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Bel-Air Manor

December 2018
2018 Therapeutic Recreation Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
*December Recreation Staff "Calendar is Mail 9:30am Morning
Birthday Director: Subject to Delivery Greetings
Celebrations* Sue Lepage, BA, Change" Monday-Saturday *Deck the Halls*
10:00a.m Mass on TV
Chris Donavan "Hairdresser" 10:30am Ball toss
Recreation Assist. Every 12:45pm 1:1 Visits
Wednesday Happy Kwanzaa Happy Hanukkah 1:30pm Bingo-DR
Lauryn Bailey 9a.m.
Recreation Assist.
2 3 *Barbara 4 G.* 5 6 7 8
10:00a.m. T.V. Mass 10:00am TV Mass 10:00am Mass on 10:00am Mass oh TV 10:00am Mass on 10:00am Mass 10:00am T.V Mass
Channel 11 TV TV on Tv Channel 11
10:30am Trivia and 10:30am 1:1 10:30am Music 10:30am Head to 10:30pm Bowling 10:30am Fire side chat 10:30am Basketball
balloon Volleyball Communion with Chris Merwin toe Exercises League with and Sing a long Challenge
11:15 Game Show 11:15am Fun with 1st, 2nd, 3d Trophies 11:30am Games Show 1:00pm 1:1 visits
12:45pm 1:1 Visits 2:00pm Music Holiday sing a long 1:15am Sensory
2:00pm Trim a tree Party with with Chip Ames 1:15pm 1:1 Visits 2:00pm Holiday Visits 1:30pm Bingo
1:30pm Bingo Party with Holiday 2:00pm Cardo Party with Music 2:00pm Bingo
sing -a- long 6:00pn Bingo with Game by Cindy *Pearl Harbor *Independent
Carol Rememberance Day* Activities*
9 10 11 12 13 14 15
10:00am Mass on TV 9:30 Greetings 10:00amMass 9:00am Breakfast 9a.m Morning
10:00am TV Mass TV 10:30am Musical on TV Club Greetings
10:00am T.V. Mass 10:45 Coffee Break Moments with 10:30am Bel-Air 10:00am Mass on 9:30am Sing-a-long
Channel 11 10:30am movement 1:30pm Oil Painting Stretch Carollers TV 10:15am Ring Toss
10:30am Target is Medicine with Brian 11:00am Target 10:30am fun with 11:00am in room
Toss 11:15am 1:1visits 3:00pm Cardo 2:00pm Bingo with Elizabeth Toss Christmas word ringtoss
11:15am in Room and Games Card Game Elizabeth and search 1:00pm 1:1visits
Target toss 2:00pm Cooking Friends 2:00pm Memories 1:30pm Bingo
1:30pm Club 6:00pm Bingo with with Kathy 1:30pm Bingo
Bingo Carol
*Ann 16 C.* *Patricia 17 Z. * 18 19 20 21 22
10:00am TV Mass 10:00am Fittness 10:00am TV Mass 10:00am TV Mass 10:00am TV Mass 9:30a.m Morning
10:00am T.V. Mass 10:30am 1:1 challenge 10:30am Dance 10:30am Uun with Greetings
Channel 11 Communion 11am Sentimental 10:30am Christmas in the City Book Club 10:00 TV Mass
10:30am Holiday 11:00am strecth for Sing-a-long Songs and Stretch Christmas and Chat 10:30am Entertain-
sing a long life 1:15 Manicures 1:15pm Room Visits Special ment with Doug
1:15 Pet Therapy 2:00p.m. Baking 1:15pm 1:1 Sensory Cordiani
11:15am 1:1 *Cotton* 2:00pm Holiday Club 2:00pm Bowling
Holiday memories 2:00pm Movie and refresh challenge 2:00pm Bingo 2:15pm 3 Angels
Birthday Party ments 2:30pm Word with 1st , 2nd, 7th Day Evangelist
1:30pm Bingo Entertainmnent Search 3d place trophy 2:15pm Cookies Church Singers
Challenge with Jim 6:00pm Bingo with and cidar
Carol on units
23 24 25 26 *Carmen 27 C.* 28 29
10:00am TV Mass 10:00am TV Mass 10:00am TV Mass 10:00am TV Mass
10:30am Target toss 10:30am Santa 10:30am Post 10:00am Mass on TV 10:30am Food 10:00am T.V Mass
11:00am Holiday Bearing Gifts Holiday 10:30am Music and Committee Channel 11
Manicures 2:00pm Christmas Stretch Memories with 11:00am Resident
1:30pm Bingo Eve Bingo $1/game Kathy Council Meeting 10:30am Post
30 *Donald 31 M.* 2:00pm Cardo card Hoiday work out
10:00am TV Mass 10:300am TV Mass 2:00pm Christmas movie Game 2:00pm Bingo 2:00pm Bingo and Ball Toss
10:30am New years 11:00am New years
memories and Resolutions/Stretch 1:1 Visits 1:1 Visits 1:30pm Bingo
games 2:00pm New years *Calendar Prep.- *Calendar Prep-
1:30pm Bingo Eve Celebration *casino theme* Staff* Staff*