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Week 4

Tristan Murarl: Gondwana

Initial timbre/chord, repeated 12 trmes

Envelope from bell like attack (a) to trombone like attack (l)

Timbre/chords are based on Frequency Modulation:

a: carier 392 Hz (sol), modulator 207 .65 Hz (sol#) [index 9]
b: carrier 440 Hz (a), modulator 207 .65 Hz (sol#) [rndex 9]
c: interpolatton to d
d: carrier 493.88 Hz (si), modulator 207.65 Hz (sol#) [rndex 10]
e: carrier 587.33 Hz (re), modulator 207.65 Hz (sol#) [rndex8]
f: interpolauon to h rn 2 steps
g: intelpolation to h in 2 steps
h: carrier 739.99 Hz (fa#), modulator 207 .65 Hz (sol#) [index 10]
i: rnterpolauon to I rn 3 steps
j: interpolation to I in 3 steps
k: interpolation to I in 3 steps
1: supelposition of trvo harmonic spectra: sol# (103.83 Hz) and fa# (185 Hz)

From a to I is creating a general transition towards harmorucity