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Nowata Star

Nov Food program encourages nutrition

Rainbow Fleet Child Care ner to $.20 for a snack. Care-
Resource and Referral is par- givers are required to record
A003 ticipating in the Child and menus, enrollment and atten-
resized Adult Care Food Program dance. A provider can claim
(CACFP). up to three meals per child
Licensed child care pro- per day.
viders who serve nutritious “Every family child care
meals and snacks may be el- facility that is licensed by the
igible for federal reimburse- Department of Human Ser-
ment. vices is eligible for this free
The U.S. Department of Ag- nutrition program,” said Wil-
riculture’s (USDA) Child and liams.
Adult Care Food Program is “Our staff at Rainbow Fleet
accepting Oklahoma enroll- will be available to help child
ments, according to Carrie FDUH SURYLGHUV ÀOO RXW WKHLU
Williams, Rainbow Fleet ex- applications. Once an appli-
ecutive director. cation is accepted we’ll be
The federally-funded child able to work on compliance
nutrition program helps chil- issues that range from creat-
dren receive the nutrition ing a balanced menu to food
they need by reimbursing sanitation and preparation
child care providers for serv- with the provider,” she said.
ing meals and snacks that Child care providers that are
meet federal requirements. interested in this free resource
Reimbursement rates range should contact Rainbow Fleet
from $2.48 for a lunch/din- at (405) 521-1426.

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