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AP Environmental Science—Classroom Expectations

(Please keep this page for your own reference)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to AP Environmental Science. Your son or daughter is about to embark on a challenging course. For most students, this will
be their first college-level learning experience . The curriculum and skill development targets the AP Environmental Science exam to
be given the second week of May (see attachment for curriculum details— major themes and concepts covered).
Grading Expectations
More rigorous grading often comes as a shock to parents and students, especially those accustomed to high grades. Most students
(especially sophomores) do not start the school year college-ready. Students often find that their learning strategies breakdown and
they need to adopt new strategies and study habits. These strategies and habits are at least as valuable as course content. Sheer ability
is not enough to succeed in AP Environmental Science. Students will learn very quickly that hard work is also required for success.
Time Commitment
Among the most important skills that students learn is how to process large amounts of seemingly disparate information. Students
should spend at least 30 minutes a night reading and studying. There will also be several formal lab reports and other types of
assignments required. Students will also greatly improve their essay-writing skills. Forty percent of the AP exam score reflects a
student’s essay analysis and writing ability. Therefore students will learn how to consistently write four different essay types.

The AP Environmental Science Teaching Staff

Mrs. Jennifer Kilpatrick Ogren, For better communication purposes, email is the most efficient means of contact.
Please use my email address for questions and concerns.

Bring to Class:
3 ring binder, loose-leaf lined notebook paper, unlined plain white paper, #2 pencils, black or blue ink pen, and colored pencils

Please read and be familiar with the WCPSS Student Handbook and Enloe’s Student Handbook. I will follow county and school
policy as outlined within those handbooks. Also, in order for us to have a successful and enjoyable year I have listed the following
classroom rules:
1. Respect yourself and each other.
2. Respect other people’s property.
3. Be in your seat when the bell rings.
4. Come to class prepared and ready to learn.
5. Use appropriate language.
6. Bring your smile!!!!!
7. Oh Yeah—NO FOOD!!!!!!!!

Honor Code:
We will follow Enloe’s Honor Code as outlined in your Student Handbook.

We will follow the school’s policy for tardies. Please refer to the school’s handbook for the specifics of the policy.

Absences & Make-Up Work

If you are absent, excused or unexcused, you must make up all work. This is YOUR responsibility not mine. You have three days to
make up all missed work. Work submitted after three days will not be accepted and result in a zero for that assignment.

Lab Notebook:
You are required to keep a notebook of all daily assignments, notes, and labs. These are the materials which you will be tested on.

I grade by a point system. For example: homework 9/10; Quiz 12/15; Lab 30/40; Test 85/100. Sum the top numbers and divide by
the sum of the bottom numbers, then multiple by 100
136/165 X 100 = 82 %.
Your grade will be determined by the combination of tests, labs, quizzes, and daily homework grades. Interims will be given to
everyone each nine weeks. They must be signed and returned promptly. Late work is NOT accepted. Any assignment turned in late
will NOT be accepted and will result in a zero.

You must obtain a SPAN login and password. This program provides both students and parents the ability to keep track your grades
and progress during the course of the year. This is an essential tool for both students and parents. If you encounter problems
accessing SPAN you can go to Student Services to have your login/password reset.

You will be enrolled in my class in Blackboard. You will have access to a Calendar which will be used to post due dates, test & quiz
dates, and any upcoming assignments or events. You will also find it as an important source for obtaining copies of course documents
and assignments if you are absent from class or lose any document. All logins and passwords are the same as last year. If you have
problems with your login/password or cannot remember it, Ms. Price (English teacher) or Mr. Moore (Media Center) can reset it for

There is a calendar in the classroom for the posting of due dates, test & quiz dates, and any upcoming assignments or events. In
addition, I will be using the calendar on blackboard. The calendar in the classroom should be your FIRST SOURCE of information.
The Blackboard calendar is a backup source. Because the server can go down on a regular basis, there may be times in which I cannot
access it for the purpose of updating. Please be aware that the calendar in the classroom will ALWAYS be the most current and up to
date. It is your responsibility to check both calendars, EVERY DAY, for important dates as well as for changes that may occur.

Reading quizzes:
Reading quizzes will be a crucial part of your grade. For every chapter, you are responsible for reading a specified part of a chapter or
the entire chapter. Quizzes will be written on the calendar and NOT announced. Take good notes for your reading quizzes because
you may use those notes while taking the quiz. YOUR CHAPTER NOTES MUST BE HAND WRITTEN. NO TYPED

Perks of the Class

“I Deserve a Break Today” Coupons:
After the first 10 day Drop/Add period, you will receive 2 “I Deserve a Break Today” Coupons. You may use these coupons in one of
2 ways: You will receive 2 Coupons per quarter!
• As a “One Day Late Pass” on an assignment. You may combine the coupons for 2 days late. The coupons may
NOT be used on Formal Scientific lab Write Ups, tests, or quizzes.
• If an assignment is due on a Friday and you turn it in on Monday, you must use 2 coupons for the weekend.
• There may be opportunities throughout the year in which you can earn additional coupons for that quarter.

Test Correction:
Each test will have a specified test correction date for after school. Once that deadline has passed you may not correct that particular
test. It must also be done during the specified time limit of one hour. Your final test grade will be the average of the original test and
the test correction. If you have a conflict with the date and time you may schedule a time prior to that date but not after. These times
would include before school, after school, 4th lunch, and 5th lunch. Corrections cannot occur during 6th period because I have a class.

During the test correction time, you will receive your original test scantron as well as a new scantron. You may use your textbook or
notes to assist you in your corrections. This is designed to be a self-evaluation tool so that your mastery of the material improves…not
just your grade!

Alternative Assignments:
Friday Current Event: Each Friday, two students may present extra credit current events articles. These articles must be pertinent
to the class. You will present a summary of the article to the class in addition to turning in a written summary and copy of the article.
You must explain how it relates to class and give your opinion on the article, if applicable. You may receive 0-4 points, depending
upon the quality of work, which will be added to your total earned points for the quarter. The sign-up sheet is located on the bulletin-
board. Everyone should be given an opportunity to participate in the sign-up process. However, after the first two weeks of the
quarter, if there are open spots you may sign up for additional Fridays. There may be times in which there are no available Fridays to
sign up. But, not to worry! Students sometimes forget and that means that you may jump into their spot if you have a back up current
event already done and ready to go.
Please fill out and sign the “student information form” and keep this page for your own reference. Again, please contact me at for any questions.