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Templates for Weekly Plans during Placement 7:

Week One
Main activities:

- Collect MST information (Phone number and email)

- Class schedule
- Curriculum
- Planning lessons.

Schedule for Week One activities:

Day 1 - Animal bingo – while MST evaluates students
- Observe students to gain more information on their behavior, knowledge, and skills.

Day 2 - Went over the old and new curriculum.

- Discussed with the MST and classroom teachers about students behavior, knowledge, and

Day 3 - Taught Science – primary colors

- Placed three jars half filled with milk and add a few drops of each color in separate jars
while asking them what they think will happen if we mix these two/three colors together.
- Finger printing primary colors and mixing it to create a secondary color.
- Helped classroom teachers with students’ notebooks.
Day 4 - Helped both classroom teacher and MST while they were getting evaluated by the

Week Two
Main activities:
- Observe and help classroom teacher and MST.
- Planning lessons.

Schedule for Week Two activities:

Day 1 - Observed MST and classroom teacher teaching strategies and what learning styles are
being used.
- Assessed students by asking them to draw what they saw from the story “Dear zoo” or
animals that they usually see when going to the zoo.
- Accompanied students to the Library to pick out new books.
Day 2 - Observed MST.
- Sat with my MST and planned my upcoming lesson.

Day 3 - Prepared lesson materials and resources.

- First MCT observation.
- Introduced the story “Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?” while making animal
sounds and asking them questions related to the story.
- Played Animal memory match game on the whiteboard.
- Played animal board game and assessed them using a checklist.
- Brown bear hand prints and pinned it on the display board.
- Animal puzzle, color match, and role play.
- Go to the Library by the end of the day to return books.
Day 4 - Observed classroom and students.
- Observed teachers verbal and non-verbal communication and their use of body language
and what behavior modification techniques they used during structured and transition time

Week Three
Main activities:

- Observe and help classroom teacher and MST.

- Planning lessons.

Schedule for Week Three activities:

Day 1 - Created new name cards in English and designed picture frames.
- Planned lesson for following day.

Day 2 - Fruits day during Morning assembly, students played the sorting game.
- 2nd MCT observation.
- Read the story “Titch” and prepared character headbands.
- Placed 10 stuffed toys in front of me and asked students to count along, add, identify the
sizes and colors.
- Handed out addition and counting worksheets.
- Coloring in “Titch” characters at the Arts table.
Day 3 - Helped Ms. Ebtihal in assessing the students in Arabic by using her checklist and adding
- Helped English teachers prepare for “Animals Day”.
- Each was assigned a role, mine was to make an elephant mask and look for nice animal
face painting pictures.
Day 4 - Spent the entire day painting students faces at the auditorium.

Week Four
Main activities:

- Observe and help classroom teacher and MST.

- Planning lessons.

Schedule for Week Four activities:

Day 1 - Field trip to the Arabia’s wildlife center.
- Helped students make their butterfly mask.
- Offered a helping hand to the classroom teacher as well as the assistant in keeping a close
eye on the students at all times.

Day 2 - Observed MST.

- Planned for next lesson.

Day 3 - Taught students about the process of planting a bean.

- Played “The planting song” a couple of times and did the action moves with the entire

Day 4 - Planned schedule for next week.

Week Five
Main activities:

- Observe and help classroom teacher and MST.

- Planning lessons.

Schedule for Week Five activities:

Day 1 - Visited the principal and proposed my change
- Performing art implementation with my classroom teacher for “Flag Day”.

Day 2 - “Jack and the beanstalk” story role-play.

Day 3 - Conducting data for action research through observations.

Day 4 - On-going research.

Day 5 - Field trip to Etisalat.

Week Six
Main activities:

- Observe and help classroom teacher and MST.

- Planning lessons.

Schedule for Week Six activities:

Day 1 - Gathered survey results from principal, classroom teacher, and Ms. Eman.

Day 2 - Concluded action research by wrapping everything up.

Day 3 - Placed a covered fruit basket in front of me and the students, I created interest by
pretending to think aloud while describing the fruit and asking students to guess what it is.
I choose random students to come up and provided support when describing the picked
- Fruits memory match game as a whole group, pairs, or independently.
- Students worked independently to sort out the inside of the fruits next to the correct fruit.
- Ms. Hamda, worked with the students at the Arts table where they were provided with 7
fruit pictures each and used clippers to match its corresponding color.
Day 4 - Read “Handa’s surprise”.
- Students were asked to name, feel, and smell the fruits and describe it to the teacher or Ms.
Hamda (MST).
- Students drew their favorite fruit from the story.
- Placed a few opened fruits at the discovery center and allowed students to look at it
through the magnifying glass.
- Students came up during closing time to share their drawing with the rest of the class.