To Flog or Not To Flog?

Corporal punishment or flogging is a painful but non-injurious act, used to discipline or reform a child who has done something wrong. To flog or not to flog in schools as a form of discipline, is the controversial question at hand and it is my firm belief that it is an undoubtedly necessary method. My reasons are: flogging is vital in the development of a child in reference to the Bible; secondly it is one of the oldest, most useful methods for teachers to assert their authority over rude, discourteous or disrespectful children and last but by no means least it is an effective deterrent against violence amongst students. First of all, flogging is vital in the development of a child in reference to the Bible. Proverbs 13:24 clearly states “He that spares his rod hates his son: but he that loves him chastises him betimes,” simply meaning that if you do not chastise or flog a child when it has done something wrong it is safe to say that you do not care about the child and its future. Part of a teacher’s profession is helping a child, not only academically but also in the instillation of good values which may aid them in their future, thus flogging is an essential part of their job. In addition, corporal punishment is the oldest, most useful method for teachers to assert their authority over rude, discourteous or disrespectful students. Teachers must be able to control their students, but often enough, some students have taken it upon themselves to be insolent and by doing so have often disrupted classes filled with industrious children. If not dealt with in the early their behavior can escalate into something more sadistic. Flogging has proven over the years to be effective when dealing with unmannerly children; and in countries such as the United Kingdom 73% of the population has voted that prohibiting “spanking” would cause a major deterioration in behavior. Finally, flogging is an effective deterrent against violence amongst children in schools. Though some may argue that flogging in itself is a form of violence and therefore perpetuates the cycle of violence, we have seen, since flogging has been almost, completely banned as a form of discipline in schools, fights and bullying have become a rising issue in many schools. Bullies deliberately inflict pain against their peers and therefore pain should be inflicted upon them also. There has been at least one reported

If teachers aren’t allowed to discipline students through flogging when they have done something wrong. do you think that they behavior will improve? Corporal punishment is not only effective but it is necessary in schools since insolence and violence are rising issues in the schools of today. I believe if teachers had the opportunity to corporally punish these students they would have a reduced tendency to use violence as a means of solving their of death due to bullying. The Bible from which we are taught our daily lives’ values and lessons tells us that if you do not flog children they will go astray thus flogging children either from parents or teachers is crucial in children’s upcoming. though the main cause of violence in schools. which. if it was dealt with in the correct manner could have been averted. an increased number of fights have taken place and students have become aggressive and they have decided to settle their differences violently. is not the only basis. Bullying. .

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