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KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA SASO. Jed SAUDI STANDARD NO. VanAy POWER TRANSFORMERS — APPLICATION GUIDE SAUDI ARABIAN STANDARDS ORGANIZATION THIS DOCUMENT IS A DRAFT SAUDI STANDARD CIRCULATED FOR COMMENTS. IT IS, THEREFORE, SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND MAY NOT BE REFERRED TO AS A SAUDI STANDARD UNTIL APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. wasn SAUDI ARABIAN STANDARD SASO...Jv+ +8 CONTENTS Page FOREWORD , Clause ) General..... * Characteristic proper of diferent three-phase winding combinations and ‘magnetic circult design’ . T Characteristic properties and application of auto-connected transformers. 4 £ Zero-sequence properties - neutral load current and earth fault conditions, ‘magnetic saturation and inrush current ww © Calculation of short-circult currents in three-winding, three-phase transformers. (separate winding wanvtormers and auto-connected transtarmers) with earthed neutrals. n + Parallel operation of transformers in three-phat BLAME sascssssnsemnnsnsisins AY ¥ Calculation of voltage drop for ecified load, three-winding transformer load loss 4 A Gpecifieation of rated quantities and tapping quantities ave 4 Convertor applications with standard transformers vay 1+ Guide to the measurement of losses in power transformers. ye Annex A ~ Basic relations for single-phase and two-phase earth faults ye SAUDI ARABIAN STANDARD SASO...Jv+ +8 FOREWORD The Saudi Standards and Quality Organization (SASO) has adopted the Intemational Standard IEC Power Transformers — Application Guide" issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It has been adopted without any technical modifications with a view to its approval as a Saudi standard