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ABA Membership Directory
as of October 2008
As a benefit of ABA membership, ABA offers this exclusive directory - a comprehensive listing of all ABA baker and allied (suppliers to the industry) member companies. These companies give back to the industry by way of supporting ABA - the voice of the baking industry. Special directory features! Each ABA allied member's listing includes a description of its products and/ or services. In addition there is a products/services index for you to use as a reference when looking for a supplier or new vendor. ABA's supplier members are crucial to this industry - they supply companies with products and services and they support ABA by being members and by sponsoring events which helps ABA put on high caliber meetings for its members. ABA members support the industry. Please support each other by exclusively using ABA members as your vendors or customers, and use this valuable reference tool when seeking out new contacts to provide your company's products and/or services. ABA strives to keep the mailing records updated at all times. If your listing changes, please let us know at ABA and we will be sure to correct our records. If you have any questions concerning the ABA Membership Directory or mailing records, please do not hesitate to contact Kelly Kotche at 202-789-0300, fax 202-898-1164, or e-mail On line Membership Directory available! Look for a link to the Membership Directory in the “About ABA” or “Membership” sections on the ABA Web site at

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A merican B akers A ssociation
Board of Directors
CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD * Kenneth “Chip” Klosterman, Jr. President Klosterman Baking Company FIRST VICE CHAIRMAN * Allen Shiver, President & COO Flowers Foods Specialty Group SECOND VICE CHAIRMAN * Reynaldo Reyna, President Bimbo Bakeries USA TREASURER * Albert Lepage, Chairman Lepage Bakeries, Inc. IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIRMAN * Renato G. Turano, Chairman Turano Baking Company Howard “Robin” Alton, III President/CEO Pan-O-Gold Baking Company Pat Callaghan, President Pepperidge Farm, Inc. Ron Frick, Director, Wholesale Bakery Division General Mills Bakeries and FoodService Timothy M. Harris Chairman, President & CEO Nonni’s Food Company, Inc. Michael D. Kafoure President - Route Sales Interstate Bakeries Corporation Brian LeComte, Assistant Controller Gold Medal Bakery R. Jack Lewis, Jr., President Lewis Bakeries, Inc. Joseph Madigan, CEO Master Packaging James A. Martin, President Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc. Mike McKee, President & CEO McKee Foods Corporation Chris Moloney, Vice President, Bakery Business Unit Safeway, Inc., Mfg. Div. Jim Nolan, CEO, Fresh Bakery Sara Lee Food & Beverage John Paterakis, President H & S Bakery, Inc. Charles P. Pizzi, President & CEO Tasty Baking Company Gary J. Prince, President Weston Foods Inc. Ted Redmond, Vice President, Bakery/Deli Group The Kroger Co. Ron Savelli, President & CEO Caravan Ingredients Richard Scalise, President Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products Joseph M. Schwebel, President Schwebel Baking Company AIB CHAIRMAN Fred Springer, President Burford Corporation ATBI PRESIDENT J. Brad Burris, Partner D. Thomas & Associates, Inc. BEMA REPRESENTATIVE: Fred Springer, President Burford Corporation * ABA President & CEO Robb MacKie * ABA General Counsel James Hamilton, Esq. Bingham McCutchen LLP * ABA Corporate Secretary Lee Sanders *Indicates Executive Committee Member


Finance & Administration Rasma tgrant@americanbakers. Membership Services Chuck Wellard Vice President. Government Relations & Public Affairs / Corporate Secretary Deah Shaw Legislative & Regulatory Assistant Karin Robb MacKie President & CEO Karen Bock-Losee Executive Assistant to the President / CEO Brian Callahan Federal Government Relations Manager Margaret Collins Meetings Registrar and Administrative Assistant Teresa Grant Senior Accountant Kelly Knowles Director of Political Affairs Kelly Kotche Director of Membership & Communications Cory Martin Federal Government Relations Manager Helen Nelson Receptionist/Administrative Assistant / Notary Public Lee Sanders Senior Vice . CAE Vice mcollins@americanbakers. NW Suite 700 West bcallahan@americanbakers.A merican B akers A ssociation Professional Staff 1300 I cwellard@americanbakers. Zvaners Senior Manager. Federal Government Relations lsanders@americanbakers. rzvaners@americanbakers. DC 20005-3305 202-789-0300 ph • 202-898-1164 fax www.

org • Energy & Environmental Health Committee • Safety Committee Contact: Rasma I. at cmartin@americanbakers. federal regulators and technology • Executive Leadership Development Committee (ELDC) • American Bakers PAC . technical jargon translated into a language you can understand? If you said yes to even one question. Zvaners. Federal Government Relations Manager. We need your input on the issues that directly impact your business. click on “Committees” on the ABA Web site at www. At committee meetings. but the baking industry as a • Fleet & Distribution Committee • Human Resources Committee Contact: Brian Callahan. at bcallahan@americanbakers. Each member company needs to fully participate in order to strengthen the industry and have an impact on the critical policy and industry issues.Potassium Bromate Subcommittee . The American Bakers Association has a variety of committees that work to promote the interests of the wholesale baking industry before the United States Congress.americanbakers. ABA strongly encourages its member companies to actively participate in the Committee process. Committee members have the opportunity to hear from members of Congress. state officials and federal agencies. Committee members and the ABA staff help to ensure that the legislative and regulatory needs of the baking industry are met and that the baking industry’s voice is heard and recognized in • Commodity Task Force Contact: Cory For more information. open forums allow attendees to freely exchange information and advise one another on how to meet compliance demands in their facilities. Staff Liaisons can be contacted at the ABA office at (202) 789-0300. Please take a moment to review the list of ABA Committees on the next page. ABA Committees and Contact Information: • Food Technical Regulatory Affairs Committee (FTRAC) . at rzvaners@americanbakers.the Political Action Committee of the Grain-based Foods Industry Contact: Kelly Knowles. Active meeting participation is strongly recommended. ABA is a member-driven association. Senior Federal Government Relations Manager. Senior Vice President. This exposure gives ABA members first-hand information and prepares them to take action in the workplace. at lsanders@americanbakers. Committee participation truly benefits not only individual companies. Director of Political Affairs. at kknowles@americanbakers. -4- . you need to assign key players from your staff to ABA Committees today.The ABA Committee System Meeting the Legislative and Regulatory Needs of the Baking Industry Why is it important to assign various members of your staff to ABA Committees? • Do you want to stay on top of important legislative and regulatory issues that impact your bottom line? • Do you need to make sure that your facility is in compliance of the latest standards? • Do you want to know how other companies are dealing with the challenges our industry faces? • Do you need complicated.Biotechnology Subcommittee • Legal Committee • Marketing Committee Contact: Lee Sanders. ABA communicates through its committees vital information that you need to know specific to the different sectors of your business. Assign members of your organization to the ABA Committee(s) that best fit with their job descriptions. Government Relations & Public Affairs. Federal Government Relations Manager.

Human Resources Committee — addresses the legislative and regulatory issues that directly impact the daily operations of the human resources sector of the baking industry. and commodity issues that directly impact the baking industry. on a voluntary basis. food safety. or call the ABA office at (202) 789-0300 and ask to have a Committee sign-up sheet faxed to you. as well as providing networking opportunities with their peers. Fleet & Distribution Committee — provides an opportunity for distribution. Make sure your company has a voice in concensus building on critical policy and industry issues. Legal Committee — provides baking industry legal professionals and those responsible for outside legal activities within their companies an opportunity to discuss pertinent legal issues impacting the baking industry. -5- . wheat and flour quality research and issues of biotechnology. Make a copy and fill out accordingly. food defense. encourages active engagement in public policy discussions. from individuals employed by member companies of ABA. Executive Leadership Development Committee (ELDC) — developes future leadership of the wholesale baking industry and the American Bakers Association by bringing together executives in a forum that educates participants on industry trends. American Bakers Political Action Committee (PAC) – American Bakers PAC raises personal money. Commodity Futures Trading Commission officials and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) officials on various aspects of agricultural policy. Safety Committee — works with regulatory agencies and Congress to enhance safety in the workplace and reduce workers comp costs. Marketing Committee — supports the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) as well as assists ABA with membership marketing. including the Farm Bill. Food Technical Regulatory Affairs Committee (FTRAC) — builds consensus positions by addressing and responding to key issues impacting the baking industry including food labeling. a Committee sign-up sheet is on the back of this page for your convenience. American Bakers PAC distributes this money directly to individual candidates who support the interests of American business and free enterprise.ABA Committee Descriptions Addressing the Issues That Impact Your Bottom Line Commodity Task Force — establishes consensus priorities for ABA on commodity issues and lobbies House. Senate. logistics and transportation executives of the wholesale baking industry to work together on industry challenges and public policies impacting this important segment of the industry. promotional materials and ABA branding. and develops individual personal leadership and management skills. sugar reform. The Committee also develops consensus solutions to unique industry challenges. To assign representatives to ABA Committees.americanbakers. You can also click on “Join a Committee” under “ABA Committees” on the ABA Web site at www. Energy & Environmental Health Committee — focuses on energy and environmental regulations and legislation while proactively building consensus on forthcoming issues such as climate change and sustainability. In turn.

Suite 700 West. 20005. State. 1300 I St.C. State. Zip:___________________________ Phone: __________________________________ FAX: ___________________________________ e-mail:___________________________________ Fleet & Distribution Committee * Name: __________________________________ Title: __________________________________ Address:_________________________________ City. State. D. Zip:___________________________ Phone: __________________________________ FAX: ___________________________________ e-mail:___________________________________ Legal Committee Name: __________________________________ Title: __________________________________ Address:_________________________________ City. Washington. assign representatives from your company to ABA Committees accordingly. State. Zip:___________________________ Phone: __________________________________ FAX: ___________________________________ e-mail:___________________________________ Executive Leadership Development Committee Name: __________________________________ Title: __________________________________ Address:_________________________________ City. Zip:___________________________ Phone: __________________________________ FAX: ___________________________________ e-mail:___________________________________ Human Resources Committee * Name: __________________________________ Title: __________________________________ Address:_________________________________ City. You can also e-mail your request to kkotche@americanbakers. . or mail to American Bakers Association. Zip:___________________________ Phone: __________________________________ FAX: ___________________________________ e-mail:___________________________________ Commodity Task Force Name: __________________________________ Title: __________________________________ Address:_________________________________ City. State. there are many opportunities to make presentations and special appearances at those committee meetings. State. Attention Kelly Kotche.ABA Committee Sign-Up Sheet (Copy this form) ABA Committee Appointees for __________________________________ (Company name) Food Technical Regulatory Affairs Committee Name: __________________________________ Title: __________________________________ Address:_________________________________ City. State. Zip:___________________________ Phone: __________________________________ FAX: ___________________________________ e-mail:___________________________________ Energy & Environmental Health Committee Name: __________________________________ Title: __________________________________ Address:_________________________________ City. State. then return form by fax to ABA at 202-898-1164. Zip:___________________________ Phone: __________________________________ FAX: ___________________________________ e-mail:___________________________________ * Allied companies do not sit on these particular committees. State. Make a copy of this form. NW. Zip:___________________________ Phone: __________________________________ FAX: ___________________________________ e-mail:___________________________________ Safety Committee * Name: __________________________________ Title: __________________________________ Address:_________________________________ City. Zip:___________________________ Phone: __________________________________ FAX: ___________________________________ e-mail:___________________________________ Marketing Committee Name: __________________________________ Title: __________________________________ Address:_________________________________ City.

ABA Baker Members .

Bakery Division Bimbo Bakeries USA 14401 Statler Blvd. President & CEO Alpha Baking Company 4545 West Lyndale Avenue Chicago. Executive Vice President Aunt Millie’s Bakeries 350 Pearl Street Ft.butter-krust.nicklesbakery. Box 429 Bogart. Plant Manager Automatic Rolls of Virginia 4406 Overview Drive Fredericksburg. Wayne. MD 21237 Phone: (410) 488-2550 Fax: (410) 488-2140 John Paterakis. President Bake Rite Rolls 2945 Samuel Drive Bensalem. President Automatic Rolls of New England 328 Lake Road Killingly. President Butter Krust Baking – A Division of Sara Lee 249 North 11th Street Sunbury. TX 76155 Phone: (817) 864-2600 Fax: (817) 864-2602 www. CT 06241-1537 Phone: (860) 798-8858 Fax: (860) 779-6338 Fred Sexton. President Carolina Foods. President -8- . Consultant ButterKrust Baking – Lakeland 3355 West Memorial Blvd.alphabaking.bakerydefrance. Popp. President. PA 17801-2450 Phone: (570) 286-5845 Fax: (570) 286-0780 www. Chairman & CEO Amoroso Baking Company P. 1807 South Tryon Street Charlotte.ABA Membership Directory Baker Members Alfred Nickles Bakery. FL 33815 Phone: (863) 682-1155 Fax: (863) 683-5133 Dan Hartley. VA 22408 Phone: (540) 898-7878 Fax: (540) 898-3707 Richard Tommy. Inc. 7111 Commercial Avenue Baltimore. MD 20850 Phone: (301) 762-8770 Fax: (301) 762-6864 www. Inc. President Benson’s Inc.bake-rite. Plant Manager Automatic Rolls. Doug Wimberly. NJ 08837 Phone: (732) 549-2243 Fax: (732) 549-4980 John Lyons. Bob Cranmer. Lakeland. Box 1226 Landsdowne.amorosobaking. PA 19020 Phone: (215) 638-2400 (800) 949-5623 Fax: (215) 638-1662 David John Salameh.O. IN 46802 Phone: (260) 424-8245 Fax: (260) 424-5047 www. Plant Manager Automatic Rolls of New Jersey 1 Gourmet Lane Edison.bkbusa. OH 44662 Phone: (800) 635-1110 Fax: (330) 879-5896 www. NC 28203 Phone: (704) 333-9812 Fax: (704) 940-0040 Paul Scarborough. P. GA 30622-0429 Phone: (770) 725-5711.auntmillies. 26 Main Street Reynaldo Reyna. Inc. PA 19050 Phone: (215) 471-4740 Fax: (215) 472-5299 James G. Worth. Jr. (800) 888-6059 Fax: (770) 725-5888 www. IL 60639 Phone: 773-797-3411 Fax: (773) 489-0839 Michael Marcucci. Gardner. Leonard John F. General Manager Bakery de France 603-6 Dover Road Rockville.

gsbaking. NY 11204 Phone: (718) 236-4200 Fax: (718) 259-6133 Carmine Falcone. 31st Place Chicago. CEO & President Allen L. President General Mills Bakeries and Foodservice One General Mills Blvd. Suite 200 Brea. President Crispy Bagel Company 230 N.freshstartbakeries.genmills. IL 60632 Phone: (773) 523-2333 Fax: (773) 523-7381 www. Ron Frick. IL 60608 Phone: (773) 376-4444 Fax: (773) 376-8137 Frank Kuchuris. CA 92821 Phone: (714) 256-8900 Fax: (714) 256-5069 www.nefoods. Narragansett Ave. President Freund Baking Company 2050 Tubeway Avenue Commerce.goldmedalbakery. CO 80301 Phone: (720) 974-4691 Fax: (303) 447-0516 www. Kedzie Ave. Inc. Deese. IL 60101 Phone: (630) 628-6555 Fax: (630) 628-6838 www. President Flowers Foods 1919 Flowers Circle Thomasville.cloverhill. MS W05C Minneapolis. Baltimore. 1801 W. Vice President Cloverhill Bakery 2035 Nick Bob Gee. TN 37401 Phone: (423) 267-3351. MD 21223 Phone: (410) 566-4102 Fax: (410) 945-8783 www.moonpie. 3700 S. President & COO Fresh Start Bakeries 145 South State College Blvd. Inc.ABA Membership Directory Baker Members Charter Baking Company 3300 Walnut Street. A George David Shanholtz.. CA 90040 Phone: (323) 724-3000 Fax: (323) 724-8196 James Brian LeComte. Foley. GA 31757 Phone: (229)227-2322 Fax: (229) 225-5441 John F.flowersfoods. Chicago. Inc. Treasurer Gold Standard Baking.. CEO Chattanooga Bakery.charterbaking. 800-251-3404 Fax: (423) 266-2169 www. IL 60639-3843 Phone: (773) 745-9800 Fax: (773) 745-1647 www. MA 02724 Phone: (508) 674-5766 Fax: (508) 674-6090 www. President -9- . MN 55426 Phone: (763) 293-1262 Fax: (763) 293-1677 www. John Campbell. President Gonnella Baking Company 2006 West Erie Street Chicago. Plant Manager East Balt. Franklintown Rd. Chairman. Kent Bickford. IL 60612 Phone: (312) 733-2020 Fax: (312) 733-7670 www. O. Owner Falcone’s Cookieland 1648-61 Street Craig Olson. Box 111 Tom Ritchie. President Clyde’s Delicious Donuts 1120 West Fullerton Avenue Addison. Suite C Boulder. Shiver. Freund. Wholesale Bakery Division Gold Medal Bakery 21 Penn Street Fall River.clydesdonuts.

Ontario M9W 5B9 Canada Phone: (416) 674-4555 Fax: (416) 674-0558 www. Sales & Marketing Highland Baking Company Inc. 271 Attwell Drive Toronto.F. IN 46123-7171 Phone: (317) 272-1570 Fax: (317) 272-1110 Joseph E. (800) 959-7655 Fax: (410) 522-4029 John Paterakis. 2301 Shermer Road Northbrook. AZ 85009-5827 Phone: (602) 252-2351 Fax: (602) 252-6506 www.A. MD 21231 Phone: (410) 276-7254. MI 49016 Phone: (269) 961-3852 Fax: (269) 660-4947 www. Vice President.highlandbaking.O. TX 78204 Phone: (210) 475-9981 Fax: (210) 475-9310 www. President -10- .holsumpr. Whann. President Holsum de Puerto Rico. Latouf.E.krispykreme. Todd Penegor. 2322 West Lincoln Street Daniel Servitje Montull. President . Inc. 1014 Vine Street Desarrollo Santa Fe Mexico. Bakery/Deli Group Leidenheimer Baking Company. VP Supply Chain Management & Wholesale Operations The Kroger Co. President U. MO 64111 Phone: (816) 502-4000 Fax: (816) 502-4232 Ramon Calderon.ABA Membership Directory Baker Members Grupo Bimbo.O. LLC 122 Stribling San Antonio. Ltd. Sr. OH 45202-1100 Phone: (513) 762-4067 Fax: (513) 762-7000 www. IL 60062 Phone: (847) 677-2789 Fax: (847) 753-5723 www. Jr. C.holsumaz. H&S Bakery. Prolongacion Pasco de la Reforma No. Kansas City.italianhomebakery. Steve O’Donnell. 1501 Simon Bolivar Avenue New Orleans. President Interstate Bakeries Corporation 12 East Armour Blvd. Robert J. 01210 Phone: 011-52-55-5268-6708 Fax: 011-52-55-5268-6710 Ted Kenneth ("Chip") Klosterman. Call Box 8282 Toa Baja. Box 83 Winston Salem.kellogg. Michael D. President Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation P. Executive Brad Dennis Rossetti. NC 27102 Phone: (336) 725-2981 Fax: (336) 733-3790 www. D. President Harlan Bakeries. US Highway 36 Avon. OH 45229 Phone: (513) 242-1004 Fax: (513) 242-3151 www.S. Managing Partner Holsum Bakery. Snacks Klosterman Baking Company 4760 Paddock Road Cincinnati.1000 Col. Inc. PR 00951-8282 Phone: (787) 798-8282 Fax: (787) 251-2060 www.hsbakery. de Ed Eisele. LA 70113-2329 Phone: (504) 525-1575 Fax: (504) 525-1596 www.klostermanbakery. 7597 E.leidenheimer. CEO Hill Country Bakery. President Kellogg’s Snacks Divison One Kellogg Square Battle James Rosen. 601 South Caroline Street Baltimore. Inc.Route Sales Italian Home Bakery Ltd.

Inc. Jack Lewis. Baltimore Street Baltimore. O. NY 10920 Phone: (845) William Paterakis. MD 21224 Phone: (410) 649-1177 Fax: (410) 649-1176 Nashville Bun Company 2975 Armory Drive Nashville. Tilmon F. Chief Manager Ne-Mo’s Bakery.maplehurstbakeries.lindencookies. President -11- . 601 South Caroline Street Baltimore. IN 46112 Phone: (317) James Mike McKee.thelongco.nemosbakery.lepagebakeries. Inc. 50 Maplehurst Drive Brownsburg. (800) 769-5623 Fax: (410) 522-9338 www. 3800 E.mckeefoods. TN 37204 Phone: (615) 256-6500 Fax: (615) 256-2084 www. Inc. ME 04211-1900 Phone: (207) 783-9161 Fax: (207) 783-3300 www. O.. Co-President The Long Company 20 North Clark Cordia Harrington. Jr. (800) 344-4235 Fax: (317) 858-9009 www.nonnis. President & CEO Mid-Atlantic Bakery. President Nonni’s Food Company One Westbrook Corporate Center Doug Windeler. MD 21231 Phone: (410) 558-3050. IL 60602-4362 Phone: (312) 726-4606 Fax: (312) 726-4625 www. CA 92029 Phone: (760) 741-5725 Fax: (760) 741-4125 C. Ronald Sturz. Box 1900 Auburn. President McKee Foods Corporation P. Vice President of Sales Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe. Operations New Horizons Baking Company 211-A Woodlawn Avenue Albert R. TX 77807 Phone: (979) 778-6600. Inc. Brown. President Maplehurst Bakeries. IL 60154 Phone: (708) 731-2430 Fax: (708) 731-2431 www. Inc. Harris. President & CEO New Southwest Baking Company 600 Phil Gramm Timothy M.lewisbakeries. President & CEO Linden R. Vice President. Inc. Box 750 Collegedale.nefoods.buncompany. (800) 660-5051 Fax: (845) 268-5055 www. P. Inc. 416 North Hale Avenue Escondido. Lepage. 25 Brenner Drive Congers. CEO Northeast Foods. Chairman Lewis Bakeries. Suite 650 Chicago.ABA Membership Directory Baker Members Lepage Bakeries. (800) 548-1200 Fax: (717) 263-6687 www. 500 North Fulton Avenue Evansville. OH 44857-0348 Phone: (419) Michael Morales. TN 37315-0750 Phone: (423) 238-7111 Fax: (423) 238-7536 www. Martin. IN 47710 Phone: (812) 425-4642 Fax: (812) 425-7609 John Cheesman. PA 17202 Phone: (717) 263-9580.newhorizonbaking. 1000 Potato Roll Lane Chambersburg. (800) 219-8898 Fax: (979) 778-1281 Fred Bower.mfps. (800) 522-2867 Fax: (419) 663-6537 www. Bryan.

Burke. Operations Safeway. 115 West College Drive Jim Nolan. 655 Taylor Street. Sonny Orlando. Alton.schwans.rotellasbakery.panpepin. CA 94588-3229 Phone: (925) 226-9507 Fax: (925) 226-9502 www@safeway. Fresh Bakery Schmidt Baking Company 7801 Fitch Lane Baltimore. NE 68128 Phone: (402) 592-6600 Fax: (402) 592-2989 www.W. Inc. Moloney. MN 56302-0848 Phone: (320) Doug Olsem. Co-President Ottenberg’s Bakers. President Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products 3250 Lacey Road.pepperidgefarm.ottenbergs. In-Store Bakery Division Rotella’s Italian Bakery Inc.ABA Membership Directory Baker Members Orlando Baking Company 7777 Grand Avenue Cleveland. Box 100 Bayamon. MI 49441 Phone: (231) 799-9360 Fax: (231) 799-9364 www. Cloud. President/CEO Pepperidge Farm. NY 14213 Phone: (716) 878-8000 Fax: (716) 878-8055 www. 595 Westport Avenue Nick Richard Scalise. Inc. Lindrup. CEO. (800) 444-7005 Fax: (320) 251-3759 www. O. President and CEO Pan-O-Gold Baking Company P. Plant Manager Schwan’s Global Supply Chain. Jr. Patrick Callaghan. III ("Robin").. Mario Ray Raymond R. Louis J. MN 56285 Phone: (507) 537-8562 Fax: (507) 537-8521 Richard G. Inc. Chairman Pan Executive Vice President. IL 60515 Phone: (630) 455-5205 Fax: (630) 455-5202 www.saralee. CT 06851-4482 Phone: (203) 846-7175 Fax: (203) 846-7145 www. DC 20017 Phone: (202) 529-5800 Fax: (202) 529-3121 www. President Quality Bakers of America Cooperative. Box 848 St. Suite 201 Troy Howard R. La Vista. 5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd. Garfield Muskegon. President Rich Products Corporation 1150 Niagara Street Buffalo. Vice President. Chris D. President John C. Inc..panogold. Vice President Bakery Business Unit Sara Lee Food and Beverage 3500 Lacey Road Downers Grove. NJ 07054 Phone: (973) 263-6971 Fax: (973) 263-0937 www. Suite 600 Downers Grove. Orlando. OH 44104 Phone: (216) 361-1872 Fax: (216) 391-3469 www. P..schmidtbaking. 1055 Parsippany Blvd. PR 00960-0100 Phone: (787) 787-1717 Fax: (787) 740-2029 www. COO R. Manufacturing Div. President -12- . Bakers Co. MD 21236 Phone: (410) 668-8200.O.rwbakers. (800) 456-2253 Fax: (410) 882-2051 Norman Trapp. Mt. NE Washington. 1129 E. 6949 South 108th St.qba. IL 60515 Phone: (630) 598-6776 Fax: (847) 535-6069 www.

President & COO Weston Foods Inc. O. Grosvenordale. Box 130 Maysville. Inc. 102nd St.tabletalkpie. Warren Cook. P. President Turano Baking Company 6501 West Roosevelt Road Berwyn. CEO Superior Bakery 72 Main St. Box 6018 Youngstown.specialtybakers. OH 45241 Phone: (513) 563-2290 Fax: (513) 563-8486 www. PA 17053 Phone: (717) 957-2131 Fax: (717) 957-3912 www. CT 06255-0898 Phone: (860) 923-9555 Fax: (860) 923-2087 www. Ridgefield. PA 19129-1392 Phone: (215) 221-8696 / 8698 Fax: (215) 221-8697 www. Ste. Executive Director -13- . David Schmidt. OH 44501-6018 Phone: (330) 783-2860 Fax: (330) 782-1774 www. President Specialty Bakers.O. President & CEO Toufayan Bakeries Charles Renato G. Fontaine. (800) 446-4404 Fax: (703) 821-2695 www. MA 01610 Phone: (508) 798-8811 Fax: (508) 798-0848 www. 255 Business Center Drive.toufayan. Pizzi. 500 Joseph Schwebel. P.vdfy. Box 898 N. Divisions Manager. PA 19044 Phone: (215) 957-4401 Fax: (215) 957-4491 www.gwbakeries.usbakery. James D.wibakers. Piotrowski. Turano.ABA Membership Directory Baker Members Schwebel Baking Company John A. IL 60402 Phone: (708) 788-9220.tastykake. Robert Gary Prince.whitecastle. Inc. VA 22182-2536 Phone: (703) 442-9205. President Tasty Baking Company 2801 Hunting Park Avenue Philadelphia. Bakery & Meat Processing Wisconsin Bakers Association 2514 S. CEO & COB Vie de France Yamazaki. OR 97293 Phone: (503) 731-5670 Fax: (503) 731-5680 www. NJ 07657 Phone: (201) 941-2000 Fax: (201) 941-7988 www. Suite 100 West M. President White Castle System Inc.charterbaking. 2070 Chain Bridge Sadao Yasumura.. 3126 Exon Avenue Cincinnati. (800) 542-2688 Fax: (414) 258-5582 Christos Cocaine.turanobakery. 200 Horsham. Gregory Toufayan. WI 53227 Phone: (414) 258-5552. 175 Railroad Ave. 120 Washington Street Worcester. Eastern Region VP of Operations Table Talk Pies. Box 14769 Portland. (800) 458-5662 Fax: (708) 788-8480 www. Ste.O. Chairman United States Bakery P.

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regional. Station / office@bema.ABA Membership Directory Affiliate Members Allied Trades of the Baking Industry 2001 Shawnee Mission Parkway Mission Woods. it hosts the APC Crisco National Pie Championships and the Great American Pie Festival. products.asbe. American Society of Baking 765 Baywood Drive. -15- . as seen on the Food Network. (800) 633-5137 Fax: (785) 537-1493 BEMA offers a variety of membership benefits and services aimed at helping members improve their business operations and keep current of industry activities. and retail industries worldwide. Vice President of Administration E-mail: pklover@aibonline. In partnership with AIB. Chipping Campden President E-mail: Food Safety Education. and services provided by AIB to baking and general food production industries worldwide. AIB International 1213 Bakers Way Manhattan. Fax: (707) 762-9500 www. President/CEO E-mail: Allied Trades of the Baking Industry (ATBI) is a fraternal organization that serves all of the segments of the baking industry by providing financial support to a wide variety of local. We undertake R&D for the many industries associated with Inc.) E-mail: t. School of Baking. With almost 100 commercial James Munyon. The Society is the producer for Baking Tech and the sponsor of the Baking Hall of Fame. Director General E-mail: Executive Director: Kerwin Brown Operations Manager: Tammy Matthias E-mail: asbe@asbe.. Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Assn. AIB serves many segments of the food processing.piecouncil. CA 94955 Phone: (707) Chair: Andrea Henderson (Rondo.) Kerwin Brown. GL556LD England Phone: 44-1386-842000 Fax: 44-1386-842100 The American Pie Council (APC) is an organization that represents the pie industry. those industries which together make up the agri-food chain. IL 60045 Phone: (847) 371-0170 FAX: (847) 371-0199 www. American Pie Council PO Box 368 Lake Forest. All resources can be found on our Web sites at www. retailing and food service: in essence. distribution. distribution.bema. KS 66210 Phone: (847) 371-0101 Fax: (847) 371-0199 www. (CCFRA) is the largest membership-based food and drink research centre in the world. national and even international associations. BEMA supports the industry through funding scholarships and education. Thomas & Associates) Secretary / Treasurer: Tim Miller (Cereal Food Processors. Professor. networking and knowledge sharing. Linda Hoskins.miller@cerealfood. food and drink manufacture. KS 66205 Phone: (913) 890-6300 Fax: (913) 890-6382 Chairman: Brad Burris (D. Suite 339 Petaluma. ATBI in many ways is a vehicle in which individuals and companies can demonstrate their dedication to the baking industry.dennis@campden. Today’s AIB is well-positioned in the following areas: Audit Services. foodservice. Suite 1505 Overland Park. AIB International (widely known as the American Institute of Baking) is committed to protecting the safety of the food supply chain and delivering high value technical and educational programs.” and that basic theme is still central to all of the programs. The original mission of the organization was to “put science to work for the baker. KS 66502-3999 Phone: (785) BEMA 7101 College American Society of Baking (ASB) is an international professional association providing continuing education. Executive Director E-mail: piecouncil@aol. and Research and Technical and Paul Colin Dennis. ATBI provides a means in which they can support the wholesale baking industry in a way that demonstrates that they are partners — and not just vendors — with the companies they serve. the APC presents the Pie Industry Seminar annually.

Wheat Foods Council 10841 S. DC 20024 Phone: (202) 484-2200 Fax: (202) 488-7416 / info@IBIE2010. Over 700 exhibiting companies showcase the freshest technologies.). Department Head E-mail: dmaier@ksu. Its efforts center around the underlying theme: "Bread: It's Essential. Chairman: Rick L.IBIE 2010 1300 I The North American Millers' Association (NAMA) is the trade association of the Chairman: Rich Hoskins (Colborne Corporation) Co-Chairman: Mike Beaty (Flowers Foods) Secretary/Treasurer: Charles P.ABA Membership Directory Affiliate Members Grain Foods Foundation 490 Bear Cub Drive Ridgway. oat and rye milling industry. capacity. Suite 105 Parker. Suite 825 West Washington. Schwein (Grain Millers. a joint venture of members of the milling and baking industries formed in Co-Chairs: Joel Crowder (The Kroger Co. that offers Chair: Ellen Huber. The aggregate production capacity of NAMA milling members is more than 160 million pounds of product daily. equipment and new product introductions. -16- .org The Wheat Foods Council (WFC) is an industry-wide partnership dedicated to increasing the consumption of wheat and other grain foods through nutrition information. Suite 700 West / ("Colleges and Departments") Dirk Maier. Inc. Produced by the American Bakers Association and BEMA. productivity and profits. Nev. this is the one event that brings all segments of the grain-based food industry together to get down to business. President E-mail: mscheideman@wheatfoods.. most comprehensive baking expo held in the northern hemisphere. DC 20005 Phone: (202) 789-0300 x111 Fax: (202) 898-1164 www. International Baking Industry Exposition .Department of Grain Science 201 Shellenberger Hall Manhattan. IBIE takes place every three years.adams@grainsfoundation. the Council started in 1972 with five members and annual budget of $125. North American Millers' Association 600 Maryland Ave. Wellard (ABA) E-mail: Kansas State University's (KSU) Department of Grain Science is the only university in the U. Today. freshest. at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. NW. research and promotional activities. The Foundation will be ready. The Grain Foods Foundation (GFF). which is about 95 percent of the total U. WFC recently celebrated its 35 year anniversary as the Grain Information Center.S." While the consumer is slowly coming back to bread and other grain foods.S. IBIE 2010 is taking place September 2629.. IBIE is where industry leaders gather to find all the resources they need to improve product. Charlie Stout (Milner Milling / Pendleton Milling) Judi Adams. KS 66506-2201 Phone: (785) 532-6161 Fax: (785) 532-7010 www. degrees in Bakery Science Management and Milling Science Management. President E-mail: judi. North Dakota Wheat Commission Marcia Scheideman. Kansas State University . CO 81432 Phone: (970) 626-5183 Fax: (970) 626-5814 www. corn. President E-mail: bfaga@namamillers. is dedicated to advancing the public’s understanding of the beneficial role grain-based foods play in the human diet. It is comprised of milling member companies operating mills in the United States and Canada and associate member companies representing the industries providing products and services to the mills. Parker Road.) Betsy Faga.S.00. it is essential that our industry is prepared for the next attack on our Known as the biggest.namamillers. CO 80134 Phone: (303) 840-8787 Fax: (303) 840-6877 www. 2010. WFC has over 30 members and budgets that range over 1 million dollars.

ABA Allied Members Suppliers to the Industry . William of facilities globally. President E-mail: info@a-dpolicyanalysis. Our facility management and operations and maintenance programs are tailored specifically to accommodate your type of infrastructure and unique business needs. and provides consulting services on your behalf before local. Giesecke. Our extensive design and tooling capabilities enable us to deliver custom pans with extremely short turn-around ADM Milling Company is one of the largest milling companies in the world. Our Business and Industry Division is focused on manufacturing and industrial plants. Allstate Insurance Company 51 West Higgins Rd. The program includes truck Jack Jones. FL 20 Philadelphia. We also offer DuraShield. ADM's integrated production network lets us control quality from products beginning as grain in the field to their delivery to you as final ingredients. AMF Bakery Systems / Stewart Systems 2115 West Laburnum Avenue Ken Newsome. Our partnership always includes a facility management and operations and maintenance team that is incorporated right into your corporate culture. cargo American Pan is the premier supplier of industrial baking pans worldwide. V. general liability insurance. Sr. IL 60010 Phone: (847) 551-2148 Fax: (847) 551-2732 Mark Kolkhorst. Chief Executive Officer E-mail: cknox@rtbundy. Alpha Checkweighers is a leading designer and manufacturer of checkweighers and checkweighing equipment for virtually every application.alphacheckweighers. Alpha Checkweighers/Div. develops strategy papers for specific companies. chemical. Bundy. Sales E-mail: jackj@alphacheckweighers. PA 19107 Phone: (215) 409-7669 www. the industry’s best. Mix. -18- . and electronic industries are all supported.. Corn. Fine White Whole Wheat and Barley products. For more information please contact Brenda Moller at 847-551-2193. AmeriCoat and AmeriCoat non-stick coatings. Our product lines include Flour. as well as transportational Richard Russell T. has a preferred supplier list of companies. 418 Creamery Way Exton. We offer thousands of pan shapes and sizes. President E-mail: milling@admworld. (800) 225-3771 Fax: (804) 342-9790 www.8 billion sq. provides consulting services to the food and beverage industries and the firms that support them. Canada. VA 23227 Phone: (804) 355-7961. President E-mail: knewsome@amfbakery. “Settlement deduction” billing is also available for bakeries wanting to reduce their risk. PA 19341 Phone: 877-462-5742 Fax: 610-524-7346 Anne G. American Pan Company 417 East Water Street. ADM's Bakery Platform provides product research. Suite R1A South Barrington.americanpan. NE 68506-3464 Phone: (402) 261-6123. processing 20 acres of wheat per minute at locations throughout the United States. Inc. (402) 613-0150 www. the Caribbean.admworld.ABA Membership Directory Allied Members A & D Policy Analysis. A & D provides general environmental compliance support on sustainability and technical support on air and water AMF Bakery Systems is the most complete provider of equipment parts and service to the wholesale bread and roll industry. Starch & Gluten. of All Inc. ARAMARK Facility Services 1101 Market Street. blending with your key personnel.aramarkfacilities. Central America and the United Kingdom.a-dpolicyanalysis.. Rates are competitive and the program is administered through a select group of Allstate Agents. ADM Milling Company 8000 West 110th Street Overland Park. Box 628 Urbana. cosmetic. assisting clients to bring new products to market faster. Director of Marketing E-mail: ARAMARK manages 1. and insurance for hand-held computers. OH 43078 Phone: (937) 652-2151 Fax: (937) 652-3075 A & D Policy Analysis Allstate has a special program designed to meet the insurance needs of independent owner/ operators engaged in bakery route distribution. Marketing Director E-mail: rncl0@allstate. business parks and office buildings. onsite. KS 66210 Phone: (913) 491-9400 Fax: (913) 491-6507 www. The pharmaceutical. ft. state and federal offices. 5506 Sherman Street Lincoln. food.. high-tech and R&D facilities.

com A well known baking industry publication. Flour milling capacity exceeds 3. whole-wheat. all-purpose. VA 23005 Phone: (804) 798-1953 Fax: (804) 798-8683 www. Williams Bakery Service and BCW Food Products are leaders in the baking Bernhard Barta. A full line of top quality flours are produced and shipped in both bag and bulk by Bartlett’s rail and truck fleets to bakeries. cookies. BakeMark USA 7351 Crider Ave.C. healthful baking solutions. as well as the marketing and production management teams at the nation’s wholesale volume bakery locations. from ingredients and custom blends to technical service and innovation.C. -19- . baking. TX 75235 Phone: (214) 350-3320 Fax: (214) 350-5265 www. Missouri. Baking Management provides the latest product and service information to manufacturers and wholesalers of breads. Our companies offer one-stop sourcing for all your baking Geri G.ABA Membership Directory Allied Members B. The magazine reaches owners. 14740 West 159th Street. Inc. cakes. As a family-owned business. With 18 branches located across the United States. CEO E-mail: bday@bakemarkusa. backaldrin of America LLC 10520 Northlake Park Drive Richmond. is a baking industry consulting company focusing in the areas of new technology development. GA 30084 Phone: (770) 830-7459 Fax: (770) 838-9272 www. Chairman E-mail: jgillcrist@bartlettmilling. Backaldrin pays a special attention to tradition as well as the ability to make prompt decisions if necessary.penton. the latest in R&D and packaging. pizza.baketech. BakeMark USA provides bakeries with a complete offering of ingredients through three brands: Westco. as well as custom flour blends tailored to meet our customers’ specific needs. Walker.5 million pounds per day from mills strategically located in Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states. BakerCogs. pizza. President E-mail: bakercogs@sbcglobal. 4900 Main Street Kansas City. Theresa Cogswell. R&D quality. 5243 Royal Woods Manufacturer and supplier of continuous conveyor proofing. backaldrin provides raw materials for bakery and pastry products as well as technical and marketing support for its partners and customers in Austria and all over the world. The founder and principal. Editorial includes features on successful plant operations and those undergoing capital investments. Baking Technology Systems. 120 Tucker.s. doughs and other baked products.E.warne@penton.bakercogs. buns. product news and articles focused on trends affecting the industry. sweet BakeMark USA is a leading distributor and manufacturer of fine bakery and food James B. Produits Marguerite. MO 64112 Phone: (816) 753-6300 Fax: (816) 931-3404 John Gillcrist. purchasing and plant managers. Pico Rivera. Inc.backaldrin. crackers. restaurants and institutions. product cooling and pan systems for high-speed bread and buns production. mixes. and industrial flours. Suite 100 Olathe. new ingredient formulations. presidents. and Trigal Dorado. KS 66062 Phone: (816) 820-5364 Fax: (913) 782-4713 www. President/CEO E-mail: bernhard. a family-owned business established in 1907. regulatory compliance and marketing. BakerCogs Inc. snacks. We maintain national manufacturing and distribution networks that supply more than 150 food operations each Bartlett Milling Company.P. CA 90660 Phone: (562) 949-1054 Fax: (562) 948-2655 www. 17th Street New York. Bill Day. cookie. Williams Bakery Service P. headquartered in Kansas City. equipment innovations. O. Ste. Group Publisher E-mail: chris. tortillas. NY 10011 Phone: (212) 204-4336 www. C. bread systems with speeds of 30 to 200 loaves per minute and bun systems from 200 to 1200 pieces per minute. is part of Bartlett and Company.O. Baking Management Magazine/Modern Baking 249 Theresa Cogswell. President E-mail: gwalker@baketech. biscuit. Bartlett Milling Christopher Warne. Products consist of bread. has spent nearly 30 years in the baking industry with 15 of those years as VP R&D for Interstate Bakeries.bcwilliams. L. product development. Chairman E-mail: ccook@bcwilliams. Box 35947 Dallas.

President. is a leading twist tie manufacturer that has supplied the baking industry for over 40 years. bulk Bemis Company is North America’s leading extruder. Box 39 Worthington. Robert Tims. 2nd Floor Bernard J. III. bakery and foodservice equipment. satisfying purchase experience. O. MN 55441 Phone: (763) 847-9900 Fax: (763) 847-9913 www. Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group 814 44th Street NW. Product Development and Outside Sales Manager E-mail: rtims@bedfordind. Bedford Richard M. and die casting. specialty-printed premium twist ties and the Elastitag. We offer the Manufacturer of new and used bakery and restaurant equipment. You also gain the advantage of fully integrated capablilities and Six Sigma processes to assure a streamlined. (800) 553-5687 Fax: (617) 479-8910 www. Inc. producing and upgrading engineering materials. President E-mail: roger_faw@belshaw. With Bemis PPD.ABA Membership Directory Allied Members Bay State Milling Company 100 Congress Street.baystatemilling. you get the industry’s premier team of PE specialists to help optimize the performance. MA 02169-0948 Phone: (617) 328-4400. and converter of polyethylene bags and printed film. Chairman E-mail: buckyr@bsm. printer. It is a commitment that extends beyond our deep understanding of advanced milling processes and technologies.steiner@buhlergroup. Bemis / www. Best Bakery Equipment 6935 Stearns Street Houston. and shaping for processing cereal grains and foods. MN 56187-5314 Phone: (507) 376-4136. Alain Rene Steiner. Buhler North America E-mail: rene.buhlergroup. thermal treatment.bestovens. and draws upon our unique ability to understand and embrace the challenges our customers Bedford Industries Inc. Vice President-Bakery E-mail: rmlafleur@bemis. Bay State Milling has proudly provided exceptional quality flour and grain products.600 persons around the BayState Milling provides a diverse and growing array of customers with innovative. Buhler Inc. Rothwell. We are leaders in the basic technologies of grinding. We offer a variety of closures in single-wire and double-wire products to keep baked goods fresh. blending and mixing. 1659 Rowe Avenue. cost and appeal of your unique packaging. Buhler employs some 6. Inc.bedfordind.belshaw. grainbased ingredient solutions. 1350 North Fruitridge Ave. -20- . Suite 103 Auburn. TX 77021 Phone: (713) 748-5441 Fax: (713) 748-5453 World leader in the manufacture of donut production.elastitag. Since 1899. WA 98001 Phone: (206) 322-5474 x6069 Fax: (206) 322-5425 www. 1100 Xenium Lane. distinctive and high Buhler is a global specialist in the field of plant design and construction and related services for transforming renewable and synthetic raw materials into high-quality functional products and valuable Roger A. (877) 233-3673 Fax: (507) 376-6742 www. IN 47804 Phone: (812) 460-6253 Fax: (812) 460-6313 www. Faw.bemisppd. Terre Haute. Box 9497 Minneapolis. President E-mail: sales@bestovens.

Cereal Food Processors. Cargill.ABA Membership Directory Allied Members Bunge Oils 4667 Rollingwood Lane Glen America’s largest independent flour milling company and fourth largest wheat miller in the U. Bunge North America is a global leader in the food supply chain that extends from grain origination to production of value-added ingredients. We’re proud to be an American Gary L. from the introduction of the automated twist tie machine back in 1961. President E-mail: fspringer@burford.O. Breck Barton. -21- . Box 748 Maysville. Inc. Cain. VA 23060 Phone: (804) 270-6744 Fax: (804) 270-1523 www. John E. Our bakery category experience transcends multiple disciplines: market research.burford. P.caravaningredients. President E-mail: b. MN 55440 Phone: (952) 742-4230 Fax: (952) 404-6198 Cain Food Industries Inc. Caravan Ingredients 7905 Quivira Road Lenexa. 2001 Shawnee Mission Parkway Mission Woods. capability and ingredients needed to create winning bakery products that delight consumers. Our unmatched breadth of bakery ingredients and knowledge help customers turn ideas into value-added products. President & CEO E-mail: gary_cain@cainfood. and a full line of blending equipment. Box 35066 Dallas. (800) 654-4530 Fax: (405) 867-4219 www. KS 66215 Phone: (913) 890-5535. Burford Corporation P. Box 5724. a total solution provider for the milling industry from products to equipment and vitamin assays.cargill. TX 75235 Phone: (214) 630-4511 Fax: (214) 630-4510 www.barton@cerealfood. still privately owned and located in Maysville. P. Cain Food Industries. Director of Sales E-mail: jim. value-added products to innovative ingredient solutions. biscuit and cracker Horizon Milling and Cargill have the knowledge. OK 73057 Phone: (405) 867-4467. Our Smart Seeder is an industry standard. (800) 669-4093 x1235 Fax: (913) 888-7085 Caravan Ingredients’ products/services include: bakery ingredients and technical support for the baking industry. product development. to the most recent addition of the Smart Servo Twist Burford has been manufacturing equipment for the baking industry for over 46 years.cainfood. Corporate Vice President E-mail: John_Geisler@cargill. O. President & CEO E-mail: Ron Savelli.S. Inc. Lake Office Minneapolis. supply chain and risk management. functional ingredients for processed foods. additives for polymers and other industrial applications. and milled corn ingredients ranging from bulk commodity to premium Jim Dickson. We are a leading supplier of oils and shortenings. Inc. sells technical ingredients to the wholesale bakery. KS 66205 Phone: (913) 890-6300 Fax: (913) 890-6382 Fred Springer. saving bakeries thousands of dollars each year by reducing waste.dickson@bunge.

. servo-controlled mechanisms/conveyors and other leading-edge technologies to process. and penny/flat packers. OR 97214 Phone: (503) 234-0202 Fax: (503) 238-0420 www. muffins.csmworldwide. technology-driven company dedicated to the design. Colborne Corporation 28495 North Ballard Drive Lake Forest. handle and package baked goods. King Midas and Kyrol. and other dough or batter-based products. portioning and handling of food products. Inc. ConAgra Mills has everything you need for great-tasting products. Vice President of Sales E-mail: rickb@cmpackaging. ConAgra Mills #11 ConAgra Drive 11-160 Omaha.csm. CSM provides its customers with economic and effective systems and solutions while achieving complete ConAgra Mills offers the industry’s most comprehensive selection of premium multi-use and whole grains—from pastry and organic flours to durum and rye. President/CEO E-mail: richh@colborne. CSM operates in business-tobusiness markets throughout Europe. generates annual sales of € 2. Our packaging can be made from PET.weaver@csmbsna. Ken G. Hoskins.canagramills.colborne. We also feature custom thermoformed packaging solutions from our Stone Plastics product line. President E-mail: mtorstrup@csmworldwide. In Michael Torstrup. CSM Bakery Supplies North America 1933 N. Colborne’s standard product lines specialize on the make up of pies. III. OPS. Offering quality-control inspection. IL 60173-4342 Phone: (847) 519-3131 Fax: (847) 925-5171 www.000 dozen per hour. CSM produces and distributes an extensive range of bakery products and ingredients for artisan and industrial bakeries and for out-of-home markets. cheesecakes. Ste. NE 68102-5009 Phone: (402) 595-7273 Fax: (402) 943-2230 www. -22- . IL 60047-2390 Phone: (800) 323-0422 Fax: (847) 438-0369 CM Packaging manufactures rigid packaging containers for all types of baking applications. Business Development E-mail: bret. 269 Sheffield Street Mountainside. With artisan flours like Eagle Mills.stoufer@conagrafoods. offers ultrasonic-cutting systems for difficult portioning applications and flexible automation solutions utilizing vision-guided robotics. Aluminum and PLA materials. a division of CSM Worldwide is a full Bill Bret Weaver.P.clockassociates.ABA Membership Directory Allied Members Clock Associates 1629 SE 11th Avenue Portland. 530 Schaumburg. Director E-mail: Colborne Corporation offers the baking and food-related industries automation solutions for make-up. manufacture and installation of air pollution control systems. President & CEO Clock Associates is a manufacturer of English muffin equipment with complete English muffin lines that produce from 500 up to 2. CSM specializes in catalytic oxidizers for the abatement of volatile organic compounds found in commercial Richard I. pastry. NJ 07092 Phone: (908) 233-1578 Fax: (908) 233-1064 www. Rick D. fork splitters and slicers.. Foodbotics Inc. CM Packaging 800 Ela Road Lake Zurich. Brazil. CSM CSM is the largest supplier of bakery products worldwide and is global market leader in lactic acid and lactic acid derivatives. and Asia. IL 60045 Phone: (847) 371-0101 x3325 Fax: (847) 371-0105 www. Clock Associates is a worldwide primary source of complete systems and top-quality support machinery with over 50 years of total commitment to the English muffin industry. North America.4 billion and has a workforce of around 8. V. Clock. Meacham Road. and innovations like Ultragrain and Sustagrain Barley.200 employees in 22 countries.

Canada and Danisco is one of the world’s leading producers of ingredients and services for food and other consumer products. development and installation of custom systems including: bulk-flour DuPont Teflon® non-stick coatings for commercial baking pans. cultures. inventory D.dunbarsystems. DTA offers experienced sales professionals. Dunbar Systems Inc. 1717 West 91st Place Kansas City. conveying. DuPont Chestnut Run Plaza Bldg. Chairman E-mail: dthogerty@dthos. Teflon® is a registered trademark of E . contracting. and project management systems as well as electronic interfacing capabilities. Andrew Armstrong. Key areas of expertise include improving the eating qualities and shelf life of bakery and dairy products. We manage the process from design through installation and start-up. the broad product range is backed by top technical Richard C. with plants in the U. Dawn Food Products.c. IL 60439 Phone: (630) 257-2900 Fax: (630) 257-3434 www. is a George Dunbar. Sales Director. depositing. -23- . Bakeware Segment Manager E-mail: richard.fleischmannsyeast. DE 19880 Phone: (302) 999-3412 Fax: (302) 234-1928 www2. icings and fillings. 1186 Walter Street Lemont.perrou@danisco. engineering and project management organization which specializes in designing and supplying complete bakery Manufacturer and distributor of custom bakery blends of dry ingredients. icing/decorating. laminating systems. 3333 Sargent Road Jackson. CEO E-mail: george@dunbarsystems. Edward B. Fleischmann’s Yeast 1350 Timberlake Manor Parkway Suite 550 Chesterfield. Miles Jones. cooling/freezing. antimicrobiels.I. MI 49201 Phone: (517) 789-4417 Fax: (517) 780-4369 www. du Pont and Company used under license. Hogerty.dawnfoods. 702-1234L. and sweeteners. and packaging.albert@usa. For over 25 years we have been experts in the Ronald Fleischmann’s Yeast is a manufactureer of yeast and bakery ingredient products.S. glazes. James R. Centre Road Wilmington. Mexico. baking systems. purchasing. Co-Chairman E-mail: rjones@dawnfoods. MO 64114 Phone: (816) 361-5522 Fax: (816) 822-0931 Daniel T. Jones. SC 29572 Phone: (336) 688-0028 Fax: (843) 712-2720 www. MO 63017 Phone: (314) 392-0800 Fax: (314) 392-0865 www. President E-mail: andrewarmstrong@abmauri. mixing. Thomas & Associates. make-up systems. Inc.danisco. indepth technical experience.ABA Membership Directory Allied Members D. Thomas & Associates is a full service representative organization providing a complete array of packaging solutions to the food industry. President E-mail: jrlynch@dthos. Dunbar Systems.. Emulsifiers. Danisco USA 9679 Chestnut Ridge Dr Myrtle Beach. Danisco’s broad technology platform and product portfolio includes Enzymes. Produced mainly from natural raw materials. Co-Chairman E-mail: mjones@dawnfoods. pan/basket systems. hydrocollords. tailored blends. Bakery E-mail: eddie. custom frozen products. II.

and in both wholesale and retail bakery channels. equipment/installation and commissioning services. you are able to remain flexible enough to respond to business demands driven not only by customers. Director. Our experience and commitment to quality and service has ensured our position as the world’s leading bread slicing Ron Frick. William C. inventory/ warehouse management. proofers. The services we provide are equipment installation. lower costs and improved margins. but also by suppliers and Troy Henry. warehouses. WA 98072 Phone: (425) 483-9090 Fax: (425) 486-5656 www. Hampton.thehaskellco. We manufacture ovens.hansaloy. vending asset management and field service. FORMOST FUJI designs and builds infeed systems for many products. line upgrades. General Mills Bakeries and Foodservice also markets dry baking mixes and bakery flour in the The FORMOST GT Bagger is the most versatile bagging machine in the industry. Box 8246 Greenville. NE The Henry Group provides bakery services and bakery equipment to the wholesale baking industry. relocation. and other bread and sweet goods.hampton@mmm. Wholesale Bakery Division Known for its wide array of bakery products including frozen biscuits. along with special product handling systems.formostpkg. We provide the world’s major bakers with quality slicer blades and other packaging room parts and accessories. MN 55426 Phone: (763) 764-7600 Fax: (763) 293-1678 www. In addition. along with custom-design build equipment. oven rebuilds and OSHA inspection services for ovens. Business Development Manager E-mail: Norm Formo. Haskell 111 Riverside Avenue Jacksonville.O. bun slicers. program management. distribution centers. Additionally. business HighJump Software. Director E-mail: darryl. E-mail: normf@formostfuji. General Mills Bakeries and Foodservice One General Mills Blvd. Hansaloy Corporation 820 W. spirals. HighJump Software offers DSD-specific applications for route accounting.highjump. and low-tempature structures throughout North America. mobile presales. Specialists in Green/Sustainable LEED Certified Design & Construction. IA 52806 Phone: (563) 386-1131. understands the pressures and dynamics of the baked goods distribution business and offers tailored solutions to meet these challenges.generalmills. Our DSD suite is designed to enable you to achieve higher sales. As part of its complete suite of supply chain management solutions. The Henry Group P. bread baggers. load optimization. HighJump Software. construction. croissants. President & CEO E-mail: Darryl Haskell ranks among the foremost design-build organizations that provide complete architectural. President E-mail: Hansaloy Corporation was established in 1933 in Davenport. mobile delivery. Executive Vice President & Gen Mgr. FUJI-FORMOST horizontal form-fill-seal machines wrap a wide variety of products. We design and build bakeries. a 3M Company. Mexico and Latin America. 35th Street Davenport. -24- . MN 55344 Phone: (972) 538-1200 Fax: (972) 538-1202 www.ABA Membership Directory Allied Members Formost Fuji Corporation 19211 144th Avenue. W05C Minneapolis.where sliced bread was invented! We have continued to innovate slicing and packaging ideas ever since. a 3M Company 6455 City West Parkway Eden Prairie. cookies. engineering. pan cleaners. conveyors. FL 32202 Phone: (904) 357-4820 Fax: (904) 791-4699 www. (800) 553-4992 Fax: (563) 386-7707 www. TX 75404 Phone: (903) 883-2002 Fax: (903) 883-3210 Steve Wright. Iowa . restaurant.

thermal oil multideck and rack ovens [Daub] and fully automated lines [Kaak Holland]. White Systems 20 Executive Blvd. glass and PET.B. Simon Setton. -25- . or managing commodity price risk. 231 Thornton KAAK Group North America. Box 9300 Kaak Group North Americas’ extensive product offering includes make-up equipment [Benier]. Leonard.glopak. Inc. and deliver results that matter. natural mold inhibitors. GA 30122 Phone: (770) 745-2200 x554 Fax: (770) 745-0050 www. 100 Wilsonville. Through the design and blending of natural micro-ingredients and pioneering technology for the overall baking process. Bruinsma. Our printing capability is up to 10 Independent Can Company offers decorative packaging solutions: tin. flavors and bases. Quebec HIR IA6 Canada Phone: (514) 323-4510 Fax: (905) 542-7205 www. explore new opportunities. Innovative Cereal Systems. a Division of AB Mauri Food Ultra Series Spiral Systems .com Joyce Sutton. In addition to the equipment available from within the Kaak Group. Sutie 400 Lithia Springs.L. L. Technical Director E-mail: bernieb@bakingenzymes. J&K Ingredients 5213 Montrose Circle Norman. Lynx Ave Ontario. Branch Manager E-mail: J&K Ingredients is one of the leading providers of innovative ingredient solutions to the baking industry. J&K additionally offers customized solutions. MN 55440-9300 Phone: (952) 742-6108 Fax: (952) 742-4050 www. refrigerated cooling. White. OK 73072 Phone: (405) 818-3948 www.ijwhite. P.J.C. Whether developing more appealing bakery products. President E-mail: guy_shoemaker@cargill. plastic and metal belts designed to optimize product quality. refrigeration packages. Bldg. Guy Shoemaker. NC 27429-0355 Phone: (336) 288-6100 Fax: (336) 288-4290 R. Kurt Miller. optimizing supply chains. O. Farmingdale. Peter J.. Independent Can Company / Western Specialty 2040 S. President E-mail: pwhite@ijwhite.rr. NY 11735 Phone: (631) 293-2211 Fax: (631) 293-3788 www. Director of Marketing E-mail: ssetton@hoodpkg. Jr. Featuring the latest spiral technology. the company has made impressive advances. White is committed to providing innovative design and new techonolgy to enhance our customers’ products.Midwest E-mail: kmiller@jkingredients. We supply a range of sideweed bags including square Hood Packaging Corporation is a manufacturer of plastic film and Mike Hartnett E-mail: mhartnett@kaakgroup. round bottom and coupon insertion — ideal for promotional purposes. final proofers and runnel ovens [MCS]. automated ice systems from Ziegra and specialty make-up equipment from Bertuetti.J.designed for room cooling. we also offer a full mixing line from Diosna. we are committed to working with customers to overcome their challenges. ingredient handling and silos from Spiromatic.independentcan.bakingenzymes.ABA Membership Directory Allied Members Hood Packaging Corporation 4755 Bouldes Grandes Prairies St. 26994 SW 95th Avenue.benierusa. JenCo Inc. Box 9355 Greensboro. is a baking science and technology company specializing in enzyme application and process optimization As an industry leader in North America. and blast freezing.horizonmilling. OR 97070 Phone: (503)570-7501 Fax: (503)570-8502 www. Sales Director .com Bernard L. CA 91761-8010 Phone: (909) 923-6150 Fax: (909) 923-6052 Innovative Cereal Systems. offering a wide range of cost-saving solutions including egg replacers. Horizon Milling LLC P.jkingredients. through our affiliation with other established industry leaders. President E-mail: rbj@triad. Horizon Milling works closely with customers to create and deliver distinctive value through innovative product and service solutions. proofing..

com Niall O'Leary. 51 Arch St. Vice President of Sales E-mail: sales@kwiklok. Lallemand/American Yeast Division 2405 North 2nd St. IL 60661 Phone: (312) 669-6900 Fax: (312) 681-6900 www. and vision-based inspection. and conveyers. produce.malletoil. (877) 677-7000 Fax: (414) 615-4000 www. Kwik Lok Corporation P. -26- . President Mallet & Company. ethanol. Loma International. Also offered are plastic bag closures and closure-labels.ABA Membership Directory Allied Members Richard A. manufactures. flavours and ingredients. and wine industries as well as for human and animal health applications. 800-688-5945 Fax: (509) 457-6531 www. Lockton Companies. TN 38127 Phone: (847) 691-9121. Due to some recent innovations. Lesaffre Yeast Corporation and Red Star Yeast Company. MI 49203-1099 Phone: (517) 787-3301 Fax: (517) 782-1033 www. (800) USA-LOMA Fax: (630) 588-1394 www. 525 West Monroe Street. WA 98909 Phone: (509) 248-4770 x135. is the country’s largest manufacturer of food grade release compounds for the baking and food processing Hal H. and distributes yeast and bacteria for the baking. LeMatic. We custom design and build equipment used to apply our products as well as other material handling Kerry Group is a leader in the global food industry. Lesaffre Groupe.kerrygroup. Milwaukee. President E-mail: djlecrone@lematic. (800) 245-2757 Fax: (412) 276-9002 www. Suite 600 Chicago. Lesaffre Yeast Corporation / Red Star Yeast Company 7475 W. Box 9548 Lallemand develops. Business President. CEO E-mail: john. We develop.lockton. has provided innovative slicing. Senior Vice President E-mail: rmcgrath@lockton. Mallet. 2410 West Main Street Jackson. Gary Wilson. packaging and Kwik Lok offers a complete line of both semi-automatic and fully automatic bag closing machines.lallemand. tasteful foods and beverages. Inc. Lecrone. Inc. IL 60188 Phone: (630) 588-0900.lesaffre. Main St. Memphis. Bakery Market E-mail: noleary@kerrygroup. and manufacturing has supported the baking industy world wide for over 150 years. 283 East Lies Road Carol Insurance and risk management specialists. LeMatic’s new generation of equipment now includes the latest in robotic Loma is one of the world’s largest suppliers of metal detection. Our products and equipment are designed to exceed your LeMatic Inc. world leaders in yeast and ingredient technology. WI 53511 Phone: (608) 363-1200 Fax: (608) 363-1399 www. bag tensioners. founded in 1939. McGrath. General Manager E-mail: sales@loma. PA 15106 Phone: (412) 276-9000. Inc. President E-mail: gedwards@lallemand. counting and packaging systems. icing stabilizers have become our fastest growing product line. One Millington Road Beloit.riesch@lesaffreyeastcorp.O. Red Dale J. x-ray inspection and check-weighing equipment to the bakery industry. meeting today’s consumer demands for Gary Edwards. WI 53214 Phone: (414) 221-6333. Extension Carnegie. Inc. Lallemand and American Yeast are unique due to primarily distributing yeast and ingredients via our own truck and drivers. Mallet & Company. John Riesch. and Saf Pro products.lematic. brewing.kwiklok. manufacturers of Saf-Instant. Miller. Robert I. (866) 458-4788 x4 Fax: (413) 674-9803 www. President. including thermal printers. They can be found in the finest icings and glazes. packaging and automated systems solutions to the worldwide baking industry since 1973. and market lifestyle and nutritional foods.

and crackers. Free. worldwide. Hickenbottom. same-day shipping. GA 30339 Phone: (770) 955-4122 Fax: (770) 953-6145 John Hellman.. Morgan Olson. seasonings and flavors to the entire food industry. 100 Commercial Street P. Canada. Vice President. Managing Partner E-mail: John@mcgahee. (800) 526-0180 Fax: (201) 845-0028 www. NJ 07663 Phone: (201) Gerry Degnan. PET. Vice President E-mail: sukh. MGP Malt Products Corporation is a leading. McGahee. and others. experienced managers are dedicated to the goals of outstanding customer satisfaction and product quality. 312A Shawnee Mission. National Account Manager E-mail: Maxon Lift Corporation is the leading manufacturer of truck and trailer liftgates in North America. produce and institutional markets. For more information. (800) 227-4116 Fax: 773-233-6886 www. CEO E-mail: jmadigan@masterpackaging. molasses. Workhorse.maltproducts. bagels. Mill Supply. honey and oat Joseph Madigan. to name a few applications. pretzels. Lacy & Associates works with bakeries in all aspects of the order fulfilllment process including packaging. Sales & Marketing E-mail: MGP Ingredients Inc. Ste. marketing and distribution of spices. Union City Body. Shega. (800) 888-5072 Fax: (888) 781-2700 www.bassi@mgpingredients. rice syrups. 19801 Miles Road Cleveland. Freightliner.Manildrausa. FL 33616 Phone: (800) 777-1575 x155 Fax: (813) 354-4760 www.maxonlift. artisan breads and rolls. please contact us at 800-227-4116 or visit us at www. wheat starches and wheat proteins. design. -27- . VP. Marketing E-mail: info@millsupply. Lacy & Associates 6151 Powers Ferry Road. Santa Fe Springs. Schnur. OPP and nylon. Box 130 Atchison.mgpingredients. Cray Business Plaza.ABA Membership Directory Allied Members Malt Products Corporation 88 Market Street Saddle Brook. Inc. inventory management and order fulfillment. and others. Chassis parts that fit Chevrolet. cereals.. Inc. tapioca syrup. 226 Schilling Circle Hunt Valley. is a fully integrated producer of ingredients and distillery products. Tampa.mccormick. England and Holland and has been serving the food industry for over 50 Mill Supply offers replacement parts for step-vans manufactured by Utilimaster. KS 66002 Phone: (913) 360-5246 x3246 Fax: (913) 360-5746 Scott R. MD 21031 Phone: (410) 527-6997 Fax: (410) 527-6981 A leading manufacturer of vital wheat gluten. comprehensive catalog. Suite 520 Sukh Bassi. supplier of food grade malts. OH 44128 Phone: (216) 518-2710. Maxon has initiated and developed a variety of innnovative products that have become truck equipment industry benchmarks. Material converted includes Joseph W. McGahee. Maxon’s team of committed. Master Packaging 6932 South Manhattan Ave. Supreme. Inc. 11921 Slauson Ave.S. CA 90670 Phone: 773-233-5885. Malt Products Corporation has plants in the U. roll stock and laminations servicing McCormick is the global leader in the manufacture. KS 66205 Phone: (913) 362-0777 Fax: (913) 362-0674 www. agave syrup. President E-mail: gdegnan@manildrausa. Founded in 1957. Safety & Health E-mail: scott_schnur@mccormick. Maxon Lift Corp. pouches. Master Packaging is a converter of bags. Sr. Ford. McCormick & Company. Most are organic and can be used in dark breads. Manildra Group USA 4210 Shawnee Mission Bakery-flexible packaging specialists emphasizing bakery bags and John John Brennan.

Box 13078 Grand Forks. Vance Taylor. 4800 Main Street. and N&A flavoring.ndmill. Milner Morgan Olson is the most experienced producer of commerical walk-in vans since Norseman Plastics is the leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic bread and bun trays along with transportation dollies to the baking The OKI Group is a leading global manufacturer of integrated packaging automation systems. Norseman Plastics 14024 Bonbury Lane Orland Park. specializing in “Single Source Solutions” for a wide array of “End of Line” system applications. President E-mail: John C.effective and environmentally responsible. Sosland Publishing Company consists of a family of publications including Baking & Steve M.sosland. President and General Manager E-mail: vtaylor@ndmill. Organic spring wheat flour and organic whole wheat flour also available. artificial. MN 55439 Phone: (952) 826-6331 Fax: (952) 826-0810 www. even though food and beverage companies demand it. Sosland Publishing Manufacturer of quality flavorings — oil-soluble. Inc. Baking & Snack International. Ste. spray-dried. Box 2247 Chattanooga. We regrind and extrude plastic materials.ottensflavors. IL 60462-2332 Phone: (708) 460-9105. North Dakota Mill P. and services help our customers achieve their productivity and busines performance Flour millers. LLC 1801 South Nottawa Street David Ann Marie Kellett. Director of Sales Ottens Flavors is a worldwide flavor supplier with a long history of success that has resulted in us flavoring every product type in virtually every market segment. keeping our commitment to be cost. process optimization. MI 49091 Phone: (269) 659-0316 Fax: (269) 659-0343 www. O/K International Corp. Our portfolio of technology.mothermurphys.morganolson. Milling & Baking News. Food Business News. TN 37409-0247 Phone: (423) 265-2313 Fax: (423) 265-2468 Charles B. Milling & Baking News. 100 Kansas City.ABA Membership Directory Allied Members Miller Milling Company 7808 Creekridge Circle. Mother Murphy’s Richard Robinson. President E-mail: cstout@milnermilling. Ottens Flavors 7800 Holstein Ave. (800) 849-1277 Fax: (336) 273-2615 www.okcorp. Rivard. vanilla extracts and other “Sweet and Brown” flavors. and Baking Buyer. ND 58208-3078 Phone: (701) 795-7000. PA 19153 Phone: (215) 365-7800 Fax: (215) 365-7801 www. NC 27416-0846 Phone: (336) 273-1737 x29. Suite 100 Bloomington. Not many flavor suppliers deliver Kenneth J. natural. Miller. Ottens Flavors stands out as a flavor supplier because of our focus on customer service and development of new flavor technologies. Vice President Sales E-mail: steve. Marketing Manager E-mail: Flour millers. (800) 538-7721 Fax: (701) 795-7272 Mark Sabo. Regional Manager E-mail: kjrivard@norsemanplastics. Miller. 2826 South Elm Street Millers of hard red spring wheat flour as well as durum flour and semolina. President E-mail: jmiller@millermilling. Morgan Olson. We are able to meet our customer’s demands with our injection molding machine capacity with 24 hour per day. O. 73 Bartlett Street Marlboro. -28- . (800) 267-4391 Fax: (708) 460-9106 www.millermilling. 365 days per year capability. Philadelphia. MO 64112 Phone: (816) 756-1000 Fax: (816) 756-0494 www. President E-mail: dmurphy@mothermurphys. P.norsemanplastics. MA 01752 Phone: (508) 303-8286 Fax: (508) 303-8207 www. Inc.

Penske Truck Leasing David Stricker. PA 19603 Phone: (610) 775-6000 Fax: (610) 856-7056 www. Praxair. 16461 E. at www. right now. in stock & priced right. fully edible solutions to all decorating assignments. up to the most sophisticated wedding and catering tasks. Inc. See it all. Pfeil &Holing. Fedco (mixers. packaging.penske. (800) 247-7955 (718) 932-7513 www. Our brands include: Peerless (mixers. -29- .com Printpack is one of the largest flexible packaging converters in the United States. GA 30339 Phone: (800) 451-9985 Fax: (404) 696-4387 www. P&H has it all. Bakery Sales Manager E-mail: trowell@printpack. Philip Davis. VA 23603 Phone: (757) 820-0126 Fax: (757) 888-6011 www. ColdFront cryogenic freezing and chilling equipment is manufactured by Praxair. President E-mail: davids@cakedeco. The SixSigma quality of our organization results in the delivery of service excellence. and Royal (remanufactured bakery equipment). Burr Ridge. Communications Manager E-mail: James Molinaro.thepeerlesgroup. vegetables and nuts to our buyers virtually year round. Films. IL 60527-7595 Phone: (630) 320-4461.500 items to choose from. kabocha squash.pliantcorp. We feature powerful. Comstock Rd. and bell Praxair offers cryogenic and process gases for freezing.cakedeco. Custom solutions available. Box 563 Reading. Linden. Bringing premium ranch pack quality to the world. Primavera's product line recently expanded to include Tim Rowell. Route 10 Green Hills. 2800 Overlook Parkway Atlanta. icers and coating equipment).ABA Membership Directory Allied Members The Peerless Group 500 South Vandemark Road.S. films. Pliant Corporation 230 Enterprise Drive Newport News. made here in the USA. CA 95236 Phone: (209) 931-9420 Fax: (209) 931-9424 www. 7000 High Grove Blvd. Woodside. Printpack is a leading supplier of packaging to the baking Ross Pfeil & Holing manufactures and distributes everything to complete your baked goods decorating tasks.. Canada and Mexico. Primavera Marketing Inc.molinaro@penske. Senior Vice President. including plain and printed bags. From cookies to cupcakes to sheet cakes for every season and occasion. par-baked and raw products. Hallmark (mixers). Primavera is a leader in shipping California cherries world-wide. Full line of equipment and decorating The Peerless Group is the premier supplier of equipment to the world’s leading bakeries and food processors. (800) Praxair Fax: (630) 320-4508 President & COO E-mail: dbelden@thepeerlessgroup. SuperGrain (bread moulders and make-up equipment).000 customers from over 750 company facilities in the U. Inc. NY 11377 (718) Dane Belden. results — Pliant Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high quality printed bags and roll stock for the baking industry. grapes and walnuts.printpack. Primavera also ships apples. chilling and processing baked.kaboski@pliantcorp.primafrutta. Box 769 Sidney. Inc. toppings and special touches — over 7. 58-15 Northern Blvd. and printed James Kaboski. L. Sales E-mail: jim. Penske provides services to over 12. with a 50-year history of providing quality service and products to its customers. Penske Truck Leasing is the leading provider of full-service truck leasing and contract maintenance services in North America. Vice President and General Manager E-mail: jim. bread dividers and dough handling). OH 45365 Phone: (937) 492-4158 Fax: (937)492-3688 www. President E-mail: rawpv@attglobal. Primavera offers premium fruits.

NH 03077 Phone: (800) 882-7440 Fax: (603) 895-0214 www. Our popular products are Silpat. stack easily without damaging contents and let the product and packaging clearly show Peter James A. Cornelis. Tom Schmidt. foodservice and in-store bakers. With more than 50 years of pioneering solutions for dough processing. dough conditioners. rice flour. Matthaei. wheat gluten and acacia gum.rondodoge. Our primary objective is to provide our customers with highest level of quality product complemented by affordable Roman Meal has been baking grains into our breads for over 90 years. CEO E-mail: wmatthaei@romanmeal. muffins. as we take extreme care in ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied.sasa-demarle. and Flexipan. Our organic product line includes evaporated cane sugars as well as BakOmega stabilized flax flour. Some of our products include breads. 16904 Juanita Drive NE. retail. Rehrig Pacific Company 13 Center Street Raymond. just as we have done for our customers since 1913. President E-mail: ashish@reliableproduct.ABA Membership Directory Allied Members Quality Ingredients Corporation 385 Rt. Ashish V. Ste. baking mats. long-term personal relationships with our customers. (888) FLEXPAN Fax: (609) 395-1027 www. cereals and snack bars. molasses and other cane/corn sweetener formulations as well as preservatives. Rondo Doge machines and services are trusted by professionals world-wide to help them produce high-quality products in an effective and economic Demarle is the premier manufacturer of rubber silicone baking moulds and mats for all types of pastry and gourmet bakers. Sales Manager E-mail: plaroche@rehrigpacific.. Chairman and CEO E-mail: jrubright@rocktenn. emulsifiers. President E-mail: tschmidtsr@quality-ingredients. William Michael J. President E-mail: jerry. NJ 07074 Phone: (201) 229-9700 Fax: (201) 229-0018 Jerry Murphy. WA 98028-4248 Phone: (920) 205-7755 Fax: (425) 491-7310 www. screens and bakeware for commercial. fibers. Rehrig’s trays are rugged and dependable. Rubright.rocktenn. -30- . 51 Joseph St. carry heavy loads without sagging. Sasa is the premier manufacturer of custom and stock baguette trays. Sasa . Sr. NJ 07930 Phone: (908) 879-2227 Fax: (908) 879-2502 www. Reliable Products. Box 306 Chester. Vice President of Sales & Marketing E-mail: mike@demarleusa. Rock-Tenn Company 504 Thrasher Street Norcross.Demarle 8 Corporate Drive Cranbury. Roul’ Reliable Products Inc. 24. is family-owned company whose philosophy is based on strong ethical conduct. multi-grain mixes. WA 98411-0126 Phone: (253) 475-0964 Fax: (253) 475-4708 www. We specialize in professional rubber silicone coatings. Suite 207 Kenmore. NJ 08512 Phone: (609) 395-0219 x105. O. Lakhani.reliableproduct. GA 30071 Phone: (678) 291-7500 Fax: (770) 263-3582 www. and Meca style baking trays. Inc. Roman Meal Company P.romanmeal. timely delivery and prompt response to all their requirements. corn meal and Quality Ingredients Corporation is a manufacturer/distributor of malts. Our innovative designers can create a custom tray to suit your particular Rehrig Pacific offers a host of plastic trays carefully crafted for handling delicate baked goods all the way from the packer to the grocery Rock-Tenn provides superior paperboard and marketing and packaging solutions for consumer product companies at very low costs. Box 11126 Tacoma.

programmed. Industria Alimenticia. packaging and integrated marketing communications company. Candy Industry. 1019 Navajo Carol Stream. Roberts. IL 60188 Phone: (630) 517-4822 Fax: (630) 517-4821 www. StarPak LTD 9690 West Wingfoot Road Houston. For over 50 years we’ve Stewart Systems designs and manufactures industrial highspeed systems for high volume baking Paul Sharp.stewart-systems. serviced and supported turn-key automated ingredient handling systems. biscuits. baking-related equipment to the makers of cookies. Our specialty is energy-efficient ovens in five different designs. Kilby. installed. Our offerings cover all aspects of modern fast food menus. Ungashick. Total Baking Solutions #5 Bakery Road P. Turkington USA 1200 West Ash Street Goldsboro. crackers. A premier supplier of plastic packaging products which include printed & plain bags and rollstock for the bakery and consumer products markets. (888) 329-9183 Fax: (972) 692-8364 www. MT 59072 Phone: (406) 323-3580 Fax: (406) 323-3599 www. We are a trusted partner with decades of success in bread and bun equipment and systems.starpakltd. Box 188 Total Baking Solutions LLC represents over 60 years of experience in the baking industry as a leader in providing highquality. President & CEO E-mail: john. -31- . Shick USA Corporation 4346 Clary Blvd. BNP publishes Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery.shickusa.turkingtonusa. IL 60015 Phone: (847) 405-4015 Fax: (847) 405-4100 www.O. MO 64130 Phone: (816) Manufacturer of bakery equipment and systems from mixing to product handling. Kansas City. Owner E-mail: John Lucas. NC 27533-1678 Phone: (919) 735-4570 Fax: (919) 735-5275 www. If you’re connected to the industry we can help you with your staffing needs. With more than 30 years of industry experience in recruiting and operations. (877) WEAUTOMATE Fax: (816) 921-1901 www. we are well equipped to find the top performers in the Dan Malovany. Stewart Systems / AMF 808 Stewart Avenue Plano. with high volume automated solutions for tortilla and English muffin production and packaging. pet food and other baked Sharp Search is an executive search and placement firm that specializes in the baking industry.sharpsearch. President E-mail: Leonard R. Sales & Marketing E-mail: David W.snackandbakery. TX 75074 Phone: (972) 422-5808 x743 Fax: (972) 509-8734 www. Editor-In-Chief E-mail: malovanyd@bnpmedia. VP.ABA Membership Directory Allied Members Sharp Search Ltd. manufactured. Brand Packaging. Suite 205 Deerfield. TX 77041 Phone: (281) 850-9229. and Food & Beverage Packaging. President E-mail: paul@sharpsearch. Shick USA is your complete ingredient processing solutions provider — from receiving and storage of dry material to liquid process systems that meet or exceed 3A sanitary guidelines to process control and batch management. President & CEO E-mail: jungashick@shickusa. We have been involved with placements from Production Supervisors on up to Presidents of companies and every position in between working with bakeries and allied companies Joseph T. Our reputation for system design is complimented by superior unit equipment ranging from proofing and baking to pan and tray handling and Andy DeVilling. BNP also produces the Food Safety & Security Summit and the “Packaging That Sells” Conference.totalbakingsolutions. Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Magazine / BNP Media 155 Pfingsten BNP Media is the largest food.

com Tom Moyer. -32- . George Nutial. OH 44278 Phone: (888) 343-4550 Fax: (800) 211-3075 Kevin J. The leading producer of walk-in and commercial delivery vehicles to the baking industry. Box 585 Wakarusa. VP of Sales. The William-Allen Company.utilimaster. Senior Business Development E-mail: tom.ABA Membership Directory Allied Members Utilimaster Corporation P. OH 44720 Phone: (330) 494-3433 x11 Fax: (330) 494-5497 Watson is one of the highest quality suppliers of products and services geared toward enhancing human health and nutrition around the world. Page. Bakery Ingredients Division E-mail: william.moyer@waltco. Inc. Watson Inc.S. Its 33. and bulk bun film. V.watson-inc.vertolli@watson-inc. distribution center services wholesale bakers in the eastern part of the U.waltco.000 sq. Marketing & Customer Service E-mail: kpage@utilimaster. O. O.william-allen. We are a leader in developing quality products and ingredient systems for the food. Waltco Liftgate Co. supplement and pharmaceutical industries. (800) 582-3454 Fax: (574) 862-2071 William Vertolli. The WilliamAllen Company offers World’s largest manufacturer of hydraulic liftgates offering over 50 years of industry experience with liftgate models to fit most any commercial baking distribution application. Box 2817 North Canton. IN 46573 Phone: (574) 862-456. Offering packaging solutions and personal service. 301 Heffernan Drive West Haven. ft. CT 06516 Phone: (203) 932-3000 x3026 Fax: (203) 932-8266 www. President E-mail: Geonutial@william-allen.P. 285 Northeast Avenue Tallmadge.

Inc.L. Formost Fuji Corporation Hansaloy Corporation The Henry Group. Inc. Multifoods Best Brands North Dakota Mill Ottens Flavors Primavera Marketing Puratos Corporation Quality Ingredients Corporation Reliable Products. Roman Meal Company DECORATIONS & DECORATING SUPPLIES Pfeil & Holing.C. Inc. Inc. KAAK Group North America. Inc. Inc. L. Kerry. Inc. Rehrig Pacific Company Rondo. Brill Company. Inc.P. Inc.J. Kwik Lok Corporation LeMatic. Caravan Ingredients Cargill. Norseman Plastics (Equipment) O/K International Corp. Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group Best Bakery Equipment Buhler Inc. Inc.C. Inc. Inc. Williams Bakery Service backaldrin of America LLC BakeMark USA Bay State Milling Company Buhler Inc. LLC Norseman Plastics (Equipment) Penske Truck Leasing Company. Inc.L.C. Inc.C. J&K Ingredients JenCo Inc. Burford Corporation Clock Associates Colborne Corporation CSM Worldwide. INGREDIENTS/MILLING (Continued) Cereal Food Processors. Inc. Inc. I. L.C. Rehrig Pacific Company Utilimaster Corporation -33- . Mallet & Company. INGREDIENTS/MILLING ADM Milling Company B. Horizon Milling LLC Innovative Cereal Systems. Williams Bakery Service Baking Technology Systems. Miller Milling Company Milner Milling. Loma International. Inc. Sasa . Malt Products Corporation Manildra Group USA McCormick & Company. Dunbar Systems. Mother Murphy’s Laboratories. Inc. Lallemand/American Yeast Division Lesaffre Yeast Corporation/Red Star Yeast Company Mallet & Company. MGP Ingredients. The Peerless Group Praxair. Mill Supply.Demarle Stewart Systems Shick USA Corporation Total Baking Solutions Turkington USA Waltco Liftgate Co. Bunge Oils Cain Food Industries. Dupont Fleischmann's Yeast General Mills Bakeries and Foodservice H. ConAgra Mills CSM Bakery Supplies North America Danisco USA Dawn Food Products. L. Inc. Inc. TRANSPORTATION/DISTRIBUTION Maxon Lift Corp. White Corporation Innovative Cereal Systems. Inc. American Pan Company AMF Bakery Systems B. of All Inc. Inc.ABA 2008 Membership Directory Products & Services Index EQUIPMENT Alphacheckweighers/Div. Morgan Olson. Inc. Inc.

production systems. Inc. die casting CSM Worldwide. Bemis Company.C. .inspection service Norseman Plastics . Inc. CM Packaging Colborne Corporation D. Rehrig Pacific Company Rock-Tenn Company StarPak LTD Stewart Systems The William-Allen Company. Haskell Horizon Milling LLC Lockton Companies. Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association (CCFRA) Dunbar Systems.executive recruiting ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES A & D Policy Analysis.cryogenic and process gases Quality Bakers of America Cooperative. Inc. Inc. Sosland Publishing Co. Watson / finance Loma International . Thomas & Associates.truck leasing Praxair. Master Packaging McGahee.oven and dough testing DuPont . -34- . ARAMARK Facility Services backaldrin of America LLC BakerCogs.pans and pan coatings ARAMARK Facility Services . Buhler Inc. Inc. ASSOCIATION/PUBLICATIONS/EDUCATIONAL AIB International Allied Trades of the Baking Industry (ATBI) American Pie Council American Society of Baking Baking Management Magazine/Modern Baking BEMA Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association (CCFRA) Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) Kansas State University. L. White Corporation Praxair. Department of Grain Science (KSU) Milling & Baking News. Inc.P. Inc. Shick USA Corporation Stewart Systems Turkington USA PACKAGING B. Williams Bakery Service Bedford Industries. Inc. North American Millers Association (NAMA) Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Magazine Wheat Foods Council (WFC) Wisconsin Bakers Association (WBA) COMPUTER/SOFTWARE HighJump Software. a 3M Company Shick USA Corporation OTHER Allstate Insurance Company . Dunbar Systems. Inc.transporation equipment / bread and bun trays / transportation dollies Penske Truck Leasing Company.J.licensing and marketing of Roman Meal brand and products Sharp Search Ltd. Inc.air pollutant control equipment Danisco USA . Inc. Formost Fuji Corporation Hood Packaging Corporation Independent Can Company/ Western Specialty Kwik Lok Corporation LeMatic. Inc.ABA 2008 Membership Directory Products & Services Index MAINTENANCE/SANITATION ARAMARK Facility Services Hansaloy Corporation ENGINEERING/INSTALLATION CSM Worldwide. I. Inc. . CSM Worldwide. Inc. Lacy & Associates Norseman Plastics O/K International Corp. . CONSULTING A & D Policy Analysis. . (Baker section) licensing and marketing of Sunbeam brand and products Roman Meal Company .insurance for route operators American Pan Company . Pliant Corporation Printpack. Inc.commercial bakeware coatings Lockton Companies . . Inc. Inc.managed food services Buhler Inc. Haskell The Henry Group. Inc. Inc.

NW • Suite 700 West . DC 20005 Phone (202) 789-0300 • Fax (202) 898-1164 www.americanbakers.American Bakers Association 1300 I Street.

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