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4 280 George Carroll, Defendant—Direct, bore and that he's making and that he must be bound by ‘The Court: He's bound by the answers, no tion about that, let's go on. } Mr. Miller: No more questions, your Honor, Mr. Wheller: All right, Mrs. Carroll | ‘The Court: You may step down. Call your | witness, Mr, Wholler: Mr. Carroll. ‘witness hie 81 — Groncr Cannowz, residing at 75 Olive Street, Grove, New York, having been first duly sworn, testi as follows: Direct examination by Mr. Wheller: Q. Now, Mr. Carroll, you are one of the defendants in this action? A. That's right. Q. And you are familiar with the ewings which is of this lawsuit? A. Yes, I am, Q. Now, prior to July 27th, 1962, when this ‘occurred, how long previous to that were these swin gq UP! A. Three years, Q. And you put these swings up? A. That's ri Q. Now, during that period of time, the period of time including the date of the accident, had swings ever been moved from the location in which were originally installed? A. No. Q. And during this three-year period, what if had you done relative to this set of swings? A. been painted at least once a year, maintenance seats and to the chains, Q. I'm sorry, I can't hear you. ba Mr. Miller: T can’t hear you. | Mr. Wheller: We'll wait until the train goes ‘The Witness: The mainteuanee to the seats | tho chains, the moving sections of the swing.