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day:29 month:10

date: name of student: Maha waleed almenhali


time: from: 10:30 length of

name of school: Al asalah
to: 11:15 class:
name of Ms.alison Class: 2-E Grade: 2 No. Ss: 25
Details about the book that Name of book: Unit: page(s)
the MST uses:

PURPOSE – Why am I teaching this lesson? What do I want the students to know/to be able to do by the end of the lesson tat they
could not do before?

 learners will be able to identify and say nouns for parts of the body.
 learners will be able to understand and say simple prepositions.
 learners will be able to understand and follow instructions.

LANGUAGE – What is the language I hope to teach ? Specifically – what do I want the students to be able to say or write or read or
listen to? Is it new language, or am I revising something I or my MST has already presented and practiced, or is it a misxture? Do I
understand the language myself, or do I need to research it more?

I want students to be able write a good sentence without also, I will let the students to listen and watch a video about
error or mistakes and while they are writing it will be easy “where is it” and after they finish watching I will choose
for them to read. for example, I will let them to write a full students to speak and tell the classroom about what she
sentence where things are so the students will write “the girl listen and understand.
is next to the table”.
SKILLS – Which skill(s) am I teaching and what aspect of that / those skill(s) will I focus on?

listening: to practise giving and following instructions. reading: to practise reading and matching sentence and

speaking: to practise saying where things are and giving pictures.

instructions. writing: to practise writing where things are.

CONTEXT – How will I make the language realistic for the students?

Focus on exactly what they want to learn and find the method or the way that they like to learn with. For
example, the children like the teacher to make some physical movement in her lesson so they can enjoy and
participate with her. So, in my lesson I will make some physical activity for the students about the lesson
and I will motivate them by saying “good job” or “excellent” and give them balloons and lollipop.
RESOURCES –– What resources do I need to create the context and provide practice so the students can do what they need to do to
develop? - Include realia, books, handouts, multimedia, songs, games, etc.

learners book page 58

activity book page 48

ACTIVITIES – What activities can I design that use the resources and are appropriate in the context? Are my activities authentic and

I will do physical activity. for example, I will let them Also, I will them at the last 15min to take the worksheet
follow my instruction, I will say “put your finger on your from the author book and solve it.
eyes” or “put your pencil next to your book”.