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Name: Jung Da Eun / Maria

Date: March 9, 2018

Definition VOCABULARY (1000 Basic English Words 2: Unit 5)


1. 10.

2. 11.

3. 12.

4. 13.

5. 14.

6. 15.

7. 16.

8. 17.

9. 18.
19. 20.


1.moon a. a plant that covers the ground
2.smell b. to be able to sense an odor with your nose
3.toilet c. a seat in the mountain
4.grass d. the round, white object in the sky at night
5.hat e. covered with water
6. lake f. something worn on the head
7.mountai g. something used with water to clean
8.wet h. near
9.soap i.a part of land that is higher than a hill
10.close j.a large area of water with a land around it
Complete the sentences.

1. Coco is going to the ________ for our vacation.

2. I really enjoy the smell of the ______ after it rains.
3. Daniel helped his mother clean the ______ in the bathroom.
4. I cannot ________ anything because I am sick.
5. Look how beautiful the _______ is in the sky tonight.
6. Please don’t forget to ______ the door when you leave.
7. Which ______ is prettier, he red one or the white one?
8. This _____ smells good. I will use it when I wash my hands.
9. There are many beautiful and high _______ in Jejudo.
10. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella, you’ll get _____.

1.deep a. clothing worn on the hands
2. wide b. having lots of sun
3. house c. a type of shoe
4. boot d. a deep hole with water for drinking
5. windy e. the highest point
6. top f. going far below
7. sunny g. having a lot of wind
8. farm h. having a large distance from one side to the other
9. well i.a building where people live
10. glove j. land used for growing plants or raising animals for
Complete the sentences.
1. I am going to build my new ________ with a swimming pool.
2. It’s cool and _________ today.
3. Please don’t forget to put on your ______s. It’s too cold
4-5. The water in the ______ was so _________.
6. She wants to climb the _________ of the mountain.
7. She bought a pair of ________ and new socks.
8. It’s _________ when it is hot.
9. This playground is _______. You can run everywhere.
10. My grandfather is taking care of a lot of animals in his