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4th grade social studies - 4.13 Locate the first 13 colonies and explain how their location and
geographic features influenced their development and settlement patterns.

Multiple Choice – Circle the best answer choice.

1. What year was the Roanoke Colony established?
A. 1516
B. 1560
C. 1587 *
D. 1591

2. How long did the first Thanksgiving Day last?

A. 1 Day
B. 3 Days *
C. 4 Days
D. 1 Week

3. Why did the pilgrims settle in Plymouth?

A. For religious freedom *
B. For agricultural goods
C. For the land
D. For the laws

4. What year was the Jameson colony established?

A. 1579
B. 1590
C. 1600
D. 1606 *

5. How many English colonists signed the Mayflower Compact on November 11, 1620?
A. 34
B. 41 *
C. 46
D. 53
Matching – Correctly match the definitions using the answer choices in the word box.
6. ______ The land beyond the areas already settled. A. Frontier
B. Common
7. ______A product that leaves a country. C. Export
D. Backcountry
8. ______The land beyond, or “in back of,” the area settled E. Import
by Europeans.

9. ______A grassy area shared by the town’s people, used for grazing sheep, cattle, and
other livestock.

10. ______A product brought into a country.

Short Answer – Fill in the blank with the best possible answer.
11. Who founded Georgia?

12. Who left Roanoke to go to England for supplies, but did not get back in time?

13. Who was the famous Quaker of Pennsylvania?

14. Who started the Roanoke Colony?

15. Who was the leader of Jamestown that said “He who does not work will not eat.?”


True/False – Determine whether the statement is true or false and write a “T” for true and an
“F” for false in the blank.
16. ______ Frequent occupations for people living in the Southern Colonies were farming
and owning plantations.
17. ______ Tobacco was known as the cash crop for the Jamestown colony.

18. ______The Middle Colonies were also called “Mid-Pacific Colonies.”

19. ______Self- Government is when people get together to pass laws for themselves that
everyone can agree upon.

20. ______Artisans are people who ran businesses in the colonies and did most of the

Essay Questions – Answer the following essay questions in 4-6 sentences.

21. Why was the Roanoke Colony known as “The Lost Colony?”

22. Choose one of the 13 colonies to describe and give a summary of how it was founded.