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age tot Note: Please print ehis page and use it as « cover sheet. Type the fax audit ‘number (shown below) on the top and bottom ofall pages of the document. IMA ((@416000004147 3))) IAM rsacan4a7SABCX Note: DO NOT hit the REFRESH/RELOAD button on your browser Srom this page. Doing so will generete another cover sheet. From samnter the eal address for this business entity to be used for future ‘annual report mailings. Enter only one email address ploese.** Division of Corporations Fax Number = (850) 617-6381 Account Name Account Nuzber Phone Fax Nunber CORP OSA, 2450003255 (305) 634-3694 + (305) 633-9696 Bnail Address: a 7B FLORIDA PROFIT/NON PROFIT CORPORATION ae ‘TELEMANN INVESTING OF FLORIDA, INC. io ertificate of Status 7 a [Cortified Copy 1 EB Page Count 9 jou BIY 2 dC} ‘$78.75 JAN 07 ii6 -——_1 sear Electronic Filing Menu Corporate Filing Menu Help raises psiloc visas saya Revd verano seaeeesse 11:28 9102/90/10 : * Hi@oOa|Dodid) . GERILYICATE OF TNCORPORATION BRITCLE ONE NAME 9 ‘The name of this Corporation shall be: 12:8 wy TELEMANN INVESTING OF FLORIDA, INC. ARTICLE Two NATURE OF BUSINESS This corporation may engage in any activity of business permitted under the laws of the United States of America and the laws of the State of Florida. ARTICLE THREE TERMS OF EXISTENCE ‘This Corporation shall have perpetual existence, unless sooner dissolved in accordance with the Laws of the State of Florida. ‘The date on which corporate existence shall begin is the date of the Incorporation. ARTICLE YOUR MINIMOY CAPITAL The amount of capital with which the Corporation shall begin business shall not be less than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00), or such greater amount as may be required by law. SBSGEESSeC © TT:Z9 9102/90/10 sa/co 3ovd savea ARTICEE FIVE NUMBER OF DIRECTORS The stockholders of this Corporation may, from tine to time, and at any time, increase or diminish the size of the Board of Directors of this Coxporation, provided that the Corporation shail at all tinea have a minimum of one Director. RELY VLADIMIR VILLEGAS-DIRECTOR/ PRESIDENT EGILDA DEL VALLE GOMEZ-DIRECTOR/V. PRESIDENT/SECRETARY 4100 SALZEDO ST., UNIT 810 CORAL GABLES, FL. 33146 ARTICLE six CLASSES OF DIRECTORS ‘The By-Laws of this Corporation may provide that the Directors be divided into two or more classes whose terms of office shall respectively expire at different times, provided that no such term shall continue longer than three (3) years, and provided further that at least one-fourth (1/4) in number of the Directors shall be elected annually. ARTICLE SEVEN This Certificate of Incorporation may be amended in any manner consistent with the laws of the State of Florida. eva vsneaoo sesceegsae a 9182/90/78

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