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GROUP "A" (Supply of Equipments)

1 Double Skinned DX Floor Mounted AHU type fabricated out of
extruded aluminium section with 0.6 mm pre-coated
Galvanised steel sheet outside & 0.8 mm thick aluminium sheet
inside with 50 mm thick (40 kg/cbmt density) PUF panels and
Thermal Brake Profile, 6 Rows deep Cooling coil made of
aluminium finned Copper tube with coil section, Mixing
Chamber with suitable return air and fresh air openings, blower
section comprising of DIDW Centrifugal Backward Curved
blower coupled with TEFC motor suitable for operation on 415
volts ± 10%, 50 Hz ± 5% AC supply, pre-filter section with non
woven synthetic media of 10 micron particle size with an
efficiency of 90%, Microvee filter with an efficiency of 95%
Down to 5 Micron Particles, polished stainless steel drain pan
made out of 22 G sheet duly insulated complete with motor &
belt drive package etc. The motor & blower assembly shall be
mounted on Aluminium extruded section only. The complete
AHU shall conform to standard specification.
(HEPA filters to be installed at terminals of Laminar Flow
Diffusers inside OTs)
3000 CFM ; 125 mm SP; 6 Rows deep DX coils to suit 1 x 8.5 TR
Condensing units
2 Nos. 225000
2 Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of Air-cooled DX
Condensing Units comprising of Energy Efficient Scroll
air-cooled condensers, etc. of following capacity each including,
nitrogen pressure testing in entire circuit, vacummising as per
OEM Standard

Capacity - 8.50 TR 2 Nos. 120000

GROUP "B" (Low Side Works) Total Group 'A'
1 Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of
Microprocessor based system for operation of air-conditioning
system. Cordedhandset shall be mounted inside/outside (near)
OT and main controller shall be installed on AHU body which
shall have provision for required safeties suchas HP/LP, OLP,
SPPR, etc.

2 Nos. 20000
2 Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of Thermostatic
Expansion Valve, Distributor, Hand Shut off Valve, Drier/Filter
suitable for following :

8.5 TR Refrigeration circuit 2 Nos. 35000

3 Lifting and Shifting of 2 Nos. AHUs and 2 Nos. Condensing units
to the Terrace level above third floor.
1 Lot 15000
4 SITC of 18 SWG Hard Drawn Copper Refrigerant Piping duly
insulated with 9 mm thick closed cell nitrile rubber insulation
and duly supported
8.5 TR Circuit 30 RMT 1150
5 Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of UV treatment
including 1 layer of UV Glass cloth and 2 Layers of Starbond 30-
36 for exposed Copper pipe on terrace.

30 RMT 300
6 Interconnecting Control cabling between ODU and starter Panel

Cu. 4C x 1.5 Sqmm 50 RMT 250

Supply, fabrication, installation & testing of Aluminium sheet
metal ducting duly polysulphide sealed complete with Spliter
Damper, vanes etc. as required for OT standard.

Aluminium Ducting duly silicon sealed.

24 Gauge (0.56 mm thickness) 100 Sqm 1150
22 Gauge (0.71 mm thickness) 200 Sqm 1300
7 Supplying and fixing of external thermal insulation on ducts
with Closed Cell Elastomeric Nitrile Rubber Foam (Class - O, Fire
retardent) of density 40-60 Kg/m³ & thermal Conductivy not
exceding 0.037 W/mK at an average Temperature of 20°C. The
Material Shall be rated as Class 1, As per BS476 Part 7 , The
Smoke Density as per AS - 1530.3 Shall not exceed 1. The
Material shall have Fire Approval from CBRI - Roorkie & no
toxicity under flaming and non- flaming condition as per AITM
3.000 (1993) . Adhesive used for setting the insulation shall be
non - flammable, Vapour Proof and conforming to standard
13 mm thick RO Sqm 660
19 mm thick 100 Sqm 750
19 mm thick alongwith UV Glass Cloth and 2 Layers of Star
Bond 30-36/Pidilite Lag coat for UV & mechanical protection
200 Sqm 600
8 Supplying and fixing of acoustic lining of duct with 10 mm thick
Open Cell Elastomeric rubber material of high density for
accoustic purpose duly fixed with suitable Pidilite adhesive and
tighten with suitable nuts, bolts and washers in order to avoid
peeling off due to high air velocity, conforming to standard

10 mm thick 30 Sqm 1100

9 Supply and Installation of Duct or wall mounted GI Fire cum
Smoke Dampers of 90 minutes rating as per UL 555/1995 with
suitable sleeve
1.5 Sqm 8500
10 Supply, installation and testing of Motorised Spring Return
Actuator for devices upto 0.8 sq. metre with with control panel
& temperature sensor
2 Nos. 18500
11 Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of Electrical
Distribution Panel comprising of following items

01 No. Suitable Capacity Incoming MCCB

01 Nos. Suitable Size MCB alongwith DOL/Star Delta Starter for
3000 CFM AHU
Alongwith Suitable metering devices, relays, contactors, push
buttons, control and interlocking complete in all respect
2 Nos. 25000
12 Supply and Fixing of Power Cabling for AHU & Condensing
Cu. 4C x 10 Sqmm ( MCB to ODU) 15 RMT 765
Cu. 4C x 6 Sqmm (Between AHU and Starter Panel and MCB To
Starter Panel)
70 RMT 544
8 SWG GI Wire 20 RMT 80
13 Supply and Fixing of 16 Gauge GI Perforated Cable Trays
40 x 300 x 40 RO RMT 750
40 x 200 x 40 30 RMT 650
14 Supply and Installation of CPVC Drain Pipe (Suitable for 10
Kg/cm2 water pressure) with suitable nitrile rubber insulation
including fittings such as elbow, socket, reducer, etc.

32 mm dia 25 RMT 150

40 mm dia RO RMT 190
50 mm dia RO RMT 210
15 Supply and Installation of Factory Fabricated Laminar Flow
Perforated Diffuser made up of 18 Gauge Powder coated
exturded aluminium section, including requisite HEPA Filters in
sliding arrangement, suitable hole for OT light in the centre,
etc. Of following size

The sheet metal frame housing the HEPA filters shall be

constructed out of SS 304 material
Size Suitable for handling air delivery of 3000 CFM 2 Nos. 30000
16 Supply and Installation of Aluminium extruded grille, size 300
mm x 900 mm Grills in OT
2 Sqm 11000
17 Double Layer Flexible Canvass Connectionor AHU Outlet 2 Nos. 2000
18 Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of Cabinet Type
Centrifugal Duct Inline fan suitable for Single Phase Power
Supply and comprising of High efficiency Centrifugal blower for
Exhaust air arrangement from Operation Theatre

600 CFM; 20 mm SP 2 Nos. 18000

19 Supply and Installation of Aluminium Volume Control dampers
with suitable lever arrangement for manual control of air flow
thru duct
2 Nos. 6500
20 Refrigerant gas charging (R-22) in the Condensing unit as per
OEM standard.
2 Nos. 9500
21 Supply and Installation of Condensing Outdoor unit Frame work
constructed out of MS angle (40 x 40 x 4) having cross angle
supports, 150 x 150 mm size MS plates in bottom. The
complete stand shall have a coat of Red oxide and duly enamel
painted and with anti vibration pads

2 Nos. 4000
22 Supply and Installation of AHU unit Frame work constructed
out of MS Channel (75 x 40) having cross angle supports, 150 x
150 mm size MS plates in bottom. The complete stand shall
have a coat of Red oxide and duly enamel painted and with anti
vibration pads
2 Nos. 6000
Total Group 'B'


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2 Quantities shall be paid as per actual measurement at site









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