECM 1726 | CD 465 8292
The Hilliard Ensemble The Hilliard Ensemble Heinz Holliger
Audivi vocem Codex Speciálník Romancendres
Clara Schumann
David James: countertenor David James: countertenor
Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor Christoph Richter: violoncello
Steven Harrold: tenor John Potter: tenor Dénes Várjon: piano
Gordon Jones: baritone Gordon Jones: baritone SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart
Robert Macdonald: bass Radio_Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart
Music from a Prague manuscript c  1 500
des SWR
Latin church music from
Recorded January 1993 Heinz Holliger: conductor
16th_century England by
Thomas Tallis, Christopher Tye ECM 1504 | CD 447 8072 Clara Schumann:
and John Sheppard Romanzen
Recorded March 2005 Heinz Holliger:
Paul Hillier Romancendres
ECM 1936 | CD 476 6353
Proensa Gesänge der Frühe
Paul Hillier: voice Recorded July 2007 and February 2008
Stephen Stubbs: lute, psaltery
The Hilliard Ensemble ECM 2055 | CD 476 3225
Andrew Lawrence_King: harp, psaltery
Music of Victoria and Palestrina
Erin Headley: vielle
David James: countertenor
Farai un vers | Reis glorios
Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor Heinz Holliger
Aissi cum es genser pascors
John Potter: tenor Violinkonzert
L’autrier una sebissa
Gordon Jones: baritone
Be m’an perdut | Can vei la lauzeta Thomas Zehetmair: violin
Taedet animam meam | Introitus Pos tornatz sui | Be. m degra de chantar SWR Sinfonieorchester
Kyrie | Domine quando veneris Heinz Holliger: conductor
Recorded February 1988
Graduale | Libera me Domine | Tractus
Eugène Ysaÿe:
Ad Dominum cum tribularer clamavi ECM 1368 | CD 837 3602 | LP 837 3601
Sonate op.  27, Nr. 3 „Ballade∑
Sequentia | Offertorium | Peccantem
in d_Moll für Violine solo
me quotidie | Sanctus – Benedictus
Heu mihi Domine | Agnus Dei Heinz Holliger: Violinkonzert
Paul Hindemith
Communio | Libera me Domine „Hommage à Louis Soutter∑
Sonatas for Viola /  P iano
Recorded September 1997 and Viola Alone Recorded September and
December 2002
ECM 1653 | CD 457 8512 Kim Kashkashian: viola
Robert Levin: piano ECM 1890 | CD 476 1941
Sonate op.  31/4 | Sonate op.  2 5/1
The Hilliard Ensemble Sonate 1937 | Sonate op.  11/5
A Hilliard Songbook Sonate op.  11/4 | Sonate op.  2 5/4 Heinz Holliger
New Music For Voices Sonate 1939 Lauds and Lamentations
Music of Elliott Carter and Isang Yun
David James: countertenor Recorded 1985 and 1986
Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor Heinz Holliger: oboe, english horn
ECM 1330 –  3 2 | 2_CD 833 3092
John Potter: tenor Thomas Zehetmair: violin
3_LP 833 3091
Gordon Jones: baritone Ruth Killius: viola
Barry Guy: double_bass Thomas Demenga: violoncello
Barry Guy: Un coup de dés Elliott Carter:
Morton Feldman: Only Oboe Quartet
Ivan Moody: Endechas y Canciones 4 Lauds for violin solo
gelesen von Bruno Ganz
Piers Hellawell: The Hilliard Songbook A 6 Letter Letter for english horn
Paul Robinson: Incantation René Char: Prometheus und Steinbrech Figment, Figment II for cello alone
Veljo Tormis: Kullervo’s Message zugleich
Isang Yun:
Gregorian: Adoro te devote
Die Dioskuren | Der Ister | Der Neckar Piri for oboe solo
James MacMillan:  … here in hiding …
Der Winkel von Hardt | Heidelberg Quartet for oboe and string trio
Arvo Pärt: And One Of The Pharisees …
Ihr sicher gebaueten Alpen | Lebenslauf
Summa Recorded September 2001 and
Der Abschied | Diotima | Rückkehr in
Elizabeth Liddle: Whale Rant February 2002
die Heimat | Vom Abgrund nämlich
Joanne Metcalf:
ECM 1848/49 | 2_CD 472 7872
Music For The Star Of The Sea Johannes R. Becher: Auswahl
Michael Finnissy:
Mnemosyne | Hört ich die Warnenden
Stabant autem iuxta crucem
Da ich ein Knabe war | Hälfte des
John Casken: Sharp Thorne
Lebens | Andenken | Brot und Wein
Ivan Moody: Canticum Canticorum I
Wenn aus dem Himmel
Recorded March, April 1995, March 1996
Paul Celan: Tübingen, Jänner
ECM 1614/15 | 2_CD 453 2592
Recorded March 1984
ECM 1285 | CD 823 6432
Heinz Holliger Heinz Holliger Charles Ives
Schneewittchen Scardanelli_Zyklus Sonatas for Violin and Piano
Oper in fünf Szenen, einem Prolog Für Solo_Flöte, kleines Orchester Hansheinz Schneeberger: violin
und einem Epilog nach Robert Walser und gemischten Chor Daniel Cholette: piano
Nach Gedichten von Friedrich Hölderlin
Juliane Banse: Schneewittchen Sonatas for Violin and Piano
Cornelia Kallisch: Königin Aurèle Nicolet: flute Nos. 1 – 4
Steve Davislim: Prinz London Voices
Recorded December 1995
Oliver Widmer: Jäger Ensemble Modern
Werner Gröschel: König Heinz Holliger, Terry Edwards: ECM 1605 | CD 449 9562
Orchester der Oper Zürich conductors
Heinz Holliger: conductor
Recorded September 1991
Recorded January 1999 Leo† Janá∫ek
ECM 1472/73 | 2_CD 437 4412
A Recollection
ECM 1715/16 | 2_CD 465 2872
András Schiff: piano
Maya Homburger In the mist
Heinz Holliger Barry Guy Piano Sonata, 1. X. 1905
Lieder ohne Worte Ceremony On an overgrown path
A recollection
Thomas Zehetmair: violin Maya Homburger: baroque violin
Thomas Larcher: piano Barry Guy: double_bass Recorded January 2000
Ursula Holliger: harp
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber: ECM 1736 | CD 461 6602
Lieder ohne Worte II Annunciation, Praeludium of
für Violine und Klavier Mystery Sonata No. 1
Sequenzen über Johannes I, 32
Barry Guy: Keith Jarrett
für Harfe Trema für Violine
Celebration (for violin) Bridge Of Light
Präludium, Arioso und Passacaglia
Immeasurable Sky (four songs for
für Harfe Michelle Makarski: violin
baroque violin and double_bass)
Elis – Drei Nachtstücke für Klavier Patricia McCarty: viola
Ceremony (for baroque violins)
Lieder ohne Worte I Marcia Butler: oboe
Still (for double_bass)
für Violine und Klavier Keith Jarrett: piano
Breathing Earth (for baroque
The Fairfield Orchestra
Recorded June 1996 violin and double_bass)
Thomas Crawford: conductor
ECM 1618 | CD 457 0 662 Recorded April and July 1997
Elegy for Violin and String Orchestra
ECM 1643 | CD 453 8472 Adagio for Oboe and String Orchestra
Sonata for Violin and Piano
Heinz Holliger Bridge of Light for Viola and Orchestra
László Hortobágyi Recorded March 1993
György Kurtág jr.
ECM 1450 | CD 445 3502
David James: countertenor Miklós Lengyelfi
Elmar Schmid: clarinet Kurtágonals
Teodoro Anzellotti: accordion
László Hortobágyi: synthesizers,
Johannes Nied: bass
Heinz Holliger: conductor
György Kurtág jr. : synthesizers
Klaus Schmid: clarinet
Miklós Lengyelfi: bass, effects
Paul Locher: violin
Marcel Volken, Markus Tenisch: Intraga | Kurtagamelan | Interrogation
Schwyzerörgeli Lux_abbysum | Dronezone | Kurtaganja
Sabine Gertschen, Edmund Volken: Twin PeaX | Necroga
Recorded August 2008
Oswald Bumann: bass
Franziskus Abgottspon: narrator ECM 2097 | CD 476 3260
Beiseit: Zwölf Lieder nach Gedichten
von Robert Walser
Alb_Chehr: Geischter_ und Älpermusig
Recorded March 1994
ECM 1540 | CD 447 3912
Giya Kancheli Giya Kancheli Giya Kancheli
Little Imber Lament Abii ne viderem
Nederlands Kamerkoor Gidon Kremer: violin Kim Kashkashian: viola
Raschèr Saxophone Quartet Maacha Deubner: soprano The Hilliard Ensemble
Klaas Stok: conductor Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra Natalia Pschenitschnikova: alto flute
Jansug Kakhidze: conductor Stuttgarter Kammerorchester
Mamuka Gaganidze: voice
Dennis Russell Davies: conductor
Zaza Miminoshvili: guitar Lament – Music of mourning
Matrix Ensemble in memory of Luigi Nono Morning Prayers
Rustavi Choir for violin, soprano and orchestra Abii ne viderem
Children’s Choir Evening Prayers
Recorded March 1998
Nika Memanishvili: conductor, keyboard
Recorded April 1994
ECM 1656 | CD 465 1382
Amao Omi | Little Imber
ECM 1510 | CD 445 9412
Recorded August 2003 and May 2006
ECM 1812 | CD 476 6394 Giya Kancheli
Trauerfarbenes Land Giya Kancheli
Alfred Schnittke
Radio Symphonieorchester Wien
Giya Kancheli Dennis Russell Davies: conductor Kim Kashkashian: viola
Diplipito Orchester der Beethovenhalle Bonn
 … à la Duduki
Rundfunk_Sinfonieorchester Saarbrücken
Thomas Demenga: violoncello Trauerfarbenes Land
Dennis Russell Davies: conductor
Derek Lee Ragin: countertenor
Recorded March and August 1997 Giya Kancheli: Vom Winde beweint
Dennis Russell Davies: piano, conductor
Alfred Schnittke: Konzert für Viola
Stuttgarter Kammerorchester ECM 1646 | CD 457 8502
und Orchester
Diplipito for violoncello,
Recorded May 1986 and November 1991
countertenor and orchestra
Valse Boston for piano and strings Giya Kancheli ECM 1471 | CD 437 1992
Caris Mere
Recorded January 2001
Eduard Brunner: clarinet
ECM 1773 | CD 472 0822
Maacha Deubner: soprano
Kim Kashkashian: viola
Jan Garbarek: soprano saxophone
Giya Kancheli Vasiko Tevdorashvili: voice
In l’istesso tempo Stuttgarter Kammerorchester
Dennis Russell Davies: conductor
Gidon Kremer: violin
Oleg Maisenberg: piano Midday Prayers
Kremerata Baltica Caris Mere
Night Prayers
The Bridge Ensemble
Mikhail Schmidt: violin Recorded May 1994 and
Helen Callus: viola January 1995
David Tonkonogui: violoncello
ECM 1568 | CD 449 1982
Karen Sigers: piano
Time … and again for violin and piano
V &  V for violin, taped voice
Giya Kancheli
and string orchestra
Piano Quartet “In l’istesso tempo”
After Psalm 23 and Poems by
Recorded June 1999,
Paul Celan and Hans Sahl
December 2000 and July 2003
Maacha Deubner: soprano
ECM 1767 | CD 461 8182
Natalia Pschenitschnikova:
alto and bass flute
Catrin Demenga: violin
Giya Kancheli Ruth Killius: viola
Magnum Ignotum Rebecca Firth: violoncello
Christian Sutter: double_bass
Mstislav Rostropovich: violoncello
Wladimir Jurowski: conductor
Royal Flanders Philharmonic Orchestra
Jansug Kakhidze: conductor Psalm 23 | Einmal | Zähle die Mandeln
Psalm | Exil
Magnum Ignotum Recorded May 1994
Recorded December 1997 ECM 1535 | download only
ECM 1669 | download only
Eleni Karaindrou Eleni Karaindrou Eleni Karaindrou
Dust of Time Trilogy I Ulysses’ Gaze
The Weeping Meadow
Music for the film by Music for the film by
Theo Angelopoulos Music for the film by Theo Angelopoulos
Theo Angelopoulos
Sergiu Nastasa: violin Kim Kashkashian: viola
Renato Ripo: violoncello Maria Bildea: harp Vangelis Christopoulos: oboe
Maria Bildea: harp Renato Ripo: violoncello Andreas Tsekouras: accordion
Vangelis Christopoulos: oboe Kostantinos Raptis: accordion Socratis Anthis: trumpet
Spyros Kazianis: bassoon Socratis Sinopoulos: Constantinople lyra Vangelis Skouras: french horn
Antonis Lagos: french horn Vangelis Skouras: french horn Christos Sfetsas: violoncello
Dinos Hadjiiordanou: accordion Sergiu Nastasa: violin Georgia Voulvi: voice
Eleni Karaindrou: piano Angelos Repapis: double_bass String orchestra
Camerata, Friends of Music Orchestra Eleni Karaindrou: piano Lefteris Chalkiadakis: conductor
Natalia Michailidou: piano Hellenic vocal ensemble
Recorded December 1994
Hellenic Radio /  Television Orchestra Antonis Kontogeorgiou: director
Alexandros Myrat:  c onductor La Camerata, Athens (string orchestra) ECM 1570 | CD 449 1532
Le temps perdu | Dance Theme Var II Recorded June 2003
Notes I | Seeking Var II | Waltz by the River
ECM 1885 | CD 981 3327
Unravelling Time I | Tsiganiko I | Dance Eleni Karaindrou
Theme Var I | Seeking | Memories from The Suspended Step Of The Stork
Siberia | Unravelling Time II | Notes II
Music for the film by
Tsiganiko II | Seeking Var I | Dance Theme Eleni Karaindrou
Theo Angelopoulos
Le mal du pays | Nostalgia Song | Solitude Trojan Women
Adieu Vangelis Christopoulos: oboe
Music for Euripides’ Trojan Woman,
Nikos Spinoulas: french horn
Recorded January and March 2008 directed by Antonis Antypas
Andreas Tsekouras: accordion
at Hellenic Festival 2001
ECM 2070 | CD 476 6766 Dimitris Vraskos: violin
Socratis Sinopoulos: Christos Sfetsas: violoncello
Constantinople lyra, laouto Ada Rouva: harp
Christos Tsiamoulis: ney, suling, outi String orchestra, directed by
Eleni Karaindrou
Panos Dimitrakopoulos: kanonaki Lefteris Chalkiadakis
Elegy of the Uprooting
Andreas Katsiyiannis: santouri
Recorded April and August 1991
Maria Farantouri: voice Maria Bildea: harp
Vangelis Christopoulos: oboe Andreas Papas: bendir, daouli ECM 1456 | CD 511 5142
Socratis Sinopoulos: Constantinople lyra Veronika Iliopoulou: soprano
Maria Bildea: harp Chorus of Captive Trojan Women
Kostantinos Raptis: accordion bayan Antonis Kontogeorgiou: chorus director
Eleni Karaindrou
Sergiu Nastasa: violin
Recorded July 2001 Music for Films
Renato Ripo: violoncello
Stella Gadedi: flute ECM 1810 | CD 472 1392 Music for films by Theo Angelopoulos,
Nikos Guinos: clarinet Christoforos Christofis and
Socratis Anthis: trumpet Lefteris Xantopoulos
Spyros Kazianis: bassoon
Eleni Karaindrou Jan Garbarek: tenor saxophone
Vangelis Skouras: French horn
Eternity and a Day Vangelis Christopoulos: oboe
Aristotelis Dimitriadis: mandolin
Vangelis Skouras: french horn
Eleni Karaindrou: piano Music for the film by
Anthis Sokratis: trumpet
Traditional instruments ensemble Theo Angelopoulos
Nikos Guinos: clarinet
Hellenic Radio /  Television Choir
Vangelis Christopoulos: oboe Petros Protopapas: flute
Antonis Kontogeorgiou: choirmaster
Nikos Guinos: clarinet Tassos Diakoyiorgis: santouri
Camerata Orchestra
Manthos Halkias: clarinet Andreas Tsekouras: accordion
Alexandros Myrat: conductor
Spyros Kazianis: bassoon Katerina Ktona: harpsichord
Recorded March 2005 Vangelis Skouras: french horn Aliki Krithari: harp
Aris Dimitriadis: mandolin Christos Sfetsas: violoncello
ECM 1952/53 | 2_CD 476 5278
Iraklis Vavatsikas: accordion Eleni Karaindrou: piano, vocal
Eleni Karaindrou: piano Nelli Semitekolo: prepared piano
String orchestra Vassilis Dertilis: keyboards, strings
La Camerata, Athens Alekos Christidis: tympani
Loukas Karytinos: director String ensemble, directed by
Lefteris Chalkiadakis
Recorded March and April 1998
ECM 1429 | CD 847 6092
ECM 1692 | CD 465 1252
Ingrid Karlen Kim Kashkashian Leonidas Kavakos / Péter Nagy
Variations Hayren Stravinsky / Bach
Music of Komitas
Ingrid Karlen: piano Leonidas Kavakos: violin
and Tigran Mansurian
Péter Nagy: piano
Anton Webern:
Kim Kashkashian: viola
Variationen für Klavier op.  27 Igor Stravinsky:
Robyn Schulkowsky: percussion
Galina Ustvolskaya: Duo Concertant for violin and piano
Tigran Mansurian: piano, voice
Sonata No. 3 for piano Suite Italienne for violin and piano
Valentin Silvestrov: Elegy Tigran Mansurian: Havik
Johann Sebastian Bach:
Galina Ustvolskaya:
Komitas: Garun a | Krunk | Chinar es Partita No. 1 in B minor for violin solo
Sonata No. 5 for piano
Krunk | Hov arek | Hoy, Nazan | Krunk Sonata No. 1 in G minor for violin solo
Pierre Boulez:
Tsirani tsar | Oror | Antuni | Oror
Douze notations pour piano Recorded October 2002
Tigran Mansurian: Duet for viola and
Recorded January 1996 ECM 1855 | CD 472 7672
ECM 1606 | CD 449 9362
Recorded May 2000
ECM 1754 | CD 461 8312 Leonidas Kavakos / Péter Nagy
Maurice Ravel /  G eorge Enescu
Kim Kashkashian
Neharót Leonidas Kavakos: violin
Kim Kashkashian Péter Nagy: piano
Kim Kashkashian: viola
Bartók /  E ötvös /  K urtág
Münchener Kammerorchester Maurice Ravel:
Alexander Liebreich: conductor Kim Kashkashian, viola Sonate posthume
Boston Modern Orchestra Project Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra Tzigane – Rapsodie de Concert
Gil Rose: conductor Peter Eötvös, conductor
George Enescu:
Kuss Quartett
Béla Bartók: Impressions d’enfance, op.  2 8
Robyn Schulkowsky: percussion
Concerto for Viola and Orchestra Sonata No. 3, op.  2 5
Tigran Mansurian: piano
Peter Eötvös: Replica
Recorded March 2002
Betty Olivero: Neharót Neharót György Kurtág:
Tigran Mansurian: Movement for Viola and Orchestra ECM 1824 | CD 476 0532
Tagh for the Funeral of the Lord
Recorded January and July 1999
Three Arias (Sung out the window
facing Mount Ararat) ECM 1711 | CD 465 4202
Komitas: Oror
Eitan Steinberg: Rava Deravin
Recorded January 2006, Kim Kashkashian
October 2007, March and May 2008 Lachrymae
Hindemith /  B ritten /  P enderecki
ECM 2065 | CD 476 3281
Kim Kashkashian: viola
Stuttgarter Kammerorchester
Dennis Russell Davies: conductor
Kim Kashkashian / Robert Levin
Asturiana Paul Hindemith: Trauermusik
Songs from Spain and Argentina Benjamin Britten: Lachrymae op.  4 8 a
Krzysztof Penderecki: Konzert für
Kim Kashkashian: viola
Viola und Kammerorchester
Robert Levin: piano
Recorded December 1992
Music by Manuel de Falla,
Enrique Granados, Carlos Guastavino, ECM 1506 | CD 439 6112
Alberto Ginastera, Xavier Montsalvatge
and Carlos López Buchardo
Recorded August 2006 Kim Kashkashian / Robert Levin
ECM 1975 | CD 476 6149
Kim Kashkashian: viola
Robert Levin: piano
Benjamin Britten: Lachrymae op.  4 8
Ralph Vaughan Williams: Romance
Elliott Carter: Elegy
Alexander Glasunow: Elegie op.  4 4
Franz Liszt: Romance oubliée
Zoltán Kodály: Adagio
Henri Vieuxtemps: Elegie op.  3 0
Recorded 1984
ECM 1316 | CD 827 7442
Alexander Knaifel Gidon Kremer Gidon Kremer
Blazhenstva Kremerata Baltica Edition Lockenhaus, Vol. 4 & 5
Gustav Mahler /  D mitri Shostakovich
Ivan Monighetti: violoncello, Gidon Kremer, Thomas Zehetmair,
piano, conductor Gidon Kremer: violin, conductor Yuzuko Horigome, Philip Hirschhorn:
Tatiana Melentieva: soprano Kremerata Baltica violins
Piotr Migunov: bass Yulia Korpacheva: soprano Kim Kashkashian, Nobuko Imai,
State Hermitage Orchestra Fëdor Kuznetsov: bass Veronika Hagen: violas
Lege Artis Choir Boris Pergamenschikow,
Gustav Mahler:
David Geringas, Julius Berger,
Lamento | Blazhenstva Symphony No. 10 – Adagio
Thomas Demenga: violoncellos
Recorded March 2006 Dmitri Shostakovich: James Tocco: piano
Symphony No. 14 op. 135
ECM 1957 | CD 476 6767 Dmitri Shostakovich:
for soprano, bass and chamber orchestra
Streichquartett Nr. 13 & 14
Recorded October 2001 Zwei Sätze für Streichquartett
and November 2004
Alexander Knaifel Erwin Schulhoff:
Amicta Sole ECM 2024 | CD 476 6177 Sextett | Duo für Violine & Violoncello
Mstislav Rostropovich: violoncello
Tatiana Melentieva: soprano Recorded 1985 and 1986
Soloists of Boy Choir, Gidon Kremer
ECM 1347/48 | download only
Glinka Choral College Kremerata Baltica
State Hermitage Orchestra Franz Schubert
Arkady Shteinlukht: conductor String Quartet G major
Gidon Kremer
Psalm 51 (50) for violoncello solo Gidon Kremer: violin, conductor
Edition Lockenhaus, Vol. 1 & 2
Amicta Sole (Clothed With The Sun) Kremerata Baltica
for soprano, boys’ choir and orchestra Krista Bennion, Annette Bik,
String Quartet G major op. posth. 161,
Lukas Hagen, Gidon Kremer,
Recorded July 2000 and D 887, orchestated by Victor Kissine
Daniel Phillips, Michaela Schnitzler,
September 2001
Recorded July 2003 Thomas Zehetmair: violins
ECM 1731 | CD 472 0832 Hatto Beyerle, Gérard Caussé,
ECM 1883 | CD 476 1939
Veronika Hagen, Tabea Zimmermann:
Ko Iwasaki, Markus Stocker,
Alexander Knaifel
Clemens Hagen: violoncellos
Svete Tikhiy
Hagen Quartett
Oleg Malov: piano Irena Grafenauer: flute
Eduard Brunner: clarinet
Keller Quartett
Robert Levin, Alexandre Rabinovitch,
András Keller: violin
Oleg Maisenberg, Aloys Kontarsky:
János Pilz: violin
Zoltán Gál: viola
Ursula Holliger: harp
Judit Szabó: violoncello
Christine Whittlesey: soprano
Tatiana Melentieva: soprano Kammerorchester der
Andrei Siegle: sampler Jungen Deutschen Philharmonie
Heinz Holliger: conductor
In Air Clear and Unseen
Svete Tikhiy César Franck: Quintett für Piano
und Streichquartett
Recorded 1997 and 2000
André Caplet: Conte phantastique
ECM 1763 | CD 461 8142 d’après Edgar Allan Poe
Francis Poulenc: Fiançailles pour rire
Leo† Janá∫ek: Streichquartett Nr. 1
Igor Stravinsky: Tango_Valse_Ragtime
Garth Knox
aus L’Histoire du Soldat
Concerto en Ré
Garth Knox: viola d’amore Dmitri Shostakovich: Zwei Walzer
Agnès Vesterman: violoncello Zwei Stücke für Streichoktett
Garth Knox: Malor me bat Recorded 1981, 1982 and 1984
Marin Marais: Les Folies d’Espagne
ECM 1304/05 | download only
Roland Moser: Manners of Speaking
Tobias Hume: A Pavin
Attilio Ariosti: Prima Lezione
Celtic Dance | I Once Loved a Lass | Jig
Klaus Huber:  … Plainte …
Recorded September 2006
ECM 1925 | CD 476 6369
György Kurtág György Kurtág Thomas Larcher
Kafka_Fragmente Hommage à R. Sch. Ixxu
Robert Schumann
Juliane Banse: soprano Rosamunde Quartett
András Keller: violin Kim Kashkashian: viola Andreas Reiner: violin
Robert Levin: piano Simon Fordham: violin
Recorded September 2005
Eduard Brunner: clarinet Helmut Nicolai: viola
ECM 1965 | CD 476 3099 Anja Lechner: violoncello
György Kurtág:
Neun Stücke für Viola solo Andrea Lauren Brown: soprano
Jelek op.  5 Christoph Poppen: violin
György Kurtág Hommage à R. Sch. op.  1 5 d Thomas Demenga: violoncello
Signs, Games and Messages Thomas Larcher: piano
Robert Schumann:
Kurt Widmer: baritone Märchenbilder op.  113 Ixxu
Hiromi Kikuchi: violin Fantasiestücke op.  7 3 My Illness Is The Medicine I Need
Ken Hakii: viola Märchenerzählungen op.  1 32 Mumien
Stefan Metz: violoncello Cold Farmer
Recorded August 1992,
Mircea Ardeleanu: percussion
May and September 1994 Recorded July 2005
Hölderlin_Gesänge for baritone, op.  3 5 a
ECM 1508 | CD 437 9572 ECM 1967 | CD 476 3156
Signs, Games and Messages for strings
 … pas à pas – nulle part …
Poèmes de Samuel Beckett for baritone
solo, string trio and percussion, op.  3 6 Helmut Lachenmann Thomas Larcher
Das Mädchen Naunz
Recorded February and March 2002
mit den Schwefelhölzern
Erich Höbarth: violin
ECM 1730 | CD 461 8332
Musik mit Bildern nach dem gleich_ Thomas Demenga: violoncello
namigen Märchen von Hans Christian Thomas Larcher: piano
­A ndersen und Texten von Leonardo
Naunz | Vier Seiten | Noodivihik
György Kurtág da Vinci und Gudrun Ensslin.
Klavierstück 1986 | Kraken
Játékok (Tokyo_Fassung 2000)
Antennen_Requiem für H.
Márta and György Kurtág: piano Eiko Morikawa: soprano
Recorded November 1999
Nicole Tibbels: soprano
Játékok (Games) and
Yukiko Sugawara: piano ECM 1747 | CD 461 7182
Bach Transcriptions
Tomoko Hemmi: piano
Recorded July 1996 Mayumi Miyata: shô
Helmut Lachenmann: narrator
ECM 1619 | CD 453 5112 Lassus
SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart
The Hilliard Ensemble
SWR Sinfonieorchester
Matthias Hermann: director David James: countertenor
György Kurtág Sylvain Cambreling: conductor Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor
Musik für Streichinstrumente John Potter: tenor
Recorded July 2002
Keller Quartett Gordon Jones: baritone
ECM 1858/59 | 2_CD 476 1283
András Keller: violin Orlando di Lasso:
János Pilz: violin Missa pro defunctis
Zoltán Gál: viola Prophetiae Sibyllarum
Ottó Kertész: violoncello Helmut Lachenmann
Recorded November 1993
Miklós Perényi: violoncello Schwankungen am Rand
György Kurtág: celesta ECM 1658 | CD 453 8412
Ensemble Modern
Aus der Ferne III für Streichquartett Ensemble Modern Orchestra
Officium breve in memoriam Peter Eötvös: director
Andreæ Szervánszky op.  2 8 Jean_Marie Leclair
Schwankungen am Rand
Ligatura – Message to Frances_Marie Sonatas
(Musik für Blech und Saiten)
(The answered unanswered question)
Mouvement ( – vor der Erstarrung) John Holloway: violin
op.  31 b
für Ensemble Jaap ter Linden: violoncello
Quartetto per archi op.  1
„ … zwei Gefühle … ∑, Musik mit Leonardo Lars Ulrik Mortensen: harpsichord
Hommage à Mihály András –
für Sprecher und Ensemble
12 Mikroludien für Streichquartett Troisième Livre de Sonates op. 5
op.  1 3 Recorded November 1994 and 1998 Sonata VIII in D major
Ligatura – Message to Frances_Marie Sonata VII in a minor
ECM 1789 | CD 461 9492
(The answered unanswered question) Sonata I in A major
op.  31 b Sonata III in e minor
Sonata IV in B_flat major
Recorded October and November 1995
Recorded November 2006
ECM 1598 | CD 453 2582
ECM 2009 | CD 476 6280
Gideon Lewensohn Alexei Lubimov
Odradek Der Bote
Alexander Lonquich: piano Alexei Lubimov: piano
Auryn Quartett Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach:
Matthias Lingenfelder: violin C. P. E. Bachs Empfindungen
Jens Oppermann: violin Fantasie für Klavier fis_Moll
Stewart Eaton: viola John Cage: In a landscape
Andreas Arndt: violoncello Tigran Mansurian: Nostalgia
Franz Liszt: Abschied
Ora Rotem Nelken: piano
Michail Glinka: Nocturne f_Moll
Piano Quintet | Postlude for piano “La séparation”
Odradek Quartet | Postlude for piano Frédéric Chopin: Prélude cis_Moll op.  4 5
Valentin Silvestrov: Elegie
Recorded February 2001
Claude Debussy: Elégie
ECM 1781 | CD 461 8612 Béla Bartók: Vier Klagelieder op.  9  a , Nr. 1
Valentin Silvestrov: Der Bote
Recorded December 2000
Rolf Lislevand
ECM 1771 | CD 461 8122
Rolf Lislevand: lutes, vihuela de mano
Linn Andrea Fuglseth: voice
Alexei Lubimov
Anna Maria Friman: voice
Messe Noire
Giovanna Pessi: triple harp
Marco Ambrosini: nyckelharpa Alexei Lubimov: piano
Thor_Harald Johnsen: chitarra battente,
Igor Stravinsky: Serenade in A
vihuela de mano, lutes
Dmitri Shostakovich: Sonata No. 2
Michael Behringer: clavichord, organ
Sergey Prokofiev: Sonata No. 7
Bjørn Kjellemyr: colascione
Alexander Scriabin: Sonata No. 9
David Mayoral: percussion
Recorded May 1998 and
16th century music, adapted
December 2000
and arranged by Rolf Lislevand
ECM 1679 | CD 465 1372
Recorded October 2007 and May 2008
ECM 2088 | CD 476 3317
Guillaume de Machaut
Rolf Lislevand The Hilliard Ensemble
Nuove musiche
David James: countertenor
Rolf Lislevand: archlute, David Gould: countertenor
baroque guitar, theorboe Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor
Arianna Savall: triple harp, voice Steven Harrold: tenor
Pedro Estevan: percussion Gordon Jones: baritone
Bjørn Kjellemyr: colascione,
De souspirant cuer | Fine Amour,
qui me vint navrer | Puis que la douce
Guido Morini: organ, clavichord
rousée | Qui plus aimme | Lasse! je sui
Marco Ambrosini: nyckelharpa
en aventure | Ha! Fortune | O livoris
Thor_Harald Johnsen:
feritas | Helas! où sera pris confors
chitarra battente
Fins cuers dous | Eins que ma dame
Music from early baroque sources, d’onnur | Faus Samblant m’a deceü
adapted and arranged by Rolf Lislevand Se j’aim mon loyal ami | Bone pastor
Diligenter inquiramus | Biauté parée
Recorded October 2004
de valour | Veni creator spiritus | Plange,
ECM 1922 | CD 476 3049 regni respublica | Inviolata genitrix
Recorded November 2001
ECM 1823 | CD 472 4022
Alexander Lonquich
Plainte calme
Messiaen / Ravel / Fauré
Alexander Lonquich: piano
Gabriel Fauré: Impromptus
Maurice Ravel: Gaspard de la nuit
Olivier Messiaen: Préludes pour piano
Recorded January 2002
ECM 1821 | CD 472 4002
Michelle Makarski Tigran Mansurian Frank Martin
Giuseppe Tartini String Quartets Triptychon
Donald Crockett Rosamunde Quartett
Muriel Cantoreggi: violin
Michelle Makarski: violin Andreas Reiner: violin Juliane Banse: soprano
Ronald Copes: viola Simon Fordham: violin German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
Helmut Nicolai: viola Christoph Poppen: conductor
Giuseppe Tartini:
Anja Lechner: violoncello
Sonatas II d minor, IX A major, Polyptyque – Six images de la Passion
XIII b minor String Quartet No. 1 du Christ
String Quartet No. 2 Maria_Triptychon
Donald Crockett:
Testament Passacaille
to be sung on the water | mickey finn
Recorded May 2004 Recorded February and June 2006
Recorded March 2004
ECM 1905 | CD 476 3052 ECM 2015 | CD 173 3930
ECM 1871 | CD 476 3102

Tigran Mansurian Olivier Messiaen

Michelle Makarski
Ars Poetica Méditations sur le Mystère
Elogio per un’ombra
de la Sainte Trinité
Armenian Chamber Choir
Michelle Makarski: violin
Robert Mlkeyan: conductor Christopher Bowers_Broadbent:
Thomas Larcher: piano
Part I: Three Night Songs
Giuseppe Tartini: Sonata No. 7
Part II: Three Portraits of Women Part I – IX
Luigi Dallapiccola: Due Studi
Part III: Three Autumn Songs
Goffredo Petrassi: Elogio per un’ombra Recorded September 1994
Part IV: And Silence Descends
Luciano Berio: Due Pezzi
ECM 1494 | CD 437 9922
Elliott Carter: Riconoscenza per Recorded June 2003
Goffredo Petrassi
ECM 1895 | CD 476 3070
George Rochberg: Caprice Variations
Anonymous: Lamento di Tristan Federico Mompou
Música Callada
Recorded May 1999
Tigran Mansurian
Herbert Henck: piano
ECM 1712 | CD 465 3372 Monodia
Kim Kashkashian Música Callada, Book 1 – 4
Kim Kashkashian: viola Recorded August 1993
Michelle Makarski Leonidas Kavakos: violin
ECM 1523 | CD 445 6992
Caoine Münchener Kammerorchester
Christoph Poppen: conductor
Michelle Makarski: violin
Jan Garbarek: soprano saxophone
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber: The Hilliard Ensemble Meredith Monk
Passacaglia G minor David James: countertenor impermanence
Stephen Hartke: Caoine Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor
Theo Bleckmann, Ellen Fisher,
Max Reger: Chaconne from Andreas Hirtreiter: tenor
Katie Geissinger, Ching Gonzalez,
Sonata A minor op.  91 Gordon Jones: baritone
Meredith Monk, Allison Sniffin,
George Rochberg: Caprice Variations
“ … and then I was in time again” – Sasha Bogdanowitsch, Silvie Jensen:
Johann Sebastian Bach:
Concerto for viola and orchestra voices
Partita No. 1 B minor BWV 1002
Concerto for violin and orchestra Allison Sniffin: piano, violin
Recorded June 1995 Lachrymae for soprano saxophone John Hollenbeck: percussion
and viola Bohdan Hilash: woodwinds
ECM 1587 | CD 449 9572
Confessing with Faith for viola
last song | maybe 1 | little breath
and four voices
liminal | disequilibrium | particular dance
Recorded November 2001 between song | passage | maybe 2
and January 2002 skeleton lines | slow dissolve | totentanz
sweep 1 | rocking | sweep 2 | mieke’s
ECM 1850/51 | 2_CD 472 7842
melody #5
Recorded Janaury 2007
Monika Mauch /  N igel North ECM 2026 | CD 476 6391
Musical Banquet
Monika Mauch: soprano
Nigel North: lute
Robert Dowland:
A Musicall Banquet
Recorded May 2005
ECM 1938 | CD 476 6397
Meredith Monk Meredith Monk Meredith Monk
mercy Facing North Turtle Dreams
Meredith Monk, Theo Bleckmann, Meredith Monk: voice, piano, Meredith Monk: voice, piano,
Katie Geissinger, Ching Gonzalez, organ, pitch pipe organ, mini_moog, casio
Allison Easter: voices Robert Een: voice, pitch pipe Andrea Goodman: voice
Allison Sniffin: voice, piano, Paul Langland: voice
Facing North:
synthesizer, viola, violin Robert Een: voice
Northern Lights 1 | Chinook | Long
John Hollenbeck: percussion, Julius Eastman: organ
Shadows 1 | Keeping Warm | Northern
marimba, vibraphone, melodica, piano Steve Lockwood: organ
Lights 2 | Chinook Whispers | Arctic
Bohdan Hilash: clarinets Collin Walcott: organ, didgeridoo
Bar | Hocket | Long Shadows 2
braid 1 and leaping song | braid 2 Vessel: an opera epic Turtle Dreams | View 1 | Engine Steps
urban march (shadow) | masks Epic | Fire Dance | Little Epiphany Ester’s Song | View 2
line 1 | doctor – patient | line 2 Sybil Song | Mill
Recorded June, July 1982
woman at the door | line 3 and prisoner Recent Ruins: Boat Song
and January 1983
epilogue | shaking | liquid air
Recorded April 1992
urban march (light) | core chant ECM 1240 | CD 811 5472
ECM 1482 | CD 437 4392
Recorded March 2002
ECM 1829 | CD 472 4682
Meredith Monk
Meredith Monk Dolmen Music
Book Of Days
Meredith Monk: voice, piano
Meredith Monk
Robert Een: voice, violoncello Collin Walcott: percussion, violin
Volcano Songs
Wayne Hankin: voice, grosser bock, Steve Lockwood: piano
Meredith Monk, Katie Geissinger, hurdy gurdy, bass recorder Andrea Goodman: voice
Allison Easter, Dina Emerson: voices Naaz Hosseini: voice, violin Monika Solem: voice
Harry Huff, Nurit Tilles: pianos Meredith Monk: voice, keyboard Paul Langland: voice
Nurit Tilles: piano, keyboard, Robert Een: voice, violoncello
Volcano Songs: Duets | Walking Song
hammered dulcimer Julius Eastman: percussion, voice
Lost Wind | Hips Dance | Cry # 1
Ching Gonzalez, Andrea Goodman,
New York Requiem | Volcano Songs: Gotham Lullaby | Travelling
Nicky Paraiso, Johanna Arnold,
Solos | Offering | Boat Man | Skip Song The Tale | Biography | Dolmen Music
Joan Barber, John Eppler, Toby
Old | Lava | Cry # 2 | St Petersburg Waltz
Newman, Timothy Sawyer: voices Recorded March 1980
Three Heavens and Hells from
and January 1981
Light Songs: Click Song # 1 & # 2 Early Morning Melody | Travellers 1 – 5
Dawn | Churchyard Entertainment ECM 1197 | CD 825 4592
Recorded July 1995
Afternoon Melodies | Fields | Clouds
ECM 1589 | CD 453 5392 Dusk | Eva’s Song | Evening | Jewish
Storyteller | Dance | Dream | Plague
Madwoman’s Vision | Cave Song
Meredith Monk Recorded June 1989
Atlas (an opera in three parts)
ECM 1399 | CD 839 6242
Robert Een, Meredith Monk,
Ching Gonzalez, Dina Emerson,
Wilbur Pauley, Radall Wong,
Meredith Monk
Shi_Zheng Chen, Stephen Kalm,
Do You Be
Wendy Hill, Thomas Bogdan,
Allison Easter, Katie Geissinger, Meredith Monk: voice, piano,
Victoria Boomsma, Carlos Arévalo, synthesizer
Dana Hanchard, Janice Brenner, Wayne Hankin: voice, keyboards,
Emily Eyre, Robert Osborne: voices bagpipes
Wayne Hankin: shawm, sheng, Naaz Hosseini: voice, violin
recorder, conductor Nurit Tilles: piano, voice, keyboards
Susan Iadone, Darryl Kubian: violins Robert Een, Ching Gonzalez,
Kathleen Carroll: viola Andrea Goodman, Nicky Paraiso,
Anthony Pirollo, Arthur J. Fiacco Jr.: Johanna Arnold, John Eppler: voices
violoncellos Edmund Niemann: piano
John Cipolla: clarinet, bass clarinet
Scared Song | I Don’t Know | Window
James F. Wilson: french horn
In 7’s | Double Fiesta | Do You Be
Cynthia Powell, Steve Lookwood:
Panda Chant I | Memory Song | Panda
Chant II | Quarry Lullaby | Shadow Song
Thad Wheeler: percussion
Astronaut Anthem | Wheel
Bill Hayes: glass harmonica
Recorded June 1986 and January 1987
Part I: Personal Climate
Part II: Night Travel ECM 1336 | CD 831 7822 | LP 831 7821
Part III: Invisible Light
Recorded June 1992
ECM 1491/92 | download only
Alexandr Mosolov Luys de Narváez Arvo Pärt
Musica del Delphin In Principio
Herbert Henck: piano
Pablo Márquez
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Sonata for piano No. 2 B minor op.  4
Pablo Márquez: guitar Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
Deux Nocturnes op.  1 5
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
Sonata for piano No. 5 D minor op.  1 2 Fantasias and other pieces from
Tõnu Kaljuste: conductor
“Los seys libros del Delphin de musica
Recorded March 1995
de cifra para tañer vihuela” In principio
ECM 1569 | CD 449 4602 La Sindone
Recorded April 2006
Cecilia, vergine romana
ECM 1958 | CD 476 5878 Da pacem Domine
Mein Weg
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Für Lennart in memoriam
Piano Concertos
Adagio and Fugue Jens_Peter Ostendorf Recorded May 2007 and June 2008
String Quartet
Keith Jarrett: piano ECM 2050 | CD 476 6990
Stuttgarter Kammerorchester Parnasso Quartet
Dennis Russell Davies: conductor Ingrid Göltl: violin
Hans Georg Deneke: violin
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Arvo Pärt
Thomas Oepen: viola
No. 20 D minor K. 466 Lamentate
Michael Katzenmaier: violoncello
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
The Hilliard Ensemble
No. 17 G major K. 453 2nd String Quartet
Alexei Lubimov: piano
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Section one – three
SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony
No. 9 E_flat major K.  271 “Jeunehomme”
Recorded December 1989 Orchestra
Adagio and Fugue C minor K.  5 46
Andrey Boreyko: conductor
for String Orchestra ECM 1479 | CD 437 1922
Da pacem Domine
Recorded May 1996
ECM 1624/25 | 2_CD 462 6512
Hans Otte Recorded June 2004 and
Das Buch der Klänge April 2005
Herbert Henck: piano ECM 1930 | CD 476 3048
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Piano Concertos Das Buch der Klänge I – XII
Masonic Funeral Music
Recorded September 1997
Symphony G minor Arvo Pärt
ECM 1659 | CD 462 6552 Orient & Occident
Keith Jarrett: piano
Stuttgarter Kammerorchester Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Dennis Russell Davies: conductor Swedish Radio Choir
Niccolò Paganini Tõnu Kaljuste: conductor
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
24 Capricci
No. 23 A major K. 488 Wallfahrtslied
Thomas Zehetmair
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Pilgrims’ Song
No. 27 B_flat major K.  5 95 Thomas Zehetmair: violin Orient & Occident
Masonic Funeral Music K. 477 Como cierva sedienta
24 Capricci per violino solo, op. 1
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Recorded May 2001
No. 21 C major K. 467 Recorded December 2007
Symphony No. 40 G minor K.  5 50 ECM 1795 | CD 472 0802
ECM 2124 | CD 476 3318
Recorded November 1994
ECM 1565/66 | 2_CD 449 6702
Arvo Pärt
Kanon Pokajanen
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Münchener Kammerorchester
Tõnu Kaljuste: conductor
Joseph Haydn / Isang Yun
Farewell Ode I | Ode III | Ode IV | Ode V | Ode VI
Kondakion | Ikos | Ode VII | Ode VIII
Münchener Kammerorchester
Ode IX | Prayer after the Canon
Alexander Liebreich: conductor
Recorded June 1997
Joseph Haydn:
Symphonies Nos. 39 and 45 ECM 1654/55 | 2_CD 457 8 342
Isang Yun:
Chamber Symphony I
Recorded May 2007
ECM 2029 | CD 476 6188
Arvo Pärt Arvo Pärt Arvo Pärt
Litany Passio Peter Maxwell Davies
Philip Glass
The Hilliard Ensemble The Hilliard Ensemble
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra Elizabeth Layton: violin
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir Melinda Maxwell: oboe Christopher Bowers_Broadbent: organ
Tõnu Kaljuste: conductor Elisabeth Wilson: violoncello
Arvo Pärt:
Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra Catherine Duckett: bassoon
Trivium | Mein Weg hat Gipfel
Saulius Sondeckis: conductor Christopher Bowers_Broadbent: organ
und Wellentäler | Annum per annum
The Western Wind Chamber Choir
Litany Pari Intervallo
Paul Hillier: conductor
Peter Maxwell Davies:
Trisagion Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi
Psalm 124 | O God Abufe
Secundum Joannem
Recorded September 1995
Philip Glass:
Recorded March 1988
ECM 1592 | CD 449 8102 Satyagraha (Act III Conclusion)
ECM 1370 | CD 837 1092 Dance IV
Recorded October 1990
Arvo Pärt
ECM 1431 | CD 849 6552 | LP 849 6551
Alina Arvo Pärt
Vladimir Spivakov: violin
Sergej Bezrodny: piano The Hilliard Ensemble
Dietmar Schwalke: violoncello Christopher Bowers_Broadbent: organ
The Hilliard Ensemble
Alexander Malter: piano Gidon Kremer: violin
Vladimir Mendelssohn: viola David James: countertenor
Spiegel im Spiegel
Thomas Demenga: violoncello John Potter: tenor
Für Alina
Brass Ensemble Staatsorchester Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor
Recorded July 1995 Stuttgart Mark Padmore: tenor
Dennis Russell Davies: conductor Charles Daniels: tenor
ECM 1591 | CD 449 9582
Gordon Jones: baritone
Arbos | An den Wassern zu Babel
Paul Hillier: baritone, director
Pari Intervallo | De Profundis
Es sang vor langen Jahren Viderunt omnes | Veni creator
Arvo Pärt
Summa | Arbos | Stabat Mater spiritus | Alleluia posui adiutorium
Te Deum
O Maria virginei | Dum sigillum
Recorded March, August 1986
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir Isaias cecinit | Alleluia nativitas
and January 1987
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra Beata viscera | Sederunt principes
Tõnu Kaljuste: conductor ECM 1325 | CD 8319592
Recorded September 1988
Te Deum
ECM 1385 | CD 837 7512
Silouans Song
Magnificat Arvo Pärt
Berliner Messe Tabula Rasa
Werner Pirchner
Recorded January 1993 Gidon Kremer: violin
Keith Jarrett: piano
ECM 1505 | CD 439 1622
Staatsorchester Stuttgart Werner Pirchner: accordion,
Dennis Russell Davies: conductor bass_vibes, voice
The 12 Cellists of the Berlin Siggi Haider: accordion, voice
Arvo Pärt Philharmonic Orchestra The Vienna Wind Soloists
Miserere Tatjana Grindenko: violin Ernst Kovacic: violin
Alfred Schnittke: prepared piano Ensemble Kontrapunkte Vienna
The Hilliard Ensemble,
Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra Peter Keuschnig: conductor
directed by Paul Hillier
Saulius Sondeckis: conductor Vienna Brass Quintet “Prisma”
Orchester der Beethovenhalle Bonn,
Kurt Neuhauser: organ
directed by Dennis Russell Davies Fratres (for violin and piano)
Western Wind Choir Cantus In Memory Of Benjamin Britten Sonate vom rauhen Leben
Sarah Leonard: soprano Fratres (for 12 celli) Streichquartett für Bläserquintett
Christopher Bowers_Broadbent: organ Tabula rasa Good News From The Ziller Valley
Pierre Favre: percussion Recorded November 1977, October 1983, Kammer_Symphonie „Soirée Tyrolienne∑
January and February 1984 Do You Know Emperor Joe
Two War_ & Peace_Choirs
Festina Lente ECM 1275 | CD 817 7642 | LP 817 7641
Kleine Messe um „C∑ für den lieben Gott
Sarah Was Ninety Years Old
Solo Sonata For Bass_Vibes
Recorded September and
Recorded 1984 – 1986
December 1990
ECM 1314/15 | download only
ECM 1430 | CD 847 5392
Heinz Reber Steve Reich Rosamunde Quartett
MA – Two Songs Octet Webern /  S hostakovich /  B urian
Music for a Large Ensemble
Kimiko Hagiwara: soprano Andreas Reiner: violin
Violin Phase
Dohyung Kim: baritone Simon Fordham: violin
Junko Kuribayashi: piano Russ Hartenberger, Glen Velez, Helmut Nicolai: viola
Gary Schall, Richard Schwarz: marimbas Anja Lechner: violoncello
School of Vienna
Bob Becker, David van Tieghem:
School of Athens – School of Nô Anton Webern: Langsamer
Satz für Streichquartett (1905)
Recorded June 1994 James Preiss: vibraphone
Nurit Tilles, Edmund Niemann, Dmitri Shostakovich:
ECM 1581 | CD 449 1592
Larry Karush, Steve Reich: pianos String Quartet No. 8
Jay Clayton, Elizabeth Arnold: voices
Emil Franti†ek Burian:
Shem Guibbory, Robert Chausow: violins
String Quartet No. 4
Heinz Reber Ruth Siegler, Claire Bergman: violas
MNAOMAI, MNOMAI Chris Finckel, Michael Finckel: violoncellos Recorded December 1996
Lewis Paer, Judith Sugarman:
Thomas Demenga: violoncello, viola ECM 1629 | CD 457 0672
Terje Rypdal: guitar
Virgil Blackwell, Mort Silver: clarinets,
Jon Christensen: drums
bass clarinets, flutes, piccolo
Tschin Zhang, Ellen Horn: vocals
Richard Cohen: clarinet Peter Ruzicka
Part I, II, III, IV Edd Joffe, Vincent Gnojek: String Quartets
soprano saxophones
Recorded October 1990 Arditti Quartet
Douglas Hedwig, Marshall Farr,
Irvine Arditti: violin
ECM 1378 | CD 847 8882 James Hamlin, James Dooley: trumpets
Graeme Jennings: violin
Recorded February and March 1980 Garth Knox: viola
Rohan de Saram: violoncello
ECM 1168 | CD 827 2872
Steve Reich Dietrich Fischer_Dieskau: speaker
 … über ein Verschwinden
Pamela Wood, Cheryl Bensman, Klangschatten
Steve Reich
Rebecca Armstrong, Jay Clayton: voices „ … fragment … ∑
Music for 18 Musicians
Bob Becker, Russ Hartenberger, Introspezione
Garry Kvistad, Steve Reich, Gary Schall, Shem Guibbory: violin „ … sich verlierend∑
Glen Velez: percussion Ken Ishii: violoncello
Recorded December 1996
Virgil Blackwell: clarinet, flute Elizabeth Arnold, Rebecca
and October 1997
Mort Silver: clarinet, piccolo Armstrong, Pamela Fraley: voices
Vivian Burdick: oboe Nurit Tilles, Steve Chambers: pianos ECM 1694 | CD 465 1392
Ellen Bardekoff: english horn Larry Karush: piano, maracas
Edmund Niemann, Nurit Tilles: Gary Schall: marimba, maracas
electric organs Bob Becker, Russ Hartenberger,
Dino Saluzzi
Shem Guibbory, Robert Chausow: violins Glen Velez: marimbas, xylophones
Rosamunde Quartett
Ruth Siegler: viola James Preiss: metallophone, piano
Chris Finckel: violoncello Steve Reich: piano, marimba
Lewis Paer: double_bass David van Tieghem: marimba, Dino Saluzzi: bandoneon
George Manahan: conductor xylophone, piano
Rosamunde Quartett
Virgil Blackwell, Richard Cohen:
Tehillim Part I – IV Andreas Reiner: violin
clarinets, bass clarinets
Simon Fordham: violin
Recorded September and October 1981 Jay Clayton: voice, piano
Helmut Nicolai: viola
ECM 1215 | CD 827 4112 Pulse, Sections I – X, Pulse Anja Lechner: violoncello
ECM 1129 | CD 821 4172 Cruz del Sur
Salón de tango
Milonga de los morenos
 … y solos – bajo una luna amarilla –
discuten sobre el pasado.
El apriete
 … y se encaminó hacia el destierro.
Recitativo final.
Recorded March 1998
ECM 1638 | CD 457 8 542
Giacinto Scelsi Alfred Schnittke Arnold Schönberg
Natura Renovatur Alexander Raskatov Franz Schubert
Francis Marie_Uitti: violoncello Dresdner Philharmonie
Münchener Kammerorchester Dennis Russell Davies: conductor Thomas Larcher: piano
Christoph Poppen, conductor
Elena Vassilieva: mezzo_soprano Arnold Schönberg:
Ohoi | Ave Maria | Anâgâmin Drei Klavierstücke op.  11
The Hilliard Ensemble
Ygghur | Natura renovatur Sechs kleine Klavierstücke op.  1 9
David James: countertenor
Steven Harrold: tenor Franz Schubert:
Recorded June 2005 Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor Drei Klavierstücke D 946
Gordon Jones: baritone Allegretto D 915
ECM 1963 | CD 476 3106
Alfred Schnittke: Symphony No. 9 Recorded June and July 1998
Alexander Raskatov: Nunc dimittis
ECM 1667 | CD 465 1362
András Schiff Recorded January 2008
In Concert
ECM 2025 | CD 476 6994
Robert Schumann
Franz Schubert
András Schiff: piano Fantasien D 760/D 934
Humoreske op.  2 0 Schnittke /  S hostakovich András Schiff: piano
Novelletten op.  21 Lento Yuuko Shiokawa: violin
Klaviersonate f_Moll op.  14 Keller Quartett /  A lexei Lubimov
Fantasie C_Dur für Klavier D 760
Nachtstücke op.  2 3, Nr. 4
András Keller: violin ( „Wanderer_Fantasie∑ )
Recorded May 1999 János Pilz: violin Fantasie C_Dur für Violine und
Zoltán Gál: viola Klavier D 934
ECM 1806/07 | 2_CD 472 1192
Judit Szabó: violoncello
Recorded December 1998
Alexei Lubimov: piano
ECM 1699 | CD 464 3202
Alfred Schnittke: Klavierquintett
András Schiff /  P eter Serkin
Music for Two Pianos Dmitri Shostakovich:
Mozart /  R eger /  B usoni Streichquartett Nr. 15
Franz Schubert
András Schiff: piano Recorded June 2000 Sonate B_Dur, D 960
Peter Serkin: piano
ECM 1755 | CD 461 8152 Valery Afanassiev: piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
Sonate B_Dur D 960 op.  p osth.
Fugue C minor for Two Pianos K. 426
Recorded July 1985
Max Reger: Alfred Schnittke
Variations and Fugue on a Theme Psalms of Repentance ECM 1682 | CD 462 7072
of Beethoven for Two Pianos op.  8 6
Swedish Radio Choir
Ferruccio Busoni: Tõnu Kaljuste: conductor
Fantasia contrappuntistica for Franz Schubert
Psalms of Repentance for mixed choir
Two Pianos Busoni_Verz.  2 56 b Trio in Es_Dur, Notturno
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Jörg Ewald Dähler: pianoforte
Recorded February 1996
Sonata D major for Two Pianos Hansheinz Schneeberger: violin
K. 448/375 a ECM 1583 | CD 453 5132 Thomas Demenga: violoncello
Recorded November 1997 Trio in Es_Dur für Klavier, Violine
und Violoncello op.  100, D 929
ECM 1676/77 | 2_CD 465 0622
Othmar Schoeck Trio in Es_Dur für Klavier, Violine und
Notturno Violoncello op.  p osth. 148, D 897
Christian Gerhaher: baritone
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer
Recorded July 1995
Unarum Fidium Rosamunde Quartett
Andreas Reiner: violin ECM 1595 | CD 453 3002
John Holloway: violin
Diane Pascal: violin
Aloysia Assenbaum: organ
Helmut Nicolai: viola
Lars Ulrik Mortensen: harpsichord, organ
Anja Lechner: violoncello
Antonio Bertali: Chiacona
Notturno, op. 47
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer:
Sonatae Unarum Fidium Recorded December 2007
Anonymus: Sonata for scordatura
ECM 2061 | CD 476 6995
violin and basso continuo
Recorded December 1997
ECM 1668 | CD 465 0662
Robyn Schulkowsky Valentin Silvestrov Valentin Silvestrov
Nils Petter Molvær Sacred Works Silent Songs
Hastening Westward
Kiev Chamber Choir Sergey Yakovenko: baritone
Robyn Schulkowsky: percussion Mykola Hobdych: conductor Ilya Scheps: piano
Nils Petter Molvær: trumpet Valentin Silvestrov: piano
Liturgical Chants
Pier And Ocean I – III Two Spiritual Songs Silent Songs
Hastening Westward I – VII Two Spiritual Chants A cycle in four parts
Two Psalms of David for baritone and piano
Recorded January 1995
Four songs after Osip Mandelstam
ECM 1564 | CD 449 3712 Alleluia
for baritone and piano
Recorded 2006 and 2007
Recorded 1986
ECM 2117 | CD 476 3316
Robert Schumann ECM 1898/99 | 2_CD 982 1424
Zehetmair Quartett
Thomas Zehetmair: violin
Valentin Silvestrov
Matthias Metzger: violin Valentin Silvestrov
Bagatellen und Serenaden
Ruth Killius: viola Metamusik /  P ostludium
Françoise Groben: violoncello Valentin Silvestrov: piano
Alexei Lubimov: piano
Alexei Lubimov: piano
Streichquarette Nr. 1 & 3 Radio Symphonieorchester Wien
Münchener Kammerorchester
Dennis Russell Davies: conductor
Recorded August 2001 Christoph Poppen: conductor
Metamusik – Symphony for
ECM 1793 | CD 472 1692 Bagatellen I – X III
piano and orchestra
Elegie für Streichorchester
Postludium – Symphonic poem
Stille Musik für Streichorchester
for piano and orchestra
Abschiedsserenade für Streichorchester
Shostakovich /  Vasks /  S chnittke
Der Bote für Streicher und Klavier Recorded April 2001
Zwei Dialoge mit Nachwort
ECM 1790 | CD 472 0812
Stuttgarter Kammerorchester für Streichorchester und Klavier
Dennis Russell Davies: conductor
Recorded February 2006
Dmitri Shostakovich:
ECM 1988 | CD 476 6178 Valentin Silvestrov
Chamber Symphony
Requiem for Larissa
P‰teris Vasks: Musica dolorosa
Alfred Schnittke: Trio Sonata National Choir of Ukraine
Valentin Silvestrov National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine
Recorded June 1996
Arvo Pärt Volodymyr Sirenko: conductor
ECM 1620 | CD 453 5122 Galina Ustvolskaya
Requiem for Larissa
for mixed choir and orchestra
Alexei Lubimov: piano
Recorded 2001
Dmitri Shostakovich Alexander Trostiansky: violin
24 Preludes and Fugues op. 87 Kyrill Rybakov: clarinet ECM 1778 | CD 472 1122
Keith Jarrett: piano Valentin Silvestrov:
Post Scriptum | Misterioso
Recorded July 1991
Valentin Silvestrov
Arvo Pärt: Spiegel im Spiegel
ECM 1469/70 | 2_CD 437 1892 leggiero, pesante
Galina Ustvolskaya:
Anja Lechner: violoncello
Trio for clarinet, violin and piano
Silke Avenhaus: piano
Sonata for violin and piano
Dmitri Shostakovich
Rosamunde Quartett:
Paul Seiko Chihara Recorded May 2005
Andreas Reiner: violin
Linda Bouchard
ECM 1959 | CD 476 3108 Simon Fordham: violin
Kim Kashkashian: viola Helmut Nicolai: viola
Robyn Schulkowsky: percussion Anja Lechner: violoncello
Robert Levin: piano
Valentin Silvestrov Simon Fordham: violin
Linda Bouchard: Pourtinade Symphony No. 6 Maacha Deubner: soprano
Paul Seiko Chihara: Redwood Valentin Silvestrov: piano
SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony
Dmitri Shostakovich:
Orchestra Sonata for violoncello and piano
Sonate für Viola und Piano op.  147
Andrey Boreyko: conductor String Quartet No. 1
Recorded June and October 1990 Three Postludes
Recorded June 2005
Hymne 2001
ECM 1425 | CD 847 5382
ECM 1935 | CD 476 5715
Recorded January 2001
ECM 1776 | CD 461 8982
Bent Sørensen Stephen Stubbs Veljo Tormis
Birds and Bells Teatro Lirico Forgotten Peoples
Christian Lindberg: trombone Milos Valent: violin, viola Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Oslo Sinfonietta Maxine Eilander: Tõnu Kaljuste: conductor
Cikada Ensemble Spanish and Italian harps
Livonian Heritage | Votic Wedding
Cikada String Quartet Erin Headley: viola da gamba, lirone
Songs | Izhorian Epic | Ingrian Evenings
Christian Eggen: conductor Stephen Stubbs: baroque guitar,
Vepsian Paths | Karelian Destiny
The Lady and the Lark | Birds and
Recorded February 1990
Bells | The Deserted Churchyards Sonatas and dances from
Funeral Procession | The Bells of 17th century Italy and Slovakia ECM 1459/60 | 2_CD 434 2752
Vineta | The Lady of Shalott by Giulio Caccini, Maurizio Cazzati, 2_LP 434 2751
Arcangelo Corelli, Carlo Farina, Giovanni
Recorded October 1997
Paolo Foscarini, Giovanni Battista
ECM 1665 | download only Granata and Johann Caspar Horn and
Johann Ludwig Trepulka
improvisations on the Folia bass
Norbert von Hannenheim
Recorded February 2004 Klavierstücke und Sonaten
Karlheinz Stockhausen
ECM 1893 | CD 476 3101 Herbert Henck: piano
Michaels Reise
Johann Ludwig Trepulka:
Solisten_Version für einen Trompeter,
Klavierstücke mit Überschriften nach
9 Mitspieler und Klangregisseur
Thomas Tallis Worten von Nicolaus Lenau, op.  2
Markus Stockhausen: trumpet The Lamentations of Jeremiah
Norbert von Hannenheim:
Suzanne Stephens: bassett_horn The Hilliard Ensemble
Sonaten Nr. 2, 4, 6 und 12
Ian Stuart: clarinet
David James: countertenor Konzert Nr. 2 für Klavier und kleines
Lesley Schatzberger: clarinet,
John Potter: tenor Orchester (Satz II – Molto lento)
Rogers Covey_Crump: tenor
Michael Svoboda: trombone, Recorded April 2005
Paul Hillier: baritone
baritone horn
Michael George: bass ECM 1937 | CD 476 5276
Kathinka Pasveer: alto flute
Paul Hillier: director
Andreas Boettger: percussion
Isao Nakamura: percussion The Lamentations of Jeremiah
Michael Obst: synthesizer Salvator mundi
Simon Stockhausen: synthesizer O sacrum convivium
Karlheinz Stockhausen: sound projection Mass for four Voices
Absterge Domine
Recorded December 1989
Recorded September 1986
ECM 1406 | CD 437 1882
ECM 1341 | CD 833 3082

Igor Stravinsky
Orchestral Works Veljo Tormis
Litany To Thunder
Stuttgarter Kammerorchester
Dennis Russell Davies: conductor Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Tõnu Kaljuste: conductor
Monumentum pro Gesualdo di Venosa
Danses Concertantes How Can I Recognize My Home
Concerto in D Singing Aboard Ship | Curse Upon Iron
Apollon Musagète The Singer’s Childhood | Songs Of The
Ancient Sea | The Bishop And The Pagan
Recorded October 2002
Litany To Thunder | The Lost Geese
ECM 1826 | CD 472 1862
Recorded August 1998
ECM 1687 | CD 465 2232
Trio Mediaeval Helena Tulve
Folk Songs Lijnen
Anna Maria Friman: soprano NYYD Ensemble
Linn Andrea Fuglseth: soprano Olari Elts: conductor
Torunn Østrem Ossum: soprano Arianna Savall: voice
Birger Mistereggen: percussion, Stockholm Saxophone Quartet
jew ’s harp Emmanuelle Ophèle_Gaubert: flute
Mihkel Peäske: flute
Traditional songs from Norway
Silesian String Quartet
arranged for voices and percussion
à travers | Lijnen | Öö | abysses
Recorded February 2007
cendres | nec ros, nec pluvia …
ECM 2003 | CD 476 6179
Recorded 1997 –  2 006
ECM 1955 | CD 476 6389
Trio Mediaeval
Stella Maris
Erkki_Sven Tüür
Anna Maria Friman: soprano
Linn Andrea Fuglseth: soprano
Torunn Østrem Ossum: soprano NYYD Ensemble
Vox Clamantis
12th/13th century music from
Pedro Carneiro: marimba
England and France
Leho Karin: violoncello
Sungji Hong: Marrit Gerretz_Traksmann: piano
Missa Lumen de Lumine (2002) Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
Olari Elts: conductor
Recorded February 2005
Salve Regina for male choir
ECM 1929 | CD 476 3021
and orchestra
Ardor – Concerto for marimba
and orchestra
Trio Mediaeval Dedication for violoncello and piano
Soir, dit_elle Oxymoron (Music for Tirol)
Anna Maria Friman: soprano Recorded March 2003 and June 2006
Linn Andrea Fuglseth: soprano
ECM 1919 | CD 476 5778
Torunn Østrem Ossum: soprano
Leonel Power:
Missa “Alma redemptoris mater”
Erkki_Sven Tüür
Oleh Harkavyy: Kyrie Exodus
Gavin Bryars: Laude novella (Lauda II)
Isabelle van Keulen: violin
Ave regina gloriosa (Lauda VII)
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
Ave donna santissima (Lauda III)
Paavo Järvi: conductor
Venite a laudare (Lauda I)
Andrew Smith: Concerto for violin and orchestra
Ave Maria | Regina caeli Aditus
Ivan Moody: Exodus
The Troparion of Kassiani
Recorded May 2002
A Lion’s Sleep
Alma redemptoris mater ECM 1830 | CD 472 4972
(Gregorian chant)
Recorded April 2003
Erkki_Sven Tüür
ECM 1869 | CD 476 1241
David Geringas: violoncello
Radio_Symphonieorchester Wien
Trio Mediaeval
Dennis Russell Davies: conductor
Words of the Angel
Symphony No. 3
Anna Maria Friman: soprano
Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra
Linn Andrea Fuglseth: soprano
Torunn Østrem Ossum: soprano
Recorded July and August 1998
Messe de Tournai
with 14th century polyphony ECM 1673 | CD 465 1342
Ivan Moody: Words of the Angel
Recorded December 1999
ECM 1753 | CD 461 7822
Erkki_Sven Tüür Sándor Veress Eugène Ysaÿe
Crystallisatio Camerata Bern Sonates pour violon solo
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra London Voices Thomas Zehetmair: violin
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir Heinz Holliger: oboe and conductor
Sonatas for violin solo op.  27
Tõnu Kaljuste: conductor
Passacaglia Concertante
Recorded September 2002
Architectonics VI | Passion Songs Of The Seasons
Illusion | Crystallisatio | Requiem Musica Concertante ECM 1835 | CD 472 6872
Recorded June 1995 Recorded January 1992 and
February 1993
ECM 1590 | CD 449 4592
Thomas Zehetmair 
ECM 1555 | CD 447 3902
Camerata Bern
Verklärte Nacht
Frances_Marie Uitti Schönberg /  V eress /  B artók
Paul Griffiths Harald Weiss
Thomas Zehetmair: violin, director
there is still time Trommelgeflüster
Camerata Bern
Scenes for speaking voice and cello Harald Weiss: percussion, voice
Arnold Schönberg:
Text by Paul Griffiths
Trommelgeflüster Part 1 & 2 Transfigured Night
Music by Frances_Marie Uitti
Recorded September 1982 Sándor Veress:
Frances_Marie Uitti: violoncello
Four Transylvanian Dances
Paul Griffiths: voice ECM 1249 | download only
Béla Bartók: Divertimento
Recorded August 2003
Recorded 1999 and 1995
ECM 1882 | CD 476 2411
Carolin Widmann /  S imon Lepper ECM 1714 | CD 465 7782
Phantasy of Spring
Carolin Widmann: violin
Veracini Sonatas
Simon Lepper: piano Zehetmair Quartett
John Holloway: violin Béla Bartók / Paul Hindemith
Morton Feldman: Spring of Chosroes
Jaap ter Linden: violoncello
Thomas Zehetmair: violin
Lars Ulrik Mortensen: harpsichord Bernd Alois Zimmermann:
Kuba Jakowicz: violin
Sonate für Violine und Klavier
Francesco Maria Veracini: Ruth Killius: viola
Sonata No. 1 in G minor from Arnold Schönberg: Phantasy for violin Ursula Smith: violoncello
Sonate a violino solo e basso op.  1 with piano accompaniment op. 47
Béla Bartók:
Sonata No. 5 in C major from
Iannis Xenakis: Dikhthas Streichquartett Nr. 5
Sonate a violino, o flauto solo, e basso
Sonata No. 1 in D major from Recorded October and December 2006 Paul Hindemith:
Dissertazioni … sopra l’opera ta Streichquartett Nr. 4 op.  2 2
ECM 2113 | CD 476 3310
del Corelli
Recorded June 2006
Sonata No. 6 in A major from
Sonate accademiche op.  2 ECM 1874 | CD 476 5779
Carolin Widmann /  D énes Várjon
Recorded September 2003
Robert Schumann
ECM 1889 | CD 476 7055 The Violin Sonatas
Zehetmair Quartett
Carolin Widmann: violin K. A. Hartmann / Béla Bartók
Dénes Várjon: piano
Thomas Zehetmair: violin
Sonata No. 1 in a minor, op. 105 Ulf Schneider: violin
Sonata No. 3 in a minor, WoO 2 Ruth Killius: viola
Sonata No. 2 in d minor, op. 121 Françoise Groben: violoncello
Recorded August 2007 Karl Amadeus Hartmann:
Streichquartett Nr. 1
ECM 2047 | CD 476 6744
Béla Bartók:
Streichquartett Nr. 4
Recorded November 1999
ECM 1727 | CD 465 7762
Zelenka Bernd Alois Zimmermann ECM New Series
Trio Sonatas Canto di speranza
An anthology
Heinz Holliger: oboe Thomas Zehetmair: violin
Staatsorchester Stuttgart, Dennis
Maurice Bourgue: oboe Thomas Demenga: violoncello
Russell Davies, The Hilliard Ensemble,
Thomas Zehetmair: violin Gerd Böckmann: speaker
Gidon Kremer, Keith Jarrett, Heinz
Klaus Thunemann: bassoon Robert Hunger_Bühler: speaker
Holliger, Kim Kashkashian, Paul Hillier,
Klaus Stoll: double_bass Andreas Schmidt: bass
Stephen Stubbs, Erin Headley, Meredith
Jonathan Rubin: lute WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln
Monk, Tamia, Pierre Favre, Shankar,
Christiane Jaccottet: harpsichord Heinz Holliger: conductor
Jan Garbarek, Paul Giger, Bruno Ganz
Jan Dismas Zelenka: Konzert für Violine und großes Orchester
Music by Arvo Pärt, Thomas Tallis,
Trio Sonatas ZWV 181 Canto di speranza
Paul Hillier, Bernart de Ventadorn,
Sonata No. 1  F major Ich wandte mich und sah an alles Unrecht,
Johann Sebastian Bach, Paul Hindemith,
Sonata No. 2 G minor das geschah unter der Sonne
Heinz Holliger, Meredith Monk, Tamia,
Sonata No. 3 B_flat major
Recorded May 2005 Pierre Favre, Shankar, Jan Garbarek,
Sonata No. 4 G minor
Paul Giger, poem by Hölderlin
Sonata No. 5  F major ECM 2074 | CD 476 6885
Sonata No. 6  C minor ECM 1405 | download only
Recorded June 1997
Frank Peter Zimmermann
ECM 1671/72 | 2_CD 462 5422
Heinrich Schiff
Frank Peter Zimmermann: violin
Heinrich Schiff: violoncello
Alfred Zimmerlin
Euridice Arthur Honegger:
Sonatine VI for Violin and Violoncello
2. Streichquartett o
Bohuslav Martin u:
Carmina Quartett Duo for Violin and Violoncello No. 2
Matthias Enderle: violin Johann Sebastian Bach:
Susanne Frank: violin Two Canons from the Art of Fugue
Wendy Champney: viola Matthias Pintscher:
Stephan Goerner: violoncello Study I for “Treatise on the Veil”
Maurice Ravel:
Euridice singt
Sonata for Violin and Violoncello
Recorded August 2004 and
Sylvia Nopper: soprano
January 2005
Matthias Arter: oboe
Tobias Moster: violoncello ECM 1912 | CD 476 3150
Ingrid Karlen: piano
1. Streichquartett
Aria Quartett
Thomas Füri: violin
Adelina Oprean: violin
Ettore Causa: viola
Conradin Brotbek: violoncello
Recorded August 2006 and
October 2007
ECM 2045 | CD 476 3261
ECM Catalogue
Susanne Abbuehl John Abercrombie John Abercrombie
Compass Cat ’n’ Mouse While We’re Young
Susanne Abbuehl: voice John Abercrombie: guitar John Abercrombie: guitars
Christof May: clarinet, bass clarinet Mark Feldman: violin Dan Wall: organ
Wolfert Brederode: piano Marc Johnson: double_bass Adam Nussbaum: drums
Lucas Niggli: drums, percussion Joey Baron: drums
Recorded June 1992
Michel Portal: clarinet
Recorded December 2000
ECM 1489 | CD 517 3522
Recorded 2003 and 2004
ECM 1770 | CD 014 0012
ECM 1906 | CD 987 1934
John Abercrombie
John Abercrombie Animato
Susanne Abbuehl Open Land
John Abercrombie: guitar,
John Abercrombie: guitar guitar synthesizer
Susanne Abbuehl: voice Mark Feldman: violin Jon Christensen: drums, percussion
Wolfert Brederode: piano, Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, flugelhorn Vince Mendoza: synthesizers
harmonium, melodica Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone
Recorded October 1989
Christof May: clarinet, bass clarinet Dan Wall: organ
Samuel Rohrer: drums, percussion Adam Nussbaum: drums ECM 1411 | CD 177 9870 | LP 841 7791
Recorded November 2000 Recorded September 1998
ECM 1766 | CD 013 9992 ECM 1683 | CD 557 6522
John Abercrombie
Marc Johnson /  P eter Erskine
John Abercrombie: guitar,
John Abercrombie Quartet John Abercrombie
guitar synthesizer
Wait Till You See Her Dan Wall /  A dam Nussbaum
Marc Johnson: double_bass
John Abercrombie: guitar Peter Erskine: drums
Mark Feldman: violin John Abercrombie: guitars
Recorded April 1988
Thomas Morgan: double_bass Dan Wall: organ
Joey Baron: drums Adam Nussbaum: drums ECM 1390 | CD 837 7562
Recorded December 2008 Recorded July 1996
ECM 2102 | CD 179 8630 ECM 1623 | CD 533 6802
John Abercrombie
Getting There
John Abercrombie:
John Abercrombie John Abercrombie Trio
electric and acoustic guitars,
The Third Quartet Speak Of The Devil
guitar synthesizer
John Abercrombie: John Abercrombie: guitars Marc Johnson: double_bass
electric and acoustic guitars Dan Wall: organ Peter Erskine: drums
Mark Feldman: violin Adam Nussbaum: drums Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone
Marc Johnson: double_bass
Recorded July 1993 Recorded April 1987
Joey Baron: drums
ECM 1511 | CD in preparation ECM 1321 | CD 833 4942
Recorded June 2006
ECM 1993 | CD 170 9776
John Abercrombie John Abercrombie
Marc Johnson /  P eter Erskine Current Events
John Abercrombie w /  J ohn Surman
John Abercrombie: guitar,
Class Trip November
guitar synthesizer
John Abercrombie: guitar John Abercrombie: guitar Marc Johnson: double_bass
Mark Feldman: violin Marc Johnson: double_bass Peter Erskine: drums
Marc Johnson: double_bass Peter Erskine: drums
Recorded September 1985
Joey Baron: drums John Surman: baritone and
soprano saxophones, bass clarinet ECM 1311 | download only
Recorded February 2003
Recorded November 1992
ECM 1846 | CD 038 1182
ECM 1502 | CD 519 0732
John Abercrombie
John Abercrombie: guitar
Jan Hammer: keyboards
Jack De Johnette: drums
Mike Brecker: tenor saxophone
Recorded April 1984
ECM 1272 | CD 823 2122
John Abercrombie Quartet Rabih Abou_Khalil Misha Alperin w /  J ohn Surman
Arcade Nafas First Impression
John Abercrombie: guitar, Rabih Abou_Khalil: oud Misha Alperin: piano
electric mandolin Selim Kusur: nay, voice John Surman:
Richie Beirach: piano Glen Velez: frame drums soprano and baritone saxophones
George Mraz: double_bass Setrak Sarkissian: darabukka Arkady Shilkloper:
Peter Donald: drums french horn, flugelhorn
Recorded February 1988
Terje Gewelt: double_bass
Recorded December 1987
ECM 1359 | CD 835 7812 Jon Christensen: drums
ECM 1133 | download only Hans_Kristian Kjos Sørensen:
percussion, marimba
George Adams Recorded December 1997
John Abercrombie Sound Suggestions
ECM 1664 | CD 557 6502
George Adams: tenor saxophone,
John Abercrombie: guitars, vocal
electric mandolin Heinz Sauer: tenor saxophone
Misha Alperin
Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, flugelhorn
Recorded November 1977 North Story
Richard Beirach: piano
ECM 1117 | CD 829 3722 Dave Holland: double_bass Misha Alperin: piano
Jack De Johnette: drums Arkady Shilkloper: french horn, flugelhorn
Tore Brunborg: tenor saxophone
Recorded May 1979
Terje Gewelt: double_bass
John Abercrombie
ECM 1141 | CD 517 7552 Jon Christensen: drums
Ralph Towner
Sargasso Sea Recorded September 1995
John Abercrombie: ECM 1596 | CD 531 0222
Misha Alperin
electric and acoustic guitars
Her First Dance
Ralph Towner:
12_string and classical guitars, Misha Alperin: piano
Mikhail Alperin
piano Arkady Shilkloper: french horn,
Arkady Shilkloper
Recorded May 1976 Wave Of Sorrow
Anja Lechner: violoncello
ECM 1080 | CD 177 5812 Mikhail Alperin:
Recorded July 2006
piano, melodica, voice
ECM 1995 | CD 171 6742 Arkady Shilkloper:
french horn, jagdhorn, flugelhorn,
John Abercrombie
Misha Alperin /  A nja Lechner Recorded July 1989
John Abercrombie: guitar
Hans_Kristian Kjos Sørensen
Jan Hammer: organ, synthesizer, ECM 1396 | CD 839 6212 | LP 839 6211
Jack De Johnette: drums Misha Alperin: piano, claviola
Anja Lechner: violoncello
Recorded June 1974 AM 4
Hans_Kristian Kjos Sørensen:
Puschnig /  S harrock /  S cherer
ECM 1047 | CD 829 1142 percussion, voice
 … and she answered:
Recorded April 1998
Wolfgang Puschnig: alto saxophone,
ECM 1769 | CD 014 4312 alto flute, hojak, shakuhachi
John Abercrombie
Linda Sharrock: vocals
Selected Recordings
Uli Scherer: piano, prepared piano,
John Abercrombie, chronologically. keyboards
Misha Alperin
The guitarist charts the history of
At Home Recorded April 1989
his bands, and his work with friends
through the years Misha Alperin: piano ECM 1394 | CD 839 6202 | LP 839 6201
Recorded 1974 – 2000 Recorded February 1998
ECM :rarum XIV | CD 014 2122 ECM 1768 | CD 549 6102
It Had Been An Ordinary
Enough Day in Pueblo, Colorado
John Abercrombie
Keith Rowe: guitar,
prepared guitar, transistor radio
LP 837 2751 Eddie Prévost: drums
Recorded December 1979
JAPO 60031 | CD 843 2062
Arild Andersen Arild Andersen Arild Andersen
Paolo Vinaccia /  Tommy Smith Hyperborean Masqualero
Live At Belleville Bande À Part
Tore Brunborg:
Arild Andersen: double- bass, soprano and tenor saxophones Arild Andersen: basses
live electronics Bendik Hofseth: tenor saxophone Nils Petter Molvær: trumpet
Paolo Vinaccia: drums Kenneth Knudsen: keyboards Tore Brunborg: saxophones
Tommy Smith: tenor saxophone Arild Andersen: double_bass Jon Balke: piano, synthesizer
Paolo Vinaccia: drums, percussion Jon Christensen: drums, percussion
Recorded September 2007
Cikada String Quartet Recorded August and December 1985
ECM 2078 | CD 177 4448
Odd Hannisdal: violin
ECM 1319 | LP 829 0221
Henrik Hannisdal: violin
Marek Konstantynowicz: viola
Arild Andersen Group Morten Hannisdal: cello
Electra Arild Andersen
Recorded December 1996
Molde Concert
Arve Henriksen: trumpet
ECM 1631 | CD 537 3422
Eivind Aarset: guitars John Taylor: piano
Paolo Vinaccia: drums, percussion Bill Frisell: guitar
Patrice Héral: drums, percussion, voice Arild Andersen: double_bass
Nils Petter Molvær: drum programming Arild Andersen Alphonse Mouzon: drums
Savina Yannatou, Chrysanthi Douzi: vocals Masqualero
Recorded August 1981
Elly_Marina Casdas, Re_Enter
Fotini_Niki Grammenou: chorus vocals ECM 1236 | CD 159 4972
Arild Andersen: double_bass
Arild Andersen: double_bass,
Jon Christensen: drums, percussion
drum programming
Tore Brunborg:
Recorded 2002 –  2 003 tenor and soprano saxophones Arild Andersen
Nils Petter Molvær: trumpet Lifelines
ECM 1908 | CD 982 4337
Recorded December 1990 Kenny Wheeler: flugelhorn, cornet
Steve Dobrogosz: piano
ECM 1437 | LP 847 9391 | CD in preparation
Arild Andersen: double_bass
Arild Andersen
Paul Motian: drums
Vassilis Tsabropoulos / John Marshall
The Triangle Recorded July 1981
Arild Andersen
Arild Andersen: double_bass Sagn ECM 1188 | CD in preparation
Vassilis Tsabropoulos: piano
Arild Andersen: double_bass
John Marshall: drums
Kirsten Bråten Berg: vocals
Recorded January 2003 Bendik Hofseth: Arild Andersen
tenor and soprano saxophones Green Shading Into Blue
ECM 1752 | CD 038 1212
Frode Alnæs: guitar
ECM 1127 | p. 112
Bugge Wesseltoft: keyboards
Nana Vasconcelos: percussion, vocals
Arild Andersen
Recorded August 1990
Vassilis Tsabropoulos / John Marshall Arild Andersen
Achirana ECM 1435 | CD 849 6472 Shimri
Vassilis Tsabropoulos: piano ECM 1082 | p. 112
Arild Andersen: double_bass
John Marshall: drums Arild Andersen
Recorded October 1999 Arild Andersen
Clouds In My Head
ECM 1728 | CD 157 4622
Arild Andersen: double_bass
ECM 1059 | p. 112
Jon Christensen: drums
Tore Brunborg:
tenor and soprano saxophones
Arild Andersen
Nils Petter Molvær: trumpet Arild Andersen
If You Look Far Enough
Frode Alnæs: guitar Selected Recordings
Arild Andersen: double_bass
Recorded November 1987 An Arild Andersen anthology,
Ralph Towner: guitars
featuring the songs he used to play
Nana Vasconcelos: percussion ECM 1367 | LP 835 7671
with his own ensembles, and in duet
Audun Kleive: snare drum
with Bill Frisell
Recorded Spring 1988,
Recorded 1975 – 1999
July 1991 and February 1992
ECM :rarum XIX | CD 066 5982
ECM 1493 | CD in preparation
Art Ensemble of Chicago Art Ensemble of Chicago Jon Balke
Tribute to Lester Nice Guys Siwan
Amina Alaoui
Roscoe Mitchell: Lester Bowie:
alto, tenor, soprano, sopranino and trumpet, celeste, bass drum Amina Alaoui: vocal
bass saxophones, flute, whistles, Joseph Jarman: Jon Hassell: trumpet, electronics
percussion cage reeds, percussion, vocal Kheir Eddine M’Kachiche: violin
Malachi Favors Moghostut: Roscoe Mitchell: reeds, percussion Jon Balke: keyboards, conductor
double_bass, bells, whistles, gongs Malachi Favors Moghostut: Helge Norbakken: percussion
Famoudou Don Moye: basses, percussion, melodica Pedram Khavar Zamini: zarb
drums, congas, bongos, counsel drums, Famoudou Don Moye: Andreas Arend: theorboe, archlute
bells, whistles, gongs, chimes drums, percussion, vocal Hans Knut Sveen: harpsichord, clavichord
Recorded September 2001 Recorded May 1978 Barokksolistene
Bjarte Eike: violin, leader
ECM 1808 | CD 017 0662 ECM 1126 | CD 827 8762
Per Buhre: violin
Peter Spissky: violin
Anna Ivanovna Sundin: violin
Art Ensemble of Chicago Art Ensemble of Chicago Milos Valent: violin
The Third Decade Selected Recordings Rastko Roknic: viola
Joel Sundin: viola
Lester Bowie: trumpet, flugelhorn The Art Ensemble of Chicago, with
Tom Pitt: violoncello
Joseph Jarman: reeds, synthesizer, tracks from “Nice Guys”, “Full Force”,
Kate Hearne: violoncello, recorder
percussion “Urban Bushmen” and “The Third
Mattias Frostensson: double_bass
Roscoe Mitchell: reeds, percussion Decade”, as well as related material
Malachi Favors Moghostut: by Roscoe Mitchell’s Note Factory Recorded 2007 and 2008
basses, percussion and Lester Bowie
ECM 2042 | CD 178 0151
Famoudou Don Moye: drums,
Recorded 1978 – 1997
ECM :rarum VI | CD 014 1962
Recorded June 1984
Jon Balke
ECM 1273 | CD 823 2132 Book of Velocities
Azimuth Jon Balke: piano
Azimuth /  T he Touchstone /  D épart
Recorded September 2006
Art Ensemble of Chicago
John Taylor: piano, organ,
Urban Bushmen ECM 2010 | CD 173 2765
Lester Bowie: trumpet, bass drum, Norma Winstone: voice
long horn, vocals Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, flugelhorn
Joseph Jarman: saxophones, vocals, Ralph Towner: 12_string and Jon Balke
clarinets, bassoon, flutes, percussion classical guitars & Magnetic North Orchestra
Roscoe Mitchell: saxophones, flute, Diverted Travels
Recorded March 1977, June 1978
percussion, clarinet, vocals
and December 1979 Per Jørgensen: trumpet, vocals
Malachi Favors Moghostut: basses,
Fredrik Lundin: bass flute,
percussion, melodica, vocals ECM 1546 – 48 | 3_CD 523 0102
tenor and soprano saxophones
Famoudou Don Moye: sun percussion,
Bjarte Eike: violin
Peter Spissky: violin
Recorded May 1980 Azimuth Thomas Pitt: bass violin
“ How it was then … never again” Jon Balke: piano, keyboards
ECM 1211/12 | 2_CD 829 3942
Helge Andreas Norbakken: percussion
John Taylor: piano
Ingar Zach: percussion
Norma Winstone: voice
Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, flugelhorn Recorded September and
Art Ensemble of Chicago
November 2003
Full Force Recorded April 1994
ECM 1886 | CD 981 8791
Lester Bowie: trumpet ECM 1538 | CD 523 8202
Joseph Jarman: reeds, flute, gongs
Roscoe Mitchell: reeds, percussion
Malachi Favors Moghostut: basses, Jon Balke
Azimuth ’85
percussion, melodica, vocal & Magnetic North Orchestra
Famoudou Don Moye: sun percussion John Taylor: piano, organ Kyanos
Norma Winstone: vocal
Recorded January 1980 Per Jørgensen: trumpet, vocal
Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, flugelhorn
Morten Halle: saxophones, flute
ECM 1167 | CD 177 9873
Recorded March 1985 Arve Henriksen: trumpet
Svante Henryson: violoncello
ECM 1298 | CD 827 5202
Jon Balke: piano, keyboards
Anders Jormin: double_bass
Audun Kleive: drums, percussion
Recorded November 2001
ECM 1822 | CD 017 2782
Jon Balke Batagraf / Jon Balke Richard Beirach
& Magnetic North Orchestra Statements Eon
Frode Nymo: alto saxophone Richard Beirach: piano
Jens Petter Antonsen: lead trumpet Jon Balke: keyboards, percussion, Frank Tusa: double_bass
Per Jørgensen: trumpet, vocals vocals Jeff Williams: drums
Morten Halle: alto saxophone Kenneth Ekornes: percussion
Recorded November 1974
Tore Brunborg: Harald Skullerud: percussion
tenor and soprano saxophones Helge Andreas Norbakken: percussion ECM 1054 | download only
Gertrud Økland: violin Ingar Zach: percussion
Trond Villa: viola Arve Henriksen: trumpet
Jonas Franke_Blom: cello Sidsel Endresen: text recitals
Bengt Berger
Jon Balke: piano, keyboards Miki N’Doye: text recitals
Bitter Funeral Beer
Anders Jormin: double_bass Solveig Slettahjell: vocals
Marilyn Mazur: percussion Jocely Sete Camara Silva, Bengt Berger: blekete drum, xylophone
Audun Kleive: drums Jennifer Myskja Balke: voices Don Cherry: pocket trumpet
Jörgen Adolfsson: violin, sopranino,
Recorded June 1993 Recorded 2003 and 2004
soprano and alto saxophones
ECM 1517 | CD 521 7202 ECM 1932 | CD 987 1461 Tommy Adolfsson: trumpet
Tord Bengtsson: violin, electric guitar
Christer Bothén: bass clarinet,
tenor saxophone
Jon Balke w /  O slo 13 Stefano Battaglia
Thomas Mera Gartz: violin,
Nonsentration Re: Pasolini
tenor saxophone, drums
Per Jørgensen: trumpet Stefano Battaglia: piano Matthias Helldén: cello
Nils Petter Molvær: trumpet Michael Gassmann: trumpet Sigge Krantz: electric guitar, basses
Torbjørn Sunde: trombone Mirco Mariottini: clarinets Anita Livstrand: voice, bells
Morten Halle: alto saxophone Dominique Pifarély: violin Bosse Skoglund: drums
Tore Brunborg: tenor saxophone Vincent Courtois: cello Ulf Wallander: soprano and
Arne Frang: tenor saxophone Aya Shimura: cello tenor saxophones
Audun Kleive: drums Salvatore Maiore: double_bass Kjell Westling: sopranino saxophone,
Jon Christensen: drums, percussion Bruno Chevillon: double_bass bass clarinet
Finn Sletten: percussion Roberto Dani: drums
Recorded January 1981
Miki N’Doye: percussion Michele Rabbia: percussion
Jon Balke: keyboards ECM 1179 | download only
Recorded April and July 2005
Recorded September 1990
ECM 1998/99 | 2_CD 171 6738
ECM 1445 | CD 849 6532 | LP 849 6531
Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra
Benny Bailey, Thomas Heberer,
Stefano Battaglia
Henry Lowther: trumpets
Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin Raccolto
Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, flugelhorn
Stefano Battaglia: piano Paul van Kemenade, Felix
Nik Bärtsch: piano Dominique Pifarély: violin Wahnschaffe: alto saxophones
Sha: bass clarinets, alto saxophone Giovanni Maier: double_bass Gerd Dudek: soprano and
Björn Meyer: bass Michele Rabbia: percussion tenor saxophones, clarinet, flute
Kaspar Rast: drums Walter Gauchel: tenor saxophone
Recorded September and
Andi Pupato: percussion Ernst_Ludwig Petrowsky:
December 2003
baritone saxophone
Recorded July 2007
ECM 1933/34 | 2_CD 987 0670 Willem Breuker: baritone saxophone,
ECM 2049 | CD 174 8672 bass clarinet
Henning Berg, Hermann Breuer,
Hubert Katzenbeier: trombones
Richard Beirach
Utz Zimmermann: bass trombone
Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin Elm
Aki Takase: piano
Richard Beirach: piano Günter Lenz: double_bass
Nik Bärtsch: piano, Fender Rhodes George Mraz: double_bass Ed Thigpen: drums
Sha: contrabass and bass clarinets Jack De Johnette: drums Misha Mengelberg: piano
Björn Meyer: bass Alexander von Schlippenbach:
Recorded May 1979
Kaspar Rast: drums conductor
Andi Pupato: percussion ECM 1142 | download only
Recorded May 1989
Recorded May 2005
ECM 1409 | LP 841 7771
ECM 1939 | CD 987 3631
Richard Beirach
Richard Beirach: piano
Recorded June 1977
ECM 1104 | download only
Ketil Bjørnstad Ketil Bjørnstad Paul Bley / Gary Peacock
The Light Water Stories Tony Oxley /  J ohn Surman
In The Evenings Out There
Randi Stene: mezzo_soprano Ketil Bjørnstad: piano
Lars Anders Tomter: viola Terje Rypdal: guitar Paul Bley: piano
Ketil Bjørnstad: piano Bjørn Kjellemyr: bass Gary Peacock: double_bass
Jon Christensen: drums Tony Oxley: drums
Recorded February/March 2007
Per Hillestad: drums John Surman: baritone saxophone,
ECM 2056 | CD 175 7977 bass clarinet
Recorded January 1993
Recorded September 1991
ECM 1503 | CD 519 0762
ECM 1488 | CD 517 4692
Ketil Bjørnstad /  Terje Rypdal
Life in Leipzig
Carla Bley
Ketil Bjørnstad: piano
Selected Recordings Paul Bley
Terje Rypdal: guitar
The Paul Bley Quartet
Carla Bley reintroduces her ensembles
Recorded October 2005
large and small, as well as the Liberation Paul Bley: piano
ECM 2052 | CD 175 5891 Music Orchestra, the Jimmy Giuffre Trio, John Surman: soprano saxophone,
and the Jazz Composer’s Orchestra bass clarinet
Bill Frisell: guitar
Recorded 1971 – 1999
Paul Motian: drums
Ketil Bjørnstad /  D avid Darling
ECM :rarum XV | CD 014 2082
Epigraphs Recorded November 1987
Ketil Bjørnstad: piano ECM 1365 | CD 835 2502
David Darling: cello
Paul Bley
Recorded September 1998 Solo In Mondsee
Paul Bley
ECM 1684 | CD 543 1592 Paul Bley: piano
Recorded April 2001
Paul Bley: piano
ECM 1786 | CD 170 9775 John Surman: soprano and
Ketil Bjørnstad /  D avid Darling
baritone saxophones, bass clarinet
Jon Christensen / Terje Rypdal
Bill Frisell: guitar
The Sea II
Paul Motian: drums
Paul Bley
Ketil Bjørnstad: piano
Gary Peacock /  P aul Motian Recorded January 1986
David Darling: cello
Not Two, Not One
Jon Christensen: drums ECM 1320 | CD 829 2802
Terje Rypdal: guitars Paul Bley: piano
Gary Peacock: double_bass
Recorded December 1996
Paul Motian: drums
Paul Bley
ECM 1633 | CD 537 3412
Recorded January 1998 Open, To Love
ECM 1670 | CD 559 4472 Paul Bley: piano
Ketil Bjørnstad /  D avid Darling Recorded September 1972
The River
ECM 1023 | CD 177 5827
Paul Bley
Ketil Bjørnstad: piano
Evan Parker /  B arre Phillips
David Darling: cello
Sankt Gerold
Recorded June 1996 Paul Bley
Paul Bley: piano
ECM 1593 | CD 531 1702 Evan Parker:
tenor and soprano saxophones Paul Bley: piano
Barre Phillips: double_bass Mark Levinson: double_bass
Gary Peacock: double_bass
Ketil Bjørnstad /  D avid Darling Recorded April 1996
Barry Altschul: drums
Terje Rypdal /Jon Christensen
ECM 1609 | CD 157 8992
The Sea Recorded March and July 1967
Ketil Bjørnstad: piano ECM 1010 | CD in preparation
David Darling: cello
Paul Bley
Terje Rypdal: guitars
Evan Parker /  B arre Phillips
Jon Christensen: drums
Time Will Tell Paul Bley
Recorded September 1994 With Gary Peacock
Paul Bley: piano
ECM 1545 | CD 521 7182 Evan Parker: Paul Bley: piano
tenor and soprano saxophones Gary Peacock: double_bass
Barre Phillips: double_bass Paul Motian: drums
Billy Elgart: drums
Recorded January 1994
Recorded 1964 and 1968
ECM 1537 | CD 523 8192
ECM 1003 | CD 843 1622
Stefano Bollani Lester Bowie Anouar Brahem
Stone In The Water The Great Pretender Thimar
Stefano Bollani: piano Lester Bowie: trumpet Anouar Brahem: oud
Jesper Bodilsen: double_bass Hamiet Bluiett: baritone saxophone John Surman: soprano saxophone,
Morten Lund: drums Donald Smith: piano, organ bass clarinet
Fred Williams: basses Dave Holland: double_bass
Recorded October 2008
Phillip Wilson: drums
Recorded March 1997
ECM 2080 | CD 179 4161 Fontella Bass: vocal
David Peaston: vocal ECM 1641 | CD 539 8882
Recorded June 1981
Stefano Bollani
ECM 1209 | CD 177 6214
Piano Solo Anouar Brahem
Stefano Bollani: piano
Anouar Brahem: oud
Recorded August 2005 Lester Bowie
Richard Galliano: accordion
ECM 1964 | CD 987 7372 François Couturier: piano, synthesizer
LP 837 2741 Jean_Marc Larché: soprano saxophone
Béchir Selmi: violin
Palle Danielsson: double_bass
Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy
Jon Christensen: drums
Avant Pop Anouar Brahem
The Astounding Eyes Of Rita Recorded September 1994
Lester Bowie: trumpet
Stanton Davis: trumpet Anouar Brahem: oud ECM 1561 | CD 527 0932
Malachi Thompson: trumpet Klaus Gesing: bass clarinet
Rasul Siddik: trumpet Björn Meyer: bass
Steve Turre: trombone Khaled Yassine: darbouka, bendir
Anouar Brahem
Frank Lacy: trombone
Recorded October 2008 Conte de l’incroyable amour
Vincent Chancey: french horn
Bob Stewart: tuba ECM 2075 | CD 179 8628 Anouar Brahem: oud
Phillip Wilson: drums Barbaros Erköse: clarinet
Kudsi Erguner: nai
Recorded March 1986
Lassad Hosni: bendir, darbouka
Anouar Brahem
ECM 1326 | download only
Le Voyage de Sahar Recorded October 1991
Anouar Brahem: oud ECM 1457 | CD 177 9874
François Couturier: piano
Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy
Jean_Louis Matinier: accordion
I Only Have Eyes For You
Recorded February 2005 Anouar Brahem
Lester Bowie: trumpet
Stanton Davis: trumpet, flugelhorn ECM 1915 | CD 987 4651
Malachi Thompson: trumpet Anouar Brahem: oud
Bruce Purse: trumpet Béchir Selmi: violin
Craig Harris: trombone Lassad Hosni: percussion
Anouar Brahem
Steve Turre: trombone
Le pas du chat noir Recorded September 1990
Vincent Chancey: french horn
Bob Stewart: tuba Anouar Brahem: oud ECM 1432 | CD 847 5402
Phillip Wilson: drums François Couturier: piano
Jean_Louis Matinier: accordion
Recorded February 1985
Recorded July 2001 Dollar Brand
ECM 1296 | CD 825 9022 | LP 825 9021
African Piano
ECM 1792 | CD 016 3732
Dollar Brand: piano
Lester Bowie Recorded October 1969
All The Magic! Anouar Brahem Trio
JAPO 60002 | CD 835 0202
Astrakan café
Lester Bowie: trumpet
Ari Brown: Anouar Brahem: oud
tenor and soprano saxophones Barbaros Erköse: clarinet
Wolfert Brederode Quartet
Art Matthews: piano Lassad Hosni: bendir, darbouka
Fred Williams: bass
Recorded June 1999
Phillip Wilson: drums Wolfert Brederode: piano
Fontella Bass: vocals ECM 1718 | CD 159 4942 Claudio Puntin: clarinets
David Peaston: vocals Mats Eilertsen: double_bass
Samuel Rohrer: drums
Recorded June 1982
Recorded February 2006
ECM 1246/47 | download only
ECM 2004 | CD 171 4455
Marion Brown Gary Burton Quartet Gary Burton /  S teve Swallow
Afternoon Of A Georgia Faun Real Life Hits Hotel Hello
Marion Brown: alto saxophone, Gary Burton: vibes, marimba Gary Burton: vibraharp,
zomari, percussion Makoto Ozone: piano organ, marimba
Anthony Braxton: Steve Swallow: bass guitar Steve Swallow: bass, piano
alto and soprano saxophones, Mike Hyman: drums
Recorded May 1974
clarinet, contrabass clarinet,
Recorded November 1984
chinese musette, flute, percussion ECM 1055 | CD in preparation
Bennie Maupin: tenor saxophone, ECM 1293 | CD 825 2352
alto flute, bass clarinet, acorn,
bells, wooden flute, percussion
The Gary Burton Quintet
Chick Corea: piano, bells, gong, percussion
Gary Burton /  C hick Corea w/ E berhard Weber
Andrew Cyrille: percussion
In Concert, Zürich, October 28, 1979 Ring
Jeanne Lee: voice, percussion
Jack Gregg: bass, percussion Chick Corea: piano Gary Burton: vibraharp
Gayle Palmoré: voice, piano, percussion Gary Burton: vibraharp Mick Goodrick: guitar
William Green: top o’lin, percussion Pat Metheny: guitars
Recorded October 1979
Billy Malone: african drum Steve Swallow: bass guitar
Larry Curtis: percussion ECM 1182/83 | CD 821 4152 Bob Moses: percussion
Eberhard Weber: bass
Recorded August 1970
Recorded July 1974
ECM 1004 | CD 527 7102
Gary Burton /  C hick Corea
ECM 1051 | CD 829 1912
Gary Burton: vibraphone
Rainer Brüninghaus
Chick Corea: piano
Continuum Gary Burton
Recorded October 1978 The New Quartet
Rainer Brüninghaus: piano,
synthesizer ECM 1140 | CD 829 9412 Gary Burton: vibraphone
Markus Stockhausen: trumpets, Michael Goodrick: guitar
flugelhorn Abraham Laboriel: bass
Fredy Studer: drums Harry Blazer: drums
Gary Burton
Recorded September 1983 Times Square Recorded March 1973
ECM 1266 | download only Gary Burton: vibes ECM 1030 | CD in preparation
Steve Swallow: bass guitar
Roy Haynes: drums
Tiger Okoshi: trumpet
Rainer Brüninghaus Gary Burton /  C hick Corea
Freigeweht Recorded January 1978 Crystal Silence
Rainer Brüninghaus: piano, synthesizer ECM 1111 | CD 521 9822 Chick Corea: piano
Kenny Wheeler: flugelhorn Gary Burton: vibes
Jon Christensen: drums
Recorded November 1972
Brynjar Hoff: oboe, english horn
The Gary Burton Quartet
ECM 1024 | CD 831 3312
Recorded August 1980 w /  E berhard Weber
ECM 1187 | download only
Gary Burton: vibraharp
Gary Burton
Pat Metheny: guitar
Selected Recordings
Steve Swallow: bass guitar
Gary Burton Quintet
Dan Gottlieb: drums Gary Burton in an anthology
Whiz Kids
Eberhard Weber: bass featuring his working bands of the
Gary Burton: vibraphone, marimba 1970s and 80s, with performances
Recorded November 1976
Makoto Ozone: piano of compositions by Carla Bley, Steve
Tommy Smith: saxophone ECM 1092 | CD 835 0162 Swallow, Pat Metheny, Michael Gibbs,
Steve Swallow: bass Eberhard Weber, Makoto Ozone and
Martin Richards: drums Charles Mingus
Recorded June 1986 Gary Burton Quintet Recorded 1973 – 1986
Dreams So Real
ECM 1329 | CD 831 1102 ECM :rarum IV | CD 014 1952
Gary Burton: vibraphone
Mick Goodrick: guitar
Pat Metheny: electric 12_string guitar
Gary Burton
Steve Swallow: bass
Bob Moses: drums
CD 823 2672
Recorded December 1975
ECM 1072 | CD 177 5830
Michael Cain Alex Cline Chick Corea
Ralph Alessi /  P eter Epstein The Lamp And The Star Septet
Aina Kemanis: voice Chick Corea: piano
Michael Cain: piano Jeff Gauthier: violin, viola, voice Ida Kavafian: violin
Ralph Alessi: trumpet, flugelhorn Hank Roberts: cello, voice Theodore Arm: violin
Peter Epstein: Wayne Peet: piano, organ Steven Tenenbom: viola
soprano and tenor saxophones Eric von Essen: bass Fred Sherry: cello
Alex Cline: percussion, voice Steve Kujala: flute
Recorded August 1996
Nels Cline: voice Peter Gordon: french horn
ECM 1622 | CD 537 0472 Susan Rawcliffe: didjeridu
Recorded October 1984
Recorded September 1987
ECM 1297 | CD 827 2582
ECM 1372 | LP 837 1121
Don Cherry
Lennart Åberg /  B obo Stenson
Dona Nostra Chick Corea
Codona 3 Voyage
Don Cherry: trumpet
Lennart Åberg: saxophones, flute ECM 1243 | p. 112 Chick Corea: piano
Bobo Stenson: piano Steve Kujala: flute
Anders Jormin: double_bass
Recorded July 1984
Anders Kjellberg: drums Codona 2
Okay Temiz: percussion ECM 1282 | download only
ECM 1177 | p. 112
Recorded March 1993
ECM 1448 | CD 521 7272
Codona Chick Corea
Children’s Songs
ECM 1132 | p. 112
Chick Corea: piano
Don Cherry /  E d Blackwell
Ida Kavafian: violin
El Corazón
Fred Sherry: cello
Bill Connors
Don Cherry: pocket trumpet,
Swimming With A Hole In My Body Recorded July 1983
piano, melodica, doussn’ gouni, organ
Ed Blackwell: drums, wood drum, cowbell Bill Connors: guitars ECM 1267 | CD 177 6217
Recorded February 1982 Recorded August 1979
ECM 1230 | CD 829 1992 ECM 1158 | download only
Chick Corea /  Gary Burton
Lyric Suite For Sextet
Chick Corea: piano
Jon Christensen Bill Connors
Gary Burton: vibraharp
Selected Recordings Of Mist And Melting
Ikwhan Bae: violin
Jon Christensen’s anthology, Bill Connors: guitar Carol Shive: violin
featuring Keith Jarrett ’s Belonging Jan Garbarek: saxophones Karen Dreyfus: viola
quartet, Ralph Towner’s Solstice, Gary Peacock: double_bass Fred Sherry: cello
the Bobo Stenson Trio, Masqualero, Jack De Johnette: drums
Recorded September 1982
and ensembles of Terje Rypdal and
Recorded December 1977
Ketil Bjørnstad ECM 1260 | CD 815 2742
ECM 1120 | download only
Recorded 1974 – 1997
ECM :rarum XX | CD 066 5992
Chick Corea
Bill Connors Trio Music
Theme To The Gaurdian
Chick Corea: piano
Bill Connors: guitar Miroslav Vitous: double_bass
Paris Concert
Roy Haynes: drums
Recorded November 1974
Anthony Braxton: reeds, percussion
Recorded November 1981
Chick Corea: piano ECM 1057 | CD 829 3872
Dave Holland: double_bass, cello ECM 1232/33 | CD 159 4542
Barry Altschul: percussion
Recorded February 1971 Chick Corea
Trio Music, Live In Europe Chick Corea
ECM 1018/19 | 2_CD 843 1632
Return To Forever
Chick Corea: piano
Miroslav Vitous: double_bass Chick Corea: electric piano
Roy Haynes: drums Joe Farrell: flutes, soprano saxophone
Flora Purim: vocal, percussion
Recorded September 1984
Stan Clarke: basses
ECM 1310 | CD 177 5831 Airto Moreira: drums, percussion
Recorded February 1972
ECM 1022 | CD 811 9782 | LP 230 1022
Chick Corea Stanley Cowell Trio
Piano Improvisations Vol. 2 Illusion Suite
ECM 1020 | p. 112 Stanley Cowell: piano
Stanley Clarke: double_bass
Jimmy Hopps: drums
Chick Corea Recorded November 1972
Piano Improvisations Vol. 1
ECM 1026 | download only
ECM 1014 | p. 112 | LP 230 1014

Marilyn Crispell
Chick Corea Vignettes
Dave Holland /  B arry Altschul
Marilyn Crispell: piano
A.  R . C .
Recorded April 2007
Chick Corea: piano
Dave Holland: double_bass ECM 2027 | CD 174 5277
Barry Altschul: percussion
Recorded January 1971
Marilyn Crispell Trio
ECM 1009 | CD 833 6782
Marilyn Crispell: piano
Mark Helias: double_bass
Chick Corea
Paul Motian: drums
Selected Recordings
Recorded February 2003
Ensembles heard on this anthology
are Return To Forever, the ECM 1847 | CD 038 1192
Chick Corea / Gary Burton duo,
and the Corea / Vitous / Haynes trio
Recorded 1972 – 1984 Marilyn Crispell
Gary Peacock /  P aul Motian
ECM :rarum III | CD 014 2002
Marilyn Crispell: piano
Gary Peacock: double_bass
Chick Corea
Paul Motian: drums
Recorded February 2000
ECM | download only
ECM 1742 | CD 013 4002

Sylvie Courvoisier
Abaton Marilyn Crispell
Gary Peacock
Sylvie Courvoisier: piano
Paul Motian
Mark Feldman: violin
Nothing ever was, anyway.
Erik Friedlander: cello
Music of Annette Peacock
Recorded September 2002
Marilyn Crispell: piano
ECM 1838/39 | 2_CD 157 6282 Gary Peacock: double_bass
Paul Motian: drums
Annette Peacock: voice
François Couturier Recorded September 1996
Nostalghia –
ECM 1626/27 | 2_CD 537 2222
Song for Tarkovsky
François Couturier: piano
Anja Lechner: violoncello
Jean_Marc Larché: soprano saxophone
As Ney
Jean_Louis Matinier: accordion
Cymin Samawatie: vocals
Recorded December 2005
Benedikt Jahnel: piano
ECM 1979 | CD 987 7379 Ralf Schwarz: double_bass
Ketan Bhatti: drums, percussion
Recorded April 2008
ECM 2084 | CD 178 0149
Dans les arbres Jack DeJohnette Jack DeJohnette New Directions
Xavier Charles /  I var Grydeland Oneness In Europe
Christian Wallumrød /  I ngar Zach
Jack De Johnette: Jack De Johnette: drums, piano
Xavier Charles: clarinet, harmonica drums, percussion Lester Bowie: trumpet
Ivar Grydeland: acoustic guitar, Jerome Harris: John Abercrombie: guitar,
banjo, sruti box electric guitar, bass guitar mandolin guitar
Christian Wallumrød: piano Don Alias: percussion Eddie Gomez: double_bass
Ingar Zach: percussion, bass drum Michael Cain: piano
Recorded June 1979
Recorded July 2006 Recorded January 1997
ECM 1157 | CD 829 1582
ECM 2058 | CD 176 2506 ECM 1637 | CD 537 3432

Jack DeJohnette
David Darling Jack DeJohnette Special Edition
Dark Wood Dancing With Nature Spirits
Jack De Johnette:
David Darling: cello Jack De Johnette: drums, percussion drums, piano, melodica
Michael Cain: piano, keyboards David Murray: tenor saxophone,
Recorded July 1993
Steve Gorn: bansuri flute, bass clarinet
ECM 1519 | CD 523 7502 soprano saxophone, clarinet Arthur Blythe: alto saxophone
Peter Warren: bass, cello
Recorded May 1995
Recorded March 1979
ECM 1558 | CD 531 0242
David Darling
ECM 1152 | CD 177 5832
David Darling: acoustic and electric cello
Jack DeJohnette’s Special Edition
Recorded November 1991 Album Album Jack DeJohnette
and January 1992 New Directions
John Purcell:
ECM 1464 | CD 511 9822 alto and soprano saxophones Jack De Johnette: drums, piano
David Murray: tenor saxophone John Abercrombie: guitar, mandolin
Howard Johnson: tuba, Lester Bowie: trumpet
baritone saxophone Eddie Gomez: double_bass
David Darling
Rufus Reid: double_bass
Cycles Recorded June 1978
Jack De Johnette: drums, keyboards
David Darling: acoustic and electric cello ECM 1128 | download only
Recorded June 1984
Collin Walcott:
sitar, tabla, percussion ECM 1280 | CD in preparation
Steve Kuhn: piano
Jack DeJohnette
Jan Garbarek:
tenor and soprano saxophones
Jack DeJohnette’s Special Edition
Arild Andersen: double_bass Jack De Johnette:
Inflation Blues
Oscar Castro_Neves: guitar drums, piano, organ
Chico Freeman: tenor and soprano John Abercrombie:
Recorded November 1981
saxophones, bass clarinet electric and acoustic guitars
ECM 1219 | CD 843 1722 John Purcell: alto and baritone
Recorded February 1976
saxophones, flutes, alto clarinet
Baikida Carroll: trumpet ECM 1079 | CD 519 2842
Rufus Reid: acoustic and electric basses
David Darling
Jack De Johnette: drums, piano,
Journal October
clavinet, voice
Jack DeJohnette
David Darling:
Recorded September 1982 Selected Recordings
acoustic and electric cello, voice,
percussion ECM 1244 | CD in preparation Jack De Johnette as soloist,
improviser, composer and bandleader
Recorded October 1979
Recorded 1971 – 1997
ECM 1161 | CD 827 4102
Jack DeJohnette’s Special Edition
ECM :rarum XII | CD 014 2052
Tin Can Alley
Jack De Johnette: drums, piano,
Elton Dean
organ, congas, timpani, vocal
Boundaries Jack DeJohnette
Chico Freeman: tenor saxophone,
Elton Dean: saxello, alto saxophone flute, bass clarinet
Mark Charig: cornet, trumpet John Purcell: ECM | download only
Keith Tippett: piano alto and baritone saxophones, flute
Marcio Mattos: doubel_bass Peter Warren: bass, cello
Louis Moholo: drums
Recorded August 1980
Recorded February 1980
ECM 1189 | CD 517 7542
JAPO 60033 | download only
Doran /  S tuder /  B urri /  M agnenat Sidsel Endresen Pierre Favre Ensemble
Musik für zwei Kontrabässe, So I Write Fleuve
elektrische Gitarre und Schlagzeug
Sidsel Endresen: vocal Philipp Schaufelberger: guitar
Christy Doran: guitar Nils Petter Molvær: trumpet, Frank Kroll: soprano saxophone,
Fredy Studer: drums, percussion flugelhorn, percussion bass clarinet
Bobby Burri: double_bass Django Bates: piano Hélène Breschand: harp
Olivier Magnenat: double_bass Jon Christensen: percussion Michel Godard: tuba, serpent
Wolfgang Zwiauer: bass guitar
Recorded May 1990 Recorded June 1990
Bänz Oester: double_bass
ECM 1436 | LP 847 9411 ECM 1408 | CD 841 7762 | LP 841 7761 Pierre Favre: percussion, drums
Recorded October 2005
ECM 1977 | CD 985 6355
Mathias Eick Peter Erskine
The Door Juni
Mathias Eick: trumpet, guitar, vibraphone John Taylor: piano
Pierre Favre
Jon Balke: piano, Fender Rhodes Palle Danielsson: double_bass
Window Steps
Audun Erlien: electric bass, guitar Peter Erskine: drums
Audun Kleive: drums, percussion Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, flugelhorn
Recorded July 1997
Stian Carstensen: pedal steel guitar Roberto Ottaviano: soprano saxophone
ECM 1657 | CD 539 7262 David Darling: cello,
Recorded September 2007
8_string electric cello
ECM 2059 | CD 175 7979 Steve Swallow: bass
Pierre Favre: percussion
Peter Erskine
As It Is Recorded June 1995
Mats Edén
John Taylor: piano ECM 1584 | CD 529 3482
Palle Danielsson: double_bass
Mats Edén: drone_fiddle, violin, viola Peter Erskine: drums
Jonas Simonson: flute, alto flute
Recorded September 1995 Pierre Favre Ensemble
Cikada String Quartet
Singing Drums
Odd Hannisdal: violin ECM 1594 | CD 529 0852
Henrik Hannisdal: violin Pierre Favre: drums, gongs,
Marek Konstantynowicz: viola crotales, cymbals
Morten Hannisdal: cello Paul Motian: drums, gongs, crotales,
Peter Erskine
calebasses, rodbrushes
Recorded September 1997 Time Being
Fredy Studer: drums, gongs, cymbals
ECM 1660 | CD 557 6512 John Taylor: piano Nana Vasconcelos: berimbau, voice,
Palle Danielsson: double_bass tympani, conga, water pot, shakers, bells
Peter Erskine: drums
Recorded May 1984
Steve Eliovson Recorded November 1993
ECM 1274 | download only
Dawn Dance
ECM 1532 | CD 521 7192
Steve Eliovson: acoustic guitar
Collin Walcott: percussion
Mark Feldman
Recorded January 1981 Peter Erskine What Exit
You Never Know
ECM 1198 | CD 829 3752 Mark Feldman: violin
John Taylor: piano John Taylor: piano
Palle Danielsson: double_bass Anders Jormin: double_bass
Peter Erskine: drums Tom Rainey: drums
Sidsel Endresen
Exile Recorded July 1992 Recorded June 2005
Sidsel Endresen: vocal ECM 1497 | CD 517 3532 ECM 1928 | CD 987 6537
Django Bates: piano, tenor horn
Nils Petter Molvær: trumpet
Jon Christensen: drums, percussion
Everyman Band
Bugge Wesseltoft: keyboards
Without Warning
David Darling: cello
Marty Fogel: tenor, soprano
Recorded August 1993
and alto saxophones, clarinet, flute
ECM 1524 | CD 521 7212 David Torn: guitars, effects
Bruce Yaw: electric bass
Michael Suchorsky: drums, synthesizer
Recorded December 1984
ECM 1290 | CD 825 4052
First House Bill Frisell Band Michael Galasso
Cantilena Lookout For Hope High Lines
Ken Stubbs: alto saxophone Bill Frisell: Michael Galasso: violin
Django Bates: piano, tenor horn electric and acoustic guitars, banjo Terje Rypdal: guitar
Mick Hutton: double_bass Hank Roberts: cello, voice Marc Marder: double_bass
Martin France: drums Kermit Driscoll: bass Frank Colón: percussion
Joey Baron: drums
Recorded March 1989 Recorded November 2002 and
Recorded March 1987 April 2004
ECM 1393 | CD 839 6192 | LP 839 6191
ECM 1350 | CD 177 5834 ECM 1713 | CD 982 4049

First House
Eréndira Bill Frisell Michael Galasso
Rambler Scenes
Ken Stubbs:
alto and soprano saxophones Bill Frisell: guitar, guitar synthesizer Michael Galasso: violin
Django Bates: piano Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, cornet,
Recorded October 1982
Mick Hutton: double_bass flugelhorn
Martin France: drums, percussion Bob Stewart: tuba ECM 1245 | download only
Jerome Harris: electric bass
Recorded July 1985
Paul Motian: drums
ECM 1307 | LP 827 5211
Recorded August 1984
ECM 1287 | CD 177 6225
Sky & Country
Bill Frisell
Mark Turner:
In Line
tenor and soprano saxophones
Larry Grenadier: double_bass Bill Frisell: guitars
Jeff Ballard: drums Arild Andersen: double_bass
Recorded February and June 2008 Recorded August 1982
ECM 2067 | CD 179 5041 ECM 1241 | CD 837 0192

Anat Fort Bill Frisell

A Long Story Selected Recordings
Anat Fort: piano Ensembles heard on this anthology
Perry Robinson: clarinet, ocarina are the Bill Frisell Group, Paul Motian
Ed Schuller: double_bass Trio and Quintet, Jan Garbarek Group,
Paul Motian: drums Paul Bley Quartet, Kenny Wheeler
Angel Song project, and Gavin Bryars
Recorded March 2004
ECM 1994 | CD 170 1416
Recorded 1981 – 1996
ECM :rarum V | CD 014 1982
Per Gudmundson: fiddle,
Bill Frisell
octave fiddle, Swedish bagpipes,
Ale Möller: mandola, natural flutes, ECM | download only
hammered dulcimer, folk harp,
shawm, vocal
Lena Willemark: vocal, fiddle,
octave fiddle, wooden flute
Recorded September 1998
ECM 1690 | CD 557 6532
Jan Garbarek Group Jan Garbarek Jan Garbarek
Dresden Anouar Brahem Legend Of The Seven Dreams
In Concert Shaukat Hussain
Jan Garbarek:
Jan Garbarek: soprano and tenor saxophones,
soprano and tenor saxophones, Jan Garbarek: flute, percussion
selje flute tenor and soprano saxophones Rainer Brüninghaus: keyboards
Rainer Brüninghaus: piano, keyboards Anouar Brahem: oud Nana Vasconcelos: percussion, voice
Yuri Daniel: bass Shaukat Hussain: tabla Eberhard Weber: bass
Manu Katché: drums
Recorded August 1992 Recorded July 1988
Recorded October 2007
ECM 1515 | CD 519 0752 ECM 1381 | CD 837 3442
ECM 2100/01 | 2_CD 270 9572

Jan Garbarek Group Jan Garbarek

Jan Garbarek Twelve Moons All Those Born With Wings
In Praise of Dreams
Jan Garbarek: Jan Garbarek solo
Jan Garbarek: soprano and tenor saxophones,
Recorded August 1986
tenor and soprano saxophones, keyboards
percussion, sampler Rainer Brüninghaus: keyboards ECM 1324 | CD 831 3942 | LP 831 3941
Kim Kashkashian: viola Eberhard Weber: bass
Manu Katché: drums Manu Katché: drums
Marilyn Mazur: percussion
Recorded 2003 Jan Garbarek Group
Agnes Buen Garnås: vocal
It’s OK To Listen To The Gray Voice
ECM 1880 | CD 981 1068 Mari Boine: vocal
Jan Garbarek:
Recorded September 1992
tenor and soprano saxophones
ECM 1500 | CD 519 5002 David Torn: guitars,
Jan Garbarek
guitar synthesizer, DX 7
Eberhard Weber: bass
Jan Garbarek: Michael DiPasqua: drums, percussion
Jan Garbarek
soprano and tenor saxophones,
Ustad Fateh Ali Khan Recorded December 1984
synthesizers, samplers, percussion
& Musicians from Pakistan
Rainer Brüninghaus: piano, keyboard ECM 1294 | CD 825 4062
Ragas and Sagas
Eberhard Weber: bass
Marilyn Mazur: drums, percussion Ustad Fateh Ali Khan: voice
Jansug Kakhidze: singer, conductor Jan Garbarek:
Jan Garbarek Group
Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra soprano and tenor saxophones
Bugge Wesseltoft: synthesizer, Ustad Shaukat Hussain: tabla
electronic effects, accordion Ustad Nazim Ali Khan: sarangi Jan Garbarek:
Boys from the choir Sølvguttene Deepika Thathaal: voice tenor and soprano saxophones
Manu Katché: drums Bill Frisell: guitar
Recorded March 1998
Eberhard Weber: bass
Recorded May 1990
ECM 1685/86 | 2_CD 559 0062 Michael DiPasqua: drums, percussion
ECM 1442 | CD 511 2632
Recorded March 1983
ECM 1259 | CD 811 9682
Jan Garbarek
Visible World Jan Garbarek
I Took Up The Runes
Jan Garbarek:
Jan Garbarek Group
soprano and tenor saxophones, Jan Garbarek:
Paths, Prints
electronic keyboard, percussion, soprano and tenor saxophones
Meraaker clarinet Rainer Brüninghaus: piano Jan Garbarek:
Rainer Brüninghaus: piano, synthesizer Eberhard Weber: bass tenor and soprano saxophones,
Eberhard Weber: bass Nana Vasconcelos: percussion wood flutes, percussion
Marilyn Mazur: percussion, drums Manu Katché: drums Bill Frisell: guitar
Manu Katché: drums Bugge Wesseltoft: synthesizer Eberhard Weber: bass
Trilok Gurtu: tabla Ingor Ántte Áilu Gaup: voice Jon Christensen: drums, percussion
Mari Boine: vocal
Recorded August 1990 Recorded December 1981
Recorded June 1995
ECM 1419 | CD 177 9877 | LP 843 8501 ECM 1223 | CD 829 3772
ECM 1585 | CD 529 0862
Jan Garbarek Jan Garbarek / Jan Garbarek
Eventyr Bobo Stenson Quartet Works
Jan Garbarek: ECM | download only
tenor and soprano saxophones, Jan Garbarek:
flutes soprano and tenor saxophones
John Abercrombie: guitars Bobo Stenson: piano
Agnes Buen Garnås
Nana Vasconcelos: berimbau, Palle Danielsson: double_bass
Jan Garbarek
percussion, voice Jon Christensen: drums
Recorded December 1980 Recorded November 1973
Agnes Buen Garnås: vocal
ECM 1200 | CD 829 3842 ECM 1041 | CD 833 3302 Jan Garbarek: synthesizers,
percussion instruments,
soprano and tenor saxophones
Jan Garbarek /  K jell Johnsen Jan Garbarek Recorded Autumn 1988
Aftenland Triptykon
ECM 1402 | CD 839 2932 | LP 839 2931
Jan Garbarek: Jan Garbarek: soprano,
tenor and soprano saxophones, tenor and bass saxophones, flute
wood flute Arild Andersen: double_bass
Kjell Johnsen: pipe organ Edward Vesala: percussion
In The Moment
Recorded December 1979 Recorded November 1972
John Abercrombie: guitar
ECM 1169 | CD 839 3042 ECM 1029 | CD 847 3212 Dave Holland: double_bass
Jack De Johnette: drums,
Korg wave drum,
Turkish frame drum, piano
Jan Garbarek Group Jan Garbarek Quintet
Photo With … Sart Recorded December 1994
Jan Garbarek: Jan Garbarek: ECM 1574 | CD 529 3462
tenor and soprano saxophones tenor and bass saxophones, flute
Bill Connors: guitar Bobo Stenson: piano, electric piano
John Taylor: piano Terje Rypdal: guitar
Eberhard Weber: bass Arild Andersen: double_bass
Jon Christensen: drums Jon Christensen: percussion
John Abercrombie: guitar
Recorded December 1978 Recorded April 1971
Dave Holland: double_bass
ECM 1135 | CD 843 1682 ECM 1015 | CD 839 3052 Jack De Johnette: drums, piano
Recorded December 1994
ECM 1562 | CD 527 6372
Jan Garbarek Jan Garbarek Quartet
Places Afric Pepperbird
Jan Garbarek: saxophones Jan Garbarek:
Gateway 2
Bill Connors: guitar tenor and bass saxophones,
John Taylor: organ, piano clarinet, flutes, percussion John Abercrombie:
Jack De Johnette: drums Terje Rypdal: guitar, bugle electric and acoustic guitars,
Arild Andersen: double_bass, electric mandolin
Recorded December 1977
african thumb piano, xylophone Dave Holland: double_bass
ECM 1118 | CD 829 1952 Jon Christensen: percussion Jack De Johnette: drums, piano
Recorded September 1970 Recorded July 1977
ECM 1007 | CD 843 4752 ECM 1105 | CD 847 3232
Jan Garbarek
Jan Garbarek:
Jan Garbarek Gateway
tenor and soprano saxophones,
Selected Recordings
wood flute John Abercrombie: guitar
Ralph Towner: Ensembles heard on this anthology Dave Holland: double_bass
12_string and classical guitars include the Jan Garbarek Group, Jack De Johnette: drums
Windharp, Brass Ensemble the Keith Jarrett Quartet, Ralph
Recorded March 1975
Towner Solstice, Haden / Garbarek /
Recorded December 1976
Gismonti, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan and ECM 1061 | CD 177 6212
ECM 1093 | CD 827 4082 musicians from Pakistan, Vitous /
Garbarek / Erskine and Jan Garbarek /
Hilliard Ensemble
Jan Garbarek / Recorded 1974 – 1995
Bobo Stenson Quartet
ECM :rarum II | 2_CD 014 1652
ECM 1075 | p. 112
Ghazal Egberto Gismonti Trio Egberto Gismonti
The Rain Zig Z ag & Academia De Danças
Kayhan Kalhor: kamancheh Egberto Gismonti:
Shujaat Husain Khan: sitar, vocals 10_ and 14_string guitars, piano Egberto Gismonti:
Sandeep Das: tabla Nando Carneiro: guitar, synthesizer piano, guitars, Indian organ, voice
Zeca Assumpção: double_bass Mauro Senise: saxophones, flute
Recorded May 2001
Zeca Assumpção: double_bass
Recorded April 1995
ECM 1840 | CD 066 6272 Nene: drums, percussion
ECM 1582 | CD 529 3492
Recorded November 1980
and April 1981
Paul Giger
ECM 1203/04 | 2_CD 829 3912
Vindonissa Egberto Gismonti Group
Música de Sobrevivência
Paul Giger: violin, violino d’amore,
viola d’amore, foot bells Egberto Gismonti: piano, guitar, flute
Egberto Gismonti
Robert Dick: C_flute, glissando flute, Nando Carneiro: synthesizers,
bass flutes, contrabass flute guitar, caxixi
Satoshi Takeishi: percussion Zeca Assumpção: double_bass, Egberto Gismonti: guitars,
rainwood surdo, piano, cooking bells, voice
Recorded June 1998 and 2000
Jacques Morelenbaum: cello, bottle
Recorded November 1978
ECM 1836 | CD 066 0692
Recorded April 1993
ECM 1136 | CD in preparation
ECM 1509 | CD 519 7062
Paul Giger
Alpstein Egberto Gismonti
Egberto Gismonti Group Sol Do Meio Dia
Paul Giger: violin
Jan Garbarek: tenor saxophone Egberto Gismonti: guitars, piano,
Pierre Favre: percussion Egberto Gismonti: piano, guitars kalimba, percussion, flute, voice
Musicians from Appenzell, Switzerland: Nando Carneiro: synthesizers, guitar Nana Vasconcelos: berimbau,
Silvesterchlauseschuppel / Zeca Assumpção: double_bass percussion
Schellenschötter Jacques Morelenbaum: cello Ralph Towner: guitar
Collin Walcott: tabla
Recorded 1990 – 1991 Recorded November 1990
Jan Garbarek: soprano saxophone
ECM 1426 | CD 847 9402 | LP 847 9401 ECM 1428 | CD 847 8892 | LP 847 8891
Recorded November 1977
ECM 1116 | CD 829 1172
Egberto Gismonti Egberto Gismonti
Saudações Dança dos Escravos
Egberto Gismonti
Camerata Romeu Egberto Gismonti: guitars
Dança Das Cabeças
Zenaida Romeu: conductor
Recorded November 1988
Alexandre Gismonti: guitars Egberto Gismonti: 8_string guitar,
Egberto Gismonti: guitars ECM 1387 | CD 837 7532 piano, wood flutes, voice
Nana Vasconcelos: percussion,
Recorded August 2006 and
berimbau, corpo, voice
April /  M ay 2007
Egberto Gismonti Recorded November 1976
ECM 2082/83 | 2_CD 179 7280
Nana Vasconcelos
ECM 1089 | CD 827 7502
Duas Vozes
Egberto Gismonti:
Egberto Gismonti
guitars, piano, flutes, dilruba, voice
Meeting Point Egberto Gismonti
Nana Vasconcelos:
Selected Recordings
Egberto Gismonti: piano percussion, berimbau, voice
Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra Egberto Gismonti celebrates the
Recorded June 1984
Gintaras Rinkevi∫ius: conductor cultural diversity of Brazil in
ECM 1279 | CD 177 9923 contexts ranging from solo guitar
Recorded June 1995
to symphony orchestra
ECM 1586 | CD 533 6812
Recorded 1977 – 1995
ECM :rarum XI | CD 014 1992

Egberto Gismonti
ECM | download only
Jimmy Giuffre 3, 1961 Mick Goodrick Tord Gustavsen Trio
In Pa(s)sing Being There
Jimmy Giuffre: clarinet
Paul Bley: piano Mick Goodrick: guitar Tord Gustavsen: piano
Steve Swallow: double_bass John Surman: Harald Johnsen: double_bass
soprano and baritone saxophones, Jarle Vespestad: drums
Recorded March and August 1961
bass clarinet
Recorded December 2006
ECM 1438/39 | 2_CD 849 6442 Eddie Gomez: double_bass
2_LP 849 6441 Jack De Johnette: drums ECM 2017 | CD 172 3517
Recorded November 1978
ECM 1139 | CD in preparation
Globe Unity Tord Gustavsen Trio
Improvisations The Ground
Gerd Dudek: soprano and tenor Tord Gustavsen: piano
George Gruntz
saxophones, flute Harald Johnsen: double_bass
Concert Jazz Band ‘83
Paul Lovens: drums Jarle Vespestad: drums
Günter Christmann: trombone
Recorded January 2004
Paul Rutherford: trombone Bill Pusey, Marcus Belgrave,
Tristan Honsinger: cello Tom Harrell, Palle Mikkelborg: ECM 1892 | CD 476 1938
Peter Kowald: double_bass, tuba trumpets, flugelhorns
Kenny Wheeler: trumpet Peter Gordon, Tom Varner:
Evan Parker: soprano and tenor french horns
Tord Gustavsen Trio
saxophones Dave Bargeron: trombone, euphonium
Changing Places
Albert Mangelsdorff: trombone Julian Priester: trombone
Peter Brötzmann: alto and tenor David Taylor: bass trombone Tord Gustavsen: piano
saxophones, bass clarinet Howard Johnson: tuba, bass clarinet, Harald Johnsen: double_bass
Buschi Niebergall: double_bass baritone saxophone Jarle Vespestad: drums
Michel Pilz: bass clarinet Ernst_Ludwig Petrowsky,
Recorded December 2001
Manfred Schoof: trumpet Charlie Mariano: alto and soprano
and June 2002
Derek Bailey: guitar saxophones, clarinet
Alexander von Schlippenbach: piano Seppo “Baron” Paakunainen: ECM 1834 | CD 016 3972
tenor saxophone, flutes
Recorded September 1977
Dino Saluzzi: bandoneon
JAPO 60021 | download only George Gruntz: keyboards
Barry Guy /  H oward Riley / 
Mark Egan: bass
John Stevens /  Trevor Watts
Bob Moses: drums
Sheila Jordan: vocal
Globe Unity
Barry Guy: double_bass
Compositions Recorded November 1982
Howard Riley: piano
Enrico Rava: trumpet ECM 1265 | CD 815 6782 John Stevens: drums, cornet
Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, flugelhorn Trevor Watts:
Manfred Schoof: trumpet, flugelhorn alto and soprano saxophones
Albert Mangelsdorff: trombone
Recorded April 1979
Günter Christmann: trombone
Paul Rutherford: trombone, euphonium JAPO 60028 | download only
Steve Lacy: soprano saxophone
Evan Parker:
tenor and soprano saxophones
Iro Haarla
Gerd Dudek:
tenor and soprano saxophones, flute
Michel Pilz: bass clarinet Iro Haarla: piano, harp
Alexander von Schlippenbach: piano Trygve Seim: saxophones
Bob Stewart: tuba Mathias Eick: trumpet
Buschi Niebergall: double_bass Uffe Krokfors: double_bass
Paul Lovens: drums, percussion Jon Christensen: drums
Recorded January 1979 Recorded September 2004
JAPO 60027 | download only ECM 1918 | CD 987 0377
Charlie Haden /  E gberto Gismonti Jon Hassell Dave Holland Quintet
In Montreal Last night the moon came Extended Play
dropping its clothes in the street Live At Birdland
Charlie Haden: double_bass
Egberto Gismonti: guitar, piano Jon Hassell: trumpet, keyboard Chris Potter: soprano,
Peter Freeman: bass, percussion, guitar alto and tenor saxophones
Recorded July 1989
Jan Bang: live sampling Robin Eubanks: trombone, cowbell
ECM 1746 | CD 543 8132 Jamie Muhoberac: keyboard, drums Steve Nelson: vibraphone, marimba
Rick Cox: guitar Billy Kilson: drums
Kheir Eddine M’Kachiche: violin Dave Holland: double_bass
Eivind Aarset: guitar
Charlie Haden Recorded November 2001
Helge Norbakken: drums
The Ballad Of The Fallen
Pete Lockett: drums ECM 1864/65 | 2_CD 038 5052
Charlie Haden: double_bass Dino J. A. Deane: live sampling
Carla Bley: piano, glockenspiel, Steve Shehan: percussion
Recorded April and November 2008 Dave Holland Big Band
Don Cherry: pocket trumpet
What Goes Around
Sharon Freeman: french horn ECM 2077 | CD 179 2636
Mick Goodrick: guitar Antonio Hart: alto saxophone, flute
Jack Jeffers: tuba Mark Gross: alto saxophone
Michael Mantler: trumpet Chris Potter: tenor saxophone
Jon Hassell
Paul Motian: drums, percussion Gary Smulyan: baritone saxophone
Power Spot
Jim Pepper: tenor and soprano Robin Eubanks: trombone
saxophones, flute Jon Hassell: trumpet Andre Hayward: trombone
Dewey Redman: tenor saxophone J. A. Deane: percussion, alto flute Josh Roseman: trombone
Steve Slagle: alto and soprano Jean_Philippe Rykiel: keyboards Earl Gardner: trumpet, flugelhorn
saxophones, clarinet, flute Michael Brook: guitar Alex Sipiagin: trumpet, flugelhorn
Gary Valente: trombone Richard Horowitz: keyboards Duane Eubanks: trumpet, flugelhorn
Brian Eno: bass Steve Nelson: vibraphone
Recorded November 1982
Richard Armin, Paul Armin: Dave Holland: double_bass
ECM 1248 | CD 811 5462 RAAD electro_acoustic strings Billy Kilson: drums
Miguel Frasconi: flute
Recorded January 2001
Recorded October 1983
ECM 1777 | CD 014 0022
Charlie Haden  and December 1984
Jan Garbarek
ECM 1327 | CD 177 62270
Egberto Gismonti
Folk Songs Dave Holland Quintet
Not For Nothin’
Charlie Haden: double_bass
Arve Henriksen
Jan Garbarek: saxophones Chris Potter: soprano,
Egberto Gismonti: guitars, piano alto and tenor saxophones
Arve Henriksen: trumpets, voice, Robin Eubanks: trombone, cowbell
Recorded November 1979
field recording Steve Nelson: vibraphone, marimba
ECM 1170 | CD 827 7052 Jan Bang: live sampling, samples, beats, Dave Holland: double_bass
­p ro­gramming, bass line, dictaphone, Billy Kilson: drums
organ samples, arrangement
Recorded September 2000
Audun Kleive: percussion, drums
Charlie Haden 
David Sylvian: voice, samples, ECM 1758 | CD 014 0042
Jan Garbarek
Egberto Gismonti
Helge Sunde: string arrangement
and programming
Dave Holland Quintet
Charlie Haden: double_bass Eivind Aarset: guitars
Prime Directive
Jan Garbarek: saxophones Lars Danielsson: double_bass
Egberto Gismonti: guitars, piano Erik Honoré: synthesizer, samples, Chris Potter: soprano,
field recordings, choir samples alto and tenor saxophones
Recorded June 1979
Arnaud Mercier: treatments Robin Eubanks: trombone, cowbell
ECM 1151 | CD 823 4742 Trio Mediaeval: voice sample Steve Nelson: vibraphone, marimba
Vérène Andronikof: vocals Dave Holland: double_bass
Vytas Sondeckis: vocal arrangement Billy Kilson: drums
Anna Maria Friman: voice
Frode Haltli Recorded December 1998
Ståle Storløkken: synthesizer, samples
Passing Images
ECM 1698 | CD 547 9502
Recorded 2005 –  2 008
Frode Haltli: accordion
Arve Henriksen: trumpet ECM 2086 | CD 178 0116
Garth Knox: viola
Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje: voice
Recorded December 2004
ECM 1913 | CD 985 6022
Dave Holland Quintet Dave Holland Quintet Dave Holland
Points Of View Seeds Of Time Selected Recordings
Steve Wilson: Steve Coleman: Dave Holland with his own groups, past
soprano and alto saxophones alto and soprano saxophones, flute and present, and with the Gateway trio
Robin Eubanks: trombone Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, cornet,
Recorded 1972 – 2000
Steve Nelson: vibraphone, marimba pocket trumpet, flugelhorn
Dave Holland: double_bass Julian Priester: trombone ECM :rarum X | CD 014 2062
Billy Kilson: drums Dave Holland: double_bass
Marvin “Smitty” Smith: drums,
Recorded September 1997
Julia Hülsmann Trio
ECM 1663 | CD 557 0202
Recorded November 1984 The End of a Summer
ECM 1292 | CD in preparation Julia Hülsmann: piano
Marc Muellbauer: double_bass
Dave Holland Quartet
Heinrich Köbberling: drums
Dream Of The Elders
Dave Holland Quintet Recorded March 2008
Steve Nelson: vibraphone, marimba
Jumpin’ In
Eric Person: ECM 2079 | CD 177 3156
alto and soprano saxophones Steve Coleman: alto saxophone, flute
Dave Holland: double_bass Kenny Wheeler: trumpet,
Gene Jackson: drums pocket trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn
Zakir Hussain
Cassandra Wilson: vocal Julian Priester: trombone
Making Music
Dave Holland: double_bass, cello
Recorded March 1995
Steve Ellington: drums Zakir Hussain: tabla, percussion, voice
ECM 1572 | CD 529 0842 Hariprasad Chaurasia: flutes
Recorded October 1983
John McLaughlin: acoustic guitar
ECM 1269 | CD 817 4372 Jan Garbarek:
tenor and soprano saxophones
Dave Holland Quartet
Extensions Recorded December 1986
Dave Holland
Steve Coleman: alto saxophone ECM 1349 | CD 831 5442
Life Cycle
Kevin Eubanks: guitar
Dave Holland: double_bass Dave Holland: cello
Marvin “Smitty” Smith: drums
Recorded November 1982 Mark Isham /  A rt Lande
Recorded September 1989 We Begin
ECM 1238 | CD 829 2002
ECM 1410 | CD 177 5842 Mark Isham: flugelhorn, trumpets,
synthesizer, percussion
Art Lande: piano, synthesizer, percussion
Dave Holland
Dave Holland Trio Emerald Tears Recorded January 1987
Dave Holland: double_bass ECM 1338 | CD 831 6212
Steve Coleman: alto saxophone
Recorded August 1977
Dave Holland: double_bass
Jack De Johnette: drums ECM 1109 | CD 529 0872
Italian Instabile Orchestra
Recorded March 1988 Skies Of Europe
ECM 1373 | CD 837 1132 Pino Minafra: trumpet, megaphone
Dave Holland Quartet
Alberto Mandarini, Guido Mazzon:
Conference Of The Birds
Sam Rivers: reeds, flute Giancarlo Schiaffini: trombone, tuba
Dave Holland Quintet
Anthony Braxton: reeds, flute Lauro Rossi, Sebi Tramontana: trombones
The Razor’s Edge
Dave Holland: double_bass Martin Mayes: french horn, mellophone
Steve Coleman: alto saxophone Barry Altschul: percussion, marimba Mario Schiano: saxophones
Kenny Wheeler: flugelhorn, Gianluigi Trovesi: alto saxophone,
Recorded November 1972
trumpet, cornet clarinets
Robin Eubanks: trombone ECM 1027 | CD in preparation Carlo Actis Dato: saxophones,
Dave Holland: double_bass bass clarinet
Marvin “Smitty” Smith: drums Daniele Cavallanti: saxophones
Eugenio Colombo: saxophones, flute
Recorded February 1987 Dave Holland / Barre Phillips
Renato Geremia: violin
Music From Two Basses
ECM 1353 | download only Paolo Damiani: cello
Dave Holland: double_bass, cello Giorgio Gaslini: piano, anvil
Barre Phillips: double_bass Bruno Tommaso: double_bass
Tiziano Tononi: drums, percussion
Recorded February 1971
Vincenzo Mazzone: tympani,
ECM 1011 | CD 987 1766 percussion, drums
Recorded May 1994
ECM 1543 | CD 527 1812
Keith Jarrett Keith Jarrett Keith Jarrett
Paris /  L ondon Gary Peacock La Scala
Testament Jack DeJohnette
Keith Jarrett: piano
Up For It
Keith Jarrett: piano
Recorded February 1995
Keith Jarrett: piano
Recorded November and
Gary Peacock: double_bass ECM 1640 | CD 537 2682
December 2008
Jack De Johnette: drums
ECM 2130 –  3 2 | 3_CD 270 9583
Recorded July 2002
Keith Jarrett
ECM 1860 | CD 038 3172
At The Blue Note
Keith Jarrett The Complete Recordings
Gary Peacock
Keith Jarrett: piano
Jack DeJohnette Keith Jarrett
Gary Peacock: double_bass
Yesterdays Gary Peacock
Jack De Johnette: drums
Jack DeJohnette
Keith Jarrett: piano
Always Let Me Go Recorded June 1994
Gary Peacock: double_bass
Jack De Johnette: drums Keith Jarrett: piano ECM 1575 – 80 | 6_CD Box 527 6382
Gary Peacock: double_bass
Recorded April 2001
Jack De Johnette: drums
ECM 2060 | CD 177 4447 | 2_LP 179 4205
Recorded April 2001 Keith Jarrett
Gary Peacock
ECM 1800/01 | 2_CD 018 7862
Jack DeJohnette
Keith Jarrett Standards In Norway
Gary Peacock
Keith Jarrett: piano
Jack DeJohnette Keith Jarrett
Gary Peacock: double_bass
My Foolish Heart Gary Peacock
Jack De Johnette: drums
Jack DeJohnette
Keith Jarrett: piano
Inside Out Recorded October 1989
Gary Peacock: double_bass
Jack De Johnette: drums Keith Jarrett: piano ECM 1542 | CD 521 7172
Gary Peacock: double_bass
Recorded July 2001
Jack De Johnette: drums
ECM 2021/22 | 2_CD 173 7326
Recorded July 2000 Keith Jarrett
Gary Peacock
ECM 1780 | CD 014 0052
Paul Motian
Keith Jarrett At The Deer Head Inn
The Carnegie Hall Concert
Keith Jarrett: piano
Keith Jarrett
Keith Jarrett: piano Gary Peacock: double_bass
Gary Peacock
Paul Motian: drums
Recorded September 2005 Jack DeJohnette
Whisper Not Recorded September 1992
ECM 1989/90 | 2_CD 985 6224
Keith Jarrett: piano ECM 1531 | CD 517 7202
Gary Peacock: double_bass
Jack De Johnette: drums
Keith Jarrett
Radiance Recorded July 1999 Keith Jarrett
Vienna Concert
Keith Jarrett: piano ECM 1724/25 | 2_CD 543 8162
Keith Jarrett: piano
Recorded October 2002
Recorded July 1991
ECM 1960/61 | 2_CD 986 9818
Keith Jarrett
ECM 1481 | CD 513 4372
The Melody At Night, With You
Keith Jarrett, piano
Keith Jarrett
Gary Peacock Recorded 1998 Keith Jarrett
Jack DeJohnette Gary Peacock
ECM 1675 | CD 547 9492
The Out_of_Towners Jack DeJohnette
Bye Bye Blackbird
Keith Jarrett: piano
Gary Peacock: double_bass Keith Jarrett: piano
Keith Jarrett
Jack De Johnette: drums Gary Peacock: double_bass
Gary Peacock
Jack De Johnette: drums
Recorded July 2001 Jack DeJohnette
Tokyo ‘ 96 Recorded October 1991
ECM 1900 | CD 981 9610
Keith Jarrett: piano ECM 1467 | CD 177 6230
Gary Peacock: double_bass
Jack De Johnette: drums
Recorded March 1996
ECM 1666 | CD 539 9552
Keith Jarrett Keith Jarrett Keith Jarrett
Gary Peacock Gary Peacock Gary Peacock
Jack DeJohnette Jack DeJohnette Jack DeJohnette
The Cure Still Live Standards, Vol. 1
Keith Jarrett: piano Keith Jarrett: piano ECM 1255 | p. 112
Gary Peacock: double_bass Gary Peacock: double_bass
Jack De Johnette: drums Jack De Johnette: drums
Recorded April 1990 Recorded July 1986 Keith Jarrett
Concerts (Bregenz)
ECM 1440 | CD 849 6502 ECM 1360/61 | 2_CD 835 0082
2_LP 835 0081 Keith Jarrett: piano
Recorded May 1981
Keith Jarrett
ECM 1227 | CD 827 2862
Gary Peacock Keith Jarrett
Jack DeJohnette Book Of Ways
Keith Jarrett: clavichord
Keith Jarrett
Keith Jarrett: piano
Recorded July 1986 Invocations
Gary Peacock: double_bass
The Moth And The Flame
Jack De Johnette: drums ECM 1344/45 | 2_CD 831 3962
Keith Jarrett: pipe organ,
Recorded October 1989
soprano saxophone, piano
ECM 1420/21 | 2_CD 847 1352
Keith Jarrett Recorded November 1979
2_LP 847 1351
Spirits and October 1980
Keith Jarrett: piano, flutes, ECM 1201/02 | 2_CD 825 4732
recorders, soprano saxophone,
Keith Jarrett
guitar, miniature glockenspiel,
Paris Concert
percussion, voice
Keith Jarrett
Keith Jarrett: piano
Recorded May – July 1985 The Celestial Hawk
Recorded October 1988
ECM 1333/34 | 2_CD 829 4672 Keith Jarrett: piano
ECM 1401 | CD 839 1732 Syracuse Symphony
Christopher Keene: conductor
Keith Jarrett Recorded March 1980
Keith Jarrett Gary Peacock
ECM 1175 | download only
Gary Peacock Jack DeJohnette
Jack DeJohnette Standards Live
Keith Jarrett: piano
Keith Jarrett
Keith Jarrett: piano Gary Peacock: double_bass
Sacred Hymns of G. I. Gurdjieff
Gary Peacock: double_bass Jack De Johnette: drums
Jack De Johnette: drums Keith Jarrett: piano
Recorded July 1985
Recorded October 1987 Recorded March 1980
ECM 1317 | CD 177 5847
ECM 1392 | CD 839 6182 ECM 1174 | CD 829 1222

Keith Jarrett
Keith Jarrett Spheres Keith Jarrett
Personal Mountains Nude Ants
Keith Jarrett: organ
Keith Jarrett: piano, percussion Keith Jarrett: piano, timbales,
Recorded September 1976
Jan Garbarek: percussion
tenor and soprano saxophones ECM 1302 | CD 827 4632 Jan Garbarek: saxophones
Palle Danielsson: double_bass Palle Danielsson: double_bass
Jon Christensen: drums Jon Christensen: drums, percussion
Recorded April 1979 Keith Jarrett Recorded May 1979
Gary Peacock
ECM 1382 | CD 837 3612 | LP 837 3611 ECM 1171/72 | 2_CD 829 1192
Jack DeJohnette
Standards, Vol. 2
ECM 1289 | p. 112
Keith Jarrett
Dark Intervals
Keith Jarrett: piano
Keith Jarrett
Recorded April 1987 Gary Peacock
Jack DeJohnette
ECM 1379 | CD 837 3422
ECM 1276 | p. 112
Keith Jarrett Keith Jarrett Keith Jarrett
Eyes Of The Heart The Survivors’ Suite Solo Concerts Bremen /  L ausanne
Keith Jarrett: piano, Keith Jarrett: piano, Keith Jarrett: piano
soprano saxophone, osi drums, soprano saxophone, bass recorder,
Recorded March and July 1973
tambourine celeste, osi drums
Dewey Redman: tenor saxophone, Dewey Redman: tenor saxophone, ECM 1035 –  3 7 | 2_CD 827 7472
tambourine, maracas percussion
Charlie Haden: double_bass Charlie Haden: double_bass
Paul Motian: drums, percussion Paul Motian: drums, percussion
Keith Jarrett
Recorded May 1976 Recorded April 1976 In The Light
ECM 1150 | CD 825 4762 ECM 1085 | CD 827 1312 Keith Jarrett: piano, gong, percussion
String section of the Südfunk
Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart,
conducted by Mladen Gutesha
Keith Jarrett Keith Jarrett
and Keith Jarrett
My Song Arbour Zena
The American Brass Quintet
Keith Jarrett: piano, percussion Keith Jarrett: piano The Fritz Sonnleitner Quartet
Jan Garbarek: Jan Garbarek: Ralph Towner: guitar
tenor and soprano saxophones soprano and tenor saxophones Willi Freivogel: flute
Palle Danielsson: double_bass Charlie Haden: double_bass
Recorded 1973
Jon Christensen: drums Members of the Radio Symphony
Orchestra Stuttgart, ECM 1033/34 | 2_CD 835 0112
Recorded November 1977
conducted by Mladen Gutesha
ECM 1115 | CD 821 4062 | LP 230 1115
Recorded October 1975
Keith Jarrett /Jack DeJohnette
ECM 1070 | CD 825 5922 | LP 230 1070
Ruta And Daitya
Keith Jarrett
Keith Jarrett:
piano, electric piano, organ, flute
Keith Jarrett
Dennis Russell Davies: piano Jack De Johnette:
The Köln Concert
drums, percussion
Recorded June 1977
Keith Jarrett: piano
Recorded May 1971
ECM 1112 | download only
Recorded January 1975
ECM 1021 | CD 513 7762
ECM 1064/65 | CD 810 0672
2_LP 264 1064
Keith Jarrett
Sun Bear Concerts Keith Jarrett
Facing You
Keith Jarrett: piano
Keith Jarrett
Keith Jarrett: piano
Recorded November 1976 Belonging
Recorded November 1971
ECM 1100 | 6_CD Box 843 0282 Keith Jarrett: piano
Jan Garbarek: ECM 1017 | CD 177 5845 | LP 230 1017
tenor and soprano saxophones
Palle Danielsson: double_bass
Keith Jarrett
Jon Christensen: drums
Staircase Keith Jarrett
Recorded April 1974 Selected Recordings
Keith Jarrett: piano
ECM 1050 | CD 829 1152 | LP 230 1050 Keith Jarrett, alone, in trio with
Recorded May 1976
Gary Peacock and Jack De Johnette,
ECM 1090/91 | 2_CD 827 3372 and as leader of the Belonging
Keith Jarrett /Jan Garbarek
Luminessence Recorded 1974 – 1994
Keith Jarrett
Music For String Orchestra ECM :rarum I | 2_CD 014 1682
Hymns /  S pheres
And Saxophone
Keith Jarrett: organ
Jan Garbarek:
Recorded September 1976 tenor and soprano saxophones Keith Jarrett
Strings of the Südfunk Symphony Works
ECM 1086/87 | 2_LP 264 1086
Orchestra Stuttgart,
ECM | download only
conducted by Mladen Gutesha
Recorded April 1974
ECM 1049 | CD 839 3072
Jazzensemble des Marc Johnson Kayhan Kalhor / Erdal Erzincan
Hessischen Rundfunks Bass Desires The Wind
Atmospheric Conditions Permitting
Marc Johnson: double_bass Kayhan Kalhor: kamancheh
Tony Scott, Karel Krautgartner, Bill Frisell: guitar, guitar synthesizer Erdal Erzincan: baglama
Theo Jörgensmann, Rüdiger Carl: John Scofield: guitar Ula ş Özdemir: divan baglama
clarinets Peter Erskine: drums
Recorded November 2004
Michel Pilz: bass clarinet
Recorded May 1985
Christof Lauer: ECM 1981 | CD 985 6354
soprano and tenor saxophones ECM 1299 | CD 177 5823
Emil Mangelsdorff, Lee Konitz:
alto saxophones
Manu Katché
Joki Freund: tenor saxophone
Herbert Joos Playground
Günter Kronberg:
Daybreak –
alto and baritone saxophones Mathias Eick: trumpet
The Dark Side Of Twilight
Heinz Sauer: soprano, alto and tenor Trygve Seim:
saxophones, drum computer, synthesizer Herbert Joos: flugelhorn, tenor and soprano saxophones
Thomas Heberer, Ulrich Beckerhoff: trumpet, cornet Marcin Wasilewski: piano
trumpets Thomas Schwarz: oboe Slawomir Kurkiewicz: double_bass
Günter Christmann, Wolfgang Czelustra: bass, trombone Manu Katché: drums
Albert Mangelsdorff: trombones Strings of the Radio Symphony David Torn: guitar
Peter Kowald: tuba Orchestra Stuttgart
Recorded January 2007
Bill Frisell, Volker Kriegel: guitars
Recorded October 1976
Alexander von Schlippenbach, ECM 2016 | CD 173 7321
Hans Lüdemann, Milcho Leviev, JAPO 60015 | CD 841 4792
Bob Degen: pianos
Rainer Brüninghaus: electric piano,
Manu Katché
Anders Jormin Neighbourhood
Theodossij Spassov: kaval
In winds, in light
Eberhard Weber: bass Tomasz Stanko: trumpet
Alois Kott, Günter Lenz, Lena Willemark: voice Jan Garbarek: tenor saxophone
Thomas Heidepriem, Buschi Niebergall, Marilyn Crispell: piano Marcin Wasilewski: piano
Adelhard Roidinger: double_basses Karin Nelson: church organ Slawomir Kurkiewicz: double_bass
Ralf_R. Hübner, Paul Lovens, Anders Jormin: double_bass Manu Katché: drums
Peter Giger, Detlef Schönenberg: drums Raymond Strid: percussion
Recorded March and November 2004
Wilhelm Liefland: narrator
Recorded May 2003
ECM 1896 | CD 986 9815
Recorded 1967 – 1993
ECM 1866 | CD 981 1231
ECM 1549/50 | 2_CD 517 3542
Hans Koch /  M artin Schütz /
Anders Jormin Marco Käppeli
Marc Johnson Xieyi Accélération
Shades of Jade
Anders Jormin: double_bass Hans Koch: clarinet, bass clarinet,
Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone tenor and soprano saxophones
Brass Quartet
John Scofield: guitar Martin Schütz: double_bass, cello
Robin Rydqvist: trumpet, flugelhorn
Eliane Elias: piano Marco Käppeli: drums
Krister Petersson: french horn
Marc Johnson: double_bass
Lars_Göran Carlsson: trombone Recorded June 1987
Joey Baron: drums
Niclas Rydh: bass trombone
Alain Mallet: organ ECM 1357 | CD 833 4732
Recorded December 1999
Recorded January and
February 2004 ECM 1762 | CD 013 9982
ECM 1894 | CD 987 1477
Raoul Björkenheim: guitars, shekere
Jone Takamäki: tenor saxophone,
Marc Johnson’s Bass Desires
krakaphone, toppophone, whirlpipe
Second Sight
Uffe Krokfors: double_bass
Marc Johnson: double_bass Alf Forsman: drums
Bill Frisell: guitar
Recorded December 1991
John Scofield: guitar
Peter Erskine: drums ECM 1466 | LP 511 9831
Recorded March 1987
ECM 1351 | CD 177 5825
Krakatau Steve Kuhn Sinikka Langeland
Matinale Motility Starflowers
Raoul Björkenheim: guitars, ECM 1094 | p. 112 Sinikka Langeland: vocal, kantele
bass recorder, gong Arve Henriksen: trumpet
Jone Takamäki: tenor, alto, soprano Trygve Seim:
and bass saxophones, krakaphone, tenor and soprano saxophones
Steve Kuhn
reed flute, wooden flute, bell Anders Jormin: double_bass
Uffe Krokfors: double_bass, percussion Markku Ounaskari: percussion
Ippe Kätkä: drums, gongs, percussion ECM 1159 | p. 112
Recorded May 2006
Recorded November 1993
ECM 1996 | CD 171 4563
ECM 1529 | download only
Steve Kuhn
Dave Liebman
Steve Kuhn: acoustic and electric pianos
Katrina Krimsky /  Trevor Watts Drum Ode
Steve Swallow: electric bass
Stella Malu
Jack De Johnette: drums Dave Liebman:
Katrina Krimsky: piano Sue Evans: percussion soprano and tenor saxophones,
Trevor Watts: alto flute
Recorded November 1974
soprano and alto saxophones Richard Beirach: electric piano
ECM 1052 | CD 987 1774 Gene Perla: basses
Recorded March 1981
John Abercrombie:
ECM 1199 | CD 833 5162 electric and acoustic guitars
Jeff Williams: drums
Art Lande /  D avid Samuels
Bob Moses: drums
Paul McCandless
Patato Valdez: congas, electric congas
Steve Kuhn Trio Skylight
Steve Satten: percussion
w /  J oe Lovano
Paul McCandless: soprano saxophone, Barry Altschul: percussion
Mostly Coltrane
english horn, oboe, bass clarinet, Badal Roy: tablas
Steve Kuhn: piano wood flute Collin Walcott: tablas
Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone, tarogato Art Lande: piano, percussion Ray Armando: bongos, percussion
David Finck: double_bass David Samuels: vibraharp, marimba, Eleana Steinberg: vocal
Joey Baron: drums percussion
Recorded May 1974
Recorded December 2008 Recorded May 1981
ECM 1046 | download only
ECM 2099 | CD 270 1114 ECM 1208 | CD 531 0252

Steve Kuhn Art Lande

Promises Kept Rubisa Patrol
Steve Kuhn: piano Art Lande: piano
String Ensemble Mark Isham: trumpet, flugelhorn,
Carlos Franzetti: conductor soprano saxophone
David Finck: double_bass Bill Douglass: bass, flute, bamboo flute
Glenn Cronkhite: drums, percussion
Recorded June and September 2000
Recorded May 1976
ECM 1815 | CD 067 5 222
ECM 1081 | download only

Steve Kuhn
Remembering Tomorrow Art Lande /Jan Garbarek
Red Lanta
Steve Kuhn: piano
David Finck: double_bass Art Lande: piano
Joey Baron: drums Jan Garbarek: flutes,
soprano and bass saxophones
Recorded March 1995
Recorded November 1973
ECM 1573 | CD 529 0352
ECM 1038 | CD 829 3832

Steve Kuhn
ECM 1058 | p. 112
Charles Lloyd Quartet Charles Lloyd Charles Lloyd
Rabo de Nube Lift Every Voice All My Relations
Charles Lloyd: tenor saxophone, Charles Lloyd: tenor saxophone, Charles Lloyd: tenor saxophone,
alto flute, tarogato flute, taragato flute, Tibetan oboe
Jason Moran: piano Geri Allen: piano Bobo Stenson: piano
Reuben Rogers: double_bass John Abercrombie: guitar Anders Jormin: double_bass
Eric Harland: drums, percussion Marc Johnson, Larry Grenadier: Billy Hart: drums
Recorded April 2007 Recorded July 1994
Billy Hart: drums
ECM 2053 | CD 175 4811 ECM 1557 | CD 527 3442
Recorded February 2002
ECM 1832/33 | 2_CD 018 7832
Charles Lloyd Charles Lloyd
Sangam The Call
Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd: Charles Lloyd: tenor saxophone
Hyperion With Higgins
tenor and alto saxophones, Bobo Stenson: piano
taragato, bass and alto flutes, Charles Lloyd: tenor saxophone Anders Jormin: double_bass
piano, percussion Brad Mehldau: piano Billy Hart: drums
Zakir Hussain: John Abercrombie: guitar
Recorded July 1993
tabla, voice, percussion Larry Grenadier: double_bass
Eric Harland: Billy Higgins: drums ECM 1522 | CD 177 9924
drums, percussion, piano
Recorded December 1999
Recorded May 2004
ECM 1784 | CD 014 0002
Charles Lloyd
ECM 1976 | CD 987 5183
Notes From Big Sur
Charles Lloyd: tenor saxophone
Charles Lloyd
Bobo Stenson: piano
Charles Lloyd The Water Is Wide
Anders Jormin: double_bass
Jumping the Creek
Charles Lloyd: tenor saxophone Ralph Peterson: drums
Charles Lloyd: Brad Mehldau: piano
Recorded November 1991
tenor and alto saxophones, taragato John Abercrombie: guitar
Geri Allen: piano Larry Grenadier: double_bass ECM 1465 | CD 511 9992
Robert Hurst: double_bass Billy Higgins: drums
Eric Harland: drums, percussion
Recorded December 1999
Recorded January 2004 Charles Lloyd Quartet
ECM 1734 | CD 549 0432
Fish Out Of Water
ECM 1911 | CD 982 4130
Charles Lloyd: tenor saxophone,
Charles Lloyd
Bobo Stenson: piano
Charles Lloyd /  B illy Higgins Voice in the Night
Palle Danielsson: double_bass
Which Way is East
Charles Lloyd: tenor saxophone Jon Christensen: drums
Charles Lloyd: John Abercrombie: guitar
Recorded July 1989
tenor and alto saxophones, Dave Holland: double_bass
bass, alto and C flutes, piano, Billy Higgins: drums, percussion ECM 1398 | CD 841 0882 | LP 841 0881
taragato, Tibetan oboe,
Recorded May 1998
percussion, maracas, voice
Billy Higgins: ECM 1674 | CD 559 4452
drums, guitar, guimbri,
Syrian ‘ o ne string’, Senegalese,
Guinean and Indian hand drums,
Charles Lloyd
Juno’s wood box, percussion, voice
Recorded January 2001
Charles Lloyd:
ECM 1878/79 | 2_CD 981 1796 tenor saxophone, Tibetan oboe
Bobo Stenson: piano
Anders Jormin: double_bass
Billy Hart: drums
Recorded December 1996
ECM 1635 | CD 537 3452
Joe Maneri /  B arre Phillips / Mat Maneri Michael Mantler
Mat Maneri Trinity Songs And One Symphony
Angles of Repose
Mat Maneri: violin, viola Mona Larsen: voice
Joe Maneri: alto and tenor saxophones, Michael Mantler: trumpet
Recorded July 1999
clarinet Bjarne Roupé: guitar
Barre Phillips: double_bass ECM 1719 | CD 543 4442 Marianne Sørensen: violin
Mat Maneri: viola Mette Winther: viola
Gunnar Lychou: viola
Recorded May 2002
Helle Sørensen: cello
Michael Mantler
ECM 1862 | CD 980 6760 Kim Kristensen: piano, synthesizers
Radio Symphony Orchestra Frankfurt
Michael Mantler: trumpet Peter Rundel: conductor
Bjarne Roupé: guitar
Joe Maneri /  B arre Phillips / Recorded October 1993 and
Bob Rockwell: tenor saxophone
Mat Maneri November 1998
Pedro Carneiro: marimba, vibraphone
Tales Of Rohnlief
Roswell Rudd: trombone ECM 1721 | CD 543 0362
Joe Maneri: alto and tenor saxophones, Majella Stockhausen: piano
clarinet, piano, voice Nick Mason: percussion
Barre Phillips: double_bass Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin
Michael Mantler
Mat Maneri: Roland Kluttig: conductor
The School Of Understanding
electric 6_string and baritone violins
Recorded November 2007
Jack Bruce: observer
Recorded June 1998
ECM 2054 | CD 178 0371 Per Jørgensen: teacher
ECM 1678 | CD 559 8582 Mona Larsen: refugee
Susi Hyldgaard: journalist
Karen Mantler: student
Michael Mantler
John Greaves: businessman
Joe & Mat Maneri Review
Don Preston: doctor
with the Balanescu Quartet, Carla Bley, Robert Wyatt: guest observer
Joe Maneri: alto and tenor saxophones, Jack Bruce, Don Cherry, Larry Coryell, Michael Mantler: trumpet, conductor
clarinet, piano Kevin Coyne, Jack De Johnette, Marianne Roger Jannotta: clarinet,
Mat Maneri: violin, Faithfull, Rick Fenn, John Greaves, bass clarinet, flute, oboe
electric 6_string and baritone violins, Susi Hyldgaard, The Jazz Compos­er’s Bjarne Roupé: guitar
electric 5_string viola Orchestra, Mona Larsen, Michael Mantler, Marianne Sørensen: violin
Nick Mason, Don Preston, The Radio Mette Brand: violin
Recorded October 1997
Symphony Orchestra Frankfurt, Bjarne Mette Winther: violin
ECM 1661 | CD 5573652 Roupé, Terje Rypdal, Pharoah Sanders, Helle Sørensen: cello
Chris Spedding, Mike Stern, Steve Kim Kristensen: piano, synthesizers
Swallow, Tony Williams, Robert Wyatt, Tineke Noordhoek: vibraphone, marimba
a. o . Don Preston: synthesized drums
Joe Maneri Quartet
Danish Radio Concert Orchestra
In Full Cry Recordings 1968 –  2 000
Giordano Bellincampi: conductor
Joe Maneri: clarinet, ECM 1813 | CD 985 3283
Recorded August – December 1996
alto and tenor saxophones, piano
Mat Maneri: 6_string electric violin ECM 1648/49 | 2_CD 537 9632
John Lockwood: double_bass
Michael Mantler
Randy Peterson: drums, percussion
Hide And Seek
Recorded June 1996 Michael Mantler
Words by Paul Auster
Cerco un paese innocente
ECM 1617 | CD 537 0482
Robert Wyatt, Susi Hyldgaard: voices
Words by Giuseppe Ungaretti
Roger Jannotta: flute, oboe, clarinets
Martin Cholewa: french horn Mona Larsen: voice
Joe Maneri /Joe Morris /  Michael Mantler: trumpets, electronic Michael Mantler: trumpet
Mat Maneri percussion programming Bjarne Roupé: guitar
Three Men Walking Vincent Nilsson: trombones Marianne Sørensen: violin
Bjarne Roupé: guitars Mette Winther: viola
Joe Maneri: clarinet,
Susi Hyldgaard: accordion Gunnar Lychou: viola
alto and tenor saxophones, piano
Tineke Noordhoek: vibraphone, marimba Helle Sørensen: cello
Joe Morris: electric guitar
Per Salo: piano Kim Kristensen: piano
Mat Maneri: electric 6_string violin
Marianne Sørensen: violins Danish Radio Big Band
Recorded October and November 1995 Mette Winther: violas Ole Kock Hansen: conductor
Helle Sørensen: cellos
ECM 1597 | CD 531 0232 Recorded January 1994
Recorded February – April 2000
ECM 1556 | CD 527 0922
ECM 1738 | CD 549 6122
Michael Mantler Marilyn Mazur Pat Metheny Group
Folly Seeing All This Elixir Travels
Words by Samuel Beckett Marilyn Mazur: marimba, Pat Metheny: guitars
bowed vibraphone and waterphone, Lyle Mays: piano, synthesizers,
Alexander Balanescu: violin
hang, bells, gongs, cymbals, organ, autoharp, synclavier
Clare Connors: violin
magic drum, log drum, sheep bells, Steve Rodby: basses
Bill Hawkes: viola
Indian cowbells, udu drum, Dan Gottlieb: drums
Jane Fenton: cello
various drums and metal_utensils Nana Vasconcelos: percussion,
Michael Mantler: trumpet
Jan Garbarek: voice, berimbau
Rick Fenn: guitar
tenor and soprano saxophones,
Wolfgang Puschnig: alto flute Recorded July, October and
Karen Mantler: piano, voice November 1982
Dave Adams: vibraphone, chimes Recorded June 2005
ECM 1252/53 | 2_CD 810 6222
Jack Bruce: voice
ECM 1962 | CD 173 7320 2_LP 810 6221
Recorded June 1992
ECM 1485 | CD 517 3632
Marilyn Mazur’s Future Song Pat Metheny Group
Small Labyrinths Offramp
Charlie Mariano Aina Kemanis: voice Pat Metheny: guitar, guitar synthesizer
& The Karnataka College Hans Ulrik: saxophones Lyle Mays: keyboards
of Percussion Nils Petter Molvær: trumpet Steve Rodby: basses
Jyothi Eivind Aarset: guitar Nana Vasconcelos: percussion,
Elvira Plenar: piano, keyboards berimbau, voice
Charlie Mariano:
Klavs Hovman: basses Dan Gottlieb: drums
soprano saxophone, flute
Audun Kleive: drums
R. A. Ramamani: vocals, tamboura Recorded October 1981
Marilyn Mazur: percussion
T. A. S. Mani: mridangam
ECM 1216 | CD 817 1382 | LP 230 1216
R. A. Rajagopal: Recorded August 1994
ghatam, morsing, konakkol
ECM 1559 | CD 533 6792
T. N. Shashikumar: kanjira, konakkol
Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays
Recorded February 1983
As Falls Wichita,
ECM 1256 | download only Pat Metheny Group So Falls Wichita Falls
First Circle
Lyle Mays: piano, synthesizer,
Pat Metheny: guitars, organ, autoharp
Bennie Maupin synclavier guitar, guitar synthesizer Pat Metheny: electric and acoustic
The Jewel In The Lotus Lyle Mays: trumpet, synthesizers, 6_ and 12_string guitars, bass
piano, organ, bells Nana Vasconcelos: berimbau,
Bennie Maupin: reeds,
Steve Rodby: acoustic bass, percussion, drums, vocals
voice, glockenspiel
bass guitar, drum
Herbie Hancock: piano, electric piano Recorded September 1980
Pedro Aznar: voice, guitar, percussion
Buster Williams: bass
Paul Wertico: drums, percussion ECM 1190 | CD 821 4162
Frederick Waits: drums, marimba
Billy Hart: drums Recorded February 1984
Bill Summers: percussion
ECM 1278 | CD 177 9925
Charles Sullivan: trumpet Pat Metheny
Recorded March 1974
Pat Metheny: guitar
ECM 1043 | CD 172 3520 Pat Metheny
Charlie Haden: double_bass
Jack De Johnette: drums
Pat Metheny: guitars Dewey Redman: tenor saxophone
Charlie Haden: double_bass Mike Brecker: tenor saxophone
Billy Higgins: drums
Recorded May 1980
Recorded November 1983
ECM 1180/81 | 2_CD 843 1692
ECM 1271 | CD 817 7952 2_LP 264 1180

Pat Metheny Group

American Garage
Pat Metheny: guitars
Lyle Mays: piano, oberheim,
autoharp, organ
Mark Egan: bass
Dan Gottlieb: drums
Recorded June 1979
ECM 1155 | CD 177 5848 | LP 230 1155
Pat Metheny Stephan Micus Stephan Micus
New Chautauqua Snow Athos
Pat Metheny: Stephan Micus: doussn’ gouni, duduk, Stephan Micus: voice,
electric 6_ and 12_string guitars, maung, sinding, Bavarian zither, ­ Bavarian zither, sattar, shakuhachi,
acoustic guitar, 15_string harp guitar, steel_string guitar, charango, suling, flowerpots, nay
electric bass hammered dulcimer, nay, bass duduk,
Recorded November 1993 –
gongs, Tibetan cymbals, voice
Recorded August 1978 February 1994
Recorded 2004 – 2 008
ECM 1131 | CD 177 5849 ECM 1551 | CD 523 2922
ECM 2063 | CD 176 2533

Pat Metheny Group Stephan Micus

Stephan Micus To The Evening Child
Pat Metheny: 6_ and 12_string guitars
on the wing
Lyle Mays: piano, Stephan Micus: steeldrums, voice,
oberheim synthesizer, autoharp Stephan Micus: mudbedsh, dilruba, suling, kortholt, nay, sinding
Mark Egan: bass sattar, nay, shô, suling, hné, hang,
Recorded January and February 1992
Dan Gottlieb: drums 14_string guitar, shakuhachi,
sitar, mandobahar ECM 1486 | CD 513 7802
Recorded January 1978
Recorded 2003 –  2 006
ECM 1114 | CD 825 5932 | LP 230 1114
ECM 1987 | CD 985 4516
Stephan Micus
Darkness And Light
Pat Metheny
Stephan Micus: dilruba, guitar,
Watercolors Stephan Micus
kortholt, suling, ki un ki, ballast_strings,
Pat Metheny: guitars tin whistle, balinese gong, shô
Lyle Mays: piano Stephan Micus: bagana,
Recorded January and February 1990
Eberhard Weber: bass kyeezee, shô, tin whistle, maung,
Dan Gottlieb: drums zither, dilruba, nay, dondon, ECM 1427 | LP 847 2721 | CD in preparation
Balinese and Burmese gongs, voice
Recorded February 1977
Recorded 2001 –  0 4
ECM 1097 | CD 827 4092 | LP 230 1097
Stephan Micus
ECM 1897 | CD 981 8811
The Music Of Stones
Stephan Micus: shakuhachi,
Pat Metheny
tin whistle, stone chimes,
Bright Size Life Stephan Micus
resonating stones, voice
Towards the Wind
Pat Metheny: guitars Elmar Daucher, Günther Federer,
Jaco Pastorius: bass Stephan Micus: bass duduk, Nobuko Micus: resonating stones
Bob Moses: drums kalimba, shakuhachi, dondon,
Recorded 1986
sattar, steel_string guitars,
Recorded December 1975
14_string guitar, voice ECM 1384 | CD 837 7502
ECM 1073 | CD 827 1332
Recorded 1999 – 2001
ECM 1804 | CD 159 4532
Stephan Micus
Pat Metheny Twilight Fields
Selected Recordings
Stephan Micus: flowerpots,
Stephan Micus
Formative years: landmark recordings hammered dulcimer,
Desert Poems
with the Pat Metheny Group, the Bavarian zither, shakuhachi, nay
80/81 ensemble, and the trios with Stephan Micus: voice, sarangi,
Recorded November 1987
Jaco Pastorius /  B ob Moses and sinding, shakuhachi, dilruba,
Charlie Haden /  B illy Higgins dondon, steel drums, doussn’ gouni, ECM 1358 | LP 835 0851
kalimba, flowerpots, percussion
Recorded 1975 – 1984
Recorded 1997 – 2000
ECM :rarum IX | CD 014 1632
Stephan Micus
ECM 1757 | CD 159 7392
Stephan Micus: voice, shô,
Pat Metheny
nay, shakuhachi, Bavarian zither,
Works II Stephan Micus
hammered dulcimer
The Garden Of Mirrors
An anthology
Recorded January 1986
Stephan Micus: voice,
ECM | download only
bolombatto, steel drums, sinding, ECM 1318 | CD 829 2792
bowed sinding, shakuhachi, suling,
nay, tin whistles, percussion
Pat Metheny
Works Recorded 1995 – 1996
LP 823 2701 ECM 1632 | CD 537 1622
Stephan Micus Roscoe Mitchell Nils Petter Molvær
East Of The Night Composition / I mprovisation Khmer
Nos. 1, 2 & 3
Stephan Micus: Nils Petter Molvær: trumpet,
10_ and 14_string guitars, shakuhachi Transatlantic Art Ensemble guitar, bass guitar, percussion,
Roscoe Mitchell: soprano saxophone samples
Recorded January 1985
Evan Parker: Eivind Aarset: guitars,
JAPO 60041 | CD 825 6552 tenor and soprano saxophones treatments, talk box
Anders Svanoe: Morten Mølster: guitar
alto and baritone saxophones Roger Ludvigsen: guitar,
Corey Wilkes: trumpet, flugelhorn percussion, dulcimer
Stephan Micus
John Rangecroft: clarinet Rune Arnesen: drums
Listen To The Rain
Neil Metcalfe: flute Ulf W. Ø. Holand: samples
Stephan Micus: guitars, suling, Nils Bultmann: viola Reidar Skår: sound treatment
shakuhachi, dilruba, tamboura Philipp Wachsmann: violin
Recorded 1996 – 1997
Marcio Mattos: cello
Recorded June 1980 and July 1983
Craig Taborn: piano ECM 1560 | CD 537 7982
JAPO 60040 | download only Jaribu Shahid: double_bass
Barry Guy: double_bass
Tani Tabbal: drums, percussion
Paul Motian
Paul Lytton: drums, percussion
Stephan Micus Bill Frisell / Joe Lovano
Wings Over Water Recorded September 2004 Time and Time Again
Stephan Micus: acoustic guitar, ECM 1872 | CD 171 6989 Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone
nay, sarangi, voice, flowerpots, Bill Frisell: guitar
spanish guitar, Bavarian zither, suling Paul Motian: drums
Recorded January and October 1981 Roscoe Mitchell Recorded May 2006
and the Note Factory
JAPO 60038 | CD 831 0582 ECM 1992 | CD 170 1137
Nine To Get Ready
Roscoe Mitchell:
soprano, alto and tenor saxophones,
Stephan Micus Paul Motian Band
flute, lead vocal
Till The End Of Time Garden of Eden
Hugh Ragin: trumpet
Stephan Micus: table harp, kortholt, George Lewis: trombone Tony Malaby, Chris Cheek:
Bavarian zither, guitar, vocal Matthew Shipp: piano saxophones
Craig Taborn: piano Steve Cardenas, Ben Monder,
Recorded June 1978
Jaribu Shahid: bass, vocal Jakob Bro: guitars
JAPO 60026 | CD 513 7862 | LP 236 0026 William Parker: bass Jerome Harris: bass
Tani Tabbal: drums, djimbe, vocal Paul Motian: drums
Gerald Cleaver: drums
Recorded November 2004
Stephan Micus Recorded May 1997
ECM 1917 | CD 987 6027
ECM 1651 | CD 539 7252
Stephan Micus: voice, guitar,
sho, Thai flute, sitar, rabab,
Paul Motian
Bavarian zither, shakuhachi
Nils Petter Molvær Bill Frisell / Joe Lovano
Recorded March 1977 Solid Ether I Have The Room Above Her
JAPO 60017 | CD 829 2012 Nils Petter Molvær: trumpet, Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone
piccolo trumpet, electronic trumpet, Bill Frisell: guitar
vocoder trumpet, synthesizer, Paul Motian: drums
keyboard, piano, basses, samples,
Recorded April 2004
loops, percussion, electronics
Eivind Aarset: guitar, electronics ECM 1902 | CD 982 4056
Audun Erlien: bass
Per Lindvall: drums
Rune Arnesen: drums
Paul Motian Trio
DJ Strangefruit: beats, samples, voices
It Should’ve Happened
Reidar Skår: vocoder
A Long Time Ago
Sidsel Endresen: vocal
Paul Motian: drums, percussion
Recorded 1999
Bill Frisell: guitar, guitar synthesizer
ECM 1722 | CD 543 3652 Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone
Recorded July 1984
ECM 1283 | CD in preparation
Paul Motian Band Paul Motian Nils Økland
Psalm Selected Recordings Monograph
Paul Motian: drums Paul Motian plays his own songs – Nils Økland: Hardanger fiddle
Bill Frisell: guitar with his trios and quintet, in duo with violin, viola d’amore
Ed Schuller: double_bass Keith Jarrett, and with the Paul Bley
Recorded July 2007
Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone Quartet
Billy Drewes: tenor and alto saxophones ECM 2069 | CD 179 2432
Recorded 1972 – 1987
Recorded December 1981
ECM :rarum XVI | CD 014 2042
ECM 1222 | CD 847 3302
Old And New Dreams
The Music Improvisation Company
Don Cherry: trumpet, piano
Paul Motian
Derek Bailey: electric guitar Dewey Redman:
Le Voyage
Evan Parker: soprano saxophone tenor saxophone, musette
Paul Motian: drums, percussion Hugh Davies: live electronics Charlie Haden: double_bass
J. F. Jenny_Clark: double_bass Jamie Muir: percussion Ed Blackwell: drums
Charles Brackeen: Christine Jeffrey: voice
Recorded June 1980
tenor and soprano saxophones
Recorded August 1970
ECM 1205 | CD in preparation
Recorded March 1979
ECM 1005 | download only
ECM 1138 | download only
Old And New Dreams
Miki N’ Doye
Don Cherry: trumpet, piano
Paul Motian Trio Tuki
Dewey Redman:
Miki N’Doye: kalimba, tamma, tenor saxophone, musette
Paul Motian: drums, percussion m’balax, bongo, vocals Charlie Haden: double_bass
David Izenzon: double_bass Jon Balke: keyboards, prepared piano Ed Blackwell: drums
Charles Brackeen: Per Jørgensen: trumpet, vocals
Recorded August 1979
soprano and tenor saxophones Helge Andreas Norbakken: percussion
Aulay Sosseh, Lie Jallow: vocals ECM 1154 | CD in preparation
Recorded September 1977
Recorded 2003 –  2 005
ECM 1108 | CD 519 2822
ECM 1971 | CD 987 5149
A Retrospective
Paul Motian
Urs Leimgruber: soprano and tenor
Tribute James Newton
saxophones, flutes, percussion
Carlos Ward: alto saxophone Christy Doran: guitars, guitar synthesizer
Sam Brown: guitars James Newton: flutes Bobby Burri: double_bass
Paul Metzke: electric guitar Fredy Studer: drums, gongs, percussion
Recorded August 1981
Charlie Haden: double_bass Dom Um Romao: percussion, berimbau
Paul Motian: percussion ECM 1214 | download only
Recorded 1975 –  1 980
Recorded May 1974
ECM 1642 | CD 985 7452
ECM 1048 | CD 519 2812
Mike Nock
Mike Nock: piano
Paul Motian
Eddie Gomez: double_bass
Conception Vessel
Jon Christensen: drums
Paul Motian: percussion
Recorded November 1981
Keith Jarrett: piano, flute
Charlie Haden: double_bass ECM 1220 | download only
Sam Brown: guitar
Leroy Jenkins: violin
Becky Friend: flute
Recorded November 1972
ECM 1028 | CD 177 5852
Orchestre National de Jazz Evan Parker Evan Parker
w /Anouar Brahem & Gianluigi Trovesi Electro_Acoustic Ensemble Electro_Acoustic Ensemble
Charmediterranéen The Moment’s Energy Memory/ V ision
Paolo Damiani: cello, direction Evan Parker: soprano saxophone Evan Parker: soprano saxophone,
François Jeanneau: Peter Evans: trumpet, piccolo trumpet tapes, samples
soprano saxophone, flute Ko Ishikawa: shô Philipp Wachsmann: violin, electronics
Thomas de Pourquery: Ned Rothenberg: clarinet, bass clarinet, Agustí Fernández: piano, prepared piano
soprano, alto and tenor saxophones shakuhachi Barry Guy: double_bass
Jean_Marc Larché: Philipp Wachsmann: violin, live electronics Paul Lytton: percussion, electronics
soprano, alto and baritone saxophones Agustí Fernández: piano, prepared piano Lawrence Casserley:
Médéric Collignon: Barry Guy: double_bass signal processing instrument
pocket trumpet, flugelhorn, voice Paul Lytton: percussion, live electronics Joel Ryan: computer, sound processing
Alain Vankenhove: trumpet, flugelhorn Lawrence Casserley: Walter Prati, Marco Vecchi:
Gianluca Petrella: trombone signal processing instrument electronics, sound processing
Didier Havet: sousaphone Joel Ryan: sample and signal processing
Recorded October 2002
Régis Huby: violin Walter Prati: computer processing
Olivier Benoit: guitar Richard Barrett: live electronics ECM 1852 | CD 038 1172
Paul Rogers: double_bass Paul Obermayer: live electronics
Christophe Marguet: drums Marco Vecchi: sound projection
Anouar Brahem: oud
Recorded November 2007 Evan Parker
Gianluigi Trovesi: piccolo clarinet,
Electro_Acoustic Ensemble
alto saxophone ECM 2066 | CD 177 4798
Drawn Inward
Recorded October 2001
Evan Parker:
ECM 1828 | CD 018 4932 soprano and tenor saxophones, khène
Evan Parker
Philipp Wachsmann: violin, viola, live
Electro_Acoustic Ensemble
electronics, sound processing
The Eleventh Hour
Barry Guy: double_bass
Evan Parker: soprano saxophone, voice Paul Lytton: percussion, live electronics
Philipp Wachsmann: violin, live electronics Lawrence Casserley, Walter Prati,
Trilok Gurtu: tabla, percussion Paul Lytton: percussion, live electronics Marco Vecchi:
Paul McCandless: oboe, Agustí Fernández: piano, prepared piano live electronics, sound processing
english horn, soprano saxophone, Adam Linson: double_bass
Recorded December 1998
wind driven synthesizers Lawrence Casserley: signal processing
Glen Moore: bass intrument, percussion, voice ECM 1693 | CD 547 2092
Ralph Towner: Joel Ryan: sample and signal processing
classical and 12_string guitars, Walter Prati: computer processing
piano, synthesizers, drum machine Richard Barrett, Paul Obermayer:
Evan Parker
sampling keyboard, live electronics
Recorded March 1987 Electro_Acoustic Ensemble
Marco Vecchi: sound projection
Toward the Margins
ECM 1354 | CD 177 7594
Recorded November 2004
Evan Parker: soprano saxophone
ECM 1924 | CD 987 0854 Barry Guy: double_bass
Paul Lytton: percussion, live electronics
Philipp Wachsmann: violin, viola,
live electronics, sound processing
Evan Parker
Paul McCandless: oboe, bass clarinet, Walter Prati, Marco Vecchi:
soprano saxophone, english horn live electronics, sound processing
Glen Moore: bass, flute, piano Transatlantic Art Ensemble
Recorded May 1996
Ralph Towner: synthesizer, piano, Evan Parker: soprano saxophone
cornet, classical guitar, Roscoe Mitchell: ECM 1612 | download only
12_string guitar, percussion alto and soprano saxophones
Collin Walcott: tabla, percussion, Anders Svanoe: alto saxophone
sitar, snare drum, bass drum John Rangecroft: clarinet
Annette Peacock
Neil Metcalfe: flute
Recorded October 1984 an acrobat’s heart
Corey Wilkes: trumpet, flugelhorn
ECM 1291 | CD 825 3232 Nils Bultmann: viola Annette Peacock: vocal, piano
Philipp Wachsmann: violin
Cikada String Quartet
Marcio Mattos: cello
Henrik Hannisdal: violin
Craig Taborn: piano
Oregon Odd Hannisdal: violin
Jaribu Shahid: double_bass
Marek Konstantynowicz: viola
Paul McCandless: reeds, flute Barry Guy: double_bass
Morten Hannisdal: cello
Glen Moore: bass, violin, piano Tani Tabbal: drums, percussion
Ralph Towner: guitar, piano, synthesizer Paul Lytton: drums, percussion Recorded January and April 2000
Collin Walcott: sitar, percussion, voice
Recorded September 2004 ECM 1733 | CD 159 49620
Recorded February 1983
ECM 1873 | CD 175 0054
ECM 1258 | CD 177 7593
Gary Peacock /  R alph Towner Gary Peacock Barre Phillips
A Closer View Tales Of Another Mountainscapes
Ralph Towner: Gary Peacock: double_bass Barre Phillips: double_bass
classical and 12_string guitars Keith Jarrett: piano John Surman:
Gary Peacock: double_bass Jack De Johnette: drums soprano and baritone saxophones,
bass clarinet, synthesizer
Recorded December 1995 Recorded February 1977
Dieter Feichtner: synthesizer
ECM 1602 | CD 531 6232 ECM 1101 | CD 827 4182 Stu Martin: drums, synthesizer
John Abercrombie: guitar
Recorded March 1976
Gary Peacock /  R alph Towner Harry Pepl
ECM 1076 | CD 843 1672
Oracle Herbert Joos
Jon Christensen
Gary Peacock: double_bass
Cracked Mirrors
Ralph Towner:
Dominique Pifarély
12_string and classical guitars Harry Pepl: guitar,
François Couturier
Roland Midi guitar system, piano
Recorded May 1993 Poros
Herbert Joos: flugelhorn
ECM 1490 | CD 521 3502 Jon Christensen: drums Dominique Pifarély: violin
François Couturier: piano
Recorded February 1987
Recorded April 1997
ECM 1356 | download only
Gary Peacock
ECM 1647 | CD 539 7242
Gary Peacock: double_bass
Barre Phillips
Jan Garbarek:
Aquarian Rain Julian Priester Pepo Mtoto
tenor and soprano saxophones
Love, Love
Palle Mikkelborg: trumpet, flugelhorn Barre Phillips: double_bass
Peter Erskine: drums, drum computer Alain Joule: percussion Julian Priester: trombones, horns,
whistle flute, percussion, synthesizers
Recorded March 1987 Recorded May 1991
Pat Gleeson: synthesizers
ECM 1352 | CD 833 0392 ECM 1451 | CD 511 5132 | LP 511 5131 Hadley Caliman: flute, saxophones,
bass clarinet
Bayete Umbra Zindiko: pianos, clavinet
Nyimbo Herny Franklin: basses
Gary Peacock Barre Phillips
Ndugu Leon Chancler,
Voice from the Past – Paradigm Journal Violone II
Kamau Eric Gravatt: drums
Gary Peacock: double_bass Barre Phillips: double_bass Mguanda David Johnson:
Jan Garbarek: John Surman: flute, soprano saxophone
tenor and soprano saxophones soprano and baritone saxophones, Ron McClure: fender bass
Tomasz Stanko: trumpet bass clarinet, synthesizer Bill Connors: electric guitar
Jack De Johnette: drums Aina Kemanis: voice
Recorded June and September 1973
Recorded August 1981 Recorded June 1979
ECM 1044 | CD in preparation
ECM 1210 | CD 517 7682 ECM 1149 | download only

Claudio Puntin
Gary Peacock Barre Phillips Ger∂ur Gunnarsdóttir
Shift In The Wind Three Day Moon ‡lir
Gary Peacock: double_bass Barre Phillips: double- bass Claudio Puntin: clarinet, bass clarinet
Art Lande: piano Terje Ryp­dal: guitar, Ger∂ur Gunnarsdóttir: violin, vocal
Eliot Zigmund: drums guitar ­synthesizer, organ
Recorded 1997 – 1999
Dieter Feichtner: synthesizer
Recorded February 1980
Trilok Gur­tu: ta­bla, percussion ECM 1749 | CD 158 5702
ECM 1165 | CD 829 1592
Recorded March 1978
ECM 1123 | download only
Gary Peacock
December Poems
Gary Peacock: double_bass
Jan Garbarek:
tenor and soprano saxophones
Recorded December 1977
ECM 1119 | download only
Enrico Rava Enrico Rava /  Enrico Rava
New York Days Dino Saluzzi Quintet Quotation Marks
Enrico Rava: trumpet Enrico Rava: trumpet
Stefano Bollani: piano Enrico Rava: trumpet
Jeanne Lee: vocal
Mark Turner: tenor saxophone Dino Saluzzi: bandoneon
John Abercrombie: guitar
Larry Grenadier: double_bass Harry Pepl: guitar
David Horowitz: piano, synthesizer
Paul Motian: drums Furio Di Castri: double_bass
Herb Bushler: double_bass
Bruce Ditmas: drums
Recorded February 2008 Ray Armando: percussion
Recorded October 1986 Jack De Johnette: drums
ECM 2064 | CD 177 2715 | 2_LP 179 7340
Warren Smith: marimba, percussion
ECM 1343 | CD 831 3952
Finito Bingert: tenor saxophone,
flute, percussion
Enrico Rava
Rodolfo Mederos: bandoneon
Stefano Bollani Enrico Rava Quartet
Ricardo Lew: guitar
The Third Man
Enrico Rava: trumpet Matias Pizarro: piano
Enrico Rava: trumpet Roswell Rudd: trombone El Negro Gonzales: double_bass
Stefano Bollani: piano J. F. Jenny_Clark: double_bass Nestor Astarita: drums
Aldo Romano: drums El Chino Rossi: percussion
Recorded November 2006
Recorded March 1978 Recorded December 1973
ECM 2020 | CD 173 7322
and April 1974
ECM 1122 | download only
JAPO 60010 | download only
Enrico Rava Quintet
The Words And The Days Enrico Rava
The Plot Red Sun /  S amulNori
Enrico Rava: trumpet
Then Comes The White Tiger
Gianluca Petrella: trombone Enrico Rava: trumpet
Andrea Pozza: piano John Abercrombie: Red Sun
Rosario Bonaccorso: double_bass electric and accoustic guitars Wolfgang Puschnig:
Roberto Gatto: drums Palle Danielsson: double_bass alto saxophone, alto flute
Jon Christensen: drums Linda Sharrock: voice
Recorded December 2005
Rick Iannacone: electric guitar
Recorded August 1976
ECM 1982 | CD 170 9773 Jamaaladeen Tacuma: bass guitar
ECM 1078 | CD 523 2822
Kim Duk Soo: changgo, piri,
Enrico Rava hojok, ching
Tati Enrico Rava Lee Kwang Soo: k’kwaengwari,
The Pilgrim And The Stars vocals, ching
Enrico Rava: trumpet
Kang Min Seok: buk, ching
Stefano Bollani: piano Enrico Rava: trumpet
Kim Woon Tae: buk, ching, bara
Paul Motian: drums John Abercrombie: guitar
Kim Sung Woon: komungo, kayagum
Palle Danielsson: double_bass
Recorded November 2004
Jon Christensen: drums Recorded May 1993
ECM 1921 | CD 987 0174
Recorded June 1975 ECM 1499 | download only
ECM 1063 | CD 177 5854
Enrico Rava
Red Twist & Tuned Arrow
Easy Living
Christy Doran:
Enrico Rava: trumpet
electric and acoustic guitars
Gianluca Petrella: trombone
Fredy Studer: drums, percussion
Stefano Bollani: piano
Stephan Wittwer: electric guitar,
Rosario Bonaccorso: double_bass
synthesizer, sequencer programming
Roberto Gatto: drums
Recorded November 1986
Recorded June 2003
ECM 1342 | CD 831 8142 | LP 831 8141
ECM 1760 | CD 981 2050

Dewey Redman Quartet

The Struggle Continues
Dewey Redman: tenor saxophone
Charles Eubanks: piano
Mark Helias: double_bass
Ed Blackwell: drums
Recorded January 1982
ECM 1225 | download only
The Return Terje Rypdal Terje Rypdal
Vossabrygg Q. E. D.
Film by Andrey Zvyagintsev
Music by Andrey Dergatchev Terje Rypdal: guitar Terje Rypdal: electric guitar
Palle Mikkelborg: trumpet, synthesizer Borealis Ensemble
ECM 1923 | CD 987 1318
Bugge Wesseltoft: electric piano, Christian Eggen: conductor
Recorded August and December 1991
Ståle Storløkken: Hammond organ,
Yves Robert electric piano, synthesizer ECM 1474 | CD 513 3742
In Touch Marius Rypdal: electronics
Bjørn Kjellemyr: basses
Yves Robert: trombone
Jon Christensen, Paolo Vinaccia: drums
Vincent Courtois: violoncello Terje Rypdal
Cyril Atef: drums Recorded April 2003 Undisonus
Recorded March 2001 ECM 1984 | CD 987 5381 Terje Tønnesen: violin
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
ECM 1787 | CD 016 3752
London, conducted by Christian Eggen
Grex Vocalis, directed by Carl Høgset
Terje Rypdal
The Rainbow Orchestra,
Lux Aeterna
Hal Russell NRG Ensemble conducted by Christian Eggen
The Hal Russell Story Terje Rypdal: guitar
Recorded September 1986
Palle Mikkelborg: trumpet
Hal Russell: and November 1987
Iver Kleive: organ
tenor and soprano saxophones,
Åshild Stubø Gundersen: soprano ECM 1389 | CD 837 7552
trumpet, drums, xylophone,
Bergen Chamber Ensemble
percussion, gong, narration, vocals
Kjell Seim: conductor
Mars Williams:
tenor, alto and bass saxophones, Recorded July 2000 Terje Rypdal
toy horns, wood flute, didgeridoo, The Singles Collection
ECM 1818 | CD 017 0702
bells, sounds, narration
Terje Rypdal: guitar
Brian Sandstrom:
Allan Dangerfield: keyboards,
acoustic bass, electric guitar,
trumpet, toy horns, percussion Terje Rypdal
Bjørn Kjellemyr: bass
Kent Kessler: acoustic bass, trombone Double Concerto /  5 th Symphony
Audun Kleive: drums
Steve Hunt: drums, vibraphone,
Terje Rypdal, Ronni Le Tekro:
tympani, percussion Recorded August 1988
electric guitars
Recorded July 1992 Riga Festival Orchestra ECM 1383 | CD 837 7492 | LP 837 7491
Normunds ˝n‰: conductor
ECM 1498 | CD 517 3642
Recorded June 1998
Terje Rypdal & The Chasers
ECM 1567 | CD 559 9642
Hal Russell
Hal’s Bells Terje Rypdal: electric guitar, keyboards
Bjørn Kjellemyr: basses
Hal Russell: Terje Rypdal
Audun Kleive: drums, percussion
tenor and soprano saxophones, Skywards
trumpet, musette, drums, vibraphone, Recorded November 1986
Terje Rypdal: electric guitar
bass marimba, congas, gongs, bells,
Palle Mikkelborg: trumpet ECM 1346 | CD in preparation
percussion, voice
Terje Tønnesen: violin
Recorded May 1992 David Darling: cello
Christian Eggen: piano, keyboards
ECM 1484 | CD 513 7812 Terje Rypdal
Paolo Vinaccia: drums, percussion
Jon Christensen: drums
Terje Rypdal: guitar
Recorded February 1996
Hal Russell NRG Ensemble Audun Kleive: drums, percussion
The Finnish /  S wiss Tour ECM 1608 | CD 533 7682 Bjørn Kjellemyr: basses
Hal Russell: Recorded May 1985
tenor and soprano saxophones,
ECM 1303 | CD 827 2562
trumpet, vibraphone, drums Terje Rypdal
Mars Williams: If Mountains Could Sing
tenor and soprano saxophones,
Terje Rypdal: electric guitars
didgeridoo Terje Rypdal /  D avid Darling
Bjørn Kjellemyr: basses
Brian Sandstrom: bass, trumpet, guitar Eos
Audun Kleive: drums
Kent Kessler: bass, bass guitar,
Terje Tønnesen: violin Terje Rypdal: electronic guitar,
Lars Anders Tomter: viola casio mt_30
Steve Hunt: drums, vibraphone,
Øystein Birkeland: cello David Darling: cello, electric cello
Christian Eggen: conductor
Recorded May 1983
Recorded November 1990
Recorded January and June 1994
ECM 1263 | CD 815 3332
ECM 1455 | CD 511 2612 | LP 511 2611
ECM 1554 | CD 523 9872
Terje Rypdal Terje Rypdal Dino Saluzzi / A nja Lechner
To Be Continued What Comes After Ojos Negros
Terje Rypdal: electronic guitars, flute Terje Rypdal: guitars, flute Dino Saluzzi: bandoneon
Miroslav Vitous: basses, piano Barre Phillips: basses Anja Lechner: violoncello
Jack De Johnette: drums, voice Jon Christensen: percussion, organ
Recorded April 2006
Erik Niord Larsen: oboe, english horn
Recorded January 1981
Sveinung Hovensjø: electric bass ECM 1991 | CD 170 9757
ECM 1192 | CD 847 3332
Recorded August 1973
ECM 1031 | download only
Dino Saluzzi Group
Terje Rypdal Juan Condori
Dino Saluzzi: bandoneon
Terje Rypdal
Terje Rypdal: guitar, keyboards, flute Felix ‘ C uchara’ Saluzzi:
Palle Mikkelborg: trumpet, flugelhorn, Terje Rypdal: guitar, flute tenor saxophone, clarinet
keyboards Inger Lise Rypdal: voice José Maria Saluzzi:
Jon Christensen: drums, percussion Ekkehard Fintl: oboe, english horn acoustic and electric guitars
Jan Garbarek: tenor saxophone, Matias Saluzzi: double_bass, bass guitar
Recorded March 1979
flute, clarinet U. T. Gandhi: drums, percussion
ECM 1144 | download only Bobo Stenson: piano
Recorded October 2005
Tom Halversen: piano
Arild Andersen: basses ECM 1978 | CD 985 9237
Bjørnar Andresen: electric bass
Terje Rypdal
Jon Christensen: percussion
Miroslav Vitous / J ack DeJohnette
Recorded August 1971 Dino Saluzzi / J on Christensen
Terje Rypdal: guitar,
guitar synthesizer, organ ECM 1016 | CD 527 6452
Miroslav Vitous: double_bass, Dino Saluzzi: bandoneon
electric piano Jon Christensen: percussion
Jack De Johnette: drums
Terje Rypdal Recorded November 2002
Recorded June 1978 Selected Recordings
ECM 1845 | CD 981 9612
ECM 1125 | CD 177 9926 Terje Rypdal with his own bands,
including Odyssey and the Chasers,
and with the Riga Festival Orchestra
Dino Saluzzi
Terje Rypdal Recorded 1971 – 1998 Responsorium
ECM :rarum VII | CD 014 2012 Dino Saluzzi: bandoneon
Terje Rypdal: electric guitar, Palle Danielsson: double_bass
keyboard, synthesizer José Maria Saluzzi: acoustic guitar
Palle Mikkelborg: trumpet, flugelhorn,
Terje Rypdal Recorded November 2001
RMI, tac piano, ring modulator
Sveinung Hovensjø: basses ECM 1816 | CD 017 0692
Jon Christensen: drums, percussion ECM | download only
Recorded September 1977
Dino Saluzzi
ECM 1110 | CD in preparation
Cité de la Musique
Dino Saluzzi: bandoneon
Marc Johnson: double_bass
Terje Rypdal
José Maria Saluzzi: acoustic guitar
After The Rain
Recorded June 1996
ECM 1083 | p. 112
ECM 1616 | CD 533 3162

Terje Rypdal
ECM 1067/68 | p. 112

Terje Rypdal
Whenever I Seem To Be Far Away
ECM 1045 | p. 112
Dino Saluzzi Group Louis Sclavis Louis Sclavis Quintet
Mojotoro Lost on the Way L’affrontement des prétendants
Dino Saluzzi: bandoneon, Louis Sclavis: clarinets, Louis Sclavis: clarinet,
percussion, voice soprano saxophone bass clarinet, soprano saxophone
Celso Saluzzi: bandoneon, Matthieu Metzger: Jean_Luc Cappozzo: trumpet
percussion, voice soprano and alto saxophones Vincent Courtois: cello
Felix ‘ C uchara’ Saluzzi: Maxime Delpierre: guitar Bruno Chevillon: double_bass
tenor and soprano saxophones, Olivier Lété: bass François Merville: drums
clarinet François Merville: drums
Recorded September 1999
Armando Alonso: guitars, voice
Recorded September 2008
Guillermo Vadalá: electric bass, voice ECM 1705 | CD 159 9272
José Maria Saluzzi: drums, voice ECM 2098 | CD 179 8497
Arto Tuncboyaci: percussion, voice
Recorded May 1991 Louis Sclavis Sextet
Louis Sclavis Les violences de Rameau
ECM 1447 | CD 511 9522 | LP 511 9521
L’imparfait des langues
Louis Sclavis: clarinet,
Louis Sclavis: clarinet, bass clarinet bass clarinet, soprano saxophone
soprano saxophone Yves Robert: trombone
Dino Saluzzi
Marc Baron: alto saxophone Dominique Pifarély:
Paul Brousseau: keyboards, acoustic and electric violins
Dino Saluzzi: bandoneon, flute sampling, electronics, guitar François Raulin: piano, keyboards
Maxime Delpierre: guitars Bruno Chevillon: double_bass
Recorded May 1988
François Merville: drums Francis Lassus: drums
ECM 1375 | CD 837 1862
Recorded April 2005 Recorded September 1995
and January 1996
ECM 1954 | CD 987 7897
ECM 1588 | download only
Dino Saluzzi
Once Upon A Time – Far Away
In The South Louis Sclavis
Napoli’s Walls Louis Sclavis
Dino Saluzzi: bandoneon
Dominique Pifarély
Palle Mikkelborg: trumpet, flugelhorn Louis Sclavis: clarinet, bass clarinet,
Acoustic Quartet
Charlie Haden: double_bass soprano and baritone saxophones
Pierre Favre: percussion Vincent Courtois: cello, electronics Louis Sclavis: clarinet, bass clarinet
Médéric Collignon: pocket trumpet, voices, Dominique Pifarély: violin
Recorded July 1985
horn, percussion, electronics Marc Ducret: 6_ and 12_string guitars
ECM 1309 | CD 827 7682 Hasse Poulsen: guitar Bruno Chevillon: double_bass
Recorded December 2002 Recorded September 1993
ECM 1857 | CD 038 5042 ECM 1526 | CD 521 3492
Dino Saluzzi
Dino Saluzzi:
Louis Sclavis Louis Sclavis
bandoneon, voice, percussion, flutes
Dans la nuit Rouge
Recorded November 1982
Music for the silent movie Louis Sclavis: clarinets,
ECM 1251 | CD 177 9927 by Charles Vanel soprano saxophone
Dominique Pifarély: violin
Louis Sclavis: clarinets
Bruno Chevillon: double_bass
Dominique Pifarély: violin
François Raulin: piano, synthesizer
Manfred Schoof Quintet Vincent Courtois: violoncello
Christian Ville: drums
Resonance François Merville: percussion, marimba
Jean_Louis Matinier: accordion Recorded September 1991
Manfred Schoof: trumpet, flugelhorn
Michel Pilz: bass clarinet Recorded October 2000 ECM 1458 | LP 511 9291 | CD in preparation
Jasper van’t Hof: piano, electric piano,
ECM 1805 | CD 589 5242
Rainer Brüninghaus: piano, synthesizer
Trygve Seim /  F rode Haltli
Günter Lenz: double_bass
Ralf_R. Hübner: drums
Trygve Seim:
Recorded 1976, 1977 and 1979
soprano and tenor saxophones
ECM 2093/94 | 2_CD 178 0453 Frode Haltli: accordion
Recorded June 2007
ECM 2044 | CD 175 7 975
Trygve Seim Shankar Shankar
Sangam Pancha Nadai Pallavi Vision
Trygve Seim: Shankar: double violin, vocals Shankar: 10_string double violin,
tenor and soprano saxophones Zakir Hussain: tabla percussion
Håvard Lund: clarinet, bass clarinet Vikku Vinayakram: ghatam Jan Garbarek: tenor, soprano and
Nils Jansen: bass saxophone, Caroline: talam, sruthi bass saxophones, percussion
contrabass clarinet Palle Mikkelborg: trumpet, flugelhorn
Recorded July 1989
Arve Henriksen: trumpet
Recorded April 1983
Tone Reichelt: french horn ECM 1407 | CD 841 6412
Lars Andreas Haug: tuba ECM 1261 | CD 811 9692
Frode Haltli: accordion
Morten Hannisdal: violoncello
Per Oddvar Johansen: drums
M. R.C.S. Shankar
Øyvind Brække: trombone
Who’s To Know
String Ensemble Shankar: double violin
Christian Eggen: conductor Zakir Hussain: tabla Shankar: 10_string double violin,
Vikku Vinayakram: ghatam tamboura
Recorded October 2002 and
Jon Christensen: drums Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman:
March 2004
Recorded 1987 and 1989
ECM 1797 | CD 038 1222 Zakir Hussain: tabla
ECM 1403 | CD 841 6422 | LP 841 6421 V. Lakshminarayana:
conductor (tala keeping)
Trygve Seim Recorded November 1980
Øyvind Brække Shankar
ECM 1195 | CD 827 2692
Per Oddvar Johansen Nobody Told Me
The Source and Different Cikadas
Shankar: double violin, vocals
Øyvind Brække: trombone V. Lakshminarayana: violin,
Andy Sheppard
Trygve Seim: tenor and soprano double violin, vocals
Movements in Colour
saxophones, clarophone Ganam Rao: vocals
Per Oddvar Johansen: drums Zakir Hussain: tabla Andy Sheppard:
Finn Guttormsen: double_bass Vikku Vinayakram: ghatam soprano and tenor saxophones
Odd Hannisdal: violin Caroline: vocals, tamboura John Parricelli:
Henrik Hannisdal: violin acoustic and electric guitars
Recorded March 1989
Marek Konstantynowicz: viola Eivind Aarset: electric guitar, electronics
Morten Hannisdal: violoncello ECM 1397 | LP 839 6231 Arild Andersen: double_bass, electronics
Frode Haltli: accordion, bass trombone Kuljit Bhamra: tabla, percussion
Arve Henriksen: trumpet
Recorded February 2008
Christian Wallumrød: piano
Shankar /  C aroline
ECM 2062 | CD 179 5042
Recorded November 2000 The Epidemics
ECM 1764 | CD 014 4322 Shankar: vocals, violin, synthesizer,
drum machine
Marc Sinan
Caroline: vocals, synthesizer, tamboura
Steve Vai: guitar
Trygve Seim
Gilbert Kaufman: synthesizer Marc Sinan: guitar
Different Rivers
Percy Jones: bass Yelena Kulji ć: vocals
Trygve Seim: Lena Thies: viola
Recorded February 1985
tenor and soprano saxophones Julia Hülsmann: piano
Arve Henriksen: trumpet, ECM 1308 | CD 827 5222 | LP 827 5221 Marc Muellbauer: double_bass
vocal, trumpophone Heinrich Köbberling: drums, percussion
Håvard Lund: bass clarinet, clarinet
Recorded March 2008
Nils Jansen:
bass and sopranino saxophones, ECM 2076 | CD 177 3154
Song For Everyone
contrabass clarinet
Hild Sofie Tafjord: french horn Shankar: 10_string double violin,
David Gald: tuba drum machine
Stian Carstensen: accordion Jan Garbarek:
Bernt Simen Lund: cello soprano and tenor saxophones
Morten Hannisdal: cello Zakir Hussain: tabla, congas
Per Oddvar Johansen: drums Trilok Gurtu: percussion
Paal Nilssen_Love: drums
Recorded September 1984
Øyvind Brække: trombone
Sidsel Endresen: recitation ECM 1286 | CD 177 7596
Recorded December 1998,
January and December 1999
ECM 1744 | CD 159 5212
Wadada Leo Smith Tomasz Stanko Quintet Tomasz Stanko Septet
Kulture Jazz Dark Eyes Litania
Music of Krzysztof Komeda
Wadada Leo Smith: trumpet, Tomasz Stanko: trumpet
flugelhorn, koto, mbira, harmonica, Alexi Tuomarila: piano Tomasz Stanko: trumpet
bamboo notch flute, percussion, vocal Jakob Bro: guitar Bernt Rosengren: tenor saxophone
Anders Christensen: double_bass Joakim Milder:
Recorded October 1992
Olavi Louhivuori: drums tenor and soprano saxophones
ECM 1507 | CD 519 0742 Terje Rypdal: guitar
Recorded April 2009
Bobo Stenson: piano
ECM 2115 | CD 176 0000 Palle Danielsson: double_bass
Jon Christensen: drums
Leo Smith
Divine Love Recorded February 1997
Tomasz Stanko Quartet
Leo Smith: trumpet, flugelhorn, ECM 1636 | CD 537 5512
steel_o_phone, gongs, percussion
Dwight Andrews: alto flute, Tomasz Stanko: trumpet
bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, Marcin Wasilewski: piano
Tomasz Stanko
triangles, mbira Slawomir Kurkiewicz: double_bass
Bobby Naughton: vibraharp, Michal Miskiewicz: drums
marimba, bells Tomasz Stanko: trumpet
Recorded November 2005
Charlie Haden: double_bass Bobo Stenson: piano
Lester Bowie: trumpet ECM 1980 | CD 987 7380 Anders Jormin: double_bass
Kenny Wheeler: trumpet Tony Oxley: drums
Recorded September 1978 Recorded January 1996
Tomasz Stanko Quartet
ECM 1143 | download only ECM 1603 | CD 531 6932
Suspended Night
Tomasz Stanko: trumpet
Marcin Wasilewski: piano
The Source Tomasz Stanko
Slawomir Kurkiewicz: double_bass
Matka Joanna
Trygve Seim: Michal Miskiewicz: drums
tenor and soprano saxophones Tomasz Stanko: trumpet
Recorded July 2003
Øyvind Brække: trombone Bobo Stenson: piano
Mats Eilertsen: double_bass ECM 1868 | CD 981 1244 Anders Jormin: double_bass
Per Oddvar Johansen: drums Tony Oxley: drums
Recorded July 2005 Recorded May 1994
Tomasz Stanko Quartet
ECM 1966 | CD 987 5152 ECM 1544 | CD 523 9862
Soul of Things
Tomasz Stanko: trumpet
Marcin Wasilewski: piano
Martin Speake Tomasz Stanko
Slawomir Kurkiewicz: double_bass
Change Of Heart Balladyna
Michal Miskiewicz: drums
Martin Speake: alto saxophone Tomasz Stanko: trumpet
Recorded August 2001
Bobo Stenson: piano Tomasz Szukalski:
Mick Hutton: double_bass ECM 1788 | CD 016 3742 tenor and soprano saxophones
Paul Motian: drums Dave Holland: double_bass
Edward Vesala: drums
Recorded April 2002
Tomasz Stanko Recorded December 1975
ECM 1831 | CD 987 4059
From The Green Hill
ECM 1071 | CD 177 7597
Tomasz Stanko: trumpet
John Surman: baritone saxophone,
bass clarinet
Tomasz Stanko
Dino Saluzzi: bandoneon
Selected Recordings
Michelle Makarski: violin
Anders Jormin: double_bass Tomasz Stanko with his quartets of
Jon Christensen: drums the 70s and the 90s, with the Litania
project in tribute to Krzysztof Komeda,
Recorded August 1998
in songs from the Green Hill and in
ECM 1680 | CD 547 3362 guest appearances with Gary Peacock
and Edward Vesala
Recorded 1975 – 1998
ECM :rarum XVII | CD 014 2092
Bobo Stenson Trio Bobo Stenson Thomas Strønen
Cantando Selected Recordings Parish
Bobo Stenson: piano Ensembles heard on this anthology Bobo Stenson: piano
Anders Jormin: double_bass include the Bobo Stenson Trio, Fredrik Ljungkvist: clarinet,
Jon Fält: drums Jan Garbarek / Bobo Stenson Quartet, tenor saxophone
Tomasz Stanko Quartet, Charles Lloyd Mats Eilertsen: double_bass
Recorded December 2007
Quartet, Don Cherry Group Thomas Strønen: drums
ECM 2023 | CD 177 5462
Recorded 1971 – 1999 Recorded April 2004
ECM :rarum VIII | CD 014 2142 ECM 1870 | CD 987 0376
Bobo Stenson
Markus Stockhausen /  John Surman
Bobo Stenson: piano
Arild Andersen /  P atrice Héral / Brewster’s Rooster
Anders Jormin: double_bass
Terje Rypdal
Paul Motian: drums John Surman:
baritone and soprano saxophones
Recorded April 2004
Markus Stockhausen: trumpet, John Abercrombie: guitar
ECM 1904 | CD 982 5173 flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet Drew Gress: double_bass
Arild Andersen: double_bass Jack De Johnette: drums
Patrice Héral: drums, percussion,
Recorded September 2007
live electronics
Bobo Stenson Trio
Terje Rypdal: electric guitar ECM 2046 | CD 270 1112
Recorded December 1999
Bobo Stenson: piano
Anders Jormin: double_bass ECM 1704 | CD 543 0352
John Surman /  H oward Moody
Jon Christensen: drums
Rain On The Window
Recorded April 1999
John Surman:
Markus Stockhausen /  G ary Peacock
ECM 1740/41 | 2_CD 543 6112 baritone and soprano saxophones,
Cosi Lontano … Quasi Dentro
bass clarinet
Markus Stockhausen: Howard Moody: organ
trumpet, flugelhorn, synthesizer
Bobo Stenson Trio Recorded January 2006
Gary Peacock: double_bass
War Orphans
Fabrizio Ottaviucci: piano ECM 1986 | CD 171 5540
Bobo Stenson: piano Zoro Babel: drums
Anders Jormin: double_bass
Recorded March 1988
Jon Christensen: drums
John Surman
ECM 1371 | CD 837 1112 | LP 837 1111
Recorded May 1997 The Spaces In Between
ECM 1604 | CD 539 7232 John Surman:
soprano and baritone saxophones,
Markus Stockhausen
bass clarinet
Simon Stockhausen /  J o Thönes
Chris Laurence: double_bass
Bobo Stenson Trio Aparis
Reflections Despite the fire fighters’ efforts … Trans4mation
Rita Manning: violin
Bobo Stenson: piano Markus Stockhausen:
Patrick Kiernan: violin
Anders Jormin: double_bass trumpets, flugelhorn
Bill Hawkes: viola
Jon Christensen: drums Simon Stockhausen:
Nick Cooper: cello
keyboards, soprano saxophone
Recorded May 1993
Jo Thönes: Recorded February 2006
ECM 1516 | CD 523 1602 acoustic and electronic drums
ECM 1956 | CD 172 3586
Recorded July 1992
ECM 1496 | CD 517 7172
Bobo Stenson
John Surman
Arild Andersen
Free and Equal
Jon Christensen
Underwear Markus Stockhausen John Surman:
Simon Stockhausen /  J o Thönes soprano and baritone saxophones,
Bobo Stenson: piano
Aparis bass clarinet
Arild Andersen: double_bass
Jack De Johnette:
Jon Christensen: percussion Markus Stockhausen:
drums, percussion, piano
trumpets, flugelhorn
Recorded May 1971 London Brass
Simon Stockhausen:
ECM 1012 | download only synthesizers, saxophone Recorded June 2001
Jo Thönes:
ECM 1802 | CD 017 0652
acoustic and electronic drums
Recorded August 1989
ECM 1404 | CD 841 7742 | LP 841 7741
John Surman /  J ack DeJohnette John Surman John Surman
Invisible Nature A Biography Of The Withholding Pattern
Rev. Absalom Dawe
John Surman: John Surman:
soprano and baritone saxophones, John Surman: baritone and soprano saxophones,
bass clarinet, synthesizers alto and bass clarinets, bass clarinet, recorder, piano,
Jack De Johnette: soprano and baritone saxophones, synthesizer
drums, electronic percussion, piano keyboards
Recorded December 1984
Recorded November 2000 Recorded October 1994
ECM 1295 | CD 825 4072 | LP 825 4071
ECM 1796 | CD 016 3762 ECM 1528 | CD 523 7492

John Surman
John Surman John Surman /  J ohn Warren Such Winters Of Memory
Coruscating The Brass Project
John Surman:
John Surman: John Surman: saxophones, baritone and soprano saxophones,
soprano and baritone saxophones, alto and bass clarinets, piano bass clarinet, recorder, piano,
bass and contrabass clarinets Henry Lowther, Stephen Waterman, synthesizer, voice
Chris Laurence: double_bass Stuart Brooks: trumpets Karin Krog: voice, ring modulator,
Malcolm Griffiths, Chris Pyne: tamboura
trombones Pierre Favre: drums
Rita Manning: violin
David Stewart, Richard Edwards:
Keith Pascoe: violin Recorded December 1982
bass trombones
Bill Hawkes: viola
Chris Laurence: double_bass ECM 1254 | download only
Nick Cooper: cello
John Marshall: drums, percussion
Recorded January 1999 John Warren: conductor
ECM 1702 | CD 543 0332 Recorded April 1992 John Surman /  J ack DeJohnette
The Amazing Adventures Of
ECM 1478 | download only
Simon Simon
John Surman John Surman:
Proverbs And Songs soprano and baritone saxophones,
John Surman
bass clarinet, synthesizer
John Surman: baritone and Adventure Playground
Jack De Johnette:
soprano saxophones, bass clarinet
John Surman: drums, congas, electric piano
John Taylor: organ
baritone and soprano saxophones,
Salisbury Festival Chorus Recorded January 1981
bass clarinet
Howard Moody: conductor
Paul Bley: piano ECM 1193 | CD 829 1602
Recorded June 1996 Gary Peacock: double_bass
Tony Oxley: drums
ECM 1639 | CD 537 7992
Recorded September 1991 John Surman
Upon Reflection
ECM 1463 | CD 511 9812
John Surman /  K arin Krog / John Surman:
Terje Rypdal /  V igleik Storaas soprano and baritone saxophones,
Nordic Quartet bass clarinet, synthesizers
John Surman
John Surman: Road To Saint Ives Recorded May 1979
soprano and baritone saxophones,
John Surman: bass clarinet, ECM 1148 | CD in preparation
alto and bass clarinets
soprano and baritone saxophones,
Karin Krog: voice
keyboards, percussion
Terje Rypdal: guitar
Vigleik Storaas: piano Recorded April 1990 John Surman
Selected Recordings
Recorded August 1994 ECM 1418 | CD 843 8492 | LP 843 8491
John Surman solo, and with The Trio,
ECM 1553 | CD 527 1202
the Surman /  D e Johnette Duo, the
Nordic Quartet, the Brass Project,
John Surman
Surman /  B ley /  P eacock /Oxley,
Private City
John Surman Quartet the Miroslav Vitous Group, the
Stranger Than Fiction John Surman: John Abercrombie Trio and more
bass clarinet, recorders,
John Surman: Recorded 1976 – 1999
soprano and baritone saxophones,
soprano and baritone saxophones,
synthesizer ECM :rarum XIII | CD 014 1972
alto and bass clarinets
John Taylor: piano Recorded December 1987
Chris Laurence: double_bass
ECM 1366 | CD 177 5856
John Marshall: drums
Recorded December 1993
ECM 1534 | CD 521 8502
Steve Swallow Steve Tibbetts Steve Tibbetts
Home A Man About A Horse Safe Journey
Sheila Jordan: voice Steve Tibbetts: guitars, percussion Steve Tibbetts: guitars, kalimba, tapes
Steve Kuhn: piano Marc Anderson: percussion Marc Anderson: congas,
Dave Liebman: saxophones Marcus Wise: percussion steel drum, percussion
Lyle Mays: synthesizer Jim Anton: bass Bob Hughes: bass
Bob Moses: drums Tim Weinhold: vase
Recorded 2001
Steve Swallow: bass Steve Cochrane: tabla
ECM 1814 | CD 017 0682
Recorded September 1979 Recorded November 1983
ECM 1160 | download only ECM 1270 | CD 817 4382
Steve Tibbetts
The Fall Of Us All
Tamia /  P ierre Favre Steve Tibbetts
Steve Tibbetts: guitars,
Solitudes Northern Song
percussion, discs
Tamia: voice Marc Anderson: congas, Steve Tibbetts: guitars,
Pierre Favre: percussion steel drum, percussion kalimba, tape loops
Marcus Wise: tabla Marc Anderson: congas,
Recorded April 1991
Jim Anton: bass bongos, percussion
ECM 1446 | CD 849 6542 Eric Anderson: bass
Recorded October 1981
Mike Olson: synthesizer
Claudia Schmidt: voice ECM 1218 | CD in preparation
Rhea Valentine: voice
Tamia /  P ierre Favre
de la nuit … le jour Recorded 1990 – 1993
Tamia: voice ECM 1527 | CD 521 1442
Pierre Favre: percussion
Takashi Kako: piano
Recorded October 1987
Kent Carter: double_bass
Steve Tibbetts
ECM 1364 | CD 835 2492 Oliver Johnson: drums
Big Map Idea
Recorded June 1979
Steve Tibbetts: guitars, dobro,
kalimba, pianolin, tapes JAPO 60029 | download only
John Taylor
Marc Anderson: percussion
Marc Johnson /  J oey Baron
Marcus Wise: tabla
Michelle Kinney: cello
David Torn
John Taylor: piano
Recorded 1987/1988 Prezens
Marc Johnson: double_bass
Joey Baron: drums ECM 1380 | CD 839 2532 David Torn: guitars, live_sampling
Tim Berne: alto saxophone
Recorded April 2002
Craig Taborn: Fender Rhodes,
ECM 1751 | CD 159 9242 Hammond B3, mellotron
Steve Tibbetts
Tom Rainey: drums
Matt Chamberlain: drums
Steve Tibbetts: guitars,
Recorded March 2005
kalimba, synthesizer
Marc Anderson: congas, drums, ECM 1877 | CD 170 9875
Bob Hughes: bass
Steve Cochrane: tabla
David Torn
Marcus Wise: tabla
Cloud About Mercury
Tim Weinhold: bongos, vase, bells
David Torn: guitars
ECM 1355 | CD 835 2452
Mark Isham: trumpets, synthesizer
Tony Levin: bass
Bill Bruford: drums, percussion
Steve Tibbetts
Recorded March 1986
Exploded View
ECM 1322 | download only
Steve Tibbetts: guitars, tapes, kalimba
Marc Anderson: percussion
Bob Hughes: bass
Marcus Wise: tabla David Torn
Claudia Schmidt, Bruce Henry, Best Laid Plans
Jan Reimer: voice
David Torn: guitars
Recorded 1985 and 1986
Geoffrey Gordon: percussion
ECM 1335 | CD 831 1092
Recorded July 1984
ECM 1284 | download only
Ralph Towner /  P aolo Fresu Ralph Towner Ralph Towner
Chiaroscuro City Of Eyes Old Friends, New Friends
Ralph Towner: Ralph Towner: Ralph Towner:
classical, 12_string and baritone guitars 12_string and classical guitars, 12_string and classical guitars,
Paolo Fresu: piano, synthesizer piano, french horn
trumpet, flugelhorn Markus Stockhausen: trumpet, Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, flugelhorn
piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn Eddie Gomez: double_bass
Recorded October 2008
Paul McCandless: oboe, english horn Michael DiPasqua: drums, percussion
ECM 2085 | CD 179 7510 Gary Peacock: double_bass David Darling: cello
Jerry Granelli: drums, electronic drums
Recorded July 1979
Recorded February 1986
ECM 1153 | CD 829 1962
Ralph Towner and November 1988
Time Line
ECM 1388 | CD 837 7542
Ralph Towner: guitar
Ralph Towner
Recorded September 2005 Batik
Ralph Towner / Gary Burton
ECM 1968 | CD 987 5911 Ralph Towner:
Slide Show
12_string and classical guitars, piano
Ralph Towner: Eddie Gomez: double_bass
classical and 12_string guitars Jack De Johnette: drums
Ralph Towner
Gary Burton: vibraphone, marimba
Anthem Recorded January 1978
Recorded May 1985
Ralph Towner: ECM 1121 | CD 177 9928
classical and 12_string guitars ECM 1306 | CD 827 2572
Recorded February 2000
Ralph Towner
ECM 1743 | CD 543 8142
Ralph Towner Solstice
Blue Sun Sound And Shadows
Ralph Towner: Ralph Towner: 12_string and
Ralph Towner
12_string and classical guitars, classical guitars, piano, french horn
piano, synthesizer, french horn, Jan Garbarek:
Ralph Towner: cornet, percussion soprano and tenor saxophones, flute
classical and 12_string guitars Eberhard Weber: bass, cello
Recorded December 1982
Jon Christensen: drums
Recorded March 1996
ECM 1250 | download only
Recorded February 1977
ECM 1611 | CD 537 0232
ECM 1095 | CD 829 3862
Ralph Towner / John Abercrombie
Ralph Towner Five Years Later
Lost And Found Ralph Towner
John Abercrombie:
Ralph Towner: acoustic and electric guitars,
classical and 12_string guitars electric 12_string guitar, mandolin guitar Ralph Towner: 12_string and
Denney Goodhew: sopranino, Ralph Towner: classical guitars, piano
soprano and baritone saxophones, 12_string and classical guitar Jan Garbarek:
bass clarinet tenor and soprano saxophones, flute
Recorded March 1981
Marc Johnson: double_bass Eberhard Weber: bass, cello
Jon Christensen: drums ECM 1207 | CD in preparation Jon Christensen: drums, percussion
Recorded May 1995 Recorded December 1974
ECM 1563 | CD 529 3472 ECM 1060 | CD 177 5857
Ralph Towner
Solo Concert
Ralph Towner:
Ralph Towner Ralph Towner / Gary Burton
12_string and classical guitars
Open Letter Matchbook
Recorded October 1979
Ralph Towner: Ralph Towner:
classical and 12_string guitars, ECM 1173 | CD in preparation 12_string and classical guitars
synthesizer Gary Burton: vibraharp
Peter Erskine: drums
Recorded July 1974
Recorded July 1991 and February 1992
ECM 1056 | CD 835 0142
ECM 1462 | CD 511 9802
Ralph Towner Gianluigi Trovesi /  G ianni Coscia Nana Vasconcelos
Diary Round About Weill Saudades
Ralph Towner: Gianluigi Trovesi: clarinets Nana Vasconcelos:
12_string and classical guitars, Gianni Coscia: accordion berimbau, percussion, voice, gongs
piano, gongs Egberto Gismonti: guitar
Recorded July 2004
Members of the Radio Symphony
Recorded April 1973
ECM 1907 | CD 982 4131 Orchestra Stuttgart, conducted by
ECM 1032 | CD 829 1572 Mladen Gutesha
Recorded March 1979
Gianluigi Trovesi Ottetto
ECM 1147 | CD 829 3802
Ralph Towner with Glen Moore Fugace
Trios /  S olos
Gianluigi Trovesi: alto saxophone,
Ralph Towner: guitar, piano piccolo and alto clarinets
Edward Vesala Sound & Fury
Glen Moore: bass Beppe Caruso: trombone
Nordic Gallery
Paul McCandless: oboe Massimo Greco: trumpet, electronics
Collin Walcott: tabla Marco Remondini: cello, electronics Jorma Tapio: alto saxophone,
Roberto Bonati: double_bass clarinets, bass flute
Recorded November 1972
Marco Micheli: basses Jouni Kannisto: tenor saxophone, flute
ECM 1025 | CD in preparation Fulvio Maras: percussion, electronics Pepa Päivinen: saxophones, flute,
Vittorio Marinoni: drums alto flute, piccolo
Matti Riikonen: trumpet
Recorded June 2002
Iro Haarla: harp, piano, keyboards,
Ralph Towner
ECM 1827 | CD 066 5832 accordion, koto
Jimi Sumen: guitar
ECM | download only Edward Vesala: drums, percussion,
bass, tamboura, angklung
Gianluigi Trovesi / Gianni Coscia
Petri Ikkelã: accordion
In cerca di cibo
Pekka Sarmanto: bass
Trio Beyond
Gianluigi Trovesi: Kari Linsted: cello
DeJohnette /  G oldings /  S cofield
piccolo, alto and bass clarinets Tapani Rinne: clarinet
Gianni Coscia: accordion
Recorded 1993 – 1994
John Scofield: guitar
Recorded February 1999
Larry Goldings: Hammond organ, ECM 1541 | CD 523 2942
electric piano, sampler ECM 1703 | CD 543 0342
Jack De Johnette: drums
Recorded November 2004 Edward Vesala Sound & Fury
Vassilis Tsabropoulos Invisible Storm
ECM 1972/73 | 2_CD 987 6530
The Promise
Jorma Tapio: alto saxophone,
Vassilis Tsabropoulos: piano bass clarinet, flute, percussion,
bass flute
Gianluigi Trovesi Recorded January 2008
Jouni Kannisto: tenor saxophone, flute
All’ O pera
ECM 2081 | CD 177 3377 Pepa Päivinen:
Profumo Di Violetta
tenor, baritone and soprano saxophones,
Gianluigi Trovesi: piccolo flute, alto flute
and alto clarinets, alto saxophone Matti Riikonen: trumpet
Vassilis Tsabropoulos
Marco Remondini: violoncello, electronics Iro Haarla: piano, harp, keyboards
Anja Lechner /  U . T. Gandhi
Stefano Bertoli: drums, percussion Jimi Sumen: guitar
Filarmonica Mousiké Edward Vesala: drums, percussion
Savino Acquaviva: conductor Vassilis Tsabropoulos: piano Marko Ylönen: cello
Anja Lechner: violoncello Pekka Sarmanto: double_bass
Recorded September 2006
U. T. Gandhi: percussion Mark Nauseef: bongos
ECM 2068 | CD 177 3124
Recorded June 2007 Recorded May and June 1991
ECM 2048 | CD 175 7980 ECM 1461 | CD 511 9282
Gianluigi Trovesi 
Umberto Petrin / Fulvio Maras
Vaghissimo Ritratto Vassilis Tsabropoulos
Gianluigi Trovesi: alto clarinet
Umberto Petrin: piano Vassilis Tsabropoulos: piano
Fulvio Maras: percussion, electronics
Recorded March 2002
Recorded December 2005
ECM 1737 | CD 067 4352
ECM 1983 | CD 170 9774
Edward Vesala Sound & Fury Edward Vesala Miroslav Vitous
Ode To The Death Of Jazz Nan Madol Atmos
Matti Riikonen: trumpet Edward Vesala: drums, percussion, Miroslav Vitous: double_bass
Jorma Tapio: alto saxophone, harp, flutes Jan Garbarek:
bass clarinet, flute Juhani Aaltonen: soprano and tenor soprano and tenor saxophones
Jouni Kannisto: tenor saxophone, flute saxophones, bells, flutes, voice
Recorded February 1992
Pepa Päivinen: soprano, tenor and Sakari Kukko: flute
baritone saxophones, flute, clarinet, Seppo Paakkunainen: flute, ECM 1475 | CD 513 3732
bass clarinet soprano saxophone
Tim Ferchen: marimba, tubular bells Pentti Lahti: soprano saxophone,
Taito Vainio: accordion bass clarinet
Miroslav Vitous
Iro Haarla: piano, harp, keyboards Charlie Mariano: alto saxophone,
Jan Garbarek /  P eter Erskine
Jimi Sumen: guitar flute, nagaswaram
Uffe Krokfors: bass Kaj Backlund: trumpet
Edward Vesala: drums Mircea Stan: trombone Miroslav Vitous: double_bass
Juhani Poutanen: violin, alto violin Jan Garbarek:
Recorded April and May 1989
Elisabeth Leistola: harp soprano and tenor saxophones
ECM 1413 | CD 843 1962 | LP 843 1961 Teppo Hauto_aho: double_bass, voice Peter Erskine: drums
Recorded April 1974 Recorded January 1991
ECM 1077 | download only ECM 1444 | CD 849 6492 | LP 849 6491
Edward Vesala
Esko Heikkinen: trumpet,
Miroslav Vitous Group Miroslav Vitous
piccolo trumpet
w /  M ichel Portal Emergence
Pentti Lahti:
Remembering Weather Report
alto and baritone saxophones, flutes Miroslav Vitous: double_bass
Jorma Tapio: alto saxophone, Franco Ambrosetti: trumpet
Recorded September 1985
clarinet, bass clarinet, flute Gary Campbell: tenor saxophone
Tapani Rinne: Miroslav Vitous: double_bass ECM 1312 | CD 827 8552
tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinets Gerald Cleaver: drums
Kari Heinilä: Michel Portal: bass clarinet
tenor and soprano saxophones, flute
Recorded fall 2006 and spring 2007 Miroslav Vitous
Tom Bildo: trombone, tuba
Journey’s End
Iro Haarla: piano, harp ECM 2073 | CD 178 8137
Raoul Björkenheim: guitar Miroslav Vitous: double_bass
Taito Vainio: accordion John Surman: soprano and baritone
Häkä: bass saxophones, bass clarinet
Miroslav Vitous
Edward Vesala: drums, percussion John Taylor: piano
Universal Syncopations II
Jon Christensen: drums
Recorded June 1986
Bob Mintzer:
Recorded July 1982
ECM 1339 | CD 831 5172 tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Gary Campbell: ECM 1242 | CD 843 1712
soprano and tenor saxophones
Bob Malach: tenor saxophone
Edward Vesala
Randy Brecker: trumpet
Satu Miroslav Vitous
Daniele di Bonaventura: bandoneon
First Meeting
Tomasz Stanko: trumpet Vesna Va†ko_Cáceres: voice
Palle Mikkelborg: trumpet, flugelhorn Miroslav Vitous: double_bass Miroslav Vitous: double_bass
Juhani Aaltonen: Gerald Cleaver: drums John Surman: soprano saxophone,
tenor and soprano saxophones, Adam Nussbaum: drums bass clarinet
flute, alto flute Kenny Kirkland: piano
Recorded November 2004 –
Tomasz Szukalski: Jon Christensen: drums
April 2005
tenor and soprano saxophones
Recorded May 1979
Knut Riisnaes: flute, tenor saxophone ECM 2013 | CD 171 8357
Rolf Malm: bass clarinet ECM 1145 | CD 519 2802
Torbjørn Sunde: trombone
Terje Rypdal: guitar
Miroslav Vitous
Palle Danielsson: double_bass
Universal Syncopations
Edward Vesala: drums
Miroslav Vitous: double_bass
Recorded October 1976
Jan Garbarek:
ECM 1088 | CD 159 4952 soprano and tenor saxophones
Chick Corea: piano
John McLaughlin: guitar
Jack De Johnette: drums
Recorded 2002 – 2003
ECM 1863 | CD 038 5062
Philipp Wachsmann Christian Wallumrød Sextet Marcin Wasilewski Trio
Paul Lytton Fabula Suite Lugano January
Some Other Season
Christian Wallumrød: piano, Marcin Wasilewski: piano
Philipp Wachsmann: violin, viola, harmonium, toy piano Slawomir Kurkiewicz: double_bass
live electronics Eivind Lønning: trumpet Michal Miskiewicz: drums
Paul Lytton: percussion, Gjermund Larsen: violin,
Recorded February 2007
live electronics Hardanger fiddle, viola
Tanja Orning: cello ECM 2019 | CD 173 7345
Recorded October 1997
Giovanna Pessi: baroque harp
ECM 1662 | CD 557 3662 Per Oddvar Johansen: drums,
percussion, glockenspiel
Marcin Wasilewski Trio
Recorded June 2009 Trio
Collin Walcott
ECM 2118 | CD 271 1269 Marcin Wasilewski: piano
Grazing Dreams
Slawomir Kurkiewicz: double_bass
Collin Walcott: sitar, tabla Michal Miskiewicz: drums
John Abercrombie:
Christian Wallumrød Ensemble Recorded March 2004
electric and acoustic guitars,
The Zoo Is Far
electric mandolin ECM 1891 | CD 982 0632
Don Cherry: trumpet, flute, Christian Wallumrød: piano,
doussn’ gouni harmonium, toy piano
Palle Danielsson: double_bass Arve Henriksen: trumpet
Trevor Watts
Dom Um Romao: berimbau, Gjermund Larsen: violin,
Moiré Music Drum Orchestra
chica, tambourine, percussion Hardanger fiddle, viola
A Wider Embrace
Tanja Orning: cello
Recorded February 1977
Giovanna Pessi: baroque harp Trevor Watts:
ECM 1096 | CD 827 8662 Per Oddvar Johansen: drums, alto and soprano saxophones
percussion, glockenspiel Nana Tsiboe: african drums,
congas, gonje, djembe, lead twanga,
Recorded October 2006
wea flute, vocals
Collin Walcott
ECM 2005 | CD 171 7820 Nee_Daku Patato: congas,
Cloud Dance
african drums, berimbau, bells,
Collin Walcott: sitar, tabla cabasa, vocals
John Abercrombie: guitar Jojo Yates: mbira, twanga, cowbells,
Christian Wallumrød Ensemble
Dave Holland: double_bass african drums, bells, cabasa,
A Year From Easter
Jack De Johnette: drums wea flute, vocals
Christian Wallumrød: piano, Nana Appiah: african drums,
Recorded March 1975
harmonium, toy piano lead wea flute, shakers, cabasa,
ECM 1062 | CD 177 9929 Nils Økland: violin, cowbells, vocals
Hardanger fiddle, viola d’amore Paapa J. Mensah: kit drums, shakers,
Arve Henriksen: trumpet wea flute, vocals
Per Oddvar Johansen: drums Colin McKenzie: bass guitar
Collin Walcott
Works Recorded September 2004 Recorded April 1993
LP 837 2761 ECM 1901 | CD 982 4132 ECM 1449 | CD 521 3512

Mal Waldron Trio Christian Wallumrød Ensemble

Free At Last Sofienberg Variations
Mal Waldron: piano Christian Wallumrød: piano, harmonium
Isla Eckinger: double_bass Nils Økland: violin, Hardanger fiddle
Clarence Becton: drums Arve Henriksen: trumpet
Per Oddvar Johansen: drums
Recorded November 1969
Trygve Seim: tenor saxophone
ECM 1001 | CD in preparation
Recorded October 2001
ECM 1809 | CD 017 0672
Mal Waldron
The Call
Christian Wallumrød Trio
Mal Waldron: electric piano
No Birch
Jimmy Jackson: organ
Eberhard Weber: bass Christian Wallumrød: piano
Fred Braceful: drums Arve Henriksen: trumpet
Hans_Kristian Kjos Sørensen:
Recorded February 1971
JAPO 60001 | download only
Recorded November 1996
ECM 1628 | CD 537 3442
Eberhard Weber Eberhard Weber Eberhard Weber
Stages Of A Long Journey Chorus The Colours Of Chloë
Jan Garbarek: Eberhard Weber: bass, synthesizer Eberhard Weber: bass, cello, ocarina
soprano and tenor saxophones Jan Garbarek: Rainer Brüninghaus: piano, synthesizer
Gary Burton: vibraphone soprano and tenor saxophones Peter Giger: drums, percussion
Rainer Brüninghaus: piano Ralf_R. Hübner: drums Ralf Hübner: drums
Wolfgang Dauner: piano Ack van Rooyen: flugelhorn
Recorded September 1984
Eberhard Weber: bass, double_bass Cellos of the Südfunk Symphony
Marilyn Mazur: percussion ECM 1288 | CD 823 8442 | LP 823 8441 Orchestra Stuttgart
Reto Weber: hang
Recorded December 1973
Nino G.: beatbox
SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony ECM 1042 | CD in preparation
Eberhard Weber
Later That Evening
Roland Kluttig: conductor
Eberhard Weber: bass
Recorded March 2005 Eberhard Weber
Paul McCandless: soprano saxophone,
Selected Recordings
ECM 1920 | CD 172 3518 oboe, english horn, bass clarinet
Bill Frisell: guitar Eberhard Weber in an anthology
Lyle Mays: piano featuring his band Colours, his
Michael DiPasqua: drums, percussion production projects, and performances
Eberhard Weber
alongside Jan Garbarek, Gary Burton,
Endless Days Recorded March 1982
Ralph Towner and Pat Metheny
Eberhard Weber: bass ECM 1231 | CD 829 3822
Recorded 1974 – 2000
Paul McCandless: oboe, english horn,
bass clarinet, soprano saxophone ECM :rarum XVIII | CD 014 2022
Rainer Brüninghaus: piano, keyboards
Eberhard Weber Colours
Michael DiPasqua: drums, percussion
Little Movements
Recorded April 2000 Eberhard Weber
ECM 1186 | p. 113
ECM 1748 | CD 013 4202
LP 825 4291
Eberhard Weber
Eberhard Weber Fluid Rustle
Eberhard Weber: bass, tarang
Eberhard Weber: bass Bonnie Herman: voice
Norma Winstone: voice
Recorded Spring 1993
Gary Burton: vibraharp, marimba
ECM 1518 | CD 519 7072 Bill Frisell: guitar, balalaika
Recorded January 1979
ECM 1137 | download only
Eberhard Weber
Eberhard Weber: bass,
Eberhard Weber Colours
percussion, keyboards
Silent Feet
Herbert Joos, Anton Jillich:
flugelhorns ECM 1107 | p. 113
Rudolf Diebetsberger,
Thomas Hauschild: french horns
Wolfgang Czelustra,
Eberhard Weber
Andreas Richter: trombones
The Following Morning
Winfried Rapp: bass trombone
Franz Stagl: tuba Eberhard Weber: bass
Rainer Brüninghaus: piano
Recorded May and August 1988
Members of the Philharmonic
ECM 1374 | CD 837 3432 | LP 837 3431 Orchestra Oslo
Recorded August 1976
ECM 1084 | CD 829 1162

Eberhard Weber
Yellow Fields
ECM 1066 | p.  113
Kenny Wheeler Kenny Wheeler Lena Willemark /Ale Möller
A Long Time Ago Double, Double You Nordan
Kenny Wheeler: flugelhorn Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, flugelhorn Ale Möller: mandola, natural flutes,
John Taylor: piano Mike Brecker: tenor saxophone folk_harp, shawm, cows_horn,
John Parricelli: guitar John Taylor: piano hammered dulcimer, accordion
Derek Watkins: trumpet Dave Holland: double_bass Lena Willemark: vocal, fiddle
John Barclay: trumpet Jack De Johnette: drums Palle Danielsson: double_bass
Henry Lowther: trumpet Mats Edén: drone_fiddle, kantele
Recorded May 1983
Ian Hamer: trumpet Per Gudmundson: fiddle,
Pete Beachill: trombone ECM 1262 | CD 815 6752 Swedish bagpipes
Mark Nightingale: trombone Tina Johansson: percussion
Sarah Williams: bass trombone Jonas Knutsson: saxophones,
Dave Stewart: bass trombone percussion
Kenny Wheeler
Tony Faulkner: conductor Björn Tollin: percussion
Around 6
Recorded September 1997 Recorded December 1993
Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, flugelhorn
and January 1998
Evan Parker: ECM 1536 | CD 523 1612
ECM 1691 | CD 547 1902 soprano and tenor saxophones
Eje Thelin: trombone
Tom van der Geld: vibraharp
Robin Williamson
J. F. Jenny_Clark: double_bass
Kenny Wheeler /  L ee Konitz /  The Iron Stone
Edward Vesala: drums
Dave Holland /  B ill Frisell
Robin Williamson: vocals,
Angel Song Recorded August 1979
Celtic harp, mohan vina, Chinese flute,
Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, flugelhorn ECM 1156 | download only whistles, tabwrdd drum
Lee Konitz: alto saxophone Mat Maneri: viola, Hardanger fiddle
Dave Holland: double_bass Barre Phillips: double_bass
Bill Frisell: electric guitar Ale Möller: mandola, accordion,
Kenny Wheeler
clarino, shawm, natural flutes, drone
Recorded February 1996 Deer Wan
flutes, whistles, jaw harps
ECM 1607 | CD 533 0982 Kenny Wheeler: trumpet, flugelhorn
Recorded September 2005
Jan Garbarek: saxophones
John Abercrombie: ECM 1969 | CD 987 6441
electric guitar, electric mandolin
Kenny Wheeler Quintet
Dave Holland: double_bass
The Widow In The Window
Jack De Johnette: drums
Robin Williamson
Kenny Wheeler: flugelhorn, trumpet Ralph Towner: 12_string guitar
Skirting The River Road
John Abercrombie: guitar
Recorded July 1977
John Taylor: piano Songs and Settings
Dave Holland: double_bass ECM 1102 | CD 829 3852 of Whitman, Blake and Vaughan
Peter Erskine: drums
Robin Williamson: vocals, harp,
Recorded February 1990 guitar, whistles
Kenny Wheeler Mat Maneri: viola, violin
ECM 1417 | CD in preparation
Gnu High Paul Dunmall:
tenor and soprano saxophones,
Kenny Wheeler: flugelhorn
clarinet, border pipes, ocarina, moxeño
Keith Jarrett: piano
Kenny Wheeler Ale Möller: mandola, lute,
Dave Holland: double_bass
Music For Large & Small Ensembles hammered dulcimer, shawm,
Jack De Johnette: drums
clarino, drone flutes, natural flutes,
Kenny Wheeler: flugelhorn, trumpet
Recorded June 1975 bamboo flutes, vibraphone
John Abercrombie: guitar
Mick Hutton: double_bass
John Taylor: piano ECM 1069 | CD 177 7598
Dave Holland: double_bass Recorded April 2001
Peter Erskine: drums
ECM 1785 | CD 016 3722
Norma Winstone: vocal
Lena Willemark /Ale Möller
Derek Watkins, Henry Lowther,
Alan Downey, Ian Hamer: trumpets
Dave Horler, Chris Pyne, Ale Möller: mandola, lute, Robin Williamson
Paul Rutherford, Hugh Fraser: natural flutes, folk_harp, shawm, The seed_at_zero
trombones wooden trumpet, hammered dulcimer
Robin Williamson: vocals, guitar,
Ray Warleigh, Duncan Lamont, Lena Willemark: vocal, fiddle, viola
harp, mandolin
Evan Parker, Julian Argüelles: Palle Danielsson: double_bass
saxophones Mats Edén: drone_fiddle Recorded March 2000
Stan Sulzmann: tenor saxophone, Tina Johansson: percussion
ECM 1732 | CD 543 8192
flute Jonas Knutsson:
soprano and baritone saxophones,
Recorded January 1990
additional percussion
ECM 1415/16 | 2_CD 843­­­­ 1 522
Recorded March and April 1996
2_LP 843 1521
ECM 1610 | CD 533 0992
Norma Winstone Savina Yannatou
Distances Primavera en Salonico
Terra Nostra
Norma Winstone: voice
Glauco Venier: piano Savina Yannatou: voice
Klaus Gesing: bass clarinet, Lamia Bedioui: voice
soprano saxophone Lefteris Ahgouridakis: percussion
Yannis Alexandris: oud, guitar, tamboura
Recorded April 2007
Kostas Vomvolos: kanoun,
ECM 2028 | CD 175 4923 accordion, caliba, tamboura
Kyriakos Gouventas: violin
Harris Lambrakis: nay
Michalis Siganidis: double_bass
Norma Winstone
Antonis Maratos: percussion
Somewhere Called Home
Tassos Misyrlis: cello
Norma Winstone: voice
Recorded November 2001
John Taylor: piano
Tony Coe: clarinet, tenor saxophone ECM 1856 | CD 067 1722
Recorded July 1986
ECM 1337 | CD 177 9930
Jacob Young
Jacob Young: guitars
Savina Yannatou
Mathias Eick: trumpet
Primavera en Salonico
Vidar Johansen: bass clarinet,
Songs Of An Other
tenor saxophone
Savina Yannatou: voice Mats Eilertsen: double_bass
Kostas Vomvolos: qanun, accordion Jon Christensen: drums
Yannis Alexandris: oud, guitar
Recorded May 2006
Kyriakos Gouventas: violin, viola
Harris Lambrakis: nay ECM 1997 | CD 172 7080
Michalis Siganidis: double_bass
Kostas Theodorou: percussion,
Jacob Young
Recorded October 2007 Evening Falls
ECM 2057 | CD 177 2720 Jacob Young: guitar
Mathias Eick: trumpet
Vidar Johansen: bass clarinet,
tenor saxophone
Savina Yannatou
Mats Eilertsen: double_bass
Primavera en Salonico
Jon Christensen: drums
Recorded December 2002
Savina Yannatou: voice
Kostas Vomvolos: accordion, ECM 1876 | CD 981 1780
qanun, kalimba
Yannis Alexandris: tamboura, oud, guitar
Kyriakos Gouventas: violin, viola
Denny Zeitlin /  C harlie Haden
Harris Lambrakis: nay
Time Remembers One Time Once
Michalis Siganidis: bass
Kostas Theodorou: percussion Denny Zeitlin: piano
Charlie Haden: double_bass
Recorded May 2004
Recorded July 1981
ECM 1903 | CD 982 4050
ECM 1239 | download only
Selected Recordings
.( ,7+  -$ 5 5 ( 7 7 Keith Jarrett, Jan Garbarek,
6(/(&7(' Chick Corea, Gary Burton,
Bill Frisell, Art Ensemble of Chicago,
5(&25',1*6 Terje Rypdal, Bobo Stenson
(& 0 10_CD Box  017 7532

Selected Recordings
Pat Metheny, Dave Holland,
Jack De Johnette, Egberto Gismonti,
John Surman, John Abercrombie,
Carla Bley, Paul Motian, Tomasz Stanko,
Eberhard Weber, Arild Andersen,
Jon Christensen

$ 5 7  ( 1 6 ( 0 % /( 12_CD Box  981 6208

2 )  & + , &$*2
6(/(&7(' Suite For Sampler
Selected Signs, II
5(&25',1*6 An anthology | Spring 2000
(& 0 Gianluigi Trovesi, Gianni Coscia,
Bobo Stenson, Anders Jormin,
Jon Christensen, Nils Petter Molvær,
Arild Andersen, Vassilis Tsabropoulos,
John Marshall, Ketil Bjørnstad,
David Darling, Heiner Goebbels,
Junge Deutsche Philharmonie,
Peter Rundel
ECM 1750 | download only

-$& .  ' ( - 2 + 1 ( 7 7(
Selected Signs, I
An anthology | Releases of 1997
5(&25',1*6 Tomasz Stanko, Bernt Rosengren, Joakim
(& 0 Milder, Bobo Stenson, Palle Danielsson,
Jon Christensen | Dino Saluzzi | Misha
Alperin, Tore Brunborg, Terje Gewelt,
Jon Christensen | Ralph Towner | Arild
Andersen, Paolo Vinaccia, Cikada String
Quartet | Tomasz Stanko, Bobo Stenson,
Anders Jormin, Tony Oxley | Marilyn Mazur,
Audun Kleive | Charles Lloyd, Bobo
Stenson, Anders Jormin, Billy Hart |
Joe Maneri, Mat Maneri, John Lockwood,
Randy Peterson | Kenny Wheeler, Lee
Konitz, Dave Holland, Bill Frisell | Michael
Cain, Ralph Alessi, Peter Epstein |
- 2 1  & + 5 , 67( 1 6 ( 1 Jack De Johnette, Jerome Harris, Don
Alias, Michael Cain | Tomasz Stanko,
6(/(&7(' Terje Rypdal | Annette Peacock, Marilyn
5(&25',1*6 Crispell | Gary Peacock, Paul Motian
ECM 1650 | download only
(& 0

ECM Old & New Masters
Arild Andersen Chick Corea Steve Kuhn
Solo Piano Life’s Backward Glances
Clouds In My Head
Volumes 1 & 2 Solo And Quartet
Knut Riisnaes:
< 6 GN7JG I DC tenor and soprano saxophones, flute
Children’s Songs
8GNH I6 AH>A:C8: Jon Balke: piano Piano Improvisations Vol. 1 Steve Slagle:
8=>8@8 DG: 6 Arild Andersen:  d ouble_bass
Pål Thowsen: drums
Piano Improvisations Vol. 2
Chick Corea: piano
soprano and alto saxophones, flute
Steve Kuhn: piano
I =::8BG:8 DG9>C< H Shimri Children’s Songs
Harvie Swartz:  d ouble_bass
Michael Smith: drums
&.,' Ä,. Juhani Aaltonen:
tenor and soprano saxophones,
Chick Corea: piano
Ida Kavafian: violin Playground
flute, percussion Fred Sherry: cello Steve Kuhn: piano
Lars Jansson: piano Sheila Jordan: voice
Recorded April 1971 and July 1983
Arild Andersen:  d ouble_bass Harvie Swartz: double_bass
Pål Thowsen: drums ECM 2140 –  4 2 | 3_CD Box in preparation Bob Moses: drums
Green Shading Into Blue Ecstasy
Juhani Aaltonen: tenor and Steve Kuhn: piano
soprano saxophones, flute Jan Garbarek
Recorded January 1977, July 1979
Lars Jansson: piano, synthesizer
Dansere | Witchi_Tai_To and November 1974
Arild Andersen:  d ouble_bass
Jan Garbarek:
Pål Thowsen: drums ECM 2090 –  9 2 | 3_CD Box 177 9946
tenor and soprano saxophones
9 D C 8 = : G G N Recorded February 1975,
October 1976 and April 1978
Bobo Stenson: piano
Palle Danielsson: double_bass
C 6 C 6 K6 H 8 D C 8 : A D H Jon Christensen: drums Terje Rypdal
8 D A A > C L6 A 8 D I I ECM 2143 –  4 5 | 3_CD Box in preparation
Sar t Whenever I Seem To Be Far Away
I = : 8 D 9 D C 6 I G > A D < N Jan Garbarek: Terje Rypdal: electric guitar, guitar
tenor and bass saxophones, flute Sveinung Hovensjø: 6 & 4 string basses
Gary Burton /  C hick Corea
Bobo Stenson: piano, electric piano Pete Knutsen: mellotron, electric piano
Crystal Silence
Terje Rypdal: guitar Odd Ulleberg: french horn
The ECM Recordings 1972 –  7 9
Arild Andersen: double_bass Jon Christensen: percussion
:8B Cr ystal Silence | Duet | In Concer t, Jon Christensen: percussion Members of Südfunk Symphony
Zürich, October 28, 1979 Orchestra, conducted by
Recorded April 1971, November 1973
Mladen Gutesha
Gary Burton: vibraphone and November 1975
Chick Corea: piano Odyssey
ECM 2146 –  4 8 | 3_CD Box in preparation
Terje Rypdal: guitar, string ensemble,
Recorded November 1972,
soprano saxophone
October 1978 and October 1979
Torbjørn Sunde: trombone
@ : > I =  ? 6 G G : I I  ECM 2036 –  3 9 | 4_CD Box 176 8057 Keith Jarrett
Gary Peacock
Brynjulf Blix: organ
Sveinung Hovensjø: 6 & 4 string basses
H : I I > C <  H I6 C 9 6 G 9 H Jack DeJohnette Pete Knutsen: mellotron, electric piano
< 6 G N E : 6 8 D 8@ Don Cherry
Setting Standards
New York Sessions
Odd Ulleberg: french horn
Svein Christiansen: drums
C:LNDG@ H:HH>DCH Nana Vasconcelos
Collin Walcott Standards, Vol. 1 | Standards, Af ter The Rain
?6 8@ 9: ?D=C: I I : The Codona Trilogy Vol. 2 | Changes Terje Rypdal: electric and acoustic guitars,
string ensemble, piano, electric piano,
Codona | Codona 2 | Codona 3 Keith Jarrett: piano
soprano saxophone, flute, tubular bells,
Gary Peacock: double_bass
Don Cherry: bells
:8B Jack De Johnette: drums
trumpet, doussn’gouni, Inger Lise Rypdal: voice
flutes, organ, melodica, voice Recorded January 1983
Recorded August 1973, 1974
Nana Vasconcelos:
ECM 2030 –  3 2 | 3_CD Box 173 7344 and August 1976
berimbau, cuica, talking drum,
percussion, voice ECM 2136 –  3 9 | 4_CD Box in preparation
Collin Walcott:
sitar, tabla, hammered dulcimer,
sanza, timpani, voice
H I: K:@J=C Recorded September 1978,
A>;:ÉH May 1980 and September 1982
7 6 8 @ L6 G 9 ECM 2033 –  3 5 | 3_CD Box 176 7420
<A 6C8:H

Eberhard Weber
Rainer Brüninghaus
Charlie Mariano
John Marshall
Jon Christensen
Yellow Fields
Charlie Mariano: soprano saxophone,
shenai, nagaswaram
Rainer Brüninghaus: keyboards
Eberhard Weber: bass
Jon Christensen: drums
Silent Feet | Little Movements
Charlie Mariano:
soprano saxophone, flute
Rainer Brüninghaus: piano,
Eberhard Weber: bass
John Marshall: drums, percussion
Recorded September 1975,
November 1977 and July 1980
ECM 2133 –  3 5 | 3_CD Box 271 9639

G 6>C:G7GzC>C<=6JH

DVD | Books
Jean_Luc Godard Heinz Bütler /  M anfred Eicher
Anne_Marie Miéville Holozän
Four Short Films

ECM Cinema, a new DVD series, is Call it jazz, world music, contemporary With Erland Josephson, Sophie Duez
launched with a release dedicated to the classical … for nearly four decades,
Photography: Giorgos Arvanitis
work of filmmakers Jean_Luc Godard and ­M an­fred Eicher’s ECM label has been
Anne_Marie Miéville. It brings together ­g iving us some of the most advent­urous,­ Music by Johann Sebastian Bach,
four short films made between 1993 and rewarding and best_produced music Béla Bartók, Dmitri Shostakovich,
2002. Four short films, as writer Michael around. Small wonder, then, that when Paul Hindemith, Keith Jarrett,
Athen notes, “that encompass everything: Jean_Luc Godard was offered the use of Jan Garbarek
art and freedom, presence and memory, any ECM fare suitable for his films, he
violence and passion. Four symphonies accepted … Eicher released CDs of the Co_directed by Heinz Bütler and Manfred
composed of images, tones, quotes, and “Nouvelle Vague” and “Histoire(s) du Eicher, this film adaptation of Max Frisch’s
soundtracks. Four essays in which the ­C inéma” soundtracks. The fruitful colla­ 1979 novella “Man In The Holocene” –
cinema itself seems to speak to us, in boration continues with ECM’s first DVD, a book described by the York Times as
friendly dialogue with painting, literature a typical­ly elegant and sympathetic “a luminous parable, a masterpiece” – was
and music – as a brother to all the arts.” package of four Godard shorts … “De awarded the Special Prize of the Jury at
l’origine du XXIe siècle”, made for millen- the 1992 Locarno International Film
nial Cannes, is one of Godard’s finest and Festival.
The DVD Four Short Films is issued with a
most succinct recent efforts, blending
120_page hardbound book, incorporating
Bergman, Rossellini and Ophüls with In a mountain village in Ticino, cut off
the complete text of Jean_Luc Godard’s
­a rchive footage to present a sorrowing from the rest of the world, an old man
and Anne_Marie Miéville’s narration (in
account of our absurd obsession with takes a stand against forgetfulness. Herr
French and English translation), an essay
war and destruction. “The Old Place” … Geisser cuts out articles on paleontology
by Michael Althen (in German, French and
is a meditation on the relationship be- and geolology and more, and pins clip-
English), and more than 70 stills from
tween art, reality, economics and ethics ping after clipping to his walls. In integrat­
the films, in black and white and colour.
… ­“Liberté et Patrie” is a more modest ing these notes into his narrative, Max
but un­usually engaging look at the life Frisch linked the history of humanity
ECM Cinema 5001 and work of Aimé Pache, a painter from with individual decline. With subtle cam-
DVD 987 3185 the couple’s hometown Rolle, while the era movement, elliptic storytelling and
ISBN 987_3_00_018563_2 very brief “Je vous salue, Sarajevo” editing, and inspired use of music and
­d issects a photograph to telling effect. environmental sound, the film “illuminates
All the print transfers are good, and the the associative and synaesthetic layers
whole comes with a sumptuous booklet of its literary model” (FAZ).
in English, French and German which
contains ­essays and translations for the
Filmedition Suhrkamp
DVD 600 3514
Geoff Andrew, Time Out ISBN 978_3_518_13514_3
Keith Jarrett Keith Jarrett Keith Jarrett Eleni Karaindrou
Tokyo Solo Gary Peacock Gary Peacock Elegy of the Uprooting
Jack DeJohnette Jack DeJohnette
Keith Jarrett: piano Maria Farantouri: voice
Standards I /  I I (Tokyo) Live In Japan 93 /  9 6
Vangelis Christopoulos: oboe
Recorded October 2002
Keith Jarrett: piano Keith Jarrett: piano Socratis Sinopoulos: Constantinople lyra
ECM 5501 | DVD 987 3186 Gary Peacock: double_bass Gary Peacock: double_bass Maria Bildea: harp
Jack De Johnette: drums Jack De Johnette: drums Kostantinos Raptis: accordion bayan
Sergiu Nastasa: violin
Recorded February 1985 Recorded July 1993
Renato Ripo: violoncello
and October 1986 and March 1996
Stella Gadedi: flute
ECM 5502/03 | 2_DVD Set 177 2707 ECM 5504/05 | 2_DVD Set 177 2710 Nikos Guinos: clarinet
Socratis Anthis: trumpet
Spyros Kazianis: bassoon
Vangelis Skouras: French horn
Aristotelis Dimitriadis: mandolin
Eleni Karaindrou: piano
Traditional instruments ensemble
Hellenic Radio /  Television Choir
Antonis Kontogeorgiou: choirmaster
Camerata Orchestra
Alexandros Myrat: conductor
Recorded March 2005
ECM 5506 | DVD 177 2713
Windfall Light Horizons Touched Jan Jedli∫ka Mayo Bucher
The Visual Language of ECM The Music of ECM A Winter Journey To The Sea Open Sign
Steve Lake and Paul Griffiths (editors)
Photographs An exploration of the art of Mayo Bucher,
56 pages, stitch_binding many of whose works have appeared on
Simultaneously published in German A multiple_perspective survey of the ECM covers since 1997.
150 0001 ISBN 3_00000_562_5
and English editions, this book brings the work of an exceptional record company, Essays by Ruedi Baur in German and
story of ECM and the image up to date. “Horizons Touched” is the first book to Michael Tucker in English.
From the beginning of its history, the address the full range of music on ECM 120 pages
­l abel has been an innovator in cover art and ECM New Series. It includes more Jan Jedli∫ka
150 0007 ISBN 3_90707_893_4
as well as in music, production and sound. than twenty specially_commissioned The Rose & The Punchbowl
“Sleeves of Desire” (1996), the first book- ­e ssays and interviews touching on every
length survey of ECM artwork, received aspect of ECM’s achievement, plus well
52 pages, stitch_binding
rave reviews, quickly sold out, and is now over a hundred contributions from the
an eagerly_sought collectors’ item. This artists, composers, photographers and 150 0003 ISBN 3_90532_820_8
new examination of the work, spotlight- engineers who have worked with the
ing recent directions in ECM photography ­l abel, and whose voices form an oral his-
and graphic design, includes hundreds of tory in counterpoint. Lavishly illustrated,
Jan Jedli∫ka
illustrations, and texts by Thomas Stein- and with extensive discographies, this
Le Couche
feld, Geoff Andrew, Katharina Epprecht, is an essential volume for readers inter-
Ketil Bjørnstad, and Lars Müller. A con- ested in a deeper understanding of ECM. Video stills
cluding section shows the sleeves of all 80 pages, stitch_binding
ECM releases since 1969. Includes texts by: Jean_Luc Godard and
150 0004 ISBN 3_90532_819_4
Anne_Marie Miéville, Manfred Eicher,
John Fordham, Michael Tucker, Ivan
480 pages
Moody, John Potter, Helen Wallace, Peter
Lars Müller Publishers Rüedi, Josef Woodard, Herbert Glossner, Werner Hannappel
November 2009 David Fanning, Steve Lake, Keith Jarrett, Cape Distance
Wolfgang Sandner, Karl Lippegaus,
Landscape pictures from the Netherlands,
Paul Griffiths, Hans_Klaus Jungheinrich,
ISBN 978_3_03778_197_5 (English) Iceland, Scotland, France, Denmark,
John Cratchley, John Kelman, Geoff Dyer,
ISBN 978_3_03778_157_9 (German) Ireland, Hungary, and Norway.
Robert Wilson, Thomas Steinfeld and
Text by Tim Robinson in English
many others.
and  F rench.
64 pages, 26 b/w photographs
448 pages, with numerous colour and
150 0006 ISBN 2_93011_503_3
black and white illustrations.
Hardcover, in slipcase
Granta Books March 2007

150 0011 ISBN 978_1_86207_880_2

Associated labels Catalogue
Carla Bley Carla Bley The Carla Bley Big Band
Carla’s Christmas Carols Looking For America Goes To Church
Carla Bley: piano, celeste Lawrence Feldman: Lew Soloff, Guy Barker, Claude Deppa,
Steve Swallow: bass, chimes alto and soprano saxophones, flute Steve Waterman: trumpets
Wolfgang Puschnig: alto saxophone, Gary Valente, Pete Beachill,
The Partyka Brass Quintet
flute Chris Dean: trombones
Tobias Weidinger: trumpet,
Andy Sheppard, Craig Handy: Richard Henry: bass trombone
flugelhorn, glockenspiel
tenor saxophones Roger Jannotta:
Axel Schlosser: trumpet,
Gary Smulyan: baritone saxophone soprano and alto saxophones, flute
flugelhorn, chimes
Earl Gardner, Lew Soloff, Wolfgang Puschnig: alto saxophone
Christine Chapman: horn
Byron Stripling, Giampaolo Casati: Andy Sheppard, Jerry Underwood:
Adrian Mears: trombone
trumpets tenor saxophones
Ed Partyka: bass trombone, tuba
Jim Pugh, Gary Valente, Julian Argüelles: baritone saxophone
WAT T/35 | CD 271 2413 Dave Bargeron, David Taylor: Karen Mantler: organ, harmonica
trombones Carla Bley: piano
Karen Mantler: organ, glockenspiel Steve Swallow: bass
Carla Bley: piano, conductor Dennis Mackrel: drums
Carla Bley
Steve Swallow: bass
The Lost Chords Find Paolo Fresu WAT T/27 | download only
Billy Drummond: drums
Paolo Fresu: trumpet, flugelhorn Don Alias: percussion
Andy Sheppard:
WAT T/31 | CD 067 7912
soprano and tenor saxophones Carla Bley
Carla Bley: piano Andy Sheppard /  S teve Swallow
Steve Swallow: bass Songs With Legs
Billy Drummond: drums Carla Bley
Carla Bley: piano
4 x  4
WAT T/34 | CD 173 7750 Andy Sheppard:
Lew Soloff: trumpet tenor and soprano saxophones
Wolfgang Puschnig: alto saxophone Steve Swallow: bass
Andy Sheppard: tenor saxophone
Carla Bley WAT T/26 | CD 527 0692
Gary Valente: trombone
And Her Remarkable Big Band
Carla Bley: piano
Appearing Nightly
Larry Goldings: organ
Earl Gardner, Lew Soloff, Giampaolo Steve Swallow: bass Carla Bley
Casati, Florian Esch: trumpets Victor Lewis: drums Big Band Theory
Beppe Calamosca, Gary Valente,
WAT T/30 | CD 159 5472 Alexander Balanescu: violin
Gigi Grata, Richard Henry: trombones
Lew Soloff, Guy Barker,
Roger Jannotta: soprano and
Claude Deppa, Steve Waterman: trumpets
alto saxophones, flute
Gary Valente, Richard Edwards,
Wolfgang Puschnig: alto saxophone, flute Carla Bley /  S teve Swallow
Annie Whitehead: trombones
Andy Sheppard: tenor saxophone Are We There Yet?
Ashley Slater: bass trombone
Christophe Panzani: tenor saxophone
Carla Bley: piano Roger Jannotta:
Julian Argüelles: baritone saxophone
Steve Swallow: bass soprano saxophone, flute
Carla Bley: piano, conductor
Wolfgang Puschnig:
Karen Mantler: organ WAT T/29 | CD 547 2972
alto saxophone, flute
Steve Swallow: bass
Andy Sheppard:
Billy Drummond: drums
tenor and soprano saxophones
WAT T/33 | CD 172 5516 Carla Bley Pete Hurt: tenor saxophone
Fancy Chamber Music Julian Argüelles: baritone saxophone
Carla Bley: piano
Carla Bley: piano
Karen Mantler: organ
Carla Bley /  A ndy Sheppard / Steve Morris: violin
Steve Swallow: bass
Steve Swallow /  B illy Drummond Andrew Byrt: viola
Dennis Mackrel: drums
The Lost Chords Emma Black: cello
Steve Swallow: bass WAT T/25 | CD 519 9662
Carla Bley: piano
Alison Hayhurst: flute
Andy Sheppard:
Sara Lee: clarinet, glockenspiel
soprano and tenor saxophones
Chris Wells: percussion
Steve Swallow: bass Carla Bley /  S teve Swallow
Billy Drummond: drums WAT T/28 | download only Go Together
WAT T/32 | CD 981 7953 Carla Bley: piano
Steve Swallow: bass
WAT T/24 | CD 517 6732
The Very Big Carla Bley Band Carla Bley Carla Bley Carla Bley Karen Mantler
Night_ Glo Social Studies Dinner Music Farewell
Lew Soloff, Guy Barker,
Claude Deppa, Steven Bernstein: trumpets Carla Bley: organ, synthesizers Michael Mantler: trumpet Roswell Rudd: trombone Karen Mantler: vocals, harmonica,
Gary Valente, Richard Edwards, Steve Swallow: bass Carlos Ward: saxophones Carlos Ward: piano, organ, synthesizer, harmonium,
Fayyaz Virji: trombones Larry Willis: electric piano, piano Tony Dagradi: tenor saxophone, alto and tenor saxophones, flute glockenspiel
Ashley Slater: bass trombone Hiram Bullock: guitar clarinet Michael Mantler: trumpet Michael Evans: drums, frying pan,
Roger Jannotta: oboe, flute, clarinet, Victor Lewis: drums Gary Valente: trombone Bob Stewart: tuba oven rack, whisk, refrigerator pan,
soprano saxophone Manolo Badrena: percussion Joe Daley: euphonium Richard Tee: piano, electric piano ankle balls, bean pod, vocals, glasses,
Wolfgang Puschnig, Andy Sheppard, Earl McIntyre: tuba Eric Gale: guitar chains, sheet metal, alto saxophone,
WATT/16 | CD 827 6402
Pete Hurt, Pablo Callogero: Carla Bley: organ, piano Cornell Dupree: guitar vibraphone, tabla, Indian bell, snake
saxophones Steve Swallow: bass Carla Bley: organ, piano, voice, charmer, whistling, electrical sounds
Steve Swallow: bass D. Sharpe: drums tenor saxophone Carla Bley: c melody saxophone
Carla Bley: piano Carla Bley Gordon Edwards: bass guitar Scott Williams: vocal
WAT T/11 | CD 831 8312
Karen Mantler: organ Heavy Heart Steve Gadd: drums
XtraWAT T/8 | download only
Victor Lewis: drums
Carla Bley: organ, synthesizers WAT T/6 | CD 825 8152
Don Alias: percussion
Steve Slagle: flute, saxophones
The Carla Bley Band
WATT/23 | CD 847 9422 | LP 847 9421 Hiram Bullock: guitar
Musique Mecanique Karen Mantler And Her Cat Arnold
Michael Mantler: trumpet
Carla Bley Get The Flu
Gary Valente: trombone Carla Bley: organ, piano, toy piano
Tropic Appetites
Earl McIntyre: tuba Michael Mantler: trumpet Karen Mantler: vocals, harmonica, organ
The Big Carla Bley Band
Kenny Kirkland: piano Alan Braufman: alto saxophone, Julie Tippetts: voice Eric Mingus: vocals
Fleur Carnivore
Steve Swallow: bass clarinet, flute Gato Barbieri: tenor saxophone, Steven Bernstein: trumpet
Lew Soloff, Jens Winther: trumpets Victor Lewis: drums Gary Windo: tenor saxophone, percussion Pablo Calogero: baritone saxophone, flute
Frank Lacy: french horn, flugelhorn Manolo Badrena: percussion bass clarinet Howard Johnson: voice, clarinets, Marc Muller: guitar
Gary Valente: trombone John Clark: french horn saxophones, tubas Steve Weisberg: keyboards
WATT/14 | CD 817 8642
Bob Stewart: tuba Roswell Rudd: trombone, vocal Dave Holland: cello, bass, bass guitar Jonathan Sanborn: bass
Daniel Beaussier: oboe, flute Bob Stewart: tuba Michael Mantler: trumpet, valve trombone Ethan Winogrand: drums
Wolfgang Puschnig: alto saxophone, flute Terry Adams: piano Toni Marcus: violin, viola
XtraWAT T/5 | LP 847 1361
Andy Sheppard: tenor saxophone, clarinet The Carla Bley Band Steve Swallow: bass guitar Carla Bley: voice, recorders,
Christof Lauer: I Hate To Sing D. Sharpe: drums keyboards, percussion
tenor and soprano saxophones Charlie Haden: bass Paul Motian: drums, percussion
Michael Mantler: trumpet
Roberto Ottini: Eugene Chadbourne: guitars Karen Mantler
Steve Slagle: WAT T/1 | CD 557 4802
baritone and soprano saxophones Karen Mantler: glockenspiel My Cat Arnold
alto and soprano saxophones, clarinet
Karen Mantler: harmonica, organ,
Tony Dagradi: tenor saxophone WAT T/9 | CD 839 3132 | LP 231 3109 Karen Mantler: vocals, harmonica,
vibes, chimes
Gary Valente: trombone organ, piano
Carla Bley: piano Carla Bley /  P aul Haines
Vincent Chancey: french horn Eric Mingus: vocals
Steve Swallow: bass Escalator Over The Hill
Earl McIntyre: tuba Jonathan Sanborn: bass
Buddy Williams: drums The Carla Bley Band
Bob Stewart: tuba Carla Bley: piano, organ, vocals Ethan Winogrand: drums
Don Alias: percussion European Tour 1977
Carla Bley: organ, glockenspiel Michael Mantler: trumpet Marc Muller: guitar
WATT/21 | download only Arturo O’Farrill: piano Michael Mantler: trumpet John McLaughlin: guitar Steve Weisberg: synthesizers
Steve Swallow: bass Elton Dean: alto saxophone Jack Bruce: bass, vocals Steven Bernstein: trumpet
D. Sharpe: drums Gary Windo: tenor saxophone Charlie Haden: bass Pablo Calogero: baritone saxophone
John Clark: french horn, guitar Paul Motian: drums
Carla Bley /  S teve Swallow WATT/12 1/2 | CD 823 8652 XtraWAT T/3 | CD 839 0932 | LP 839 0931
Roswell Rudd: trombone Gato Barbieri: tenor saxophone
Bob Stewart: tuba Enrico Rava: trumpet
Carla Bley: piano Terry Adams: piano Sharon Freeman: french horn
Steve Swallow: bass Carla Bley Carla Bley: organ, tenor saxophone Roswell Rudd: trombone
Live! Hugh Hopper: bass guitar, bass drum Don Cherry: trumpet
WATT/20 | CD 837 3452 | LP 837 3451
Andrew Cyrille: drums Jimmy Lyons: tenor saxophone
Michael Mantler: trumpet
Perry Robinson: clarinet
Steve Slagle: saxophones, flute WAT T/8 | CD 831 8302
Don Preston: synthesizer
Tony Dagradi: saxophone
Carla Bley Jeanne Lee: voice
Gary Valente: trombone
Sextet Linda Ronstadt: voice
Vincent Chancey: french horn
a. o.
Carla Bley: organ Earl McIntyre: tuba, trombone
Hiram Bullock: guitar Carla Bley: organ, glockenspiel, piano JCOA/EOTH | 2_CD 839 3102
Larry Willis: piano Arturo O’Farrill: piano, organ
Steve Swallow: bass Steve Swallow: bass
Victor Lewis: drums D. Sharpe: drums
Don Alias: percussion
WATT/12 | CD 815 73020
WATT/17 | CD 831 6972 | LP 831 6971
Michael Mantler Michael Mantler Orchestra Jazz Siciliana Steve Swallow Steve Weisberg
Many Have No Speech The Hapless Child Plays The Music Of Carla Bley Deconstructed I Can’t Stand Another Night
Alone (In Bed With You)
Michael Mantler: trumpet Robert Wyatt: vocals Nico Riina, Massimo Greco, Ryan Kisor: trumpet
Jack Bruce: voice Carla Bley: piano, clarinet, Pietro Pedone, Faro Riina, Chris Potter: tenor saxophone Lew Soloff: trumpet
Marianne Faithfull: voice string synthesizer Giovanni Guttilla: trumpets Mick Goodrick: guitar Baikida Carroll: trumpet
Robert Wyatt: voice Steve Swallow: bass guitar Salvatore Pizzo, Salvatore Pizzurro: Steve Swallow: bass Gary Valente: trombone
Rick Fenn: guitar Jack De Johnette: drums, percussion trombones Adam Nussbaum: drums John Clark: french horn
The Danish Radio Concert Orchestra, Terje Rypdal: guitar Maurizio Persia: bass trombone Wolfgang Puschnig: alto saxophone, flute
XtraWAT T/9 | download only
conducted by Peder Kragerup Alfreda Benge: speaker Ozario Maugeri, Claudio Montalbano, Howard Johnson: baritone saxophone,
Albert Caulder, Nick Mason: Alessandro Palacino, Stefano D’Anna, contrabass clarinet, tuba
WATT/19 | CD 835 5802
additional speakers Antonio Pedone: saxophones Hiram Bullock: guitar
Ignazio Garsia: piano Steve Swallow Steve Weisberg: piano, synthesizer,
WATT/4 | download only
Pino Greco: guitar Real Book organ
Michael Mantler Paolo Mappa: drums Steve Swallow: drums
Tom Harrell: trumpet
Live Sergiu Cammalleri: percussion Victor Lewis: drums
Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone
Michael Mantler Gary Valente: trombone Anton Fier: drums
Jack Bruce: vocals Steve Swallow: bass
No Answer /  S ilence Steve Swallow: bass a. o.
Michael Mantler: trumpet Mulgrew Miller: piano
Arranged and conducted by Carla Bley
Rick Fenn: guitar Jack Bruce: voices, bass Jack De Johnette: drums XtraWAT T/1 | CD 831 3342 | LP 831 3341
Don Preston: synthesizers Robert Wyatt: voice, percussion XtraWAT T/4 | CD 843 2072 | LP 843 2071
XtraWAT T/7 | CD 521 6372
John Greaves: bass, piano Carla Bley: voice, piano, clavinet,
Nick Mason: drums organs
The Watt Works Family Album
Don Cherry: trumpet
WATT/18 | CD 833 3842 | LP 833 3841 Steve Swallow
Kevin Coyne: voice Steve Swallow Carla Bley, Michael Mantler,
with Robert Creeley
Chris Spedding: guitar Swallow Karen Mantler, Steve Swallow
So There
Ron McClure: bass Steve Weisberg, a. o.
Steve Swallow: bass
Michael Mantler Clare Maher: cello Steve Swallow: bass
Steve Kuhn: piano WAT T/22 | CD 841 4782
Alien Robert Creeley: voice
WATT/2/5 | 2_CD 543 3742 Carla Bley: organ
Steve Kuhn: piano
Michael Mantler: trumpet Karen Mantler: synthesizer, harmonica
Don Preston: synthesizers Cikada String Quartet Hiram Bullock: guitar
Henrik Hannisdal: violin Robba Ameen: drums
WATT/15 | CD 827 6392 | LP 827 6391 Michael Mantler
Odd Hannisdal: violin Don Alias: percussion
The Jazz Composer’s Orchestra
Marek Konstantynowicz: viola Gary Burton: vibraphone
Cecil Taylor: piano Morten Hannisdal: violoncello John Scofield: guitar
Michael Mantler Don Cherry: cornet
Recorded August 2001 and XtraWAT T/6 | LP 511 9601
Something There Roswell Rudd: trombone
August 2005
Pharoah Sanders: tenor saxophone
Michael Mantler: trumpet
Larry Coryell: guitar XtraWAT T /12 | CD 170 0494
Carla Bley: piano
Gato Barbieri: tenor saxophone Steve Swallow
Mike Stern: guitar
Carla Bley: piano Carla
Steve Swallow: bass
Steve Lacy: soprano saxophone
Nick Mason: drums Steve Swallow Carla Bley: organ
Lew Tabackin: tenor saxophone
The strings of The London Damaged In Transit Hiram Bullock: guitar
Randy Brecker: flugelhorn
Symphony Orchestra Larry Willis: piano
Jimmy Knepper: trombone Chris Potter: tenor saxophone
Steve Swallow: bass
WATT/13 | download only Howard Johnson: tuba Steve Swallow: bass
Victor Lewis: drums
Charlie Haden: bass Adam Nussbaum: drums
Don Alias: percussion
Steve Swallow: bass
XtraWAT T/11 | CD 067 7922
Andrew Cyrille: drums XtraWAT T/2 | CD 833 4922 | LP 833 4921
Michael Mantler
Beaver Harris: drums
Movies /  M ore Movies
a. o.
Michael Mantler: trumpet Steve Swallow
JCOA 1001/2 | CD 841 1242
Larry Coryell: guitar Always Pack Your Uniform On Top
Philip Caterine: guitar
Barry Ries: trumpet
Carla Bley: piano, synthesizer,
Chris Potter: tenor saxophone
tenor saxophone
Mick Goodrick: guitar
Gary Windo: tenor saxophone
Steve Swallow: bass
Steve Swallow: bass
Adam Nussbaum: drums
Tony Williams: drums
D. Sharpe: drums XtraWAT T/10 | CD 543 5062
WATT/7/10 | CD 543 3772
Nando Carneiro Egberto Gismonti Egberto Gismonti Guitar Quartet Quaternaglia Rodney Waterman & Doug de Vries
Violão Alma Academia De Danças Forrobodó Água e Vinho
Nando Carneiro: Egberto Gismonti: piano, synthesizer Egberto Gismonti: piano, Eduardo Fleury, Fabio Ramazzina, Rodney Waterman: recorder
acoustic guitars, piano, voice Nando Carneiro: synthesizer electric piano, guitar, indian flute, Sidney Molina, Breno Chaves, Doug de Vries: guitar
Egberto Gismonti: synthesizers, organ, whistles, voice Paulo Porto Alegre: guitars
Carmo/10 | CD 529 1232 Carmo/14 | CD 159 7252
synthesizers, percussion, flute Roberto Silva: drums Egberto Gismonti: synthesizer
André Geraissati: guitar Luís Alves: bass
Carmo/13 | CD 159 7262
Beth Goulart: voice Nivaldo Ornelas:
Egberto Gismonti soprano saxophone, flute Bernard Wystraëte Group
Carmo/3 | CD 849 2122
Amazonia Tenório Jr.: electric piano Strawa no Sertão
Mauro Senise, Danielo Caymmi, Silvia Iriondo
Egberto Gismonti: Bernard Wystraëte: flutes
Paulo Guimarães: flutes Tierra que Anda
12_string guitar, acoustic guitar, Véronique Briel: piano
Carioca Dulce Bressane: voice
piano, Indian organ Silvia Iriondo: voice, percussion Philippe Berrod: clarinet
Aninha, Marya: free vocals
Carioca: 12_steel_string_guitar, Nando Carneiro: acoustic guitar Lilián Saba: piano Jean_Yves Casala: guitar
Joyce, Lizzie, Dulce, Novelli,
mandolin, acoustic guitars, clay pot, Bianca Gismonti, Ruth Gismonti Amim, Quique Sinesi: guitars Frédéric Guérouet: accordion
Mauricio Maestro, Egberto: voices
kalimba, northeastern sitars Alexandre Gismonti: voices Juan Quintero: guitar, voice Philippe Macé: vibraphone
Marcio Montarroyos: flugelhorn
Egberto Gismonti: flute Jacques Morelenbaum: cello Mario Silva: trumpet Pierre Strauch: cello
Darcy da Cruz: trumpet
Rosaly: voice Edu Mello E. Souza: synthesizer Patricio Villarejo: cello
Ed Maciel: trombone Recorded 2001 –  2 002
Zeca Assumpção: bass Mono Hurtado: double_bass
Carmo/8 | CD 517 7092
Transarmônica d’Alma d’Omrac Orchestra Carmo/5 | CD 511 2022 Silvina Gómez: percussion Carmo/15 | CD 986 9141
Mario Gusso: percussion
Carmo/9 | CD 517 7162
Francesca L. Cervi: voice
Delia Fischer
Egberto Gismonti Recorded March and April 2002
Egberto Gismonti Carmo/16 | CD 986 9142
Delia Fischer: piano, voice
Nó Caipira Orchestra, conducted by
Nivaldo Ornelas, Henrique Band:
Jacques Morelenbaum
saxophones Egberto Gismonti: piano,
Dulce Bressane: voice
Romero Lubambo: guitar acoustic guitar, 12_string guitar, Ernesto ­Snajer
Jacques Morelenbaum: cello
Ricardo Amado: violin bottle, pífano, bambuzal, Palle Windtfeld
Egberto Gismonti: piano, guitar,
Carlos Moreno: violin mouth berimbau, whistles, music box, Guitarreros
bamboo flute, bambuzal
Débora Cheyne: viola kalimbas, cathedral, accordion,
Transarmônica d’Alma d’Omrac Orchestra Ernesto Snajer:
Luciano Vaz: violoncello picollo guitar, comb, voice
conducted by Egberto Gismonti 6_, 10_ and 12_string guitars, charango
Augusto Mattoso, Marcello Mariano Mauro Senise:
Palle Windfeldt:
Nico Assumpção: basses alto and soprano saxophones, Carmo/4 | CD 843 1992
6_string guitar, Western guitar
Cassio Cunha, Luiz Sobral, flutes, pífano, bambuzal, bottle
Karre Munkholm: vibraphone, marimba
Carlos Bala Gomes: drums Zé Eduardo Nazário: drums,
Kristian Jørgensen: violin
Baticun’s Group: percussion, voices percussion, tabla, zabumba,
Egberto Gismonti Flemming Nilsson: drums, percussion
Luciana Araujo: voice bambuzal, bottle, voice
Zeca Assumpção: bass, bottle Carmo/12 | CD 547 2992
Carmo/11 | CD 547 2982
Campinas Orchestra, Egberto Gismonti: piano,
conducted by Benito Juarez electric piano, organ, guitar, flute, voice
Mauro Senise: saxophones, flute
Carmo/7 | CD 517 7152
Robertinho Silva: drums, percussion
Luís Alves: double_bass
L. Shankar: violin
Egberto Gismonti Orchestra conducted by
Trem Caipira Benito Juarez
Egberto Gismonti: piano, synthesizer Carmo/2 | CD 849 0772
Nivaldo Ornelas: soprano saxophone
Bernard Wystraëte: flutes
Jacques Morelenbaum: cello
Egberto Gismonti
Gungaô: kalimba
Pita Filomena: whistler
Alexandre do Bico: Paulo Moura: saxophone
flautinha do Chaplin Novelli and Edson Lobo: bass
Ge Mima: xylophone Tenório Jr.: electric piano
Bibi Roca: drums Ion Muniz: flute
Egberto Gismonti: piano, guitars,
Carmo/6 | CD 841 7752
woodflutes, percussion, voice
Orchestra conducted by Mario Tavares
Choir conducted by Egberto Gismonti
Carmo/1 | CD 849 0762
Aaltonen, Juhani 105, 112 Arvanitis, Giorgos 116 Berg, Henning 66 Braufman, Alan 121 Carneiro, Pedro 58, 87
Aarset, Eivind 28, 64, 79, 88, 90, 98 Asbjørnsen, Kristin 29, 132 Bergen Chamber Ensemble 95 Braxton, Anthony 69, 70, 80 Caroline 98
Abbuehl, Susanne 62 Assenbaum, Aloysia 34, 55 Berger, Bengt 66 Brecker, Michael 62, 88, 108 Carroll, Baikida 72, 122
Abercrombie, John 23, 62, 63, 72, 76, Assumpção, Nico 123 Berger, Julius 47 Brecker, Randy 105, 122 Carroll, Kathleen 51
85, 86, 93, 94, 100, 103, 106, 108, 109 Assumpção, Zeca 77, 123 Bergman, Claire 54 Brederode, Wolfert 62, 68 Carstensen, Stian 73, 98
Åberg, Lennart 70 Astarita, Nestor 94 Bergmann, Harald 34 Brenner, Janice 51 Carter, Elliott 36, 37, 42, 46, 50
Abgottspon, Franziskus 43 Atef, Cyril 95 Berio, Luciano 34, 36, 50 Breschand, Hélène 73 Carter, Kent 102
Abou_Khalil, Rabih 63 Auryn Quartett 49 Berkson, Judith 132 Bressane, Dulce 123 Caruso, Beppe 104
Acquaviva, Savino 104 Auster, Paul 40, 87 Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra 66 Breuer, Hermann 66 Casala, Jean_Yves 123
Adams, Dave 88 Avenhaus, Silke 56 Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Breuker, Willem 66 Casati, Giampaolo 120
Adams, George 63 Azimuth 65 (12 Cellists) 53 Bridge Ensemble 44 Casdas, Elly_Marina 64
Adams, John 32 Aznar, Pedro 88 Berne, Tim 102 Briel, Véronique 123 Casken, John 42
Adams, Lydia 132 Bernstein, Steven 121 Britten, Benjamin 36, 46, 53 Cassadó, Gaspar 36
Adams, Terry 121 Berrod, Philippe 123 Bro, Jakob 24, 90, 99 Casserley, Lawrence 92
Adolfsson, Tommy 66 Baader, Andrea 37 Bertali, Antonio 55 Brook, Michael 79 Casti, Fabrizio 37
Æquatuor 19, 60 Babel, Zoro 100 Bertoli, Stefano 104 Brooks, Stuart 101 Castri, Furio di 94
Afanassiev, Valery 55 Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel 49, 132 Beyerle, Hatto 47 Brotbek, Conradin 19, 60 Castro_Neves, Oscar 72
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Alias, Don 72, 109, 120 –  1 22 Bae, Ikwhan 70 Bico, Alexandre do 123 Brown, Marion 69 Cavallanti, Daniele 80
Allen, Geri 86 Bailey, Benny 66 Bierbichler, Josef 40 Brown, Sam 91 Caymmi, Danielo 123
Allen, Martin 35 Bailey, Derek 78, 91 Bik, Annette 47 Bruce, Jack 87, 88, 121, 122 Cazzati, Maurizio 57
Alnæs, Frode 64 Balanescu, Alexander 35, 88, 120 Bildea, Maria 45, 117 Bruford, Bill 102 Celan, Paul 39, 42, 44
Alonso, Armando 97 Balanescu Quartet 87 Bildo, Tom 105 Brunborg, Tore 29, 63, 64, 66, 109, 132 Cerha, Friedrich 36
Alperin, Misha 63, 109 Balke, Jennifer Myskja 66 Bill, Du†an 39 Brüninghaus, Rainer 23, 69, 75, 84, Cervi, Francesca L. 123
Altschul, Barry 67, 70, 71, 80, 85 Balke, Jon 64 –  66, 73, 91, 112 Binoche, Juliette 39 97, 107, 113 Chadbourne, Eugene 121
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Amado, Ricardo 123 Bang, Jan 79 Birkeland, Øystein 95 Bruno, Giordano 40 Chamberlain, Matt 102
Ambrosetti, Franco 28, 105 Bankhead, Harrison 132 Bittová, Iva 39 Bryars, Gavin 35, 41, 58 Chambers, Steve 54
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Ameen, Robba 122 Barber, Joan 51 Bjørnstad, Ketil 39, 67, 132 Buhre, Per 65 Chancey, Vincent 68, 121
American Brass Quintet 83 Barbieri, Gato 121, 122 Black, Emma 120 Bullock, Hiram 121, 122 Chancler, Ndugu Leon 93
American Composers Orchestra 35 Barclay, John 108 Blackwell, Ed 70, 91, 94 Bultmann, Nils 90, 92 Chapman, Christine 120
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Ardeleanu, Mircea 48 Beavan, David 39 Boomsma, Victoria 51 Callogero, Pablo 121 98 –  100, 103, 105, 109, 112, 113
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Arditti Quartet 35, 54 Beck, Conrad 36 Boreyko, Andrey 52, 56 Calogero, Pablo 121 Christidis, Alekos 45
Arend, Andreas 65 Becker, Bob 54 Boston Modern Orchestra Project 14, 46 Cambreling, Sylvain 48 Christmann, Günter 78, 84
Arévalo, Carlos 51 Beckerhoff, Ulrich 84 Bothén, Christer 66 Camerata Bern 59 Christofis, Christoforos 45
Argüelles, Julian 35, 108, 120 Beckett, Samuel 48, 88 Bouchard, Linda 56 Camerata Orchestra, Athens 45, 117 Christopoulos, Vangelis 45, 117
Aria Quartett 19, 60 Becton, Clarence 106 Boulez, Pierre 35, 36, 46 Camerata Romeu 77 Chuang, Ya_Fei 132
Ariosti, Attilio 47 Bedioui, Lamia 109 Bourgue, Maurice 60 Cammalleri, Sergiu 122 Cikada Ensemble 38, 57
Arm, Theodore 70 Beethoven, Ludwig van 34, 39, 132 Bowers_Broadbent, Christopher 35, 41, Campbell, Gary 28, 105 Cikada String Quartet 36, 57, 64, 73, 92,
Armando, Ray 85, 94 Behringer, Michael 16, 49 50, 53 Campinas Orchestra 123 109, 122, 132
Armenian Chamber Choir 50 Beirach, Richard 63, 66, 85 Bowie, Lester 65, 68, 72, 99 Cantoreggi, Muriel 41, 50 Cipolla, John 51
Armin, Paul 79 Belgrave, Marcus 78 Braceful, Fred 106 Caplet, André 47 Circle 70
Armin, Richard 79 Bellincampi, Giordano 87 Brackeen, Charles 91 Cappozzo, Jean_Luc 97 City of Birmingham Symphony
Armstrong, Rebecca 54 Benacková, Marta 37 Brække, Øyvind 98, 99 Cardas, Berit 41 Orchestra 58
Arndt, Andreas 49 Benge, Alfreda 122 Brahem, Anouar 24, 68, 75, 92 Cardenas, Steve 90 Clark, John 121, 122
Arnesen, Rune 90 Bengtsson, Tord 66 Brahms, Johannes 34 Carioca 123 Clarke, Stanley 70, 71
Arnold, Elizabeth 54 Bennent, David 40 Brand, Dollar 68 Carl, Rüdiger 84 Clayton, Jay 54
Arnold, Johanna 51 Bennion, Krista 47 Brand, Mette 87 Carlsson, Lars_Göran 84 Cleaver, Gerald 28, 90, 105
Art Ensemble of Chicago 65, 109 Benoit, Olivier 92 Bråten Berg, Kirsten 64 Carmina Quartett 19, 60 Cleemann, Paul 37
Arter, Matthias 19, 60 Bensman, Cheryl 54 Bratislava Conservatory Choir 39 Carneiro, Nando 77, 123 Cline, Alex 70
Cline, Nels 70 Degen, Bob 84 Eisenberg, Johannes 40 Filomena, Pita 123 George, Michael 57
Cochrane, Steve 102 Deihim, Sussan 40 Ekornes, Kenneth 66 Finck, David 27, 85 Geraissati, André 123
Codona 70, 112 De Johnette, Jack 26, 62, 63, 66, 70, 72, Elgart, Billy 67 Fincke, Michael 54 Geremia, Renato 80
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Cohen, Richard 54 Delon, Alain 39 Eliovson, Steve 73 Fintl, Ekkehard 96 German Radio Philharmonic
Coleman, Steve 80 Delpierre, Maxime 97 Eller, Heino 37 First House 74 Orchestra 50, 132
Collignon, Médéric 92, 97 Delpy, Julie 39 Ellington, Steve 80 Firth, Rebecca 44 Gerretz_Traksmann, Marrit 58
Colombo, Eugenio 80 Demenga, Catrin 37, 44 Elliot, Paul 35 Fischer, Delia 123 Gertschen, Sabine 43
Colón, Frank 74 Demenga, Patrick 36, 132 Elmer Iseler Singers 132 Fischer_Dieskau, Dietrich 54 Gesing, Klaus 24, 68, 109
Coltrane, John 39 Demenga, Thomas 36, 37, 42, 44, 47, Elts, Olari 58 Fisher, Ellen 50 Gesualdo, Carlo 39
Connors, Bill 70, 76, 93 48, 53 –  5 5, 60, 132 Elzinga, Dean 36 Fleury, Eduardo 123 Gewelt, Terje 63, 109
Connors, Clare 88 Deneke, Hans Georg 52 Emerson, Dina 51 Fly 27, 74 Ghazal 77
Conrad, Joseph 40 Deppa, Claude 120, 121 Enderle, Matthias 19, 60 Fogel, Marty 73 Giger, Paul 39, 60, 77
Cooper, Nick 100, 101 Dergatchev, Andrey 95 Endresen, Sidsel 66, 73, 90, 98 Fordham, Simon 41, 48, 50, 54, 56 Giger, Peter 84, 107
Copes, Ronald 50 Dertilis, Vassilis 45 Enescu, George 46 Forsman, Alf 84 Ginastera, Alberto 36, 46
Coppola, Walter 37 Desprez, Josquin 37 Eno, Brian 79 Fort, Anat 74 Giordano, Domiziana 39
Corea, Chick 69 –  7 1, 105, 109, 112 Deubner, Maacha 44, 56 Ensemble Belcanto 37 Fortner, Wolfgang 36 Gismonti, Alexandre 77, 123
Corelli, Arcangelo 57 Deutscher Kammerchor 40 Ensemble Modern 40, 43, 48 Foscarin, Giovanni Paolo 57 Gismonti, Bianca 123
Coryell, Larry 87, 122 Diakoyiorgis, Tassos 45 Ensemble Modern Orchestra 48 France, Martin 74 Gismonti, Egberto 77, 79, 104, 109, 123
Coscia, Gianni 104 Diaz, Javier 41 Ensslin, Gudrun 48 Franck, César 47 Gismonti Amim, Ruth 123
Cote, Laurence 39 Dick, Robert 77 Eötvös, Peter 36, 46, 48 Frang, Arne 66 Giuffre, Jimmy 78
Courtois, Vincent 66, 95, 97 Diebetsberger, Rudolf 107 Eppler, John 51 Frank, Susanne 19, 60 Glass, Philip 53
Courvoisier, Sylvie 71 Dillon, James 132 Epstein, Peter 70, 109 Franke_Blom, Jonas 66 Glasunow, Alexander 46
Couturier, François 29, 68, 71, 93, 132 Dimitrakopoulos, Panos 45 Erguner, Kudsi 68 Franklin, Nyimbo Herny 93 Gleeson, Pat 93
Covey_Crump, Rogers 18, 32, 38 –  4 2, Dimitriadis, Aristotelis 45, 117 Erköse, Barbaros 68 Franzetti, Carlos 85 Glinka, Michail 49
48 –  5 0, 53, 55, 57 Diotima Quartet 132 Erlien, Audun 73, 90 Frasconi, Miguel 79 Globe Unity 78
Cowell, Stanley 71 DiPasqua, Michael 75, 103, 107 Erskine, Peter 62, 73, 84, 93, 103, 105, 108 Fraser, Hugh 108 Gnojek, Vincent 54
Cox, Rick 79 Ditmas, Bruce 94 Erzincan, Erdal 84 Freeman, Chico 72 Godár, Vladimír 39
Coyne, Kevin 87, 122 Djebate, Boubakar 40 Esch, Florian 120 Freeman, Peter 79 Godard, Jean_Luc 39, 116
Crawford, Thomas 43 Djebate, Sira 40 Essen, Eric von 70 Freeman, Sharon 79, 121 Godard, Michel 73
Creeley, Robert 122 DJ Strangefruit 90 Estevan, Pedro 49 Freivogel, Willi 83 Goebbels, Heiner 40
Crispell, Marilyn 71, 84, 109, 132 Dobrogosz, Steve 64 Estonian National Symphony Fresu, Paolo 25, 103, 120 Goerner, Stephan 19, 60
Crockett, Donald 41, 50 Donald, Peter 63 Orchestra 18, 52, 58 Freund, Joki 84 Goldings, Larry 104, 120
Cronkhite, Glenn 85 Dooley, James 54 Estonian Philharmonic Friedlander, Erik 71 Göltl, Ingrid 52
Cruz, Darcy da 123 Doran, Christy 73, 91, 94 Chamber Choir 18, 39, 52, 53, 57, 59 Friend, Becky 91 Gombert, Nicholas 40
Cunha, Cassio 123 Douglass, Bill 85 Eubanks, Charles 94 Friends of Music Orchestra 45 Gomes, Carlos Bala 123
Curtis, Larry 69 Douzi, Chrysanthi 64 Eubanks, Duane 79 Frifot 74 Gomez, Eddie 72, 78, 91, 103
Cyminology 71 Dowland, John 37 Eubanks, Kevin 80 Friman, Anna Maria 16, 49, 58, 79 Gómez, Silvina 123
Cyrille, Andrew 69, 121, 122 Dowland, Robert 50 Eubanks, Robin 79, 80 Frisell, Bill 35, 64, 67, 74, 75, 84, Gonzalez, Ching 50, 51
Czelustra, Wolfgang 84, 107 Dowland Project 37 Evan Parker 78 90, 91, 107 –  109 Gonzales, El Negro 94
Downey, Alan 108 Evans, Michael 121 Frith, Fred 40 Goodhew, Denney 103
Dresdner Philharmonie 18, 55 Evans, Peter 92 Frostensson, Mattias 65 Goodman, Andrea 51
Dagradi, Tony 121 Drewes, Billy 91 Evans, Sue 85 Frye, Walter 38 Goodrick, Mick 69, 78, 79, 122
Dähler, Jörg Ewald 55 Dreyfus, Karen 70 Everyman Band 73 Fuglseth, Linn Andrea 16, 49, 58 Gordon, Geoffrey 102
Dähler, Marie_Louise 39 Driscoll, Kermit 74 Eyre, Emily 51 Fullbrook, Charles 35 Gordon, Peter 70, 78
Daley, Joe 121 Drummond, Billy 120 Füri, Thomas 19, 60 Górecki, Henryk 41
Dallapiccola, Luigi 50 Duckett, Catherine 53 Gorn, Steve 72
Damiani, Paolo 80, 92 Ducret, Marc 97 Fähndrich, Walter 37 Gottlieb, Dan 69, 88, 89
Dangerfield, Allan 95 Dudek, Gerd 66, 78 Fairfield Orchestra 43 Gadd, Steve 121 Goulart, Beth 123
Dani, Roberto 66 Duez, Sophie 116 Faithful, Marianne 87 Gadedi, Stella 45, 117 Gould, David 32, 49
Daniel, Yuri 23, 75 Dufay, Guillaume 38 Falla, Manuel de 46 Gaganidze, Mamuka 44 Gouventas, Kyriakos 109
Daniels, Charles 53 Dunmall, Paul 108 Fält, Jon 100 Gál, Zoltán 33, 47, 48, 55 Govetas, Christos 40
Danielsson, Lars 79 Dupree, Cornell 121 Farina, Carlo 57 Galasso, Michael 74 Grafenauer, Irena 47
Danielsson, Palle 68, 73, 76, 82, 83, Dutilleux, Henri 36, 132 Farr, Marshall 54 Gald, David 98 Grammenou, Fotini_Niki 64
86, 94, 96, 99, 105, 106, 108, 109, 112 Dvo®ák, Antonín 37 Farrell, Joe 70 Gale, Eric 121 Granados, Enrique 46
Danish Radio Big Band 87 Faulkner, Tony 108 Galliano, Richard 68 Granata, Giovanni Battista 57
Danish Radio Concert Orchestra 87, 122 Fauré, Gabriel 36, 49 Gandhi, U. T. 96, 104 Granelli, Jerry 103
Dans les arbres 72 Easter, Allison 51 Faust, Isabelle 41 Ganz, Bruno 38, 42, 60 Grata, Gigi 120
Darling, David 39, 67, 72, 73, 95, 103 Eastman, Julius 51 Favre, Pierre 53, 60, 73, 77, 97, 101, 102 Garbarek, Jan 23, 38, 44, 45, 50, 60, Gravatt, Kamau Eric 93
Das, Sandeep 77 Eaton, Stewart 49 Feichtner, Dieter 93 70, 72, 75 –  7 7, 79, 80, 82 –  8 5, 88, Greaves, John 87, 122
Dato, Carlo Actis 80 Eben, Petr 37 Feldman, Lawrence 120 93, 96, 98, 103, 105, 107 –  109, 112, 116 Greco, Massimo 104, 122
Dauner, Wolfgang 107 Eckinger, Isla 106 Feldman, Mark 23, 62, 71, 73 Garcia, Xavier 40 Greco, Pino 122
Davies, Dennis Russell 18, 34, 35, Edén, Mats 73, 108 Feldman, Morton 16, 38, 42, 59 Gardner, Earl 79, 120 Green, William 69
44, 46, 52, 53, 55 –  5 8, 60, 83, 132 Edwards, Gordon 121 Fellner, Till 19, 32, 132 Garnås, Agnes Buen 75, 76 Gregg, Jack 69
Davies, Hugh 91 Edwards, Richard 35, 101, 120, 121 Fenn, Rick 87, 88, 122 Garsia, Ignazio 122 Grenadier, Larry 26, 27, 74, 86, 94
Davies, Peter Maxwell 53 Edwards, Terry 43 Fenton, Jane 88 Gartz, Thomas Mera 66 Gress, Drew 100
Davis, Stanton 68 Een, Robert 51 Ferchen, Tim 105 Gaslini, Giorgio 80 Grex Vocalis 95
Davis, Vincent 132 Egan, Mark 78, 88, 89 Fernández, Agustí 92 Gassmann, Michael 66 Griffiths, Malcolm 101
Davislim, Steve 43 Eggen, Christian 38, 57, 95, 98 Ferrari, Benedetto 37 Gateway 76 Griffiths, Paul 36, 59
Dean, Chris 120 Eick, Mathias 73, 78, 84, 109 Fiacco Jr., Arthur J. 51 Gatto, Roberto 94 Grindenko, Tatjana 53
Dean, Elton 72, 121 Eike, Bjarte 65 Field, Ambrose 38 Gauthier, Jeff 70 Groben, Françoise 56, 59
Deane, Dino J. A. 79 Eilander, Maxine 57 Fier, Anton 122 Geissinger, Katie 50, 51 Gröschel, Werner 43
Debussy, Claude 33, 49 Eilertsen, Mats 29, 68, 99, 100, 109, 132 Filarmonica Mousiké 104 Geld, Tom van der 108 Gross, Mark 79
Gruntz, George 78 Haynes, Roy 69, 70 Hovman, Klavs 88 Johnson, Howard 72, 78, 121, 122 Kim Sung Woon 94
Grydeland, Ivar 72 Hayward, Andre 79 Huber, Gerhard 37 Johnson, Marc 62, 84, 86, 96, 102, 103 Kim Woon Tae 94
Guastavino, Carlos 46 Hayward, Charles 40 Huber, Klaus 36, 47 Johnson, Mguanda David 93 Kirkland, Kenny 105, 121
Gubaidulina, Sofia 41 Headley, Erin 42, 57, 60 Huber, Rita 37 Johnson, Oliver 102 Kisor, Ryan 122
Gudmundson, Per 74, 108 Hearne, Kate 65 Hübner, Ralf_R. 84, 97, 107 Johnson, Robert 37 Kissine, Victor 47
Guérouet, Frédéric 123 Heaton, Roger 35 Huby, Régis 92 Jones, Gordon 18, 32, 33, 38, Kjellberg, Anders 70
Guibbory, Shem 54 Heberer, Thomas 66, 84 Huff, Harry 51 40 –  4 2, 48 –  5 0, 53, 55 Kjellemyr, Bjørn 16, 49, 67, 95
Guimarães, Paulo 123 Hedwig, Douglas 54 Hughes, Bob 102 Jones, Percy 98 Kjos Sørensen, Hans_Kristian 63, 106
Guinos, Nikos 45, 117 Heidepriem, Thomas 84 Hülsmann, Julia 80, 98 Joos, Herbert 84, 93, 107 Kleive, Audun 64 –  6 6, 73, 79, 88, 95, 109
Gungaô 123 Heikkinen, Esko 105 Hume, Tobias 47 Jordan, Sheila 78, 102, 112 Kleive, Iver 95
Gunnarsdóttir, Ger∂ur 93 Heinilä, Kari 105 Hunger_Bühler, Robert 60 Jørgensen, Kristian 123 Kluttig, Roland 87, 107
Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch 41, 82 Helias, Mark 71, 94 Hunt, Steve 95 Jørgensen, Per 65, 66, 87, 91 Knaifel, Alexander 36, 47
Gurtu, Trilok 75, 92, 93, 98 Hellawell, Piers 42 Hurst, Robert 86 Jörgensmann, Theo 84 Knepper, Jimmy 122
Gusso, Mario 123 Helldén, Matthias 66 Hurt, Pete 120, 121 Jormin, Anders 65, 66, 70, 73, Knox, Garth 47, 54, 79
Gustavsen, Tord 29, 78, 132 Hellenic Radio /  Television Orchestra 45 Hurtado, Mono 123 84 –  8 6, 99, 100, 109 Knudsen, Kenneth 64
Gutesha, Mladen 83, 104, 112 Hellenic Radio /  Television Choir 45, 117 Hussain, Shaukat 75 Josephson, Erland 116 Knutsen, Pete 112
Guttilla, Giovanni 122 Hemmi, Tomoko 48 Hussain, Zakir 80, 86, 98 Joule, Alain 93 Knutsson, Jonas 108
Guttormsen, Finn 98 Henck, Herbert 33, 35, 41, 50, 52, 57 Hutton, Mick 74, 99, 108 Joyner, William 36 Köbberling, Heinrich 80, 98
Guy, Barry 36, 37, 41 –  4 3, 78, 90, 92 Henriksen, Arve 64 –  6 6, 79, 85, 98, 106 Hyldgaard, Susi 87 Juarez, Benito 123 Koch, Hans 84
Henrique Band 123 Hyman, Mike 69 Junge Deutsche Philharmonie 40 Kodály, Zoltán 46
Henry, Bruce 102 Junge Deutsche Philharmonie, Komeda, Krzysztof 99
Haarla, Iro 78, 104, 105 Henry, Richard 120 Kammerorchester 47 Komitas 14, 46
Haden, Charlie 79, 83, 88, 91, 97, Henryson, Svante 65, 132 Iadone, Susan 51 Jurowski, Wladimir 44 Konitz, Lee 84, 108, 109
99, 109, 121, 122 Henze, Hans Werner 36 Iannacone, Rick 94 Konstantynowicz, Marek 36, 38, 64,
Hadjiiordanou, Dinos 45 Héral, Patrice 64, 100 Ikkelã, Petri 104 73, 92, 98, 122
Hagen, Clemens 47 Herman, Bonnie 107 Iliopoulou, Veronika 45 Kakhidze, Jansug 44, 75 Kontarsky, Aloys 47
Hagen, Lukas 47 Hermann, Matthias 48 Imai, Nobuko 47 Kako, Takashi 102 Kontogeorgiou, Antonis 45, 117
Hagen, Veronika 47 Higgins, Billy 86, 88 Iriondo, Silvia 123 Kalhor, Kayhan 77, 84 Korpacheva, Yulia 47
Hagen Quartett 47 Hilash, Bohdan 50, 51 Isham, Mark 80, 85, 102 Kaljuste, Tõnu 18, 37, 39, 52, 53, 55, 57, 59 Kott, Alois 84
Hagiwara, Kimiko 54 Hill, Wendy 51 Ishii, Ken 54 Kallisch, Cornelia 43 Kovacic, Ernst 53
Haider, Siggi 53 Hillestad, Per 67 Ishikawa, Ko 92 Kalm, Stephen 51 Kowald, Peter 78, 84
Häkä 105 Hilliard Ensemble 18, 32, 33, 35, Italian Instabile Orchestra 80 Kalnina, Dzuna 37 Kragerup, Peder 122
Hakii, Ken 48 38 –  4 2, 44, 48 –  5 0, 52, 53, 55, 57, 60 Ivaldi, Christian 34 Kammerchor Horbach 40 Krakatau 84, 85
Halffter, Cristóbal 36 Hillier, Paul 35, 39, 42, 53, 57, 60 Ives, Charles 43 Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin 87 Krantz, Sigge 66
Halkias, Manthos 45 Hindemith, Paul 39, 42, 46, 59, 60, 116 Iwasaki, Ko 47 Kancheli, Giya 38, 39, 44 Krautgartner, Karel 84
Halle, Morten 65, 66 Hinnigan, Tony 35 Iyer, Vijay 132 Kang Min Seok 94 Kremer, Gidon 32, 44, 47, 53, 60
Haltli, Frode 41, 79, 97, 98 Hirschhorn, Philip 47 Izenzon, David 91 Kannisto, Jouni 104, 105 Kremerata Baltica 44, 47
Halversen, Tom 96 Hirtreiter, Andreas 40, 41, 50 Käppeli, Marco 84 Kriegel, Volker 84
Hamer, Ian 108 Hitchcock, Alfred 39 Karaindrou, Eleni 45, 117 Krimsky, Katrina 85
Hamilton, Hugo 40 Höbarth, Erich 48 Jaccottet, Christiane 60 Karin, Leho 58 Kristensen, Kim 87
Hamlin, James 54 Hobdych, Mykola 17, 56 Jackson, Gene 80 Karlen, Ingrid 19, 46, 60 Krithari, Aliki 45
Hammer, Jan 62, 63 Hof, Jasper van’t 97 Jackson, Jimmy 106 Karnataka College of Percussion 88 Krog, Karin 101
Hanchard, Dana 51 Hoff, Brynjar 69 Jahnel, Benedikt 71 Karush, Larry 54 Krokfors, Uffe 78, 84, 85, 105
Hancock, Herbie 88 Hofseth, Bendik 64 Jakowicz, Kuba 59 Karytinos, Loukas 45 Kroll, Frank 73
Händel, Georg Friedrich 41 Høgset, Carl 95 Jallow, Lie 91 Kashkashian, Kim 14, 33, 34, 42, Kronberg, Günter 84
Handy, Craig 120 Holand, Ulf W. Ø. 90 James, David 18, 32, 33, 35, 44 –  4 8, 50, 56, 60, 75, 132 Ksica, Josef 37
Hankin, Wayne 51 Hölderlin, Friedrich 42, 43, 60 38 –  4 3, 48 –  5 0, 53, 55, 57 Katché, Manu 23, 75, 84 Ktona, Katerina 45
Hannenheim, Norbert von 57 Holland, Dave 63, 68, 70, 71, 76, 79, Janá∫ek, Leo† 37, 43, 47 Kätkä, Ippe 85 Kubian, Darryl 51
Hannisdal, Henrik 36, 64, 73, 92, 98, 122 80, 86, 99, 106, 108, 109, 121 Jannotta, Roger 87, 120, 121 Katsiyiannis, Andreas 45 Kuhn, Steve 27, 72, 85, 102, 112, 122
Hannisdal, Morten 36, 64, 73, 92, 98, 122 Hollenbeck, John 50, 51 Jansen, Nils 98 Katzenbeier, Hubert 66 Kujala, Steve 70
Hannisdal, Odd 36, 64, 73, 92, 98, 122 Holliger, Heinz 17, 36, 37, 39, 42, 43, Jansson, Lars 112 Katzenmaier, Michael 52 Kukko, Sakari 105
Hansen, Ole Kock 87 47, 59, 60, 132 Jarman, Joseph 65 Kaufman, Gilbert 98 Kulji ć, Yelena 98
Harkavyy, Oleh 58 Holliger, Ursula 43, 47 Jarrett, Keith 22, 26, 33, 41, 43, Kavafian, Ida 70, 112 Kuribayashi, Junko 54
Harland, Eric 86 Hollinger, Peter 40 52, 53, 56, 60, 77, 81 –  8 4, 91, 93, Kavakos, Leonidas 46, 50 Kurkiewicz, Slawomir 84, 99, 106
Harrell, Tom 78, 122 Holloway, John 32, 34, 48, 55, 59 108, 109, 112, 116, 117 Kazianis, Spyros 45, 117 Kurtág, György 33, 38, 46, 48
Harris, Beaver 122 Homburger, Maya 37, 41, 43 Järvi, Paavo 58 Keene, Christopher 82 Kurtág, György jr. 43
Harris, Craig 68 Honegger, Arthur 60 Jazz Composer’s Orchestra 87 Keller, András 33, 47, 48, 55 Kurtág, Márta 48
Harris, Jerome 72, 74, 90, 109 Hong, Sungji 58 Jazzensemble des Hessischen Keller Quartett 33, 47, 48, 55 Kuss Quartett 14, 46
Harrison, Lou 35 Honoré, Erik 79 Rundfunks 84 Kemanis, Aina 70, 88, 93 Kusur, Selim 63
Harrold, Steven 18, 32, 40 –  4 2, 49, 55 Honsinger, Tristan 78 Jeanneau, François 92 Kemenade, Paul van 66 Kuznetsov, Fëdor 47
Hart, Antonio 79 Hoogeveen, Emanuel 36 Jeffers, Jack 79 Kertész, Ottó 33, 48 Kvistad, Garry 54
Hart, Billy 86, 88, 109 Hopper, Hugh 121 Jeffrey, Christine 91 Kessler, Kent 95
Härtelová, Lydie 37 Hopps, Jimmy 71 Jenkins, Leroy 91 Keulen, Isabelle van 58
Hartenberger, Russ 54 Horigome, Yuzuko 47 Jennings, Graeme 54 Keuschnig, Peter 53 Laboriel, Abraham 69
Hartke, Stephen 41, 50 Horler, Dave 108 Jenny_Clark, J. F. 91, 94, 108 Khan, Shujaat Husain 77 La Camerata, Athens 45
Hartmann, Karl Amadeus 41, 59 Horn, Ellen 54 Jensen, Silvie 50 Khan, Ustad Fateh Ali 75 Lachenmann, Helmut 35, 48
Hassell, Jon 65, 79 Horn, Johann Caspar 57 Jillich, Anton 107 Khan, Ustad Nazim Ali 75 Lacy, Frank 68, 121
Haug, Lars Andreas 98 Horowitz, David 94 Joffe, Edd 54 Kiernan, Patrick 100 Lacy, Steve 78, 122
Hauschild, Thomas 107 Horowitz, Richard 79 Johansen, Per Oddvar 25, 98, 99, 106 Kiev Chamber Choir 17, 56 Lagos, Antonis 45
Hauto_aho, Teppo 105 Hortobágyi, László 43 Johansen, Vidar 109 Kikuchi, Hiromi 48 Lahti, Pentti 105
Hawkes, Bill 88, 100, 101 Hosni, Lassad 68 Johansson, Tina 108 Killius, Ruth 42, 44, 56, 59 Lakshminarayana, V. 98
Haydn, Joseph 41, 52 Hosokawa, Toshio 36, 132 Johnsen, Harald 78 Kilson, Billy 79, 80 Lambrakis, Harris 109
Hayes, Bill 51 Hosseini, Naaz 51 Johnsen, Kjell 76 Kim, Dohyung 54 Lamont, Duncan 108
Hayhurst, Alison 120 Hovensjø, Sveinung 96, 112 Johnsen, Thor_Harald 16, 49 Kim Duk Soo 94 Landaas, Henninge 41
Lande, Art 80, 85, 93 Lookwood, Steve 51 Martinou, Bohuslav 60 Moholo, Louis 72 Nelson, Karin 84
Langeland, Sinikka 85, 132 Louhivuori, Olavi 24, 99 Masková, Dagmar 37 Moiré Music Drum Orchestra 106 Nelson, Steve 79, 80
Langland, Paul 51 Lovano, Joe 27, 62, 84, 85, 90, 91, 122 Mason, Nick 87, 122 Molina, Sidney 123 Nene 77
Larché, Jean_Marc 68, 71, 92 Lovens, Paul 78, 84 Masqualero 64 Molinari, Ernesto 37 Netherlands Radio Chamber
Larcher, Thomas 36, 43, 48, 50, 55, 132 Lowther, Henry 66, 101, 108 Matinier, Jean_Louis 68, 71, 97 Möller, Ale 74, 108 Orchestra 36, 46
Larsen, Erik Niord 96 Lubambo, Romero 123 Matrix Ensemble 44 Mølster, Morten 90 Neuhauser, Kurt 53
Larsen, Gjermund 25, 106 Lubimov, Alexei 49, 52, 55, 56, 132 Matthews, Art 68 Molvær, Nils Petter 56, 64, 66, 73, 88, 90 Newman, Toby 51
Larsen, Mona 87 Lüdemann, Hans 84 Mattos, Marcio 72, 90, 92 Mompou, Federico 50 Newton, James 91
Lasso, Orlando di 37, 48 Ludvigsen, Roger 90 Mattoso, Augusto 123 Monder, Ben 90 Nicolai, Helmut 15, 41, 48, 50, 54 –  5 6
Lassus, Francis 97 Lund, Bernt Simen 98 Mauch, Monika 33, 50 Monighetti, Ivan 47 Nicolet, Aurèle 36, 43
Lauer, Christof 84, 121 Lund, Håvard 98 Maugeri, Ozario 122 Monk, Meredith 39, 50, 51, 60 Niebergall, Buschi 78, 84
Laurence, Chris 100, 101 Lund, Morten 22, 68 Maupin, Bennie 69, 88 Montalbano, Claudio 122 Nied, Johannes 43
Lausanne Chamber Orchestra 132 Lundin, Fredrik 65 Maxwell, Melinda 53 Montarroyos, Marcio 123 Niemann, Edmund 51, 54
Lawrence_King, Andrew 42 Lunn, Joanne 32 May, Christof 62 Monteverdi, Claudio 37 Niggli, Lucas 62
Layton, Elizabeth 53 Lussier, René 40 Mayes, Martin 80 Montréal Symphony Orchestra 132 Nightingale, Mark 108
Lechner, Anja 15, 41, 48, 50, 54 –  5 6, Lutoslawski, Witold 36 Mayoral, David 16, 49 Montsalvatge, Xavier 46 Nigl, Georg 40
63, 71, 96, 104 Lychou, Gunnar 87 Mays, Lyle 88, 89, 102, 107 Moody, Howard 100, 101 Nilssen_Love, Paal 98
Leclair, Jean_Marie 48 Lyons, Jimmy 121 Mazur, Marilyn 66, 75, 88, 107, 109 Moody, Ivan 42, 58 Nilsson, Flemming 123
Lee, Jeanne 69, 94, 121 Lytton, Paul 90, 92, 106 Mazzon, Guido 80 Moore, Glen 92, 104 Nino G. 107
Lee, Noël 34 Mazzone, Vincenzo 80 Moran, Jason 86 Nock, Mike 91
Lee, Sara 120 McCandless, Paul 85, 92, 103, 104, 107 Moreira, Airto 70 Noordhoek, Tineke 87
Lee Kwang Soo 94 M’Kachiche, Kheir Eddine 65, 79 McCarty, Patricia 43 Morelenbaum, Jacques 77, 123 Nopper, Sylvia 19, 60
Lege Artis Choir 47 Macdonald, Robert 32, 40, 42 McClure, Ron 93, 122 Moreno, Carlos 123 Norbakken, Helge Andreas 65, 66, 79, 91
Leimgruber, Urs 91 Macé, Philippe 123 McIntyre, Earl 121 Morgan, Thomas 23, 62 Nordstoga, Kåre 132
Leistola, Elisabeth 105 Machaut, Guillaume de 49 McKenzie, Colin 106 Morikawa, Eiko 48 North, Nigel 50
Leng Tan, Margaret 35 Maciel, Ed 123 McLaughlin, John 80, 105, 121 Morini, Guido 49 Norwegian Radio Orchestra 38
Lengyelfi, Miklós 43 Mackrel, Dennis 120 Mears, Adrian 120 Morris, Joe 87 Nussbaum, Adam 62, 105, 122
Lenz, Günter 66, 84, 97 MacMillan, James 42 Mederos, Rodolfo 94 Morris, Steve 120 Nymo, Frode 66
Leonard, Sarah 36, 41, 53 Maderna, Bruno 36 Megalomaniax 40 Mortensen, Lars Ulrik 34, 48, 55, 59 NYYD Ensemble 58
Leonardo 48 Maestro, Mauricio 123 Mehldau, Brad 86 Moser, Elsbeth 41
Lepper, Simon 16, 59 Magnenat, Olivier 73 Melentieva, Tatiana 47 Moser, Roland 36, 47
Lété, Olivier 97 Magnetic North Orchestra 65, 66 Memanishvili, Nika 44 Moses, Bob 69, 78, 85, 89, 102, 112 O’Farrill, Arturo 121
Le Tekro, Ronni 95 Maher, Clare 122 Mendelssohn, Vladimir 53 Mosolov, Alexandr 52 Obermayer, Paul 92
Leviev, Milcho 84 Mahler, Gustav 47 Mendoza, Vince 62 Moss, David 40 Obst, Michael 57
Levin, Robert 34, 42, 46 –  4 8, 56, 132 Maier, Giovanni 66 Mengelberg, Misha 66 Moster, Tobias 19, 60 Oepen, Thomas 52
Levin, Tony 102 Maiore, Salvatore 66 Mensah, Paapa J. 106 Motian, Paul 26, 64, 67, 71, 73, 74, 79, Oester, Bänz 73
Levinson, Mark 67 Maisenberg, Oleg 44, 47 Mercier, Arnaud 79 81, 83, 90, 91, 94, 99, 100, 109, 121 Økland, Gertrud 66
Lew, Ricardo 94 Makarski, Michelle 41, 43, 50, 99 Merville, François 97 Moura, Paulo 123 Økland, Nils 91, 106
Lewensohn, Gideon 49 Malaby, Tony 90 Messiaen, Olivier 49, 50 Mouzon, Alphonse 64 Okoshi, Tiger 69
Lewis, George 40, 90 Malach, Bob 105 Metcalf, Joanne 42 Moye, Famoudou Don 65 Old And New Dreams 91
Lewis, Victor 120 –  1 22 Mallet, Alain 84 Metcalfe, Neil 90, 92 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus 33, 52, 55 Olivero, Betty 14, 46
Liddle, Elizabeth 42 Malm, Rolf 105 Metheny, Pat 69, 88, 89, 109 Mraz, George 63, 66 Ollu, Franck 40
Liebman, Dave 85, 102 Malone, Billy 69 Metz, Stefan 48 Muellbauer, Marc 80, 98 Olson, Mike 102
Liebreich, Alexander 14, 46, 52 Malov, Oleg 47 Metzger, Matthias 56 Muffat, Georg 34 OM 91
Liefland, Wilhelm 84 Malraux, André 39 Metzger, Matthieu 97 Muhoberac, Jamie 79 Ophèle_Gaubert, Emmanuelle 58
Ligeti, György 33 Malter, Alexander 53 Metzke, Paul 91 Muir, Jamie 91 Oppermann, Jens 49
Limbrick, Simon 35 Manahan, George 54 Meyer, Alexandre 40 Müller, Heiner 40 Oprean, Adelina 19, 60
Lindberg, Christian 57 Mandarini, Alberto 80 Meyer, Björn 24, 66, 68 Muller, Marc 121 Orchester der Beethovenhalle Bonn 44, 53
Lindberg, Magnus 41 Mandelstam, Osip 56 Meyer, Paul 41 Münchener Kammerorchester 14, 32, Orchester der Oper Zürich 43
Lindborg, PerMagnus 41 Maneri, Joe 87, 109 Michailidou, Natalia 45 41, 46, 50, 52, 55, 56, 132 Orchestre National de Jazz 92
Linden, Jaap ter 48, 59 Maneri, Mat 87, 108, 109 Michaux, Henri 40 Muniz, Ion 123 Oregon 92
Lindsay, Arto 40 Mangelsdorff, Albert 78, 84 Micheli, Marco 104 Munkholm, Karre 123 Ornelas, Nivaldo 123
Lindvall, Per 90 Mangelsdorff, Emil 84 Micus, Nobuko 89 Murray, David 72 Orning, Tanja 25, 106
Lingenfelder, Matthias 49 Mani, T. A. S. 88 Micus, Stephan 89, 90 Music Improvisation Company 91 Osborne, Robert 51
Linson, Adam 92 Manning, Rita 100, 101 Miéville, Anne_Marie 39, 116 Musker, Kate 35 Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra 107
Linsted, Kari 104 Mansurian, Tigran 14, 46, 49, 50 Migunov, Piotr 47 Myrat, Alexandros 45, 117 Oslo Sinfonietta 57
Lislevand, Rolf 16, 49 Mantler, Karen 87, 88, 120 –  1 22 Mikkelborg, Palle 78, 93, 95 –  9 8, 105 Ossum, Torunn Østrem 58
Liszt, Franz 36, 39, 46, 49 Mantler, Michael 79, 87, 88, 121, 122 Mikulás, Peter 37 Ostendorf, Jens_Peter 52
Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra 53 Mappa, Paolo 122 Milder, Joakim 99, 109 N’Doye, Miki 66, 91 Ottaviano, Roberto 73
Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra 77 Marais, Marin 47 Milhaud, Darius 36, 41 Nagano, Kent 132 Ottaviucci, Fabrizio 100
Livstrand, Anita 66 Maras, Fulvio 104 Miller, Mulgrew 122 Nagy, Péter 46 Otte, Hans 52
Ljungkvist, Fredrik 100 Maratos, Antonis 109 Mima, Ge 123 Nakamura, Isao 57 Ottini, Roberto 121
Lloyd, Charles 86, 87, 109 Marcus, Toni 121 Miminoshvili, Zaza 44 Nancarrow, Conlon 41 Ounaskari, Markku 85
Lobo, Edson 123 Marder, Marc 74 Minafra, Pino 80 Nárvaez, Luiz de 52 Outram, Rebecca 32
Lobo, Novelli 123 Marguet, Christophe 92 Mingus, Eric 121 Nastasa, Sergiu 45, 117 Oxley, Tony 67, 99, 101, 109
Locher, Paul 43 Mariano, Charlie 78, 88, 105, 113 Minter, Drew 35 National Choir of Ukraine 56 Özdemir, Ula ş 84
Lockett, Pete 79 Mariano, Marcello 123 Mintzer, Bob 105 National Symphony Orchestra Ozone, Makoto 69
Lockwood, John 109 Marie_Uitti, Francis 55 Miskiewicz, Michal 99, 106 of Ukraine 56
Lockwood, Steve 51 Marinoni, Vittorio 104 Mistereggen, Birger 58 Naughton, Bobby 99
London Brass 100 Mariottini, Mirco 66 Misyrlis, Tassos 109 Nauseef, Mark 104 Paakunainen, Seppo “Baron” 78
London Symphony Orchestra 122 Márquez, Pablo 52 Mitchell, Roscoe 65, 90, 92, 132 Nazário, Zé Eduardo 123 Padmore, Mark 39, 53
London Voices 43, 59 Marshall, John 64, 101, 113 Miyata, Mayumi 48 Nederlands Kamerkoor 44 Paer, Lewis 54
Lønning, Eivind 25, 106 Martin, Frank 50 Mlkeyan, Robert 50 Nelken, Ora Rotem 49 Paganini, Niccolò 14, 52
Lonquich, Alexander 49 Martin, Stu 93 Moghostut, Malachi Favors 65 Nelson, Judith 35 Päivinen, Pepa 104, 105
Palacino, Alessandro 122 Prague Chamber Choir 37 Ries, Barry 122 Salonico, Primavera en 109 Semitekolo, Nelli 45
Palestrina 42 Prati, Walter 92 Riga Festival Orchestra 95 Saluzzi, Celso 97 Senise, Mauro 77, 123
Palmoré, Gayle 69 Preiss, James 54 Rihm, Wolfgang 37 Saluzzi, Dino 39, 54, 78, 94, 96, 97, 99 Serkin, Peter 55
Pancík, Josef 37 Preston, Don 87, 121, 122 Riikonen, Matti 104, 105 Saluzzi, Felix ‘ C uchara’ 96, 97 Sfetsas, Christos 45
Panzani, Christophe 120 Prévost, Eddie 63 Riina, Faro 122 Saluzzi, José Maria 96, 97 Sha 66
Papas, Andreas 45 Priester, Julian 78, 80, 93 Riina, Nico 122 Saluzzi, Matias 96 Shahid, Jaribu 90, 92, 132
Paraiso, Nicky 51 Primavera en Salonico 109 Riisnaes, Knut 105, 112 Samawatie, Cymin 71 Shankar 60, 98, 123
Parker, Evan 35, 67, 78, 90 –  9 2, 108 Prokofiev, Sergey 49 Riley, Howard 78 Samuels, David 85 Sharpe, D. 121, 122
Parker, William 90 Protopapas, Petros 45 Rinkevi∫ius, Gintaras 77 SamulNori 94 Sharrock, Linda 63, 94
Parnasso Quartet 52 Pschenitschnikova, Natalia 44 Rinne, Tapani 104, 105 Sanborn, Jonathan 121 Shashikumar, T. N. 88
Parricelli, John 28, 98, 108 Pugh, Jim 120 Ripo, Renato 45, 117 Sances, Giovanni 37 Shehan, Steve 79
Pärt, Arvo 18, 33, 39, 42, 52, 53, 56, 60 Puntin, Claudio 68, 93 Rivers, Sam 80 Sander, Otto 40 Sheppard, Andy 28, 98, 120, 121
Partyka, Ed 120 Pupato, Andi 66 Robert, Yves 40, 95, 97 Sanders, Pharoah 87, 122 Sheppard, John 35, 42
Partyka Brass Quintet 120 Purcell, Henry 37 Roberts, Hank 70, 74 Sandstrom, Brian 95 Sherry, Fred 70, 112
Pascal, Diane 15, 55 Purcell, John 72 Robinson, Paul 42 San Francisco Symphony Orchestra Shilkloper, Arkady 63
Pascoe, Keith 101 Purim, Flora 70 Robinson, Perry 74, 121 and Chorus 32 Shimura, Aya 66
Pastorius, Jaco 89 Purse, Bruce 68 Roca, Bibi 123 Saram, Rohan de 54 Shiokawa, Yuuko 55
Pasveer, Kathinka 57 Puschnig, Wolfgang 63, 88, 94, 120 –  1 22 Rochberg, George 50 Sarkissian, Setrak 63 Shipp, Matthew 90
Patato, Nee_Daku 106 Pusey, Bill 78 Rockwell, Bob 87 Sarmanto, Pekka 104 Shive, Carol 70
Pauley, Wilbur 51 Pyne, Chris 101, 108 Rodby, Steve 88 Satie, Erik 41 Shostakovich, Dmitri 39, 47, 49, 54 –  5 6, 116
Peacock, Annette 71, 92, 109 Rogers, Paul 92 Satten, Steve 85 Shteinlukht, Arkady 47
Peacock, Gary 26, 67, 70, 71, 81, 82, Rogers, Reuben 86 Sauer, Heinz 63, 84 Siddik, Rasul 68
93, 100, 101, 103, 109, 112, 117 Quintero, Juan 123 Rognoni, Riccardo 37 Savall, Arianna 49, 58 Siegle, Andrei 47
Peäske, Mihkel 58 Rohrer, Samuel 62, 68 Sawyer, Timothy 51 Siegler, Ruth 54
Peaston, David 68 Roidinger, Adelhard 84 Scelsi, Giacinto 33, 35, 55 Siganidis, Michalis 109
Pedone, Antonio 122 Rabbia, Michele 66, 132 Roknic, Rastko 65 Schaathun, Asbjørn 41 Sigers, Karen 44
Pedone, Pietro 122 Rabinovitch, Alexandre 47 Romano, Aldo 94 Schall, Gary 54 Silesian String Quartet 58
Penderecki, Krzysztof 46 Racine, Philippe 37 Romao, Dom Um 91, 106 Schanele, Angela 40 Silva, Jocely Sete Camara 66
Pepl, Harry 93, 94 Radio_Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart Romeu, Zenaida 77 Schaufelberger, Philipp 73 Silva, Mario 123
Pepper, Jim 79 des SWR 17, 42 Ronin, Nik Bärtsch’s 66 Scheps, Ilya 56 Silva, Robertinho 123
Perényi, Miklós 34, 48 Radio Symphonieorchester Wien 34, 44, Ronstadt, Linda 121 Scherer, Uli 63 Silva, Roberto 123
Pergamenschikow, Boris 41, 47 56, 58 Rooyen, Ack van 107 Schiaffini, Giancarlo 80 Silver, Mort 54
Perla, Gene 85 Radio Symphony Orchestra Frankfurt 87 Rore, Cipriano de 37 Schiano, Mario 80 Silvestrov, Valentin 17, 46, 49, 56
Perotin 53 Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart 83, Rosamunde Quartett 15, 41, 48, 50, 54 –  5 6 Schiff, András 15, 32 –  3 4, 43, 55 Simonson, Jonas 73
Persia, Maurizio 122 84, 104 Roseman, Josh 79 Schiff, Heinrich 36, 60 Sinan, Marc 98
Person, Eric 80 Raffeiner, Walter 40 Rosenbaum, Jonathan 39 Schiller, Christoph 36 Sinesi, Quique 123
Pessi, Giovanna 16, 25, 49, 106 Ragin, Derek Lee 44 Rosengren, Bernt 99, 109 Schlippenbach, Alexander von 66, 78, 84 Sinopoulos, Socratis 45, 117
Petersen Quartett 41 Ragin, Hugh 90 Rossi, Lauro 80 Schlosser, Axel 120 Sipiagin, Alex 79
Peterson, Ralph 86 Rainbow Orchestra 95 Rossi, El Chino 94 Schmelzer, Johann Heinrich 55 Sirenko, Volodymyr 56
Peterson, Randy 87, 109 Rainey, Tom 73, 102 Rostropovich, Mstislav 44, 47 Schmid, Elmar 43 Sissoko, Moussa 40
Petersson, Krister 84 Rajagopal, R. A. 88 Rothenberg, David 132 Schmid, Klaus 43 Sivaraman, Umayalpuram K. 98
Petrassi, Goffredo 37, 50 Ramamani, R. A. 88 Rothenberg, Ned 40, 92 Schmidinger, Walter 34 Skår, Reidar 90
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Petrin, Umberto 104 Rangecroft, John 90, 92 Rouva, Ada 45 Schmidt, Claudia 102 Skouras, Vangelis 45, 117
Petrowsky, Ernst_Ludwig 66, 78 Rao, Ganam 98 Rowe, Keith 63 Schmidt, Mikhail 44 Skullerud, Harald 66
Phillips, Barre 67, 80, 87, 93, 96, 108 Rapp, Winfried 107 Roy, Badal 85 Schneeberger, Hansheinz 36, 37, 43, 55 Slagle, Steve 79, 112, 121
Pifarély, Dominique 66, 93, 97 Raptis, Kostantinos 45, 117 Royal Flanders Philharmonic Orchestra 44 Schneider, Beat 39 Slater, Ashley 120, 121
Pilz, János 33, 47, 48, 55 Raschèr Saxophone Quartet 44 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra London 95 Schneider, Peter 34 Slettahjell, Solveig 66
Pilz, Michel 78, 84, 97 Raskatov, Alexander 18, 55 Rubin, Jonathan 60 Schneider, Ulf 59 Sletten, Finn 66
Pintscher, Matthias 60 Rast, Kaspar 66 Rudd, Roswell 87, 94, 121, 122 Schnittke, Alfred 18, 44, 53, 55, 56 Smith, Andrew 58
Pirchner, Werner 39, 53 Ratkje, Maja 41, 79 Rundel, Peter 40, 87 Schoeck, Othmar 15, 55 Smith, Dave 35
Pirollo, Anthony 51 Rauch, Rica 37 Rundfunk_Sinfonieorchester Schönberg, Arnold 16, 39, 55, 59 Smith, Donald 68
Pitt, Thomas 65 Raulin, François 97 Saarbrücken 44 Schönenberg, Detlef 84 Smith, Jocelyn B. 40
Pizarro, Matias 94 Rava, Enrico 26, 78, 94, 121 Russell, Hal 95 Schoof, Manfred 78, 97 Smith, Marvin “Smitty” 80
Pizzo, Salvatore 122 Ravel, Maurice 46, 49, 60 Rustavi Choir 44 Schreker, Franz 36 Smith, Michael 112
Pizzurro, Salvatore 122 Rawcliffe, Susan 70 Rutherford, Paul 78, 108 Schubert, Franz 47, 55 Smith, Tommy 64, 69
Plenar, Elvira 88 Reber, Heinz 37, 54 Ruzicka, Peter 54 Schulhoff, Erwin 47 Smith, Ursula 59
Poe, Edgar Allen 40 Redding, Otis 39 Ryan, Joel 92 Schulkowsky, Robyn 14, 34, 46, 56 Smith, Wadada Leo 99
Ponge, Francis 40 Redman, Dewey 79, 83, 88, 91, 94 Rybakov, Kyrill 56 Schuller, Ed 74, 91 Smith, Warren 94
Pongy, Pascal 35 Red Sun 94 Rydh, Niclas 84 Schumann, Clara 17, 42 Smulyan, Gary 79, 120
Poppen, Christoph 32, 33, 41, 48, Reger, Max 50, 55 Rydqvist, Robin 84 Schumann, Robert 48, 55, 56, 59 Snajer, Ernesto 123
50, 55, 56, 132 Reich, Steve 54 Rykiel, Jean_Philippe 79 Schütz, Martin 84 ˝n‰, Normunds 95
Portal, Michel 28, 62, 105 Reichelt, Tone 98 Rypdal, Inger Lise 96, 112 Schwalke, Dietmar 53 Sniffin, Allison 50, 51
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Potter, John 33, 37 –  3 9, 42, 48, 53, 57 Reimer, Jan 102 95, 96, 99 –  101, 105, 109, 112, 122 Schwarz, Thomas 84 Solamente Naturali 39
Poulenc, Francis 47 Reiner, Andreas 15, 41, 48, 50, 54 –  5 6 Sclavis, Louis 97 Soloff, Lew 120 –  1 22
Poulsen, Hasse 97 Remondini, Marco 104 Scofield, John 84, 104, 122 Sondeckis, Saulius 53
Pound, Ezra 39 Rendtorff_Goebbels, Jakob 40 Saariaho, Kaija 36 Scott, Tony 84 Sondeckis, Vytas 79
Pourquery, Thomas de 92 Repapis, Angelos 45 Saba, Lilián 123 Scriabin, Alexander 49 Sonnleitner Quartet 83
Poutanen, Juhani 105 Return To Forever 70 Sacher, Paul 36 Seferis, Giorgos 38 Sørensen, Bent 41, 57
Powell, Cynthia 51 Richards, Martin 69 Sahl, Hans 44 Seim, Kjell 95 Sørensen, Helle 87
Power, Leonel 58 Richter, Andreas 107 Salisbury Festival Chorus 101 Seim, Trygve 78, 79, 84, 85, 97 –  9 9, 106 Sørensen, Marianne 87
Pozza, Andrea 94 Richter, Christoph 17, 42 Salo, Per 87 Selmi, Béchir 68 Sosseh, Aulay 91
Souza, Edu Mello E. 123 Swedish Radio Choir 52, 55 Transatlantic Art Ensemble 90, 92 Volle, Øyvor 41 Windtfeld, Palle 123
Spassov, Theodossij 84 Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra 52 Trepulka, Johann Ludwig 57 Vomvolos, Kostas 109 Winogrand, Ethan 121
Speake, Martin 99 SWR Sinfonieorchester 42, 48 Trio Beyond 104 Voulvi, Georgia 45 Winstone, Norma 65, 107 –  109
Spedding, Chris 87, 122 SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony Trio Mediaeval 58, 79 Vox Clamantis 58 Winther, Jens 121
Spinoulas, Nikos 45 Orchestra 52, 56, 107 Trostiansky, Alexander 56 Vraskos, Dimitris 45 Winther, Mette 87
Spissky, Peter 65 SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart 17, 42, 48 Trovesi, Gianluigi 80, 92, 104 Vries, Doug de 123 Wise, Marcus 102
Spivakov, Vladimir 53 Sylvian, David 79 Tsabropoulos, Vassilis 41, 64, 104 Wittwer, Stephan 94
Spohr, Dietburg 37 Syracuse Symphony 82 Tsekouras, Andreas 45 Wolkenstein, Oswald von 37
Staatsorchester Stuttgart 53, 60 Szabó, Judit 47, 55 Tsiamoulis, Christos 45 Waart, Edo de 32 Wong, Radall 51
Staatsorchester Stuttgart, Szukalski, Tomasz 99, 105 Tsiboe, Nana 106 Wachsmann, Philipp 90, 92, 106 Wood, Pamela 54
Brass Ensemble 53 Szulc, Radoslaw 132 Tsintsadze, Sulkhan 36 Wahnschaffe, Felix 66 Wyatt, Robert 87, 122
Stafford, Ashley 39 Tulve, Helena 58 Waits, Frederick 88 Wystraëte, Bernard 123
Stagl, Franz 107 Tuncboyaci, Arto 97 Walcott, Collin 51, 72, 73, 77, 85, 92, Wyttenbach, Jürg 36, 37
Stan, Mircea 105 Tabackin, Lew 122 Tuomarila, Alexi 24, 99 104, 106, 112
Stanko, Tomasz 24, 84, 93, 99, 105, 109 Tabbal, Tani 90, 92, 132 Turner, Mark 26, 27, 74, 94 Waldron, Mal 106
State Hermitage Orchestra 47 Taborn, Craig 90, 92, 102, 132 Turre, Steve 68 Wall, Dan 62 Xantopoulos, Lefteris 45
Stein, Gertrude 40 Tacuma, Jamaaladeen 94 Tusa, Frank 66 Wallander, Ulf 66 Xenakis, Iannis 16, 59
Steinberg, Eitan 14, 46 Tafjord, Hild Sofie 98 Tüür, Erkki_Sven 58, 59 Wallin, Rolf 132 Xydakis, Nikos 38
Steinberg, Eleana 85 Takamäki, Jone 84, 85 Tye, Christopher 42 Wallumrød, Christian 25, 72, 98, 106
Stene, Randi 67 Takase, Aki 66 Walser, Robert 43
Stenson, Bobo 70, 76, 86, 96, 99, Takeishi, Satoshi 77 Ward, Carlos 91, 121 Yakovenko, Sergey 56
100, 109, 112 Tallinn Chamber Orchestra 18, 37, 52, Uitti, Frances_Marie 58, 59 Warleigh, Ray 35, 108 Yannatou, Savina 64, 109
Stephens, Suzanne 57 53, 59 Ulleberg, Odd 112 Warren, John 101 Yassine, Khaled 24, 68
Stern, Mike 87, 122 Tallis, Thomas 35, 42, 57, 60 Ulrik, Hans 88 Warren, Peter 72 Yates, Jojo 106
Steve Lockwood 51 Tamia 60, 102 Underwood, Jerry 120 Wasilewski, Marcin 84, 99, 106 Yaw, Bruce 73
Stevens, John 78 Tan, Margaret Leng 35 Ungaretti, Giuseppe 87 Waterman, Rodney 123 Ylönen, Marko 104
Stewart, Bob 68, 74, 78, 121 Tapio, Jorma 104, 105 Ungureanu, Marius 39 Waterman, Stephen 101, 120 Young, Jacob 109
Stewart, Dave 101, 108 Tartini, Giuseppe 50 Urushihara, Asako 36 Watkins, Derek 108 Ysaÿe, Eugène 42, 59
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Stockhausen, Karlheinz 35, 57 Taverner, John 35 WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln 60
Stockhausen, Majella 87 Taylor, Cecil 122 Weber, Eberhard 69, 75, 76, 84, 89,
Stockhausen, Markus 57, 69, 100, 103 Taylor, David 78, 120 Va, Luciano 123 103, 106, 107, 109, 113 Zach, Ingar 65, 66, 72
Stockhausen, Simon 57, 100 Taylor, John 64, 65, 73, 76, 101, Va†ko_Cáceres, Vesna 105 Weber, Reto 107 Zamini, Pedram Khavar 65
Stockholm Saxophone Quartet 58 102, 105, 108, 109 Vadalá, Guillermo 97 Webern, Anton 32, 36, 39, 46, 54 Zehetmair, Thomas 14, 36, 42, 43, 47,
Stok, Klaas 44 Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra 44, 75 Værnes, Bjørg 41 Weidinger, Tobias 120 52, 56, 59, 60
Stoll, Klaus 60 Tee, Richard 121 Vai, Steve 98 Weisberg, Steve 121, 122 Zehetmair Quartett 56, 59
Storaas, Vigleik 101 Temiz, Okay 70 Vainio, Taito 105 Weiss, Harald 59 Zehetner, Brigitta 37
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Strauch, Pierre 123 Tenório Jr. 123 Valente, Gary 79, 120 –  1 22 Wesseltoft, Bugge 64, 73, 75, 95 Zhang, Tschin 54
Stravinsky, Igor 35, 39, 46, 47, 49, 57 Thathaal, Deepika 75 Valentine, Rhea 102 Western Wind Choir 53 Zigmund, Eliot 93
Strid, Raymond 84 Theatre Of Voices 35 Vankenhove, Alain 92 Westling, Kjell 66 Zimmerlin, Alfred 19, 60
Stripling, Byron 120 Thelin, Eje 108 Várjon, Dénes 17, 42, 59 We Wear The Crown 40 Zimmermann, Bernd Alois 16, 36, 59, 60
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˝tryncl, Marek 39 Thies, Lena 98 Vartan, Lynn 41 80, 99, 103, 108, 109 Zimmermann, Tabea 36, 47
Stuart, Ian 57 Thigpen, Ed 66 Vasconcelos, Nana 64, 73, 75 –  7 7, Wheeler, Thad 51 Zimmermann, Utz 66
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Stuttgarter Kammerorchester 44, 46, Thowsen, Pål 112 Vavatsikas, Iraklis 45 Widmann, Jörg 132
52, 56, 57 Thunemann, Klaus 60 Vecchi, Marco 92 Widmer, Kurt 48
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Südfunk Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart 83, Tibbetts, Steve 102, 132 Venier, Glauco 109 Wilbye, John 37
107, 112 Tieghem, David van 54 Ventadorn, Bernart de 60 Wilkes, Corey 90, 92, 132
Sugarman, Judith 54 Tilles, Nurit 51, 54 Veracini, Francesco Maria 59 Willemark, Lena 74, 84, 108
Sugawara, Yukiko 48 Tippett, Keith 72 Veress, Sándor 36, 59 Williams, Buddy 121
Sullivan, Charles 88 Tippetts, Julie 121 Vertavo String Quartet 41 Williams, Buster 88
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Sumen, Jimi 104, 105 TOK 102 Vespestad, Jarle 29, 78, 132 Williams, Jeff 66, 85
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Summers, Hilary 36 Tollin, Björn 108 Victoria 42 Williams, Ralph Vaughan 46
Sunde, Helge 79 Tommaso, Bruno 80 Vienna Brass Quintet “Prisma” 53 Williams, Sarah 108
Sunde, Torbjørn 66, 105, 112 Tomter, Lars Anders 67, 95, 132 Vienna Wind Soloists 53 Williams, Scott 121
Sundin, Anna Ivanovna 65 Tonkonogui, David 44 Vieuxtemps, Henri 46 Williams, Tony 87, 122
Sundin, Joel 65 Tønnesen, Terje 95 Villa, Trond 66 Williamson, Robin 108
Surman, John 37, 62, 63, 67, 68, 78, Tononi, Tiziano 80 Villarejo, Patricio 123 Willis, Larry 121, 122 Photos for this catalogue
93, 99, 100, 101, 105, 109 Tormis, Veljo 42, 57 Ville, Christian 97 Wilms, André 40 were selected from the work of
Sutter, Christian 44 Torn, David 73, 75, 84, 102 Vinaccia, Paolo 64, 95, 109 Wilson, Cassandra 80 Gérald Minkoff (1937 – 2009)
Svanoe, Anders 90, 92 Towner, Ralph 25, 63 –  65, 76, 77, 83, Vinayakram, Vikku 98 Wilson, Elisabeth 53 and Muriel Olesen, long_time
Sveen, Hans Knut 65 92, 93, 103, 104, 108, 109 Vinci, Leonardo da 40, 48 Wilson, James F. 51 contributors to ECM covers.
Svoboda, Michael 57 Tramontana, Sebi 80 Virji, Fayyaz 121 Wilson, Phillip 68
Swallow, Steve 69, 73, 78, 85, 87, Trans4mation 100, 101 Vitous, Miroslav 28, 70, 96, 105 Wilson, Steve 80 Gérald Minkoff: pp. 1, 30, 31,
102, 120 –  1 22 Transarmônica d’Alma d’Omrac Volken, Edmund 43 Windfeldt, Palle 123 61, 111, 114, 124, 125
Swartz, Harvie 112 Orchestra 123 Volken, Marcel 43 Windo, Gary 121, 122 Muriel Olesen: pp. 5, 6, 12, 115, 119
In preparation for 2010 François Couturier Judith Berkson Ludwig van Beethoven Carl Philip Emanuel Bach
Un jour si blanc Mi Re Do Piano Concertos Nos. 4 &  5 Fantasien, Sonaten,
Rondi & Solfeggi
François Couturier: piano Judith Berkson: voice, piano, Till Fellner: piano
Wurlitzer & Rhodes pianos, Montréal Symphony Orchestra Alexei Lubimov: tangent piano
ECM 2103 | CD 270 2689
Hammond organ Kent Nagano: conductor
ECM 2112 | CD 476 3652
ECM 2121 | CD 271 8954 ECM 2114 | CD 476 3315
Tord Gustavsen Ensemble
Restored, Returned Cikada String Quartet
Steve Tibbetts Thomas Larcher Rolf Wallin / James Dillon / 
Tore Brunborg:
Natural Causes Toshio Hosokawa
tenor and soprano saxophones Still for viola and orchestra
Kristin Asbjørnsen: vocals Steve Tibbetts: guitars, piano, Madhares for string quartet ECM 2126 | CD 476 3320
Tord Gustavsen: piano kalimba, bouzouki Böse Zellen for piano and orchestra
Mats Eilertsen: double_bass Marc Anderson: percussion,
Kim Kashkashian: viola
Jarle Vespestad: drums steel drum, gongs
Till Fellner: piano Peter_Anthony Togni
ECM 2107 | CD 179 8987 ECM 1951 | CD 270 2164 Münchener Kammerorchester Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae
Dennis Russell Davies: conductor
Jeff Reilly: bass clarinet
Diotima Quartet
Elmer Iseler Singers
Stefano Battaglia Sinikka Langeland ECM 2111 | CD 476 3651 Lydia Adams: conductor
Michele Rabbia Maria
ECM 2129 | CD 476 3629
Sinikka Langeland: voice
Stefano Battaglia: piano Lars Anders Tomter: viola Henri Dutilleux
Michele Rabbia: percussion Kåre Nordstoga: organ Piano Works
Robert Levin
ECM 2120 | CD 271 3764 ECM 2127 | CD 271 7097
Robert Levin: piano
Ya_Fei Chuang: piano
Ketil Bjørnstad ECM 2105 | CD 476 3653
Svante Henryson
Night Song
Ketil Bjørnstad: piano Jörg Widmann
Svante Henryson: cello Messe / Bruchstücke / Elegie
ECM 2108 | CD 270 9579 Jörg Widmann: clarinet
Heinz Holliger: piano
German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
Chirstoph Poppen: conductor
Roscoe Mitchell
and the Note Factory ECM 2110 | CD 476 3309
Far Side
Roscoe Mitchell: saxophones, flutes
Corey Wilkes: trumpet, flugelhorn Thomas Demenga
Craig Taborn: piano
Relations Concerto
Vijay Iyer: piano
for 2 violoncellos and orchestra
Harrison Bankhead: cello, double_bass
Trilogy for violoncello solo,
Jaribu Shahid: double_bass
winds, strings and synthesizer
Tani Tabbal: drums
Vincent Davis: drums Thomas Demenga: violoncello
Patrick Demenga: violoncello
ECM 2087 | CD 270 4801
Lausanne Chamber Orchestra
Christoph Poppen, Radoslaw Szulc:
Marilyn Crispell
ECM 2119 | CD 476 3319
David Rothenberg
One Night I Left My Silent House
Marilyn Crispell: piano, percussion
David Rothenberg: bass clarinet, clarinet
ECM 2089 | CD 179 9220
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