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Olivia Iguardia

Period 1

My Career

My career cluster is business management and administration. I believe this category

suits me best because i’ve always had an interest in business and being in charge of things ever

since I was younger. I would always pretend to be an owner of a store when I was little and I

thought that would be so cool if that could actually happen in real life. When I got placed in this

cluster, the occupation of a sales manager stood out to me and I did research and being a sales

manager looks like a great job to have

Being a sales manager includes having many responsibilities. Sales managers collect and

interpret data and determine the most effective sales strategies. Also, sales managers need to

have a good personality to be able to work with colleagues and customers, so you have to

communicate easily and clearly. You must be able to develop strategies for meeting sales goals

and you are required to travel for business reasons. All sales managers must work full time,

extra hours and on evenings and weekends. The median annual wage for sales managers is

121,060 dollars a year. If you plan on being a sales manager take these terms into consideration.

There are many requirements to meet the criteria in order to be a sales manager. Most

sales managers are required to have a bachelor’s degree, although some positions are only

required to have a high school diploma. In college and high school you should definitely take

courses in business law, management, economics, accounting, finance, mathematics, marketing

and statistics. You must have work experience, 1 to 5 years, before you can qualify to be a

manager position. Make sure to work on your verbal communication skills because this job

consists of persuading people to buy your products.

My plan to meet this goal is to work very hard in all my classes. In middle school I will

try to get the best grades I can, and try to do things for the community. Also, in high school, I
Olivia Iguardia
Period 1

will take as many classes as I can to help me to try to make my college application as good as

possible, so I can get into the best college I can. Hopefully UCLA. If I make it into this college,

or any good college at all, I will take the courses required and try my best to succeed in this

occupation. Once I go to college for four years and graduate with my bachelor’s degree, I will

find a smaller job that deals with business for a year or two so I can get experienced so that when

I go to interview, I can impress them with my knowledge. Hopefully after that, I can exceed my

goal and become a sales manager.

Now that I gathered up all this information, this job might be something that I want to be

when i’m older. This job seems like it might fit me right, but who knows what will happen in the

future. But for now, I will stick to my plan I have.