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Due to the concern of the principal of the school, Dr. Juanito V. Victoria ignites the heart of all fellow
teachers to support and assist the newly hired teachers for their work.

With the same desire, Grade 8 level in-charge (Both AM and PM session) initiates an emergency meeting
to discuss agendas for the benefits of its stake holders primarily for the students, parents, and teachers.

June 21, 2018 arise a memorandum about this meeting. And by the following day it was executed.

Ma’am Rowena C. Armado (AM session Grade 8 level in-charge) greets and welcomes the grade 8
teachers. She set a good example for being punctual. She gave an update for the MASTER LIST of the
students. A hetero type of classifying students was used and she remind us to expect additional students
due to transferees. In these regard CLASS SCHEDULE will somehow still stable but any conflicts may still
arise due to external arrangements for instance a TLE teacher wants to swap his or her schedule to a AP
teacher, if that is the case, the chairman or the year level in-charge must be informed.

School orientation for the students have a big impact for their DISCIPLINE, but as expected for most of
the students, constant reminders will be beneficial. The Grade 8 level in-charge motivate the teaching
staff to monitor the students and reminds them to have a self-discipline including picking up trash to
have a good vicinity. Monitoring students even not in the classroom makes possible seeing that there
are TEACHERS’ NOOK that built in every floor of the building. The chairman continues to notify teachers
to move in a specific nook nearby from their respected classrooms. A memo will follow to see that
through. With some despondent, the chairman told us that there are some teachers need to sacrifice to
move in different classroom from one building to another building and somehow makes five different

In every school year, one of the program that builds encouragement for the dream of every students
and their families is the State of the School Address (SOSA). This program will be headed by the
principal. The chairman of the meeting gave us hints about its flow so that teachers can help assist the
parents. After the SOSA, every class advisers will conduct a PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE. Teachers
are concern for the welfare of the students, second to the parents. Thus, the chairman ask the teachers
to give some ideas about the possible project that the parents will make. She reminds us that the
teacher’s role will facilitate the election of Classroom Parents Officers with proper quorum. And the
project will make will be from the initiatives of the parents.

Teachers after the meeting are so joyful and enlightened, indeed ready for its tomorrow.

This Narrative report is in the form of audience-eye-view.