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Gagnon ME@CMP D Mil Pers Staff@Ottawa-Hull From: McGarry BGen LP@CFSTG Comd@Borden December-08-17 9:40 AM Hurov LT(N) CN@CFSTG HQ@Borden Subject: FW: For awareness: New request - Seasonal Sharing Basket Campaign (Borden) Brigadier-General L.P. McGarry ‘Commander Military Personnel Generation Training Group/CFB Borden Canadian Armed Forces T: 705-424-1200 ext 2100/CSN 270-2100 /BB: 705-796-0762 Commandant, Groupe de instruction — Génération du personne! militaire/ BFC Borden Forces armées canadiennes Liam McGarry @forces.gc.ca_T: 705-424-1200 ext 2100/CSN 270-2100 /BB: rattersall BGen VC@CDA-ACD@Kingston Sent: December-07-17 6:14 PM To: McGarry BGen LP@CFSTG Comd@Bord Ce: Dionne Maj JB@CDA-ACD@Kingston Sent: Thursday, December 7, 2017 5:44 PM To: Tattersall BGen VC@CDA-ACD@Kingston; Cote Col DI@CDA-ACD@Kingston; Mandaher LCol HJS@CDA- ‘ACD@Kingston lurov LT(N) CN@CFSTG HQ@Borden; McGarry BGen LP@CFSTG Comd@Borden ‘Subject: Fw: For awareness: New request - Seasonal Sharing Basket Campaign (Borden) Ma'am, mon general, colonel, The below email from the ADM (PA) FYSA. Maj 8. Dionne BA & MA Comm ‘St PAO / OAP Sénior CDA.& MPG / ACD & GPM ‘A0553124_1-A-2018-00018--00001 5.19(1) CAF / FAC 613-541-5010-3973, 613-483-2613 From: Henderson C@ADM(PA)@Ottawa-Hull Sent: Thursday, December 7, 2017 5:11 PM To: Vance Gen JH@CDS@Ottawa-Hull; Thomas J@OM@Ottawa-Hull Cc: Matthews B@Assoc DM@Ottawa-Hull; Venner G@Assoc DM@Ottawa-Hull; Lamarre LGen CA@CMP@Ottawa-Hull; Cassivi RAdm L@CDA-ACD@Kingston; Lowthian BGen DW@CDS@Ottawa-Hull; Quinn JP@ADM(Pol) D Pol Dev@Ottawa- Hull; Niven Col WK@CMP@Ottawa-Hull Proulx LCol JB@CDS@Ottawa-Hull; Nye N@DM@Ottawa-Hull, Thompson LCol RM@ADM(PA) DPAPO@Ottawa-Hull; Galarneau S@ADM(PA) DGPASP@Ottawa-Hull; Janzen Col JH@ADM(PA) DPAPO@Ottawa-Hull; Tulipan K@ADM(PA)@Ottawa-Hull; Tremblay A@ADM(PA)@Ottawa-Hul; Lebouthillier D@ADM(PA) DRMCC@Ottawa-Hull; Dionne Maj JB@CDA-ACD@Kingston; Apostoliuk LCol HAB@C Air Force D Air PA@Ottawa-Hull; Parent LGen JAJ@VCDS@Ottawa-Hull; Turbide Col IMS@VCDS@Ottawa-Hull; Ken.Mackillop@pco-; Morrell, Daryl; Theriault BGen JM@ADMPA) DGPAGOttawa-Hull; Besner LA@ADM(PA) DMA@Ottawa-Hull; Lebouthilier D@ADM(PA) DRMCC@Ottawa-Hull; Filiatrault R@MND@Ottawa-Hull; Furlong BM@MND@Ottawa-Hull ‘Subject: FW: For awareness: New request - Seasonal Sharing Basket Campaign (Borden) cos, OM, rv about a program at Borden that collects Christmas baskets for needy families. You will see his fine of questioning in the first email in this thread. The proposed lines from CDA deal with the "why" question and do so quite sensitively. We can expect to see an item later today Of greater concern is the crowdfunding campaign called "Féed our Troops" that brotight to our attention (see link below) and the potential for the organizer (Rebel Media) to'lse this effort as leverage to crit government. How those funds willbe presented to the base and how they will orillnot be accepte Please let me know if you have any questions, Chris e CELL. (Chris) Henderson Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Affairs) Department of National Defence / Government of Canada Chris. Henderson2 Tel: 613-996-0562 Mobile: 613-614-0963, Sous-Ministre Adjoint (Affaires publiques) Ministére de la Défense nationale / Gouvernement du Canada Chris. tél: 613-996-0562 Mobile: 613-614-0963 From: Lebouthillier D@ADM(PA) DRMCC@Ottawe-Hull Sent: December-07-17 3:58 PM To: Henderson C@ADM(PA) @Ottawa-Hull ; Theriault BGen JM@ADMPA) DGPA@Ottawa-Hull < MARC.>; Janzen Col JH@ADM(PA) DPAPO@Ottawa-Hull ; Galarneau S@ADM(PA) DGPASP@Ottawa-Hull ; Tulipan K@ADM(PA)@Ottawa-Hull ; McKelvey EC@ADM|PA) DRMCC@Ottawa-Hull +ADM(PA) MLO@ADM(PA) DGPA@Ottawa-Hull ; Tulipan K@ADM(PA)@Ottawa-Hull M.TULIPAN@forces>; Tulipan K@ADM(PA)@Ottawa-Full ; Proulx LCol JB@CDS@Ottawa-Hull RE: For awareness: New request - Seasonal Sharing Basket Campaign (Borden) A0553124_2-A-2018.00018-00002 .19(1) Gute onerUcetA Reena ah eres To follow-up on the below, Maj Dionne pro cos. fed to below response in almost record time. Reporter will receive by ‘Many factors may influence financial stress to CAF members at this time of year, and the SSB is a way for our team to ‘support each other. We choose to support and not judge individuals’ personal circumstances. Last year, the Seasonal Sharing Basket (SSB) supported 38 families, Annually, the surplus donations to the SSB are donated to local food banks. CFB Borden employs approximately 3,250 full time Defence Team employees, and the SSB supports all members of the Defence Team. While this time of year can be festive and merry for some, it can weigh heavily on others. The $58 is a wonderful initiative that helos members ofthe military, Public Service employees, NonPublic Funds employees and their families to have a weight lifted so that they too may have merrimer e0son. The SSB assesses the needs of each respective family and provides ti in om groceries, a holiday meal, gift certificates from local busines: The program grew from an informal movern was turned over to the Base to run (current! ins) 4 From: Lebouthilier D@ADM(PA) ORMCC@OKt e ‘To: |lenderson C@ADM(PA) @Ottowe-l lull ; Galarneau S@ADM(PA) DGPASP@Ottawa-Hull ; Tulipan K@ADM(PA) @Ottawa-Hull ; McKelvey EC@ADM(PA) DRMCC@Ottawa-Hull /ADM(PA) MLO@ADM(PA) DGPA@Ottawa-Hull ; Tulipan K@ADM(PA)@Ottawa-Hull Subject: For awareness: New request - Seasonal Sharing Basket Campaign (Borden) For awareness - saw the below story in Rebel Media: troops ‘According to the article, CFB Borden launched this campaign to: "assist those members of the CFB Borden Defence Team, residing within the confines of CFB Borden and local area, ho crt « time of need during the holiday season. The privacy and confidentiality of individuals utilizing the support provi'ed by the $58 will be respected. Individuals in need of support and interested in further details can speak with thelr unit Peare."” A0553124_3-A-2018-00018-00003