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Management Information System “of ZAMAN IT

Aminur Rahman
Department of Marketing
Comilla University

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1 1.1 Introduction 01-02
1.2 Objective of MIS providing Industry
2 2.1 Methodology 03

3 3.1 Overview of overall MIS business in Bangladesh

3.2 Uses of MIS 04-07
3.3 The challenges and problems of management information systems

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4.1 About Company
4.2 Zaman IT’s Services
4.4 Some Software Clients
4.5 Some SMS Clients (Total 10000+ SMS Campaign & Reseller 08-21
4.6 Some Email Clients (Total 4500+ Email Campaign
4.7 Some SMS Clients (Total 10000+ SMS Campaign & Reseller
4.8 An example of HR & Payroll Software
4.9 Modules of HR & Payroll Software
5 5.1Recommendations
5.2 Conclusion
6 6.1 Reference 24

1.1 Introduction

Management Information system (MIS) consists of people, technology, organizations, operations

and relationship among them. “Management information systems are distinct from other
information systems in that they are used to analyze and facilitate strategic and operational
activities.” In order to make efficient decisions or strategic decision top management needs to
analyze, interpret and process data. An efficient decision can save time, money, resources, etc.
So, MIS education is developed in many countries including Bangladesh, but still it is limited to
informative learning that produces theoretically skilled professionals. Technology helps to
eradicate the limitations of education. MIS can use the Information technology to process data
and produce knowledge for professionals. MIS helps in effective and efficient decisions making

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process for strategic managerial decisions. With the help of information technology MIS pace up
the processes which leads to reduce the decision making time and delivery of information in
distance places. MIS also reduces cost of operation and others. MIS can forecast future action
considering and processing data. Now a day in supply chain management cannot think without
the use of MIS. The general objectives of an MIS are collecting, processing, storing, retrieving,
sorting, classifying, and summarizing data. It also helps in planning and control operation. MIS
utilizes resources properly, control cost; generate alternative options for optimum decision.

1.2 Objective of MIS providing Industry

➢ To carry on the business of software designing, development, customization,

implementation, maintenance, testing and benchmarking, designing, developing and
dealing in computer software and solutions.
➢ To import, export, sell, purchase, distribute, host (in data centers or over the web) or
otherwise deal in own and third party computer software packages, programs and
➢ To provide internet / web based applications, services and solutions.
➢ To provide or to take up Information technology related assignments on sub-contracting
➢ Offering services on-site/ offsite or through development centers using owned /hired or
third party infrastructure and equipment,
➢ To provide recruitment and HR related services.
➢ Providing and taking personnel / consultants/ human resources to / from other
➢ providing solutions/ packages/ services through applications services provider mode via
internet or otherwise,
➢ To undertake IT enabled services like call Centre Management, Medical and legal
transcription, data processing, Back office processing, Accounting, HR and payroll
processing, Insurance claims processing, credit card processing, loans and letters of credit
processing, cheque processing, data warehousing and database management.

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➢ To carry on the business of manufacturing, dealing and maintenance of computer
hardware, computer systems and assemble data processors, program designs
➢ To buy, sell or otherwise deal in such hardware and software packages and all types of
tabulating machine, accounting machines, calculators, computerized telecommunication
systems and network, their components, spare parts, equipment’s and devices
➢ To carry on the business of establishing, running and managing institutions, school, and
academics for imparting education in computer technology, offering equipment, solutions
andservices for networking and network management, data center management and in
providing consultancy services in all above mentioned areas.

2.1 Methodology:

Methodology is the process or system through which a study is being carried out for the purpose
of collection of information that is required for reaching a conclusion on that study. In our study,
information has been collected by using multiple tools. Much necessary information has been
collected by from the organization's website and through e-mail. A questionnaire was designed
to collect information on the use of MIS facilities and revenue-expenditure of the enterprises.
Focus Group Discussions (FGD) were used to get a broader view of the business environment
for MIS, their major drawbacks, market mechanisms, demand for other complimentary services,

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the strengths and weaknesses of MIS services of different related organizations and a comparison
with other players providing similar services. Complimentary information on indirect
employment generation, governance problems and the costs of operation for MIS was put
together from individual case studies

We conducted at the branch offices of different company that offer only MIS & IT services.
Practical Organization, the Zaman IT selected as sample organization purposively considering
the policies relating to MIS & IT such as web solution, design, digital marketing solution, HR
software etc. of this company were examined thoroughly with a view to find out the influence of
existing policies on MIS service. Trend andpattern of the organization to MIS was analyzed by
classifying the service in terms of areas, types, category, and so one.

3.1 Overview of overall MIS business in Bangladesh

The history of MIS in Bangladesh is not too long. Before 3 decades, there has no introduction of
MIS in private and public sector. But after that period the use of MIS was improving informally
and later it got a formal shape. Now different universities introduce bachelor and master degree
programs about MIS as well as ICT and the number of students is increasing gradually over the

Organizational analysis:

According to BASIS survey, there are over 800 registered software and ITES (IT Enabled
Service) companies and few hundred of unregistered small and home based software and IT

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venture in Bangladesh. A large part of them provide MIS service as business application
solutions including ERP, Accounting software, HR software, Sales Automation inventory
management system etc. for different sectors of business.

Where the MIS is needed?

Banking and other nancial sectors:

(including capital market, Insurance, Leasing, MFIs) still continue to be the major focus for a
large portion of MIS & IT based companies. In the banking sector, the core banking software
market is dominated by foreign software (though in a number of cases local solution companies
are working for implementation and maintenance for thatsoftware). However, interestingly a
good number of local IT solution providers are working with banks for providing range of
ancillary services related to banking. Because of the increased activities in Bangladesh capital
market during recent years, a number of companies have developed solutions for merchant
banks, brokerage house and issue managers. As regulation in the micro credit/micro nance
institutions (MFI) are getting more stringent and more pressure is on for operational efficiency, a
number of MFI solution development companies are targeting this otherwise untapped market.

Manufacturing sectors including RMG, textile, pharmaceuticals and other consumer goods
industries have created sustainable demand for MIS & IT solutions like ERP, HR information
system, production and financial management solution. On the other hand, service industries like
telecom (second highest after nancial sector within service sector), retail & wholesale, health
care (hospitals, diagnostic centers etc.), education (University, schools and colleges),
publishing/media and real state have created sizable market space for IT solution companies.

The local software industry has been trying to keep pace with the most recent development going
on across technology and communication space. MIS solutions are accounting solution, web site
development, CRM, sales automation, office management, security solutions etc.

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The present state of Management Information system is not well enough for the development of
Bangladesh. It is not possible to establish large type of organization e.g. Supply Chain
management, Banking System without the introduction of MIS. In Bangladesh, large
organizations are being set up now; banks are increasing number of branches. So Management
Information is a must. In the end we need to extend and enhance MIS education in Bangladesh.
MIS education has limited use of Information Technology in Bangladesh. Only few companies
use SAP or other tools.

3.2 Uses of MIS

➢ Since it can be programmed to follow business rules uniformly, MIS reinforces discipline
in accounting and portfolio tracking. Computers can link all data pertaining to a customer
or customer group hence MIS can provide a consolidated view of each customer or
➢ MIS allow for single entry of data that can then be used by many people. Data once
entered can be accessed, manipulated and used by all users. Thus MIS reduces
duplication of effort and increases speed of work.
➢ MIS integrates information and process.
➢ MIS supports workflow and procedures for users.
➢ MIS can be ported to remote areas via laptop or palm technology.
➢ MIS application can be customized or enhanced to support new products and institutional
3.3 The challenges and problems of management information systems
If all the existing barriers are divided into humanistic, organizational and environmental factors,
the major drawbacks and the reasons of failure and using MIS in public organizations are as

Humanistic factors
•The lack of information of the managers and users as they don’t know exactly what they want
and what their information needs are.

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• The lack of understanding of the needs of the users by designers (the lack of correct definition
of the needs and their analysis)
• The lack of information of the managers and users about the collaboration method with the
de-signer team.
• The lack of participation of the managers and users in system design.
• The lack of understanding of the managers of software and information systems.
• The lack of information of most of the analysts and programmers (designers) with new system
work environment.
• The lack of acceptance of the system executers and resistance against the change.
• The lack of accuracy in the data collected

Organizational factors
• The lack of good conditions for participation and collaboration of the managers, users and
system directors
• The lack of consistency and complexity of the existing manual systems.
• The lack of existing systems and methods analysis before the system design
• The lack of evaluation of the existing power
• Bad condition of educating the specialized forces
• The lack of human resources with management and computer fields and other required
specializations (the problems of absorbing human resources)
• Inadequate education of the users
• Inadequate and incomplete documentation
• Unsuitable implementation of the system
Environmental factors
• The lack of quality criterion of the existing in-formation systems
• The lack of suitable consultants for designing the system and software
• The lack of procedures and methodology and stages of creating the system
• The lack of evaluation of environmental aspects in management information systems

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• The lack of suitable use of mass media to develop the culture of using computer and
information systems.
• The lack of holding suitable MA training courses in the universities and the lack of suitable
education of human resources in this regard.
• The lack of serious consideration and ad-equate investment in this regard


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Zaman-IT at A Glance

Name of Company Zaman IT

Year Established 21-11-2008

Business Function Website design and software development company

Corporate Office Headquarter: H#63, R#13, Sector#10, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh

Address Branch Office: 129(5th floor), Shenpara, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216,

Members of Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services (BASIS)

Total Employees 75

Website Address

Company Email Information Desk: Sales Desk: Support Desk:
Company Hotline Information: (+88) 01973 009007
Sales: (+88) 01759 869373
Support: (+88) 01775289058
Areas of Expertise Website development, Software development, Email marketing, SMS
Market Coverage Bangladesh, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India

Bank Information Name of Bank : BRAC BANK

Account No : 1548202099997001
Account Name : Zaman

4.2 About Company

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ZAMAN IT is focused in Software and Web Design, development, search engine optimization
and web marketing, e-Commerce, multimedia solutions, content writing, graphic and logo
design. They have a highly capable team of web consultants, creative designers, content writers,
programmers and web marketing professionals who know how to deliver results. They treat each
of their clients individually and therefore they do not offer set prices on any service. They offer
affordable low cost web design with their web design services for all personal web sites and
business web sites. Their professionals believe that the key factor for the success of any ongoing
project is to build a spotless communication bond with client.

Their team members are not just IT professionals but have decent communication skills with
people, which effort in cycle with your needs and requirements. The company takes care of
every minute with details for what the client communicate during the process of developing the
project. As a web development firm their request for you to look at the information technology
sector in Bangladesh in recent days. This industry has been improved very rapidly with available
highly skilled IT professionals and update communication technologies. As you know because of
a developing country and currency advantage, it’s a crystal-clear cost advantage for you to
outsource your web development work to them.

Mission of the company

Meet Your Expectation

Thousands of Web development companies are still doing business in the world. But people are
still finding difficulties to meet their expectations in their range. Zaman IT, a total web
development company, believes that it can provide something different in this competitive web
development market. Zaman IT will help you to meet your expectations in your range by
providing you the complete test in web development sectors.

Commitment for Outstanding Services

Zaman IT is an off shoring web development firm focusing mainly in fresh website design,
customized website design, Website development, search engine optimization (SEO),
e-commerce, website maintenance and advanced web development. As a web development firm

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you can surely get outstanding service and high quality product in web design and web
development. The company believes in pleasant relationship with client by providing
commitment of superior customer service. Theircompany’s professionals want to work as your
own developer as they are not only developed the website but also developed relationship.

Dedicated Offshore Resource

Zaman IT gathers a group of elite’s professionals with their rich and valuable experience. They
have established their proficiency in the countless successful teamwork with associates.Zaman
IT provides a particular service that you can hire their dedicated offshore developers who work
only for youevery day, the way of payment is can be on monthly basis or on hourly basis or on
project -to-project basis. They are willing to assist you with your long-term business tactics.


According to your demand, they will provide profile of their professionals who have the
expertise of relevant information technologies and skill-sets you require, as you can
communicate with them to take an interview. They will provide a trial development work which
may be a part of your massive project to help you decide whether you are going on for a long
term relationship with them or not.

They will provide pricing on a monthly or hourly or project rate for engineers according to the
technical level, programming expertise required, and the project scope.

At the commencement of new strategic partnerships, when the service begins, they can
communicate directly by email, instant messenger, or telephone, so that the offshore team
members can respond promptly working in conjunction with your team.

You can control the progress of the offshore team by web-based project management tools. They
can submit daily or weekly progress reports tailored to customer needs.

What you need to do

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Efficient cooperation can prove expected result with minimal effort. They need the following
minimum prerequisites to create an unbeaten conduit between them:

They never start the project without understanding project requirements. Proper documented
project specification or the detailed requirement about what you want. Open communication
through e-mail, chat or telephone.

4.3 Zaman IT’s Services

Web Solution Software Development

Domain registration Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Hosting server (Dedicated / Shared) Accounting Software
Static website HR Software
Dynamic website Payroll Software
Web application development Point Of Sales (POS)
Ecommerce Shop Management Software
News portal Multi-Level Marketing Software
Job Portal Multi Shop Management Software
B2b / B2c Portal Real Estate/Property Management Software
Search Engine Optimization VOIP Billing Management Software
Design School / College / University Management
Graphics Design System
Logo design Multi-Purpose Management Software
Banner design Project Management System for Apartment
Email template design Hotel Management System
Digital Marketing Solution Firearms Shop Management System
Email marketing Law Firm Information Management System
SMS marketing Hotel Management Software (ERP for Hotel)
Tele marketing Hospital Management Software (ERP for
Facebook marketing Hospital)
Google Adwards Office Management Software

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IT Training Diagnostic & Clinic Management Software
Joomla Development Pharmacy Management Software
Html / CSS Restaurant Management Software
Code igniter Buying House & Garments management
Php/ MySql System
WordPress development Customer Relationship Management System
Simple Billing / Invoice Software
Courier Service Management Software

4.4 Some Software Clients

GrameenByabosaBikash (Sister Concern of Techno Apogee Ltd., Mirpur-2, Dhaka

Grameen Bank), Mirpur-1, Dhaka FarzanaShakilMakeOver Salon Ltd.,
ABARTAN, Malibag, Dhaka Dhanmondi, Dhaka
ECM Auto Center, Tejgoan, Gulshan Link CUF Chinese Restaurant, AjamPur, Uttara,
Road, Dhaka Dhaka.
Dazzol, Mirpur-2, Dhaka EZMA, Basundhara City, Dhaka
Mantra Fashion House ,Gulshan, Dhaka Shawdai, Gulshan-1, Dhaka
Captain’s World, Mohakahli, Dhaka Alaphin, Sector-7, Uttara, Dhaka
Khan Brothers. Gulshan-1, Dhaka Purbachal Italian city, PuranaPalton, Dhaka
Eco hem Bangladesh (Pvt) Ltd., Gulshan-2, VISA Center Travels, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Dhaka. AKhondi General Hospital, Mirpur,Dhaka
Raisa Computer, Multiplan Center, Elephant Premier General Hospital, Uttara, Dhaka
Road, Dhaka. Green Delta General Hospital, Dhanmondi,
BBC Media Action, IK Tower, Gulshan-2, Dhaka
Dhaka Stylo, Gulshan, Dhaka
Al Noor sanitary, Mirpur, Dhaka

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4.5 Some Email Clients (Total 4500+ Email Campaign)

Regular Clients Real Estate

RANGS Ltd Concord
Rahim Afrooz Ashiyan City
BTS Communications (BD) Ltd. Amin Mohammad Group
Square Group Sea Pearl
Textile & garments machinery exhibition Share & Care Group
Danish Nirban Real Estate Ltd.
IT / Engineering Company Reliance Group
Anannyo Info Tech Shopno Land Properties
Digi Log System Living Stone
SOFTWEB Solutions Ltd. Property Bazaar
Next Generation IT Ashaloy
Triangle Services Nirvorota Properties Ltd.
SSLCOMMERZ Tarif Builders
Symphony Soft tech Ltd Fabsco
EMRK Engineers
Habib Intelligent Software Tours / Travels / Hotel/Hajj Agency
Business Data Automation Drukair
Hostzam BD Tours
Dhaka com Green Channel
Akij Motors Pip Tours
Kent Starling International
Guardian Network CITADEL HOTEL
Education & Consultancy E-Max Holidays
ABEC Tourism Window

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Ardent Labbaik Overseas Ltd.
Eduaid VISA Center Travels
EGC Web Portal
IDP Education Pty Ltd. BD Stall
Dr. NomalBalasuriya
Bay Bridge Consultancy Event Management Company
IDP I-station
TUV SUD Aristocrat
Singapore International School (SIS) Wave media
PiFM Food
Law Firm Banolata Food
The Lawyers & Jurists Pepsi
Rahman’s Chambers OH! Calcutta

4.6 Some SMS Clients (Total 10000+ SMS Campaign & Reseller 2500+)

Cambrian School & College Tarif Builders & Properties Ltd.

RANGS Euro tec
BGMEA Aristocrat
Gulshan Club Pretext
Shek Jamal Dhanmondi Club Dew drop
FBCCI Benchmark Properties Ltd.
Uttara Club South Asian Immigration
Sea Pearl BD Tours
Hostzam Gateway
Zaman Tours & Travels Chittagong Club

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4.7 An example of HR & PayrollSoftware

Company information:

This major module concentrates on providing there with all the necessary information that they
would like to know about their organization in view information. They also can edit there


In setup customer can add information like district, blood group, religion, branch, designation,
post, weekend, holy day etc. They can also system setting.

Employee Information:

This major moduleconcentrates on providing them, with all the necessaryinformation that they
would like to know about anysingle employee from their organization in employeelist. They can
also add employee Information in addemployee


In attendance function customer caneasy way to manage the attendance of theiremployees. The
module gives them all thefunctionalities required to meet there customizedattendance
management needs like shift schedule,shift distribute, shift delete, attendance
summary,attendance process and upload data.


In leave function customer can easy to manageleave setup, calculation and transaction


Page | 17
All the information related to any allowances and benefits provided to employeesmaintained in
this module. This could include detailsabout house rent, allowance, education
allowance,allowance distribute, allowance log.


All kind of deduction process likededuction setup, distribute and deduction logmaintained in this


All the information related to any loan such as loan type and distribute are maintained in this


Salary management system that helps keepstrack of all their employees’ salary transactions. In
thissystem maintained salary process, allowance sheet,deduction sheet, pay slip, bank sheet.

User Manage:

In this system a user can control all ofthe function. To control all of function user have usepanel
and access control.

HR Report:

HR has all the options to control humanresource management solution. They can make anytypes
of combinations to create there custom rules tomeet there specific HR needs, which suit
theirorganization. The module gives them all thefunctionalities such as, present, absent and
leavesreport. Weekend& holyday report, punch, attendanceand late report.

Salary Report:

Page | 18
Salary management system that helpskeeps track of all their employees’ salary transactions.In
this system maintained salary process, allowancesheet, deduction sheet, pay slip, bank sheet and

Provident Fund:

This module includes all the necessaryinformation in provident fund check balance,withdrawals,
checks statement, PF deposit, PF loan.


1. Unlimited User

2. Access from anywhere

3. Unlimited PC access

4. Individual access & user panel

5. Low cost & best support

4.8 Modules of HR & Payroll Software

Company information
View Information Deduction
Edit Information Deduction Setup
Employee Information Deduction Distribute
Add Employee Deduction log
Employee list Loan
Setup Loan Type
District Loan Distribute
Blood Group Salary
Religion Salary Process

Page | 19
Branch Allowance Sheet
Designation Deduction Sheet
Post Pay Slip
Weekend Bank Sheet
Holiday HR Report
System setting Present Report
Attendance Absent Report
Shift Schedule Leave Report
Shift Distribute Weekend & Holyday Report
Shift Delete Punch report
Attendance Summary Attendance Report
Attendance Process Late Report
Upload Data Salary Report
Leave Allowance Sheet
Leave Setup Deduction Sheet
Leave Calculation Pay Slip
Leave Transaction Bank Sheet
Allowance Loan Report
House Rent Setup Provident Fund
Allowance Setup Check Balance
Education Allowance Setup Withdrawals
Allowance Distribute Check Statement
Allowance log PF Deposit
PF loan

Development Tools:

Language: PHP

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Database: MySQL

Framework: CI

4.9 Price with 6 month free support:

Package Price(One Time) Monthly ServiceCharge (After 6month)

10-50 Employees 1,20,000/= 3000 Taka
51-100 Employees 2,00,000/= 5000 Taka
101-300Employees 3,00,000/= 8000 Taka
3011-1000Employee 5,00,000/= 15000 Taka
1001-10,000Employees 10,00,000/= 25000 Taka

Payment Procedure:

50% Advance Payment & 50% after delivery,Payment will goes to ZAMAN IT Accounts pay


1 training: Free

2nd training & others: 2000 taka (In Zaman IT), 5000Taka (In client’s office)

Page | 21

From the above discussion it is evident that modern society depends on IT for almost all their
social, cultural, political, economic and legal activities. Thus it is indeed very important to
increase awareness and understanding of the importance of IT and its implications on all sectors
of development of the country. Following recommendations in this connection are made for
consideration of the government of Bangladesh for the socio-economic development of the

1. Open market option should be adopted to encourage investment, competition, efficiency and
innovations in the telecommunication sector.

2. High speed data communication infrastructure should be set up for speedy data transfer
between Bangladesh and other countries.

Page | 22
3. Environment and opportunities should be created for rapid expansion of e-commerce,
electronic banking and Internet banking.

4. E-governance should be established to reflect accountability and transparency of the


5. Accuracy and reliability of information flow paper and electronic media must be ensured.

6. Our education system should be made dynamic and efficient enough to generate computer and
IT literate manpower of international standard for home and abroad.

7. Public and private institution of higher learning should increase the intake of students in
computer and IT related disciplines. '

8. Software Technology Park or IT village should be set up with qualified professionals and
state-of-art infrastructure producing quality product at competitive prices.

9. Working capital loan for software development and training should be available with no

5.2 Conclusion

ZAMAN IT is among the pioneers in the Bangladesh, USA, Canada, UK, UAE to offer quality
web services to medium and small sized businesses to compete in today’s digital world. We
possess the experience and expertise to help web entrepreneurs reach their customers across the
digital space. Our core objective is to help business owners in establishing their online presence
without the overbearing challenges posed by technology. We believe in minimizing the effort
from the client and maximizing the value of services delivered. ZAMAN IT focuses on highly
qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective offshore e-Business Solutions development
services. With a rich and varied experience in providing software development, project
management capabilities and stringent quality standards ensure to develop solutions that give
your business an edge over your competitors. We are experts at developing and implementing

Page | 23
applications for mission-critical and enterprise- wide projects. Our dedicated team at ZAMAN IT
strategically approaches your challenges to develop solutions and system administration services
that meet your objectives - both short and long term. We specialize in E-Business Solutions
wherein we undertake designing, development, maintenance and promotion of Web Sites
coupled with any other Web Applications. With our resource pool of experienced professionals
coupled with state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices, it is our vision to make our
customers the best in the industry offering best of the breed solutions.

6.1 References:

➢ Management Information Systems ( O’ Brien, Marks)

➢ Management Information System: Conceptual Foundations, Structure and Development-
Gordon B. aadMargret H.
➢ "Company Information - GP" Chittagong Stock Exchange.
➢ “Power to the People" The Economist. 9 March 2006.

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