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Professional Development Plan

Goal #1: Goal #2: Goal #3:

Complete student teaching and To score an Effective on the To score a Highly Effective on the
find a job as an educator in the multiple evaluations that take multiple evaluations that take
Paradise Valley School District. place within the first few years of place within the first few years of
teaching. teaching.
Rationale: Why did This goal is the first step in my Implementing lessons and classroom It is my goal to become the best
you choose this goal? journey to becoming an educator. procedures in an effective way is the educator I can be. Improving and
How do you expect it After completing my student teaching goal of any educator. For new growing on feedback from previous
to improve the and certification, I will need to secure teachers it can be a learning observations is a critical aspect of the
outcomes of your a position. I chose the Paradise Valley experience. My goal is to use learning process. As a new teacher,
School District because I am resources available to me to create a there will be much to learn and
future students?
currently student teaching at Echo learning environment that is adaptations that must be made. I plan
Mountain Primary School a school in productive and beneficial as soon as to create a learning environment that
the Paradise Valley School District possible. As I am entering the is beneficial to all learners no matter
and I am familiar with aspects such as classroom in the middle of the year it their situation. I strive to be an
grading and expectations. is important to show my evaluator educator that demonstrates the
that I am doing my job efficiently. expectations and ideals of Grand
Canyon University as well as the
Paradise Valley School District.
End Date: By when January 2019 May 2019 May 2021
do you expect to
accomplish this goal?
Action Timeline: October-November 2018- Complete January 2019- Discuss methods and August 2020- December 2020- Begin
What steps will you Job Applications strategies with team members and the school year and address the
take to complete this December 2018- Complete Job principal. expectations and rules in the
goal, and by when Interviews February 2019- Complete an classroom with students. Create a
will you take them? December 2018- Complete Teaching observation and review strengths and learning environment that is
Certification weaknesses in teaching style. beneficial and productive.
March- April 2019- Implement
1/31/18: Join AACTE
different strategies in the classroom to

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determine which is best for the January 2021- Complete an
students observation and reflect upon the notes
provided by the supervisor.
February- April 2021- Implement
new strategies based on notes and
feedback from previous observations.
May 2021- Complete second
Resources: What -Paradise Valley School District -Observation notes to improve on -Observations notes to improve on
resources are website (job search) strategies. strategies.
available to assist you -Cooperating Teacher, Site -Discussion with the principal and -Research additional strategies if
in accomplishing your Supervisor (references) veteran team members. current are not effective.
goal? -resources available at GCU -Research various strategies and -Paradise Valley School District
techniques. training seminars.
-Paradise Valley School District
training seminars.

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