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ligirtiirg- efier'ts ir iil ji,'lrr:

ALL INCANDESCENT BULBS generate light when
HOW THE electrical current is sent through a srrrall fiIament wire made
of tungsten. This filament wire has high resistance to the
I NCAN DESGENT flow ofetectricity. As current flows through, resistance of the
filament wire causes it to heat up enough to become ln-
BULB V\/ORKS candescent (light emitting).
To keep the filament from burning up, it is sealed in a
elass bulb filled with an inert gas such as argon or nitrogen.
the filament is supported by a glass stem an.d, is connected
to its 6nse by small lead. wires.
As the tungsten filament glows, molecules of the metal
"boil off." I'hey are carried by the hot circulating gases
(shown at left by arrows) to the top of the bulb where they
deposit on the cooler bulb surface - causing the bulb to
blacken slowly. This accounts for the darkening of the bulb
after it has burned a long time.
lvhy Does a Bulb Burn Oui?
Eventually so much tungsten "boils" away that the
filament breaks and the bulb "burns out." If the filament is
designed to burn at a very high temperature, it will glow very
brightly, but the tungsten will vaporize quickly and the lamp
life will be very short. This is why the photoflood bulb can
- On the lots of light but only for a short period of time.
other hand, if the filament of a light bulb is
designed to burn at a relatively low temperature, it will not
glow as brightly. But it will last longer because the tungsten
"boils" away more slowly. Therefore, bulbs with longer lives
emit less light.

How Long Do Bulbs Last?

Since 1,he cost of electricity to operate the bulb is the
lai'gest part of the cosf of lieht, G-E bulbs are designed to
give as much light as possible for the electricity consumed.
They are designed for a practical life span which will minimize
the aut.ryance of replacing bulbs. The actual rated life of
mcsi. household liglrt bulbs varies between 750 and 2500 hours,
depending on the particular type.
\Videly increased use of bulbs today has caused many
people to say, "They jusl don't last like they used to" not
realizing. of course, that they are actually using their lighting
far mo'e r.rtlaj than orlya lew years ago. ln reality. Lhe qual-
itv depend.rbilitv of todav s lighl bulb is higher than
The ll1,lportance ol Gorrect Bulb Voltage
A bulb's life can be seriousiy affected if it is not operated
at ji,s rzrted voltage. For examp]e, operating a 120-volt light
bull,' r-'n I 25 volis shortens iis life ,10 % ! On the other hand, if
the same bulb is operated on 115 voits it will last longer, but
its iight ouiput wiil be reduced 13%. It is obvious that
ktt best li.ghting uaLue" bulb voltage (stamped right on the
end of the buib) should closely match the socket voltage.

"Dusi" is on the inslde of bulb giv;ng odvdnce wornins thci the

bulb is dpprooching end of life.
- 25 - 40 - 50 - 60 - 75 - 100 - 150

200. Bulb size increases with wattage. Today all bulbs are
smaller than they used to be, but they produce more light
HOUSEHOLD than ever! Example: 4O-watt through 100-watt bulbs are all
BULBS the same size.
FINTSHES? Inside frost i9 the standard we've had for years.
The newer soft white (a milky-colored inside coating) is
better looking, conceals blackening, softens "hot spots" in
shielding materials, and smooths the "scallop" of light on
walls near lamp shades.
\A/HERE TO BUY? Most grocery stores have bulbs in all
sizes and finishes. Some drug stores and all hardware, variety
This is and electrical shops handle them too. Handy four-bulb pack-
their ages are space savers and assure spares when needed.
1. When re-lamping a hard-to-reach, multi-socket fixture,
install all new bulbs of the same finish and wattage. Bulb
"lives" of the same wattage are approximately the same,
so when one or two burn out, the rest are sure to be "living
on borrowed time." You'll save time and energy by cleaning
glassware and replacing all bulbs in the same operation.
2. Heat rises
- so the coolest part of a burning or just-
turned-off bulb is the lowest part. Grasp it here to mini-
mize the possibility of burned fingers.
3. Dust and dirt absorb light, so don't forget the light bulbs
when doing the weekly cleaning.

75 wctt
REGIPE FOR USE Two in fixiure over sink or be-
hind o cornice boord. -
Lorse three{o<ket podoble lomp.
Ouidoo. po5r or porio l;ght.

25 wott
Deco.otive uses, su.h os trodiiionol
tlI 100 wotr
loniern with frosted gloss globe
Poir of pin-to-woll lomps ot
r'{odern luminous suspended
"bubbles,'of 5 or 6-in. diometers. Dre5sing toble or dresser lomps.
Honging fixiure in kir.Ien or d;nette.
Lorse two.socket poaoble lomp.

40 woti ond 50 wdrr 150 worr

Bedroom or dinins room {ixiure3 Reodins lomp wiih 8-in. diffusins
with foor or five sockers. bowl, one'woy so.ker.
Holl fixtures wirh rhree socket!. Kitchen or utility room ceiling globe.
Mulii-3ocket bdth mirror brockets. Very lorse (24-in.) luminous
Porloble lomps with three or more honsin9,,bvbbte.,,
Goroge or +oroge oreo-

200 wott
Three-rocket kir.hen "drum-type" torse kir.hen globe l4 to
/r\ulri'9lobe ceilins fixture (6-in. di- Reodins lomp (nor three-woy) wirh
ometer opol slos3). 8-in. diffusing bowl.
Sinsle-socker boih hirror side Gorose or storose oreo.

Smoll veslibule .eiling fixture


Three-way bulbs have two filaments. Each can possibleto create two completely different effects
be operated separately or in combination with the with the same bulb.
other. First lhe low-wattage filament is switched The very newest three-way bulbs are the 25-35-60
on separately; then the high-wattage filament watt bulbs. These are used in special dining room
separately; and then the two together to give three or bedroom fixtures with three or more three-way
lighting effecls. The flexibility offered by this type sockets and are called Cluster-Lites. These bulbs
bulb is easy to see - the bulb is turned on high give three very uniform steps of lighting with no
for reading. sewing, as well as for creating a bright, dark spots on the fixture.
cheerful atmosphete in a room. On low, the bulb
can be used as a night light, or to provide a more How lo Make Sure a Three-\ /ay
subdued atmosphere in a room. On the middle Bulb Operates Gorrectly
setl-ing, the bulb is used for lelevision viewing,
conversation, or entertaining. In vanity lamps, lhe A special three-way socket and switch are required
high levei is used for grooming and the low level is to insure the flexibility you can get from the three-
turned on iust to add bo the general lighting in way bulb. Instead of just one contact, there are
the room. two contacts. Because there are two filaments in
One three-way bulb type i.he 50-200-250 - the bulb, there are two contacts in the base. Tight-
goes from a very low level of- lighl (50 watts) to ening the bulb in the socket should insure that
a very high ievel of light (250 watts) making it both of these contacts are connected.


Wattage ordering No. Description

BJlbs w,th Standard (Medium) Tl'ree-Wav Bases

25-35 60 25/60 "Cluster'Lite" Pull-down Jixtures and fixtures equipped with threeway
lnside Frost
30/100 lnside Frost Dressing table or dresser lamps. TV or decorative lamps,
30/100/w Soft White small pin-ups.

50/150r\4 lnside Frost End table or junior floor and swing'arm lamps, study lamps
50-100-150 with diffusing bowls.
50/ 150M/W Soft White
s0 100 150 50/ 150R/W Soft White Large bulb with "built-in diftusing bowl" for end table and
lndirect Bulb junior tloor lamps with large wide harps.
50,200,250 50l25OM/lV.t Soft White End table or junior floor and swing arm lamps, study lamps
with diffusing bowls.
Bulbs with Large (Mogul) Three-Way Bases

50-100-150 s0l150 lnside Frost Junior floor and swing arm lamps and torcheres with mogul
100 200,300 100/300 Soft White Senior table and floor lamps, torcheres with mogul sockets.



Ring Contact
show;ng schemotic
orrongement of the
Tip Contact
s;lvered-bowl bulb

Reflectorized incandescent bulbs have silver or t l\


aluminum reflector coatings either on the inside or out- ../ \

side to direct the light where needed. These bulbs
are usually sold in hardware, electrical, and variety stores.

Silvered-Bowl Bulbs
Shaped like regular household bulbs, silvered-bowl
bulbs have a silver reflector applied to the outside of
the rounded end. They should be operated in a
base-up position so the silvering will direct the light
upward onto the ceiling or into a reflector. The
silver coating also prevents seeing the "hot spot"
of the bulb. They are available in 60, 100, 150, and
200-watt sizes and are used primarily in home work areas.
Lishring fixrure w;rh silvered-bowl
bulb keeps elore from user'r eyes.


B ulb B ulb B ulb
Wattage Ordering No. Diameter Length Descrip.
Reflecto r Bulbs
A w;de voriery of bulbr with 3pe.iol ti 30 30R20
(in inches (in inches)
2Yz 3t 7rc
Med. Flood
reflector 5hope5 ore ovoiloble for
indoor usei where iighr musr be
directed in d bedm. There reflecror
3 50
75 R30/S P
[/ ed. Flood
bulbs hove o 3ilver .ooiins opplied
to the inside of the bulb so rhe re-
flector .onnot become rornished.
75 R30/ FL
ReJlector bulb
150 150R/FL 5 6eAa Flood
Rellector Bulbs
Spotlight bulbs direct their light in a nar-
row beam and are especially good for accent
lighting on decorative objects. Flood-
light bulbs spread their light over a larger
area and are well-suited for recessed ceiling fix-
tures used to light family rooms, etc.

Rece5'ed odiudqble fix" Good opplicqtions o{ reflector

ture direcr! lighr from spors ond floodr ore
reflector bulb over per occeni lighting.

PAR Bu lbs
i Wattage Ordering No.
B ulb
Diameter Length

Some reflectorized lomps ore molded

*ll (in inches) (in inches) tion

o!r of heovy, heot-re5i5tont glo3s so
they cdn be used outdoors. They ore 75 75PAR/SP 4% Spot
colled PAR bulb3. They ore undffected
by roin or snow but must be instolled 75 7 5PAR /FL 4'/,t 5%6 Flood
in fixiure3 hoving o weothedishi seol
ol the socket. Of cour3e, they con 150 150PAR/SP 4% 5lrc spot1|
olso be used indoorq.
150 150 PA R/FL 4% 5s/rc Flood

Outdoor PAR floods offer rofe poss"

oge ond proiection qt nighr, odd o
decordtive touch for sorden lightin9,
holidoy disploy lightins, etc.
cLOBE SHAPED' Sofily diffused ond rinred
lishr for multiple-socket ce;l;ns ond wdll f:x-
rures. Avoiloble in white, ivory, ond flometinr
finishe, in 25 ond 40 wofis, in medium bose.
condelobrd Gmdll) bose qvoiloble in 25-wofi

GA: Directs 2/3 o+ ils lisht upwo.d. Diffu'es
SHAFE E downword lishr rhroush decoroted bowl. Fo.
hodernizins older fixrures with 5everdl ex'
EtULES posed sockets. Good for .losels, too. Comes
in down pink ond;vory finishes ond is roted
or 50 wottt.
Severol liEhr bulb sryles for lhe
home ore de'igned to be
orrocrive whelher lighted
or unlishted. Uruolly rhes€
ore fully expo3ed to view.

FLATiE-SHAPED: 5uiidble for trodi-

tionol chondelieri ond -oll sconcer usins
condle sockets or lqmp chimneys. Avoiloble
in l5 wqtt5 wirh condelobro (,molD bore;25
ond,l0 wotts in medium bose. Cleor, whlte,

t3w ivory, flometint ond down pink finishes

ollow wide choi<e of effect.

SMOOIH FtAItE-SHAPEo: Add3 modern tou.h

to <ontemporory or trqdiiiondl chondelieB
qnd woll bro.kers. cledr or white; l5 wotts
in condelobro (smoll) bose;25 ond 40 wotls

CETESTE: Eeouty ond fon.tion combined in
contehporory styling. Con be used bose up
or down in single or mulriple.3ocLer exposed
{ixrure3. Especiolly 5uiroble for hollwoy use.
Bros5-f;nished collor. Lons life,75 woits, pink
or whire finish. Bulb neorly 9 in. long ond

1 l


IUMILINE BULBS ore in.ottdes.€nt, bur look l:ke fluoresc€ni lube3 since they ore
long, sl€nder ond hove conrods or borh ends. The unusuol disc bo3e3 ot eoch tls ffi
end require lpeciol fixfure3 or lompholders. l-umiline bulbs come in 30 ond
6o-wort 3ires lea.h 173/.a in. long) ond in ,{0 wotrs (Il3/a in. long). Diometer! of
oll ore I in. These bolbs ore olso ovoiloble in o voriery of colors for decoro- ftJ- ) SHOWCASE BULBS

SHOWCASE 3U!BS ore rubulor in.ondescent bulbs w;th o resuldr screw bose
oi o.e end. Avoiloble in size! from 25 to 75 wdti3 (from 5t, ro llTs in. long),
ihey.on be u5ed in rofige v€niiloling hoods, over dquorio, in nichei ond lighled
pi.tures, muric rocks, erc,


. l50R/R .. t50R/ PK r50R/G


rsoR/BW -{,


PK ;ft 'ooro*r* ii'.tr;,t

Only For Outdoor Use
Type of Color Lieht Buib Orderins No.
Nam e Light Bulb No.
(75.watt sizes) (150-watt sizes)
7sR30/PK 150R/PK
(10o-watt sizes)
100PAR/ PK
Med iu m
BULBS lnte n sity
Strong BJU e 75R30/B 150 R /8 100PA R/B
Colo r
Green 75R30/G t 50R/G lOOPAR/G

A complete line of seven lovely tints and colors Another two colors, yellow and amber (almost
is available in the floodlight shape for both indoor a light orange) are of medium intensity and can
and outdoor use. They give the user an opportunity often be used to create warm "afternoon sunshine,,
to have fun with light and create unusual and effects. Excellent lighting effects can be achieved
interesting decorative effects. when these are blended together with the pink
and blue-white.
Two of the colors, pink and blue-white, are called
"tints" because they produce delicate tones of The red, blue, and green are strong colors which
color indoors and outdoors. They are excellent for are normally recommended only for holiday decor-
ligh t ing people and furnishings. ating or unusual specialty effects.

Equol numbers of pink.
blue-white, ond yellow
refleoor bulbs mixed
together moke o gen'
ercl effed rlor is some-
whot like white lisht,
but for more srimuldt

Enchontins moonlishr
effect is creoied here
by directins the light
from o blue'whiie our-
door tloodlishr inio the
bronches of the tree.
Bloe-white is very use-
ful for sdrden lishtins,
while red, blue, dnd
sreen ore {ire for
Christmos decoroting
a:; ::-i i.- , l--::,i.:: i:'ii I fl r:i t_j [* g!
Coloramic bulbs can change the
appearance of a room in only
the time it takes to change the
light bulbs. They will fit exist-
ing sockets of fixiures and port-
able lamps anywhere indoors
or outdoors.
Enamel coatings on these
bulbs produce delicate tints of
colored light in dawn pinh,
sky blue, sun gold, and spring
green. Recause these bulbs do
i have enamel filters on the glass,
t they do not produce as much
l light as their white counter-
parts. It is wise, therefore, to
use the next higher wattage
bulb when you replace a white
bulb with a tinted one. At Mixture of Down Pink ond Sky Blue
bulbs creotes "white" Iighr on neorty ott
right are shown the wonderful surfoces, yel the lishrs ore .olorful to
decorating effects possible with
Coloramic lamps.
Size Dawn skv Sun Spring
(watts) Pin k Blu e Gold Green


Reguia r
Household f5


50 I00 150

100 200 300

GA 50 Sp.ins Green or Sly Elue bulbs enhonce

the color of gorden foliose.
Flame 25

BUG LITES have special yellow coatings to Lites are available from most light bulb retailers.
cut out the blue light which is attractive to NITE LITES find wide application in bath-
night-flying insects. Insects take a "dim view" rooms, bedrooms, halls, and stairways to assure
of the bulb, and are less likely to be attracted safe movement through the house when eyes
to it. It does nol "repel" insects. (Insects do are dark-adapted. Special small fixtures for these
see regular light bulbs, so yellow bulbs on a bulbs plug directly into convenience outlets.
porch will not keep insects from being attracted These bulbs use only 7 watts and have 3000
to the lighted windows facing onto it.) Rug- hours life.
Fluorescent tubes have established themselves as
the major sources of light in the Llnited States. Fluo-
rescent tubes (also caLled fluorescent lampsl are used
in their many forms in almost everl' lighting applica-
rion indoor- rnd out. Sin,e the'ir,'l'eriltioll is some-
what more cornpLex than incandescent bulbs, many
homemakers have not renlizecl what versatile and
elicient tools lhey can be for lighting the home as
illustlai.ed here.
D.-lu xe Wdrm WhlJe

A fluorescent tube is not a complete light source by

itself it i'equires some other electrical equipment to
perforn properly. Illuorescent tubes are therefore
always used in special fixtures which contain the
necessary eiectlical accessories. These fixtures ias
shown belowl usually consist of a metal channel to
contain the wiring and to support i,he lwo lampholders.
lnside the channel is a ballasl which regulates the
:,r flow of current to the fluorescent tube. Most fixtures
.' for household use in past yeat's have also required a
small cylindrical device called a startel which fits
inro an easily accessible opening in the fronl of
the fixl ure.

Stondord Cool Whiie


lf Distance \!attage Tube Tube lf there sa lf there is no start
between Lamp Tube D ameter Ordering starter, t er, ba last should
h olders s Requ red s No should be be marked
(inch es) (watts) ( nches)
t5 t4 1fz F I4T T2 FS 2 Trieper Start
1a 15 F15T8 FS2 Trigger Start

1f.) F r5112 FS.2 Trigger Sta rt

24 2t) 1r/t F?4I72 Trigger Start
Wottoges of fluoresceni t!be5 cre closeiy reloied
to their lengil. lf you don't know the wartose, 36 3L) I F3OT:] FS"4 Tr gger Start
meosure the dindnce from ihe end of one lomp' \12 F30T t 2/RS None Rap d Start
holder 1o the end of the olher. Then check ihe Necessary or Dimming
toble or righi to find which wottose lube fiis
lhdt m€dsu.ement. A so, some tube5 ore I in. in 4A 40 1: F40 FS.4 Rap d Start
diometer ond others o.e 172 in. check ihe di or Dimming
omeler of the burned oui iube.

Facis Aboul Fluoresceni Tubes CIRCLINE FLUORESCENT TUBES
Diameter Tube Tu be
of circle Wattage Ordering
Q. Are fluorescents more expensive? (in ches) (watts) No-
A. Because o{ their size and their need Jor accessory equip-
ment, fluorescents are more expensive to buy than incandes- aU4 22 FC8T9
cent bLrlbs and fixtures. However, their low wattage, long
life, and hlgh lght prodLlcing efficiency makes them very T2 32 FC12T10
inexpensive to operate. They produce a great deaj more
lieht per watt than incandescents and do this withoui gen- 15 40 FC 16T10
erating much heat. Thelr long slim lines of light make them
especially suitable for modern "bullt-in" lighting.
Circline Tubes: Some fluorescent - '-.
Q. Why does my complexion often look so bad under fluores- Lubes are circular in shape and are
cent lighting? called circline tubes or lamps. They
A. lt doesn't have to look bad. N4any commercial establish_ require different looking fixtures be- :
ments have used the coo er colors of {luorescent lighting
through the years, and these lamps have {ound their way cause of t heir shape. bu t they opera(e
into homes. At the lower lighting levels found in homes, in the same way ai the straidht tubes. -
the cool iubes are often unflattering to complexions and
furnishings. The tube recommended for home use ls the Quick Starting: Fluorescelt tubes used in fixtures
OELUXE WARM WHITE. Thls tube produces a warm flatte. requiring starters often flicker or flash for a few

ing light that harmonizes beautifully wlth the light from moments before they start. This is a perfectly nor-
yoLrr incandescent bulbs. Look for this narre on all the
tubes you buy. mal operation. If the lamp continues to flicker or
glow at the ends without starting, try a new starter.
Q. Aren't fluorescenl tubes noisy? In recent years, fixtures have been designed that
A, The tubes themselves make almost no noise. However, require no srarter and provide quick srarting. If
sorne ballasts do make a slight humming so!nd. ln hgh
quality fixtures wh ch have CERTIFIED ballasts this noise ls vou desire ihis quick srarting, look for fixtures that
usually kept to a minimum. This is one reason why it pays conrain THICCER STAR'i'ballasls ,for tubes up
to buy high quality lixtures. to 24 in. longl or RAPID START ballasts for 30
Q. How long do tubes last?
and 40-watt tubes that are 7rl in. in diameter'
A, Fluorescent tubes last for several years of normal use in These ballasts also operate Circline lamps.
the typical home. Because so many differeni factors affect
tube life. it is difficult to state an exact figure of hours ife.
Experience has shown, however, that fluorescenttubes last CHECK GAREFULLY BEFORE YOU BUY
tot several thousand actual burning hours 5 years is
not u ncommon.
Q. Are the lubes dangerous to dispose of?
A. There is no danger other than the possibility of being
accidentally cut by broken glass. Handle the tube carefully GENERAL
@ rlrCrnrC
and do not let children play with burned-out tubes. 'F F4OWWX DELU XEWARM WH]IE
Q. Can I use different length tubes in continuous rows? PREH EAT_RAPID START U, S. A,
A. lf tubes of the same diameter and color are used together
in continuous rows they should be satisfactory. For the very
best results, however, use all tubes of the same length.
Better yet, eet all the amps at the same t me from the The mqrking on the end of ihe fluorescent t!be tells you o lor'
same carton. Risht under the trodemdrk is the orderins obbrev;otion or "nome"
of the lube. This obbrevioiion conioins Jhe wottose ond the color
Q. Can fluorescent lubes be dimmed? of rhe rube. (Exomple shown at Teft, F40 meons Fluoresceni, 40
A. Yes. Dimrners are available for use wth 30 and 40watt wotts ond the WWX meons Deluxe Worm whne.) Also, the color
tubes of 1y2 inch diameter. The tubes require lixtures nome usuolly is wriiten oui. Be sure to look for Delvxe Worn
equipped with special rapid start DIMMING BALLASTS. White on oll your fluore5cehr pur.lroses {or home use.

tluoreicenr rubes in plostic-

shielded fixrures moke qroom-
ing edsier by smoothly light-
4 ;nq boih 3ides of foce.


Oeluxe worm whiie

rubes in voloncer
brins our .olor3 of

Cool operotion dnd hish

lighi output moke fluo-
rescents voluoble in home


owN 15

Light output of aU light bulbs is 40 450 I
measured in units called LUMENS. Gen e ral 50 650
These lumens are Yery much like the Household 60 840
BTU'S which indicate the heating (Soft White or
capacity of a furnace. You don't have in sid e Frost) 75 1150
to know the technical description of a 100 1700
lumen to use it to check the lighting 150 2700
in your own home. Here's how to use iti
200 3900
The Mighty Lurnen 25-35-60 600
Home lighting specialists and engi- Three-Way 30-70-100 1250
neers know that comfortable. well- (HIGHEST SETTING)
50-100-150 2r50
lighted homes all need ceriain minimum Soft White or
amounts of light. They have listed lnside Frost 50-200-2 50 3850
these minimums in tables of LUMENS 100-200-300 4600
PER SQUARE FOOT. To find out if
your own home meels lhese minimums. Decorative (Rou nd 25 250
follow the eight easy steps listed below: & Fla me Sha ped) 40 450
GA Bulb 50 600
75 750
1. List wattage and types of light Indoor Spot a nd
Flood Lamps 150 1900
bulbs in room.
2. Find lumen output of each bulb T4 450
in the table at right, Page 12. 15 550
3. Add up total lumen output of all Fluorescent Tu bes 20 800
bulbs in room. (Deluxe Warm White)
30 1500
4. Measure approximate length and
40 2100
width of room in feet and multiply
together to obtain room area. 22 (8Vq") 750
5. Find number in first column of the Fluo resce nt 32 (r2") r250
table on Page 13 which is closest (Deluxe Warm White)
40 (16") 1750
to the area of your room.
* These lumen values have been rounded off lor ease in calculation and are
6. Move across column to right until somewhat lower than would be expected of General Electric bulbs
you find the number closest to your
total lumen count found in Step 3.
7. Look for your Lumen Count Index
at bottom of this column. l}
8. Check your index number against if your home is low in "Lisht Power, ' send
for G.E's lighting recipe booklet, See Your
the Recommended Lumen Count Home in a New Light." lt's lreel Write to
Index in the table at the bottom of lnquiry Bureau, General Electric Large
Dept., Nela Park, Cleveland i2, Ohio and
Page 13. If your index is much [-i,'ll,,,]r: ui:i .1,!,,o for Booklet 402 1214.
For more spec alized instruction on how
lower than the recommended index build liehtine into your home, send for
for your particular room, you need
i t.. l..t!t. .r !t,,!r',,-,,,.' lOl booklet, "Residential Structural Liehtin
(Pub. No. TP-107). For information on selec
more "Light Power." in ilc"t=i ;' ft.',,.*r'. :-. tion of iixtures for your home, s€nd 5Ol for
lhe Frlrure Ligiline GJide, (1.5-594R).
For more detalled and specific help in your
lightinA problems, call the Home Lleht ne or
Home Service Departhent of your local Elec-
tric Power Company or Co-operative.
lf Your
the lolal lumens in your room
Room Area ihd
(in sq. ft.) is

40 400 800 1200 16t10 2000 2400 2aoo 3200

60 600 r200 1800 2400 3000 3600 4200 4800

BO BOO i600 2400 3200 4000 4800 5600 6400

100 1000 2000 3000 4000 s000 6000 7000 8000

r20 1200 2400 3600 4800 6000 7200 8400 9600

140 1400 2800 4200 5600 7000 8400 9800 11200

160 1600 3200 4800 6400 8000 9600 1i200 12800

180 1800 3600 5400 7200 9000 10800 72600 14400

200 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 16000

220 2200 4400 6600 8800 11000 13200 15400 17600

240 2400 4800 7200 9600 12000 14400 16800 19200

260 2600 5200 7800 10400 13000 15600 18200 20800

2ao 2aoo 5600 8400 11200 14000 16800 19600 22400

300 3000 6000 9000 12000 15000 18000 21000 24000

320 3200 6400 9600 12800 16000 19600 22400 25600

340 3400 6800 102000 13600 17000 20400 23800 27200

360 3600 7200 108000 r4400 18000 21.600 25200 28800

the lumen count index for your room is

10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80

Living Room 80
Dining Room 40
Kitchen 80
Bathroom 60
Bed room 70
Heal Lamps Sun Lamps
All incandescent light bulbs (or lamps) produce The General Electric type RS sunlamp is an
a certain amount of invisible infrared radiation effective producer of skin-tanning ultraviolet en-
as well as visible light. Two special lamp types, ergy. Regular exposure to such energy will produce
however, are available for home use which are tanning of the skin in most individuals. The RS
specially designed to be rich in infrared energy. sudamp is ready-to-use with no additional equip-
Both are 250 watts in an R-40 reflectorized bulb. ment just screw it into a standard socket and
One is equipped with a red filter on the end which enjoy- the relaxing warmth and "sun." Caution:
reduces the amount of visible light while transmit- Don't stay under the sun lamp too long and get
ting the infrared. a sunburn.
The penetrating heat sensatior.t from this kind of
infrared energy is soothing to muscle aches and
pains and is useful for a variety of other drying
and warming applications around the home, such
as hair drying, paint drying, bathroom heating,
etc. Of course, heat lamps do not tan.

For odded conven;ence ond sdfety

use the complete Ge.erol Electric
s!n or heot lomp kit. Drus, de-
Porthent, ond hordwore srores ore
populor soorces for these lomps

Appliance Lamps
There are a wide variety of both incandescent
and fluorescent lamp types specially designed
for home appliances. These lamps are usually
designed to withstand the particular operating
conditions of the appliance, such as heat, cold,
shock, or vibration. Usually they are smaller
and more compact than their general lighting
counterparts and often have special bases to
keep them from loosening in their sockets. Look
for the handy appliance bulb merchandiser that
your General Electric dealer has on display.
Also your appliance dealer or repair depot can
order bulbs for you.
on importont dreo of opplicorion in the
home poadble lomp. used for sewing
ond recding. Avoiioble sinsle 150-wolt
'n dott sirer, lh"ir
ond three-woy 50-100-150
Iorse surfoce ond so"(iol dillu.irg <oori.s
<reotes o softer lisht thon smoller inside
fQr-liry and Gluest
Ownors NEw...ToMoRRow" )

I In t he lamp development laboratories at Nela Park,

J"uoquur,"r" or r ne ueneral Electrrc Lamp Lrvrsron.
! in Cierretand. Ohio. light bulbs are constanr,ly being
tested and analyzed. Approximately 100,000
bulbs are burned out on test racks in the vigilant
checking to maintain the highest manufacturing
standards. All bulbs must pass rigid examination for
uniform quality and performance to assure the con-
sumer that the light bulb she buys will
stay brighter longer.
Many engineers and scientists in the Advanced
Lighting Laboratories at Nela Park devote full time
to the creation, design and development of
sources for ihe furure. Potentially. ELECTRO-
^ighLIUV tN ESCENCE, is one of ihe new revolu-
tionary sources for tomorrow.

At present, TI.ECTROLUMINESCENCE ii lower in

effi.iency thon oth€r lisht sources. Somedoy
enoush ro lisht entire room3 from lighred ponels
entire luhinour woll3.

Todoy, one prociicol opplicotion of ELECTROLUMINES-

CENCE ir o Nite Lite which u3es 5o liltle
ihdt ir doesn't even need o swilch!



3ALE3 DISTRICiS (To order lanps and lo obtain Shipplns lnformalion.
(To obtain Sales and T{hnical lnformation)
CITY ZIP No. Telephone No. ZIP No. Telephone No.
aLBA Y, . Y. 879 lMadison Ave. l22Aa 482 3345 Buflalo Seru. Disl.,98 flydmu ic St., Bufalo, N.Y. 14210 856-0800
ATLAIITA, GA. 120 0ttley Drive 30324 875 0921 120 ottley Drive 30324 875-0921
SALttMOBE, MD. l40l Parker Rd. 21,227 242 5700 1401 Parker Rd. 21221 242-sJ00
BOSTON, MASS. 50 lndostrial Pl., Newton Upp€r Falls, lvlass- . 02164 332 6200 50 lndustrial Place, ewlon Uppe. Falls, lass. 02164 332-6200
BUFFALO, N. Y, 625 Delaware Ave. 14202 883 7381 98 Hydraulic St. 14210 856'0800
GHANLOTTE, !I. C. . 1001 Tuckaseesee Rd. 28202 376 6585 1001 Tuckaseegee Rd-. 282A8 3/6 5585
cHtcAGo, tLt. 155 rio. Canal st. 60606 33?-41t2 4201 So. Pulaski Rd. 60632 254-6161
cIl{ctNltaTt, oHto 990 Nassau Sl. 45206 961,4343 49 Central Ave. 45242 421-6810
CLEVELAIID, OHIO . 12910Iart Ave. 44112 ?66-4264 12910 Talt Ave 44112 266-4404
ttaLLAs, tExAs . 6500 CedarSprinss Rd. 15235 351-3725 5500 Cedar Springs Rd. 75?35 351-3725
DEI{YEB, COLO.. 6s0l E. 44th Ave- 80216 388-4611 6501 E. 44lh Ave. 80216 388-4611
oETAOtr, lcH. 15135 Hamilton Ave. 48203 883-0200 15135 Hamilton Ave. 48203 883-0200
HOUSTO|{, TEXIS _ 4219 Richmond Av€. 77027 6617595 5534 Armour Dr. 71024 923-2549
lltDtaltlPous, ll{D. 2511 E.46 St. 46?05 545-4291 Cincinnati Serv. Dist.,49 Ave., Clncinnati, 0. 45202 421 6810
t{. K^t{sas ctTY, o. . 200 East l6lh Ave. 64116 471-3568 .
200 East 16th Ave. 64116 471-3568
tos at{GELES, cAUF. 2747 South Mah Ave. 900?2 723,2541 Ave.
2747 Sourh lvlalt 9a922 723 2541
E PHIS, TEIIH- 2011 so. Lalham St. 38109 948 2642 2021 So. Lalham Sl. 38109 948-?642
ftLWAUKEE, WtS. . 5300 N. Shernan Blvd.. 53209 462,3860 5300 N. Sherman Blvd. 53209 462-3860
ti lEAPOLtS, H t. 500 Stinson Blvd. 55413 789-7286 500 SUison BIvd. 55413 789-7286
itEWARx, I{. J. 26 washingron s1.,2nd lloor 070t7 824-5200 133 Boyd St. 07103 824-5200
llEW HAVEN, COI {, 135 ColleCe Sl. 06510 5619828 N.Y. Serv. Disl.,75-11 Woodhaven Blvd., Glendale, N.Y. 11227
IEW ONLEAIIS, LA. 4800 River Rd- 7012t 83t6421 4800 River Rd. l0r2t 835 6421
IIEW YORK, I{. Y, 570 Lexinston Avs. 10422 751-1311 75 11 Woodhaven 8lvd., Clendale 11227, \.\. . 11227 896 6000
oaxt"aND, cALtF. 999 98ih Ave. 94603 569 3422 999-98th Ave- . 94603 569 3422
PHIIAOELPHIA, PA. Rl. 202 ai E)(pressway, P.0. Box 299 . 19406 683 5900 Rt. 202 at Expressway, P.0. Box 299 t9406 688-5900
Xing of Prussia, Pa. King of Prussia, Pa.
PITTSBUNQH, PA. 238 V\I. Ca.son Sl. 15219 471 9050 238 W. Ca6on St. \5219 471 9050
POnTlAND, ORE. 2800 N.W. Nek Sl. 97210 2n 2t0l 2800 N.W. Nela St- 9l2l0 2n-2101
FIcH OllD, VA. 1510 Willow Lawn Drive, P-0. Box 8527 23n6 ?82-1644 Baltimore Se.v. Dist., P-0. Bot7427, Ballinarc, Md-21221 242-5100
aocK tSLAt{o, tLL. lll Fourth Ave. 6t202 788-3405 ll1 Fourth Ave. 61202 788-3405
6EATTLE, WAsH. 2400 Siilh Ave., South . 98134 622,8081 2400 stth Ave., South 98134 6?2-8081
6T- LOU|S, MO-. 1530 Fairview Ave. 63132 429,6930 1530 Fairview Ave. 63132 429'6930
TAMPA, fLA. , 815 Norlh 261h St. 33605 248-rlt 8r5 riorth 25th St. 33605 248-4174

ln addition to the Sales District H€adquartels cilies lisied above, G-E Lamp Salesmen are resident
in 89 olher ciiies. Consult your telephone direclory under General Electric Company tamo Divlsion-

General Offices: Nela Park, Cleveland, Ohio 44112

TP- 120