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TLED 430 Module 3 Collaborative Assignment

Web 2.0 Tools to Support Collaborative learning

MY NAME: Omelia Jones

Name of the tool Mindomo
shares this
Where to access
this tool (web
shares this
Brief instructions 1. Type in the URL
of how to use the 2. Click on the green box that says “Get Started”
tool (please 3. Choose the type of account you need (ex. select teacher)
number these) 4. Fill in the information to create an account
(Presenter 5. Mindomo will then send to the email address you entered a
shares this confirmation link for you to select to activate your account
info) 6. Click on the Mindomo logo at the top of screen to return to the
7. Log in
8. Click on the Create button at the top left
9. Select which type of map, diagram, or outline you want to use and
then click on Create at the bottom right of the box
10. Begin creating and organizing your thoughts with the brainstorm
map by clicking on the initial box to input your information
11. On the box there is a small triangle that you can click on to add
additional boxes for topics, subtopics, editing tools
12. All work is auto saved and automatically shares with the teacher
4 Positives and 3 Positives: Challenges:
challenges of 1. Students can work in real 1. Free plan only allows 3
using the tool time by creating, sharing, maps and limited guests
(Presenter and revising their work with and tools
shares this each other 2. Will be difficult to use for
info) 2. Student accounts can be younger students
created without an email 3. Work is shared to the
address teacher if it is finished or
3. Can add pictures, audio, not and students may not
videos, and comments like having their unfinished
4. Students can show their product and/or mistakes
work as a map, outline, or revealed before hand
slide presentation
Together with 1. SOL 4.5 Science: The student will investigate and understand how
your group plants and animals, including humans, in an ecosystem interact with
BRAINSTORM one another and with the nonliving components in the ecosystem.
specific grade Key concepts include c) flow of energy through food webs.
level/subject 2. SOL 6.7 English: The student will write narration, description,
matter ideas for exposition, and persuasion. Key concepts include b) use a variety of
how the tool can prewriting strategies including graphic organizers to generate and
be used in PK-12. organize ideas, c) organize writing structure to fit mode or topic, and
Add as many d) establish a central idea and organization.
numbers as you 3. SOL 3.11 Civics: The student will explain the responsibilities of a
need to (e.g. 1-3 good citizen, with emphasis on a) respecting and protecting the
if you have 3 rights and property of others, c) describing actions that can improve
members in your the school and community, and e) practicing honesty and
TLED 430 Module 3 Collaborative Assignment
group or 1-4 if trustworthiness.
you have 4). One
idea per peer.
You should do
this DURING your

PEER’S NAME: Souad King

Name of the Trello
tool (Presenter
shares this
Where to
access this tool
(web address)
shares this
Brief 1. Type in the URL:
instructions of 2. Create an account by clicking on the sign-up button at the top right.
how to use the 3. Create an account by entering the information needed, once log in
tool (please then you can add a team to the account.
number these) 4. Once logged in, students can create their profile by choosing a
(Presenter username, avatars, different languages if the class is a foreign
shares this language, enter their biography…etc.
info) 5. Once the profile is set up, students can create boards that can be
made up of lists where students can be engaged in discussions,
share work, and discuss assignments and quizzes. The lists also can
be made of cards to keep track of everything. These cards can be
dragged across to fit the list desired to keep up with ones work and
then organize them accordingly.
6. After account is created and a team is added, students can

4 Positives and 3 Positives: Challenges:

challenges of 1. You can have access to 1. No notification bar or icon
using the tool many boards to arrange when corrections are made
(Presenter your topics 2. The click and drag can give
shares this 2. The ability for other users access to others to modify
info) to be engaged in the work work that may not need
and be able to revise, adds modification and students
comments, and share work can drag it by error
3. Creating a team with many 3. May not be suitable for
members is easy young students
4. Can be used as an
5. Teachers can use this tool
to monitor their students
and their levels
Together with 1. SOL 4.4 in Science: The student will investigate and understand
your group basic plant anatomy and life processes. Key concepts include a)
BRAINSTORM the structures of typical plants and the function of each structure;
specific grade b) processes and structures involved with plant reproduction; c)
level/subject photosynthesis; and d) adaptations allow plants to satisfy life
matter ideas for needs and respond to the environment. Students can use Trello
how the tool can outside the classroom to help one another with plants structure
be used in PK-12. and reproductive via pictures they can upload if one needed help
Add as many and also to discuss parts of the plant
numbers as you 2. SOL 7.7 Geometry: The student will compare and contrast the
need to (e.g. 1-3 following quadrilaterals based on properties: parallelogram,
TLED 430 Module 3 Collaborative Assignment
if you have 3 rectangle, square, rhombus, and trapezoid. Students can upload
members in your any problem and share it with their classmates for better
group or 1-4 if understanding if the problem is done by someone that already
you have 4). One knows how to solve. Then they can share
idea per peer. 3. SOL 6.8 English (writing): The student will edit writing for correct
You should do grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence
this DURING your structure, and paragraphing. a) Use a variety of graphic
conversation. organizers, including sentence diagrams, to analyze and improve
sentence formation and paragraph structure. Students can use
Trello boards for specific parts of grammar like one board just for
verb conjugation, another for spelling, another for punctuation,
and others for example sentence formation..etc. Here students
can collaborate, give feedback, and edit their peers work

PEER’S NAME: Megan Rosado

Name of the AWW: A Web Whiteboard
tool (Presenter
shares this
Where to
access this tool
(web address)
shares this
Brief 1. Go to the website by typing in your search bar
instructions of 2. On the pop up click on the green box that says start drawing
how to use the 3. To share, click on the green box at the top that says invite and provide
tool (please the URL to those who need it
number these) 4. Students may drag the mouse cursor on the white page to draw the
(Presenter letters they want or a picture
shares this 5. Depending on the task at hand, students will need to locate the task
info) bar on the left-hand side (to type click on Aa, to erase click on the
block, to upload a picture click on the plus sign to upload)
6. Once finish select export board and chose PDF option to download to
4 Positives and 3 Positives: Challenges:
challenges of 1. You do not need to sign up 1. To save a board you must
using the tool 2. Multiple people can work register
(Presenter on the project at the same 2. When exporting a PDF, a
shares this time using link provided watermark will be on the
info) 3. Students have the ability to document
chat with one another on 3. Everyone has the ability to
the site by utilizing the chat erase the content on the
box on the right side page
4. There are templates
available for use free of
Together with 1. 8th Grade Math
your group Measurement Focus: Problem Solving 8.6 The student will a) verify by
BRAINSTORM measuring and describe the relationships among vertical angles,
specific grade adjacent angles, supplementary angles, and complementary angles;
level/subject and
matter ideas for 2. 4th Grade Science
how the tool can Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change 4.7 The student will investigate
be used in PK-12. and understand the organization of the solar system. Key concepts
Add as many include a) the planets in the solar system; b) the order of the planets
numbers as you in the solar system; and c) the relative sizes of the planets.
need to (e.g. 1-3 3. 9th Grade History
if you have 3 VUS.11 The student will apply social science skills to understand
TLED 430 Module 3 Collaborative Assignment
members in your World War II by a) analyzing the causes and events that led to
group or 1-4 if American involvement in the war, including the Japanese attack on
you have 4). One Pearl Harbor and the American response;
idea per peer.
You should do
this DURING your