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Name – Mar Mat Nu

Another name- U Mar

Age / Date of birth – 23 / 15.8.1993

Occupation / address – general worker, Kyauk Byin Seik village,

Maungdaw township

Father’s name / occupation – Adu Kaw Rein ( dependent ), Kyauk

Byin Seik village, Maungdaw township

Mother’s name / occupation – Ka Ma Katu ( passed away ), Kyauk

Byin Seik village

Race / religion – Bengali / Islam

Place of birth – Kyauk Byin Seik village, Maungdaw township

Education – grade 2 , Kyauk Byin Seik primary school

Wife’s name / occupation / address – Nil

Children name / age / occupation/ address- Nil

Place and date of investigation – Sittwe police station, 9.10.2016

[ Note: One of the names most mentioned in this very long and detailed statement is Hafiz Tohar -
one of the names of Ata Ullah, who was up and coming in the terrorist organization known then as
Harakan al Yakin - now ARSA. This statement deals with the time frame of 2016 - up until just after
the October 9, 2016 attacks, after which Hafiz Tohar became commander in chief in northern
Arakan. ]

Brief History:

I was born in 1993, in Kyauk Byin Seik Village, Maungdaw township. My father is Adu Kaw Rein, and
my mother is Ka Ma Katu. I am number 6 of 13 siblings. When I was young I attended school until
grade 2, in Kyauk Byin Seik primary school. After that I studied Arabic for 3 years in the Kyauk Byin
Seik village mosque. In 2014, I went to Bangladesh to study Mundari language, in Hathazari area of
Chittagong in Bangladesh. On Sept 21, 2016, my mother and my brother came to Chittagong,
Bangladesh, for my mother to receive treatment for stomach cancer. On Oct 5, 2016, Hafiz Tohar, a
man from Kyauk Byin Seik village [ actually born in Pakistan, brought up in Saudi Arabia, but may
have wanted to portray himself as a ‘native’ ], phoned my mother, to talk about something. My
mothers health was very bad then, she could hardly talk. On October 7, me and my brother and
mother came back from Bangladesh, by car, to the border of Myanmar. First we arrived in the village
on the Bangladesh side of the border. Then, from that village to Mingalar Gyi village in Myanmar we
hired a boat for 50,000 Burmese kyat. When we arrived at Mingalar Gyi village it was 9 AM, and then
my mother died right there. So, we brought her body by motorbike to Kyauk Byin Seik village. It was
about 2:30 PM when we arrived. On October 8, at 9 AM, we buried her in the village cemetery.

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How I Was Recruited:

A few hours later, about 12 noon, on October 8, Hafiz Tohar came to my house and told me that he
has some business to talk about with me, and other people, and I should go out the village gate, just
past the gate, where there is a big ‘rain’ tree, and we will talk there. Before he left he gave me a cloth
to wear on my forehead. It had an Arabic saying on it. He also gave me 100,000 Myanmar kyats [$67
US] and told me that between 12 and 1 AM tonight, we will attack targets, and we will call you
before that.

At that time Hafiz Tohar was living in central Kyauk Byin Seik village, with his 4 sons and his wife. But
I didn’t know exactly which house they lived in. Also, Hafiz Tohar had attended terrorist training in
Pakistan with the Taliban for 6 months. His 4 sisters and brothers are living in Saudi Arabia. When
Hafiz Tohar was living in Bangladesh, in a small village near Teknef, he registered himself with Saudi
Arabia, as a refugee and was receiving monthly money from Saudi Arabia.

How We Prepared to Attack Ko Dan Kauk Border Guard Police Outpost:

I walked out of the village gate to the ‘rain’ tree. There were 8 other Bengalis there. Some of us went,
with 4 motorbikes, to Maungdaw town, about 3 miles away. We arrived about 3:30 PM. From
Maungdaw we took a bus down to Inn Din village, arriving about 6 PM. The bus broke down there,
and we waited 30 minutes, and then continued to Duun Biek village, arriving there around 7:00 PM.
We had dinner in the house of Adu Koo Mar, near the Arabic school in Dun Biek. We had two
handmade pistols with us, they were being carried by Nu Har Bay and E Ka Ren. By then, our group
included Nu Har Bay, from Kyauk Pyin Seik village, 24 years old, fat body, 5’3”, and E Ka Ren, ( F )
Has Bis Su Lan, 25 years old, thin body, 5’, and Har Bay Dulla, strong body, 5’5”, and also 4 more
Bengalis from Maung Nga Ma village and Far Wat Chaung village, but I did not know their names.

Then, from 12-1 AM we prepared to attack Ko Dan Kauk border police post. We got a phone call
from Hafiz Tohar, but our discussion did not go well. About 2 AM, at the home of Adu Koo Mar, we all
gathered. Also with us were Adu Lar Kane and Ce Dis. There were maybe 15 of us. We went to the
Ko Dan Kauk border police post and arrived about 2:30 AM. We entered from the west side by
quietly getting through the fence. We got to the first building, but, didn’t see anyone in it. We
continued to the 2nd building of the outpost. Inside we saw a man - not in uniform - just normal
clothes. One Bengali from our group, Adu Koo Mar, surprised him and tried to kill him with his knife,
but the man managed to escape in the darkness. Then we went to the 3rd building, where there
were 3 men inside. I had a knife, and I tried to kill those 3 men. I stabbed them with my knife, and
also Adu Koo Mar from our group was stabbing them. Two of the men got away, but one was being
stabbed again and again by Adu Koo Mar. As police ran over in the darkness, to save their
comrades, many of our attackers ran away. I was wounded by one of our own spears in the
confusion, and that is why I was captured there.

The Planning of the Attacks, Money From Saudi Arabia:

Two months ago Hafiz Tohar planned the attacks in Maungdaw township. According to his plan 4
Bengali ‘robbers and pirates’ [ apparently that is how HE referred to the fellow Bengalis ] from
Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh, and 8 Bengalis from Nhilla camp, altogether 12 militants
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arrived here, in Maungdaw, to give militant training to the village Bengalis. As far as I remember,
there was Ibrahim from Kutupalong refugee camp, and two others I didn’t know, and another was Ar
Za, and Ar La Dulla and Nulla from Kutupalong, and Zu Bai and Islam. I used to visit Kutupalong
camp to see my grandparents when I was learning Mundari language. I had heard at that time, that
Hafiz Tohar used to go to Kutupalong to meet and discuss plans to attack Myanmar, how to get
militants and weapons in - these types of subjects they discussed so many times. For their
expenses they got support from Saudi Arabia. Adullah Mhen lives in Saudi Arabia, but his native
town is Maungdaw. And, Abu Armat lives in Dubai, but he also is from Maungdaw. These 2 Bengalis
send large amounts of money 2-3 times a year. Around 10-15 million Burmese kyat [$10,000 US]
each time. Adullah Mhen is the one in charge of the money transfers, he is the one to authorize
them. But, I don’t know the name of the group that is transferring the money. Only I know that the
group has the word Rohingya in it.

Larger Attacks Had Been Planned:

Hafiz Tohar organized 6 Bengali terrorist groups to attack different border police stations in 2016 that
are listed here:

[Note: The attacks were planned for a later date, with many more targets, but the date was moved
up because of informants and intel from captured militants. Fewer targets were selected. In the list
below numbers 3, 4, and 5 had been planned, but didn’t occur, however, the day after the attacks of
October 9, 2016, Bengali militants staged an ambush on the road between Kyi Kan Byin and Kyein
Chaung, killing 5 soldiers. ]

1. Mar Bu Yar ( leader ) with a force of 100 Bengalis from Maung Nga Ma village to attack Kyi
Kan Byin border police base

2. Khar Lit ( leader ) from Nga Khu Ya village with a force of 50 Bengalis to attack Nga Khu Ya
border police post

3. Nga Kit ( leader ) from Nga Sar Ju village with force of 50 Bengalis to attack Kyein Chaung
border police post

4. Ar Za ( leader, teacher ) from the salt pan near Kyi Kan Byin with a force of 50 Bengalis to
attack Kyauk Hlay Gar border police post

5. Raw Fee ( leader ) from Zin Bine Nya village with a force of 50 Bengalis to attack Yoek Nyo
Taung border police post

6. Adu Koo Mar ( leader ) from Dun Biek village with force of 12 Bengalis to attack Ko Dan Kauk
border police post

Militant Training and Stolen Weapons:

Hafiz Tohar had organized that 12 Bengali militants from Kutupalong and Nhilla refugee camps came
and trained some of the leaders in fighting techniques and skills, and weapons usage and knowhow.
They conducted these trainings in the mountains and forests where they could be unseen and

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secret. Those 3 leaders - Har Wan Tu Har, Khar Lit, and Mar Bu Yar - then joined the 12 Bengalis
from the camps, and went to Noyabaduk refugee camp, near Kutupalong and Nhilla camps. The
camp had a Bangladesh security police force - as they all do. We stole 11 guns from them and
smuggled them back to here, in Maungdaw, and Hafiz Tohar and the 3 leaders hid the 11 guns in a
secret place. When I came back from Bangladesh to Kyauk Byin Seik village I knew about that and
that they would be used in the attack on Ko Dan Kauk border police post.

The Plan and Goal of the Bengali Muslims:

Hafiz Tohar told us, many times, that the plan was to attack the security force outposts and kill all of
the security forces, then take all the weapons, guns, and ammunition, as well as money and other
valuables. Then we can secure our Bengali Muslim villages and continue to attack the military forces.
That was his plan that he told us. Then, after the Kyi Kan Byin police outpost was attacked [on
October 9, 2016] he said that we will continue to attack other security forces and their bases. Hafiz
Tohar is 5’, 6-7”, short hair, with beard and mustache, big ears, wide forehead, good eyes, chews a
lot of betel nut, long face, suitable face, long nose, and his age is 26 or 27. He phoned the other 6
attack groups that he had formed - and told them to attack with surprise on their side. At that time
when I and the others attacked Ko Dan Kauk police outpost [on October 9, 2016] I wore the clothes
that I had received at the house of Adu Koo Mar in Dun Biek village - the same as the 12 militants
from the Bangladesh camps [black clothes and black face masks]. All of those Bengalis knew how to
shoot guns and how to fight well. We villagers also learned how to fight effectively, and how to shoot
those 11 guns that were stolen from the Bangladesh security force at the refugee camps. Those
guns had been kept in the house of Adu Koo Mar in Dun Biek village. After attacking we were
supposed to return those guns to Adu Koo Mar’s house.

Attacked With Two Groups:

When we had attacked Ko Dan Kauk police outpost we attacked with 2 groups. Adu Koo Mar led
one group of 6 Bengalis, which came in from the west - that was the group that I was in - and
another group entered from the front - the eastern side. Adu Koo Mar had one handmade gun. Other
Bengalis had sticks, swords, and knives. The leader of the 2nd group of 6 Bengalis was May Sit. He
also had a handmade gun.

Khar Lit from Pakistan:

Khar Lit is the name of a man from Pakistan. He is 5’6-7”, short hair, with beard and mustache, big
ears, wide forehead, good eyes, chews a lot of betel nut, long suitable face, long nose, and his age
is 26 or 27. Khar Lit lived in Nga Khu Ya village. I was in Bangladesh 3 months ago, and when I came
back to Kyauk Byin Seik village, he phoned me at that time, and that was the first time we spoke.
Then I met him face to face in the home of Hafiz Tohar and after that he called again. He used an
MPT telephone, and his number at the time was 09-454-873-635. He asked me if I would join them
to attack the security forces. At that time I said I’m studying Arabic and Mundari languages in
Bangladesh and so I could not join in the attacks. So, we had no more contact until just before the
attacks. At 10:30 PM, on October 8, 2016, just hours before the attacks, Khar Li phoned me again.
His number was the same as before, 09-454-873-635, and my number was 09-264-390-69. Khar Lit

Compiled b y Rick Heizman 4

told me to pass my phone to Adu Koo Mar. [I had been convinced by Hafiz Tohar to join the attacks,
and at that moment was preparing to attack Ko Dan Kauk police outpost] Khar Lit said to Adu Koo
Mar such things as, ‘be united in attacking, and we will achieve our goals’.

At that time Khar Lit was in Nga Khu Ya village, preparing a big attack on nearby number 5 Border
Guard Police sector Headquarters. I knew that Khar Lit had also attended terrorist training in
Pakistan. Khar Lit was recruited by Hafiz Tohar in order to give militant training to all the Bengalis in
Maungdaw township 4 months ago. That is why Khar Lit was living around Nga Khu Ya village,
Maung Nga Ma village, Kyauk Byin Seik village - he was moving around there, giving militant
training. But, most of the time lived in Nga Khu Ya village. Khar Lit can speak Bengali, Burmese,
Arakanese, Malay, Urdu, and English. Khar Lit had just recently arrived before I first met him here, in

Mar Bu Yar, the Leader of the Attack on Kyi Kan Byin Police Outpost:

Mar Bu Yar, the leader of the attack on Kyi Kan Byin police outpost is from Maung Nga Ma village. I
know him well. He is about 5’8”, thin body, black beard, long bent hair, brown skin, small ears, long
nose, 24 years old. He also learned Arabic for one year in Kyauk Byin Seik village, together with me.
He is single. He used to live in Maung Nga Ma village. Mar Bu Yar, Hafiz Tohar and Khar Lit - these 3
people had been giving militant training near Maung Nga Ma village, but I don’t know the exact
place. Those 3 guys were very familiar with each other and lived together, moving around those
villages. And, those 3 militants were the main leaders who planned the attacks that time. They held a
lot of meetings to brainstorm and plan to attack the Border Guard Police forces. But, I had never
attended their meetings.


On October 11, 2016, 2 days after the surprise attacks, according to a Facebook page video file
where Hafiz Tohar speaks as a leader, he defiantly said,

“In Arakan, there can only be Rohingya people, and Islamic religion. Sisters and Brothers, we can live
peacefully that way. That’s why, come out, don’t stay inside, don’t stay at home, let’s do Jihad. We
will not be killed by other people, we will die for Allah. That’s why I say to the young men, come out
of your houses, we have to kill the other religions in Arakan. Our relatives, Mawlawis, and Islamic
teachers, and all of you young men come out of the houses, let’s do Jihad. Die if we die, live if we
live, let’s do Jihad.”

That’s what he said. In that video file, Hafiz Tohar, Khar Li, Zu Bine, and Ibrahim are all in that video
file that I saw, and they are carrying the weapons that were looted from the police outposts,
Bangladesh camps, or other places.

And, there was another Facebook page video file. Hafiz Tohar said,

“Friends, brothers and sisters, please come and join with us, Rohingya friends, brothers and sisters,
please come and join. Yesterday the government was looking for us by helicopter. But, we don’t care
about that - if we are united we can also shoot the helicopter down. We are not afraid, we have Allah
to help with our purpose.”

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Hafiz Tohar continued, “What is our purpose?” The Bengali villagers, in the video, responded,
“We have to attack! Attack and revolution. We must attack the other religions. That is our purpose.”

Hafiz Tohar continued, “We have Allah. Let’s do Mujahid. Wherever Rohingya are, from anywhere,
please come out, we’ll face the government, we need some injections, treatment, medicines. That’s
why Rohingya friends, Mujahid friends, please come out. Oh, brothers and sisters, some of our
people were shot and died, but they will come back to us. Brothers and sisters, we don’t die, we
don’t think about dying. We all together will attack. Die if we die, live if we live. We don’t care about
blood. We don’t go to hell, by killing and attacking the government police stations, and people of
other religions. Even if they shoot us, we don’t care, it’s just a piece of cake. It’s like an ant bite to our
beard. We don’t need to care, we have Allah to help us.”

These are the video files sent by Hafiz Tohar, but I don’t know the place where the videos were

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