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Running Head: Ann Griffin v.

Administrators 1

Ann Griffin v. Administartos (Principal Freddie Watts and Vice Principal Jimmy Brothers)

Nevada School Law

Maci Kesler

College of Southern Nevada

Running Head: Ann Griffin v. Administrators 2

I’m going to explain why I believe the court will dismiss Ann Griffin. I will state what I

perceive to be her side of the argument, and I will state my perceived opinion of the principals’

argument. I will be providing specific cases to back up my beliefs.

Ann Griffin could say that they are violating her freedom of speech (Teacher’s Rights

49). Although she stated that she “hated all black people” according to the Portfolio Assignment,

she was not exactly directing it at anyone individually. The case Pickering v. Board of Education

violates his freedom of speech because in his case, he was not directing his attacks on anyone he

worked with (Underwood & Webb 49).

We do not know if she was speaking of a public concern or a personal concern. If there

were speaking of a public concern, then she would be able to make her statement, ignorant and

discriminate (Protected Speech 48), just like in the case Loeffelman v. School Board (Public

Display of Discrimination 58). If it was a matter of personal concern, then I belive it could be a

violation of privacy also (Right to Privacy 55). How did would leak through the school of her

statement if it was only the 3 of them? If it is her personal belief to “hate all black people” and

she is able to teach and work, then her privacy should not be invaded.

On the other hand, Principal Freddie Watts and Assistant Principal Jimmy Brothers could

say that she directly attacted them, and most of the students with her statements and distrupted

the school. It’s like the “sick out” case with the Fourth Circuit (Is the Speech Disruptive 49). The

obstruction and being offended from the school requires dismissal (50).

The section “Three Speaks and You Are Out” states that a teacher can be dismissed for a

“good cause” (Leary v. Daeschner 60). I’m sure the principals think that discriminating agaist the

majority of you school would be a good cause.

Running Head: Ann Griffin v. Administrators 3

In conclusion, I believe that the courts will dismiss Ann Griffin. Based on the Pickering

v. Board of Education and the Loeffelman case (49 & 58), she may have a chance to keep her

job. But, I belive she will be dismissed because of the First Amendment protection. It

specifically states that is does not protect against personal attacks or actions (What Is Protected

Speech? 48). Also, having the kind of belief to “hate all black people” may undermine the

teacher’s ability to teach black people (Is Speech Disruptive? 49).

Running Head: Ann Griffin v. Administrators 4

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