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Company Profile

Nonsensical Sounds- A sound location company owned by Coulston Rogerson. This company is
stationed in Philadelphia, PA. This company takes on businesses seeking advertisement audio,
and records whatever they need.

Meet The Cast

Name: Coulston Rogerson

Occupation: Location Sound Mixer, owner of Nonsensical Sounds, a local location sound
Goal- To get by and be happy. Also to have drinks with Katz on Friday.

Name: Jeremiah
Occupation: Owner of recently started Jeremiah Fisheries, a fishing equipment shop in
Goal- To become a successful store owner, get his name out there.

Name: Jason Katz

Occupation: Accountant at Bilo Accounting and Financial Services.
Goal- Be successful, have fun. And also have drinks with Coulston on Friday.

Genre #1: Ad for Nonsensical Sounds

Exigence: Coulston would like to make an advertisement for his business.

Writer: Coulston Rogerson
Primary Audience: Business Owners
Secondary Audience: Secretaries of Business Owners
Author’s Purpose/Goal: To encourage businesses to collaborate with Nonsensical Sounds
Context/Background Info: Nonsensical Sounds has been created and is fairly successful.
Coulston seeks a bit more business.
Genre 2: Offer From Jeremiah

Exigence: Jeremiah needs to get store recognition, saw flyer

Primary Audience: Coulston Rogerson of Nonsensical Sounds
Secondary Audience: Any other potential advertisement agencies, video producers
Author’s Purpose/Goal: To do business with Nonsensical Sounds
Context/Background Info: Jeremiah Fisheries recently came into existence, and now needs an
influx of cash,

Subject: Business Venture

Dear Mr. Rogerson,

My name is Jeremiah, and I have recently started my own fishing business. I saw your flyer in
the mail and am interested in hiring you for an advertisement I hope to record in about a month. I
already have a script prepared, and would like this to happen in my store, located on 22nd Street
in Philadelphia.

I do not know your rate from the flyer, but I would like to get an estimate of how much this
would cost beforehand. Thank you for your time.

Jeremiah Fishing
22nd Street, Philadelphia PA.

Subject: Questions Answered

Good Afternoon Mr. Jeremiah.

Right now, the defining factor for my business is hours. If I am recording for ten hours, I usually
ask for around $1500, but if this is a quick three hour job, I can charge about $900. Bottom line, I
do not get up for under $750. Since you are emerging in the business, I can charge you my
lowest rate if the job is under 2 hours.

My schedule is open a month from now, but you need to give me a defined date and time before
someone snatches it up, and I also need a list of all the companies you have worked with before.

Talk soon,
Coulston Rogerson
Nonsensical Sounds
(603) 727-2860

Subject: Possible Date And Rates

Dear Mr. Rogerson,

Thank you for answering back so quickly, I really appreciate it. I had no idea audio was that
expensive but hopefully we can keep it under two hours, so I will pay the $750. As for dates, if
you are available I would like to shoot on the 22nd. Below is a list of companies I have worked
with. See you then.
Hacker’s Fishing Supplies
Gwendlynn’s Fishing Rods
Kracker’s T-Shirts And Accessories
Brother Bilo Accounting And Financial Services

Genre #3: Monetary Assurance

Exigence: Coulston needs to know that Jeremiah is reliable money-wise.
Primary Audience: Jason Katz
Secondary Audience: Coulston Rogerson
Author’s Purpose/Goal: Monetary Reassurance
Context/Background Info: Jason Katz’s company has worked with Jeremiah before and his
transactions have been fairly quick.

Subject: Financial Insurance

Hey Jason,
Long time no see man. Glad to see you still in the rat race. We still on for drinks on Friday? Now
for some actual work talk…. *ahem* I have a potential client who has done business with you
and I want to make sure that he is good on the money. Name is Jeremiah of Jeremiah Fishing.
Can you tell me about any transactions he has done with you, and how long it took to actually
receive his payment? Is he good for it?
Talk soon man,

Subject: RE Financial Insurance

Sup man,
Hell yeah we are still on for drinks. Would love some right now. Work is boring as shit.
Anyways, yeah we have a couple records for Jeremiah Fishing. Jeremiah took out a loan from us
on the 12th of March and repaid it in about three months’ time. He seems like he should be good
on the money, was pretty nice.
Let me know if there is anything else I can help you out with before we get shitfaced.

Subject: Thanks

Thanks man. I really appreciate this. See you on Friday.

Genre #4: Confirmation with Jeremiah Fishing

Exigence: Coulston needs to inform Jeremiah of his decision

Primary Audience: Jeremiah
Secondary Audience: Jason Katz, future business partners of Jeremiah Fishing
Author’s Purpose/Goal: To confirm business with Jeremiah
Context/Background Info: This occurs directly after all previous genres.

Subject: Confirmation And Next Steps

Dear Jeremiah,
After checking with some references, I am now ready to proceed with business. The 22nd is fine
with me, but you need to slap a start time in. I am alright with charging the $750. Even though I
have checked with your references, I still have a policy that requires I ask for a portion of the
payment up front with new customers. I am going to have to ask that you give me the first $200
up front. The rest can come after everything has gone through.
Thanks. Talk soon.
Coulston Rogerson
Nonsensical Sounds

Subject: Final Confirmation

Dear Mr. Rogerson,

I am alright with giving you the $200 up front. I would love to meet up at my store and record
the advertisement around 7:00 AM on the 22nd. The $750 rate is alright with me. Thank you for
your business. Talk to you soon.
Jeremiah Fishing
22nd Street, Philadelphia PA.

Genre #5: Claim

Exigence: Coulston needs answers to a huge hole in his wallet after his job with Jeremiah.
Primary Audience: Jeremiah
Secondary Audience: Future business partners of Jeremiah, Jason Katz
Author’s Purpose/Goal: To express anger, ask why there is not a larger check in the mail.
Context/Background Info: The job went off without a hitch, but the incorrect amount was given
to Coulston on two accounts.

Subject: Some Questions….

Good afternoon, Jeremiah.

I have recently looked at my bank account and noticed that I was not only underpaid, but shorted
a whole third of the agreed upon price.

Let’s take a step back and review, at least from my side of all of this.

When I came to the recording session, I was handed an incorrect amount of money from you. I
thought that this was alright considering this would be a seemingly fast job and I could just ask
you for the remainder after.

When the session ran long, I was under the impression that this is just some jitters from you,
thinking that we would get it in the next take. I did not expect this going an hour longer than

Nonetheless, I am a fairly forgiving man and thought that I would just charge the agreed upon
rate. Sadly I had to leave immediately to go to my son’s soccer game after and could not ask for
the remainder of the down payment.

It is made pretty clear you wanted to short me. If not by the first payment, then made especially
clear when I woke up to see your addition to my bank account was far far under the expected
amount. The agreed upon price was $750 for two hours. So far I have received a total of $500 for
a payment of three hours.
Please note that I am not upset by this. I know things can get tangled up places, and I am fine if
the rest comes in at a later date. But the effort seems pretty clear that you never intended to pay
the full amount. Someone vouched for you, man. Don’t throw them under the bus too.


Genre #6: Adjustment

Exigence: Jeremiah needs to resolve the conflict and reassure Coulston

Primary Audience: Coulston
Secondary Audience: Jason Katz, future business partners of Jeremiah Fishing
Author’s Purpose/Goal: To apologize for a monetary hiccup

Subject: Apologies

Dear Mr. Rogerson,

Please know that I never intended to withhold monetary value from you. I gave you what I had
on me in both instances, and I had to run back to the bank to take out a loan to give you the rest. I
should have done this earlier, and I apologize for any inconvenience.
I hope that this does not affect both my and my reference’s reputability with you.

As for the advertisement recording taking longer than expected; that is completely on me. I did
not expect it to take that long.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to make this up to you. The requested
amount of money should be in your bank account now.
With many apologies,
Jeremiah Fishing
22nd Street, Philadelphia PA
Z. De Piero Student:
202D Business Writing, F’18

Rubric for 202D Final Project

Rubric for Rhetorical Situations

Did Not Meet Met Exceeded

Expectations Expectations Expectations

Company Profile

Have you you provided relevant background information

to help bring your organization to life? What’s the name
of this organization/company? What’s their field,
industry, or “line of work”? Where are they
located? Who is their clientele?


What prompted the writer’s need to communicate? What’s

the urgency behind the need to enact this particular
genre? Why this, why now?


Who is the writer? What’s their name, what

organization/company are they affiliated with, and what’s
their role/position?

Audience (Primary and Peripheral)

Who is the intended/primary audience for this

genre? What’s their name, what organization/company
are they affiliated with, and what’s their position/role?

Additionally, what other peripheral/secondary audiences

might play a role in how we can understand this
genre? Might other people be interested in the message
that’s being communicated? Could the writer have
additional people in mind beyond the specific person(s)
that they’ve contacted?

What’s the writer’s goal? Is it realistic? Have they
identified a concrete, actionable outcome that they’re
hoping to achieve?

Context / Background Info

What additional information is necessary to make the

most sense of this rhetorical situation? Do the writer and
their audience have a “history” of sorts? Is there an
upcoming deadline? Has a company’s policy or personnel
recently gone through changes? Is there a current “hot
topic” that’s circulating throughout the news cycle that
makes this communication more urgent?

Notes and Score (X/7.5)

Rubric for Textual Genres

Did Not Meet Met Exceeded

Expectations Expectations Expectations

Genre Identification

Did you (accurately) name/identify each unique genre

that you enacted?

Alignment with the Rhetorical Situation

Does the genre that you created/enacted accurately

reflect the rhetorical situation (for each genre) that you
laid out?

Genre-Specific Conventions

To what extent did each textual genre include its most

important conventions? Remember: when we think of
“conventions,” we think of the unique characteristics,
features, patterns, or ingredients of a particular
genre. (e.g. a sspecific subject or an e-signature line for
an email)

Rhetorical Strategies
Has the writer used various rhetorical strategies to
persuade their reader/audience in the most effective
way possible? From jargon (technical terminology), to
particular details (e.g. the specific amount of $ due for
a claim; timelines for a call to action), to
communication with internal vs. external audiences,
have you (the student) brought each genre “to life” in
realistic ways with your language-based decisions?


Is the writer’s communication organized/structured in

a clear and logical manner? Does the organizational
strategy best suppor the writer’s goals of each particular

Mechanics + Punctuation

Have you demonstrated a control of mechanics and

punctuation? Are you using complete sentences (unless
intentionally avoiding them for stylistic reasons)?

Notes and Score (X/15)

Rubric for “Metacognitive Moves” Reflection

Did Not Meet Met Exceeded

Expectations Expectations Expectations

Focus on “Moves”

What writerly decisions did you make in this project? Did

you identify numerous, conseequential “moves” that you
made for this project? Did you articulate what you did
and why you did it? (Or didn’t do it?) do that

Examples of “Moves”
Is your analysis of your moves connected to your
language? Have you quoted yourself to provide concrete

Learning and Insights

The whole point of engaging in a metcaognitive reflection

(like this) is to better understand what you’re learning and
to communicate that with others. What insights are you
gaining about written communication? About language?
About rhetorical situations? About genre? Ahout
organizational structures?


Think back to your interview. How/when/where/why

did you draw from insights that came out of your
interview? Indicate how your interview informed this 202d

Connection to Assigned Readings

Per the syllabus, did you make specific connections to

our assigned course readings? What ideas, concepts, or
strategies informed your project? I’d like to see you
paraphrase and “quote” at least 5 different times from at
least 3 different readings/chapters.!

Notes and Score (X/15)