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Loayon, Keziah Eden L.

Subject: EPP

Grade VI- St. James



Joemar Surmion wants to change the pitiful farce of farming. “Farming should be viewed as a
business enterprise and not just merely production”, says the young Ilongo businessman from Koronadal
City who has a passion in farming. He is a graduate of Commerce and has earned units in Masters of
Business Administration. Joemar used to work in a bank and in an insurance company for quite some
time before he took a glimpse in the farming parlance. Why he gets into farming is something that
challenged his mind.

Through patience and hard work, he was able to develop his farm. He get his ideas from
trainings and observations of model areas in different areas. “The trainings I attended from both the
private and government agencies, particularly in the Agricultural Training Institute had really helped me
to stir my interest in farming”. He applied the technologies he got from his several trainings in
aquaculture, livestock and poultry raising, mango production and others in the farm. He planted
mangoes on the sloping areas, made rice terraces on the other, and create a fishpond for tilapia and
hito. He utilized the spring water to provide water to his area through gravitational irrigation, where he
impounds the water from the spring and put pipes directly to the fishponds, rice areas, and even to his
house. He utilized everything from his farm, like converting rice straws into organic fertilizer, utilizing
animal manure to fertilize his fruit trees and others. These experiences allowed him to save costs from
farm inputs.

In 2012, Bing would be declared as the National Winner at the Citi Microentrepreneurship
Awards for having successfully expanded a backyard two-piglet piggery into a P2.5-million livestock
enterprise using innovative technologies that her husband designed.

Launched in 2002, the annual Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards program aims to increase public
awareness for microfinance by recognizing outstanding entrepreneurs with assets of P3 million or less,
who have achieved remarkable growth as indicated by employment generation, profits and sales
turnover as well as contributed to community development. Funded by Citi Foundation, this nationwide
search is a partnership among the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Citi Philippines, and the Microfinance
Council of the Philippines, Inc.


Aside from being a public servant, Philippine Coconut Administrator Oscar Garin is a successful

His Passion

Garin pursued a degree in civil engineering. However, in the early 1980’s, he went back to his
original passion. He stated raising sows in his backyard. His small piggery eventually became a
commercial hog farm with 500 sows and named it Octagon Farm Product and Supply.

When the farm started to become profitable, Garin added other livestock like goats, cattle and
sheep. He also ventured into poultry production with turkeys, ducks and game fowls. His farm became a
major supplier of high quality breeders for hog farmers and backyard growers in Southern Iloilo. Some
30% of the pork his farm produces is sold in the province and the remaining 70% are transported to
Metro Manila markets.

He uses it to create innovative ideas and expand his knowledge in farming. He was inspired to
establish GARINRAM, an integrated farm, training and livelihood center and resort.
Some of the highlights of GARINFARM is the Urban Garden featuring unique recycling ideas, the
hydroponics building where plants are grown without soil, and the probiotics area which produces
indigenous microorganisms. The farm uses organic farming methods and practices zero waste

GARINFARM us a one-stop shop for farmers and anyone interested in agriculture and
environmentalism. Garin’s love for animals and passion in raising them remains while he continues to
make profitable enterprises and help improve the lives of people around him.


Joseph Calata has transformed a modest family business into the country’s largest
distributor of agriculture products and veterinary medicine. The net proceeds from Calata Corp.’s P270-
million IPO are earmarked for the expansion of retail outlets nationwide.

After graduating from DLSU, Joseph joined the family business, J. Melvin’s, a poultry feed store in
Plaridel, Bulacan. It had been incorporated under the name Planters Choice Agro Products established
by his parents Eusebio and Isabel in 1978. The store was named after Joseph and his older brother
Melvin. His father was an agricultural trader; his mother, a working student before she married.
5) JOEL MAGSAYSAY (Ilog ni Maria)

Joel Magsaysay retreated from his top position in a food-chain company, left the corporate
world and pursued his mission as a nature lover. He traded in his prestigious life to live on his own little
farm. Turning his bee farm into a business was not the first plan. He and his family first started
incorporating bee products into household items such as soaps and toothpaste. At first, they were just
giving them as gifts to friends and family, but through word of mouth, news about their products
eventually spread. Learning only through books, Joel and family are the proud owners of the Ilog ni
Maria Honeybee farm, housing 800 colonies of bees.

6) JEFFREY LIM (JSJ Goat Farms)

Jeffrey Lim was involved in business at an early age since his family ran a noodle factory. A
request from a friend to have a goat as a gift for his birthday inspired his business. He thought that,
since many farmers raise goats, he could easily source them. He also realized that there was more he
could do in the goat business, which was breeding. He and his wife started raising six goats in 2001; in
2004, he decided to convert his goat-breeding hobby into a full-blown business. His venture began to
soar and, in 2009, he was able to sell more than 400 goat breeders. JSJ is also expanding into related
businesses like goat milk production and feta cheese. Today, his business continues to profit and goat
raising has been his goldmine since he started.


The former Department of Agriculture head during the presidency of Corazon Aquino and
former country manager for Dole Philippines and Costa Rica, Senen Bacani knows a lot about
agriculture. He is now the CEO of one of the largest exporters of bananas in the country, La Fuerta Inc.
Determined to help his community in Mindanao, he converted vast lands into a plantation that now
produces five to six million boxes of Cavendish bananas and exports them to the Middle East and
countries in Asia. They use their tagline as an inspiration: “We excel because we care.― True
enough, it is not only their world-class products that made them big, but also their efforts to care and
value their hardworking farmers

Being in the poultry business since 1994, the close to 55,000 daily egg produce of GEMSUN
Marketing has been the “gem” and “sun” of Martin and his wife Pilamar Ozatea. When they were
starting, Martin did not have the background on poultry business but with the help of Pilamar’s parents,
who are into this line of business, he learned the process slowly but surely. Martin and Pilamar started
with 3,000 chickens and this has grown to over 60,000 today despite many challenges and setbacks
thrown their way through the years. Hard work, determination, and fortitude are the two’s keys to
success. Their determination to succeed comes from the fact that there will always be a demand for
eggs in the market. Today, Martin and Pilamar are continuously searching ways to improve their
production and produce quality to have a stronger market demand and trust.


It is ideal for OFWs who don’t have the know-how and the time to take care of sheep. That’s
because if you invest in 20 female sheep and one ram, Dr. Ronaldo Sumaoang of Novatech will take care
of the animals for you. He will take care of the housing, the feeds and care for the animals. When the
animals give birth (usually twice a year), you and Novatech will equally share the lambs.

SHEEP FARMING PARTNERSHIP – Photo shows Dr. Ronaldo Sumaoang posing with a module of
his sheep farming partnership scheme that is just right for those who want to raise sheep but don’t have
the know-how. One can invest in a package of 20 females and one male. Dr. Sumaoang will take care of
the animals, providing the housing and feeds. When the animals give birth, the investor and Dr.
Sumaoang will share the lambs equally.


Rafello Khongwar is a 30 years old graduate student from the Indian district of Ri-Bhoi.
Agriculture, vegetables, fruit crops, piggery, poultry and fishery compose his six farming systems. After
running his own enterprise for the last four years, he could earn a rich dividend from kharif vegetable
cultivation as well as from poultry farming and, as a record, he earned a net profit of 68,935 IRP in seven
months (around 1,145 USD) out of the raising of 2,400 birds.