How to make rugby tackle

Learning how to properly tackle an opponent during a rugby game is far different from tackling in a football game. The way football players are taught to tackle they require a great deal of equipment and still end up suffering from injuries. There is an easier and more effective way to tackle using your strength and wearing little to no equipment to do so. This is one of the most important techniques you can learn as a new rugby player and one that must be mastered before you get out there to play your first game. In rugby, tackling is only used to stop a player who has the ball. Tackling is not done just for entertainment; this is not the way of the sport. Let's go through the steps to make the perfect rugby tackle: y y y y y y Make sure to bend over as you approach your opponent and aim your shoulders towards their mid-section or hip area Make sure your head is positioned to go behind the target when you tackle to avoid concussion or worse Keeping your feet firmly on the ground, push forwar d with all your strength from your legs, not your upper body You will find if you did the first few steps properly that your arms should be above the knees of your opponent; squeeze tight Once the contact has been made, continue forward with the momentum of your strength to make the tackle complete The key is to roll away from the tackle as soon as you can so you can get back in the game to take advantage of the opportunity you have just created with your tackle

When it is laid out step-by-step like this it can seem like a complicated process, think of it like this go low and hard. These few words manage to sum up this entire process and can help you remember on the field the basics of tackling so you don't get hurt for any reason. Only full commitment to your tackle can really help you avoid injury. The second you hesitate you can be sure that your opponent will not hesitate and you will get run over. What is known as the dividing tackle is basically the same as what is outlined for you above but instead of trying to dive towards the other player you simply get to their next position before they do. Eventually, with the standard method of tackling you are going to dive and miss the person and before this happens, try the dividing tackle. This type of tackle is only for those who have thoroughly mastered the basics of tackling and are ready to move on to the next step. As you can now see there is a big difference between a football tackle and a rugby tackle. Any player who goes into a rugby game using techniques and methods from football will find themselves out of the game with severe injuries before the first 10 minutes is over. Never assume that tackling is the same from sport to sport this can create personal safety injuries for yourself.

Rugby tackle . Player clothing 5. Answers questions like« y y y y y y What must I know for basic rugby knowledge What are the rules in a rugby match Where can I find basic rules of rugby What are the easy rules of rugby Where do they list rugby rules what rules apply to the rugby sidestep Just scroll down or. Rugby ball 3. Mode of play 8. Ball on the ground .Basic rugby rules Know the basic rugby rules and enjoy rugby. Rugby tries and goals 10. Match officials tackle 15. Offside and onside in general play 12. Kick off and restart kicks 14. Easily find all details of the rugby rules when you want to. Rugby field 2. Know what's happening. Foul play 11. Get into it. Be confident. Select a topic for information about basic rugby rules Who controls the rules of rugby? What are the basic rules? 1. Time 6. Improve your game. Number of players 4... Advantage 9. Knock on or throw forward 13.

16. Sidestep U19. So it's best to include just the most important parts of them when getting together basic rugby rules. Scrum 21. They control the "Laws of the Game . Penalty and free kicks 22. In-goal area 23. Some rules are necessary to know but very complex and technical. Return to Select a topic What are the basic rugby rules? Some rules are simple and necessary and easy to include. For some rules the basics are just a few words. Rugby ruck 17. Rugby maul 18. .Rugby Union" These rules tell us how to play. referee signals Should I know all the rules? What next? Who controls the rules of rugby? The International Rugby Board (IRB) controls rugby and how it's played. Touch and lineout 20. 7s. Rugby mark 19. On this page get to know the basics.

Where there is a link. What do they all mean and which are most important? Get to know more about the basic rugby rules by learning about the field. text in a different colour and underlined is a link to another page. know the rugby field. some dashed. Easy. It's a great place to start your basic rugby rules. In case you don't already know. click to get what you need to know. follow the links to the IRB Laws. Official IRB 1 (IRB Site) . There are no rules which specifically mention the rugby sidestep. also known as the rugby pitch. step by step. Return to Select a topic 1 The rugby field Lines everywhere! Some solid. For full details of rugby rules. Click on these links and you get more information Look at the field. Sidesteps are simply a special way you move the ball towards the opposition goal-line when you are carrying the ball.

Know all about the rugby ball.Return to Select a topic 2 The rugby ball That's a bit of a wierd shape for a ball! Get to know your rugby ball and control it. socks and boots! talk to current players for advice on kit . Official IRB 3 Return to Select a topic 4 Players Clothing Rugby gear is shirt. shorts. Some minimal padding is allowed.especially boots. underwear. Substitutes are allowed. Official IRB 4 Return to Select a topic . Official IRB 2 Return to Select a topic 3 The Number of Players One of the simple basic rugby rules .maximum of 15 on each side.

officials provide a great service and deserve support... they may change. Official IRB 6 Very important in basic rugby rules. maximum of 10 minutes half-time break. Official IRB 5 Return to Select a topic 6 Match Officials Referee and two touch judges. Use any existing weather conditions.5 Time Two 40 minute halves. the Match officials are doing their best Play to the whistle. Return to Select a topic 7 Mode of Play . y y y y We all make mistakes What we think we saw/heard is sometimes not what really happened Just like you. it may be your advantage. always remember the spirit of the rules of rugby. Being a match official is not easy.

When you are the ball carrier you may carry the ball in any direction. When you sidestep you will evade opponents when you carry the ball. You may kick the ball in any direction. throw. but the referee ignored it! Know the rule of advantage. The objective is to ground the ball in the in goal area of the opposition.Players run all over the place! What's going on? The ball is kicked to start the game. Official IRB 8 Return to Select a topic . You may pass throw or give the ball to another player only if the ball does not travel forward of your position on the field. usually but not necessarily to other players in your team. You then carry. Your team wants to get the ball onto or over the opposition goal-line. kick or give the ball.Official IRB 7 Return to Select a topic 8 Advantage What's going on! They just broke the basic rugby rules.

Official IRB 10 Return to Select a topic 11 Offside and Onside in General Play That player is right where the ball is. Official IRB 9 Return to Select a topic 10 Foul Play Foul play is doing anything in the game which is against the rules of rugby or the spirit of the rules. above the shoulders tackling a player when they are in the air doing anything which is unfair or dangerous. trampling.9 Rugby Tries and goals Why have this team got more points than that one? Why are they trying so hard to get over that line? Important in basic rugby rules. It includes y y y y y obstructing opponents punching. Why don't they pick it up? . too late. Know about rugby tries and goals. kicking or tripping players tackling too early.

Because of the speed of the player passing the ball. OK Pass backwards towards own goal-line.. Make sure the ball and the player in your team who last played the ball are between you and the opposition goal line. Pass straight across the field. This is important in the basic rules of rugby. If not.It may be because they are offside. Official IRB 12 Return to Select a topic 13 Kick off and restart kicks ..Yes.Yes. Official IRB 11 Return to Select a topic 12 Knock on or Throw forward They want to get to the other end don't they? Why do they keep thowing it backwards! It's because a pass "forward" is not permitted... not permitted! The hands and any movement must direct the ball backwards (or level). OK Pass forwards towards opposition goal-line. NO.. it is possible (and permitted) that the ball travels forward from the point where the ball is released. If they picked up the ball they would give away a penalty. avoid becoming involved in play.. Here's a basic rule of thumb.

Kicks are taken from the centre of the half way line and must travel at least 10 metres. Shouln't they pick it up? Know the rugby ruck. Official IRB 16 Return to Select a topic .no tackle. Official IRB 15 Return to Select a topic 16 Rugby Ruck The ball is right there on the ground.No Tackle Know about ball on ground . Official IRB 14 Return to Select a topic 15 Rugby Tackle: Ball Carrier Brought to the Ground Know the rugby tackle. when the game is resumed after half time and after each occasion points are scored.These kicks are taken when the game starts. Official IRB 13 Return to Select a topic 14 Ball on ground .

and shouted "Mark". What's happening? Know the rugby mark. What's going on! Know the rugby maul. Official IRB 18 Return to Select a topic 19 Touch and lineout When the ball goes "into touch" the game is restarted with a line out. Then everything stopped.17 Rugby Maul They're all grappling for the ball. Official IRB 19 Return to Select a topic . Official IRB 17 Return to Select a topic 18 Rugby Mark They just caught the ball. The ball is thrown into play between two opposing lines of players.

Official IRB 21 Return to Select a topic 22 In goal This is important in terms of basic rugby rules. a kicker may elect to take a place kick at the goal posts. The ball is then put into the gap between the opposing formations and each team attempts to get control of the ball with their feet. Grounding the ball in the opposition in goal area results in points being awarded because this is how you score rugby tries. In the case of penalties.20 Scrum Following some infringments of the rules play is restarted with a scrum.Eight players from each time bind together in their own 3-4-1 formation in a crouching position. teams may be awarded a penalty or a free kick when the other team infringes the rules. Grounding the ball in your own in goal area makes the ball dead and play will be restarted. If the ball goes over the cross-bar points are awarded. Official IRB 20 Return to Select a topic 21 Penalty and free kicks Depending on the seriousness of the offence. Official IRB 22 Return to Select a topic . The two formations then engage each other head on to form a single mass off 16 players.

just kidding! It's not a rule at all.. You'll enjoy rugby anyway but you'll have much more fun when you learn to sidestep is the question now is the answer.but it should be.. 7s. It's a good time to find out more about rugby sidesteps so you can always be thinking about them and how you will be good when you learn with Evtechs Make this one of your basic rugby rules! Return to Select a topic U19.... other languages ? The IRB's website has downloads for all the rules.23 Learn to sidestep Probably the most important rule of all. . They're very detailed. You can see variations of the basic rugby rules for.. The rules downloads are large! Links for all the rules are given. Nah. referee signals. They have to be.

. If your first language is not English you can read the rugby rules in other languages. There's no substitute for knowing all the rules of rugby! Now you've got the essentials...They're part of a hugedocument. . let them sink in... The more you know.and find out about referee signals. Return to Select a topic ..7s rugby rules...U19 rugby rules. It's important to avoid giving away penalties. Then you can take in more of the details of rugby rules.. Fair play is one of the basic rugby rules Principles of the Game andPrinciples of the Laws are well worth reading. Return to Select a topic Should I know all the rules? It's good to know the basic rugby rules.. ... Download it when you have plenty of time and plenty of disk space! It's the official IRB Law book. the more confident you'll be that you're playing correctly..but......

. Hang around or come back soon...What next? Subscribe for all the latest updates. Return to Select a topic Return from Basic Rugby Rules to Home .... Now you know the basics have a look at some of the skills or how to play or find out more about positions.

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