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Office District No.

4 representative is a Education Primary Election receives more 4UBUVBSZ 3FHJT (B
five-year term currently held by board than 50 percent of the votes cast. Polling 4VOCSFMMB 0VUEPPS $
Edmond Sun - 12/01/2018
member Cynthia Benson. On Wednesday places shall be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 5VSRVPJTF
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High school senior, business IUUQTFTUBUFTBMFT
owner shaking things up
Seventeen-year-old idea for the business came week at the business she
Cambrie Bradley starts her to Bradley after seeing her owns, she is a straight A stu-
day at 5:30 a.m. She spends family’s health benefit from dent, nearly 50 percent
her morning serving cus- Herbalife nutrition prod- ahead of pace in her cours-
tomers at Roots Nutrition, a ucts. es. Don’t let her humility
business she owns in “Honestly, I thought my fool you, she deserves this
Edmond. At 5:30 p.m., the family was crazy in the award!”
high school senior begins beginning, but as time went After graduation in May,
her school work through by, I fell in love Bradley plans to continue
EPIC Charter School, which with the prod- building a strong team of
recently named the young ucts,” Bradley life-changers who share her

entrepreneur Student of the said. “That is passion for helping people.
Month for November. when I realized “Cambrie is an example
Bradley’s high school I wanted to of what EPIC’s unique
experience is different from focus more learning model aims to cre-
the experience her parents time and atten- ate,” said EPIC
shared, but she believes it Bradley tion to helping Superintendent, David
will give her a leg up as she people get Chaney. “Our goal is to give
looks toward her career
after graduation.
healthy, and I decided to
enroll in EPIC to help me
our students the resources
and flexibility they need to
“The M
“EPIC is the only reason achieve this goal.” thrive both as a student and
I’m able to pursue my goals Through EPIC, Bradley is individual.”
and dreams while still in able to complete her stud- EPIC Charter School is
high school,” Bradley went ies online in the evenings so Oklahoma’s largest charter &a
on, “Even though you may she can run her business school and fifth largest pub-
be young, it does not mean during the day. lic school system. With Work
you have to wait to start Bradley was selected from more than 22,000 students
working toward your goals, more than 200 students enrolled from every one of
you just have to decide to
act on them.”
Bradley took ownership
of Roots Nutrition, located
nominated for November’s
EPIC Student of the Month,
based upon a nomination
from her teacher, Kimberly
Oklahoma’s 77 counties,
EPIC provides a fully state-
accredited, self-paced, indi-
vidualized education for
at 3431 S. Boulevard Suite Moore. each student. It also offers
103, in Edmond, in March. “I nominated Cambrie the state and region’s high-
Monday through Saturday, because of her drive and est teacher pay. For more
she serves healthy shakes discipline,” Moore said. “On information, visit epicchar-
and energizing teas. The top of working six days a

Teen wins section at
chess championship
On Saturday, Oct. 20, the Oklahoma section went to Stephen Gehly with a 7
Chess Association (OCA) held it’s 2018 point total. 3rd Place in the Open section
Oklahoma State Blitz Chess Championship went to Tulsan and National (chess) Master
in Chandler at the Chandler Baseball (NM) and OCA President NM Charles
Camp. Naren Pullela, a 13-year-old 8th “Chuck” Unruh with a score of 6.5 points.
grader from Cimarron Middle School in Jeremy Brown and Gabriel Teubner
Edmond, won the Blitz U1700-Reserve sec- both had a score of 11.5 points to tie for
tion with a dominate score of 15.5 points. 2nd Place in the U1700-Reserve section.
Sixteen-year-old local chess prodigy and They finished just below Edmond’s
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Master, IM Advait Patel, who is a senior at Charles M. Unruh, Jr., secretary with
Midwest City’s Carl Albert High School, Oklahoma Chess Association, said he’d