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Cell: 0335-2828717
National: Pakistani

“To work towards achieving the greater success in my career through hard work, consistency and the ability to
work with others to achieve organizational goals, aims and objectives”


Company: Honda Power Products (Dec 2016- currently work over here)
Assignment: Marketing and Logistics Executive
The job description includes all the core aspects of Marketing as well as Logistics. Performing Social Media
Marketing for the organization, recording sales and forming reports on daily, monthly and weekly basis.
Coordination with the Regional Managers and reporting to NM and CEO, checking up on the warehouse stock,
Maintaining data of corporate clients and following sales figures. Communication with the dealers, vendors and
circulation of information regarding the incentives and promotional activities, it also includes the work of
creating advertisements for promotions and publications as well as coordination with the advertising
companies. Leading the project of revamping the company’s website

Company: Sybrid MD (July 2017 – Present)

Assignment: Medical Writer
As an Entrepreneur I am supervising my team for this project, assigning content and proofreading it. Providing
Sybrid MD the best Medical Writing for their Website and Blogs

Company: Atlas Honda Limited (July 2015 – Sept 2015)

Assignment: Human Resources Intern
There I assisted the Human Resources Manager with a wide range of projects related to recruiting,
onboarding/orientation, employee benefits and the other work at their HR software. This internship has been
both educational and practical. In this position, I learnt how to apply your skills in a professional setting.

Company: Boundless Technologies Company (October 2015 – April 2016)

Assignment: Content Writer
As a content writer at Boundless Technologies, My work included the content creation of their websites and also
for the other projects. I worked as a team leader too as I had my own content writers’ team who worked under
my supervision for creating the web content of the company

Company: Arhum Technologies (December 2015 – March 2016)

Assignment: Online Web Content Writer
My task was to assign the content creation of Arhum Technologies to the team working under my supervision
and proofread it.
Company: The IELTS (December 2015 – February 2015)
Assignment: Supervising/Editor of E-book
My job was to supervise the work of E-book named IELTS Tips and Tricks. It was about making the team create
the best content on IELTS Tips and tricks of 20,000 words within 2 months.

Company: Literature Hive (November 2012 – December 2014)

Assignment: Content Writer
It was an online job of academic writing. My work included the content creation of the projects and different
assignments for the clients. Other the content creation my job also included the task of Proofreading.

Company: Creative Communications (September 2012- January 2013)

Assignment: Content Writer
It was an online part time job. My work was to write the content of the Articles.

Institute: The Initiator’s Network School (August 2011- January 2012)

Assignment: Teacher
I worked as a Teacher at TIN School for about 6 months where I taught English Literature, English Language and
Social Studies to Grades 7th 8th and 9th


Impact of Electronic Word of Mouth on Consumer’s Purchase Intention
Description: This research has been conducted to analyze the increasing influence of electronic media on
consumers buying behaviors. More specifically, the researchers has compacted this research to the effects of
electronic word of mouth on consumers’ purchase intention due to its increasing popularity and practice. The
main objective of this research was to identify different aspects of eWoM such as its quantity, quality,
credibility, and the general attitude of possible customers regarding the concept of eWoM on consumers’ final
purchase decision.

Impact of Eroticism on Ethical and Cultural Values of our Society

Description: This research is based on finding out the impact of eroticism on our ethical and cultural values.
Nowadays marketers are targeting our emotional aspects just to gather maximum number of customers.
Advertisements should be made keeping in mind all the cultural values of the society where the ad is supposed
to run.

2012-2016 Bachelors in Business Administration (HR and Marketing) from Hamdard University (3.2 CGPA)
2011 HSC (Pre-Medical) from Government Degree College for Women, North Nazimabad (B.I.E.K)
2009 SSC (Science) from Little Folk’s School (B.S.E.K)


 A member of Executive Council, Chief-of-Staff at HAMDARD UNIVERSITY MODEL UNITED NATIONS

 Attended GBG WOMEN PAKISTAN at The Nest I/O
 Organized the workshop ZEAN
 Attended the workshop of HU-MARC ’13 at Hamdard University
 Team member and Content creator at YOUTHNITY
 Attended CABINET WARS organized by the students of PAF-KIET
 Wrote a story named “AN ACIDIC HOTDOG” in DAWN Newspaper (Young World Magazine) published
on May 5th 2007
 Participated in The ZAC’S Art workshop conducted by ZAC’S Institute of Arts and Crafts
 Received an appreciation certificate for Parental/Teaching meeting by the principal

 Teaching (English Language and Literature)
 Presentations

 Urdu and English

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