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Laurence King Spring 2019

Dear Bookseller,
As Einstein said “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on!” Indeed,
if there is a theme running through our Spring 2019 list, it is about
unleashing one’s creativity, whether one is a professional, a student,
an enthusiast, or a child.
We launch a major new series of practical art books,
“Do More Art.” With the first title, Ink this series breaks new
ground by focusing on the ways that many of the most inspiring
contemporary artists create their effects, rather than dealing simply
with technique. #NoFilter provides photographers of all levels of
ability with a raft of innovative, non-digital ways of making their
photographs more striking and original.
Our list of titles for professional creatives is particularly
strong. In How to Do Great Work Without Being an Asshole,
Paul Woods uses very amusing drawings to illustrate the points in his
text, which is as informative as it is entertaining. Michael Johnson in
Now Try Something Weirder comes up with 233 tips on maintaining
one’s creativity and managing relationships with clients in a book
that draws on his successful practice. Graphic Design Play Book
enables all readers to explore the rules of graphic design through
engaging and entertaining games in a beautifully conceived book.
Henry Carroll, author of the books in our hugely successful
series, which began with Read This if You Want to Take Great
Photographs, moves to the children’s arena. Be a Super Awesome
Photographer has ideas that should immediately capture children’s
imagination and enable them to see the world and take pictures in
an original way: “Pretend you are a dog” is my personal favorite.
Read All About It! 10 Mini-Magazines to Make and Share
gives children visually inspirational materials that will serve as a
springboard to enable them to describe their own worlds in words
and pictures.
There are gifts too that follow this creative theme, such
as Use This if You Want to Make Great Drawings: An Inspirational
Sketchbook, the companion to our successful Read This if You Want
to Create Great Drawings and the highly original and ingenious
Make Your Own Mondrian.
But there is much else as well. A more traditional book,
but one which I am particularly proud to publish, is Jonathan Jones’
Sensations: The Empirical Genius of British Art. In a very readable
text, a leading art critic characterizes what is distinctive about
British Art. It makes a compelling narrative.
Trade &
Student Books
Activism 12

Architecture 20

Art 08, 09, 10, 11, 13, 14

Beauty 06

Business 28,29

Design 26,32

Fashion 06, 27, 33, 34, 35

Floral Design 22

Gardening 24, 25

Gift Book 21

Graphic Design 27, 30

Interior Design 16

Photography 18
& Gifts
Activity Book 40, 44

Game 43, 45, 46

Non-Fiction 42

Photography 38

Design 59

Game 50, 52, 55, 56, 58, 62, 64, 65, 67

Gift 54, 60, 61, 66, 68

From: Living with Flowers
Blooms & Bouquets for the Home
By Rowan Blossom
978 1 78627 399 4
$24.99/APRIL 2019
Trade &
Student Books

Nailed It
Marian Newman

●● The essential book for all nail lovers showcases

iconic designs from the world’s leading nail artist’s
incredible 20 year career

●● Recounts personal experiences and behind-the-

scenes stories about working with the biggest
names in fashion, including Vogue, MAC, Dior, Lady
Gaga, McQueen, Nick Knight, Kate Moss, and more

●● Will appeal to fashion professionals, nail artists

and anyone interested in creating fabulous nails

World-famous nail artist Marian Newman is

the author of the must-have textbook for nail
technicians. Now, in her first book for a general
audience, she reveals the stories behind her most
iconic looks. Full of beautiful photographs Nailed
It combines Marian’s stunning and unique looks
for Kate Moss, Gisele, and Cara Delevingne, for
advertising campaigns by Dior and Alexander
McQueen and fashion shows including Vivienne
Westwood, Louis Vuitton, and Givenchy, with
illuminating behind the scenes details. Always
true to her own style of creative curiosity, Marian
provides step-by-step techniques to recreate her
most spectacular nails, reveals what’s in her toolkit
and where you can buy her favorite products.

AUTHOR Dubbed “the Queen of Nails” by the INFO 978 1 78627 406 9
industry, Marian Newman is fashion’s 150 illustrations
original nail artist. She has over
240 pages
50 British Vogue covers to her name,
9 x 6¾ ins
10 years of Dior campaigns and a range
of nail products for MAC Cosmetics. PLC • $29.99
She is the Creative Brand Ambassador APR 2019
for CND and lead curator of global
educational program Nails: Mastered,
alongside fashion legends Nick Knight,
Val Garland, and Sam McKnight.

p.127 → Validated, The Makeup of Val Garland by Val Garland and Karl Plewka


The Empirical Genius of British Art
Jonathan Jones

●● Compelling and richly illustrated account of British

art over the last 350 years

●● Demonstrates how British artists laid the ground for

Realism, Impressionism, and the birth of modern art

●● Argues for Empiricism as the unifying thread

that connects the art of Hogarth, Gainsborough,
Constable, Turner, Bacon, Kossoff, Auerbach,
Hockney, Freud, Emin, and Hirst

What is the artistic impulse uniting Robert Hooke’s

drawings of insects, George Stubbs’s studies of
horses, and Damien Hirst’s pickled shark? In this new
and spirited account of British art, Jonathan Jones
argues for empiricism. From the Enlightenment to
the present, British artists have shared a passion for
looking hard at the world around them. Jones shows
how this zeal for precision and careful observation
paved the way for Realism, Impressionism, and the
birth of modern art.

AUTHOR Jonathan Jones is the art critic for The INFO 978 1 78627 297 3
Guardian newspaper. He was on the jury for 150 illustrations
the 2009 Turner Prize and is the author of
368 pages
The Loves of the Artists: Art and Passion
9⅞ x 7 ins
in the Renaissance and The Lost Battles:
Leonardo, Michelangelo and the Artistic Hardcover • $50.00
Duel that Defined the Renaissance. APR 2019


Art of
Renaissance Florence
A City and Its Legacy
Scott Nethersole

●● Fresh look at the art of Renaissance Florence and

why its study still matters

●● Explores the narratives behind and within the city’s

canonical as well as lesser-known works of art

●● Lively text aimed at students of Renaissance art,

as well as visitors to Florence

In this vivid account Scott Nethersole examines

the remarkable period of cultural, artistic, and
intellectual blossoming in Florence from 1400 to 1520
– the period traditionally known as the Early and
High Renaissance. He looks at the city and its art
with fresh eyes, presenting the well –known within
a wider context of cultural reference. Key works
of art – from painting, sculpture, and architecture
to illuminated manuscripts – by artists such as
Michelangelo, Donatello, Botticelli, and Brunelleschi
are showcased alongside the unexpected and less

AUTHOR Scott Nethersole is Senior Lecturer in INFO 978 1 78627 342 0

Italian Renaissance Art, 1400–1500, at The 143 illustrations
Courtauld Institute of Art, London. He has
224 pages
published widely on 15th century Florence.
9½ x 6½ ins
Hardcover • $34.99
JAN 2019

p.108 → Art of Renaissance Rome, Artists and Patrons in the Eternal City, by John Marciari

The Book of the Flower

Flowers in Art
Angus Hyland and Kendra Wilson

●● A beautiful and informative gift book of flowers

in art depicted by artists, illustrators, and

●● Brief texts throughout, quotations, explanations,

and elaborations on the choice of images

●● “Art is the flower, life is the green leaf”

– Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Haphazard bunches, formal bouquets, chance

arrangements, quiet and thoughtful rural
encounters – The Book of the Flower is a sylvan
collection of beautiful depictions of flowers by
artists, photographers, and illustrators.Interspersed
through the illustrations are short texts about the
artists and their interest in particular flowers, from
Georgia O’Keeffe’s sumptuous close-ups of Jimson
Weed and cactus flowers to Matisse’s roses, Keika
Hasegawa’s chrysanthemums, and Albert York’s
close study of zinnias.

AUTHOR Angus Hyland is a graduate of the Royal INFO 978 1 78627 245 4
College of Art and a partner at Pentagram 110 illustrations
Design London. His books for Laurence King
160 pages
include The Maze, The Book of the Dog, and
8⅛ x 6⅜ ins
The Book of the Cat.
Paperback with Flaps • $16.99
Kendra Wilson is an author and writer. APR 2019
She is a regular contributor to the
Gardenista and her printed work appears in
publications including The Sunday Times.

p.92,109 → The Book of the Bird, Birds in Art, by Angus Hyland and Kendra Wilson
p.92,109 → The Book of the Dog, Dogs in Art, by Angus Hyland and Kendra Wilson
p.92,109 → The Book of the Cat, Cats in Art, by Angus Hyland and Caroline Roberts
p.92,109 → The Book of the Horse, Horses in Art, by Angus Hyland and Caroline Roberts

The Short Story

of Modern Art
A Pocket Guide to Key Movements,
Works, Themes, and Techniques
Susie Hodge

●● The book for students, enthusiasts, and gallery-

goers to understand where modern art came from
and where it’s going

●● New, innovative introduction to the story of

modern art, from its inception to today

●● Explores the key artworks, looks at movements,

themes, and techniques, and explains the
most important and influential concepts in an
accessible and concise way

The Short Story of Modern Art explains the how, why,

and when of modern art – who introduced certain
things, what they were, where they were produced,
and why they matter. The book explores 50 key works –
from the realist painting of Courbet to a contemporary
installation by Yayoi Kusama – and then links them
to the most important movements, themes, and
techniques. Accessible, concise and richly illustrated,
the book reveals the connections between different
periods, artists, and styles.

AUTHOR Susie Hodge is an art historian, INFO 978 1 78627 369 7

historian, and artist. She is the 150 illustrations
bestselling author of numerous books,
224 pages
among them 50 Art Ideas, How to Survive
8⅜ x 5⅞ ins
Modern Art, Why Your Five Year Old Could
Not Have Done That: Modern Art Explained Flexibind • $19.99
and The Short Story of Art. MAR 2019

p.113 → The Short Story of Art, A Pocket Guide to Key Movements, Works, Themes &
Techniques, by Susie Hodge
p.113 → The Short Story of Photography, A Pocket Guide to Key Movements, Works, Themes &
Techniques, by Ian Haydn Smith

Protest Stencil Toolkit

Revised edition
Patrick Thomas

●● A toolkit of stencils for making protest signs and

messages revised and updated with 9 new stencils

●● Includes bespoke stencil alphabet

●● Broad appeal to visual arts students or professionals,

and a consumer “youth culture” market

Create unique protest graphics with the Protest Stencil

Toolkit, revised and updated for modern-day activists.
Combine the 42 robust stencils, and the typeface, to
create slogans and visual messages. Includes symbols
from a variety of important protest movements.

AUTHOR Patrick Thomas is a British graphic INFO 9978 1 78627 371 0

artist, author, and educator based in 42 illustrations
Berlin. He has exhibited his work across
112 pages
five continents and it is also held in
8⅜ x 11¾ ins
numerous private and public collections.
He is a member of Alliance Graphique Paperback • $24.99
Internationale (AGI) and a Professor APR 2019
at the State Academy of Fine Arts
Stuttgart, Germany.

p.96 → Resist!, How to Be an Activist in the Age of Defiance, by Huck

Global Art and

the Cold War
John J. Curley

●● First truly synthetic account of global art

produced during the Cold War (c.1945-1990),
placing the conflict at the center of the discussion

●● Examines the coded ambivalence and ideological

contradictions of art post-World War II

●● Analyzes 100 artworks, some among the most

well-known in art history, from a new and
original perspective

In this readable and highly original book, John J. Curley

presents the first synthetic account of global art
during the Cold War. Through a careful examination
of artworks drawn from America, Europe, Russia, and
Asia, he demonstrates the inextricable nature of art
and politics in this contentious period. He dismantles
the usual narrative of American abstract painting
versus figurative Soviet Socialist Realism to reveal a
much more nuanced, contradictory, and ambivalent
picture of art making, in which the objects themselves,
like spies, dissembled, housed, and managed
ideological differences.

AUTHOR John J. Curley is Associate Professor of INFO 978 1 78627 229 4

Art History at Wake Forest University. 107 illustrations
He has published widely on European and
288 pages
American modernism in art and is the
9½ x 6½ins
author of A Conspiracy of Images: Andy
Warhol, Gerhard Richter, and the Art of Hardcover • $50.00
the Cold War. JAN 2019


Do More Art
Bridget Davies

●● The launch title in an exciting new series of art books

●● An original approach to the practical arts genre,

with a spread-based, accessible layout allowing
the reader to understand the key concepts quickly
and easily

●● Features images from the world’s best

contemporary illustrators and artists

Ink is the first book in an exciting new series of

inspiring practical-art books on popular mediums,
including acrylic, oil, pencil, and gouache. The
books will cover painting techniques, creative uses
and applications, mixing with other mediums, and
exploring new painting styles. Many of the techniques
and ideas will be demonstrated through the work of
some of the world’s greatest artists and illustrators.
The first book explores ink’s use in painting,
illustration, and lettering. With its contemporary
aesthetic and inspiring content, the series will appeal
to artists of all abilities.

AUTHOR Bridget Davies began her career as a INFO 978 1 78627 427 4
fashion designer and illustrator, working 200 illustrations
in Milan. Currently she resides in the
128 pages
UK, teaching painting and life drawing,
8⅝ x 6⅝ins
and illustrating for fashion magazines
and brands including John Lewis and Paperback • $19.99
Anthropologie. JUN 2019


My Bedroom
is an Office
& Other Interior Design Dilemmas
Joanna Thornhill

●● Practical advice and useful tips for affordable,

achievable results

●● Friendly question and answer format

●● Will appeal to both renters and owners of all ages

Just moved into your new home? No idea where to

start or what to do? Landlord won’t let you paint
your walls? Hate your couch but can’t afford a new
one? Wondering if you can paint your horrible plastic
chairs? Look no further, interior design stylist and
expert Joanna Thornhill will guide you through an
array of design dilemmas, from minor tweaks to
bigger projects. Packed with inspirational and
practical advice for both homeowners and renters,
this book will help you achieve a home you can be
proud of, even if your office is at the end of your bed.

AUTHOR Joanna Thornhill is a London-based INFO 978 1 78627 387 1

interiors stylist and writer. She 160 illustrations
works for clients ranging from TV and
144 pages
magazine publishing to retailers and
9 x 6⅜ ins
online, including trend forecasting for
WGSN-lifestyle. She is the author of Flexibind • $19.99
Home for Now. MAR 2019

p.118 → The Problem with my Garden, Simple Solutions for Outdoor Spaces, by Kendra Wilson

Get Creative with Photography
Natalia Price-Cabrera

●● Many people have discovered photography through

their smartphones and are looking for new ways to
impress their friends online

●● The book’s concise and quick-fire approach will

inspire the reader, and is backed up with practical

●● Will appeal to anyone wanting to inject some

creativity into their photography

If you want to inject more excitement into your

photography than just applying a filter in an app,
then this book is for you. It will inspire you to take
your photos further, with ideas aimed at all levels
of ability. Easy techniques such as shooting through
your sunglasses evolve to more advanced ideas like
creating sun prints or distorting your images with the
contents of your kitchen cupboard. The techniques
are concisely explained through great examples of
creative photography, making this an ideal book for
anyone wanting to take their photos to another level.

AUTHOR Natalia Price-Cabrera has a particular INFO 978 1 78627 407 6

interest in photography, interior 100 illustrations
styling, and pattern design, and
144 pages
regularly posts on Instagram under the
6¾ x 6¾ ins
moniker maximalist_girl. She is the
author of two books, The Wallpaper Paperback • $16.99
Coloring Book and Handmade Lampshades. APR 2019

p.93,112 → Read This if You Want to Take Great Photographs, by Henry Carroll

Make Sense
Architecture by White
White Arkitekter

●● A showcase of 86 sustainable architecture projects,

including residential and student living, community
centers, theaters, offices, and hospitals

●● Fully illustrated with color photography, drawings,

details, and plans

White Arkitekter is known for its driving spirit of high

standards, sustainability, and innovation. In Make
Sense, White showcase their most significant work
and practice-based research. This book will appeal
to professional architects and anyone interested
in how people can live, work, and play in more
sustainable environments.

AUTHOR Scandinavia’s leading architects INFO 978 1 78627 414 4

White Arkitekter is an interdisciplinary 370 illustrations
practice for architecture, urban design,
272 pages
landscape architecture, and interior
9½ x 7⅜ ins
design whose work is committed to
sustainability in all its forms. Hardcover • $29.99
APR 2019

BAWA Staircases
David Robson,
photography by Sebastian Posingis

●● Showcases how staircases provide buildings and

gardens with not only horizontal and vertical
movement, but also the opportunity of ever-
changing vistas

●● The first book to focus on Geoffrey Bawa’s interest

in European architectural movements

Aimed at architecture students and professionals,

Bawa Staircases offers the reader a primer of how
staircases are often the most dynamic and theatrical
spatial elements of a building or landscape. Lush
photography and insightful texts are accompanied by
contextual shots, plans, and illustrations, illustrating
the work of an architectural master.

AUTHOR David Robson is an architect, academic, INFO 978 1 78627 430 4

and writer and is Geoffrey Bawa’s 176 pages
official biographer.
11⅛ x 10¼ ins
Sebastian Posingis gained a degree in Hardcover • $35.00
anthropology before turning to his first FEB 2019
love as an architectural photographer.


Space Dogs
The Story of the Celebrated
Soviet Moon Pups
Martin Parr

●● The 50th anniversary of the moon-landing in 2019

will generate renewed interest in the space race

●● A fascinating book featuring world-renowned

photographer and collector Martin Parr’s vintage
space dog memorabilia

●● This is a fun, kitsch subject with great material

and a good narrative, making it an ideal gift and
impulse purchase

In the 1950s the space race between the USA and the
USSR was well and truly on. But before man ventured
into the cosmos, his four-legged friends would pave
the way. The first canine cosmonaut was Laika,
meaning “barker”. Her successors were Belka and
Strelka, the first dogs to successfully return safely
to Earth, and with them, the cult of the space dog
was born. In a regime that eschewed celebrating
individual achievement, these dogs became Soviet
superstars, with a vast array of merchandise, books,
and films in their honor.

AUTHOR Internationally acclaimed documentary INFO 978 1 78627 411 3

photographer Martin Parr is also 100 illustrations
known for his astonishing and witty
128 pages
collections of 20th-century ephemera.
7½ x 6 ins
Previous publications include Boring
Postcards, The Last Resort and a Paperback • $16.99
retrospective of his work, Martin Parr. JUN 2019
He has also been involved in several TV
and film collaborations.


Living with Flowers

Blooms & Bouquets for the Home
Rowan Blossom

●● Go beyond the traditional bouquet with over 25

exclusive floral recipes to inspire you

●● Learn how to use flowers and foliage to brighten

up every part of your home, and even how to work
them into your wardrobe

●● A no-nonsense, attainable guide to embracing

blossoms for the first-time flower fanatic and the
Instagram generation

Fill your house with blooms with florist Rowan

Blossom’s debut book. Living with Flowers will teach
you the basics every budding florist should know,
before showing you how to create more than 25 of
her favorite floral masterpieces for every occasion,
from tokens to the grandest of statements. Learn
how to make a floral chandelier, hang a curtain
of flowers, fashion a festival crown, or tie a simple
bouquet. Rowan’s love of everything bohemian,
vintage, and natural, and her no-nonsense ap-
proach, makes this the perfect book for first-time
flower-arrangers and anyone who wants to bring
flowers into their home.

AUTHOR Rowan Blossom is a Notting Hill-based INFO 978 1 78627 399 4

florist who specializes in wild and 185 illustrations
natural creations using seasonal blooms.
176 pages
She left a career in fashion to found her
9¾ x 7½ ins
own business in 2014, and her clients
include Bloom & Wild, Elle, Matthew Hardcover • $24.99
Williamson, JW Anderson, and the Outnet. APR 2019


The Flower Garden

How to Grow Flowers from Seed
Clare Foster and Sabina Rüber

●● Demystifies growing flowers

●● Beautiful special photography and easy to follow

step-by-step instructions

●● Flowers grouped by type, no previous knowledge


Growing flowers from seed is one of the easiest and

cheapest ways to supplement your borders, bringing
instant color to tired gardens. Many of these flowers
are also ideal for cutting, so within a single growing
season you can produce armfuls of beautiful blooms to
cut and bring inside the house. Author Clare Foster and
photographer Sabina Rüber have been experimenting
with growing flowers from seed for several years.
In this book they pass on that invaluable experience,
explaining how and when to sow and grow a huge
range of flowers from Aquilegia to Zinnia.

AUTHOR Clare Foster is Garden Editor at House & INFO 978 1 78627 410 6
Garden magazine. She has contributed to 350 illustrations
numerous newspapers and is the author of
208 pages
Compost, Your Allotment and, with Sabina
10 x 7 ins
Rüber, Painterly Plants.
Hardcover • $24.99
Sabina Rüber is an acclaimed flower
MAR 2019
and garden photographer. Her work has
appeared in numerous publications,
including House & Garden, Gardens
Illustrated, and The Telegraph.


Doodle Gardener
Imagine, Design, and Draw the Ideal Garden
Kendra Wilson,
illustrations by Sam Piyasena

●● Similar style and format to the successful Archidoodle

●● Specially commissioned illustrations can be colored

as well as used as reference for doodling

●● Will appeal to everyone interested in gardens and

green spaces, both in the city and the country

Turn the Louvre pyramid into a greenhouse! Design

your own folly or maze! Green up a parking lot or
experiment with topiary! Whether you have a garden
or not, you can let your horticultural imagination
run wild. Sam Piyasena’s charming illustrations and
Kendra Wilson’s witty activity suggestions provide the
inspiration. This fun book will delight lovers of gardens
and green spaces of all ages.

AUTHOR Kendra Wilson is a writer with an INFO 978 1 78627 381 9

interest in the natural world. Her 75 illustrations
previous publications include The Book
144 pages
of the Dog (with Angus Hyland) and The
8⅜ x 10¾ ins
Problem with my Garden. She also writes
for the style blog Gardenista. Paperback • $19.99
JAN 2019
Sam Piyasena (AKA Billie Jean) is an
illustrator based in London. His clients
include Nike, Universal Records, and
the BBC. He is the author, with Beverly
Philp, of Just Draw It!


100 Ideas that

Changed Design
Peter Fiell and Charlotte Fiell

●● Chronicles the most influential ideas that have

shaped design over the last 100 years

●● Visually led book, packed with beautiful images

●● Introduces design history in a visual way

●● New addition to the highly successful

100 Ideas series

This inspiring book chronicles the most influential

ideas that have shaped industrial and product
design. Written by two experts on modern design,
it provides a concise history of the subject, and
offers a fascinating resource to dip into for the
general reader. From the origins of modern design
in the craft movements of the 19th and early 20th
centuries, and the changes brought about by mass
production, the book traces the most important
ideas in design through the modern movement and
post-war consumer society to more recent ideas
such as Open-Source Design and Biomimicry.

AUTHOR Charlotte and Peter Fiell are the INFO 978 1 78627 343 7
authors of over 20 books on design and 257 illustrations
the visual arts, including The Story of
216 pages
Design, Designing the 21st Century, and
8⅝ x 6⅝ ins
the bestselling 1000 Chairs.
Paperback • $19.99
JAN 2019


100 Ideas that

Changed Fashion
Harriet Worsley

●● New compact edition from the bestselling 100

Ideas series, which introduces fashion theory and
history in a visual way

●● A compelling look at the ideas that changed

fashion over the last 100 years

Charting the movements, developments, and ideas

that transformed the way women dress, this book
gives a unique perspective on the history of 20th
century fashion. From the invention of the bias cut,
to the designers who changed the way we think about
clothes, the book is an entertaining, visual feast.

AUTHOR Harriet Worsley studied fashion at INFO 978 1 78627 390 1

Central Saint Martins College of Art 250 illustrations
& Design, where she teaches fashion
216 pages
communication and fashion journalism.
8⅝ x 6⅝ins
Her previous publications include
Decades of Fashion and The White Dress. Paperback • $19.99
JAN 2019

100 Ideas that Changed

Graphic Design
Steven Heller and Véronique Vienne

●● New compact edition from the bestselling 100

Ideas series, which tells the story of graphic design
in the last century

●● Inspirational book for anyone interested in graphic

design, both practitioners and students

This accessible book demonstrates how ideas

influenced and defined graphic design. It is a great
source of inspiration and a provocative record of some
of the best examples of graphic design from the last
century. Ranging from technical (overprinting, split
fountain); to stylistic (loud typography, white space);
to objects (dust jackets, design handbooks); and
methods (paper cut-outs, pixelation).

AUTHOR Steven Heller is the co-chair of the MFA INFO 978 1 78627 389 5
Design/Designer as Author + Entrepreneur 300 illustrations
program at the School of Visual Arts, NY.
216 pages
Véronique Vienne has worked at a number 8⅝ x 6⅝ ins
of US magazines as art director and is Paperback • $19.99
a contributor to Graphis and Metropolis
JAN 2019

Now Try
Something Weirder
How to keep having great ideas and
survive in the creative business
Michael Johnson

●● Packed with essential advice for designers and

creatives of all disciplines

●● 233 dos and don’ts about design, the creative

business, and how to have, and keep having,
great ideas

●● Written by world-renowned designer and author

of the bestselling Problem Solved and Branding:
In Five and a Half Steps

With 233 (to be exact) hints, tips, and pieces of advice,

Now Try Something Weirder shows those in the creative
industry how to have great ideas (every day).
Internationally award-winning graphic designer
Michael Johnson draws on over 30 years’ experience
(his CV clocks up eight creative posts, three dismissals,
and the launch of his own business) to share his
ultimate secrets to enviable success … who said you
should keep your secrets closely guarded?

AUTHOR Michael Johnson is a writer, designer, INFO 978 1 78627 418 2

and thinker, and founder of world- 290 illustrations
renowned brand consultancy, Johnson
256 pages
Banks. He has won many sought-after
7⅜ x 5⅜ ins
prizes, including seven yellow and one
“black” pencil from D&AD. He received Paperback with Flaps • $19.99
its lifetime achievement award in MAY 2019
2017. His books include Problem Solved
and Branding.


How to Do Great
Work Without
Being an Asshole
Paul Woods

●● A straight-talking, fun read for all creatives which

taps into the growing market for business self-help
books, promoting kinder and more sustainable
working practices

●● Instructional chapters are accompanied by

anecdotes, fun illustrations, analytical flowcharts,
and interactive exercises

●● The author is Chief Creative Officer at

Edenspiekermann, Los Angeles

It’s long been an accepted, almost celebrated, fact

of the creative industries that long hours, chaotic
workflows, and egotistical colleagues are the
price you pay to produce great work. But this toxic
culture is the enemy of creativity, and with greater
accountability and transparency in the industry  than
ever before, this unsustainable way of doing business
is a ticking time bomb. This book is for all creatives:
Director or junior, at an agency or client-side,
working in design, advertising, publishing, fashion, or
film. Packed with anecdotes, self-analysis flowcharts
(are YOU the asshole?!), exercises and action plans
for better working practices.

AUTHOR Paul Woods is a designer, writer, and INFO 978 1 78627 391 8
illustrator. He leads the USA operations 50 illustrations
of global design agency Edenspiekermann
140 pages
in his role as Chief Creative Officer.
7⅞ x 5¾ ins
He has created award-winning work for
brands including Red Bull and Google. Paperback • $17.99
MAR 2019


Graphic Design
Play Book
An Exploration of Visual Thinking
Sophie Cure and Aurélien Farina

●● Understand how graphic design works

and develop your visual sensibility through
puzzles and activities

●● Includes sticker sheets, die-cut templates, and

colored paper

●● Beautifully designed book will be irresistible to

graphic designers and anyone with an interest in
visual communication

An entertaining and highly original introduction to

graphic design, this beautifully designed book uses
puzzles and visual challenges to demonstrate how
typography, signage, posters, and branding work.
Through a series of games and activities, including
spot the difference, matching games, drawing, and
dot-to-dot, readers are introduced to concepts and
techniques. Further explanation and information is
provided by solution pages and a glossary. A loose-
leaf section contains stickers, die-cut templates, and
colored paper to help readers complete the activities.
Illustrated with typefaces, posters, and pictograms
by distinguished designers, the book will be enjoyed
both by graphic designers, and anyone interested in
finding out more about visual communication.

AUTHOR Aurélien Farina is a French–Swiss graphic INFO 978 1 78627 396 3

designer based in Paris. He founded Paper! 150 illustrations
Tiger! studio in 2011, specializing in
80 pages
editorial and print design.
9½ x 6¾ ins
Sophie Cure is a graphic designer based in Paperback with Flaps • $17.99
Paris. She has run her own studio since JUN 2019
2012, focusing on visual identities,
editorial design, and educational tools.


Making It
Third edition
Chris Lefteri

●● Explains over 120 production methods including

6 brand new case studies

●● includes a new section on joining techniques

●● New section on joining and new processes added

A product can be manufactured in many ways,

but most designers know a handful of techniques
only. With specially commissioned diagrams, case
studies, and photographs of the manufacturing
process, Making It uses contemporary design as
a vehicle to describe production processes. This
new edition evaluates each process in terms of
sustainability and its effects on the environment.
Making It appeals to product designers and interior
designers, furniture and graphic designers who need
access to a range of production methods, as well as
to all students of design.

AUTHOR Chris Lefteri is an accomplished INFO 978 1 78627 328 4

designer and an internationally 282 illustrations
recognized authority on materials and
312 pages
their application in design. He studied
9½ x 6¾ ins
under Professor Daniel Weil at the Royal
College of Art, London. Paperback • $40.00
FEB 2019


How to Set Up &

Run a Fashion Label
Third Edition
Toby Meadows

●● Fully updated with information on FashTech,

sustainability, supply chain transparency, digital
marketing, and the impact of social media

●● Business basics from legal structures to finance

●● Includes international case studies from start-ups

to chains

To run a successful fashion label you need to know

about business as well as design. Packed with tips,
case studies, and tasks to help you analyze yourself,
your market, and your product, this book is for anyone
wanting to start their own fashion, accessories, or
footwear business. Thoroughly revised for the social
media age, with updated images throughout. With
eight new case studies AwaytoMars (Brazil/UK), FFM
Dubai (UAE), Picture Organic (France), Vetta Capsule
(US), ADAY, Farm, Olivia Burton (UK), and The Goods
Department (Indonesia).

AUTHOR Toby Meadows is founder of TNM INFO 978 1 78627 421 2

Consultancy. He is a Director of 180 illustrations
womenswear label Belle & Bunty and
224 pages
Visiting Lecturer at the London College
9⅞ x 7 ins
of Fashion.
Paperback • $30.00
MAY 2019


Techniques for Beginners
Francesca Sterlacci
and Barbara Arata-Gavere

●● Created to accompany videos by the University of

Fashion, and offers a standalone guide to draping

●● A thorough step-by-step presentation of all

aspects of draping for beginners enhanced by

Draping is the most creative way for a designer

to turn design ideas into reality. Learn the basics,
including how to use a dress form and prepare the
muslin for draping. Then move on to drape bodices,
including a range of darts and necklines, skirts, and
finally dresses.

AUTHOR Francesca Sterlacci is Founder and CEO of INFO 978 1 78627 176 1
The University of Fashion. 1430 illustrations
Barbara Arata-Gavere is an Adjunct 352 pages
Professor at the Fashion Institute of 9⅞ x 11⅝ ins
Technology, NYC.
Flexibind • $70.00
JAN 2019

Techniques for Beginners
Francesca Sterlacci and Barbara Seggio

●● A thorough step-by-step presentation of all

aspects of sewing for beginners enhanced by

●● Created to accompany videos produced by the

University of Fashion, and offers a standalone
guide to sewing

You will start by learning the basics: how to choose

tools; how to choose and use thread; pressing
techniques; and how to use appropriate interfacings
and linings. Basic techniques include seam and hem
finishes, sewing buttons and buttonholes, working
with knit fabrics, and finishing details including
bindings , spaghetti straps, pockets, and zippers.

AUTHOR Francesca Sterlacci is Founder and CEO of INFO 978 1 78627 198 3
The University of Fashion. 1380 illustrations
Barbara Seggio is an Adjunct Associate 352 pages
Professor at the Fashion Institute of 9⅞ x 11⅝ ins
Technology, NYC.
Flexibind • $70.00
JAN 2019

Pattern Making
Techniques for Beginners
Francesca Sterlacci

●● A thorough step-by-step presentation of all

aspects of pattern making for beginners

●● Students will learn to produce a complete set of slopers,

used as a template for creating design variations

●● Illustrated in detail with a series of step-by-step

instructions, diagrams and catwalk photos.

The pattern’s starting point is a sloper, which are

basic patterns that are drafted containing a certain
amount of wearing ease and are created without
seam allowances. Slopers are the foundation or
template for creating design variations that are
subsequently cut and sewn in fabric. Start by learning
how to create a sloper for a sleeve before moving on
to skirts, bodices, collars, and trousers.

AUTHOR Francesca Sterlacci is Founder and CEO INFO 978 1 78627 196 9
of The University of Fashion, the first 1380 illustrations
and largest online fashion design video
352 pages
library in the world.
9⅞ x 11⅝ ins
Flexibind • $70.00
JAN 2019

Videos to accompany these books are available at
From: Little Guides to Great Lives
Ferdinand Magellan
By Isabel Thomas
Illustrations by Dàlia Adillon
978 1 78627 401 4
$11.99/APRIL 2019
Books & Gifts


Be a Super Awesome
Henry Carroll

●● From the bestselling author of the “Read This” series

●● Fun and engaging challenges that you can do

straight away using nothing but a smartphone

●● Also includes extra top tip spreads on techniques

or aspects of photography

Become a super-awesome photographer with this

fantastic new book. Using real photographs for
inspiration, this great book features 20 exciting and
instant photo challenges to help you create your
own masterpieces. All you need is a camera and
your super snapping skills. Learn how to be invisible,
make a story, pretend you’re a dog, and much more!

AUTHOR Henry Carroll studied photography at INFO 978 1 78627 420 5

the Royal College of Art, and his work 20 illustrations
has been exhibited worldwide. Building
64 pages
on his experience teaching aspiring
8⅜ x 7⅝ ins
photographers of all ages, he founded, a company specializing Hardcover • $14.99
in photography courses, holidays, and MAY 2019
events. Henry’s clear, jargon-free style
of teaching has demystified digital
photography and inspired thousands to
get creative with their cameras.


Read All About It!

10 Mini-Magazines to Make and Share
Kristyna Baczynski

●● Pull out, fold and fill in 10 brilliant zines, about all

of your favorite things!

●● Write, design, and illustrate zines, with ideas and

tips along the way — a perfect way to get creative

●● Includes fully-illustrated instructions

Let’s make mini-magazines (or ‘zines’ for short)!

From animal safaris and recipes to you and
your family, pick your favorite topics and get
going! This book contains 10 zines for you to write,
illustrate, and put together. Each one has a distinct
theme, with lots of ideas for stories, features,
and pictures — the rest is up to you! With fully-
illustrated instructions and hints and tips along the
way, this brand new book from zine publisher and
comic artist Kristyna Baczynski will get you making
your own brilliant zines in no time.

AUTHORS Kristyna Baczynski is an illustrator, INFO 978 1 78627 404 5

comic book artist, and designer who 48 illustrations
grew up in the Pennines of Yorkshire,
48 pages
UK, in a family from the Carpathians
11⅞ x 8⅜ ins
of Ukraine. She has received a Northern
Design Award and produced work for Pad bound • $17.99
Anorak, Fantagraphics, Metro, Etsy, and APR 2019
the Royal Shakespeare Company.


Anne Frank
Little Guides to Great Lives
Isabel Thomas,
illustrations by Paola Escobar

●● Telling the inspirational stories of a range of

amazing people from history, from Curie to Da Vinci

Anne Frank was an ordinary girl living in extraordinary

times. Forced to go into hiding to escape the Nazis’
persecution of Jews in World War II, Anne kept a diary
that would become one of the most famous books in
the world. From artists to aviators and scientists to
revolutionaries, Little Guides to Great Lives is a brand
new series introducing children to the most inspirational
figures from history in a fun, accessible way.

AUTHOR Isabel Thomas is a science writer and INFO 978 1 78627 398 7
children’s author. 64 illustrations
Paola Escobar is a freelance illustrator 64 pages
who lives happily in Bogotá with her 7½ x 6 ins
husband and dog.
Hardcover • $11.99
APR 2019

Ferdinand Magellan
Little Guides to Great Lives
Isabel Thomas,
illustrations by Dàlia Adillan

●● A blend of informative and humorous narrative with

striking, colorful illustrations that immerse children
in that person’s world

Explorer, sailor, and navigator, Ferdinand Magellan

led the first expedition to sail all the way around
the world. He encountered lands and creatures
that he could never have imagined, and the journey
was fraught with danger and difficulty... Join
Magellan’s amazing adventure in this colorful guide,
encountering mutineers and monsters along the way!

AUTHOR See above. INFO 978 1 78627 401 4

64 illustrations
Dàlia Adillon studied Fine Art at the
64 pages
University of Barcelona and Illustration
at Escola Massana in Barcelona. 7½ x 6 ins
Hardcover • $11.99
APR 2019

p.91 → Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo, Nelson Mandela, Charles Darwin, Amelia Earhart, Leonardo Da Vinci

Dino Domino
Illustrations by Caroline Selmes

●● Colorful, illustrated domino game for children aged

3 years and up

●● Recognizing and matching dinosaurs is fun and


●● Dinosaurs a perennial favorite with kids

This game is for two to four players and contains 28

cute and colorful dino dominoes. Have fun matching
seven prehistoric critters. Get your last domino down
first to win the game and become T-rex! The dominoes
come in an attractive sliding box with cute, quirky
illustrations by Caroline Selmes.

AUTHOR Caroline Selmes is an illustrator and INFO 978 1 78627 358 1

former advertising art director who has 28 cards in box
worked or clients including Vodafone,
8¼ x 4¾ ins
Reebok, London Zoo, and Gestalten.
FEB 2019

p.88 → Dog Domino, Itsuko Suzuki

Fairy Tale Play

A pop-up storytelling book
Julia Spiers

●● A beautiful fairy tale pop-up book providing 4

evocative scenes to play out stories in with over
100 characters to populate your scenes

●● Includes 4 fairy tale story sheets for well-loved

classics, The Little Mermaid, Little Red Riding
Hood, Ali-Baba, and Cinderella, so you can either
follow these stories or invent your own!

●● Beautifully illustrated by new talent Julia Spiers

Play out your favorite fairy tales and invent your own
stories with this intricate and beautifully illustrated
pop-up book. Featuring four evocative scenes including
under the sea, in a forest, at a castle, and inside a
cave, and over 100 characters to press out and use.
The book also includes four plays to read and act out:
The Little Mermaid, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella,
and Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves. The story
possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

AUTHOR Julia Spiers is a French illustrator INFO 978 1 78627 428 1

based in Paris. She was born in 1989 120 illustrations
and graduated from L’Ecole Nationale
8 pages
Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.
10¼ x 6¾ ins
Julia currently works for the press,
publishing houses, and for various Concertina folding • $19.99
cultural events. FEB 2019


Superhero Families
A Superpowers Go Fish Game
Aiden Onn
Illustrations by Kirsti Davidson

●● A new take on Go Fish featuring amazing

superheroes and dastardly super villains

●● Fun for children to play together or with

their families

●● Charming illustrations by Kirsti Davidson

Team up magnetic Maggie and Sparky the wiener dog

from the Quantum Family, match Mindy and Mallory
from the Mind-boggler family, or unite Medusa and
Octopedia from the Mutant Family. Collect illustrated
cards of 44 super-powered goodies and baddies
and place them into groups. Whoever gets the most
groups first wins. Based on Go Fish, this card game
is fun for kids and families, and you don’t need
superpowers to play!

AUTHOR Writer Aiden Onn was born in the U.K but INFO 978 1 78627 356 7
grew up in Hong Kong. After venturing 44 cards in box
to the UK to study design and film
4⅛ x 3⅛ins
production, he settled in London.
Kirsti Davidson is an illustrator FEB 2019
and surface pattern designer based in
Brighton, UK.


Who Pooped?
A Matching & Memory Game
Aidan Onn,
illustrations by Claudia Boldt

●● Source of endless fascination for kids

●● Fun way to learn about different animals

●● Popular format with engaging illustrations

by Claudia Boldt

Did you know that wombats poop in cubes? Which

animal does sparkly poop? In this fun and slightly
irreverent game kids can match 27 animals to their
droppings while satisfying their endless fascination for
poop. Also comes with a booklet full of fun poop facts!

AUTHOR Claudia Boldt is German-born and INFO 978 1 78627 373 4

LA-based. She is the recipient of a 56 cards in box, booklet
Booktrust Best New Illustrator award.
5¼ x 5¼ ins
Her favorite animals to draw are
MAR 2019
Writer Aidan Onn was born in the UK but
grew up in Hong Kong. After returning
to the UK to study design and film
production, he settled in London.

p.64, 73 → Dogs & Puppies: A Memory Game
p.56, 74 → Mafia: The World’s Deadliest Party Game
p.60, 110 → The Flip Side of... Jurassic Park
p. 60, 110 → The Flip Side of... Alien
p. 61,110→ The Flip Side of... Pulp Fiction

Make Your
Own Mondrian
An Immersive Modern Art Puzzle
Henry Carroll

●● Strong sales potential through museums and

galleries as well as trade outlets

●● An activity you can do on your own or with friends

and an ideal gift for modern art lovers

●● Accompanying booklet includes information about

Mondrian’s work and compositional principles

Immerse yourself in a world of abstract equilibrium

with 57 tiles inspired by the modernist master Piet
Mondrian. Arrange the tiles to create table-top
compositions of perfect balance, large or small.
Beautifully presented and with millions of possible
arrangements, Make Your Own Mondrian will delight
would-be modernists of all ages.

AUTHOR Henry Carroll studied photography INFO 978 1 78627 402 1

at the Royal College of Art and his 57 cards in box
work has been exhibited worldwide.
5¾ x 5¾ ins
Building on his experience teaching
aspiring photographers of all ages,
Henry founded, one of the APR 2019
UK’s leading providers of photography
holidays and courses.


Spot the Bot

A Robot Seek and Find Game
Illustrations by Elliot Kruszynski

●● Charming and quirky robot illustrations

by Elliot Kruszynski

●● Fun for all the family with 81 different robot

combinations to spot!

●● Helps kids hone their spotting and matching skills

Roll the robot dice and find the bots on the board!
These illustrated dice make up the legs, bodies,
heads, and antennae of 81 different robots for you
to find on the board. Collect a counter for every
robot you spot first; the player who collects the most
counters wins. Who is the fastest? Who can focus
their mind the most? Find out with Spot the Bot,
a family game of visual intelligence and quick wit.

AUTHOR Elliot Kruszynski is a London-based INFO 978 1 78627 395 6

illustrator. His clients include Vice, 81 illustrations
Little White Lies, New York Times Book
8¾ x 8 ins
Review, and The Telegraph.
Boxed game, board
counters and dice

JUN 2019


Music Oracles
Creative and Life Inspiration
from 50 Musical Icons
Stephen Ellcock,
illustrations by Timba Smits

●● Ask the world’s most outrageous rock stars for advice

— for yourself, your friends, and your bandmates

●● Wondering what to do with your life? Get guidance

from Beyoncé. Longing for love? Maybe Marvin
Gaye can help.

●● Boxed and with accompanying biographical booklet

Be guided and inspired by the gods of the music

world with this creative set of oracle cards. Are you
suffering from creative block? Struggling to make
a difficult life decision? Find out what David Bowie,
Grace Jones, Maria Callas, and other great artists
would have done. Simply select a card from the pack
and channel the oracle’s advice on attitude, lifestyle,
or inspiration. Contains 50 oracle cards plus a
booklet featuring the artists’ biographies and details
of how to use the cards.

AUTHOR Stephen Ellcock is a London-based writer, INFO 978 1 78627 422 9

researcher, and former musician and 50 cards in box
bookseller who spends far too much of his
6⅜ x 4¾ ins
time nowadays creating an ever-expanding
virtual museum.
MAY 2019
Part artist, part graphic illustrator, and
part letterer, Timba Smits blends together
a distinct love of mid-century style with
contemporary design aesthetics.

p.72 → Art Oracles: Creative & Life Inspiration from the Great Artists, Katya Tylevich,
illustrations by Mikkel Sommer Christensen
p.72 → Fashion Oracles: Life and Style Inspiration from the Fashion Greats, Camilla Morton,
illustrations by Anna Higgie

Game of Queens
A Drag Queen Card Race
Greg Bailey,
illustrations by Daniela Henríquez

●● Pitch queen against queen and sort the Mamas

from the Boogers in the search for the most
fabulous Glamazon

●● Categories include: “Performance”, “Comedy”,

“Outrageousness”, “Shade”, and “Legend Factor”

●● 32 queens selected and scored by Greg Bailey,

editor of leading drag zine Alright Darling

●● Drag queen contests have become very popular

since the hugely successful RuPaul’s Drag Race

Who is the most outrageous – Trixie Mattel or Divine?

Who is the funniest – Coco Peru or Lily Savage? Enter the
world of huge hair, sparkling make-up, glitter galore,
fake eyelashes, and … the fine art of the tuck and tape,
with Game of Queens! Pitch queen against queen
from across the carnival court of drag, from the female
impersonators who pioneered drag performance in the
1970s up to the superstars of the scene today.

AUTHOR Greg Bailey is editor of the drag scene INFO 978 1 78627 175 4
zine Alright Darling. 32 cards in box
Daniela Henríquez is an illustrator based 5 x 3⅜ ins
in Chile. $14.99
FEB 2019


The World’s Deadliest Party Game
Angus Hyland,
illustrations by Shan Jiang

●● A new illustrated version of the classic role-playing

strategy game Mafia

●● Contains 24 character cards plus complete game

rules along with multiple variations for endless fun

●● Follows the high-profile popularity of mobster

movies and TV shows, and the resurgence of board,
card, and parlor games

●● Do you dare to let international mafiosi loose among

your friends?

Will you survive the game of Mafia? Two teams

compete in this delightfully deadly party game.
Based on the classic role-playing strategy game,
it’s kill or be killed as innocent city folk pit their wits
against a mob of ruthless international gangsters.
Engage in a tangled web of intrigue, subterfuge,
wild accusations, protestations of innocence, and
bluffing. Includes 24 street character cards, crime-
scene notepad, and definitive game guide with rules,
case files, tactical tips, and ideas for advanced play.

AUTHOR Angus Hyland is an award-winning art INFO 978 1 78627 413 7

director and partner at Pentagram 24 cards in box,
Design London.
booklet and notepad
Shan Jiang is an illustrator, graphic 6⅜ x 4¾ ins
designer, and art director. $17.99
APR 2019



What’s Your Type

The Font Dating Game
Sarah Hyndman

●● Entertaining insight into type psychology, presented

in a fun dating-game format

●● Attractively packaged in a silver gift box containing

50 colorful cards and a booklet explaining type
“personalities” with ideas for four fun games to play

●● Not just for designers, this taps into the trend of

people wanting to know more about fonts

This unique card game lets you test how type savvy
you are! For everyone who wants to get to know more
about fonts, what better way than to go on a date?
Struggling to decide between Arial and Times New
Roman for your résumé? Can’t tell the difference
between Brush Script and Bodoni? Understand type in
a totally new way with this fun game. 50 cards feature
different fonts to choose from: make your selection,
then turn over to find out what the type you’re
attracted to says about the type of character you are!

AUTHOR Sarah Hyndman is a graphic designer and INFO 978 1 78627 252 2
writer. She founded the Type Tasting 50 cards in box
studio and her mission is to change the
6⅜ x 4¾ ins
way we think about typography through her
writing, workshops, and events. Sarah
is the author of How to Draw Type and FEB 2019
Influence People and Why Fonts Matter.


Use This if You Want to

Be Great at Drawing
An Inspirational Sketchbook
Henry Carroll and Selwyn Leamy

●● A playful introduction to contemporary drawing

style, techniques, and ideas

●● Fun and inspiring prompts encourage you to sharpen

your drawing skills and unlock your imagination

●● Companion to Read This if You Want to Be Great

at Drawing

Inspired by modern masters, Use This If You Want

To Be Great at Drawing is a playful introduction
to contemporary drawing styles, techniques, and
ideas. Far from a free-for-all of random exercises,
this book is divided into sections covering essential
aspects of drawing such as tone, composition, and
humor. Work your way through this sketchbook from
beginning to end or have a daily dip. Accessible, fun,
and informative, Use This If You Want To Be Great at
Drawing will build your confidence so you can perfect
your drawing technique.

AUTHOR Henry Carroll studied photography at INFO 978 1 78627 405 2

the Royal College of Art, and his work 25 illustrations
has been exhibited worldwide. He is the
128 pages
author of the bestselling Read This if
9½ x 7¼ ins
You Want to Take Great Photographs.
Paperback • $15.99
Selwyn Leamy is an artist who lives and
MAR 2019
works in London. A co-founder of the
creative travel company Frui, he has
taught drawing and painting in various
beautiful locations around the world.

p.94,110 → Read This If You Want to be Great at Drawing

The Flip Side of... Alien

Little White Lies

●● These hilarious mini flip books from Little White

Lies are the perfect gift for film lovers

●● Each illustrated flip book offers a unique and

unexpected twist on a famous movie moment

●● The new series launches with three cult classics:

Alien, Jurassic Park, and Pulp Fiction

What happens when lolcats meet Ridley Scott?

This comic spin on a classic film scene, dreamed up
by Little White Lies magazine, will ensure you never
look at sci-fi horror in quite the same way.

AUTHOR Little White Lies is the leading indie INFO 978 1 78627 249 2
film magazine, combining cutting-edge 120 pages
design, illustration, and journalism.
2⅜ x 4½ ins
Paperback • $7.99
FEB 2019

The Flip Side of...

Jurassic Park
Little White Lies

●● Rediscover your favorite films in a totally new light

●● Each illustrated flip book offers a unique and

unexpected twist on a famous movie moment

●● The new series launches with three cult classics:

Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction, and Alien

What happens when you hide from dinos in an

outhouse? This comic spin on a classic film scene,
dreamed up by Little White Lies magazine, will ensure
you never look at prehistoric predators in quite the
same way.

AUTHOR Little White Lies is the leading indie INFO 978 1 78627 250 8
film magazine, combining cutting-edge 120 pages
design, illustration, and journalism.
2⅜ x 4½ ins
Paperback • $7.99
FEB 2019


The Flip Side of...

Pulp Fiction
Little White Lies

●● Each illustrated flip book offers a unique and

unexpected twist on a famous movie moment

●● The new series launches with three cult classics:

Pulp Fiction, Jurassic Park, and Alien

●● These hilarious mini flip books from Little White Lies

are the perfect gift for film lovers

What happens when Vincent Vega forgets his belt?

This comic spin on a classic film scene, dreamed up
by Little White Lies magazine, will ensure you never
look at Tarantino in quite the same way.

INFO 978 1 78627 248 5

AUTHOR Little White Lies is the leading indie
120 pages
film magazine, combining cutting-edge
design, illustration, and journalism. 2⅜ x 4½ ins
Paperback • $7.99
FEB 2019


Butterfly Wings
A Matching Game
Illustrations by Christine Berrie

●● Follow up to the successful Match a Pair of Birds from

the same bestselling illustrator, Christine Berrie

●● Reunite the pairs of butterflies by matching up the

patterns on the upper and undersides of the wings,
learning about your favorite species in the process

●● This simple matching game is beautiful, colorful,

and easy to play with all the family

Match the upper sides and undersides of the wings

of 25 species of butterfly from around the world in
this beautifully illustrated matching game. With all
kinds of stunning species – from the painted lady
to the purple emperor – this fun and educational
game is an ideal gift that will appeal to nature lovers
everywhere. Includes a mini dossier on each species.
Can also be used as a memory game when you get
to know the butterflies. Collect more pairs than your
opponent to win!

AUTHOR Christine Berrie studied at the Glasgow INFO 978 1 78627 285 0
School of Art and Royal College of Art, 50 cards in box
London. Her work has been exhibited at
5¾ x 4 ins
the Pentagram Gallery, the DesignersBlock:
Illustrate Festival, and the AOI Images
Exhibition. Her clients include The MAR 2019
Guardian, The New York Times, Time Out,
and Penguin Books.

p.75 → Match a Pair of Birds, Christine Berrie


Dogs & Puppies

A Memory Game
Emma Aguado,
illustrations by Marcel George

●● Follow-up to the best-selling Cats & Kittens

●● Reunite dogs with their puppies while learning

about your favorite breeds

●● This simple matching game is beautiful,

educational, and easy to play with all the family

Match the dogs and puppies of 25 breeds from around

the world in this beautifully illustrated memory game.
To play, simply place the cards face down and see if
you can remember where the dog and its puppy are
located. Collect more pairs than your opponent to
win! With all kinds of breeds included — from Siberian
Huskies to Pugs and Dachshunds to Dalmatians —
this fun and educational game will appeal to dog
lovers everywhere.

AUTHOR Emma Aguado is a qualified Canine INFO 978 1 78627 274 4

Behaviourist and Obedience Instructor 50 cards in box
and a member of the Professional
5¾ x 4 ins
Association of Applied Canine
Trainers (PAACT).
FEB 2019
Marcel George is a freelance illustrator,
who specializes in creating hand-painted
contemporary watercolor illustrations.
His clients include the Financial Times,
Stella Artois, and Anthropologie.

p.73 → Cats and Kittens, Marcel George

The Writers Game

Classic Authors
Alex Johnson,
illustrations by Lesley Buckingham

●● Compare the great figures of classic literature in

a series of off-beat stats (and curious facts and
strange anecdotes)

●● The perfect gift for book lovers

The pen is mightier than the sword, but whose pen is

the mightiest of them all? Who wrote more,
Charlotte Brontë or Fyodor Dostoyevsky? Who created
more memorable characters, Jane Austen or William
Shakespeare? Whose life was more eventful, Cervantes
or Byron? Pit 32 of the greatest writers of all time
against each other with these illustrated cards.

AUTHOR Alex Johnson is a UK-based journalist and INFO 978 1 78627 254 6
writer. His books include Shedworking, 32 cards in box
Bookshelf, and Improbable Libraries.
5 x 3⅜ ins
Lesley Buckingham lives in the fertile $14.99
glades of the English countryside where JAN 2019
the enchanting surroundings of her garden
studio permeate her illustration work.

p.76 → The Writers Game: Modern Authors, Alex Johnson, illustrations by Carla Fuentes


Playing Cards
Illustrations by Ryuto Miyake

●● Suits organized by color: red, blue, black, and white

●● Features normal playing card suits, numbers and

court cards: can be used in exactly the same way
as normal playing cards

●● Birds are perennially popular

●● Gorgeous illustrations by Ryuto Miyake

Chirp up your card games with the most beautiful

birds in the world. Includes 52 playing cards
featuring illustrations of birds ranging from the
familiar to the exotic, plus two jokers. From the
cheerful red cardinal to the majestic white swan,
the imposing California condor to the flamboyant
great blue turaco, these delightful birds may make
you forget your poker face!

AUTHOR Ryuto Miyake is an illustrator and INFO 978 1 78627 383 3

graphic designer based in Tokyo, 54 cards in box
with a particular interest in birds.
3¾ x 2¾ ins
FEB 2019


Gin Rummy
Gin Lovers Playing Cards
Emma Stokes,
illustrations by Jean André

●● Gin Rummy is a simple card game to learn (with

added layers of complexity for advanced players)

●● Illustrated with 40 brands of gin and 12 cocktails,

so you can discover new brands as well as
recognizing your favorites

●● Perfect for playing with a cocktail, this game is

the ideal gift for gin lovers

This beautifully illustrated deck of playing cards

is perfect for round after round of Gin Rummy – or
any other card game. Featuring illustrations of
40 gins from around the world, plus 12 gin-based
cocktails, the cards are accompanied by a booklet
giving detailed background to the world’s favorite
juniper-based spirit, the 40 gins themselves, and
12 cocktail recipes. Perfect for a hand of cards or
a handy refresher on how to mix a Tom Collins or
Twisted Gin Fizz.

AUTHOR Emma Stokes, aka Gin Monkey, is a gin INFO 978 1 78627 394 9
expert and the primary mover behind 54 cards in box
World Gin Day.
3½ x 2½ ins
Both painter and tattoo artist, Jean $14.99
André is known for his sensual designs. MAR 2019
His tattoo art, custom hearts and
bespoke designs for clients are sexy,
lighthearted and witty.


Cat Coasters
Marcel George

●● Great gift for cat lovers

●● Charming illustrations by Marcel George

●● Part of cat range: Cat Bingo, Best in Show,

Postcards, and Cats & Kittens

These 15 cardboard coasters feature favorite cat

breeds illustrated by Marcel George, presented in a
clear box. The perfect gift for cat lovers – bring them
out for your next cat show viewing party!

AUTHOR Marcel George is a freelance illustrator INFO 978 1 78627 432 8

living in London, who specializes in 15 coasters in box
creating hand-painted contemporary
3¾ x 3¾ ins
watercolor illustrations. His clients
include the Financial Times, Stella
Artois, and Anthropologie. MAR 2019

Dog Coasters
Marcel George

●● Fun gift for dog lovers

●● Charming illustrations by Marcel George

●● Part of dog range: Dog Bingo, Best in Show,

Postcards, and Dogs & Puppies

These 15 cardboard coasters feature favorite dog

breeds beautifully illustrated by Marcel George,
presented in a clear box. The perfect gift for dog
lovers who like a tipple – bring them out for your
next Westminster Dog Show viewing party!

AUTHOR See above. INFO 978 1 78627 366 6

15 coasters in box
3¾ x 3¾ ins
MAR 2019

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77 Cat Coasters 68, 78 104
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Collection 121
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History Jigsaw Puzzle): Spot the Flower Garden, The: How to Grow Flowers Asshole 29, 117
Artists and Jump Down the Rabbit from Seed 24, 100 How to Draw Type and Influence People: An
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Element in the Room, The: Investigating 95, 99, 105 How to Raise a Plant and Make It Love You
the Atomic Ingredients that Make Up Frida Kahlo (Little Guides to Great Lives) 91 Back 100
Your Home 91 Furniture Design: An Introduction to How to Set Up & Run a Fashion Label,
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around the world 82 Manufacturing 116 How to Set Up & Run a Fashion Label, Third
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Book 95 G
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Game 77 Global Art and the Cold War 13, 110 Inside, Outside, Upside Down: Draw &
Fashion A-Z: An Illustrated Dictionary 71 Goal! A Soccer Top Score Game 77 Discover 83
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Pop Music 122 from 50 Masters 116 106
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Guide 71 of Visual Thinking 30, 119 Book 95
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74 Solution 117 Second Edition 106
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Fashion Design Research 122 Journey around Britain 95 and Power 110
Fashion Drawing: Illustration Techniques Great Houses of England & Wales 105 It’s a Stick-Up: 20 Real Wheat Paste-Ups
for Fashion Designers, Second Edition Guerrilla Advertising 2: More from the World’s Greatest Street
122 Unconventional Brand Artists 95
Fashion Face-Off: A Top Score Game 77 Communication 102
Fashion in Film 122 Guess the Artist: The Art Quiz Game 74
Fashion Knitwear 122
Fashion 150: 150 Years, 150 Designers 122

Joel Meyerowitz: Where I Find Myself: A Magma Sketchbook: Design & Art My Crazy Inventions Sketchbook: 50
Lifetime Retrospective 110 Direction, Mini Edition 79 Awesome Drawing Activities for
Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest Magma Sketchbook: Fashion 79 Young Inventors 85
Journal 79 Magma Sketchbook: Fashion, Mini Edition My Even More Wonderful World of Fashion:
Jon Burgerman’s Burgerworld: A Coloring 80 Another Book for Drawing, Creating
Book 95 Magma Sketchbook: Film & Animation 80 and Dreaming 85
Jon Burgerman’s Daily Doodle 82 Magma Sketchbook: Idea Generation 80 My Life as a Work of Art: The Art World
Jun Kaneko: The Magic Flute 110 Make and Move: Animals: 12 Paper Puppets from Start to Finish 111
to Press Out and Play 84 My London: Color, Draw, Explore 85
K Make and Move: Bugs: 12 Paper Puppets to My Miniature Library: 30 Tiny Books to
Knit: Innovations in Fashion, Art, Design Press Out and Play 84 Make, Read and Treasure 85, 99
124 Make and Move Mega: Creatures of the My New York: Color, Draw, Explore 85
Knitwear Design 124 Deep 84 My Wonderful World of Fashion: A Book for
Make and Move Mega: Dinosaurs 84 Drawing, Creating and Dreaming 85
L Make and Move: Monsters: 12 Paper Mystery Mansion, The: Storytelling Card
Ladybug, The 91 Puppets to Press Out and Play 84 Game 75
Landscape Architecture: An Introduction Make and Move: Robots: 12 Paper Puppets Myth Match: A Fantastical Flipbook of
106 to Press Out and Play 84 Extraordinary Beasts 85
Laser Cutting for Fashion and Textiles 124 Make Creatures with Felt Mistress: 12
Leather Fashion Desgin 71 Couture Characters to Sew 99 N
Le Tour: Race Log 79 Make Sense: Architecture by White 20, 106 Nailed It 6, 124
Leonardo Da Vinci (Little Guides to Great Make Your Own Farm 84 Naughty Little People Postcards 80
Lives) 91 Make Your Own Mondrian: An Immersive Nelson Mandela (Little Guides to Great
Leopard: Fashion’s Most Powerful Print 124 Modern Art Puzzle 48, 50, 74 Lives) 91
Let’s Make More Great Placemat Art 83 Make Your Own Spaceship 84 New Curator, The 111
Let’s Make Some Great Art 83 Making It: Manufacturing Techniques for New Garconne, The: How to be a Modern
Let’s Make Some Great Art Notebooks 82 Product Design, Second Edition 117 Gentlewoman 124
Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art 83 Making It: Manufacturing Techniques for New History of Modern Architecture, A,
Let’s Make Some Great Placemat Art 83 Product Design, Third Edition 32, 117 Paperback 107
Light for Visual Artists: Understanding and Making the Americas: Modern Hemispheric New Modern House, The: Redefining
Using Light in Art & Design, Second Art 1910–1960 111 Functionalism, Paperback 107
Edition 111 Manifesto: The Art Movements Game 75 New York Sketchbook 96, 124
Lighting for Interior Design 106 Manufacturing Architecture: An Architect’s Nicola Hicks: Keep Dark 111
Lingerie Design: A Complete Course 124 Guide to Custom Processes, No More Rules: Graphic Design and
Little Book of Typographic Ornament, Materials, and Applications 106 Postmodernism 118
The 117 Marie Curie (Little Guides to Great Lives) No Patterns Needed: DIY Couture from
Little Houses: A Counting Book 84 91 Simple Shapes 125
Little White Lies Guide to Making Your Own Marketing Fashion: Strategy, Branding, and Noisy Animals (A Matching Game): What
Movie, The: In 39 Steps 96, 111 Promotion, Second Edition 124 Do the Animals Say? 90
Little White Lies, The: Movie Memory Masters of Fashion Illustration 71 Nordic Wilderness: A Coloring Book 96
Game 74 Match a Leaf: A Tree Memory Game 75 Now Try Something Weirder: How to keep
Living with Flowers: Blooms & Bouquets for Match a Pair of Birds 75 having great ideas and survive in the
the Home 22, 106 Match a Pair of Shoes: Memory Game 75 creative business 28, 118
Logo: The Reference Guide to Symbols and Match a Track: Match 25 Animals to Their Numbers in Graphic Design 118
Logotypes 117 Paw Prints 75, 90
Logotype 117 Materials for Design 118 O
London in the Company of Painters 111 Matthew Williamson: Fashion, Print, & Ocean Bingo 72
London Postcards 79 Coloring Book 96, 124 Oh Sh*t... What Now? Honest Advice for
London Sketchbook 96 Maze, The: A Labyrinthine Compendium 93 New Graphic Designers 118
Looking at Art with Alex Katz 111 Men of Style 124 Once Upon a Time: A Fairy-Tale Top Score
Lord of the Wings: A Bird Top Score Game Methods & Theories of Art History, Second Game 90
77 Edition 111 100 Great Children’s Picturebooks 120
Lottie Tomlinson’s Rainbow Roots: Microworlds 93, 111 100 Ideas that Changed Architecture 101
#MAKEUPBYME 93, 126 Midnight Creatures: A Pop-up Shadow 100 Ideas that Changed Design 26, 101
Love and Romance: A Movie Top Score Search 84 100 Ideas that Changed Fashion 27, 101
Game 77 Midnight Monsters: A Pop-up Shadow 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design
Low-Tech Print: Contemporary Hand-Made Search 84 27, 101
Printing 117 Modern Magazine, The: Visual Journalism in 100 Ideas that Changed Photography 101
Luis Vidal + Architects: From Process to the Digital Era 118 100 New Fashion Designers 127
Results, Second Edition 106 Modern Scandinavian Design 107, 118 100 Ways to Create a Great Ad 102
Monkey Bingo And Other Primates 72 100 Years of Architecture 108
M Monsters! A Scary Top Score Game 90 100 Years of Fashion Illustration 128
Madam and Eve: Women Portraying Morbid Curiosities: Collections of the 100 Years of Tattoos 120
Women 111 Uncommon and the Bizarre 111 100 Years of Women’s Fashion 128
Mafia: The World’s Deadliest Party Game Morphing: A Guide to Mathematical
56, 74 Transformations for Architects and P
Magic & Fairy-Tale Dice 89 Designers 107 Painting-In Book, The: 30 Paint and Play
Magma Sketchbook: Architecture 79 Movie Kama Sutra, The: 69 sex positions for Activities 85
Magma Sketchbook: Art & Illustration 79 movie lovers 93 Paper Dandy’s Horrorgami: 20 Gruesome
Magma Sketchbook: Art & Illustration, Mini Movie Misquote Game, The 75 Scenes to Cut and Fold 95, 99
Edition 79 Music Oracles: Creative and Life Inspiration Parametric Design for Architecture 107
Magma Sketchbook: Design & Art Direction from 50 Musical Icons 54, 101 Paris Postcards 80
79 My Bedroom is an Office: & Other Interior Paris Sketchbook 96, 126
Design Dilemmas 16, 107 Pattern Magic 126, 128
My Collection of Collections 84 Pattern Magic: Stretch Fabrics 126, 128
Pattern Magic 2 125, 128 Renaissance Art in Venice: From Tradition Stickerbomb Journal: Graffiti 80
Pattern Magic 3 125, 129 to Individualism 112 Stickerbomb Monsters 97
Pattern Making: Techniques for Beginners Renaissance in Rome, The 112 Stickerbomb Skate: 150 Classic Skateboard
35, 125 Research Methods for Architecture 107 Stickers 97
Pattern Sourcebook, The: A Century of Research Methods for Product Design 119 Stickerbomb Skulls 97
Surface Design 125 Resist! How to Be an Activist in the Age of Stickerbomb 3 96
Patternmaking 126 Defiance 96 Stickerbomb XL 97
Patternmaking for Menswear 126 Robert Welch: Design: Craft and Industry Sticky History of the World 87
Patterns 125 70 Stickyscapes at the Museum 86
People Like Us 93, 112 Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bomb 75 Stickyscapes London 86
Photo Journal 80 Royal Bingo 73 Stickyscapes New York 86
Photographers on Photography: How the Rubber Stamping: Get Creative with Stickyscapes Paris 86
Masters See, Think and Shoot 93, 112 Stamps, Rollers, and Other Stickyscapes Polar 86
Photography Visionaries 112 Printmaking Techniques 99 Stickyscapes Space 86
Pick a Flower: A Memory Game 75 Stickyscapes Superheroes 87
Pierre the Maze Detective and The Great S Stickyscapes Tropical 87
Coloring Adventure 85, 96 Samuel Chan: Design Purity and Craft Story Box: Animal Adventures 89
Pierre the Maze: Detective Jigsaw Puzzle 85 Principles 107, 119 Story Box: Create Your Own Fairy Tales 89
Pierre The Maze Detective: The Mystery of sARTorial: The Art of Looking Like an Artist Story of Impressionism, The (1000-Piece
the Empire Maze Tower 86 113 Art History Jigsaw Puzzle): Spot the
Pierre the Maze Detective: The Search for Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design 119 Artists in Belle Epoque Paris 76
the Stolen Maze Stone 85 Saul Bass: 20 Iconic Film Posters 75, 119 Strategic Thinking for Advertising
Pierre the Maze Detective: The Sticker Scary Bingo: Fun with Monsters and Crazy Creatives: 11 Essential Steps to
Book 85 Creatures 89 Creativity 102
Pirate Adventure Dice 89 Sci-Fi: A Movie Top Score Game 77 Structural Packaging: Design your own
Pirates & Pompoms: How to Make Script Fonts 119 Boxes and 3D Forms 100, 119
Children’s Toys and Costumes 99 Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Studio Craft & Technique for Architects 107
Play with Me: Dolls, Women, and Art 112 Coloring Book 97 Super Book for Superheroes, The 87
Prêt-à-Portea: High-Fashion Cakes & Secret Garden: 12 Notecards 80 Superhero Adventure Playset, The 87
Cookies 100, 125 Secret Garden: 20 Postcards 80 Superhero Comic Kit, The 87
Print & Pattern: Geometric 126 Secret Life of the Pencil, The: Great Superhero Families: A Superpowers Go Fish
Print & Pattern: Kids 126 Creatives and Their Pencils 113, 119 Game 45, 89
Print & Pattern: Nature 126 Sensations: The Empirical Genius of British Superhero Handbook, The: 20 Super
Print & Pattern 2 126 Art 8, 113 Activities to Help You Save the
Print, Make, Wear: Creative Projects for Sew Fab: Sewing and Style for Young World 87
Digital Textile Design 126 Fashionistas 86 Superhero Snap! Card Game 89
Printmaking, A Complete Guide to Sewing for Fashion Designers 126 Sustainable Design Book, The 119
Materials & Process, Second Edition Sewing: Techniques for Beginners 34, 126 Symbol: The Reference Guide to Abstract
118 Sewists, The: DIY Projects from 20 Top and Figurative Trademarks 119
Previously, On...Guess the TV Series 75 Designer-Makers 126
Problem with My Garden, The: Simple Shadow World, The: A Sci-Fi Storytelling T
Solutions for Outdoor Spaces 10, 118 Card Game 75 Tatouage: Blossom: 102 Temporary Tattoos
Process, The: A New Foundation in Art and Sharks: A Top Score Game 77 of Flowers & Plants and 21 Art-Print
Design 118 Short Story of Art, The: A Pocket Guide to Keepsakes 76
Production for Print 118 Key Movements, Works, Themes, & Tatouage: Wild: 108 Temporary Tattoos
Promoting Fashion 127 Techniques 113 of Wild Animals and 21Art-Print
Protest Stencil Toolkit, Revised Edition Short Story of Modern Art, The: A Pocket Keepsakes 76
12, 80 Guide to Key Movements, Works, Tattoo Color-In Postcards 81
Prototyping and Modelmaking for Product Themes and Techniques 11, 113 Tattoo Coloring Book, The 97
Design 118 Short Story of Photography, The: A Pocket Tattoo Flash Coloring Book, The 97
Push, Pull, Empty, Full Draw & Discover 86 Guide to Key Genres, Works, Themes Tattoo Tarot: Ink & Intuition 76
& Techniques 113 Tattoo Time! Animal Activities 87
R Sketching for Architecture + Interior Design Tattoo Time! Monster Activities 87
Racing Bicycles: The Illustrated Story of 107 Terrific Timelines: Cars: Press out, put
Road Cycling 101 Smart Textiles for Designers: Inventing the together, and display! 87
Read All About It! 10 Mini-Magazines to Future of Fabric 127 Terrific Timelines: Dinosaurs: Press out, put
Make and Share 40, 86 So You Want to Publish a Magazine? 119 together, and display! 87
Read Me: 10 Lessons for Writing Great Soccer Style: The Magic and Madness 101, Terrific Timelines: Fashion: Press out, put
Copy 102 127 together, and display! 87
Read This if You Want to Be a Great Writer Space Dogs: The Story of the Celebrated Textile Design 127
93 Soviet Moon Pups 21, 96 Textile Visionaries: Innovation and
Read This if You Want to Be Great at Space Racers: Make your own paper Sustainability in Textile Design 127
Drawing 94, 112 rockets 86, 99 Thinking About Architecture: An
Read This if You Want to Be Instagram Space Travel Dice 89 Introduction to Architectural Theory
Famous 93, 112 Spatial Strategies for Interior Design 107 70
Read This if You Want to Take Great Spot the Bot: A Robot Seek and Find Game This is Bacon 113
Photographs 93, 112 52, 86 This is Caravaggio 113
Read This if You Want to Take Great Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures 113 This is Cézanne 113
Photographs of People 94, 112 Stick it to the Man! Protest Stickers 97 This is Dalí 113
Read This if You Want to Take Great Sticker Robots 76 This is Frank Lloyd Wright 108
Photographs of Places 94, 112 Sticker Space and Aliens 76 This is Gaudí 108
Reading Architecture: A Visual Lexicon 107 Sticker Vampires 76 This is Gauguin 113
Rebel Threads: Clothing of the Bad, Sticker Zombies 76 This is Goya 114
Beautiful, & Misunderstood 126 Stickerbomb Journal: Creatures 80 This is Kandinsky 114
ReFashioned 126 Stickerbomb Journal: Galaxy 80 This is Leonardo da Vinci 114
This is Magritte 114 Who Pooped? A Matching & Memory Game
This is Matisse 114 46, 90
This is Monet 114 Why Shrink-Wrap a Cucumber? The
This is Pollock 114 Complete Guide to Environmental
This is Rembrandt 114 Packaging 120
This is Van Gogh 114 Wonder Women: A Go Fish Game 90
This is Warhol 114 World’s Greatest Music Festival Challenge,
This Means This, This Means That: A User’s The: A Rockin’ Seek and Find 98
Guide to Semiotics, Second Edition Woven Textile Design 127
120 Writers Game, The: Classic Authors 65, 76
TM: The Untold Stories Behind 29 Classic Writers Game, The: Modern Authors 76
Logos 120
To the Ends of the Earth and Back Again: Y
The Longest Coloring Book in the Year in Nature, A: A Carousel Book of the
World 88, 97 Seasons 88
To the Moon: The Tallest Coloring Book in Yuko Higuchi’s Cats & Other Creatures 93
the World 88, 97 Yuko Higuchi’s Magical Coloring Museum
To the Ocean Deep: The Longest Coloring 96
Book in the World 88, 97
Tongue in Chic: The Fabulous Fashion World
of Angelica Hicks 97, 127
Toolshed Coloring Book 98
Toolshed Journal 81
Towards Zero-energy Architecture: New
Solar Design, Paperback 108
TTT: Tattoo 94, 119
Twentieth-Century Type and Beyond 120
Type: New Perspectives in Typography 120
Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology 114
Typography Idea Book, The: Inspiration
from 50 Masters 120

Ultimate Spell-Caster, The: Over 60 million
marvelously silly spells 88
Ultimate Wisecrack Generator, The: Over
60 million hilarious zingers and
stingers 88
Upcycle: 24 Sustainable DIY Projects 100
Use This if You Want to Be Great
at Drawing: An Inspirational
Sketchbook 59, 81, 94
Use This if You Want to Take Great
Photographs: A Photo Journal 81, 94

Validated: The Makeup of Val Garland 127
Vincent’s Starry Night and Other Stories: A
Children’s History of Art 91
Vintage Details: A Fashion Sourcebook 127
Vintage Knit 71
Vintage Showroom, The: An Archive of
Menswear 127
Vision: Color and Composition for Film 114
Visual Arts, The: A History 115
Visual History of Type, The 120
Visual Merchandising: Windows and
in-store displays for retail, Third
Edition 127

Ways of Being: Advice for Artists by Artists
What is Architecture? And 100 Other
Questions 108
What’s So Great About the Eiffel Tower? 70
Questions That Will Change the Way
You Think about Architecture 108
What’s Your Type: The Type Dating Game
58, 76
Where’s the Dude? The Great Movie
Spotting Challenge 98
Where’s Warhol? 98, 115
Who Owns These Bones? 92

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Warner, Geraldine 71
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Little Guides to Great Lives, Charles Darwin
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