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Ae Lvek Needs Analysis/Program Proposal - Part Il = 20% of grade Grade Key This component of the assignment: 400% 95%. 85% Outstanding work in section; cannot recommend any changes; student goes the extra mile to write a paper beyond entry-level Is well-written and address every aspect of rubric ‘Meets general expectations; could improve clarity andlor depth of work. 2 75% Does not meet assignment expectations. (At this love, students must redo section as this document willbe read by outside stakeholders.) programs in occupational therapy or outside the field have the best evidence for efficacy with | that have been offered successfully to other populations and may work with your participants? Describe specific pieces of information th | program's development or specific methods. Provide a bibliography using APA format. Use a models). A maximum of two can be from non peer-reviewed publications (2.g., OT Practice, or intornet), Sections Points Deducted Evidence-based Practice: Review the literature to determine what evidence you can find about the occupational needs of your target population. What is population? Can you find evidence for relevant programs at can guide your minimum of 12 references (excluding those used for practice T References chosen are relevant to the target population described in part of the paper or the lype of programming proposed. Follows expectations for at least 12 peer-reviewed publications and only two from non-peer reviewed publications( internet, OT Practice, book chapter). Only one of these 12 can be from a reputable source on the internet, Please limit articles from American Journal of Occupational Therapy to 50% of references. This may not be possible in all cases depending on how much evidence is available, Practice model references are not counted in the 12 references required. (10 pts.) Review of literature is organized and clearly articulates points about the target population and relevant programming Issues, methods, and/or outcomes. At the beginning of the review, students describe the keywords and databases used to obtain literature (60 pts.) 0 3 9 415 ‘Summary of Needs Assessment Integrate what you learned from your needs assessment data (from the staff, clients, and observations) and your literature review. Describe how this information affected your program ideas and design. This section is highly important and synthesizes all the information you have provided in the paper thus far. (20 pts.) 043 5 Clarity and organization of content, appropriate grammar, spelling, complete sentences, following APA 6 edition guidelines. Sections are formatted with headings appropriately. Depth consistent with graduate school writing. Citations and References — Uses as needed and follows APA 6" edition guidelines. — > (10 pts.) 100--.S = totarpoints (75,100