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Name(s): Gabriela Ibanez and Aurora Macek

Lesson Title: Alien Creation Habitat Day 3 Grade Level: 3

S & S Statements:
This lesson connects with science and biology concepts learned by students in other classes. The
concepts of organic interdependence with environmental structures is the emphasis of this lesson.
Through the creation of their own alien and its habitat students will expand their imagination and learn how the
parts of a body function together to create a working whole world, how other artists have created whole new
worlds for our entertainment

Students will use previously learned drawing skills and apply these to a 3-D habitat which will be a
new experience for them. Using inspiration from alien creations in previous lesson in class, students will have
to create an environment through their imagination where their organism can function.

Concepts and Skills: habitat, herbivore, carnivore, mechanical, organic

Academic Language: habitat, herbivore, carnivore, mechanical, organic

Purpose of Lesson (Overall Lesson Objective):

Given thick paper, colored pencil, marker, and scissors, students will demonstrate their knowledge about

functional anatomy, habitat, and environment through the creation of their own alien that will later be placed in

its own 3D habitat.

Given a presentation about alien habitats, students will be able to utilize and identify environments settings

through their creations

Given a demonstration about pop up books, students will appropriately create three dimensional structure to

place their alien in

Learning Objectives (List National Standard(s):

Students will engage in thinking about the characteristics of new environments where an alien creature could
function effectively.

Students will demonstrate knowledge of the component part of functioning creatures and an understanding of the
relationship between creatures in an environment by creating 3 dimensional pop up environments.

Standards: VA:Cr 1.3, VA:Cn10.13, VA:Cn10 1.3

Assessment Criteria:
Students will be graded on the individuality and creativity of their alien, as well as their ability to explain
their alien’s anatomy in regards of their parts to a whole, their parts with in conjunction to one another or how
they function into their environment within their habitat and their ability to demonstrate that knowledge with the
technical skills of drawing.

Teaching Resources Needed to Support the Lesson:

Art Materials Necessary for the Lesson:

Black Paper, 8x10
Oil Pastels

Teacher Directed Activities Student Activities

Introduction: Introduction:
Continuing the previous lesson, if students had finished Continue to work on their alien habitats, using
early they were allowed to create and draw spaceships and clean lines and forms to create a living environment
rockets to coincide with their alien habitat using oil that their aliens can live on
pastels and black construction paper given to them.

Development: Development:
Walk around the classroom to ensure the students were Once finished, created a rocket or spaceship using
making clean and consistent lines when drawing. Help out oil pastels to coincide with their alien habitat.
any student with gluing down their alien habitat and
creating details in their spaceships or rocket that had
created when they were finished.

Conclusion: Conclusion:
Have all eighteen alien habitat’s done and ready to display Students had successfully created a 3D structure of
in the art show, with their spaceships or rockets that a habitat where an alien can live and survive.
accompany their aliens and also have successfully Students also had created a 2D rocket or spaceship
presented the students with various types of forms and that their aliens can coincide with
structures they were able to create in a classroom setting.

Critical Comments and Reflections:

(Problems, successes, differentiated learners, and what to think about for next lesson)

Today was our last day working on the aliens the children were all very patient and followed directions when
to finish up and then start reading their books.
There was a little bit of controlled chaos today because we had some kids still working on their habitats and
creating a rocket ship that could put their aliens into
The project was such a success that the head teacher is going to continue using this project for next year’s third