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State of Utah

Affidavit of Probable Cause
Date of Birth: 02/09/1988

On 12/02/2018 01:58 the defendant was arrested for the offense(s) of:

Offense Date Offense Description Statute Gov Code Severity DV

1 12/02/2018 RIOT - BODILY INJURY/PROPERTY 76-9-101(3) UT F3 No
2 12/02/2018 INTOXICATION 76-9-701 UT MC No


4 12/02/2018 FAIL TO STOP AT COMMAND OF LAW 76-8-305.5 UT MA No

5 12/02/2018 FAILURE TO DISCLOSE IDENTITY 76-8-301.5 UT MB No

6 12/02/2018 DISORDERLY CONDUCT 76-9-102 UT IN No

I believe there is probable cause to charge the defendant with these charges because:
On the 2nd of December, 2018 Officers responded on a disturbing the peace in which the complainant stated
there was loud music, yelling and singing. Upon arriving, Officers heard extremely loud music and people
singing from several houses away. The exterior of the garage was surrounded by a large tent which is where the
noise was coming from.
When officers approached the tent, officers attempted contact with the suspects, however, there was limited
visibility. Officers announced and identified themselves as law enforcement and one of the suspects responded
by yelling profanity in Spanish. Officers again identified themselves, at which point one of the suspects
approached the area of the tent we were at.
Before an officers could advise him of why we were there, he dismissed us and stated that he only needed to
turn it down and we were done. I twas explained that officers needed to speak with him face to face but he
refused to do so. The suspect identified himself as the homeowner. It was explained that he could receive a
noise ordinance citation. When Officer Cook requested the home owner's name, he refused to provide it,
responding by saying he knew his rights. The home owner was later identified as Ruben Perez. Officers advised
him he was legally required to provide him information, but he still refused to do so. Officers explained he would
be placed under arrest. The suspect proceeded to walk away towards the interior of the house, refusing to
comply with the arrest.
Officer cook made a hole in the side of the tent to make an entry point. When he entered the tent, a second
suspect (Pedro Cuenca) stood between Officer Cook and the initial suspect. Officer Cook instructed him to move,
but he refused to comply. Officer cook gave him a second instruction to move and advised he would be arrested
if he didn't comply, but he again refused. He started walking away from Officer Cook. Officer Cook attached to
his left wrist and shoulder to stabilize him to the wall. Officer Cook attempted to place handcuffs on the suspect
but he actively resisted and pulled away. Officer Cook continued to ground stabilize him to gain a better position
for handcuffing. Officer Cook eventually was able to place handcuffs on the suspect despite him actively
During the arrest, additional suspects charged at Officer Cook and Dawson in an attempt to cease the arrest by
interfering and pulling Officer Cook away. Officer Dawson had to use her electronic control device to keep the
additional suspects back (Angel Velasquez, Ruben Perez, Carlos Perez-Olvera, and Juan Carlos). Officers had to
call for expedited assistance due to how many suspects were involved and the additional people in the home.
A short time later after being told they were not free to leave the suspects proceeded to flee into the residence
and Officer Dawson gave chase through fresh pursuit, however they were able to lock the interior door. Officers
attempted to breach the door and Officer Cook received an injury to his elbow as a result.
After several attempts, they unlocked the door. Officers made entry and placed two of the four additional
involved suspects under arrest. Carlos Perez-Olvera actively resisted and tried to pull away from Officer Dawson
getting her hand caught in the handcuffs causing pain and a possibly injury to two fingers on her left hand. At
the time 3 subjects were in custody and, Carlos Perez-Olvera, Ruben Perez, and Pedro Cuenca. They were
brought out and placed into patrol vehicles.
Officers made entry into the residence again to place the other two suspects (Juan Carlos and Angel Velazquez)
under arrest. however they attempted to elude law enforcement by hiding in the house. Officers made multiple
announcements to anyone inside the residence to exit with their hands visible, however no one complied. After
breaching 3 doors, the two outstanding suspects were found hiding in the bathroom of the master bedroom. All
parties were intoxicated and smelled of alcohol.

Officer Name: LINDEE DAWSON Badge ID: XK2

I am a sworn officer with: UT0180000 - UNIFIED POLICE DEPT OF GREATER SALT LAKE
Arresting agency case number: 18-189229 Associated citation number:

I declare under penalty of perjury and under the laws of the State of Utah that the foregoing is true and correct.


Booking agency: SALT LAKE COUNTY JAIL Booking agency ORI: UT018013C
Booking agency case number: 18060517 SID: OTN: 56782519
Booking UserID: bthomas Booking date/time: 12/02/2018 15:39 Submission ID: 393291 (Version 1)