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Department of Education

Region XII
Division of South Cotabato
Cebuano, Tupi, South Cotabato


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Directions: Read each item carefully and follow directions as indicated. Write the letter of the most
appropriate answer on the space provided.
T.I Identification (2 points each)
_______1. Is a type of printer that uses heat to transfer.
_______2. Is a type of printer use to printing photographs.
_______3. Is a type of printer that can print larger poster.
_______4. Is a type of printer can print 3d objects.
_______5. A device that can prints text or illustration on paper.
_______6. Is a type of printer that can also do scanning , fax and make copies.
_______7. Is a type of printer that produces characters and illustration by striking pins.
_______8. Is a type of printer that produces a printed image by selectively heating coat.
_______9. Is a type of printer that utilizes a laser beam to produce an image on a drum.
_______10. The main part of the computer sometimes called chassis.

T.II Multiple Choice.(encircle the correct answer)

11. Is system software manage computer hardware and software resources and provides common
services for computer programs, excluding firmware, require an, operating system to function.
a. Single- and multi-tasking b. Batch operating system
c. Operating system d. Single-and multi-user
12. The operating system do not interact with the computer directly.
a. Batch operating system b. network operating system
c. Real time operating system d.Soft real-time operating
13. This is achieved by time-sharing, dividing the available processor time between multiple processes
that are each interrupted repeatedly in time slices by a task-scheduling subsystem of the operating
a. Single-and Multi-tasking b. Single and multi-user
c. Real time d. Embedded
14. It is designed to operate on small machines like PDAs with less autonomy.
a. Real time b. Embedded
c. Distributed d. Templated
15. It is a technique which enables many people, located at various terminals, to use a particular
computer system at the same time.
a. Operating system b. Excluding firmware
c. Time sharing d. Distributed system
16. This is use multiple central processor to serve multiple real- time applications and multiple user.
a. Distributed system b.Operating system
c.Time sharing d. Real time system
17. It is defined as data processing system in which the time interval required to process and respond to
inputs is so small that it controls the environment.
a. Batch operating system b.Hard-real time system
c. Real time operating system d.Soft real time system
18. The capability to manage data, user, groups, security, applications, and other networking functions.
a. Network operating system b. Distributed operating system
c.Time sharing operating system d. Soft real time system
19. It is systems guarantee that critical tasks complete on time.
a. Soft real time system b. Time sharing
c. Operating system d. Hard real time system
20. It is more powerful versions of personal computers.
a. Desktop b. Handheld
c. Workstation d. Server
21. It is physical, touchable, electronic and mechanical parts of a computer system
a. Monitor b. Hardware
c. Motherboard d. Computer Case
22. The main part of a microcomputer, sometimes called the chassis, It includes the following parts:
Motherboard, Microprocessor, Memory Chips, Buses, Ports, Expansion Slots and Cards.
a. Monitor b. System Unit
c. Computer Casing d. System Board
23. The main circuit board of a computer. It contains all the circuits and components that run the
a. Motherboard b. Network Card
c. Audio Card d. Video Card
24. Designed to optically access data stored on a DVD. A laser moves back and forth near the disk
surface and accesses data at a very fast rate.
a. Optical Drive b. Digital Versatile Disc
c. Compact Disc d. Flashdrive

25. The first input device developed for the PC. Data is transferred to the PC over a short cable with a
circular 6-pin Mini-din connector that plugs into the back of the motherboard.
a. Mouse b. Monitor
c. Keyboard d. USB
T. III Fill in the Blanks. Choose inside the box the appropriate word for each number. (2 points each)
Types of storage devices
Floppy diskette Compact disc (CD) Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)- Jump
drive and USB flash drive Hard drive LS-120 Zip drive
26.__________is a random access, removable data storage medium that can be used with
personal computers. The term usually refers to the magnetic medium housed in a rigid
plastic cartridge measuring 3.5 inches square and about 2millimeters thick. Also called a "3.5-
inch diskette," it can store up to 1.44 megabytes (MB) of data.
27. ___________also called optical disc is a nonmagnetic, polished metal disk used to store
digital information.
28. __________an optical disc technology with a 4.7 gigabyte storage capacity on a single-
sided, one-layered disk, which is enough for a 133-minute movie.
29. ____________is a plug-and-play portable storage device that uses flash memory and is
lightweight enough to attach to a key chain. A USB drive can be used in place of a floppy disk,
Zip drive disk, or CD.
30 _____________is the main, and usually largest, data storage device in a computer. The
operating system, software titles and most other files are stored in the hard disk drive.
31 _____________ is a drive which supports a special floppy diskette which can store up to
120MB of information as well as being backwards compatible and still supporting the
standard 1.44MB floppy diskettes.
32 _____________is a small, portable disk drive used primarily for backing up and archiving
personal computer files.
T-IVEnumeration: (Use the back portion of your Test Paper)

33-43. Give atleast 10 Computer Peripherals. (10 pts)

44-54. What are the two types of Printer. (10 pts)
55-57 Give three (3) types of storage devices. (3 pts)
58-68 Give the Five (5) Classification of the different types of computers. (10 pts)
69-74. What are the different kinds of personal computers. (5 pts)

75-100. Explantion: (Use the back portion of your Test Paper)

1. What is the effect of the ICT to the social behavior of every individual?
2. Why do we need to develop ourselves in the ICT?

-The end-