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“The experience of joy, aliveness and

wholeness awaits you.”


as taught by Master Mingtong Gu

As taught Practice Session and
by Master Teaching Audio
Mingtong Gu CD’s included
D i s c O ne :
Haola & Lachi
with Kai / Hui

Lachi exchanging energy with the

universe - Kai / Hui

Adding the sounds Kai and Hui

Chi field song, Eight verse mantra sung

by Linling Xie

Lachi awakening to the harmony

Kai / Hui Chanting

Hun Yuan Ling Tong Xin Xian Shi Cheng

Haola teaching

Haola practice with voice levels

Haola chanting penetrating from the

brain to toes

Haola chanting to benefit earth & others

For additional support with the Lachi

practice purchase the

Chi Healing Meditation CD

Teaching & Images: Mingtong Gu

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Judy “Guma” Tretheway, Chifully

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Volume One

Wisdom Healing Qigong

Sound Healing
as taught by Master Mingtong Gu

The purpose of Wisdom Healing

Qigong Sound Healing is to
experience and live from a state of
integrated Oneness flowing freely
through each and every aspect of our
lives, our relationships, our society
and our world.
Mingtong Gu

Connecting with all the blessings of all the awakened,

enlightened beings of the past… Connecting with the
pure purpose of purifying our emotional body within us…
Transforming the creative energy on all dimensions and
bringing forth our highest spiritual purpose… For the
purpose of creativity, for the purpose of aliveness, for the
purpose of free flow of energy, for the purpose of harmony,
for the purpose of unconditional love, and for the purpose of
embodiment, I offer you this teaching.

Are you ready?
These practices represent a radically different technology offered
to awaken, transform and integrate our entire Hun Yuan* Chi
body, from the cellular to the spiritual, returning us to our
natural, healthy, balanced state of being. There is nothing extra
needed, nothing to attain, nothing missing to replace. This sound
technology re-patterns the physical, emotional and mental/spiritual
energy that is not flowing freely, and experienced as pain and
suffering, into energy that is flowing freely, bringing forth natural
states of happiness, compassion, openness and clarity.
You are invited to awaken to your integrated nature as Oneness,
your integral part of the Hun Yuan Chi body of the Universe.
The Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ) Sound Healing practices are
the technological tools for you to know through experience, your
place within the Oneness.
Wisdom Healing Qigong emerges from the teachings of Dr. Pang
at the medicine-less hospital in China. This center has treated over
200,000 patients with over 185 different illnesses with a 95%
effective improvement and 33% cure rate. This booklet and its CDs
represent a small portion of the Wisdom Healing Qigong practices.
A movement practice such as Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down
(LCUPCD) or Spinal Bone Marrow (SBM) is recommended to
fully circulate and integrate the chi flow activated by the Sound
Healing practices. For more information regarding workshops and
other materials visit the Wisdom Healing Qigong web site at

* Hun Yuan Chi: Integrative Oneness Energy, encompassing all of the

physical, emotional and spiritual–all dimensions–and yet beyond all
we can name. Ocean of Light, Infinite Potential, Ultimate Goodness of
Life, Divine Blueprint, Perfection and Oneness are other names we use
for the Hun Yuan Chi field.
The Jewels of Wisdom Healing Qigong
Sound Healing
Understanding and embracing these precious principles will lay the
foundation for learning and integrating the WHQ Sound Healing

Embracing Your Hun Yuan Chi Body

We begin by learning to view and experience our body as Hun Yuan
(HY) Chi: the pure, unconditional, creative energy of the universe.
The Five Organ Integrative Sound Healing practice cultivates our
ability to transcend our ordinary five-sense perception of our body
and enter into an intimate, energetic relationship with our Hun
Yuan Chi energy body. In these practices, your conscious mind is
continuously acknowledging and embracing all sensations and all
feelings of the energy inside you, without any resistance, without
any labels, and without any stories.
Allow yourself to simply feel the presence of energy, the presence of
vibration, the presence of energy movement, as well as the presence
of energy communication. It doesn’t really matter at what level you
begin perceiving it. Move towards discovering your entire self as
Hun Yuan Chi. All the capacities of your mind as Hun Yuan Chi,
every emotion as Hun Yuan Chi, every aspect of your physical
nature including your cells and organs, pains and problems,
including your bliss and vitality. Everything about you and all of
your functions are a part of your Hun Yuan Chi body.

Your Hun Yuan Chi is all dimensional and all encompassing.

When visualizing a healthy body, think of the entire being (yours
or someone else’s) as Hun Yuan Chi. Hun Yuan Chi follows the
mind’s intention to realize its transformation through uniting and
integrating everything into Oneness.

Benefiting from emotional energy
Emotions are a very powerful energy force
creating either a positive and beneficial
experience in health, relationships and work,
or a negative and defeating experience. From a
Qigong perspective, emotions are an energetic
experience in the organs, rather than a feeling
arising from the brain. The sacred sounds
taught in this practice access the deep energy
patterns within the organs, harmonizing them
and creating new, healthy and stable emotional patterns.

Tapping into the energy of creation

Everybody has the capability of receiving energy directly from
the living universe. The more we access the energy of creation
(Primordial Hun Yuan Chi), the more tangible and available it
becomes. Our bodies are already capable of receiving this energy
directly beyond the nervous system, beyond the five senses. We can
train ourselves by using our conscious minds to connect with the
frequency of this energy. This is the consciousness dimension of
Qigong practice.

Realizing our heart’s desire

In Wisdom Healing Qigong we are continuously connecting with
our deeper purpose. Connecting with our heart’s deepest desire
is a key step for healing the physical body’s organs and cells. It is
a key step for our emotional, mental, and spiritual body’s health
and happiness. It is a key step for the realization of our greatest
potential, our divine blueprint, thus enabling us to make our
greatest contribution to humanity.
What is it you truly desire?

Essence Mantra
Hun Yuan Ling Tong, Xin Xian Shi Cheng
Hun (wan) Yuan (u-wan) Ling Tong means pure energy is uniting,
transforming, flowing freely and spontaneously effective.
Xin (sheen) Xian (she-ong) Shi (sue) Cheng (cheng) means heart’s
intention is realized spontaneously.
The purpose of every practice in Wisdom Healing Qigong is to
awaken the free flow of universal energy, not just the subtle energy
or the physical energy. The secret is to allow pure energy to flow
freely in all dimensions within you, within your mind, your heart,
your emotions, your spirit and within every cell. In this state of
Oneness our heart’s desire is spontaneously fulfilled, including
becoming free of all suffering and disease.
Chant this mantra actively sensing your place in the Oneness and
visualizing your heart’s desires emerging from this Oneness.

Dr. Pang, Founder
Zhineng (Wisdom
Healing Qigong)

Chi Field Song: Eight Verse Mantra

Head touches sky. Feet stand on earth.
Body relaxes. Mind expands from inside out.
Be respectful externally and quiet internally.
Heart is clear. Appearance is reverent.
Let go of any thoughts.
Mind expands into infinite space.
Feel the entire body inwardly.
The entire body is harmonized with Chi.

Dr. Pang, the founder of Zhineng (Wisdom Healing Qigong)

composed these eight verses energetically summarizing not only
the state of Qigong but also a path to realizing that Qigong state.
The meaning of the mantra summarizes and activates the entire
Wisdom Healing (Zhening) Qigong path.
Listening deeply, allow the song sung by Linling Xie to penetrate
deep inside the multiple layers of your being. You may wish to
memorize the verses in English or experiment with following along
in Mandarin. (see enclosed CD)
It also is beneficial to simply listen and take in the vibrational
energetic transmission. Allow the images on these pages to support
your practice.

Relax and do your best

Chanting the sounds

These healing sounds have the power to change and create energy
patterns within and around us. Beyond just vibration, the sounds
activate specific energy movements and natural free flowing
patterns, thus realizing healing purposes. Don’t be shy with these
unfamiliar Chinese sounds. Do your best. Listen to each CD
track carefully. And relax. Relaxing will allow the sounds and their
transformational energy to flow deep inside. Tension blocks flow
and change. You don’t need to be able to make the sounds perfectly.
Your deep intention and best effort will be enough to manifest
strong results. Do your best and watch the healing arise with your
efforts, carrying you from imperfection to increasing degrees of
Relax and do your best, and let the universe take care of the rest!
It is recommended to vocalize the sounds at three levels. First chant
them loudly, then quietly, and finally, eventually, silently.

The secret empowerment of visualization

Energy naturally follows thought. The purpose of visualization is to
build the bridge between the desired form and the formless, Infinite
Potential. Visualization is imagination with the added focus on
sensing it as if it was already present. This goes beyond observing.
Don’t try to ‘see’ something that is not there. Feel your desires
emerging from the Ocean of Light: the Hun Yuan Chi field.
Feel yourself encompassed in this field, not differentiated, but
integrated and integral. Everything is releasing into and being
created from the same foundational energy of all creation. Your
intention, attention and visualization will co-create and accelerate
your healing and manifestation of your desires.

Beginning and concluding your practice sessions
When starting any Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ) practice,
connect to the energy of the living universe infinitely surrounding
and encompassing you in all directions. Connect to the planet earth
and to yourself, deep inside. Connect to the founder of Zhineng
(Wisdom Healing Qigong), Dr. Pang, to Master Mingtong Gu and
all the thousands and thousands of practitioners, so that you are
linked to the accumulative and collective healing energy. Connect
to the creative potential inside and all around you.
To conclude any practice, slowly place hands on your navel,
(women, right hand first; men, left hand first). Smiling inwardly,
acknowledge your gratitude to the chi field, to all teachers and to
the healer within you.

Cultivating a sustainable practice

Recognize that all new energy patterns take time to get established.
Give yourself the gift of regular practice. WHQ Sound Healing
practices are some of the most powerful practices available for
personal transformation. The purpose is to stabilize this new
energetic point of view in your mind, in your body, and in your
organs. If the highly recommended 100-day gong (100 days of
regular practice) is intimidating, start with the best you can do
right now. Soon the benefits will motivate your 100-day gongs.
It is recommended that you choose and cultivate one practice
consistently, until you can feel it resonating deeply in your body,
transforming your energy and taking you into the field of Oneness.
Then enjoy chanting it spontaneously, not just in a formal practice.
Be inspired by the practice and let it inspire you.
When one practice comes to know you well, experiment with
another, then choose to practice it consistently. Soon each of these
practices will be a tool in your transformation toolbox.

Wisdom Healing Qigong Mantras:
In Wisdom Healing Qigong, our favorite word is Haola. Every
workshop, retreat and interaction is infused with Haolas. Haola
is activated in casual conversations, chanted quick, chanted slow,
proclaimed with great rigor or quiet tenderness. Haola is the
invocation welcoming the healing potential all around us.
Haola means “all is well and so be it!” On the deepest level– all is
well. Beyond concepts, everything is perfect, in all dimensions,
inside and outside. You and everything are an expression of the
Perfection encoded within you and around you. You are born with
the Ultimate Goodness of Life.
Haola is chanted to activate this information structure of
unconditional harmony and perfection. Haola is chanted to
activate this energy encompassing all dimensions, all forms and
formlessness. Chanting Haola, we are awakening to the blue print
of perfection inside us and all of life. Chant Haola, feeling this
vibration, movement and aliveness inside, receiving it into every
aspect of your nature.

Haola technology
When repeating Haola over and over,
you are accessing the unconditional,
harmonized energy deep inside you. You
are penetrating the Hun Yuan Chi deeper
and deeper into all aspects of you with
each repetition. Chant long enough and
you will feel the fresh energy flushing
into your entire being through the top of
your head, activating all your channels,
all your organs, all aspects of you.
The movement of the tongue against the upper palette is an
important activation of your inner energy circuit.

Practice suggestions
• Respond to all of life with a Haola! When things are “great”:
Haola! When things go “wrong”: Haola! When you see a friend:
Haola! When you face a challenge: Haola! When you are troubled
mentally, physically, or emotionally: Haola! When the world goes
“crazy”: Haola! Chant Haola to invoke the goodness everywhere.
• Inner Smile: Activate an inner smile while softly chanting Haola,
allowing your mind and heart to rest as one. Smile inwardly to
the new life transforming within you.
• When something unsettles you, past troubles haunt you, or you
are resisting the latest challenge, chanting Haola allows all levels
of consciousness to integrate, inviting energetic unification and
harmonizing the subconsciousness. Acknowledge all feelings,
without any labels of good or bad. Relax any tightness into the
sound vibrations and the Ocean of Light. Trust. With the Haola
chant, the old energetic imprints are released and your energy
harmonized. This resolves the past experience because its energy
inside of you becomes resolved. For example: When you wake
up grumpy, part of your energy was not harmonized during your
sleep. By complaining, “I wish I had slept better,” you add even
more contraction. Try acknowledging, “Maybe my energy was
not fully integrated last night. Since I am feeling this way, I’ll
chant Haola.” Thus, you’re initiating, activating and resolving
your energy to create harmony.
• Chant Haola during other Wisdom Healing Qigong practices
such as Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down (LCUPCD) or Spinal Bone
Marrow. Chant Haola to each member of the Five Organ family
system as you wake up to start the day harmonized. Use the
images on pages 22-30 to support your visualizations.
• Chant Haola to help set the chi field before practicing, learning
something new, attending an event, going to sleep, working with
other people, or to get through a particular challenge.
Release and Absorb: “Kai / Hui” with Lachi
Kai (Ky) In Chinese, Kai means: open, expand, release. This
sound regulates the expansion of energy. We experience that
expansion and connection with the universal Hun Yuan Chi field
when making these sounds and the Lachi movement together.
You may choose to focus on releasing your negative patterns while
connecting with the Primordial Chi field and chanting Kai.
Hui (like ‘her,’ without pronouncing the ‘r”) means: close, contract,
draw inward, merge, unify with the pure energy within. While
chanting Hui, concentrate your mind and energy within your body,
organs and any area that needs healing. Feel the Hun Yuan Chi
penetrating and absorbing. Chanting Hui, we align the Hun Yuan
Chi deep within each aspect of ourselves with the Hun Yuan chi
field of the living universe.

Practicing Kai / Hui with the Lachi Meditation

We usually chant the ‘kai’ and ‘hui’ sounds with the Lachi practice.
The Lachi practice is simple, profound and reflects the most
universal rhythm of life–opening and closing.
Hands are held 6 to 10 inches apart, palms facing each other, in
front of your body. Creatively feel the energy between your palms
and expand that energy out as you pull your hands apart gently.
Absorb the energy deep inside your being as the hands press back to
the starting position. Move your hands slowly, gently, while relaxing
your shoulders and bringing your elbows in. Imagine your whole
body feeling the open and close of your hands. You don’t need to
move your hands very far apart, 2 to 5 inches is very effective.
You may visualize your hands holding your heart, or any other
body part, person, situation or experience. Release and absorb pure
energy to and from the Hun Yuan Chi field (integral to both you
and the universe), and then add the ‘kai’ and ‘hui’ sounds. Continue
for 5 to 15 minutes.

Five Organ Integrative Sound Healing
Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ) Five Organ Integrative Sound
Healing provides access to our organs directly for the purpose of
healing and harmonizing all dimensions of our five organ system,
including our emotional energy body. We learn to relate to the
energy of our organs beneath the triggers of experience, bypassing
the brain’s labels. We experience the harmony and the Oneness
when each of our organs, on all levels–physical, emotional, mental
and spiritual–are communicating freely.
Five Organ Integrative Sound Healing evokes the natural
energy pattern of each organ system. In addition to its specific
physiological function and purpose, each organ system has a unique
energy structure, vibration and movement. When each organ
system is functioning in its own natural pattern, we experience
physical health and balanced, positive emotions. We feel spiritually
fulfilled. When the organ energy system is distorted and not
moving in the natural patterns (e.g., suppressed or contracted), we
experience physical dis-ease and nonbeneficial negative emotions.
We feel separate and unfulfilled spiritually.
This technology activates the Hun Yuan Chi energy of our organs.
This energy is neutral and lives within everything that gets labeled
as both positive and negative. Within the neutrality of each organ’s
energy we find the formless field of the Infinite Potential (the Hun
Yuan Chi field), which is the source of all transformation.
As the state of integration is achieved in each organ system,
that integration in turn supports the integration of the next
organ system’s energy. As this integration accumulates, the
entire Five Organ family system harmonizes. A strong energetic
communication pattern is cultivated that creates a powerful overall
transformational healing pattern for you and for humanity. Step-

by-step the Hun Yuan Chi integration of the Five Organ system and
our whole being is achieved. This is the basic science of emotional
sound healing.
In the beginning, life around you may not change much, but you
can experience it all differently. The inner change will activate
healthy external changes in your relationships, and your creativity
and your sense of wholeness. This is the inner alchemy.

Three sounds for each of the five organ systems

For each organ system there is one sound that principally addresses
the cellular and physical dimension of this organ. We usually chant
this first. This awakens the life energy inside the organ waiting to be
moved and transformed.
The second sound we chant is to activate the emotional energy of
the organs and bring up the energy of our feelings. The emotional
energy of our life’s stories, which we label as positive or negative, is
stored within our organs.
The third sound we chant for each organ is to activate the mental/
spiritual dimension, the intelligence, purpose, and spirit of the
organ system. For example, we move from physically sensing the
heart as a biological pump sending blood throughout our body
to sensing our energy heart and its emotional capacities. Then we
become aware of the spiritual dimension of our heart, sensing the
peace and Oneness present deep inside our heart and knowing our
inter-connectedness to the Oneness of all life.
This sound technology, while transforming the organ energy back
into its healthy pattern, integrates all three dimensions of each
organ, bringing forth the natural state of the Hun Yuan Chi.
Besides activating the natural energy pattern of each organ, the
purpose of sound healing is to integrate five organ systems into one

harmonized energy body. Following this sequence–heart to kidneys,
kidneys to pancreas, pancreas to liver, liver to lungs, and then from
the lungs back to the heart–you are allowing the associated Five
Elements to unite through a pattern known as the immortality
cycle (unique among Five Element cycles).

Step-by-step Practice Suggestions

Before making healing sounds, visualize yourself in the center of the
Hun Yuan Chi field and let go of any perceptions of the skin and
other parts of the body. Focus on just the organs. In the beginning,
chant as loud as possible to cultivate the feeling of the energetic
vibration of the organs. Later, gradually experiment with making
the same sound softly to start feeling the movement of the energy
deep inside of you in your organs. Eventually practice by quietly
moving the tongue, thinking of the sound, feeling the energy
When making the sounds, visualize all contractions opening up and
releasing to the Hun Yuan Chi field. Allow and feel any discomfort
inside your body. Let it release and awaken a new pattern.
It is best to progress in a step-by-step way. When you are just
beginning to practice put most of your focus on chanting loudly,
until your awareness of the connection between the vibrations
of your voice and the organ’s energy has grown strong. You can
continue to chant loud even as the voice on the tape is soft or
whispering. Once the mind is strongly connected to the energy,
your intentions become very powerful.
Play the sound meditation CD and practice even when you cannot
make the sounds out loud (e.g. when your spouse is sleeping).
Move your mouth as if you were making the sound, or just relax
and absorb the sounds deep within while visualizing.

Getting the best benefit from your practice
Recognize that this is a very different approach to our body and our
energy. Relax and allow your experiences and the new information
and viewpoints to come into alignment within your Hun Yuan
Chi field naturally. Recognize that your unconscious energy body
is already participating. You are already engaged in this Wisdom
Healing Qigong Sound Healing Chi field because something drew
you to this material and has intrigued you to investigate deeper. The
activation of your energy body has already begun.
Recognize that this is a powerful transformative practice and as
stuck, stagnant emotional energy in our bodies shifts from its old
patterns a storm of feelings, symptoms of agitation and physical
pain are common. This is the energy shifting from an un-beneficial
pattern to a beneficial one. Be patient. Keep practicing. Practice
is the way through to the new potential of your energetic being.
We call these “chi reactions” and more information about them is
available to support you.
All healing requires change, and that process does not always feel
good at first. Keep asking yourself, “Am I practicing for deep and
lasting healing (creating a new healthy pattern) or practicing for
(temporary) relief of my symptoms?”
The goal in Wisdom Healing Qigong is to awaken patterns of
limitation, emotional discomfort and physical dis-ease in order to
deeply activate change and realize healing. These practices provide
a deep opportunity for change. Allow yourself to take advantage
of the full potential of the Wisdom Healing Qigong teachings.
For example, if you are experiencing a lot of fear, you can begin
by focusing on the kidneys. Then complete the entire Five Organ
Integrative practice to take advantage of its full potential.

While using your Sound Healing practice to help you with an
emotional crisis is beneficial, WHQ Five Organ Integrative Sound
Healing is much more than crisis-oriented management of your
emotions. This teaching is about awakening the divine blueprint,
the energy foundation before your trauma and conditioning. This is
pro-active healing instead of re-active healing.
The point is not to wait for problems to arise from your energy
body before you change the energy. Consistent practice will bring
you the full benefits of deep transformation. With any kind of
disturbance take advantage of the entire system of support and flow
through the whole pattern as you practice.

Practicing on your own

Use the audio files to hear the sounds and feel the energy
transmission from Master Mingtong Gu. Practice with the track
entitled “Five Organ Integrative Sound Healing Meditation”
until these sounds and this perspective are stabilized within
your energy field. Then add some spontaneity to your regular
practice, remembering to “set the Chi field” (see page 11), as your
sense of being encompassed in the Hun Yuan Chi field is key to
experiencing its transformative power.
Visualize each organ (starting with the heart) in the center of the
Hun Yuan Chi field, in the center of the vibrational energy created
by your sounds. Let go of all other ideas and thoughts about your
body, including your skin and lungs, and concentrate on just the
heart. Do not see the heart (or yourself ) as isolated and separate
from everything else. See it in the center of the infinite energy of
the universe. Smile into your heart and begin.

chant visuali z e

Xin Xian Xing

sheen, sheen-g
drawn out quietly

Heart Cardiovascular System
This organ system includes heart, small intestine, and thymus. It
governs the cardiovascular processes of the body and includes the
tongue, eyes and blood.

Happiness, joy, love, connection, fulfillment of desire and

+ wisdom, honor, sincerity, openness and peace.
Cruelty, greed and hatred. Excessive excitement, joy, anxiety
- or depression. Closed down, lack of openness.
Chant the sounds visualizing the energy opening up and
awakening with all contraction releasing. Smile inwardly. Think
of a happy loving memory.

The energy of each organ, including the heart, is neutral. Whether

it is expressed or experienced as happiness or hatred, it is still the
same energy of the heart. When the energy is too contracted and
you are experiencing hatred, it doesn’t mean the energy of the
happiness is not there. Happiness contracted is hatred. Do not try
to attain or receive happiness, instead go to the energy of your heart
and awaken it. Allow it to return to its natural state and you will
return to the state of happiness.
Energetic pattern: The main energy pattern of the heart is
expansion and contraction (think of the heart pumping). The
heart’s natural energy is expanding and opening. We are open-
hearted when the energy of our heart is flowing freely. When
the energy of the heart is contracted, we experience suppressed
emotional feelings and the muscle of the heart has difficulty
circulating the blood within the body.
Call the heart by its own name–Shin–and it will return to its
natural joyous state of openness. Think of happy loving memories
or a flower opening and make the sounds as if laughing.

chant visuali z e

Eh Eu Ying
quickly, blend
sharply drawn out with Eu

Kidney Reproductive system
This organ system includes kidneys, bladder, adrenal gland, ovaries,
prostrate and testicles. It governs the reproductive, glandular, bone
marrow and cellular systems. Other body parts include the ears,
teeth, bones and stem cells.

Cautious, alert, mindful, gentle, determination and

+ will power. Spiritual quality is kindness.
Excessive, unnecessary or uncontrollable fear, shock
- or fright. Hatred. Spiritual quality is ignorance.
Making the sounds transforms the energy of the
fear into positive emotions such as alertness and/or
cautious power.

Energetic pattern: Think of the strength and gentleness of water

flowing. When water turns to ice and this flow is interrupted,
you experience fear. If your energy seems depleted, your kidney
energy has been declining, sinking. To maintain emotional health
and prevent the depletion of energy chant these sounds to open
the frozen energy (fear) to flow freely. Bring the energy from the
reproductive organs to the Mingmen (an energy gate opposite
the navel on the lower back) and then up to the brain while
chanting. Closing the bottom gate, the Huiyin (the energy gate
at the perineum), during all three sounds is an important part of
cultivating healthy kidney energy.

These sounds neutralize our fears, which enables us to act instead of

react, transforming the fearful emotional energy into creative power
and nourishing the mind. This practice is effective for healing
hormonal, reproductive or skeletal issues.

Make the sounds as if you are groaning.

chant visuali z e

Gang Fu Zhong foouuu dz hoonngg

Pancreas Digestive system
This organ system includes stomach, spleen, pancreas, intestine, and
colon. It governs the digestive system. Other body parts include
mouth, skin and flesh.

Thoughtfulness, openness or equanimity.

+ Centeredness and being groundedness.
Worry, pride, self-importance and arrogance.
Troubles digesting food, digesting energy, digesting
information or too much thinking can each cause
- worry. The body doesn’t know what to do with the
excess food, emotion or information, and the energy
gets stuck.
Applying the sound healing and recovering the free
flow of your digestive system on all levels transforms
worry into openness and equanimity.

Energy pattern: Movement of the digestive system is a spiral

movement– both in and out. Spiraling out releases stagnant energy
and opens our energy up. Spiraling in we receive and stabilize the
fresh energy inside. Visualize this while making the second sound.
When making the third sound, bring the feeling of being totally
fulfilled to it, as if you are singing a song. Enjoy the sense of the
energy moving up and down through entire body. Enjoy the sense
of abundance and integration these sounds produce.

chant visuali z e

Tu Jiu Ling
like spitting G-e-w rhymes with
out halfway ring

Liver Purification system

This organ system includes the liver, spleen, gallbladder and pineal
gland. It governs the purification, the lymphatic and entire immune
system. Other body parts include eyes and tendons.

Courage and righteousness. Balanced emotionally

and producing right action. Fierce compassion, kind
anger, decisiveness, kindness.
+ If your mind is clear when angry, this indicates the
positive energy of anger. Creative anger expresses
through taking responsibility and right action.
Frustration, extreme anger, hatred, jealousy,
ignorance, anger from fear.

- When the brain is very clouded and out of control,

this indicates a negative anger; perhaps an anger
rising from fear and unfulfilled selfish desire. This is a
destructive anger.
Return to the natural pattern, which is uplifting.

Energy pattern: Liver energy moves upward. Imagine green energy,

like a plant in the spring, growing vertically upward. Ling means
spirit is alive and effective!
While making the first sound, project your anger with a spitting,
projecting ‘tu’ sound. Not at anyone, just a releasing sound.
The vibrations are also meant to penetrate deep into the liver,
gallbladder and spleen to shake free any blocked energy. While
making the second sound, focus on holding and circulating the
energy. With the third sound, ‘ling’, the energy rises up to the brain.
Use a shouting quality in your voice.

chant visuali z e

Sang Si-si Song

saw ong SS-sss so oong
descending out then in lips pursed

Lungs Respiratory system
This organ system includes the lungs and thyroid gland. It governs
the respiratory system. Other body parts are the nose, skin and hair.

Sympathy, compassion, deep knowing.

Sadness arising from experiencing the impermanency

+ of life can be healthy, powerful and transformative.

Natural grief encourages us to open to and
appreciate life every moment, cultivating our natural
Extreme sadness, overwhelming grief causing a
lingering depression.

- When our losses in life close us down because of our

excessive attachment, we have become victims. This
grief is contracted and not beneficial (goes against
the natural flow of life).
If feeling depressed and suffering from excessive
grief, encourage the energy pattern to return to its
natural function with the sounds, and feel the positive
conditions of lung energy and compassion.

Energy Pattern: The natural movement of the lung energy is

downward, descending. When this is not happening we feel
congested in the chest, sinuses and head. The color for the lungs is a
bright white or silver.
While chanting, express this powerful emotion of sorrow for
yourself, for others, and for all of humanity. Make the sound as if
crying, feeling the emotion deeply. As we heal ourselves, we heal the
Together the lung sounds will transform tears and sorrow into
saliva, a nectar of power and strength. Swallow the saliva, the
elixir, before chanting the third sound. This will release the sorrow,
allowing the deep compassion underlying the sadness to flow forth.
Verbalizing and Visualizing Guide for Five Organ Integrative Sound Healing
Heart – Cardiovascular System Sounds

Chinese Awakens English Movement
phonetics activates phonetics Sounds like Visualize Voice quality

Xin Physical Sheen The table has a nice A happy, memory Strong and slow

Xian Emotional She-ong She-ong (Shyahng) A flower opening As if laughing

Xing Spiritual Sheen - g Rhymes with fling Link heart to brain Quietly

Kidney – Reproductive System Sounds

Chinese Awakens English Movement
phonetics activates phonetics Sounds like Visualize Voice quality

Eh Physical Short E Echhh... Wake up Alert kidneys Sharp penetrating sound

Guttural also like (H)ay

Eu Emotional Eee—you Merged with Ying Water flowing and Drawn out circulates energy

Ying Spiritual Rhymes with ring Upward flow from reproductive
‘Yi,’ then ‘ng’ organs to brain

Pancreas – Digestive System Sounds

Chinese Awakens English Movement
phonetics activates phonetics Sounds like Visualize Voice quality
Gang Physical Short a, Gong (gawng) Penetrating deep Deep and drawn out. Make the
gawng into organs sounds as if singing

Fu Emotional Lips together Foo(d) A spiral movement Tongue invokes spiral circulation
in tight circle in and out

Zhong Spiritual Dz -awng Nasal vibrations in Connecting to the Up and down vertically through the
back of throat brain central channel, and entire body

Liver – Purification System Sounds

Chinese Awakens English Movement

phonetics activates phonetics Sounds like Visualize Voice quality

Tu Physical Tu To(gether) Releasing anger, Project out explosively then suddenly

not at anyone pull back. A staccato sound

Jiu Emotional soft j Jew (elry) Holding the energy Focusing attention, holding, spiraling

Ling Spiritual Rhymes with ring Connecting to Feel clarity growing within

Lung – Respiratory System Sounds

Chinese Awakens English Movement
phonetics activates phonetics Sounds like Visualize Voice quality

Song Emotional Strong ‘s’ Rhymes with Weeping filling up Your jaw relaxes your voice
Long ‘a’ sarong (dress) the entire lungs expressing the feelings of sadness

Si-si Physical Si (exhale)Ssss Snake sound out, Tears become Feel the saliva in your mouth and
(inhale) then pulled back in saliva (nectar) swallow

Song Spiritual Sonnnggg Rhymes with Relax deeply down Lips rounded
tongue the spine
Suggestions for practice
• Add the Inner Smile practice as you chant, smiling deeply into
each organ system.
• As you chant, imagine the organ you are concentrating on as the
organ of a pure, newborn baby.
• Sit quietly before beginning the sounds for an organ, and
visualize the color for that organ system as a colored light
radiating from and towards all parts of that organ system. See this
radiance expanding in every direction into the infinite Hun Yuan
Chi field, as well as penetrating every cell, as you chant.
• Experiment with practicing while driving, walking, cooking, even
sleeping; chanting anywhere, anytime and often. Remember to
set the chi field,\ when beginning, and close in gratitude.
• Call forth any challenging emotion and without trying or
pretending, observe what happens as you make the sounds. When
emotions are triggered by events in your life, practice the sound
healing and notice the results. Practice with the entire cycle, not
just the organ releasing that particular emotional feeling. Then
imagine looking at this same event or story 10 years from now, as
if you had continued with the label of “bad.” Next, get a sense of
how it would feel in your body 10 years from now without any
labels of “good or bad.”
• Playfully call forth any beneficial emotion, feel the movement of
the sounds and how the positive emotions are reinforced.
• Copy the Smiley Face 100-day Gong chart off the website and commit yourself to a dedicated
practice of sound healing every day for 100 days in a row! Find it
under Free Tools in the website Store.

Wisdom Healing Qigong Sound Healing creatively shifts the
energetic vibrations in organs to a pattern harmonized with the
Hun Yuan Chi field. This new energetic movement opens up our
potential for greater physical and emotional health. As it opens
our energy to the spiritual dimensions we often feel spacious,
spontaneous and luminous. This is an indication that we are no
longer fragmented and our energy has become integrated with the
The energetic resolution of the old energy patterns results in a
freeing up of our energy for deeper purposes of transformation.
Continued practice will stabilize this state into your new normal.
As each organ system experiences beneficial shifts from using the
sounds – the whole family – the entire five organ system grows in
harmony. As the communication between the organs increases the
benefits will manifest in greater emotional stability and well being.
Anytime we choose, we can shift our focus from our own individual
healing and extend our practice to include our entire human family
and the whole planet. In this way we seek healing on all levels, in all
dimensions. Enjoy experimenting with expanding your practice to
include your particular concerns.
As we heal ourselves, we heal the world! Haola!
May a free flow of energy create healing, wholeness, happiness and
peace in your lives…
Together we dedicate our practice to the awakening of our full capacity
as individuals and as a society…
Together we give thanks for the Wisdom Healing Qigong teachings
brought forward by Dr. Pang and our vast Qigong family activating
healing throughout the world…
May the healing continue...

Tips for using these materials
• Imagine that you are practicing with all the other Wisdom Healing
Qigong practitioners worldwide and visualize yourself at the
Healing Retreats where these recordings were made. Activate and
trust the healing chi field that you have become a part of with your
desire to learn this practice. Tap into the cumulative power of this
practice and all the dedication of all the other practitioners.
• Your intention and sincere efforts will override any confusion you
have about this practice. Relax and do your best. Feeling into the
vibration and energy movement within your organs and body is
more important than the accuracy and vocal quality. Connect with
your purpose of conscious energetic transformation.
• In the beginning, use the images in this booklet to support your
visualizations. Familiarize yourself with the images provided, then
close your eyes and follow along as Master Gu verbally guides you
through the practice. Visualization is not so much about “seeing”
as it is about creating. Allow your mind to go beyond your five
sense perception directly to the mind’s creativity.
• Listen beyond the words, feel into their meaning, relax and receive
the transmission flowing from your teacher’s teachers. The text and
the tables are the synthesis of years of teaching and are best studied
in a meditative manner.
• Use these audio files over and over again, activating the deep
penetration of the healing energy and stabilizing this new pattern
within you. After practicing, move gently to circulate the powerful
energy freely. Rotating your shoulders, tapping your head and
stroking your body are helpful methods for integrating the energy.
• Many layers of information, visualization, and practice are
offered here. Don’t try to take everything in and practice it all
at once. Take your time and proceed step-by-step, integrating
and stabilizing this transformative practice into your life. Open
yourself to all the possibilities eager to unfold.

Di sk Two:
Five Organ
Sound Healing

Chi field setting and purpose

Activating Hun Yuan Chi in Five

Organ Practice

Labels, stories and emotional


Learning the sounds:15 sounds, 5


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